KC HiLites is thrilled to share something special with all you road warriors and adventure seekers: the all-new, up-sized KC SlimLite 8”


It’s more than just a new member of the KC SlimLite family; it’s KC’s promise to everyone who lives life on the move — whether you’re decking out your van, Jeep, classic Toyota truck, tow rig, or full-size truck.



Designed with care and precision, the SlimLite 8 is a blend of innovation and style, perfectly tuned to the needs of those who crave adventure and demand performance:

  • Direct Front Cooling Design: A breath of fresh air for relentless performance.
  • Slim Profile: Elegance meets functionality, designed to seamlessly blend with your vehicle’s aesthetics.
  • Timeless Styling: A nod to the classics, reimagined for the modern voyager.
  • Full-Size Product: Robust and ready, no matter the size of your adventure.
  • Modern Performance, With No Frills: Pure, unadulterated brilliance that speaks for itself.
  • Power In, Water Out: An innovative wiring plug built directly into the housing features MoistureBlock technology. This keeps all the bad stuff out while ensuring the SlimLite 8” maintains a secure and weather-proof connection despite what the trails throw at you.


Explore the Uncharted  
The SlimLite 8” combines a full-size yet slim design with best-in-class brightness. Blasting out 12,384 lumens, it’s a perfect fit for any off-road adventure in full-size trucks, vans, or Jeeps. This light is all about maximum visibility and iconic styling.  


Explore with Confidence
Engineered for the rugged, the SlimLite 8” features a durable polycarbonate lens embedded within a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum housing. Whether it’s dust, rocks, or branches, this light is built to endure and light everything in your path.


And because KC believes in customization that echoes your unique journey, the company also offers additional accessories to tailor your experience such as SAE Driving Beam in Selective Yellow or Clear, Spread beam in Amber, or Spot Beams in Clear or Amber, plus the iconic Stone Guards: Choose your beacon, and define your path.  


About KC  
Ever since the company’s founders modified a pair of airplane landing lights and strapped them to their truck back in 1970, KC has been redefining what’s possible in automotive lighting. Today, more than 50 years later, the iconic brand has become synonymous with off-roading. That’s probably why KCs have been featured in numerous movies and streaming video series, from Back to the Future to Stranger Things. The company is still family-owned, so it doesn’t have to answer to shareholders. Instead, its team can focus solely on meeting the needs of its customers, as together, they Defy Limits and Adventure Further.  

Learn more about this new release here: KC SlimLite 8”


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