New lithium dual-purpose and deep-cycle OPTIMA ORANGETOP batteries designed for marine and RV adventures deliver powerful and long-lasting performance.

MILWAUKEE (May 17, 2024) – OPTIMA Batteries, an industry-leading battery manufacturer and the brand that knows performance batteries best, has announced new additions to the ORANGETOP Lithium family. The ORANGETOP Q31M-DC150 and Q31M-DP120 batteries have arrived and are designed to deliver power, reliability, and performance for a variety of marine and RV applications.



A cut above most 100Ah Group 31 batteries, the OPTIMA Q31M-DC150 is a deep-cycle battery with a 150Ah capacity that is ideal for use with trolling motors or as an RV house battery.

The Q31M-DP120 is a dual-purpose battery for engine-starting and deep-cycle applications with 1,200A of cranking power and a 120Ah capacity. Both utilize QUAD terminals for a wider array of fitments and a simplified installation.

The advanced microprocessor-controlled battery management system (BMS) monitors and controls all functions automatically and uses a BMS-balanced cell state of charge for improved performance and extended life span. Each battery delivers high capacity and long life in harsh conditions.



The ORANGETOP Lithium batteries use the same robust design and industry-leading vibration, dust and water resistance as other popular OPTIMA Batteries products. Adventurers will have an easier time in the cold with the Q31M-DP150 thanks to integrated cell heating technology that increases the usable temperature range and allows charging in colder temperatures up to -20 F.

In addition to delivering on performance, these two new ORANGETOP batteries have Bluetooth capability which can be used to easily connect to the battery and check the state of charge, overall health, cycles and usage, internal temperature, current and alarms for BMS functions.

In addition to the Bluetooth capability, both batteries utilize NMEA 2000, which allows battery function and status to be viewed directly on the boat display screens for quick reference and peace-of-mind.

The new ORANGETOP Lithium Q31M-DC150 and Q31M-DP120 batteries will be available on the OPTIMA Batteries website and at select retailers. For more information, visit the website.




About OPTIMA® Batteries
OPTIMA high-performance automotive, marine, heavy-duty AGM and lithium batteries are manufactured by Clarios, LLC, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries. OPTIMA REDTOP, YELLOWTOP and BLUETOP batteries feature state-of-the-art SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY. This patented design allows OPTIMA batteries to deliver superior performance in both starting and deep cycling applications. OPTIMA ORANGETOP batteries are the newest additions to the legendary line of reliable performance batteries with six sizes available that utilize HYPERCORE LITHIUM technology. This new offering allows for more than 95% of the powersports market to experience the power and performance of OPTIMA Batteries. The OPTIMA product family also includes a line of Digital Chargers, with advanced multi-stage charging to charge and maintain a variety of 12V vehicle batteries, maximizing battery life and performance. To learn more or to purchase OPTIMA products, please visit, call 1-888-8OPTIMA (1-888-867-8462) or find @OPTIMABatteries on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


About Clarios
Clarios is the global leader in advanced, low-voltage battery technologies for mobility. We power progress through ever-smarter solutions for virtually every kind of vehicle. With 16,000 employees in over 140 countries, we bring deep expertise to our aftermarket and OEM partners and reliability, safety and comfort to everyday lives. We answer to the planet with a rigorous ESG focus – advancing best-in-class sustainability practices and advocating for them across our industry. We recover, recycle and reuse up to 99% of our battery materials. Clarios is a Brookfield portfolio company.


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