OVR Project Land Cruiser 100 Series

Join the story of our ongoing budget build of a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series. This fourth-owner, nearly 300,000-mile SUV is being built for weekend camping trips, extended road trips as well as domestic overland trips. Topics of this collection of articles include DIYs, parts installs, gear reviews, maintence tips, trips and more.

OVR Project Land Cruiser 100 Series


OVR Project Land Cruiser 100: Rear Cargo Storage With ARB’s Outback Solutions Drawer System


Is the ARB Outback Solutions Drawer System right for you? Read what we liked (and disliked) about adding it to our OVR Land Cruiser 100 Series budget overland project vehicle.

OVR Project Land Cruiser 100 Series


OVR’s Project Land Cruiser 100: Leather Steering Wheel Restoration


Restoring your vehicle’s aging and worn-out steering wheel can be gratifying and raise the overall satisfaction and pride of ownership of your ride.


One Lock To Rule Them All: We Try Out BOLT’s Secure & Simplified One-Key Lock


A firsthand review of BOLT’s One-Key 5/8” Receiver Lock, YotaMD’s Titanium Reinforced Toyota/Lexus Key Kit and Tuffy’s Pull-Apart Key Chain.


OVR’s Project Land Cruiser 100: Ironman 4x4 Bull Bar Off Road Bumper Upgrade For Overland Touring


Keeping with the Australian overland touring theme of our build, we considered several similar tourer-style bumpers. We ultimately chose Ironman 4x4’s bumper due to factors that are outlined in this article. Read on to see what we think of this bumper after a few months of use so far.


DIY: Upgrade Your Winch By Installing Factor 55’s UltraHook


Factor 55’s UltraHook introduces a shackle mount hole, machined right into the body of the winch hook. Installation is a breeze and takes just a few minutes, which we’ll take you step-by-step in this article.