We recently took a stock Ford Bronco out on the trails to explore a few local natural areas. We were out until the sun went down and it was during the return drive that we wished we had a way of lighting up the ditch areas to either side of the truck for better vision and safety.

Speaking about safety beyond being able to see the trail, it was in this same vehicle that on a rainy evening in the city that we came back to an empty parking lot that was not well lit. Additional lights, especially rear facing would have provided much more vistibiity to our surroundings. It was then that we decided to seek out an auxiliary lighting solution to help light up the area around the Bronco.

This is where the KC HiLiTES stepped in. Looking for an OEM-style looking, easily installed option, we looked to KC for its turnkey Bronco lighting kits. We found that the KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco A-Pillar/Ditch Mount and Lights Bundle, along with the KC Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount, are excellent bolt-on additions to our 2021 Ford Bronco. 


KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco A-Pillar/Ditch Mount and Lights Bundle
The KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco A-Pillar/Ditch Mount and Lights Bundle is designed specifically for the sixth generation (2021-2024+) Ford Bronco, making it a tailored solution for off-road enthusiasts. This bundle offers seven lighting options, allowing users to choose lights that best suit their needs.

We opted for the KC FLEX ERA 3 lights, but the bundle also includes other options like the latest Gravity Titan lights.

The installation process was straightforward and required no drilling, which is a huge plus. The bundle comes with two A-Pillar/Ditch Light Mounts that are engineered for the OE Ford A-Pillar/Ditch mounting locations.

KC includes all the necessary wiring and a power switch for an easy install, but Ford’s built-in accessory provisions made integrating the light kit even simpler, giving it an OEM look and feel.

The FLEX ERA 3 lights we chose are exceptional. These 60W second-generation lights deliver unparalleled brightness and clarity in a compact, sleek package. They offer the flexibility to switch between combo and spot beam lenses, making them perfect for illuminating darkened ditch areas.

Whether you’re navigating through dense forests or open trails, these lights ensure you have clear visibility, significantly enhancing safety during night-time off-road adventures.

Overall, the KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco A-Pillar/Ditch Mount and Lights Bundle has exceeded our expectations. The quality of the materials, the brightness of the lights, and the ease of installation make this product a must-have for any Bronco owner looking to upgrade their vehicle’s lighting and style.


KC Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount
The KC Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount is another fantastic product from KC HiLiTES that enhances the functionality and safety of the 2021+ Ford Bronco. This mount is designed to provide an easy solution for adding rear-facing off-road lights to the Bronco’s spare tire. It is particularly useful for installing reverse lights or amber dust lights, which are crucial for safe and effective off-roading.

This mount is specially designed for the sixth generation 2021 and newer Ford Bronco models (excluding Raptor versions). It attaches to two of the spare tire lugs and fits neatly into the center of the wheel on a rear-facing spare tire carrier.

The design allows for the installation of rear-facing lights, which can function as powerful white reverse lights or amber dust/chase lights. This dual functionality enhances both safety and visibility in off-road environments, making it a valuable addition to any off-road setup.

The installation process for the Spare Tire Light Mount is also very straightforward. The mount is a bolt-on solution that requires no drilling or other modifications. It includes 60mm and 90mm length lug nut replacement stand-offs to accommodate various wheel offsets, making it compatible with OEM wheels as well as most aftermarket wheels.

Additionally, the mount features extra holes for mounting radio antennas, third brake lights, and more. There are also slots for securing trash bags or other gear, adding to its versatility.

KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount-6

We chose to mount a pair of KC FLEX ERA 1 (FE1) lights to the Spare Tire Light Mount. These compact lights pack a powerful punch with 2,430 lumens, making them ideal for short-range lighting applications.

They work well as rear-facing lights, providing ample illumination when reversing or during low-visibility conditions. The FE1 lights also feature an amber LED backlight, adding a stylish touch to the Bronco’s rear.


KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount-5

Final Thoughts
Both the KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco A-Pillar/Ditch Mount and Lights Bundle and the KC Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount are excellent products that offer significant enhancements to the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco. Their ease of installation, superior lighting capabilities, and added style make them worthy investments for any Bronco owner.

Whether you are an avid off-roader, looking for additional light light visibility and security or simply want to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting and aesthetics, these products from KC HiLiTES will not disappoint.


KC HiLiTES Ford Bronco A-Pillar/Ditch Mount and Lights Bundle

KC Bronco Spare Tire Light Mount


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