The first race of the 2023 SCORE International season is off to a good start with 259 teams registered to compete in 34 different classes this year.

This 36th running of the San Felipe 250 will be held from March 28th through April 2, 2023 and is slated to be approx 260 miles (418.42 km) with a 14-hour time limit. On Saturday, April 1, 2023, the MOTO and QUAD staggerd start will begin at 6am and have approx 2.5 hours between the last Quad and the first Trophy Truck off the line.

This desert racing coverage is brought to you in conjunction with Fishgistics. Austin “Fish” Farner, the host, has been providing LIVE as-it-happens action packed coverage of desert racing via his social channels INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

2023 San Felipe 250 Course Map

2023 San Felipe 250 Course Map

To all the dedicated racers, co-drivers, chase team, course workers, spectators and volunteers, stay safe and good luck. Below is the full entry list of the 2023 San Felipe 250 broken out by class.

To follow your favorite team during this race, TrackLeaders does a fantastic job of utilzing GPS tracking tech to provide upto the minute location of your race vehicle.


Open Production Unlimited Trucks

82 Sam Baldi Beaumont, CA Jake Johnson, Robert Llewellyn, Michael Baldi Baldi Topline Industrial, Baja Designs, VP Racing Fuels, Ultra Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, PCI Radios, Sparco, Titan Fuel Tanks, King Shocks, Xtrac Transmissions, Dougans Racing Engines
26 Dave Taylor Page, AZ Travis Ricks Geiser VPFuels, Adonia Yachts, Raceline Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Trailers Unlimited
46 Paul Weel Gold Coast, QLD, Australia Toby Price, Kellon Walch, Preston Schmid Mason Motorsport Quadlock, PWR, TSCO, MoTeC, FIST Workwear, DIXXON Flannels, Owlpine Group
6 Dan Myers Newport Beach, California Luke Johnson, Dan McGranahan, Jason O’Conner,     Peter Brinkerhoff, Paulo Bio Molina Toyota Toyota Escondido Racing, Hyundai Escondido Racing, Toyota Escondido Action Sports, TE Motorsports, VP Race Fuels, KMC Wheels, Baja Kits, Viscid Designs, BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima Racing Oils, Kartek, Power Steering Solutions, PCI, Danzio, Fortin, Slime, Brenthel Race Trucks
69 Andrew Myers San Marcos, CA Julio Quintero, Dustin Phillips, Don Brown    Toyota TE Motorsports, Toyota Escondido Action Sports, KMC, VP, BFGoodrich Tires, Powder One, Fox
89 Mike Walser Comfort, TX Bryan Hanson, Rod Walser, Jonathan Pineda Mason Toyo Tires, VP Racing Fuel, Baja Designs
10 Alan Ampudia Ensenada, Baja California Steve Covey, Aaron Ampudia, Javier Valenzuela Ford Toyo Tires, Monster Energy, Baja Beach Fest, KMC Wheels, Papas&Beer, King Shocks, California Fuels & Lubricants, 4WP, Vision Canopies, Impact, RPI, Baja Designs, K&N Filters, Lucas Oil, EBBCO, Guino Vinil
7 Bryce Menzies Las Vegas, NV Oren Anderson Ford Redbull, Toyo Tires, Amsoil, Polaris, Fox, Baja Designs, KMC,PCI
1 Luke Mc Millin El Cajon, CA Jason Duncan Mason Motorsports DLM Properties, 4 Wheel Parts, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, VP Racing Fuels, SDG Suspension, Fox
23 Dan Mc Millin El Cajon, CA Rogelio Pereira Jr. Mason Motorsports DLM Properties, 4 Wheel Parts, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, SDG Suspension, Fox, VP Racing Fuels
85 Mikey Lawrence Banning, CA Dustin Grabowski, Costa Gialamas, Cody Woodruff Herbst Smith Fabrication Lawrence Equipment, Haas Factory Outlet, El Comal Tortillas, King shocks, Mothers Bar, BFGoodrich Tires, Checkers Racing, Patton Racing Engines, Rancho Drivetrain Engineering, Fronius Welders, Herbst/Smith Fab
11 Rob Mac Cachren Las Vegas, NV   Ford BFGoodrich Tires, Vision Wheels, Fox Shox, VP Fuels, KC Hilites, Motive Gear, FK Rod Ends, Steel-It, Geiser, Kroyer, Impact, Kartek, PCI, Howe, RPI, Brembo
58 Tracy Graf Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada Justin Bean Smith, Frank Randell, Rahuel Ramirez Racer Engineering/JBS BFGoodrich Tires, KC Hilites, Fox, Maxima Oil, VP Racing Fuel Monster Seal, MPI, Power Steering Solutions, Iron Garage
43 Larry Roeseler Imperial, CA Justin Morgan, Cameron Parrish, David Katje, Eric Brandt Toyota Baja Vida Snacks, Baja Jerky, Cantina Racing, BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Redline Racing Lubricants, SDG Suspension, Vision Race Wheels, ORW, RPI Fasteners, 7Eleven
70 Kevin Thompson New Braunfels , TX Beau Morton, Brent Bauman, Harely Letner Herbst Smith Concrete MotorSports , Herbst Smith Fab,BajaDesigs, King Shocks, BeverlyHills Rejuvenation, GibbsRacingEngines , BFGoodrich Tires, MPI,MOBArmor,Heatwave, Ultra Wheels , 1Lifetraumakits,Mckenzies, ProAm, DataFied, DcPower, DirtBags, Heatwave
21 Tavo Vildosola Mexicali,BC Javi Valenzuela, Victor Valenzuela, Steve Lewis         Vildosola Racing Mexicana Logistics, Branix, Interproteccion,  Toyo Tires, Mastercraft, Freightliner, Baja Designs, King Shocks, Borla, Method, Howe, Eibach, Telcel
19 Tim Herbst Las Vegas, NV Pat Dean, Jason Montes, Shane Robinson Herbst Smith Fabrication Terrible Herbst, Monster Energy, BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, KC HiLites, Borla Exhaust, Mechanix Wear
38 Eric Hustead St. George, UT Igore Dorojisnki Chevrolet ELE Motorsports, Trident Eng., Dougans Racing Engines,  ELE Motorsports, Trident Eng., Dougans Racing Engines,  Wedlle Ind., Vosion X, 74 Weld, Gear Wrols, King Shocks,  ALTECH
87 Dallas Lutrell Las Vegas, NV Billy Goerke, Eric Shenberger, Jay Shain  Dodge TSA Motorsports, BFGoodrich Tires, Collins Motorsports, Kroyer Racing, GearWorks, Hella, Walker Evans Wheels
92 Paul Nauleau France Johnny Bickel, Sandy Schwab, Ryan C. Crook Brenthel Clean Cause, Southside Automotive, Nolo Action Sports
24 Adam Householder Placentia, CA Trevor Ellingham Ford Householder Motorsports Inc. Fine Tune Suspension, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, King Shocks,Gibbs JD1, Weddle, PCI, Pacific Lazer, Hebst/SmithFabrication,VP fuel, Power Steering Solutions, Dangelo Co, GTR Industries
42 Juan Guillen San Diego, CA Christian Valles, Efren Alonso Carrasco,  Racer   BG Trucking, Frontier Lease Inc.
45 Gary Magness Denver, CO Armando Bravo, Jett Blackwell, Allen Bravo, John Sparks, Alejandro Abaroa, Connor McKiel, Alex Osuna Ford BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Impact, PSS, Alltech, 
33 Roberto Romo Jr. Mexicali,BC Roberto Romo, Oscar Balerrma, Alberto Medina Ford Coast Aluminum Racing, Romo Race Prep, Kartekmx, Method, Kroyer Racing Engines, Fox Racing Shocks
60 Cole Potts Scottsdale, AZ Caleb Derby, Nate Dallas, Brian Cavitt Huseman Engineering Potts Racing, Agave Gaming, Security State Bank, Digital Cash Processing, Fox Shocks
16 Cameron Steele San Clemente, CA Cody Stuart, Ryan Arciero, Travis Moore Ford Monster Energy, BFGoodrich Tires, FYDAQ, FOX, BAJA HQ, Raceline Wheels, Eibach Springs, VP 

Trophy Truck FACTOID: 136 MPH is the magic number. Jay Reichert, driving the R&D Motorsports #26 Trophy Truck nicknamed “The War Machine”, set the official land speed record for a race-ready trophy truck by reaching 136 miles per hour on October 22nd. This occurred on the Laguna Salada dry lake bed located just south of Mexicali.


37L Rolf Helland Morris, IL Rick D. Johnson, Jonathan Faulkner      Ford Norsemen Racing, Baja Designs, BFGoodrich Tires, KMC Wheels, Fox, Alpha Ess
85L Clay Lawrence Banning, CA Louis Mayers, Art Velasco,  Steve Lawler Herbst Smith Fab Lawrence Equipment, Haas Factory Outlet, El Comal Tortillas, King Shocks, BFGoodrich Tires, Wiks Racing Engines, Kona Blue Sportfishing
79L Russell Buehler Kansas City, MO Shawn Crissy, Neil Buehler, TJ Flores  Jimco Metro Asphalt, FK Rod Ends, Jimco, Fox, Garmin,Champion Race Works
61L David Payne St. Louis, MO Damon Bradshaw,  Lee O’Donnell, Victor Gasca         Brenthel  
1L Gustavo Vildosola Sr. Mexicalli,BC Ricky Johnson, Victor Valenzuela, Nicolas Ambriz Ford  MEXLOG, Toyo Tires, Inter, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, King Shocks, Howe, Impact
55L Jose de Jesus Flores Corrales Culiacan, Sinaloa, MX Andrea Tomba, James Sejd, Eduardo Perez, Felipe Alvarez Jimco Maioris Hoteles, Paradise Motel & Suites, No Limits Baja, ATRacing, Dirty Habits Racing, Puente Negro Soluciones Alimentarias, Level Works, Quaker State,  Valmex Pinturas y Recubrimientos, Road Angel Towing,  Baja Sauce, Bad Influence Race Prep.

CLASS 1: 9 Teams

152 Joe David Ridgecrest, CA Austin Griffin Jimco Sierra Auto Recycling, Checkers Offroad, Wik Racing, Weddle Industries, Pro Am, Mckenzies Offroad, SDG Suspension, King Shocks, F&L Fuels
127 Cody Parkhouse Long Beach, CA Brian Parkhouse, Justin Herrmann, John Kohut, Jeff Smith  Jimco BFGoodrich Tires, FOX, Maxima Racing Oils, Impact, Baja Designs, Method Race Wheels, Jimco, F&L Racing Fuel
153 Brad Wilson Long Beach, CA Justin Munyon, Brian Bowles, Ricky Hardy Jimco Wilson Motorsports, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, King Shocks, Vision X Lighting, Wiks Racing Engines, DC Power, SLIME, Fortin, Jimco, NEO Oil, ZLT
100 Kyle Quinn Long Beach, CA Scott Mahelona, Craig Darrow, Sammy Ehrenberg, Jimco Wilson Motorsports, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, King Shocks, Vision X Lighting, Wiks Racing Engines, DC Power, SLIME, Fortin, Jimco, NEO Oil, ZLT
162 Brendan Gaughan Las Vegas, NV Mike Montes, Billy Goerke, Eric Shenberger, Jay Shain HMS SouthPoint Hotel, Justice Brothers, City Lights Shine, Glen Helen Raceway, Kroyer Racing Engines, Walker Evans Racing, BFGoodrich Tires, PCI, Collins Motorsports
101 Al Torres Imperial Valley, CA Alfredo Torres, Christian Samano, Mauricio Mendiola Jimco Ocean Mist Farms, Toxic Off Road Racing, JGRE, Yeti Cooling, Baja Designs, Jamar
102 Adam Castaneda Yuma, AZ Jose Carlos Bustamante, Brett Mann Jimco Accurate Excavation, Round5, Canyon State Motorsports, American Engineering, Method Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Camel Xecue, Dr. Parra Implant Center
168 Cody Reid Apple Valley, CA Mike Diorio Jimco Reid Products, BFGoodrich Tires, Raceline Wheels, Baja Designs,  Weddle Industries, Walker Filtration, Straitedje.
121 Damen Jeffries Poolville, TX Josh Burmann Jefferies Racing Jefferies Racing, 4B Electric, King Shocks, Rigid Lights, F&L Fuels, Power Steering Solutions,  PCI, Mile High Equipment

Class 1 FACTOID: is defined as an unlimited four-wheel single and two-seat vehicles. No production bodied vehicles allowed in this class. Engines must be normally aspirated.


Open Production stock engine Trucks

277 Travis Williams Avondale, AZ Pete Tolar, Jeff Knupp Geiser Rigid Industries, Rugged Radios, Ultra Wheels, Impact Safety, NEO Synthetics, Cool-It, Fox Shocks, Streetgrafx, Antigravity Batteries, Turn 2 TV, Cruz Armor, BFGoodrich Tires, Luke Knupp Racing, Desert Squadron, Diamondback Materials
294 Vincent Munoz Yucaipa, CA Roy Tompkins, Vincent M. Munox Ford MCC Pipeline Inc. ODR Motorsports, KMC Wheels, King Shocks, Baja Design, BFGoodrich Tires
207 Mason Cullen Long Beach, CA Matt Moulton, Matt Cullen, Eric Fiorino         Geiser F&L Racing Fuels, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, Fox Shocks, Pro Eagle, PCI Race Radios, Heatwave Visual
205 Joe Delucie Las Vegas, NV Ryan Millen SLR Motorsports SLR Motorsports, King Shocks, Baja Designs, Redline Oil, Dirtylife Wheels, Antigravity Batteries, Gearworks, Powersteering Solutions 
270 Jimmy Diaz Los Barriles, BCS, MX Alan Gillette Ford CanDoo ATV Rentals, Industrial Finishes, Lake Country Corporation
292 Jason Coleman Huntington Beach, CA Brady Melin Ford Golden Construction, BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima, FK Rod Ends, F&L Racing Fuel,  Sign Pros, KC Hilites , Herbst Smith Fab
238 Elijah Kiger Kirby, PA Sean Bogdan, Christopher King, Edward Jenkins TSCO Coastal Racing, Collins Motorsports, Walker Evans, BFGoodrich Tires, TSCO, VP Racing Fuel
228 Ryan Hancock Yuma, AZ Jordan Poole TSCO Alexander Ford, BFGoodrich Tires, Rancho Drivetrain, Method Race Wheels, Fire Etc, Dougans Racing Engines, JVRP
249 Dustin Swanson Honolulu, Hi Eric Dollente, Jake Velasco TSCO 49/50 Industries, JVRP, TSCO, Method Race Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima, Brembo Racing, CBR Performance, VP Racing Fuels
289 Tanner Rust El Cajon, CA Jeff Embree Ford Rust and Sons Trucking, Waterloo Realty, Toyo Tires, Tech One Automotive, Kruger Truck Repair, Utility Trailers Fontana, CA, HRP Hose & Rubber Products, Fiberwerx
204 Christopher Polvoorde Hemet, CA Mike Kim Ford Optima Batteries, Ford Performance, STEEL-IT, VP Racing Fuels, Vision Wheels, RIGID lights, K&N, FOX Shocks, Kicker Audio, Toyo Tires, FK Rod Ends
240 Chris Miller Rancho Santa Fe, CA Chasen Gaunt, Cameron Parrish, David Katje Mason Cantina Racing, Baja Jerky, BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Masson motorsports, Maxima Lubricants, ORW Off Road Warehouse, Vision Wheels, SDG suspension, RPI Fasteners, Walker Performance Filtration
260 Santiago Creel Mexico City, MX Cristian Castelan Monkey Business Monkey Business Workshop, Monster Energy, Quaker State, Toyo Tires , Baja Designs, Nava Racing, Full Gas Graphics, PCT, Fastphalt, Method Wheels, Sparco, Lowrance, PCI Radios , Pyrotect, EVP, ZRP,RCV,Moto Baja, Rolloface, Pirron, Zamacona Race team, Ebcco, VP fuels, Antigravity Batteries.
275 Juan Sanchotena San Diego, CA Juan Sanchotena Jr. SMS Sanchotena Motorsports, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, King of Candys, Shock Pros, TJS
246 Ethan Hagle Somis, CA Ben Hagle, Ruben Garcia, Travis Kerrick       Alumicraft Hagle Lumber, Alumicraft,  Baja Designs,  Maxima Oils, Universal Forest Products, BFGoodrich Tires, Sparco USA 
299 Charles Dorrance Austin, TX Larry Job, Dylan Herman, Glen Plake, Dustin Hellstrom         Geiser 9 Banded Whiskey, Rigid industries  BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima Oil, Ultra Wheels
285 Justin Davis Colton, CA Troy Holes, Jeremy Davis,Tyler Petersen Brenthel Toyo Tires, RIGID Industries, Lowrance, Jamar, BuggyWhip, Green Army
278 Carlos Ibarra Morales Ensenada, BC Moiss Marques, Julian Jacques Padmor Nova Imagen Clinic, Nova Imagin Hospital, Moisa Race Shop
244 Oliver Flemate Ensenada, BC Ana Paola Flemate, Luis Magana TSCO Los Flemate Racing, BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima Oils, TSCO Racing, SDG Suspension, Race Line Wheels, Sparco, Dougans Engines, VP Racing Fuels, PCI Radios, Baja Designs
219 Thor Herbst Las Vegas, NV Pierce Herbst, Jeremy Munyon, Josh Montoya   Herbst Smith Fabrication Terrible Herbst, Monster Energy, BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, KC Hilites, Borla Exhaust, Mechanix Wear
263 EJ Herbst Las Vegas, NV Ryan Millen Herbst Smith Fabrication Terrible Herbst, Monster Energy, BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, KC HiLites, Borla Exhaust, Mechanix Wear
225 Scott McNeil San Tan Valley, AZ John McNeil, Kelly NcNeil, Mitch McNeil, Adam McNeil, Rodney Pyburn Geiser Schampa Raceline Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Torco, King Shocks, Maxima Oils, Geiser Bros, McNeil Racing Inc., Wilks Engines, Zamp Pilgrim Fence, G-Force, Dynamics Power Steering Solutions, Gibson Exhaust, Arizona Drive Shafts, Fragola Performance, SDHQ, Baja Pits, ORW, Walker Performance, Filtration, Weller Racing
234 Jason McNeil El Cajon, CA Eric Clay, TK McNeil, Connor McNeil Ford Fiberwerx, Toyo Tires, TSCO, Fox Shocks, RaceLine Wheels, Aeromotice, FK Rod Ends, Maxima Oils, Powder 1, El Cajon RV Rentals, SDG, Juanco 
212 Jim Anderson Reno, NV Sandy Hall, Don Oldenburg Ford Silver Creek Development, Silver Creek Charters, Vision X Lighting, KMC Wheels, Kartek, Evan Weller Racing, BFGoodrich Tires, PCI Radios
236 Michael Marsal Millbrook, NY Hudson Hall, Chuck Dempsey, Cody Wamsley, Matt Martinez Brenthel  
253 Ray Griffith Downey, CA Adam Carpenter Chevrolet King Shocks , BfGoodrich Tires, Geiser Bros, Rancho Drivetrain, Dougans Racing Engines, James Lin Motorsports, Vision Wheel, Unique Fabrication, Mckenzies, PCI, Miller Sign Corp, DC Power, F&L Racing Fuel
211 Pat Sims Eunice, NM Tim Willson, Jeffery T. Willson, Jeff Kay  ES Motorsport Lone Coyote LLC, Trail Ready Wheels, ES Motorsports, CIty Light Shine, Justice Brothers
226 Juan Carlos Lopez Herrerra  Tecate, Baja California Apdaly Lopez, Reynaldo Zavala Ford PIN MFG, FOX, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Kendall Motor Oil, Kaza Studio, IPS Motorsports, Rugged Radios, La Tetera Racing Bar, Colors Designs, Reynaldos Cocina, Ron Davis 
200 Jorge Sampietro Ensenada, BC Abelardo Ruanova, Dan Fresh Mason BFGoodrich Tires, Fox, Torco, Tremor Wheels, Magnaflow, JE Reel
252 Oscar Arambula Ensenada, BC Adam Leggs Mason Tuna Liner, EFF Custom Works, Castelán Race Prep, BFGoodrich Tires, Fox, MÃxima Racing Oil Mexico, KBK Racing, AM Heliservicios, B/P Templario I.
217 Joe Belt Bonita, CA Brad Looney, Kevin Mady, Dom Bloemendaal Armada Fiberwerx, Rapid Off-Road, SDG, Insurance Solutions
243 James Scully Ireland Baja Terry Brenthel GMS Piling Products, Tom & Jerrys Bar NYC, Cooper Investments, Jel Equipment Rentals, All My Credit Cards
282 Brent Fox Highland, UT   Herbst Smith Fabrication  
231 Carlos Ramos Murillo La Paz, BCS, MX Stephano Algorri Camacho Armada Costa Palmas, BFGoodrich Tires, Prodynamics, Concretos El Palmar, Armada Engineering, Inmobiliaria Atardecer de La Paz, Santa Cruz Suites
264 Arnold Gutierrez Jr. Mexicali, BC Mario Vargas Brenthel Fundacion Amelia Gutierrez A.C,Gutierrez Trucking LLC, AG Warehouse & Custom House Brokerage, Ultra Race Wheel.
214 David Binns Las Cruces, NM Ryan McCoskey, Joe Weining, Gary McCoskey Geiser Huband Ranch, Binns Enterprises, Rytek, Geiser Bros, Method Wheels, Jtech Motorsports, J&J Motorsports, BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, Wiks Racing Engines, Graphic Guys, HR, VP Fuels, Baja Designs, Valley Trucking, Rockin Disposal, American Express
291 Nicolas Ibarra San Diego, CA Adrian Ibarra ES Motorsports No Name Racing, Horny Brothers Racing , La Palma Bumpers & more , , Double R Earthworks INC , Daniels Barbershop 
247 Scott Shields El Cajon, CA Kevin Shields, Brandon O’Coyne, Brent Delong Ford King Shocks, FK Rod Ends, Method Race Wheels, PRP, Maxima Racing Oils, Pin MFG,  Baja Designs, CS Properties Corp, Fiberwerx, Petes Camp
255 Brad Vicic Littleton, CO Jay Vicic Armada Carboy Winery, ORP, Veech villas, BFGoodrich, King, Arnian Freight, Rugged Radios
223 Kyle Murray Long Beach, CA Ryan Murray, Hugo Nunez, Arnie Rios  Chevrolet American Rentals, Highland Rentals,  Baja Designs, Trail Ready, BFG tires, King Shocks,Danzio, Sign Pros, Makita
266 David Ziegler Reno, NV Paul Ziegler Brenthel DNA Carpentry, Reno Motorsports, BFGoodrich Tires, Brenthel
284 Jose Contreras Tecate, NC, MX Eduardo Arellano Ford Baja Racing, Baja Racing Products, Baja Xpeditions Auto Vac Racing, PCI Radios, BFGoodrich Tires, German Race Shop
267 Jose Leon Calexico, CA Nicilas Leon, Marcos Martinez, Aidan Beltran Chevrolet Baja Designs, BFGoodrich Tires, Mc Donald’s, King Shocks

FACTOID: Trophy Truck Spec Class, despite being less potent, they compete in a highly competitive class and their suspension technology is just as advanced as that of the full-fledged Trophy Trucks.


CLASS 10: 20 Teams

Open-wheel single or two-seaters to 2000cc

1088 Chase Warren Scottsdale, AZ Martin Richardson Alumicraft BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Fox, Raceline Wheels
1064 Justin Buckley Long Beach, CA Luke Knupp Alumicraft Precision Plumbing and Fire, Inc, Method Race Wheels
1000 Jose David Ruvalcaba Adame Ensenada. BC Esteban Cruz Duarte, Rogelio Pando Aguirre, Albert Cruz Duarte Alumicraft Las Lomitas Racing, Major Performance Racing Engines, Alumnicraft, BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima Racing Oils, Baja Designs, Dave Folts Transmission, Rondo Del Valle, Record, Pandos Racing, Inowe Racing, Avesa, BOSS Communications, VP Racing Fuels, JP Desert Shots, Balo Racing, Papas & Beer, Lowrance.
1019 Alberto Mendez Ensenda, BC Luis E. Floriano Alumicraft M&T International, MMM, Pro am, McKenzie’s, BFGoodrich Tires, SDG Suspensión, Danzio Performance, Alumicraft, Rodríguez Comunicaciones, Fast Crew, Castelán Prep.
1077 Dale Ebberts Wilton, CA Madison Ebberts, Ezra Ebberts ES Motorsports Entrussed, Cabe Adventures, Cabe Toyota, BFGoodrich Tires, Ebbco, ZLT, VP Race Fuel
1087 Ivan Tagle Chula Vista, CA Joaquin Ramirez Alumicraft Reliable Plimbing, DHRP
1006 Stan Potter San Marco, CA Freddie Willert, Dan Worley Alumicraft BG Goodrich Tires, King Shocks, Raceline, Maxima, Baja Designs, FJ Willert Contracting
1016 Hiram Duran Tecate, CA Marco Duran, Luis Fernando Martinez, Francisco Arriaga Alumicraft Alumicraft, Danzio, Kumiai Inn, BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Method Race Wheels, Slime, Rugged Radios, Maxima, JP Desert Shots, Kartek, Pilot, Truck Net
1027 Atruro V. Malo Mexicali, BC, MX Ricardo Malo Jr., Miguel Villegas, Ricardo Malo Alumicraft Baja Xtreme, Baja Hunting, Replay Arcades
1091 Francisco Vera El Rosario, BC Alexis Vera Alumicraft Baja Hard Enduro, Alumicraft, ASR Race Prep, Dave Folts Transmission, Redline Performance
1014 Bruce Yee Chula Vista, CA Agustin Moreno Alumicraft BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, Danzio Performance, Fortin Racing, SDG, Maxima Oil Mexico, Baja Blue Ice, Rapid Offroad, PSS, Moroso Motorsports, Campoy Aluminios, Torco Race Fuels, King Shocks, Slime Products
1040 Kevin Derby Parker, AZ Harris Becaj, Jorge Trevino, Will Arteaga Chenoweth BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, Ultra Wheels, Baja Designs
1010 Moises Cuevas Tijuana, BC Juan Hernandez Alumicraft Mariscos el Camaran, Hectik Motorsports, Premier Realty Executives.
1004 Cade Garcia Santa Fe Springs, Ca Nick Almada ES Motorsports Weddle, ProAm, FOX, BFGoodrich Tires, PCI, F&L Racing Fuel, Maxima Racing Oils
1050 Martin Christensen Escondido, CA Mark Smith, Malcolm Mitchell,  Matt O’Malley, James McCulloch  ID Designs
1011 Cesar Cuevas Chula Vista, CA Cesar Emilio Cuevas,  Alumicraft Premier Realty Executives, Mariscos El Camaron, Hectik Motorsports, Mirage Race Prep, Richard & Sons Transport, Gato Loco Enterprises, Autos South Bay, Maquinados Industriales Guzman
1079 Manlio F. Diaz La Paz, B.C.S. Eduardo Laguna, Mario Diaz, Juan Jose Olave, Jose Roberto Ruiz Cesena   Alumicraft Combustibles Baja Sur, Grupo Diaz Alvarez Hermanos, Bloqdesa, BFGoodrich Tires, VP Racing Fuels
1054 Bryan Goetsch Lake Havasu City, AZ Albert Martinez, William Goetsch, Misha Goetsch Custom GoetschBros Motorsports
1020 Carlos Guillen San Diego, CA Julio Covas, Cesar Flores, Adrian Cruz  Alumicraft CG Motorsports, Mirage Race Prep, Brave Motrosports
1023 Brittany Myers Escondido, CA Tamara Myers, Larry Negrete Jr., Ricardo Garcia, Jose Garcia, Steve Myers  Custom TE Motorsports, Myers Girls Racing, Toyota of Escondido, Hyundai of Escondido, BFGoodrich Tires , Baja Designs, Slime, Maxima

PRO UTV OPEN: 18 Teams

1869 Justin Lambert Bakersfield, CA Matt Scarpuzzi Polaris Cognito, Monster Energy, Polaris RZR, ITP Tires, KMC Wheels, Fox shocks, Baja Designs, FK Rod Ends, Savage UTV, VP Racing Fuels
1872 Justin Smith Wittman, AZ Jeff Day Polaris  Shock Therapy, Method, Tensor, ZRP, PRP, Speed Strap, PCI, Baja Designs, Streamline Brakes
1840 Richard Fant Houston, TX Nathan Moreno Polaris  
1885 Tyler Backus Grindrod, BC, Canada Trent Backus Polaris Tb Racing, Backus Racing, Double Barrel Industries,  A.M.I Clothing, Galaxy Powder Coatings,am4 aviation, Fox Racing, HP Wiring LLC, PCI Radios,Vernon Communications, Mike Heller, Elevated Fabrication, Sunshine Autographics, Lonestar Racing, Podium Suspensions, Vivid Lumes,
1821 Cayden Mac Cachren Las Vegas, NV Hailey Hein Polaris SCI Motorsports, Polaris, Rockford Fosgate, Progressive, Synchrony, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shocks, Lube-Tech, Rigid, GoPro, Fox Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Vision Canopy, SPARCO, Pro Eagle, Boxo
1827 Austin Weiland El Cajon, CA   Polaris SCI Motorsports, Polaris, Rockford Fosgate, Progressive, Synchrony, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shocks, Lube-Tech, Rigid, GoPro, Fox Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Vision Canopy, SPARCO, Pro Eagle, Boxo
1888 Roger Norman Reno, NV   Polaris  Cryo Heat Racing Engines & Transmissions, BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, Vision X Lighting, Vision Wheel, Optima Batteries, OMP Seats, Steering Wheels, Race Suits, Gloves & Shoes, Safe Craft Fire, Rugged Radio’s, CMI, Bell Helmets, Wide Open Baja, Muru Safety  
1895 Kaden Wells Hurricane, UT Emma Cornwell Polaris Polaris, Union Graphic Co, Method, Tensor, Assault, Baja Designs, Liqui Moly, Simpson, Holley, DWP, Fuel Clothing, C&J Powdercoating, Savage UTV, Dynojet, De Luxe Tone, Turn 2, HyperCo, Monsterseal, Seal Saversa
1850 Paul Barnhardt Jr. Houston, TX Jeff Stone, Paul Barnhardt III Polaris   
1867 Mike Pratt Draper, UT Dodge Poelman, Tristan Powell, Gavin Pratt  Polaris Hangar 15 Bicycles, Polaris, Lone Star Racing, FOX Racing, Method Race Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, PCI, ATC, Cognito
1833 Brett Ward Scottsdale, AZ Mike DeLey, Fred Schneider Polaris Polaris, Schmidty Racing Suspensions, Salt River Aviation,  Desert Ready Mix, Atomic Pest Control, Method Wheels,  GBC Tires, Performance UTV, Trayco USA,
1896 Brock Heger El Centro, CA Ethan Groom  Polaris SCI Motorsports, Polaris, Rockford Fosgate, Progressive, Synchrony, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shocks, Lube-Tech, Rigid, GoPro, Fox Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Vision Canopy, SPARCO, Pro Eagle, Boxo
1831 Craig Scanlon Orange, CA Max Eddy Jr. Polaris SCI Motorsports, Polaris, Rockford Fosgate, Progressive, Synchrony, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shocks, Lube-Tech, Rigid, GoPro, Fox Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Vision Canopy, SPARCO, Pro Eagle, Boxo
1886 Branden Sims Prescott Valley, AZ Skyler Howell Polaris RZR Factory Racing, Tensor Tire, Lonestar Racing, Highlifter, Baja Designs, Fox, Method Race Wheels, RCV, Rugged Radios, Shock Therapy
1868 Bernie Gomez Huntsville, AL   Polaris Quantum Racing, LWI, KMC, EVO 
1876 Mike Cafro Temecula, CA Jamie Kirkpatrick Polaris   Obor Tires, Elka Suspension, Vision X Lighting, Metal FX, Polaris racing,  Bikeman, Steel-It, Viscid Designs, Sparco USA, Factory UTV, CBR, Redline oils
1871 Wayne Matlock Alpiine, CA Tony Grasmick Polaris RZR Polaris RZR, Yokohama, Motul, Fox Shox, Vision Wheel, Rugged Radios, Ride Baja Mexican Insurance, Baja Designs, Simpson, X Travel, UPR Racing Supply, Hostyle, Factory UTV, Monster Seal, Pro Eagle, AGM, Savage UTV, NecksGen, Switch Pros, Cruz Armor, Heatwave, Baja Jerky
1854 Kristen Matlock Alpine, CA Dustin Densmore Polaris RZR Polaris RZR, Yokohama, Motul, Fox Shox, Vision Wheel, Rugged Radios, Ride Baja Mexican Insurance, Baja Designs, Simpson, X Travel, UPR Racing Supply, Hostyle, Factory UTV, Monster Seal, Pro Eagle, AGM, Savage UTV, NecksGen, Switch Pros, Cruz Armor, Heatwave, Baja Jerky


2995 Matt Monteith Okotoks, Alberta, Canada Chad Rebec Polaris TBracing, Bakkus Racing, CR racing
2958 Connor Willett Cave Creek, AZ Jason Willett CanAm Lonestar Racing, Tensor Tires, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, Rugged Radios, Evolution Powersports, Five18 Designs, UPR Racing Supply
2930 Sean Cook Twain Harte, CA Crew Kudrna, Victor Rangle CanAm Can-Am, Whalen Speed R&D, King Shocks, GBC, KWI Clutching, Halo Lockers, PCI Race Radios, Baja Design,Method Wheels, Galfer Brakes, Summers Brothers, TORCO, OPTIMA Batteries, Lone Star Racing, Wetsounds,  SS  lightstiks, Ironclad Industries, X3 Nation
2941 Steven Poole Quartzsite AZ   CanAm Roadrunner Markets AZ, USDA Prime, Dream Body Clinic “DBC”, ITP Tires, Vision Wheels, Lonestar Racing, F&L Fuels, Morgan Motorsports, Quartzsite Off Road, Arizona Peace Trails
2997 Dave Jablonsky Fountain Hills, AZ Terry Diedrick CanAm Red Mountain A/C
2999 Tim Sullivan Goodyear, AZ Jon Kizziah, Bob Jablonsky CanAm Express Construction, Desert Turf, Turfit, Jet Rentals, KWI Clutching, Method Race Wheels, Tensor Tires
2928 Carlos Quezada Mexicali, BC Carlos Quezada Jr., Cesar Castillo, Isaac Romo  CanAm GSA HVAC & Mechanical Systems, Dynametal Sheet Metal Works, Tensor Tire, Method Race Wheels, Wero Prep & Pro Wires
2948 Matt Burroughs Norco, CA Zachary Burroughs, Bradley Howe, Bradley Niper CanAm Monster Energy, Can-Am, System 3 Tires, Boxo USA, Baja Designs, Cognito, Eibach, EVO, Factory UTV, Fuelsafe, Fox, Off the Grid, OMF Wheels, Pro Eagle, Rokblokz,  Summers Brothers, Torco, Zollinger, Seal Savers, G-Boost, Impact, Savage UTV
2979 Cameron Ornelas Leona Valley, CA Kyle Hildalgo CanAm PJ’s Performance, C&M Topsoil Landscape, Method Wheels, Tensor Tires, Maxima Racing Oils
2988 Adrian Garcia Costa Rica Elias Hanna, Adrian Garcia Jr., Hector Garcia, Jordy Picado CanAm HN Motorsports BFGoodrich Tires, FOX, Aminogrow, Charbel, Made in Costa Rica
2976 Jesus Mendez Jr. Mexicali, BC Jesus Mendez Sr., Felix Ivan Garcia CanAm Dulceria Karmelitas, Tensor Tires, Method Race Wheels, KWI Clutching, ZRP Racing Parts, Baja Designs, Maxima Racing Oils, PRP Seats, PCI Race Radios, Spartan UTV, Aerodynamix Shock Tunes, KM SXS
2932 Adam Lovell Colorado Springs, CO Brad Lovell Polaris AMSOIL, Method Race Wheels, Polaris, BFGoodrich Tires, Fox Racing Shox, Lincoln Welders, FK Rod Ends, Eibach Springs
2949 Alonso Lopez Murrieta, CA Maurio Amezcua, Leobardo Gomez, Leobardo Gomez Jr., CanAm Cold Bastard Coolers, LKL Racing, Mario’s Race Prep, Tortilleria’s Jenny, Summers Brothers Racing, OMF Performance Wheels, Fox Shocks, Harmon Racing Cells, Assault Industries, Rugged Radios, Baja Designs, Fifty6 Suspensions, Antigravity Batteries, Tensor Tires, Trinity Racing, Streamline Brakes, Glazzkraft, Antigravity Batteries,, Buggy Whip Inc, Roots Off-Road, CBR Performance, Alba Racing, KW Machine Works, OffRoad Warehouse, Bapex Racing
2998 PJ Jones Cave Creek, AZ Kyle Vestermark CanAm Whipple Surperchargers, Method Race Wheels, Tensor Tires, PJ’s UTV Rentals, Maxima Racing oils, Impact Racing, Baja Design, PJ’s Performance
2942 Michael Shell Idaho Falls, ID Jon MacDowell CanAm TRC Fabrication, I.E.I.
2936 Mark Shell Idaho Falls, ID Hector Jimenez Jr. Polaris Bonneville Customs, TRC Fabrication, Intermountain Erectors
2935 Tomas Cantor Los Cabos, BC Jose Alberto Carrillo Cesena CanAm Rancho la Laguna, Monte Cardon, Tienda 17, Hermanos Magana
2987 Edgar Garcia Leon Trabuco Canyon, CA Nancy Garcia CanAm Tensor Tires,  PCI race radios , Weddle, KWI,
2956 Adrian Escandon Tijuana, BC Bogart Escandon, Rafael Perez, Erick Vera CanAm Fifity6Industries, Brujos RacePrep, Aerodinamix, Pyrotec, Summer Brothers Racing, Tensor Tires, Race Line, Impact, Momo, Baja Designs, Rugged Radios, ZRP, CBR, Borla, Shock Therapy, Hessmotorsports, Rigid, Fuel Safe, Onlinemotorsports 664, KingShoks, ALBA Racing, Carnitas Las Michoacanas
2996 Jessica Lopez Tecate, Baja California Alexis Lopez CanAm PIN MFG, Kaza Studio, Kendall Motor Oil, FOX, Summers Brothers Racing, Rugged Radios, IPS Motorsports, La Tetera Racing Bar, Tensor Tire, Method Race Wheels, Colors Designs, Reynaldos Cocina 
2978 Jose Juarez Chula Vista, CA Jose Juarez Jr., Jose Alejandro Zuniga Alcala, Cesar Jonatan Avila Meneseese CanAm Assault Industries, Fifty 6 Industries, Summer Brothers, Tensor Tires, Method Race Wheels, Ensenada UTV Parts, Baja Designs, Team Alba Racing, Aguilas Team, Veys Powersports, IDR, Aerodinamix, Bandido
2920 Roberto Ruiz El Centro, CA Oscar Ruiz, Rodolfo Navarro, Luis Camacho CanAm Pyrotect Fuel Cells, BFGoodrich Tires, Cognito Motorsports, Ruiz Air Conditioning And Heating, Method Wheels, Shock Therapy, King Shocks,  Rugged Radios, Hess Motorsports, Mc Donalds Calexico, Baja designs, RR Custome Cabinets, Evolution Team.
2905 Marc Burnett Chula Vista, CA Aaron Johnston, Simon Terzian CanAm Monster Energy, Can-Am, General Tires, Lincoln Welders, Fox, UNI, Rigid, HJC,  Eibach, ORW, Simpson, Alsup, ITP,  Factory UTV, ITP,  Energy Coil, PCI, Cryoheat, Alba, Razor Back, Bink, San Diego Powder Coating, AEM, AIM, EVO, Truckerco, Gates Belts,   Assault, Summer Brothers,  FK Rod Ends, Sandcraft, FullSpectrum Batteries, Buggy Whips, JJuan, Satellite Phone Company, KWI, LaRue PerformanceAlsup Racing,
2986 Adrian Orellana Escondido, CA Casey Campbell Polaris Assault Industries, Rancho Racing, Orange Sealed Tire Sealant, Metal FX Wheels, GBC Tires, FK Rod Ends, Rigid Industries, Cryo Heat UTV Driveline, Polaris Industries, Buggy Whip, Fox Shocks, Rugged Radios, PRP Seats, Summers Brothers Racing, Trinity Exhaust, ProLine Wraps, ALBA Racing
2940 Erick Kozin Yorba Linda, CA Drew Stanton CanAm Armageddon, Kozin Motorsports, CHIPOYS, BFGoodrich, Raceline Wheels, PRP, Ixsight Supply,  Assault Industries, KWI Clutching, RCV, Electrolit USA, Wrap Project, RPM Motorsports, ZRP
2915 Rickey Arslanian Livermore, CA Brain Cooper, Jason DeMeulenaere Polaris Mountain Cascade, Polaris RZR, Blockmex,  BFGoodrich Tires, Method, JCS Fire, Baja Jerky, Modifeye Vision,  Safecraft, Peterson Automotive, Rhino Axles, Factory UTV, All Rigging, Vanguard Construction, Royal Brass

CLASS 7: 3 Teams

720 Randy Bluth Mesa, AZ James Bluth, Louis Gilbert, Adam Gruender Ford Pilgrim Fence, Reliable Diesel, XIT Construction,  Protxsys Group, Desert Title, MAACO Auto Body Mesa, Fast Motorsports, Arizona Differential, Team Casey Racing, Optima Batteries, BFGoodrich Tires, Rugged Radios, Rigid Industries, Big NATES BBQ, Big O Tires, FOX Shocks
703 Scott Brady Gerber, CA Jesse Van Hoy Ford BFGoodrich Tires, King shocks, Race Line Wheels, Bludd Lubricants, Fiberwerx, P.C.I. Race radios, PRP Seats, Simpson Race Products, Kartek Off Road ,Maximum Off Road Transmissions, Torco Race Fuels,Power Steering Solution, Monster Tire Seal,Off Road Warehouse, All Terrain Lighting Concepts,KDM Shock Technology, S-pod
700 Dan Chamlee San Felipe, BC Kurt Kimball, Amy Tate, Laurie Chamlee, John Lund Ford The Factory Appliance, BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, Torco, Rod-End Supply, Full Throttle Battery, sPod, Slime


1211 Oscar R. Alvarez McAllen, TX Doug Satterfield, Adrian Guerrero, Allen Yost OSO Baja Designs, ALVAREZ Racing, BFGoodrich Tires, Ricante Hot Sauce, SD Charter, Freedom Ropes, Llantera Guerrero, OSO Race Prep,
1221 Scott Wisdom Lake Forest, CA Jacob Wisdom, Brian O’Dor, Cole Miller    Raceco The Wisdom Crew, BFGoodrich Tires, Raceline Wheels, Weddle Transmissions
1200 Miguel Cortez San Diego, CA Cesar Quirarte Curry Terra, QARS, Vinatech, 619 stickers, Fox


1929 Gabe Matthews Lakeside, CA Ryan Conery Polaris CM Motorsports, Maxima, BFGoodrich Tires, Vision Wheels, Piston Petes, DS Moto Customs, Baja Bound, Thrill Seekers, KWI Clutching, E-Powersteering, Dang Brothers, Go Venture Offroad, Buggy Whips
1909 Quirino Rene Gutierrez San Diego, CA Carlos Salazar, Jesus Chavarin Polaris Tensor Tires, Method Wheels, Alba Racing, Summer Brothers, Offroad National, Lost Offroad Ranas Utv, Salazar Racing Renes Autotransport
1978 T. Bradley Millner Yuma, AZ Pat Bell, Francis Costanza, Ty Rogers, Chad Wheeler,  Polaris Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, Fat Harvey’s Bar & Grill, One Stop Pumping, Basura Blanca Racing, Method Race Wheels, RCV Performance, Coyne Powersports, Pace Offroad
1914 Lawrence Janesky Middlebury, CT Dustin Gerbers Honda Contractor Nation, Basement Systems
1911 Carlos G. Waumann Ensenada, BC Gerardo Waumann Rojas Polaris BFGoodrich Tires, Sparta Claims Solutions, Belfor Property Restoration, Multitaskr, Method Race Wheels, Race Ready Products

CLASS 1/2-1600: 3 Teams

1625 Eric Pavolka Sonoita, AZ Andy deVercelly IV, Andrew Pavolka      VW Major Performance, Arizona Sawmill Builders, DFT, Foddrill,  BFGoodrich Tires, Kartek, Fox
1611 Francisco Escareno Mexicali, BC Francisco Escareno Ramos, Luivan Voelker Jr., Enrique Escareno Ramos, Adan Cruz Lula Shop Memesoffroad, Escalante Motorsports, PPR, 8A Design
1606 Matt Willert El Cajon, CA Daniel Goodrich, Michael Goodrich, Brain Vesco, Freddie Willert VW FJ Willert Contracting Co. BFGoodrich Tires, King Shocks, Raceline, Baja Designs, Maxima, Sign Art, Changos and Kiki Prep, Powerbox

PRO STOCK UTV (NA & FI): 13 Teams

3933 Randy Emberton Prescott, AZ John Zuleski, Carolina Jorqueras Emberton, Julio Cesar Chavez Gamaz  Polaris Embertonas Machine and Tool Inc, Ultimax Belts by Timken, Attention Getters
3913 Carolina Sanchez Calexico, CA Daniel Reyes, Gerry Felix, Jaime Delgadillo, Gonzalo Ruiz CanAm Acoplados Racing, Tensor Tires, Method, Coyne Powersports, Carolina’s Income Tax
3911 Victor Esparza Yuma, AZ Luis Verduzco, Victor Barajas, Luis Barajas  CanAm NRG Innovations , GBC Tires,  Method Race Wheels, GG Lighting, Toro UTV Collision and Service LLC
3959 Antonio Mendez Morales Puebla, MX Alonso Gonedes, Edmunmdo Polaris Garage 18, Xalos Racing, Vision Wheel, Kartek, Wetransport, Renta Car, Padmur, Aerodinamn
3908 Scott Bergen San Diego, CA Broc Kelly, Zach Hydeman, Mike Fore, Marilyn Montes      CanAm SD1 Motorsports, Can Am, BFGoodrich, Vision Wheels, Baja Designs, Conery Motorsports, Jax Assets, Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air
3930 Douglas Cornwell Haslet, TX Trent Kirby Polaris Baja Designs, Yokohama Tires, PCI Radios, RaeLine Wheels, Fox Shox
3936 Jorge Cano Culiacan, MX Raul Peraza CanAm Toyo Tires, RAMP, Crazy Motors, Baja Design, Method Race Wheels, Maja Sportswear
3967 Manuel Norzagaray Casa Grande, TX Jesus Norzagaray, Antonio Norzagaray, Jesse Norzagaray CanAm Adarenelin Motorsports, SD Lighting, Geiser Performance, Shock Therapy 
3943 Dennis Romero Charlotte, NC Oscar Ibarra CanAm Tonificare, Autoviacat, Ready Mix Concrete, Ibarras Appliances, BFGoodrich Tires
3909 Angel Mercado El Centro, CA Damien Felix CanAm  
3928 Endy Chavez Mexicali, BC Yoshua Morquecho, Omar Beltran, Rigoberto Santillan CanAm Chilos Trucking LLC, Dym Raceworks, Lox Motorsports, Gs Powdercoat, Beltran Brothers LLC.
3900 Anibal Lopez Mexicali, BC Martin Munoz Polaris Polaris Racing Mexico, Polaris Mexico, Polaris Baja, Wet Sounds, Assault Industries, PCI Race Radios, GR UTV Services, Evolution Powersports, Phoenix UTV Race Group, SandCraft Motorsports, Gates G Force, Shock Therapy, Evolution Powersports, Baja Designs, Pyrotect, KWT Filters, DYM Raceworks, Venus Dentistry, Norbac Dental Lab, Fenix Led Store, BFGoodrich Tires, Summers Brothers, Care Dental, Lugasa
3939 Brett Franson San Antonio, TX Dale Hodges, Jane Steidel CanAm BFGoodrich Tires, Rugged Radios, ReCon Real Estate and Consumer Analytics, Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate, Let’s Go Brandon, TrophyBurro, Noman Dates, FJB

CLASS 8: 1 Team

852 Spencer Morgan Laredo, TX Gary Leyendecker, Spencer Morgan Jr., Rhett Morgan, Hignio Ibarra  Ford     Rio Grande Helicopters Inc, Leyendecker Construction Company, Baja Designs.       


508 Mike Sullivan Helena, MT Greg Sullivan Ramon Fernandez,              Mike Mclintock        Penhall Fabrication BFGoodrich Tires, Baja Designs, Rugged Radios, Greg Sullivan Concrete, Pabloff Off Road, La Joya Beach Camp, Penhall Fabrications, Method Wheels, Checkers Off Road, Morgan Motorsports
511 Eli Yee Tijuana, BC Sergio Nunez, Mike Ley Jake’s Fab GRUPO CONTISA General Contractors Engineers, YEE’S Industrial Developers , ASR Prep, Aero Taxi ARAMBULA, BFGoodridge Tires
525 Martin Anguiano Ventura, CA Colin Cline, Salvador Anguiano, Felipe Anguiano, Isaac Anguiano Crumco Tensor Tires, Ultra Wheel Company, KC HiLites, Anguiano Bros Corporation
510 Gerardo Ibarra Calexico, CA Manuel Ibarra, Greg Beardslee, Noe Molina VW BFGoodrich Tires, Ibarra’s Motorsport, Wolfpak, 801 Racing, Ferox Fuel, Lula Shop. ONPOINT Transport, 5G Express,G3 Transport, Rishy Transport
545 Billy Gereghty Lake Havasu City, AZ Garrett Church Jimco Catching Air AC/Heating, Lake Havasu City AZ, Church Motorsports, Checkers

CLASS 3: 1 Team

300 Cesar Gutierrez Tijuana, BC Ernesto Gutierrez, Jesus Canizales, Jesus Arriaga Jeep Heritage Autoglass, MArq, Off Road National, Granero Mexicali, Pescaderia Marlin, Pescaderia La Palma, JT Refrigeracion, Mechanic Center, Toyo Tires, King Shocks, Baja Designs, Milwaukee Tools, Sigue Money Transfer, Raceline Wheels

CLASS 5-1600: 1 Team

579  Edgar Ruiz Heber, CA Edgar Ruiz, Chris Lozano, Jose Rubio, Pavel Ramirez,    Abel Cano VW Fifty Five crew 55, BlackHeart Building Solutions ,RM Landscapes ,Decalque vinyl co. Magui soto ,Meg ruiz ,Daph ruiz,


BC4  Edward Muncey San Diego, CA Dominic Muncey Enrique Legorreta, James O’Keefe         Subaru         Weddle, Herbert Performance, BFGoodrich Tires, Race Line                                 
BC3  Bud Pecoy West Des Moines, IA John Peed Subaru  
BC1  Preston Brown Chapel Hill, NC Peter Monin Subaru  

CLASS 7F: 5 Teams

700F Gerardo Novelo Ensenada, BCN James Murphy, Jose Luis Castro, Jesus Castro, Enrique Guerro,  Nissan Quaker State Motor Oil MX, Estero Beach Hotel, BFGoodrich Tires,  Wayne Perry Environmental,  Bilstein Shocks, Revolution Gear, Jim Wolf Technology. Big Bear Vacations.
714F Justin Park Encinitas, CA   Ford Bilstein, Yukon Gear & Axle, Camburg Racing, General Tire, SignartGraphix, Method Race Wheels, ORW, Howe, K1 Racegear, Baja Designs, PRPseats, Ford, Fiberwerx, Rugged Radios, Oceanside Driveline, Left Coast Brewing, Filterwears, Maxima Racing Oils, Ride Baja Mexican Insurance, Icon GPS, BajaNav, JDFab
701F Brandon Walsh  Encinitas, CA Cody Weaver, Erika Woosley, Chad DeRosa,  Toyota Homemade Motorsports, Racing 905, Nitro Gear and Axle, Toyota Racing Development, King Shocks, Rigid Industries LED Lighting, Rod End Supply, BFGoodrich Tires, SignArt Graphix, Western State Awnings, Vision Wheels, Total Chaos Fabrication, HJC Helmets, PCI Race Radios, K1 Race Gear, Road Runner Fiberglass, Jorman Race Works, Off-Road Warehouse, Guero’s Transmission, Hagen Enterprises
704F Aaron Celiceo San Diego, CA Seven Celiceo, Isaac Camberos, Mario Melgar Jr., Ricardo Camberos Toyota Racing 905, Dirty Life Race Wheels, Rigid, FOX,  FK Rod Ends, BFGoodrich Tires, PCI, ORW, Baja Travesies, Bok Bok Racing, SAF Collision Center, Barrio Dogg, A&J Metal Finishing, 1LTK, MEZA Paints, ALPA Racing, Value Cars Inc.
715F Daniel Reyes Jr. Heber, CA A. Hector Ortega, Jose Arredondo, Carlos Godinez, Armando Ramirez, Edgar Romero Ford ORP Race Prep, Mc Donalds, PCI Race Radios, ORW, Transportes Ahumada, Intransit Express Delivery, Hurtados Transports, Pyrotect, Method Race Wheels, Yokohama, Kc Hilites, King Shocks, ORP Off Road Parts, Acoplados Designs,Tbin Express, Carolina’s Income Tax, Kartek, A Team Garage Doors, L.A. Cetto, Meraki Wallart, ARCO, Qualitty Carpet Cleaning Co. , PR Equipment Services


6049 Chase Swanson Honolulu, HI Paul Carr Jr., Jake Velasco, Dale Fenton     Trophy Lite 49/50 Industries, JVRP, TSCO, Method Race Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Maxima, Brembo Racing, CBR Performance, VP Racing Fuels

CLASS 11: 7 Teams

1150 Geovany Alucano Burgoin  Cabo San Lucas, BCS J. Antonio Alucano Cesena, Alan Josue Alucano Burgoin, Jose Luis Lopez Seanz, Mariano Rivas Arellano, Jose Luis Ochoa Abundis, Kent Thygerson    VW Alucano Racing, Thygerson Racing, Montes Motors, Memoman Fabrication
1145 Esteban Ruiz Ensenada, BC Hector Sarabia, Ricardo Rodriguez, Juan C. Sarabia, Jesus Pina VW Baja Designs, Yokohama Tires, King Shock, Instant Auto Insurance, More Wagen, Wheels, Montez Motores y Transmisciones, Saniahorro, Tracto Partes F T, Banquetes Sarabia, Granja la Esperanza
1105 Olilver Flemate Ensenada, BC Antonio Espinoza, Valentin Mercado, Ana Paola Flemate VW Los Flemate Racing, Yokohama Tires, VP Racing Fuel, Major Performance Racing Engines, DFT, Fox Factory Racing, Sparco, PCI Radios, Maxima Racing Oil, Mobel Wagen, Baja Designs
1143 Eric Brandt El Centro, CA Josh Felix Sletten Engineering Baja Vida, PCI Race Comunication, Vision X lights, King Shox, OMP, Cantina Racing, Vision Wheel, VP Race Fuels, Sletton Engineering
1111 Eric Solorzano La Jolla, CA Mike Acuna, Orlando Lopez, Leon Michel Burgoin, Raul Valdez  VW Rugged Radios, BFGoodrich Tires, Bilstein/Vildosola Racing, Mobelwagen Wheels, Empi, Hong Kong, Tropical Men’s Club, KC Lights, Jaz Products,  JG Seats, Nelson, El Museo Restaurante, Audirac, Benco Transmisions, Km 31,  Mr Fabrication, Sway Away, Raceline, DJ Safety, Navico
1156 Arthur Penner Abbotsford, British Columbia Marco Carmona, Juan de Dios Dominguez Padilla VW Baja Bound Insurance, C&S Electric Ltd, Chilliwack BC, Toyo Tires Canada, Sunrise Farms, Captain Concrete, AVR Import Specialists,, Dubcessories, Missions Network International, Super Steve’s Tires, Brouwer Family #385
1121 Dennis Hollenbeck Ensenada, BCS Kailen Hill, Luis Humberto Vazquez, Armando Salazar VW Real Life Ministries, Mi Casa de Esperanza, PCI Race Radios, Baja Designs, Suavecito, Raceready products, USAction Trax, Raceline Wheels, Mobelwagen Wheels, King Shocks, Maxima Racing Oil, Ride Baja Insurance, Montes Motors, BFGoodrich Tires, Weddle Gears, Navico, Slime, Nuny Shocks, Dirt Days Tours

CLASS 1400 - SPORTSMAN Unlimited/LTD: 1 Team

1474 Garrett Wolfard        Silverton, OR                                                         Custom           Dan’s Motorsport Outlet, El Corralito, Wolfard Motorsports, Solo Motorsports                                               

CLASS 1500 - SPORTSMAN Unlimited Buggy: 2 Teams

1556 Alejandro Arroyo Mexicali, BC Adrian Valdez, Xavier Esquivel, Guillermo Jauregui, Alexa Arroyo VW     Volk’s Autopartes, Canguro Transports, Carrocerias Baja, Alex Baja Autopartes    
1522 Christopher Augenti  Fairhaven, MA Harold Merritt, Cal Chambers VW La Hacienda, Augenti Motorsports, Merritt Racing, CCR, W Bridgewater Auto


1810 Edgar Felix          Lancaster, CA.                                                                  Polaris               Felix Racing, Marine Raider Foundation, Check Defense, UTV Wolfpack                                            


13x Adrian Ortiz Dulzura, CA Albaro Ortiz, Cody Rangel, Gustavo Gonzalez, Danny Mendoza KTM Best Express Foods Inc, Las Fortunitas , Universal Bakery, el Camino Real Bakery, T&T Trucking & Logistics, Ortiz Trucking, Cr Preps, Ortiz Films, SD Powerhouse, Double A Motorsports, Gpr Stabilizer, Precision Concepts, High Sierra Farms, Arguilez Trucking, Mc4 Details, Rodriguiez Roofing
18x Aaron Volle Penryn, CA Alden Volle KTM Bubba’s Express Carwash, GUTS, IMS Products, 180 Decals, Fasst Co., AHM Factory Services, Baja Designs, Dubya, Works Connection, FMK.
8x Ryan Liebelt Reedley, CA Bryce Stavron, Conner Eddy, Brody Honea Yamaha Baja Bound Ins, Liebelt Inc, Transpeninsular,  Baja Jerky, TBT Racing, FMF, Goldentyre, IMS, Nitro, GPR,  Mika Metals, DT1, Moto Master brakes, Flow Vision, Bell, FXR, Baja Designs, Fasst Co, PCI, CRU, SVC.
15x Eric Holt Panaca, NV Taylor Stevens, Hayden Roberts Husqvarna H&S Motorsports, Norman Racing, FLY Racing, ACING, Factory Connetion, Kenda Tires, DDC, Bullett Proff Designs, Nitro Mousse, Blud Lubricants, 100%, ODI, IMS,The Desert Dirtbiker Podcast, Twin Air, Moto Nation, FMF
33x Justin Carnes Imperial, CA Justin Kennamer Honda AHM Factory Services, Axis Metal Design, Carnes Racing, Double A Motorsports, DRC, JD Design Company, N8’s Cutz, Performance Electric, UTI Clothing
3x Ciaran Naran Huntington Beach, CA Tucker Hopkins Husqvarna Deus Ex Machina, AHM Factory Services, Lapaglia Racing, ACS, MG1 Motorsports
1x Juan Carlos Salvatierra Santa Cruz, Bolivia Arturo Salas Jr., Shane Logan KTM KTM Bolivia, KTM Factory Racing, Herbalife Nutrition, Banco Fassil, Las Loritas, Nacional Selecto, Alianza Seguros, Nitro Mousse, Precision Racing, Dirt Tricks, Fastway, Bell, 100%, Fasthouse, TM Design Works, Taco Moto, Baja Designs
23x Derek Ausserbauer Solvang, CA   Honda AHM, Seven Gear, Pro Circuit, IMS Products, Billet Race Products, Hinson Clutch, AME Grips, SBM, Nuetech Nitro Moose

PRO MOTO 30: 2 Teams

300x  Jano Montoya Winter Garden, FL David Zarate Ochoa, Kyle Tichenor KTM PBBrown General Contractor, AOR Insurance, Priority Lighting, Structure SBL, Condor Baja Tours, Precision Concepts, 123 Concrete, PBBrown DataComm, Banic Construction, Driven Future Industries (DFI), Orlando Sports Chiropractor (OSC).
319x  David Smith Escondido, CA Nicolas James Lake,   Ryan Stephens  Honda DC Smith Construction, Classical Kitchens, T3M, Oneil Cutting Edge Hardwood, Captain Don Marine, Allegiance Clothing


102x Steven Abrams Meridian, ID Hank Sayler, Chris Welch Moto Cactus Warriors
176x Austin Cummings Surprise, AZ Schuyler Spence KTM Full Throttle Motor Rentals, Surprise Industrial
114x Ely Ramirez Tecate, BC Alexander Lopez, Marco Guizar, Manuel Gomez Jr. Yamaha RDTS, Cabaña D’leo, IPA, Lobos Racing Team, Tortilleria la Victoria ,STYPE, Cafe Catrina, KAZA Estudio, ciénaga arredonda, Ferrateria Osuna
162x Robert Rodriguez El Centro, CA Emiliano Fuchen, Eric Moreno, Eduardo Lujan Honda Double A Motosports, Legacy Real Estate and Home Loans, A&S Pallets
137x Erick Ramirez Jr. San Felipe, BC Jason Lopez, Brayan Avalos, Arnulfo Verdugo Honda IMS Products, Nichos Racing, Kami Kasi, Coyne Powersports, CART, Ride Baja Mexican Insurance, Laguna Construction, Doublea Motorsports, Baja Designs, My San Felipe Vacations, Avalos Racing
103x Giovanni Aviles Tijuana, BC Rodolfo Patron, Angel Aguirre Honda GAG Constructora, ServiExpress, FR Race Prep, Hunters Barbershop,  Aviles Trucking, Instituto Alfa, IMS Products
100x Fernando Beltran Ensenada, BC, MX Mauri Herrera, Luis Flores, Larry Serna, Dilan Avalos Honda Optica de ensenada TEAM, SUNGLASS SPOT, Oakley Mx, Kengue Motorsports, Landeros Prep, Cachora Racing, Miky Pits, Chaky Team, Hotel Bahia,Optica San Jorge, MINILIC,  Fatima C, Garage 730

PRO MOTO 50: 1 Team

501x  Robert Creemers Auckland, New Zealand Sean Clarke, Kevin Archer Honda         APS Ltd, Watershed Group Ltd, One Stop Cutting Shop, Equus, South Pacific Scaffold, Akaranga Timber     

PRO MOTO 40: 1 Team

441x  Alirio Amado The Woodlands, TX Ryan Kaza, Ripley E. Woodward III, Curtis Lisenby, Addrian Indusco, Gaston Vasquez Yamaha RedLine Oil, Duxaoil, Decalworks, Sport Cycle Center, Cycle Shack North, Potomac Photography, Rio Bravo Mx, La Tranquila Ranch, Husky Park Venezuela, Only In Baja Photography, Cantu Realty Group, Wilderness Rider Adventure Park & Buffalo Ranch, Carrera 777, Vitaminate Ensenada IV Therapy, Baja Designs, Daniel Ayala Photography, Baja Pits, Precision Concepts, 441RacingGarage, Score International


747x Jose Lozada College Station, TX   Husqvarna 441ARacingGarage,  Lozada Racing.
766x Dustin Vasquez Las Vegas, NV   KTM Dirtys Race Prep and Fabrication, Blais Racing Services, Kenda Tires, FLY Racing, FMF, Hinson Clutch, Ims, Frontline Suspension, Nuetech Nitro Mousse, Truck and Rv Repair of Las 
793x Juan Ignacio Zunino Mendoza, FL   Honda ZBROS, LACREW33, UBike, 441RacingGarage
704x Juan Pablo Valenzuela Ensenada, B.C.S   Kawasaki Valenzuela Argritecto’s, Bienes Raices Cabrera, Rancho Toros Pintos
775x Tanner Janesky Hurricane, UT   KTM Elemental Air Systems, Contractor Nation, Seal Savers, Fasst Company, Decal Works
785x Fabricio Fuentes Villa Montes, Bolivia   GasGas Villa Montes Racing, GASGAS, Becar, Motorex, LS2
723x Edgar Cota San Diego, Ca   GasGas SOS, GP Motorcycles, Edman Builders, Birrieria Negro Durazo, Mitas, Viewpoint Brewery, Start Equipment Rentals LCC, TOP 1, Jan-pro  International, LMR, DWS Power Sports, Ink Throwers , Port Plastics,Jimenez and Sons, Costa Azul Autoworks, Taco Moto, TBDMX
709x Christopher Gil Buelton, CA   Honda Elements Heating and Air, Claybourne Co, ERA Moto, AHM Factory Services, Santa Barbara Motorsports, Ogio Powersports, Troy Lee Designs
700x Brandon Wright Oak Hills, CA   Husqvarna Eagle Roofing Products, Bajabound Insurance, IMS Products,  Liebelt Inc, FlowVision, ZipTy Racing, FXRgear, Avid Cycles, Milwaukee Tools, Desert Assassins
721x Kelana Humphrey Temecula, CA   GasGas  
718x Kurt Steever Grass Valley, CA   Yamaha Ims Products, FMF, Dunlop, Twin Air
765x Mark Bechtold Phoenix, AZ   Sherco Full factory Suspension, Dreyer Motorsports, Crossthread Customs, Precision Pressure Services, Y&S Designs, Fly Racing
789x Christian Cuevas San Luis, AZ   Honda Mariscos El Navegante, Riedel Construction, Renewable Power, Castillos Southwest Towing, UTVBOYZ, LRC Construction LLC, MC Custom Painting,Quick and Clean RV Wash and Wax
758x Justin Cloutier Grande Prairie, Alberta   Honda Kakwa Stone, Lafleur Cabinets, Canwest tax, Top Gear Cycles, Terel electric, Sweetlegs, Playfair Athletics.
757x Brandon Lebrun Grande Prairie, Alberta   Honda Canwest Tax, Kakwa Stone, Lafleur Cabinets, Terel Electric, Sweet Legs, Top Gear Cycles
711x Dustin Davis Mesa, Arizona   GasGas Arizona Dirt Bike Training,, IMS, Dunlop, Decal Works, Funnel Web, 100%

PRO MOTO 60: 3 Teams

628x  Scott McIntosh Kent, WA Kurt Steffian, Mike Whitman, Harry Harris, Rusty Batza Honda Team Persevere, YODI Motors,, Imprenpa Ortega, Precision Concepts, Maxima, Rekluse, FASST Company, SCOTT, 100%
611x  Robbie Sjoberg Castaic, CA Jim O’Neal, Robert Meottle, Joey Escobar, Carlos Rocha  Husqvarna RJS Electric Inc.
644x  Kevin Ward Longview, TX Jeff Kaplan Honda Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs, Sunstar, Xbrand Goggles, AME Grips

PRO QUAD: 3 Teams

21a Jose Castro San Jose del Cabo, BCS Edwin Lopez, Emillio Lopez, Edwin Sanchez   Honda Castro`s Parts Shop, RehActivate, Tortillas de la Baja, Tropicana Inn, Tio Balos, AC Comercializadora Medica, Val-Car labs, Cheers I, Cuervos, Baro, El100 Racing, Mata`s Racing
11a Fidel Gonzalez Vizcaino, BCs Carlos Lopez, Jesus Osuna, Gilberto Perez, Esteban Ramirez Honda Golden Stack, Nutri & Sado Market, Gasolinera E Jidal, Denti Killer, SMG Carriers, Balbo Aggadego, FR Motorsports, Vizcaino Sur, Osuna Construcciones, TEC Warner, Construcciones Chepe, Carrier Racing
10a Dario Rabago Ensenada, BC Efren Vasquez, Javier Robles Jr., Dionicio Zavala Honda On & Off Racing, Nichos Racing, JR Racing, FXR Racing, Don Efra Motoracing


83a  Faelly Lopez San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico   Honda Los Ericos,Cuchilla Mug Drag,La Risa,Hogar Flores Andujar,Mec Bazura,Danielito Custom Pain ,Segueta Motor Sport,Angely LG Celular,Nazario Bus Line,PMC RaceTech, Pacal Massage, Piezas Pal Endurero,Medero Performance,Hacienda Muñoz San Lorenzo,Eline Graphics, IMR Contractors Service inc.
91a  Jorge L. Lopez Rancho Percebo. B.C.   Honda Mariscos Las Caguamas San Felipe, Rancho Percebo Baja ATV Riders Only, P&M Iron, Cuates Baja Run, Beymer Well & Pump, Team Soltero, Jenny’s Beach Resort, Felosa Trucking Tijuana


241X Cheo Tessaro Lodi, CA   KTM Brock Construction; JC General Engineering
255x Issac Amaya Bonita, CA Daniel Cueva, Lehi Garcia,    Javi Arreola     Husqvarna ABL Construction Inc.. Carnitas Las Michoacánas,Nachos Taco Shop, Graceful Hearts Inc., MPS Medical Billing & Collection, Patchmaster Plus
259x Jhoan Sanchez Mexicali, BC Christian Sanchez, Marco Geraldo, Ruben Lopez  Kawasaki K9 Tire Shop El Centro CA, BIZTA (CNC Maquinado), DLTX Mexico, Sizuki Motos y Servicio Mexicali, K&F Racing,  Cerraduras y Tornillos, MEXMOR, Ford Auto Paison Mexicali, 
214x Lawrence Janesky Middlebury, CT Jason Waldek, Chris Symes, Matt Bray     Honda Contractor Nation, Basement Systems
249x Armando Ortiz Tijuana, MX Joshue Ochoa, Carlos Flores Husqvarna 249Media, SoCal Hose Solutions, Cervecería Madero, Desert Unlimited, M&M, Xusol Energía Solar,
290x Gerardo Javier Rubio Arriola La perita de jaltemba Nayarit, MX Geraldo Javier Rubio Arriola, Erick Ignacio Rubio Arriola    KTM Servicio Rubio, H Maquinados Mold y CNC
208x Miguel Luna Dominguez Ensenada, Baja California Abraham Valdez, Joseph Amey Honda Wheeler Motorsports
201x Nate Anderson Fruita, CO   Yamaha Roof Maxx, 100%, IMS, Factory Effex
229x Joel Magallanes Mexicali, BC Uriel Zuniga, Sergio Cortez, Alonso Zuniga, Santiago Cortez  Honda

Zunigas Racing, S&S Racing, Z&M Construction, JR, Double AA Motorsports, EZ Water Damage Restoration Service, TBIN Xpress, BE Transport,  A|V, Yeyas Snaxxs, Taquisas Para Eventos,Los Huertos, esthersita’s Catering, fam Lara, Pure Harmony Mobile Massage, Gap Motorsports


139a Sergio Jimenez Valle de Mexicali, BC Alan Jepgeny, Cruz Mariscal Honda Motores El Cheche Jimenez, MJ39 Transport, Barosuspension, Suares Abogados, AA1 Transport, Servicio Mecanico Andres, M&E Transport, Madereria San Fernando
105a Francisco Valle Tecate, CA Jose de Jesus Murillo, Alexis Omar Murillo Ramos, Carlos Logan Garduno Honda AXL Transport, AR Construcciones, Radiadores Tecate, Speciality Vehicle Company, Tuky Prep, HC Racing, RDTS, MN Transportes
138a Jose Hernandez Juarez, MX Aaron Alonso Quinones, Gabriel Vazquez, Noe Dominguez, Stephen Lopez, Carlos Rocha Honda Confetty & Globos, Elosan, Jardin la Calafia, ImpresionesAG, Taller Saavedra, Mata-racing, El100Racing, Transportes Aqua, Eurotec.
123A Eva Hernandez Escondido, CA Ismael Hernandez Honda ISH General Contracting, Chiken Race Prep, Oscar Auto Glass, BuenoPaNadaRacePrep, Casa Jardin Assisted Living, Baja Designs, NDS Graphics, Roll Designs, Rugged.