Certain off-road situations require very specific needs, and that is certainly the case with search and rescue, wilderness firefighting, or even getting to remote village locations.

Kelowna, BC-based KXI Wildertec has developed a technology for use with four-wheel-drive vehicles that offers never-before-seen levels of off-road capability, while minimizing environmental impact on the land. The tech transforms a standard 4WD pickup into a highly specialized wilderness workhorse.


The Right Tool for Accessing Remote Locations
Many vehicles in wilderness work, whether it be disaster relief or battling wildfires, are modified versions of stock trucks or possibly UTVs. But most of those modifications come from the recreational 4WD industry. While it undoubtedly helps their capability, they’re not always the right tool for the job and have compromises for more commercial work.

KXI Wildertec developed a vehicle technology made specifically for applications needing to access isolated areas quickly and confidently—regardless of the operator’s off-road driving skill level. It works because of the technology’s ability to off-load some of the decision making from the operator to the KXI Wildertec system. This allows people to pilot the vehicle with ease, regardless of their off-road driving experience. Whether it’s access to a train derailment in an inaccessible area or a forest fire deep in the wilderness, or even ambulatory services to a remote mining outpost or indigenous community, a vehicle equipped with a KXI Wildertec system will get there faster, with increased safety, and ecological respect.


KXI Wildertec Graphic

Capability and Maneuverability
The KXI Wildertec team reimagined, redesigned, and re-engineered what a 4x4 vehicle can be—and what it can do. The company’s patent-pending center of gravity management and wilderness accessibility technology enables a more capable and agile vehicle that offers reduced impact on the land on which it travels. KXI Wildertec has done this by creating a new type of truck chassis technology composed of engineered suspension technology and advanced computer-controlled hydro-pneumatic components.

The new independent suspension employs hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic parts paired with a patent-pending algorithm, a suite of sensors, and control systems to allow the technology to provide unmatched levels of ability in any terrain. Upgraded traditional items, such as differentials, transfer case, wheels, tires, brakes, and drive shafts help to make it a complete system. With little to no training, even an inexperienced wilderness driver will be able to drive a KXI Wildertec-equipped vehicle confidently on or off the pavement, and even in places without roads on the most challenging terrain.

With computer-controlled hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic systems, and four-wheel steering, a KXI Wildertec-equipped vehicle can execute tight turns and navigate tricky terrain with precision, even in the most demanding environments. The unique suspension design and custom drive modes allow the vehicle to maintain stability and control at any speed over any surface, enhancing safety and performance while ensuring a comfortable ride for all occupants and equipment.

Assembled on a reliable OEM chassis with military-grade materials, a KXI Wildertec-prepared vehicle can withstand extreme weather, brutal conditions, and harsh environments, and has received extensive testing to ensure reliable performance for years.


Impressive Performance Specs
The KXI Wildertec fully independent suspension employs a host of integrated systems to adjust to any terrain. The ride height can be adjusted manually when needed or can rely on the computer-controlled system to automatically adjust for conditions.

KXI Wildertec’s demo vehicle utilizes a one-ton Ford truck platform. It rides on 43” tires with a maximum ground clearance of 27.5 inches and 18 inches of suspension travel. The vehicle can clear obstacles up to 22 inches, ford water up to 40 inches, and has a maximum side slope gradient of 35 degrees (70%) and 38-degree (80%) up- and downhill gradient. The KXI Wildertec vehicle has a 47-degree breakover angle, 55-degree approach angle, 51-degree departure angle, and 30-degree front and rear steering angles.

The vehicle can be driven on-road, off-road, and even where there are no roads. The maximum speed is 68mph on road and 50 mph off-road.


Lower Impact on Terrain
Unlike traditional pickups or UTVs, the KXI Wildertec vehicle’s combination of computer-controlled systems, mechanical components, and central tire inflation system allow it to tread lighter on the land it drives. These systems allow for minimal wheel slip and optimal traction, thus reducing impact to the land as well as chance of becoming stranded.


A More Adequate Transportation Solution
Whether it’s firefighting, search-and-rescue, ambulance transportation, mining exploration, or accessing remote indigenous communities, the KXI Wildertec vehicle is made for first-in or last-out needs. When it’s all on the line, there shouldn’t be a compromise, and this vehicle is a new solution to an age-old problem: how to get there quickly and safely, and with enough skill. The KXI Wildertec YouTube channel also showcases a docuseries with the ins and outs of the company’s revolutionary tech.


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