OVR Project Ford Bronco

Enjoy the stories of our ongoing build of a 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Bank. We take the Pavement Princess and turn it into a personalized Sasquatch package for daily driving, weekend camping trips, extended road trips as well as domestic overland trips. Topics in this collection of articles include DIYs, parts installs, gear reviews, maintence tips, trips and more.

OVR Project Ford Bronco

Hellwig Rear Sway Bar

OVR’s Project Bronco: Enhancing On & Off-Road Stability with Hellwig’s Sway Bar

2024-04-18T12:00:00+01:00By and Photos by Mark Han

Ford began adding sway bars from the factory to certain four-door Broncos with the Sasquatch package, as well as Wildtraks equipped with the HOSS 3.0 suspension system.

OVR Project Ford Bronco

SVC Offroad Install WARN winch

OVR’s Project Ford Bronco: Pavement Princess gets SVC Offroad’s Baja Styled Tubular Front and Rear Bumpers

2024-02-13T16:19:00+00:00By and Photos by Author

The stock plastic and rubber bumper wasn’t cutting the mustard any longer. We needed something more robust to handle the overlanding trips, chasing off-road races in Baja and the various backcountry outdoor activities that we tackle. We turned to SVC Offroad.

Baja Design Lights in Rain

Light Up The Night: OVR’s Project Bronco gets a High Performance Baja Designs LED Lighting Upgrade

2024-02-02T18:14:00+00:00By and Photos by Mark Han

Looking for more visibility in front of the Bronco at night, these lights delivered a combined 17,125 extra lumen on top of our stock headlights. 


Hidden Trail Communication: Installing the 50-Watt Midland MXT575 GMRS into a 2021 Ford Bronco

2024-01-23T14:07:00+00:00By and Photos by author and Midland; Illustrations by Ford

We install the 50-watt Midland MXT575 GMRS mobile radio into the OVR 2021 Ford Bronco project vehicle.


OVR's Project Bronco: Bolt-on Bilstein Suspension Upgrade For Non-Sasquatch-Equipped Broncos

2023-08-02T18:06:00+01:00By and Photos by Author

After drooling and researching so many vehicles over the two years, it was time to turn her into an all-purpose overlanding and outdoor activity vehicle while maintaining everyday driver civility.