For those of us who prefer OVR in its high-quality printed edition, our interactive Magazine Finder will help you locate it at your local newsstand and bookstore.

OVR Newsstand Retailer Logos

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  • On your CELLPHONE, tap the full screen mode (upper right corner), type in your zipcode, pick your location and map it. 
  • On your DESKTOP, zoom to your area, click on a badge to get an address then map it.

We distribute new issues of OVR every two months but please note that there are no guarantees that OVR will be in stock at a retailer at any given moment. Save the searching and consider subscribing to OVR Magazine in print or digital versions here. 


Barnes & Noble Bookstore: National Distribution

Barnes & Noble Newsstands

The ORANGE badge signifies BARNES & NOBLE Bookstores.


BAM!: Books-A-Million Bookstore

BAM! Books-A-Million News Stand

The GREEN badge signifies BAM!: Books-A-Million Bookstores.


Other Retailers Outlets

Other Retail Outlets

The Yellow badge represents other retailers.


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