iKamper releases the next generation of the Skycamp family—the Skycamp DLX—setting a new standard of comfort and convenience for vehicle-based adventurers.

In designing the Skycamp DLX, iKamper turned to the passionate community that has sprung up around the brand, learning from popular modifications and incorporating them into a factory-finished model while adding their own design touches along the way. The result is the most deluxe rooftop tent on the market.


iKamper Skycamp DXL

Building on the foundation of the Skycamp 3.0, iKamper’s passionate customer base—known as iKamper Nation—provided the catalyst for innovation.

Taking their feedback to the drawing board, the Skycamp DLX marries iKamper’s proven ingenuity with the community’s most sought-after modifications, resulting in the no-holds-barred rooftop tent that customers have wanted all along.  


Notable upgrades include: 


Integrated LED Lighting – Built-in bi-color, USB-powered LED light strips illuminate the tent’s interior and the underside of the fold-out deck. Independent, dimmable controls for each light keep camp safe, efficient and fun after dark. As the first rooftop tent with integrated exterior lighting, the late-night scramble for your headlamp is a thing of the past. *USB power source not included.


Self-Inflating Mattress – A deluxe, 4” (10cm) self-inflating foam mattress provides all the comfort of home on your next road trip. Quick, easy deflation with the included AirDown™ inflation/deflation pump maximizes storage within the tent for sleeping bags, blankets and other bedding essentials. 


Natural Cork Floor Lining – The bed of the DLX is lined with cork—a sustainable solution that adds waterproof protection, thermal insulation and sound-dampening qualities. The result is a drier, warmer and quieter sleeping experience.  


Every facet of the Skycamp DLX’s design is the result of meticulous attention to detail—something iKamper Nation has come to expect.

The fold-out design doubles the sleep area, creating a generous platform for rest while remaining compact when stored. A low-profile, insulated, fiber-reinforced shell and strong aluminum honeycomb base combine long-lasting fabrics with heavy-duty components, ensuring years of adventure to come.

Large windows, plus the overhead Stargaze window, provide natural light, ventilation and let the outside in—all while providing protection from the elements.  On par with previous generations, the Skycamp DLX is a 4-season, all adventure rooftop tent. Available in two sizes, the Skycamp DLX (4-person) and Skycamp DLX Mini (2-person) redefine the premium camping experience.  



Skycamp DLX

Skycamp DLX, $5,150 

  • 4-Season 
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4-Person 
  • Weight: 163 lbs/74kg 
  • Sleeping Area: 77.25 x 82.75 in./196 x 210cm 
  • Closed Size: 54.75 x 85.5 x13.5 in./140 x 210 x 34 cm


Skycamp DLX Mini

Skycamp DLX Mini, $4,450 

  • 4-Season 
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-Person 
  • Weight: 123lbs/ 56kg 
  • Sleeping Area:51.25 x 82.75 in./130 x 210 cm 
  • Closed Size: 54.75 x 57.25 x 13.5 in/140 x 146 x 34 cm


Skycamp DLX Mini


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