Cheyenne WY - May 14, 2024 – Arctic Trucks is excited to debut three new vehicles at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ on May 17th, 2024.

Derived from the company’s decades of experience building off- road vehicles for the most extreme environments and uses, the new products for the North American market reflect the same qualities that customers worldwide depend on to reach the farthest destinations on Earth.


“We’re very excited to show these unique trucks at OLE this year.” said Leif Jensen, General Manager of Arctic Trucks North America. “Launching in North America has been a dream for a lot of us on the team, and we’re excited to get Arctic Trucks into retail consumers’ hands.”


The three vehicles Arctic Trucks is showing at Overland Expo West represent a cross section of its core offerings in North America.

Arctic Trucks AT37 Lexus GX460 2

Arctic Trucks AT37 Lexus GX460

AT35 & AT37 2010-2023 Lexus GX460
As the first Arctic Trucks’ offering in North America squarely aimed at the off-road enthusiast market, our GX460 conversions draw on the experience gained with the Toyota Prado/Land Cruiser 150 in Norway, Iceland, and the UK.

The conversion includes Arctic Trucks AT35/AT37 body conversion, custom tuned shocks and springs paired with a 1” wheelbase extension, 17” Arctic Trucks alloy wheels with 35” tires, and a full Arctic Trucks branding package with a serialized build plaque.

The AT37 on 37” tires includes further suspension enhancements, body modifications, and axle regearing. Available options include onboard compressed air, Arctic Trucks aluminum bumpers, and central tire inflation.


Arctic Trucks AT39 Ford Lightning

Arctic Trucks AT39 Ford Lightning

AT39 2022+ Ford F-150 Lightning 
A special offering for customers who need a BEV with off-road and winter capabilities, the AT39 Lightning rides on 39” tires with minimal lift, a 3.75” increase in running ground clearance, and an approximately 200 mile range.

Customers with low environmental impact goals – ski resorts, national parks, winter research stations – have led the drive for an electrified AT platform. Availability late 2024.



T44 2017+ Ford Super Duty

AT44 2017+ Ford Super Duty
Joining the existing Arctic Trucks AT44 Ford Super Duty trucks the company has been delivering for nearly 2 years for commercial use in Canada, Alaska and other areas with harsh terrain in North America, Arctic Trucks is collaborating with Krug Expedition to unveil a new Ford Super Duty-based vehicle at Overland Expo West.

Arctic Trucks and Krug Expedition will be debuting a 2024+ Ford F-550 6x4 (also available in 6x6) designed for the adventure travel/off-road RV market, complete with 43” Continental MPT tires, rear dual-axle 8-link air suspension system, and a host of other upgrades designed to enable comfort and performance.


“Consumers have more choices than ever in the off-road and overland markets,” said Kyle Leeds, Director of Sales of Arctic Trucks North America. “But for the signature Artic Trucks capability, authenticity, and aesthetic, we offer a completely new solution. A unique combination of comfort, capability and function are found in each Arctic Trucks conversion, derived from our “build in, not up” design ethos. Extensive reengineering of the body, frame and wheelbase allow proper fitment of large tires with minimal lift height for low center of gravity creating true winter & off-road performance gains, as developed through decades of Arctic Trucks experience over hundreds of thousands of miles of R&D on the glaciers and polar caps.”


Visit the Arctic Trucks booth to meet the team and learn about the products. Arctic Trucks also is sponsoring Saturday’s Launch and Learn event from 11:30AM to 1:30PM at the Oasis Bar and Food Court area with presentations about Arctic Trucks’ history, expeditions, and product line.


Arctic Trucks AT37 Lexus GX460 3

Arctic Trucks AT37 Lexus GX460

About Arctic Trucks
Established in Iceland in 1990, Arctic Trucks has supplied over 16,000 vehicles to private, commercial and governmental customers globally. Specializing in the reengineering and conversion of four-wheel drive vehicles for extreme conditions from the high plateau of Antarctica to the deserts of the Middle East, Arctic Trucks has built an unparalleled level of expertise in delivering safe, efficient, and comfortable overland transport.


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