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Trips & Trails

ROAD TRIP: From The Desert To The Mountains: Driving San Bernardino National Forest’s Burns Canyon Road

”It’s also a popular place for drivers to shakedown their newly built rides or for those who want to try out their latest mods in a less extreme environment. It was the perfect place for us to take our recently acquired OVR project vehicle, a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser, to ...

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TSD: What is a Time-Speed-Distance Rally and Why You Want To Do it.

Driving skill, accurate timing, scenic roads, excellent camaraderie and … competition? Is this competitive overlanding? No. This is TSD rally. It doesn’t require a race car, a certification, it’s not expensive, and happens on public roads. It’s fun and you should try it.


Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative’s Mission to Preserve Public Lands for Outdoor Recreation

Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative focuses on protecting public lands for the future of outdoor and motorized recreation and provides funds for projects that work toward keeping public land available for fun and adventure.


OVR Adventures: Death Valley, Black Rock Desert, Mono Lake, Mojave, and Grand Canyon: Parashant National Monument

Four Points Adventures is permitted to guide trips in Death Valley, Mojave National Preserve, Black Rock Desert, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the Inyo National Forest.


Leave No Trace: How to Tread Lightly

There are important “tread lightly” principles overlanders and campers should adhere to treat surrounding areas (and people) with respect to preserve the environment and the planet for years to come.

East Mojave Trek

California Four Wheel Drive Association announces 1st Annual East Mojave Trek

Three days of adventure, education, and exploration of the eastern Mojave Desert taking place from April 18-21, 2024, in Goffs, California.

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Los Angeles Auto Show 2023: The Vehicles of OVRLAND OUTPOST presented by

LA Auto Show, OVR: Outdoor Vehicle Recreation, and celebrate vehicle-based adventure travel by displaying awesome overlaning rigs.


Joe On The Go: The VSSL Java G45 Coffee Grinder and Various Methods To Make Coffee While Traveling

SSLThese days there’s no reason to skimp on your coffee while adventuring. We take a look at options for brewing your coffee fix while on the road and beyond.


REVIEWED: Camp Cooking with iKamper’s Disco Series for Campsite Meals

We go hands on with iKamper’s Disco Series cooking disc. Find out how it fares cooking up campside meals.


Discover HITCHFIRE: Innovative Gear for Your 2-Inch Hitch – DIY Swing Arm, Cook Station, F-20 Hitch Mounted Grill

Hitchfire emerges as a trailblazer in redefining the utility and potential applications of your 2-inch hitch.