In the world of off-roading and overlanding vehicles, capability and customization are the names of the game.

One vehicle that recently captured those prerequisites as well as our attention with its host of modifications and an eye-catching look is the 2022 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon that you see here. 


Meet the Garbage Dream Gladiator Rubicon, a creation born from the collaboration between outdoor lifestyle marketing agency Garbage Dream and the expert hands at Rock Bottom Off-Road and Basil’s Garage.

Let’s take a deeper dive and learn what purpose this Jeep was built for and take a peek at what’s under its sheet metal.


The Evolution
Crafted over the span of only six months, this rig is the brainchild of Garbage Dream, a marketing agency often tasked with creating stunning images and video for their big-time clients. In order to capture the perfect shot, the agency needed a go-anywhere vehicle that could act as a well-equipped support vehicle.


Enter the Gladiator. The vision was to create an off-road overland vehicle that could conquer any terrain while supporting Garbage Dream’s full production team during their assignments. After experimenting with various platforms, including Mercedes Sprinter 4x4s and Toyota Tacomas, they found their sweet spot with the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon.


Under the Hood
At the heart of this beast lies Jeep’s 3.0-liter V6 Turbo EcoDiesel engine. The powerplant delivers plenty of power and efficiency right from the factory, so it was left untouched as far as mods go. A perfect match for rugged journeys, we’re told that the engine has been bulletproof for the team and the Jeep has always pulled through for them no matter what was asked of it.


Suspension Upgrades
When it comes to off-road capabilities, the Gladiator’s suspension package was upgraded to allow it more ground clearance and articulation.

The front suspension boasts Bilstein B8 8100 Series with Bypass shocks, accompanied by a RockJock Antirock sway bar and the RockJock Pro Edition 3.5” suspension system. The additional height provided by the RockJock system gives the Jeep more ground clearance and helps allow the fitment of larger wheels and tires.


The rear suspension continues the Bilstein B8 8100 Series theme, ensuring a smooth ride even in the most challenging of terrain.

Bilstein’s B8 8100 Series reservoir shock absorbers feature large 60mm internal diameter shock bodies that are paired with an additional reservoir that offers a higher oil volume capacity. The extra oil helps to control heat while driving over rough road surfaces over long distances.


Armor & Protection
It’s not just about looks – this Gladiator is ready for battle against all sorts of rocks and other trail obstacles.

Clad in a suit of MetalCloak armor, including a frame-built bumper with winch guard, aluminum overland tube fenders, overland rocker and flip sliders, high-clearance aluminum inner fenders, skid plates and more, it’s fully prepared to weather any storm, even if it’s a tsunami of rocks.


Because looks matter, Rock Bottom Off-road went ahead and made custom rear fender bars to match the MetalCloak front overland fenders. The expert fabricators also custom built a rear bumper plate to clean up the look of the Gladiator’s rear. To that, we say nice touch.


Lighting the Way
Equipped with a Rigid Industries Revolve 40” light bar on the roof rack, complemented by Revolve Pod Lights at hood level and D-Series Pro lights at bumper level, the night becomes as bright as day. Visibility is paramount on any adventure, and this Gladiator leaves no stone unturned.


Ready to Rescue
Dominating rocky terrain comes naturally, but for those moments when a helping hand is needed the Smittybilt XRC Gen3 winch mounted on the front bumper stands ready to save the day.

The XRC Gen3 has an increased line speed over its Gen2 predecessor and is equipped with a 7-horsepower motor along with thoughtful features such as a High-Viz clutch lever and daytime running lights.


The Jeep also carries an assortment of recovery tools including a Deadman Off-Road Earth anchor recovery kit.


Conquering with Confidence
The Gladiator’s aggressive stance is made possible by Fuel Rincon Beadlock wheels in candy red, sized 17x9 inches with an ET-38 backspacing. Paired with Milestar Patagonia X/T tires sized 38x13.25R17, there’s no obstacle too daunting.


The red-on-red color scheme is sharp, especially when contrasted against the natural colors of the great outdoors.


Modern Functionality
While the exterior steals the show, the interior is equally impressive. Fitted with a stock navigation system, the focus remains on the journey ahead.


Storage solutions from Mits Alloy, including the company’s Evo2 aluminum tray, dual cab canopy, Clearview dropslide and roof rack. An upTOP Alpha Jeep Gladiator full cab rack was also installed for more equipment mounting options. Together, the ensemble ensures that every piece of gear has its place.


Powering Big Red
The Gladiator is far from conventional, boasting an Optima Yellow Top deep cycle starter battery, a Redarc Manager 30 with a color display screen, a Redarc 2000W pure sine inverter, and a Relion Lithium Battery – RB100LT, guaranteeing uninterrupted power for all endeavors.



An sPOD unit with touchscreen electronics controller allows devices such as the Jeep’s auxiliary lighting to be controlled at a touch of a touchscreen button.



The Journey Beyond
This Gladiator isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a vessel for adventures and unforgettable moments. For Garbage Dream, the inspiration behind the build was clear: Creating a vehicle capable of traversing the most desolate and difficult terrains.


From Johnson Valley to the Eastern Oregon Cascades, this Gladiator has conquered some of the most challenging landscapes, all while providing a reliable base for a production team on the move.


Overcoming Challenges
As with any project of this magnitude, challenges we bound to arise. We were told that dialing in the suspension to balance the weight and maintain driving performance on and off the road proved to be one of the most demanding tasks.


Garbage Dream, along with its technical partners Rock Bottom Off-Road and Basil’s Garage, were able to tame the beast and get that suspension setup dialed in for competent control over a number of varying surfaces.


The Dream Realized
Garbage Dream’s Gladiator is a vehicle that seamlessly merges the worlds of overlanding and rock crawling, embracing adventure while offering unparalleled comfort and functionality.

As you see this custom Gladiator Rubicon conquering the great outdoors, remember that every adventure begins with a dream, and this one is as bold and daring as they come.


 Garbage Dream 2022 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon
 Base Vehicle  2022 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon
 Engine  3.0L V6 Turbo EcoDiesel
 Driveline  Factory Dana 44
 Suspension  Bilstein B8 8100 Bypass shocks, RockJock AntiRock swaybar, RockJock Pro Edition 3.5” suspension system
 Wheels & Tires  Fuel Rincon Bealocks, 17x9 ET-38, Candy Red; Milestar Patagonia X/T (38x12.5R17)
 Armor & Racks  MetalCloak frame-built bumper with winch guard, MetalCloak aluminum overland tube fenders, MetalCloak overland rocker and flip sliders, MetalCloak high clearance aluminum inner fenders, MetalCloak Katwalk, MetalCloak JT aluminum skid plates, MetalCloak JT axle armor
 Recovery  Smittybilt XRC Gen3 winch, Deadman Off-Road Earth anchor recovery kit, Pro Eagle off-road jack
 Body  Rock Bottom Off-Road custom rear fender bars, Rock Bottom Off-Road rear bumper plate
 Storage  Mits Alloy aluminum tray Evo2, Mits Alloy dual cab canopy Evo2 5ft, Mits Alloy Clearview Dropslide, Mits Alloy roofrack, upTOP Overland Full Cab Alpha roof rack
 Lighting  Rigid Industries Revolve 40”, Rigid Industries Revolve Pod lights, Rigid Industries D-series Pro
 Upgrades & Accessories  sPOD Touchscreen, Optima Yellowtop deep cycle starter battery, Redarc Manager 30 with color display screen, Redarc 2000w pure sine inverter, Relion lithium battery RB100LT

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