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The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what? The truck, because truck rides with the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower end. everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on Diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Oh, whoa. It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

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This episode of The Truck Show Podcast Have You Heard is proudly presented by Nissan with the Frontier Titan and Titan Xd. Nissan has a truck for every need, along with the legendary Nissan durability Test. Drive your next truck at a local Nissan dealer today, or point your browser to Nissan usa.com where you can use the build and price tool to configure a Nissan truck that fits your lifestyle.

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This is the show where they talk breaking news. And This is the part where Coleman has Lightning Have You Heard.

Holman & Lightning (1m 29s):

Hey, Lightning, Have You. Heard Oh. No. Tell me. Tell me my good man home man. Jeep is now gonna sell you a two door wrangler with 30 fives from the factory. Ah, yes. Awesome. So that’s huge. Before the Extreme 35 tire package, which includes the 35 inch BF Goodrich, KO two tires was only available on the four doors. And so now at a cost of $4,495, you’ll be able to do that on two-door versions of both the Wrangler Rubicon and Willie’s trim. And then you can also get it on a two-door, Rubicon X that has the turbocharge 2.0, plus the version of the Rubicon X with the turbocharge two liter gets it standard going forward.

Holman & Lightning (2m 17s):

So pretty awesome. You get a set of 17 inch B lock capable wheels from from Jeep. It’s a 1.5 inch suspension lift, 4 56 gears, and then you get a rear swing gate reinforcement for the spare tire. And I gotta tell you, the two door on 30 fives from the factory with the lift on it looks rad. Like it looks like a chunky, it doesn’t look like Wheel, it does look chunky. Jeep put out a photo of it with no top and no doors, And. it just looks like a proper Jeep that looks almost like my Lego Jeep. I don’t know if you mean that to be good or bad. Good. I just know I love it. I think when a real life vehicle looks like Legos, it’s cool. So I believe it’s available to order now at your local Jeep dealer. And the package will begin production in March.

Holman & Lightning (2m 58s):

So that’s pretty rad. Hey lighting, did you hear? No, Uhuh, you’ve been kind of all about the little canoe ev the little truck and van You’re talking about the one that looks like a Tylenol pill? Yes, yes. Oh, apparently the United States Postal Service has ordered no six vans. No. Oh six. That doesn’t hurt, but for exploratory purposes. Okay, well, by the way, that’s what you could do with a pill as well. They’re kind of cool looking though. Oh, that’s expository, right? What do you do when you put it up your rectum? No. Is that expository? What is that called? Suppository. Suppository. Anyway, here’s a photo of it with the United States Postal Service delivery on it. That’s another Lego vehicle. Look, it does look like Legos.

Holman & Lightning (3m 38s):

Look, And it. Look, you know what it, the, the, the windshield is the same windshield as the one that I have on a, as a Lego spaceship at my house from when I was like seven years old. So anyway, look at that. Am I right? They, anyway, they call it the lifestyle delivery vehicle one 90, which is a, an extended variant of the electric van that they’ve showed And. It’s got an enclosed rear cargo area and USPS thinks they can get around 200 miles of range. And that’s from a 79 kilowatt hour battery pack with DC fast charging capabilities and 200 horsepower on the base version So, it can hold up to 172 cubic feet and haul, guess what the payload of that van is? 7,000 pounds.

Holman & Lightning (4m 20s):

Really? You put a Super duty in the back of it. 1,624 pounds. That’s it. What I mean? It’s little How little? Little. It’s a little guy. Well, how I mean? It’s not, it’s not big. It’s not like my kid’s Scion B. How small is that? I mean? It’s like the size of a minivan or something. It’s just cuter. Oh, they’re gonna be hauling cute Legos packages around. Yeah. A thousand pounds. Really? 1600. Whatever. That’s 60% more than a thousand. Stupid. Hey lighting, did you hear? No. No. Huh? The Ford F-150 Lightning switchgear was unveiled on social media and it’s basically a electrified raptor.

Holman & Lightning (5m 2s):

And I believe our, our friend Von Getten Jr. Was piloting that thing around for the videos and I hit him up and I said, dude, about time to get you back on the podcast. He’s like, hell yeah. So we’re gonna get Vaughn probably in a month or so. We’ll get him on the podcast. And because we have too many guests, if we stopped entertaining guests right now, we could do at least two months worth of shows I know today. Yeah. So I. Think nine guests. Yeah. There’s a, there’s a whole lot. So I told him, I go, Hey, we’ve got a backlog, but we start getting thin. We’re calling you. And, and Vaughn’s like, yeah man, I’m, I’ll be on it. So anyway, wait a minute. You’re telling him that he right to his face, he needs second fiddle? Yeah, I just told him that we want him on the show, but we’re not ready for him yet. That’s all.

Holman & Lightning (5m 41s):

Okay. Yeah, it’s different than second fiddle. Okay. Anyway, it’s, you know, the Lightning looks pretty rad in Raptor form. Thank you. It, you’ve got the big fender flares and all that kinda stuff. Obviously the rear suspension’s a lot different because they’ve got the multilink independent with the stabilizer in the back. The switch gear has a considerably wider track, so it’s 80 inches front and rear. And the body panels are custom carbon fiber, including the fender flares, which is pretty cool. So, so they teamed up with Vaughn getting JR and his RTR vehicles outfit to make it, make it a reality And, it uses Fox 3.0 internal bypass shocks, and there are plenty of photos of this thing being completely freaking hucked in the air on the ground.

Holman & Lightning (6m 23s):

It has 13.5 inches of ground clearance in the front 11.0 inches in the back and in the photos it has about three feet. Would it have fared any better than that Raptor that jumped to flat that we saw on the Hogan video like three weeks ago? Oh, and we’ve got the driver of that coming on the show, upcoming episode as well. We got a lot going on right now. Anyway, the switch gear comes with 37 inch tires on 18 inch wheels, good plate, custom rock rails, all the good stuff. So if you want to check it out, I’m sure there’s a, a bunch of places online and maybe even our social Dave, I gotta say put switch or social. Hey, I gotta say that, that RTR stuff is really cool. Oh yeah, he makes great stuff. I wish they made some for some of the vehicles that I own, but they they don’t, they don’t.

Holman & Lightning (7m 4s):

I I, I’d buy it if they did. I love it. Well, because you don’t own a Ford. I I understand that All, right? Just checking. Yep. Hey lighting. Did you hear Oh? no. Whoa. No. For 2025, Chevrolet is expanding the Silverado HD lineup. They already have like 35 variants. I know. Like I mean what? And now they have more. So if a ZR two is a little bit too much money, but you still need to go offroading, there will now be a 2025 Chevrolet Silverado 2,500 Trail boss. Oh, that’s smart. That actually I, I, I could buy into that. It’s actually a great looking truck too. Hold on, let me look. Oh, that is good looking.

Holman & Lightning (7m 44s):

Yeah. Look, I’m, I’m a fan of all the new, the, especially the the 24, just the slight mods over the, over the 20 to 20 threes. Just Oh, the interior’s not a slight mod in the styling. It is way better. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But way better. I I love the new truck. There was, remember back in 2020 when people were like, don don’t like the, the grill and all that stuff. It’s grown on everyone just the way you said it would. And I’m a big fan, I love them So. it comes standard with the 6.6 liter gas V eight and of course the durmax will be optional. Gotta do the dmax if you can. And then front and rear park assist is now standard on the zero two. You can get it on the work truck. Custom LT trims and high country finally gets fricking standard adaptive cruise control took you guys long enough and then custom you can get a blackout package.

Holman & Lightning (8m 26s):

So more specs and pricing coming soon. But for you folks that really wanted a off-road capable Chevy heavy duty, but you just couldn’t do a ZR two or you thought it was too far down the line, this is like that perfect, like middle ground and again, a great looking truck. Hey Lightning, did you hear? No. Nope. So there’s been a bunch of cyber Truck News as of late coming from the first tranche of owners. I have heard that the range has been woefully low, like 200 miles of range or less. So there’s been a couple things. Yeah. Range is one of ’em. According to our friend Caleb Jacobs article on the drive, there’s a new cyber track owner what to put the locking differentials on and got the message on his screen locking differential controls coming soon.

Holman & Lightning (9m 17s):

So that’s funny. Basically you can buy a truck and not have the things you purchased available on it. And that doesn’t sound really, really great to me. Yeah. Speaking of Caleb, I texted with him Y yesterday or today and he was, he said, leave me alone. No, he was texting me from inside a cyber truck. Oh, that’s cool. So he’s on a drive. And so apparently the cyber truck does not impede cell service. We, we, it gets out of the stainless steel body. so we should check in with him again unless you drive one first, but I don’t know who’s gonna Yeah, I’ve got a drive coming up in the near future that may be a thing. So I’ll let you know. Well, maybe we check in with Caleb before you, maybe he and I collaborate, give our notes.

Holman & Lightning (9m 60s):

Okay. Alright. Yeah, so going back to your, your road trip stuff, there’s a YouTuber. Dennis Wang went a 1,340 mile road trip and he was saying that he really enjoyed the cyber truck spacious design, but it did not meet the, the range that he had expected. So his, he’s got obviously a brand new foundation series version of the truck. And he went on a 27 hour road trip from Austin, Texas to Joshua Tree here in California. And his YouTube channel called Dennis cw, it’s a Tesla focused channel. And so he wanted to put the cyber truck through through the test. So he said during the 1,340 mile trip, he stopped 12 times to charge So.

Holman & Lightning (10m 44s):

it says that It is about 110 miles between charges. But he did say that he stopped every one to two hours to charge and then they drove straight through. But it was a 20 hour road trip that turned into a 27 hour road trip. You can hear it sucking. Typically he filled up from 10 to 30% all the way up to 70 80%, which is typically how most people would have to use a electric vehicle anyway. I think we’ve talked about that on the show. Like you, you don’t really fill up to a hundred when you’re on a road trip. You only fill up to 80. You kinda live in this middle ground, which is, which is part of it. He says that when driven from a full charge to when the battery was dead, it got 254 miles. And he thought some of the cold weather out in Texas was part of that.

Holman & Lightning (11m 26s):

And as he got into a warmer climate of California, his range was picking up some. So it’d be interesting to see some other experiences in different parts of the country. And then one kind of interesting tidbit was, of course he’s using the Tesla, you know, charging network. Apparently the cords weren’t long enough to reach the plugin port on some of ’em. I have seen that a few times now. Lets you backed way up to it. Yep. Because the cords are pretty short. I, I’ve seen this on a few YouTube videos already. People are having to park backwards and sideways and the whole thing is getting janky at all these super charging stations, cable’s just not long enough. It’s like, you know, you’ve seen the guy who parks the wrong way and you know, at the gas pump and he is got it stretched over all the way on the other side.

Holman & Lightning (12m 6s):

Yeah. You know, they have like, like they have a cable that lets you stretch it over to like the other side. Just barely. These don’t have that. No, there’s no stretch or nothing, an extension or anything like that at the end of the day. He said it’s a fantastic truck. He loves Teslas, the interior build qua quality. He said are some of Tesla’s best, which I will agree from the one that I saw. And he said he was excited for what the future Teslas will look like. And if you wanna read the, the entire article, it’s lives on the Business Insider. So head over there and you can find out more about that. So there’s an owner apparently on the cyber truck owners club forum who has already passed 10,000 miles, two drivers, and they shared energy consumption. So power costs, things like that.

Holman & Lightning (12m 47s):

As far as insurance costs. They posted up on the forum of what their experience was. It’s a all Wheel drive unit. 72 miles of delivery hit the 10,000 mile mark on January 15th. And they said that they’re seeing about 20% less than the advertised 320 miles. So total of around 254 miles per charge. How’s he getting 10? How did he rack up 10,000 miles already? A couple of weeks, Dr. Driving a lot. So this was at a constant speed of around 70 miles an hour. But the outside temperature was around 45 degrees So. it does seem like relatively cool, not cold, but relatively cool will impact you. I I would think maybe around 30 degrees, but 45 is not that cold. A lot of places it’s 45 here right now.

Holman & Lightning (13m 28s):

It’s crazy. I I don’t think anyone predicted that these batteries would be this susceptible to weather. Right. I mean just in the forties seeing that kind of drop. and then, you know, we talked on the last episode, I played that clip from that woman who was walking through the Tesla graveyard basically. Yeah, I was like a graveyard. They’re all dying. They, they couldn’t do anything. They’re all frozen. It’s amazing. So apparently one of the drivers is way more aggressive than the other and they said at about 80% state of charge, which is where the fast charging ends on most of these vehicles before they go into a trickle, was between 164 miles and 206 miles So. it sounds like a Wrangler 3 92 in terms of, you know, energy consumption.

Holman & Lightning (14m 10s):

So anyway, there’s a lot more@insideevs.com if we wanna see how this first group of Tesla cyber truck owners are doing. You find out more info there. On a side note, it was interesting, Tesla cyber trucks are popping up on Turo now. So if you’re interested and thinking you have one, I’m thinking this is perfect for you Lightning, you could go to Turo and for just 1060 $9 a day, you could have a cyber truck for those two weeks, get bored of it, and then not have to spend $116,000. So wait a minute though. If I bought the truck, could I make money by touring it out? I don’t know. Probably I don. It doesn’t say how often it’s booked or anything, but here this guy in San Jose or another one in Austin are going for around a thousand dollars a day.

Holman & Lightning (14m 55s):

Dude. I mean it’s la Like I could just rent it to all the, you know, rappers that are coming into town to I record their albums and they’d be all over it. I did have somebody call me or email me and She said that she represented a buyer who was willing to spend six figures if I knew anyone who had one right now. Well that’s me. You don’t have one, but I can get one. No you can’t. A founder’s edition. Yeah. In July or I November or something. Well, I, that’s if I want the trim motor, if I want the tool motor, I can get one pretty soon. Well, what’s pretty soon? This month it said February. Oh, you should go by it right now. I’m not joking. I’m not joking either. But instead, if I wanted the trim motor, the, the cyber beast, I’d wait till third or fourth quarter, whatever it was.

Holman & Lightning (15m 35s):

Ah, man. You’re saying I could, I could make some ducketts. Let’s do this. You wanna manage my career and I’ll be just a, I can’t even manage mine, so that’s probably not great. Okay. Hey lighting, Have You Heard.

5 (15m 47s):

No, no, no, no, no,

Holman & Lightning (15m 48s):

No, no, no. Another Caleb Jacobs special on the drive. A 2021 Ford Bronco has hit a hundred thousand miles and the owner talks about how it’s holding up and it hasn’t completely fallen apart. This is what’s funny is the subhead on Caleb’s story is, and before you ask the original engine already bit the dust

6 (16m 7s):

Oh no Oh. no Oh, no. Although it’s kind of so bad that it’s good in a way.

Holman & Lightning (16m 15s):

No, I don’t know if it’s bad necessarily. I I I guess this owner’s been pretty hard on it. He’s admitted to that says he loves jumping in and And it goes off road all the time. And he says that it’s holding up pretty well. And he said one of his favorite things is taking it mudding and jumping dunes at a local beach. So. it has not lived a a a leisurely life. And in fact on the article there’s pictures of it, axle hub deep in mud. So oh my gosh. It is a little two seven in that thing. This is the 2.3 liter EAB boost four cylinder and says that he was a second owner. He bought it with just 4,000 miles on the odometer. This is a black diamond trim with the 35 inch tires from the Sasquatch package. And he says the original engine went out around 92,000 miles.

Holman & Lightning (16m 56s):

And that was the biggest problem by far. So according to Brian in this article, he was on drive to Midland, Texas, he was already having issues with a misfire. He found a sweet spot where it wouldn’t misfire somewhere between 65 and 70 on the highway. And as su he hit Waco, he could tell it just wasn’t happy. He said it’s basically sounded like a two stroke. So anyway, it sounds like according to the dealer, spark plugs broke off in the cylinders two and four, slamming into the piston heads causing damage. So it was in the shop for five months. Oh. So anyway, great article kind of does a deep dive on the Bronco owner experience and that’s over at the drive. So hey lighting, Have, You, Heard,

5 (17m 38s):

Oh. no, no, no, no,

Holman & Lightning (17m 43s):

No, I haven’t, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, who as you know, they always are publishing crash test videos and a lot of us like watching train wrecks or car wrecks and so they have revealed the most viewed crash test videos from the last year. The most viewed. Yeah. And that kind of interesting though, like somebody would be like, oh, I’m, I’m gonna, I wanna see what, how does it blend? Does it as a crash, right. I mean that’s kinda what it’s Yeah, I got, I I bet you it’s Tesla related. Do you think so? Yeah, I do. I don’t know if they’ve, if they’ve done a Tesla, I thought Tesla had the best scores. All, right? Well for people crashing from our, our last Have You Heard. No, I’m saying from like the, the best safety, like they have the best crash resistance or whatever call that.

Holman & Lightning (18m 28s):

Well why don’t I go through the list? Okay. Ready for number five? Number five would be the 2023 Rivian R one s, which is the SUV moderate overlap crash test. Moderate overlap. So that’s where it hits it. Where they, the block wall is in the middle of the vehicle. Yes. So it across that And it a crunch is one side. Right. Those are the most brutal for sure. No, the most brutal are the ones where the car is parked against the block wall and then a T-bone. No, a cement truck rear ends it. Yeah. That’s not good. Yeah, those are awful. Or if you’re in an ice storm in a firetruck spins out on your street. Did you see that video? Yeah, I did. Oh. my God. That’s a good one. I don think it hit anything. I’m like, wow, that’s fun.

Holman & Lightning (19m 9s):

Free And it parked And. It was like nicely. I got it. All. right. Number four. Number four. Oh by the way the Rivian scored a marginal in case you were wondering. Mm. That would be the 2023 Toyota Camry. What moderate overlap crash test. So I. It’s, I think that there’s a lot of Camry buyers. I’m sure they wanna know how safe they are. Sure, sure, sure. It also scored a marginal rating, which is surprising. I know Toyota products are usually pretty dialed in with, with safety. And the next one, number three be the 2023 Ford Maverick. We the side impact crash test. So that’s the one where it’s parked and the sled comes and slams it from, from the side. So you’re saying it’s like a, it’s a tin can.

Holman & Lightning (19m 49s):

That’s why it’s so inexpensive. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, it was able to achieve a good rating on this test, but was only given an acceptable rating for its moderate overlap. Hmm. Followed by number two. That would be the Volvo XC 60 what side crash test. Kind of interesting. I wouldn’t think there’s enough volume for that many people being curious about it, but apparently It is, and well, I think because Volvo is known as the safest car road. Yeah. So they’re, they’re checking it out to see if it’s true. It’s scored an acceptable rating, which is one rating below good. But the XC 60 was able to ace all the other tests. So that seems like a pretty safe bet for your family. So the XC 60 did well and the number one vehicle that people watched on the Insurance Institute for Highway safety’s YouTube page for practice That one.

Holman & Lightning (20m 37s):

That would be the Toyota Grand Highlander Small overlap crash test. Whatcha talking about? Was IW what? So that’s the one where it’s not the middle of the car. Like it’s a small overlap. So it’s like, you know, like in front of your tire or something. Right? Yeah. And that one’s brutal. But you gotta figure This is the first three row the grand, you know, Highlander, so Grand Highlander. So it’s an extended Wheel base. So there’s gotta be a lot of Toyota people who love that, you know, to have a bigger mid-size. SUV So it, it earned an acceptable rating and the small overlap and it’s the only test where it didn’t do good or better. So, but I wanted to say this is like a, this is not about whether it did good or not. This is a popularity contest on about the quality of the video and, and how interesting the video to watch.

Holman & Lightning (21m 20s):

Right? Sure. This is the most watched video. So it’s, it’s almost the, the vehicle’s kind of irrelevant. It’s all about like people just like watching stuff crash tractor. Yeah. But why, why why those, those are so random. I think they’re high volume or the maverick I think is pure curiosity. Yeah. Same with the rivian. And I think the other three is like, to your point, Volvo’s the safe car and the the, the first two are high vol or the Camry and the Highlander are high volume. So people are doing those ones out of pure research rather than just voyeurism. Yeah, because I think, Ooh, good podcast name Vehicle voyeurism. Vehicle voyeurism. Yeah, I got that. Let’s have another podcast where we can edit more. I I I’m thinking like, you know, where’s the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis and all that stuff? don don’t know that they, they buy their vehicles.

Holman & Lightning (22m 2s):

I don’t know that they crash Ferraris. You have to crash a Ferrari, don’t you? This isn’t the government test. This is the insurance institute for highway safety. Oh. This is funded by the insurance companies. Oh. Oh. So oh, I haven’t googled crashing Ferrari or Ferrari crash test, but I’m sure that’s probably a thing. It probably is. Hey lighting, did you hear what? No. Nope. I need you to play some very, very sad music for me. Maybe a trombone or two. And why might you ask? Are you playing this sad, sad tune? Why pray Tell Holman. It’s because the symphony of a 392 cubic inch V eight blasting out of the rear end of a wrangler is coming to an end as a Jeep has announced to dealers of the 2024 Wrangler Rubicon 3 92 final edition.

Holman & Lightning (23m 1s):

No, no, no. Although we knew it was coming. I’ve been telling people for a long time and all the farmers are like, no way they’re gonna go in 25. I’m like, dude, it’s not gonna be in 25. Yes, It is you’re dumb. They’ve been saying that since day one. They just want us to buy more. And I’m like, okay, whatever. I’m tired of arguing with internet people. But the regular 24 3 92 costs. $92,140 or 5,100 more than last year. Plus the mandatory $1,795 destination charge. And you are looking at $102,520 for the Wrangler 3 9 2. Wow. So you made some money.

Holman & Lightning (23m 42s):

Well, dude, seriously, and that’s not even the final edition markup. Who knows what that’s gonna cost? Oh my lord. Yeah. Yeah. So I I mean I’m looking pretty good on mine. What’s, what’s the dynamic right now? What is the dynamic in the world where everyone, the government shove an EV down our throats? You’re gonna have, everything’s gonna be battery electric. Battery electric. Did you hear me? Boy? Battery electric. That’s what you’re buying. And then America said not so fast, Mr. Government. And now we are like ridding ourselves for all the big V eights. Right. They’re going away. EVs aren’t selling. They’re sitting on lots all over the place. So then now we’re gonna be, is there going to be, well even the, the production mix is being adjusted.

Holman & Lightning (24m 25s):

There’s so what, what’s gonna happen here? Ford just boosted Bronco Ranger production and then dialed back Lightning, for example. Well, I, and then remember like famously, I think it was like a year ago, I talked about Mercedes. Oh, with the AMGs? No more v eights and then couple months later up, sorry, maybe we shouldn’t, maybe we’ll make big V eight since that’s really why, what’s keeping the A mg badge alive? Seriously. You know, So Don don’t know man. The world is upside down in more ways than one. But I’m happy I got my V eight in the garage. Yeah. I can tell you man, that emissions, which is really what is tough for all these guys, you know, these big v eights don’t want to pass emissions. Yeah. And it’s only gonna get worse.

Holman & Lightning (25m 7s):

Well, it’s just sucks. I, I, yeah. Three 90 two’s in my garage and I try not to drive it every day because I wanna keep the miles off of it. For for what? Resale. No, no, I’m not selling it. I wanna do it. So I can go out and adventure in it and go have fun. What, what do the miles matter? That thing is really durable. No, but I’d just rather not have the miles on it if I don’t need to. That doesn’t make any sense. Sure it does. If you won the lottery, you had tons of money for gas, you wouldn’t care. It’s all that I would still care. I would go buy something daily. Oh, really? Yeah. So this is your, this is your Ferrari. This is my adventure. This is my adventure vehicle. Yeah. This is my Ferrari. Okay. Yeah. There’s no reason to daily drive it and Right.

Holman & Lightning (25m 47s):

Put all the miles on it. It’s, it’s, it’s set up for going places and so Yeah. Sucks for all the people. Didn’t get one. Especially at the price I did suck us. Damn. What’d you say? A hundred and what? 102 five did you? $102,000 or something for a Jeep. Yeah. It’s awesome. It’s insane. The sticker on mine full boat with AV stuff would’ve been one 14. Okay. I didn’t pay anywhere near that. Yeah. But Can, you imagine what the final edition a EV will go for. Oh 1 35 I, who knows? And people will pay for it. Who’s happy? I got mine. That’s all I’m saying. Holy mackerel. Okay.

Holman & Lightning (26m 27s):

Just like, this is why you shouldn’t get rid of your T Rx because You know what I’m not going to. It’ll be the one that you went, listen, there’ll be plenty of cyber trucks in the future. There’s no more Hellcat powered TXs. And at the end of the day, that’s gonna be the one that got away. You’ve had a lot of cool cars in your day and there’s a few that you’re like, ah, it was cool. I had it for a while. I’m, I’m I didn. I don’t really care. They got rid of it because I got something else. I don’t think that’s gonna be the T Rx. I think the day you sell that thing, you’re gonna be like, oh, what have I done? I, I think you’re right. I think you’re right. Like I said, I have a lot of cars that I just don’t miss. Well there’s, there’s gonna be plenty of other opportunities for crazy electric trucks. The only reason you want the cyber trucks is because it looks weird. And you want people to watch you while you pick your nose on the freeway, And it. But if this is successful, there’s gonna be weirder cars and trucks that come out.

Holman & Lightning (27m 7s):

So, so you’ll be fine. Yeah, I agree. Hey, lighting, Have, You, Heard,

8 (27m 12s):

Oh. no Oh. no, no,

Holman & Lightning (27m 21s):

No. And that’s my preemptive reaction to the story. I think you’re about to do. Well some guy by the name of Wiener, who’s apparently a San Francisco base senator go figure says that in 2027, he wants cars to all have a intelligent speed limiter that would restrict all vehicles sold in California to the speed of no more than 10 miles an hour above the speed limit. And FU Scott Wiener, No freaking government would you just get out of everybody’s life and just let us do our thing. Like go away. Who, who they can’t, who taught these people that they need to infringe on everybody’s everything.

Holman & Lightning (28m 6s):

I can’t have a gas stove. I can’t have air conditioning. I can’t have a car go whatever speed I want. I can’t have a V eight. I can’t have the guns that I want. I can’t like just leave me alone. Why do you think Americans are so angry? Because they just wanna freaking be left alone. That’s it. It’s very simple. They won’t less government more everybody else. That’s not what they believe in Holman. You know that it, they believe in more government. They believe that you cannot take care of yourself. This is, this is what makes me mad. I wanna go do what I wanna do without bothering anybody else. The other people want to make sure I can’t do anything and I have to do what they do. That’s the difference. I know that. I’m not telling you to live like I live.

Holman & Lightning (28m 46s):

You’re telling me I have to live like you live. No thanks. I pass. Well, the story is that this guy wants you. They’re going to put GPS trackers basically in all new vehicles starting in 2027. That’s what he’s proposing. Well he’s, yeah, it’s an introduced bill. It has it, he’s introducing this. I understand that. But this is This is the, I posted on my Facebook page and then within minutes, the SEMA action network. Yep. San hell no, I te immediately upon seeing this, I texted our good friend Mike Magno and he goes, ah, we got a press release coming out in 10 minutes. And I thought, it’s okay. This is a big deal.

Holman & Lightning (29m 26s):

This is the slipperiest of slopes. Oh yeah. That I have seen. This is not helmet law for motorcycles. It is not seatbelt law. This is, okay, so let me, let me, let me just throw this at you for a second. ’cause there are some people probably listening says, you know what? You guys really need to go a hundred miles an hour. Fine, whatever. I get the safety aspect of it. I really, truly do. But what will happen to, there’s unintended consequences of this. What will happen to Porsche sales, to all the super Ferrari, all Don’t listen, don’t Mercedes, all this stuff. You can argue that doesn’t matter. You cannot argue that because it’s not has to do with safety. Does it have, has nothing to do with safety.

Holman & Lightning (30m 7s):

It has to do with control. And, it has to do with them tracking you as this is one more step in the door for them tracking you and, and knowing where you are. That’s not what I’m saying. And getting your social credits and all that stuff. I think you’re right. Maybe that’s right. But what I’m talking about is what will happen to, they won’t be sold here. They won’t be sold here. And so all the celebrities won’t get there for or because those vehicles will be able to go the exact same speed as everything else. And there’s no draw to it. It’s so, it’s just, if I wanna paint my house red and purple, I should be able to do that. That’s why I don’t live in an HOA, I just just ha. Anyway, dude, Can you, ma this is, this has such, and I know this is California pops ’cause you, you guys are just move.

Holman & Lightning (30m 50s):

Ha ha ha. But no, I grew up here. I live here. My family’s here, my life is here, all that stuff. The problem is what’s happening here, if you guys don’t care, it’s going to come happen to you. It’s already happening all over the country where freaking idiot legislators who make up stupid laws and sometimes pass them and then they don’t care because they just, they’re like, oh, we’re just gonna make up stupid law because it’ll be wrapped up in litigation, will drain the bank account of the people that are opposed to us and we’re gonna win. And that’s not how it should work. And it’s wrong. And I think, here’s me on my soapbox, Holman for president. Maybe if you are a legislator in any place in America, whether it’s you know, county, local, state, national, and you purposely violate your oath to the Constitution by introducing legislation that is blatantly in violation of the Constitution, And, it happens three times that it’s voted down or three different bills.

Holman & Lightning (31m 46s):

You should immediately lose your right to be, to, to put your hat in the ring to be a legislator or a be in in politics. If you can’t abide by your oath and you’re blatantly listen, if you don’t like it here, you move. People All, right? I’m off my soapbox. Well, I, I appreciate it. Hey, lighting, Have, You, Heard. There’s more. Yeah. Oh. no Uhuh. And of course, we gotta thank our friends over at Nissan. Head over to your local Nissan dealer at Nissan usa.com. And when you’re shopping for gas or Diesel pickup parts, look no further than Banks Power dot com. Type in your year, make and model and find the parts that’ll make your truck faster or more efficient. The Truck Show Podcast is a production of truck famous LLC.

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