The hosts dive into the Final Edition Ram TRX (in Mexico), the Hennessey Mammoth Last Edition, and the Jeep Wrangler 392 Final Edition. They also cover the next-gen Ram HD gas engine, a new GM truck patent, the Rivian X, a potential Honda and Nissan collaboration, the latest in police car news, and additional Ram HD rumors. The Truck Show Podcast is proudly presented by Nissan, in association with Banks Power.

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Sean P. Holman (0s):

Have. You. Heard. No.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3s):

Nah. Uhuh. Nope. Not a chance, but maybe

2 (7s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer. What? The truck. Because truck Rods with The truck show. We have the lifted We have the lowered and everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa Whoa.

3 (39s):

It’s The truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

Sean P. Holman (44s):

This episode of The Truck Show Podcast Have You Heard is proudly presented by Nissan with the Frontier Titan and Titan Xd. Nissan has a truck for every need, along with the legendary Nissan durability. Test Drive. your next truck at a local Nissan dealer today, Or point your browser to Nissan usa dot com where you can use the build and price tool to configure a Nissan truck that fits your lifestyle.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 4s):

And when you’re thinking about adding power or improving fuel economy, Banks has over 65 years of experience, whether it’s cold air intakes or exhaust systems tuning, throttle control charge, air cooling, lubrication components, and much more. No one offers smarter, safer, 50 state emissions compliant performance parts than Gale Banks. You’ll find the best engineered parts for your truck at Banks Power dot com.

4 (1m 28s):

This Is. the show where they talk breaking news. And This is the part where Coleman has Lightning Have You Heard.

Sean P. Holman (1m 35s):

Hey, Lightning. Have You Heard?

2 (1m 37s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 39s):

I don’t think so. Maybe I’ve

Sean P. Holman (1m 42s):

Totally heard that drop before. Okay. I’m not sure where though

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 45s):

This show, oh,

Sean P. Holman (1m 46s):

Okay. Yeah. Hey, lighting. Did You know that the TRX Final Edition is also going to Mexico? So are you Mexican listeners? What?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 56s):

What do you mean going to Mexico say

Sean P. Holman (1m 58s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 59s):

I don’t, what do you mean you, when it’s stolen and then it goes to Mexico? Well,

Sean P. Holman (2m 2s):

That that’s, that’s your Final Edition. No, but the TRX is available also to our friends south of the border and they are also being offered a Final Edition as well.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 15s):

So, but I mean, what I’m not sure, should I be surprised that it’s being offered out of the us?

Sean P. Holman (2m 20s):

So the starting price of the 2024 Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition in Mexico is

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 26s):

103 million pesos,

Sean P. Holman (2m 30s):

2,669,900 pesos.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 34s):

And what is that in dollars?

Sean P. Holman (2m 35s):

$159,727 and 57 cents given the current exchange rate as of this article being written. Dang, that’s a lot of

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 48s):

Questions. Holy mackerel.

Sean P. Holman (2m 49s):

Feeling better about yours.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 50s):

That explains why paying

Sean P. Holman (2m 52s):

Why’s a $30,000 bounty? All your holy

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 55s):

Nuts. Alright.

Sean P. Holman (2m 56s):

Hey, Lighting, Have, You, Heard.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 59s):

No, no, no.

Sean P. Holman (3m 2s):

So Hennessy is also doing a last edition of course, of the TX Mammoth 1000. Do

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 8s):

They just see whatever’s in the news and they’re like, let’s make something just a little bit better. What? Whatever someone’s talking

Sean P. Holman (3m 14s):

About horsepower is not a little bit better.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 16s):

Now I’m saying like it’s always whatever. It’s like if it’s a Camaro or if it’s an NSX or if it’s like whatever, they’re just like,

Sean P. Holman (3m 23s):

That’s what they do. They build their whole business on taking super vehicles and making them super or,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 29s):

And by the way, I said NSX, don don’t think that was thing.

Sean P. Holman (3m 31s):

They’ve never touched that NSX don

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 32s):

Don’t know why I said that. It’s weird. don don’t know why

Sean P. Holman (3m 34s):

Coatings. Is that what you’re thinking of? Or

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 36s):

They didn’t do a cones seg either. Well,

Sean P. Holman (3m 38s):

What was the, what was the roaster? The venom roaster was based on a, was it a Lotus chassis or something?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 42s):

Don don’t know. Was

Sean P. Holman (3m 43s):

It something like that? I, anyway, the quote unquote last stand edition is gonna be their farewell. So This Is a true limited edition model. Would you like to guess how many there will be?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 58s):

How many did they make? I’m gonna say that they’re going to make 100 units.

Sean P. Holman (4m 4s):

I believe it’s double that. 200. Ooh. So the last stand edition will be available in three new colors. So harvest, sun, rise orange, Dominica red, which I freaking love on the Ram. That’s such a great color. And then night edge blue. And then that’ll be in addition to all the normal factory colors. So 1012 horsepower, 969 pound feet of torque that is provided VA upgraded high flow supercharging system, supercharger front drive, fully under drive. All that power is courtesy of an upgraded high flu supercharging system with all the upgrades that Lightning will tell you is done at every shop that touches a Hellcat

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 42s):

Over pulley, lower pulley thermostat, new damper. E 85.

Sean P. Holman (4m 49s):

I forgot the rear drive. No, it’s not E 85. Would you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 52s):

Stop? How are they getting over a thousand

Sean P. Holman (4m 53s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 54s):

Why five?

Sean P. Holman (4m 55s):

Why are we’ve already done a show where you claimed that they didn’t have a thousand horsepower. And then I told you, you go, oh, I guess it’s possible. So are we re-litigating that now be we’ve had Hennessy on the show. Why don’t you like him? I do like

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 9s):

Him. I

Sean P. Holman (5m 10s):

Think then why every time I bring him up you’re like, well that’s not true.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 14s):

Keep going. No.

Sean P. Holman (5m 15s):

Answer the question every single time. I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 18s):

Just think a lot of it’s pr.

Sean P. Holman (5m 20s):

Yeah, that’s how you sell vehicles. No different than you putting out a press release that goes, we added 20% more power with all these parts.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 28s):

All right.

Sean P. Holman (5m 28s):

It’s exactly how your PR tells people about it. Then those people who want it, who have money, trade you money and then they get that thing that you do. And that’s called capitalism. I’m

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 38s):

Gonna sit back over here and I’m just gonna listen to the news over here.

Sean P. Holman (5m 43s):

Would you be happy to know that it comes with a three year, 36,000 mile limited warranty? Would that make you feel better?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 50s):

Yes. Does it come with carb compliance?

Sean P. Holman (5m 53s):

I have no idea. But You know. Who would know? Hennessy would know. So you could call them and or go to their website at hennessy dot com.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 2s):


5 (6m 3s):

This place blows

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 5s):

You know what’s funny about that drop that’s like 20 years old

Sean P. Holman (6m 8s):

And nothing has changed again. That was hennessy performance dot com where you can get all of lightning’s questions answered. Hey Lighting, even you could point your brows that way.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 20s):

I will.

Sean P. Holman (6m 21s):

Hey Lighting Have You Heard

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 22s):

Lightning Lightning Lightning

Sean P. Holman (6m 24s):

White Lightning

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 25s):

Lightning. No, I have not. Wow.

Sean P. Holman (6m 26s):

We are on the subject of saying goodbye to our favorite V eight vehicles. Jeep has finally pulled the cover off of the Rubicon 3 92 Final Edition. And for all you people on the internet who said that we are lying liars. That lied. 2024. It’s the last year. And he guesses on price. Mr. Lightning

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 48s):


Sean P. Holman (6m 51s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 52s):

Am I close?

Sean P. Holman (6m 54s):

You’re you’re close-ish.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 55s):

Okay. What is this more or less? Am I over or under? So

Sean P. Holman (6m 58s):

Let’s, let’s go over what the package includes. Alright. So keep in mind that only 3,700 will be built.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 5s):

Damn. That is a very small number.

Sean P. Holman (7m 6s):

3,600 will stay in North America and 3,300 will be here in the US 300 Canada. And that’ll be only a hundred of ’em left for the rest of the world. So if you’re in Saudi Arabia or something like that, dude, you’re, you’re paying up. So your guess was 1 0 5.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 21s):


Sean P. Holman (7m 21s):

Right? Those who pony up the asking price of $101,890, including a 1,895 destination charge. A Jeep will get the same 6.4 liter 470 horsepower V eight. That’s in the one that I got for tens of thousands of dollars. Less than that. 18. You were

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 41s):

Almost gonna

Sean P. Holman (7m 42s):

Say 18 months ago you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 42s):

Were almost gonna say $30,000 less. I heard the th That’s funny, man. You got a

Sean P. Holman (7m 47s):

Deal. I got a deal. You.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 49s):

That’s what’s called coming up.

Sean P. Holman (7m 50s):

Well, I, I, let’s say I did all

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 52s):

Damn that blow came

Sean P. Holman (7m 53s):

Up. Did. All right. Let’s just, we’ll just say that. And let’s see. Here are some of the upgrades that you will get as a buyer of the Wrangler 3 92 Final Edition. That is a half inch suspension lift. Rock sliders, a grill guard, an 8,000 pound worn winch. Those are all standard. You get the XT Extreme 35 inch tire package that gives you the 17 inch B lockin wheels.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 16s):

Didn’t a worn winch was standard when You bought your truck?

Sean P. Holman (8m 19s):

It wasn’t on mine. Oh it wasn’t? But they offer it now. I see the anniversary edition. I think. And obviously Final. Edition, you’re also gonna be able to get the air compressor as an option. The onboard that’s in the tailgate and a sky one touch sliding soft top or power top I guess would be rather. And then the leather’s been upgraded to Napa leather. So you get a nicer grade of leather inside and then you get gold accents, special badging and some hood decal and some accent decals on the side. So people will know that you are a baller.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 51s):

Yeah, buddy.

Sean P. Holman (8m 53s):

So 3 9 2 and base trim for the 2024 Wrangler starts at 93 4 40. So if you look at the Final Edition with what you get, not that bad of a deal. And you, it also includes the, the 12 way power heated front seats, which is new to Jeep. And I still love when Jeep had the, the marketing videos for those. The doors were off and the dude’s driving through water and water’s on his lap and he’s like adjusting the seat while he is driving. Really? It’s all waterproof yet. I haven’t seen that one. Oh, that’s cool. Huh? So anyway, if you watch your V eight, that’s basically it. It won’t be the last vehicle. The Hemi. I do believe though, the last call Durango ends be on the Jeep. So T Rx is gone then Wrangler 3 92 is gone.

Sean P. Holman (9m 35s):

I think the cars are gone. Now are

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 36s):

You a fan of the Durango? Because every once in a while I’ll be on the freeway and a Durango will roll past and you just think, oh, it’s a grocery getter and then it’s just,

Sean P. Holman (9m 45s):

It’s basically a three row grand Cherokee. Yeah. I love the Grand Cherokee track box. But

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 49s):

I’m just saying with, with that engine, that power pack, it’s rad. People do not see it from

Sean P. Holman (9m 53s):

Our friend David Borla has one and it sounds magnificent. And that’s his family hauling. Yeah, it hauls more than kids. It definitely hauls some mass. Hey Lighting. Did you hear?

6 (10m 2s):

No, I said no You can kill all that right now. Like at this moment. Stop.

Sean P. Holman (10m 8s):

Oh, I’m not gonna stop because I love V eight. So we are gonna continue with V eight news and that is what I wanted to tell you. Lightning, the 6.4 liter is gonna continue as a standard heavy duty ram power plant when the Ram gets redesigned. So the 3 92 is not totally dead. You’ll be able to get a heavy duty truck version of that engine in the, in the big ram. Even though the half ton has hooed, the five seven, at least you’ll still be able to get the six four. So the American V eight is not dead, it’s just, it’s only a flesh wound

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 42s):

And it’s

6 (10m 43s):

Only a flesh

Sean P. Holman (10m 44s):


7 (10m 44s):

Come back here, you bastard. Look, you stupid bastard. You’ve got no arms left.

8 (10m 49s):

Yes, I have. Look, just a flesh wound.

Sean P. Holman (10m 53s):

Hey Lighting. Did you hear?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 54s):

We’re showing our age, aren’t

Sean P. Holman (10m 55s):

We? Yeah, we are. I wonder how many of our listeners

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 57s):

Got that Monty Python. Python humor right there.

Sean P. Holman (10m 58s):

Oh man. Holy grail running

8 (11m 0s):

Away. You yellow bastards. Come back here and take one’s calendar here. Or buy your legs off.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 10s):

Would you say, have I heard?

Sean P. Holman (11m 12s):

No, I said how many of our listeners have would understand their reference? Oh

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 16s):

Yeah. I I mean probably actually most, most

Sean P. Holman (11m 19s):

Sadly. Yeah. Probably. Hey, Lighting Have, You Heard.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 22s):

No, no. Hm.

Sean P. Holman (11m 24s):

Mopar Insiders is reporting that in a bold move reflecting a significant strategy shift. De LAN’s, CEO Carlos Tres has said the era of purchasing emission credits to offset things like the Hemi is dead. So there no

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 45s):

No saying

Sean P. Holman (11m 46s):

That Lanis will no longer buy even a single credit. No. And so obviously no. That shows the company going back into You know, hardcore into the EV space.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 0s):

Don’t they understand that America’s pushing back. We’re pushing back.

Sean P. Holman (12m 5s):

Yeah. Pushing back pretty hardcore. So anyway, automotive news had said that Tesla made nearly $9 billion from selling their credits to other automakers, including FCA over the last few years. And it looks like Tesla’s gonna take a hit ’cause there’s one less customer in the world that’s gonna take advantage of that.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 23s):

Take a hit. It’s like free money, isn’t it?

Sean P. Holman (12m 26s):

I mean, you think, oh, they’re not budgeting at $9 billion showing off in their coffers on their

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 30s):

P and l. No, I’m just saying like, they didn’t do anything for that 9 billion. They just, so they they were gonna make EVs anyway.

Sean P. Holman (12m 35s):

That’s the best kind of money.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 36s):

It’s free. Yes.

Sean P. Holman (12m 37s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 38s):

Like, oh my God,

Sean P. Holman (12m 39s):

If somebody brought you a

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 40s):

Kid, what a scam.

Sean P. Holman (12m 40s):

Listen, if somebody brought you a candy bar every single day and then they stopped. Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 45s):


Sean P. Holman (12m 45s):

You go Where the hell’s my candy bar? Yeah, I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 47s):

Get it. I’m not saying you somebody brought

Sean P. Holman (12m 49s):

Somebody two chili dogs for lunch for a year. I would eat

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 51s):

Fat as hell sudden.

Sean P. Holman (12m 53s):

And all of a sudden all the chili dogs dried up and there were, there was no more chili dogs in the world. You would be sad.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 59s):

Yes, of course. But I’m not saying bad on Tesla. I’m just stunned that What a scam. Yeah. Well,

Sean P. Holman (13m 6s):

I, I feel sorry for Tim Meniscus, the Hellcat everything guy who is now running a ram. There’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 11s):

No way you feel bad for him after that. That crazy animated video that he did with the EV charger,

Sean P. Holman (13m 18s):

Eh? That I don’t hate that thing. It’ll be interesting. No, no.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 21s):

I don’t hate the vehicle that, that that high concept AI made video or whatever the hell it was, was super weird and long and

Sean P. Holman (13m 29s):

Well he didn’t make that, it’s not like he was working late in Auburn Hills in his, in his You know CEO

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 35s):

Suite. No, I get it. Making a video. But he beatie acted in it and then he and then he saw

Sean P. Holman (13m 39s):

It. Can I, can I go ahead. Go ahead. Lighting. Can I finish the news? So This Is, why I feel bad for meniscus. ’cause he has to be the guy that had to tell everybody the, the, the hemi’s going away. So quote unquote, he says the decision to drop the Hemi engine wasn’t easy. We understand the emotional connection our customers have with it, but we have to move forward. And that means embracing new technologies. I am wondering if He made that quote under duress. ’cause he is the Hellcat everything guy. Yeah. There has to be a, a piece of his soul that died that day when he had to put out that quote.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 12s):

I agree.

Sean P. Holman (14m 13s):

Ugh. Makes me, makes me sad. He does go on to say Ram’s a good example of that meniscus continue. We would still be selling and building the ancient iron block MEV eight that everyone loved knowing we’re going into this environment, forced us into a space where we had to develop a whole new powertrain strategy. Forced us in a quote. In a quote. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 33s):

He’s not happy.

Sean P. Holman (14m 34s):

No, he’s not happy. He’s one of us. Dude. Maybe a car executive. But he, do you think one,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 39s):

He would talk to us,

Sean P. Holman (14m 41s):

We’ve talked about it, just need to make it happen. I know his, his number two over there, people. Yeah, we, we had a back and forth a little while ago and then just everybody got busy. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 50s):

I feel like the kind of guy that you could sit down and chat over a beer with.

Sean P. Holman (14m 55s):

I have. Yeah. You have? Yeah. Oh no, I’ve, he, I’ll You know. I’ll tell you this, there’s a period of time that he came over to run Jeep. I think he told the story where the J nine project was his baby. That’s the Wrangler 3 92. Never would’ve happened if he didn’t come over and say make this happen because I’m a va everything guy. Right. So for about six to nine months he teased me with all these salacious details about future things. when You

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 20s):

Said teased you like directly over email or

Sean P. Holman (15m 23s):

No in person person, he said, listen, here’s This Is what’s happening. And I guarantee you he was testing me to see if I was gonna leak it out. And I didn’t because I didn’t. I was like, nah, A, I don’t do that. And B, it was suspect what he was feeding me. It was too easy. And then after it was like several months where he realized that I was a friendly, then he invited me to his office and I sat down with him and he showed me the whole Wrangler 24 refresh and the strategy behind it and the V eight that was coming and the whole thing. And it took a while to get into his good graces rising in the circle of trust. And I didn’t let him down. And so I was rewarded with some info that I have.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 3s):

Have you divulged that?

Sean P. Holman (16m 5s):

No. Why do you think I tell you? I know something like it’s under embargo. No, that’s why ’cause I’m not gonna go ruin a relationship I have with the automaker.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 12s):

No, but what I’m saying is embargo. You’re saying that you have knowledge about stuff that still hasn’t come out yet. ’cause you met him a long time ago.

Sean P. Holman (16m 20s):

Oh really? Well, not just through him. I mean there’s other people I talked to, there’s other companies and executives and things like that.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 26s):

C So do you No. Do You know about?

Sean P. Holman (16m 28s):

I’m not talking to you. This, you can’t

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 30s):

Say if there’s another big high horsepower jeep on the way.

Sean P. Holman (16m 32s):

No, I’m not gonna tell you that. Hey Lightning, did you hear?

9 (16m 35s):

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 37s):

No nom.

Sean P. Holman (16m 39s):

So if you look at the screen in the pod shed, let me regale you with the latest patent. Ooh. From our friends over at General Motors and it is, I guess what they’re calling that a transformable truck bed. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 52s):

That looks, I can see what’s happening here. This. Is a slide out bed. It looks like the bed is extending

Sean P. Holman (16m 58s):

Ex, except it’s not a slide out bed in the traditional sense where it’s like a floor. No, it’s like the entire inside slides out to make a short bed into a long bed while you still keep the tailgate.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 12s):

It’s like you fold the tailgate down and use a an amp research bed extender.

Sean P. Holman (17m 16s):

Yeah. Except a bed extender takes up space. This all folds into the tailgate. So if you imagine the tailgate folds down flat, then the flat part that would now be the, the surface top surface of the tailgate. That’s even the bed that folds up. Folds up to create a new tailgate. And then out of that, like origami, bedsides fold out and then lock into the inside of the actual bedsides, creating a long bed out of a space where long Bed did not exist before.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 40s):

How has no one made this until today? Well,

Sean P. Holman (17m 43s):

Ford had a similar patent a while back, but it was like the bed floor came out and then like the bedsides came out all on Rails. The GM one not as elegant as the F As the Ford looks more production intent to me looks like something you could actually produce where the Ford was kinda looks like it would be a challenge, especially if you’re hauling mulch or sand or things that could get into returning your truck bed back into its normal position. Right, right.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (18m 11s):

Wow, that is really, really neat. Where can people see this?

Sean P. Holman (18m 15s):

You can go to MotorTrend and find that, huh? Or on the US Patent office, you can find it there. If you’re one of the people that are interested in patents. This one was released on March 12th, 2024. And it is US patent 11,926,370. Hey Lighting. Did you hear, I mean now, now, well Rivian has also been busy at the patent office. Let’s say, if you remember we talked about the R three X kind of rally car off road beast.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (18m 49s):

Did you see Jason Camisa driving one of those? I

Sean P. Holman (18m 52s):

I saw a quick thing of it. Like it was slow speed in a parking lot and he was saying it was kind of rough on the inside and ’cause it was a prototype still looked cool. It’s cool. Yeah, yeah. I like it. Anyway, Rivian recently filed a trademark for R one X. So X seems to be their go bigger off-Road deal. Yeah. And so it’s basically what approximates an R one T pickup truck. Except if you notice the whole front end is more like super duty looking and like bumper, like

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (19m 21s):

A modular front bumper.

Sean P. Holman (19m 22s):

But what I’m wondering is, is this the redesign of the R one or is this just a, a tougher version that they did for the patent office? Hard to

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (19m 31s):

Jump to me. This looks new.

Sean P. Holman (19m 33s):

That’s what I’m saying.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (19m 33s):

That looks like a toy you’d play with in your sandbox.

Sean P. Holman (19m 36s):

I am. I’m telling you it’s pretty cool. So anyway, it looks a lot more rugged than the current truck. And obviously they have already said we’re the adventure truck company or adventure vehicle company from the EVs and they want to do something cool. So if there is indeed an R one XI think that would be super rad. This one has chunkier tires and has extra cladding. It’s got this crazy bed that folds down. It just looks really cool.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 5s):

I love how Rivian is getting more expensive with their potentially more expensive, I should say, with their off-road truck and yet they’re going on the lower side as well. Building an economy vehicle. Well that’s, they’re,

Sean P. Holman (20m 16s):

That’s like most of automakers. They started where they thought they could make a lot of profit per vehicle to build up the coffers and then they need to keep those people buying expensive things while they cater to the people on the volume end to get people into the brand. That can be aspirational, that can work their way up through the product line. So I think that’s a pretty common automotive company strategy. And I mean, unlike Fisker, which sounds like they may be headed for bankruptcy again, they literally put out a warning and stopped all production I think today. So when You hear this, it’ll be last week. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 47s):

They’re going from like a hundred cars down to zero.

Sean P. Holman (20m 50s):

I I’m, I’m not gonna say how many cars they’re making ’cause I don’t know that’s allegedly Lightning.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 54s):

I know I made that up.

Sean P. Holman (20m 55s):

Lightning is just trying to make the podcast go away. No I’m not. Thank you for that. Hey Lighting, did you hear? No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 3s):


Sean P. Holman (21m 4s):

So apparently Honda and GM have their tie up with the prologue where the Honda prologue is using the GM ultium platform. But it seems like maybe that relationship isn’t destined for the, the, the long term because now rumors have that Honda and Nissan are have confirmed talks about teaming up for EVs and if you remember a couple weeks ago people were talking about potentially Nissan jumping in to save Fisker on the EV side. So find it interesting. It’s almost like if you’re listening to the, to baseball and Angels are always the secret team that everybody’s talking about and yet nothing ever happens. So who knows if what’ll end up with a Nissan and Honda tie up.

Sean P. Holman (21m 46s):

But I think it’s something that could help both companies out. Sounds like it’s, is a memorandum of understanding for a feasibility study. So they want to explore potentially jointly developing electric vehicles and the partnership could include both hardware and software. So we’ll see Honda’s a great company and so is Nissan. It would

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 5s):

Be the world’s most reliable vehicle. Yeah,

Sean P. Holman (22m 7s):

It probably would. Hey Lightning, did you hear No rumors are persisting about the 2025 RAM HD upgrade and the latest news I or if you remember in our last news piece we talked about the Zed F power line transmission and how much torque it could handle. Right?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 29s):

And so This Is where they decided to go away from Cummins once and for all. No, and they’re No, no. Oh,

Sean P. Holman (22m 33s):

That’s also wrong. Lightning. Oh, so the ZF power line HB transmission caused a ton of conversation and a lot of stir online. And now there’s been speculation that this version of the transmission could allow Cummins to turn up the wick. So the the current high output version of the Cummins is 420 horsepower and 10 75 pound view torque. But you only get that on certain models with the is in transmission. Yeah,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 59s):

That’s the 3,500 with the high

Sean P. Holman (23m 1s):

Output. And so what I’m hearing is potentially Cummins and Ram would only have one power output because that ZF eight speed power line would be behind everything. Gotcha. And so you wouldn’t have two transmissions to, to figure out. So could the ZF eight speed power line transmission potentially allow Cummins to turn up the wick and match Ford? Ford is the current high output champ with 500 horsepower and 1200 pound feet of torque. We do know that the Cummins six seven has it in it to make more power than it’s currently offered. And don don’t know if it would reach the horsepower level of Ford, but certainly I could see it going 1200, 12 50, 12 25.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (23m 39s):

I just can’t they do it with emissions though? I don’t know. You know one’s a street six, one’s a V eight and very interesting. I I don’t I don know. Hey, by the way, as an aside, did you see our friend Greg Albar, Greg a did 3095 horsepower in his ram? Nice. That’s

Sean P. Holman (23m 57s):

Big. I remember when we were ding things in the high two thousands of Diesel Power challenge, you would literally feel the ground move while it was on the dyno. Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 4s):

We’re gonna get Greg back on the show again. We should do that.

Sean P. Holman (24m 6s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 6s):


Sean P. Holman (24m 7s):

Horse power, that’s a, that’s lot of

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 8s):

Twist. Imagine what that would do on the street.

Sean P. Holman (24m 10s):

Imagine what it does to your axle shafts.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 12s):

Don don’t know it lasted

Sean P. Holman (24m 14s):

Hey Lighting, did you hear?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 16s):

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Sean P. Holman (24m 18s):

Alright, well before we wrap up the segment of Have You Heard, you were the one who brought up the EV charger. Yes. But I wanna remind you that that platform is gonna be available in four doors as well. And also with the high output hurricane and the standard output hurricane. So rumor has it that four door charger, the new body style with the hurricane and potentially the EV may go back into pursuit service. So all you truck guys out there, whether you like that car or not, get used to the headlights because in a few years they may be the ones behind you on the highway. And if it’s the electric version, it’ll be damn fast and maybe be able to sneak up on you pretty, pretty well

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 54s):

Bad enough that state troopers hang out behind billboards. Now they can roll up on you silently. That’s just, that’s that’s not, okay.

Sean P. Holman (25m 2s):

I’m just saying get used to that shape in those headlights because you’re gonna be seeing ’em a lot in the rear view mirror that looks through that fixed glass window at some point in your T Rx.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (25m 12s):

You mean the piece of cardboard that’s still in there? Is

Sean P. Holman (25m 13s):

That what it is? I’m gonna go get me a TRX tonight.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (25m 17s):

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