LONSDALE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, May 17, 2024 – REDARC proudly presents the Manager Alpha, an advanced battery management system and smart charger tailored for the massive power demands of vans, campers, RVs, and power-hungry overlanders. 

Available in 50A, 75A, and 100A models, the Manager Alpha100 can charge three times faster than the currentManager30. With the Manager Alpha on board, there will always be enough power for living on the road, capable of powering anything from industrial cooktops to fridges and air conditioners.

Redarc Manager Alpha-2

Redarc Manager Alpha

The Manager Alpha is REDARC’s response to the call for more power, faster charging, and greater efficiency. It has been meticulously developed to charge large battery banks rapidly and safely through shore power (AC), vehicle (DC), or solar inputs. Capable of charging a 600Ah (lithium) battery bank from flat to full in less than 8 hours, the Manager Alpha can also set input current limits if necessary.

When paired with the RedVision display, the Manager Alpha provides market-leading accuracy in real-time charge and battery level information, delivering precision up to five times greater than that of its leading competitors.

With the accompanying RedVison app, users can enjoy uninterrupted exploration, secure in the knowledge that their energy needs are in control and available at the tip of their fingers. The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology delivers reliability over distances up to 140ft, nearly 1.5x further than the competition.

Redarc Manager Alpha-3

Designed, built, and tested in Australia, the Manager Alpha adheres to the most rigorous global vibration standards and can continue charging in the frigid cold or scorching heat. It stands as a testament to REDARC’s commitment to building the toughest products on the market. Adding even more peace of mind, the Manager Alpha ensures the vehicle’s start battery remains charged by automatically utilizing excess solar power.

Additionally, with just the press of a button, the Manager Alpha can revive a start battery in the event it dies. Balancing power with a compact design, it’s up to 55% smaller and 28% lighter than similar systems, ensuring that more room is preserved for life’s adventures when space is at a premium.

Redarc Manager Alpha_BMS12100_068

Redarc Manager Alpha BMS12100

Available in late summer of 2024, the Manager Alpha is poised to revolutionize on-the-road power. Learn more at https://www.redarcelectronics.com/us/manager-alpha.


Over 45 years ago, REDARC began to revolutionize the way people enjoy the outdoors by giving customers the ability to power electronics from any vehicle anywhere and feel confident towing off-road. REDARC products enable having a fridge full of cold drinks, keeping the lights on at camp, powering tools and Wi-Fi to get the job done anywhere, and towing your RV or trailer safely. With the ability to monitor and control the power usage with REDARC, customers can enjoy the convenience of modern technology in the great outdoors for longer. Engineered, tested and produced in Australia, REDARC products allow you to power your lifestyle safely and confidently wherever your adventure takes you.


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