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OVR is about getting out there in our vehicles to responsibly explore and discover the world around us. Whether we’re forging ahead into the backwoods or taking a well-known route on a favorite road trip, it’s all about getting out and enjoying the ride as well as the destination.

You’ll find OVR encapsulates everything you are into: Outdoors, Vehicles, Recreation, and so much more. If you enjoy living life on the trail and exploring the hidden corners of our natural world OVR is the publication for you.


Drive with us as we take deep dives into one-of-a-kind off-road-capable vehicles and anything else that gets us out there, for that matter. We are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending time with friends and family in adventure-ready vehicles while immersed in our favorite outdoor activities.


Whether you overland for weeks at a time in far-flung locations or camp with the kids on the weekends, we have specially curated, vehicle-based outdoor activity content that you will find interesting, useful, and entertaining.


OVR Issue 09 [June/July 2024] includes:


Trips & Tales:

  • Old Traction Road Retrace: Rediscovering (And Reopening) A Route Forgotten By History  [Text By Sean P. Holman, Images By Sean P. Holman, Chris Collard, and Courtesy of the MDHCA Historical Archives]
  • 2024 Alcan 5000 Rally: 36 Teams Travel 10 Days and 5,000 Miles to Vie for a 40th-Year Rally Win  [Text & Images by Mercedes Lilienthal] 

Vehicle Features:

  • Ready To Roll: This Tactical Application Vehicles Outfitted Ford F350 Super Duty is Ready for Vehicle-Based [Text & Images by Matt Ritscher]
  • Total Turn On: Optima Batteries 2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Hybrid is Powered Up and Ready for Adventure [Text by Text by Jerry Tsai, Images courtesy of Optima Batteries]


General Features:

  • Increased Head Space: Installing Rhino Rack’s Backbone and Pioneer Platform Rack Bring Versatility To The Wrangler [Text and Images by Sean P. Holman]
  • Pushing Forward: Paying a Visit to Supertramp Campers [Text & Images by Matt Ritscher]
  • Global Navigation on a Budget: Fast and Accurate Navigation, Anywhere on the Planet [Text & Images by Dan Grec]
  • Keeping It Clean: We Try the Rinse Off Explore Portable Water Sprayer [Text & Images by Jerry Tsai]
  • The Call Of Nature: When You Got to Go, You Got to Go: A Look at an Overlanding Restroom Setup [Text & Images by Jerry Tsai]
  • A Worthy Investment: We Upgrade the OVR LC100’s Snorkel With A Sy-Klone 9000 Pre-Cleaner [Text and Images by Jerry Tsai]


First Drives:

  • 2025 RAM 1500 First Drive: Did RAM dump our beloved HEMI for a six-banger? [Text & Images by Chris Collard]
  • 2024 Ford Ranger: Ford’s Salvo In The Midsize Market Appears To Be A Good One [Text by Sean P. Holman, Imaged Courtesy of the Manufacturer]


Scaler, OVR’s Trail & Scale Special RC Section:

  • Heavy Hitter: A Modified Traxxas TRX-4M Land Rover Defender
  • Scaler Buyer’s Guide: RC Crawler Gear - New Vehicles & Upgrades For Down-Scale Adventures

And More:
That’s not all, OVR includes many more pages of gear and stories that are sure to be of interest you in this issue.





Click here for our interactive Magazine Finder. It will help you locate it at your local newsstand and bookstore!

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