Roofnest reveals the Falcon 3 EVO rooftop tent line. Designed entirely in Boulder, Colorado, the Falcon 3 EVO and Falcon 3 EVO XL rooftop tents are the sturdiest, warmest, roomiest, and most aerodynamic and versatile Roofnest clamshell rooftop tents ever.

Roomier & More Aerodynamic
Falcon 3 EVO combines the best features of the all-aluminum Falcon 2 and Falcon Pro clamshell rooftop tents with the weather-proof and ruggedized construction of the Condor 2 foldout lineup. Compared to the Falcon 2 that it replaces, Falcon 3 EVO is shorter, lighter weight, roomier, and more aerodynamic.


Falcon 3 EVO

Despite its compact exterior, Falcon 3 EVO is comfortable for campers up to 6’2”. That’s because the top shell opens to a 43-degree angle, which, combined with the space created by the U-bar, creates a cavernous living area.


“Falcon 3 EVO is more than just the next-generation Falcon in our lineup; it is the culmination of seven years of research and development. It reimagines what defines a slim, lightweight clamshell rooftop tent.” said Roofnest CEO Bob Africa. “Designed entirely in-house here in Boulder, the Falcon 3 EVO brings all of Roofnest’s innovations into one premium clamshell tent. Falcon 3 EVO offers industry-leading standard features and aerodynamics while boasting unparalleled interior space and comfort. Falcon 3 EVO is now the benchmark against which all clamshell rooftop tents — not just Roofnest — will be measured.”


Unlike previous all-aluminum Falcon models, Falcon 3 EVO’s top shell is PC-ABS plastic and finished with a standard Line-X coating. Falcon 3 EVO is impressively thin at just 3.0 inches thick at the edges and 8.0 inches at its peak. The molded, convex shape of the topshell increases structural rigidity while adding 21% more internal storage space than the next roomiest competitor’s clamshell tent.


Falcon 3 EVO features a low profile and a lightweight PC-ABS top shell..

Unlike any other ultra-thin clamshell rooftop tent on the market, Falcon 3 EVO allows for the storage of light bedding even when the tent is closed. Plus, the new molded shape is also 19% more aerodynamic than the outgoing Falcon 2, making Falcon 3 EVO the most aerodynamic rooftop tent on the market. 

Molding the top shell from PC-ABS plastic instead of aluminum has several key advantages. Shaping it from a single piece of extruded plastic makes it both flexible and naturally weather-resistant and lowers overall weight. Finishing the top shell with a Line-X coating adds scratch, dent, and UV protection. What’s more, PC-ABS is ten times more insulative than aluminum. Not only does this keep campers warmer, it also cuts down significantly on condensation build up.

If campers desire even more insulation, a specially designed “Tent Insulation” kit is available for the first time. The kit zips into the interior in minutes and retains usage of the interior amenities, like LED light strips, gear grid, and storage pockets while greatly enhancing year-round camping comfort.


Falcon 3 EVO interior.

Both the Falcon 3 EVO’s PC-ABS top and honeycomb aluminum bottom shells each feature a single exterior accessory channel. The top channel is compatible with the optional 6-Channel Crossbars, which together can hold up to 150 pounds of gear when the tent is closed. The Falcon 3 EVO’s aluminum bottom shell’s single accessory exterior accessory channel is strong enough to support bulky awnings, up to 75 lbs., using Roofnest’s new accessory awning brackets.


Bigger, Lighter
Flick open the new, easy-to-use and super-secure cam-over latches, push the tent open, and flip up the new U-bar, borrowed from the Falcon Pro. Climb up the standard 7.5-foot telescoping ladder and campers will find an interior living space 38% bigger than that of Falcon 2. Despite being more than a third larger inside, Falcon 3 EVO is actually 5.0 inches shorter than Falcon 2.


Falcon 3 EVO XL

In addition to being shorter than Falcon 2, Falcon 3 EVO is also lighter weight. Falcon 3 EVO weighs a relatively featherweight 140 lbs, 20 lbs less than Falcon 2. Falcon 3 EVO tips the scales at 170 lbs, 5.0 lbs less than Falcon 2 XL and 10 lbs less than Falcon Pro despite being 4.5 inches longer and 6.0 inches wider than Falcon Pro.


Optional load bars are available.

Tent material is a very thick 320 GSM with a blackout coating perfect for sleeping in past sunrise. For the first time in the Falcon line, Falcon 3 EVO includes HVAC ports. The standard mattress is a 2.0-inch thick true memory-foam with a quilted cover over an anti-condensation mat. Lighting comes from the two side windows, an overhead moonroof, and twin meter-long dimmable LED light strips.

A specially designed 4.0-inch foam-core self-inflating “Featherbed Air Mattress” is available for Falcon 3 EVO and Falcon 3 EVO XL. The Featherbed Air Mattress can replace the standard memory-foam mattress and increases both sleeping comfort when inflated and internal storage capacity when deflated — a win-win. A new line of accessories are available for Falcon 3 EVO and Falcon 3 EVO XL, including the Tent Insulation kit, Tent Cover, and Awnex.


The Falcon 3 EVO is priced at $3,495 and Falcon 3 EVO XL is $3,795. Both are on sale now. Learn more about the new Falcon 3 EVO line on the dedicated pages:


Falcon 3 Evo Accessories can be found here:



Falcon 3 EVO

  • ● Exterior dimensions: 83” x 50”
  • ● Interior dimensions: 80″ x 47″
  • ● Closed height: 8”
  • ● Open height: 58”
  • ● Weight: 140 lbs
  • ● Sleeps: 2
  • ● Mattress thickness: 2.0”
  • ● Shell style: Clamshell
  • ● Shell material: PC-ABS
  • ● Crossbars capacity: 175 lbs
  • ● Ladder Length: 7.5’
  • ● MSRP: $3,495

Falcon 3 EVO XL

  • ● Exterior dimensions: 88” x 60”
  • ● Interior dimensions: 85″L x 57″
  • ● Closed height: 8”
  • ● Open height: 64”
  • ● Weight: 170 lbs
  • ● Sleeps: 2-3
  • ● Mattress thickness: 2.0”
  • ● Shell style: Clamshell
  • ● Shell material: PC-ABS
  • ● Crossbars capacity: 175 lbs
  • ● Ladder Length: 7.5’
  • ● MSRP: $3,795

About Roofnest
Founded in 2016, Roofnest is the largest rooftop tent brand in the U.S. and provides customers easy-to-use hardshell rooftop tents that are cool-looking, weatherproof, and aerodynamic — all at an affordable price. More informational and additional Roofnest models can be found at


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