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Trips & Trails
Trips & Trails

ROAD TRIP: Sonora Rally Adventure Raid- South of the Border Exploration Led by Chris Collard

If you’ve dreamed of exploring the land of missions, padres, tacos, and beaches, the 2023 Sonora Rally Adventure Raid is your ticket to ride. This year’s Raid begins in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico joining in the festivities at the start of the Sonora Rally led by Chris Collard.

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Tread Lightly_2398

Protect the Fun: A Conversation with Matt Caldwell, Executive Director of TREAD LIGHTLY!



Campsite Crawlers: Having Fun with Scaled Down Radio Control Rigs

With our modified off-road rigs, we have plenty of fun driving on and off the trails to get to our destination. What we do when we get there is another opportunity for fun.

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 3.36.34 PM

The Crews from GFC, Rig’d Supply, and Forrest Galante explore the Baja Peninsula!

GFC, Rig’d Supply, and Forrest Galante go spearfishing, most amazing whale watching/interaction, swimming with seals South of the Blowhole in Baja Peninsula.


CHOGAN MATTOCK: A Ryan Johnson Designed CRKT Tool for the Ages

The Mattock, a simple and efficient tool, has a rich history with roots dating back to the Bronze Age in Asia Minor and in Ancient Greece, and the British Isles during the Middle Stone Age.


iKamper Blue Dot Voyager: (BDV) Rooftop Tent

In homage to the Voyager 1 spacecraft and its infamous photograph of Earth where our planet is a ‘pale blue dot’, this new iKamper tent is designed for anyone looking to explore this little spinning rock.

Rivian Build-2

OPTIMA BATTERIES Debuts Rivian Overland Builds to Makes Off-Grid EV Charging Possible

Optima introduces solar-powered rechargeable trailers that allow users to charge their EV rigs, electric powersports and power camping accessories when venturing off-road

Karissa & Linhbergh

GONDIRTIN Shows Us How to Cook Vietnamese HOT POT “Lẩu Thái” - Overland Cooking

Feeding a bunch of people delicious food and on the cheap while Overlanding or at the Campsite.

Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 10.31.40 PM

OVRLNDX’s Marco makes The Best Camp Burritos! - Carne Deshebrada “Shredded Beef” Burritos - Overland Cooking

OVRLNDX’s Marco shows how to make his Carne Deshebrada “Shredded Beef” Burritos

All Ways Down Double IPA

10 Barrel Brewing knows a thing or two about crafting IPAs.

Whether you’re a beer savant or the occasional sipper, it doesn’t take a brewmaster to know that every IPA has its own flavor, aroma, color and style. Coming from the micro brew mecca, Bend, Oregon, 10 Barrel Brewing knows a thing or two about crafting IPAs.