As off-road enthusiasts, we all dream of owning a vehicle that not only looks the part but also delivers unparalleled performance when venturing into the great unknown.

Meet the 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL you see before you, a visually subdued yet astonishingly capable off-road rig that will make any adventure seeker’s heart race. Customized with a range of high-end components, this Jeep is ready for the adventure.

This JL has been customized with the full American Expedition Vehicles JL370 factory conversion.


Originally willed into existence by OVR Editor-At-Large Sean Holman as the esteemed “AdvJeep,” this rig is now under the ownership of Todd Adamson, who inherits a machine built for exploration beyond the beaten path. Todd’s Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon was outfitted for self-sufficiency during epic weeks-long road trips through the great outdoors.


Born to Roam
From the deserts of California to the peaks of Colorado, and even venturing into the rugged heart of Moab, Utah, this Jeep has traversed a myriad of terrains, leaving its tire tracks as a testament to its exceptional capabilities. No obstacle is too daunting for this adventure-hungry Wrangler JL.



Unrivaled Power
Under the hood lies a 3.6L (non-eTorque) engine that has been supercharged with an Edelbrock 50-State Emissions Legal Supercharger. This power-enhancing modification ensures that the Wrangler JL delivers ample power to conquer even the most challenging terrains effortlessly.


This upgrade strikes the perfect balance between raw performance and street legality, allowing for seamless transitions between the city streets and the wilderness.


Control and Precision
The 6-speed Manual Transmission equipped with a Centerforce HD flywheel and Dual Friction clutch, coupled with hydraulics, offers the driver complete control over this beast.


\Whether crawling over rocks or powering through muddy trails, the combination of a manual transmission and heavy-duty clutch ensures precise gear engagement, allowing the driver to harness the Jeep’s full potential.


Safety and Technology
Adventure is all about pushing boundaries, but safety should never be compromised. The JL is equipped with Jeep’s Advanced Safety Group, providing peace of mind when tackling rugged terrains. Additionally, the Alpine Premium Audio System with 8.4 Uconnect and Sirius XM keeps Todd entertained throughout his journeys.


Unstoppable Performance
To transform this Jeep into an off-road conqueror, the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Factory Conversion steps in, taking the Wrangler JL to new heights of capability. The AEV 2.5” DualSport RT Suspension System, enhanced with Bilstein 8100 shocks, provides the perfect balance of on-road comfort and off-road performance. It delivers improved ground clearance, articulation, and stability, allowing it to tackle the toughest trails with ease.



The AEV 4.88 Axle Ratio Upgrade ensures that power is delivered precisely where it’s needed, enhancing torque and control while traversing challenging terrain. Paired with AEV Nodular Iron Differential Covers, these upgrades safeguard critical drivetrain components, providing peace of mind during arduous adventures.


Conquering with Style
Aesthetically, the AEV Factory Conversion leaves no stone unturned. The Wrangler JL proudly sports an AEV EX Front Bumper, which not only offers enhanced protection but also integrates seamlessly with the rugged look of the vehicle. Complementing this are the AEV 7000 Series LED Off-Road Lights with a Grille Upgrade, ensuring optimal visibility in the darkest of nights.



The AEV Borah Wheels DualSport Wheels in Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Onyx Protection Ring add a touch of sophistication to the Jeep’s rugged profile. These wheels not only look stunning but also provide outstanding strength and durability, allowing it to confidently tackle any terrain.


Equipped for Self-Sufficiency
No overland adventure is complete without the necessary gear and accessories. This customized Wrangler JL boasts an array of additions that elevate its self-sufficiency and make it a home away from home.


The American Adventure Lab (AAL) Rear Cargo Platform and Tailgate Table provide ample storage space and convenience for all required gear, while the AAL Flip’n Slide Prototype Driver’s Side Fridge Slide and Table Top offer a versatile and accessible workspace.


To ensure Todd never runs out of power, the AAL Auxiliary Battery with a 50Ah lithium ion battery, powered by the REDARC BCDC1225D Battery Controller with solar panel input, keeps his devices charged and his adventure uninterrupted.


The inclusion of an ARB On-Board Air Twin Compressor and a Midland 50-watt MXT575 GMRS Radio further enhances the Jeep’s self-sufficiency, allowing Todd to conquer the wilderness without hesitation.



Final Thoughts
With its subdued appearance, combined with high-end components and upgrades, this capable 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL offers a balance between ruggedness and refinement. Whether tackling treacherous mountain passes or exploring remote desert landscapes, this Jeep is Todd’s ultimate companion for seeking extraordinary experiences and unforgettable journeys.



 Todd Adamson’s  2020 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon AEV JL370 Factory Conversion
 Base Vehicle  2020 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
 Engine  3.6L (non-eTorque), Edelbrock 50-State Emissions Legal Supercharger, AEV Snorkel w/Sy-Klone Pre-Cleaner
 Driveline  6-speed Manual Transmission w/Centerforce HD flywheel, Dual Friction clutch, and hydraulics, AEV 4.88 Axle Ratio Upgrade, AEV Nodular Iron Differential Covers
 Suspension  AEV 2.5” DualSport RT Suspension System w/Bilstein 8100 shocks, AEV Front Geometry Correction Brackets, AEV Steering Stabilizer
 Wheels & Tires  AEV Borah Wheels DualSport Wheels, Cerakote Burnt Bronze w/Onyx Protection Ring; BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 (37x12.5R17)
 Armor & Racks  AEV EX Front Bumper, AEV JL Rear Bumper, AEV Swing-Out Tire Carrier, AEV 10-gallon Fuel Caddy, Rhino Rack Backbone Cargo Rack, MetalCloak Full Belly Skid Plate
 Recovery  WARN Zeon 10-S Winch, AEV Jack Base w/mount
 Body  AEV Black Branding Package, AEV Rear Splash Guards, AEV Black Painted Inside Hardtop w/DEI Insulation Panels
 Storage  American Adventure Lab (AAL) MASS Rear Cargo Platform, AAL Flip’n Slide Prototype Driver’s Side Fridge Slide and Table Top
 Lighting  AEV 7000 Series LED Off-Road Lights w/Grille Upgrade, AEV Light Cover Kit, VisionX 20-inch Light Bar with Amber Cover, Baja Designs Rear Light, Baja Designs Rear Hatch Light (Red)
 Upgrades & Accessories  Alpine Premium Audio System w/8.4 Uconnect and Sirius XM, AEV IP Cluster Overlay, AEV Cordura and Leather Seats, AEV ProCal SNAP Module, AAL Rear Tailgate Table w/Light, AAL Auxiliary Battery w/50Ah Lithium Ion Battery, REDARC BCDC1225D Battery Controller with Solar Panel Input (underhood) and Battery Monitor, AAL Remote Air/Power Mount, ARB On-Board Air Twin Compressor, Midland 50-watt MXT575 GMRS Radio, SureCall Cell Booster, Go Fast Campers Platform tent, 67 Design Dash Ball Mounts, Mopar Grab Handles, Banks iDash Gauge 

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