Leitner Designs reveals the INEOS Grenadier Collection, a comprehensive collection of aftermarket accessories designed for the most discerning off-road enthusiast, utilizing innovative design and engineering and the highest quality materials and components.


Leitner Design’s INEOS Grenadier Collection includes this front bumper light bracket.

Composed of a platform rack, rooftop crossbars, front bumper auxiliary-light bracket, chase-light bracket, auxiliary air compressor bracket kit, dual cargo-area shelves, and spare-tire relocation bracket, Leitner Designs’ INEOS Grenadier Collection offers easy-to-install accessories for the industry’s most talked-about off-road SUV.

“The INEOS Grenadier is nearly a turnkey solution for any adventure seeker. When I purchased my Grenadier, however, I immediately identified several gaps in the factory accessory line,” said Leitner Designs Founder and Chief Designer Bernhard Leitner. “I designed products I wanted for my Grenadier that mirror INEOS’ engineering. Like everything I design, every piece of this collection is engineered to be as robust, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install.”

Unlike every other rooftop platform rack for the INEOS Grenadier, which clamp onto the drip rails, Leitner Designs’ platform rack, the Active Cargo System (ACS) ROOF, mounts using the Grenadier’s factory grab handles.

Leitner’s billet aluminum 6061 mounts attach to the roof using the sixteen 6mm bolts that secure the factory grab handles threaded into the 1.5mm-thick sheet metal. This mounting design is not only stronger than clamping to the roof gutters, it’s also rattle-free.


The Leitner Grenadier HD awning bracket allows for the attachment of a 270-degree awning.

ACS ROOF for Grenadier is offered in two sizes: three-quarter and full-length. Both roof rack options allow for full functionality of the Safari windows, something that roof racks with fixed load bars can not claim.

Customers who don’t need a full platform rack, like those who will opt for a rooftop tent, may prefer a set of Leitner’s crossbars, which use the same robust billet aluminum mounts. Paired with Leitner Designs’ smart and secure rooftop tent brackets, a rooftop tent can be installed in a fraction of the time.


ACS ROOF arms the Grenadier with the ability to load plenty of accessories up top.

Any Grenadier owner who is going to use their rig on dirt for any amount of time will want to air down their tires and then reinflate them before hitting the highway. For those owners, Leitner Designs developed an ingenious mount for ARB’s Single Motor Air Compressor that utilizes two factory studs located beneath the rear seat.


Leitner Designs developed a mount for ARB’s Single Motor Air Compressor that sits under the rear seat.

Owners assemble the bracket and compressor, including air chuck and power switch, together outside the vehicle. Installation is as simple as dropping the unit under the seat, tightening two nuts, and connecting the leads. Fitting the unit takes just a matter of minutes and can be accomplished by even the most novice enthusiast with basic hand tools.


ACS ROOF can accommodate auxiliary lights such as these units from Baja Designs.

For increased trail illumination, Leitner created brackets for fitting forward- and rear-facing auxiliary lights. The front bumper light bracket is designed to accommodate Baja Designs’ LP4 and LP6 Pro LED Auxiliary Light Pod, giving the Grenadier much-needed illumination for nighttime excursions. The rear chase light is designed for Baja Designs S2.


GearPOD adds plenty of storage space up on the Grenadier’s roof.

Grenadier drivers keen for additional storage will also want to opt for Leitner Designs’ GearPOD ROOF, the world’s first side-opening rooftop storage box. The ACS ROOF and GearPOD ROOF together represent the first-ever integrated rooftop storage system composed of a platform rack and dedicated rooftop cargo box from a single brand.

Customers can find the entire Leitner Designs INEOS Grenadier Collection on its dedicated landing page. More components will be added to the page in the coming weeks.


Unlike traditional platform racks, ACS ROOF the structural rigidity of Leitner Designs ROOF comes from its exterior frame. This enables users to add as many or as few load bars as they like — even when ACS ROOF is installed on their vehicle. With the turn of a few torx bolts, owners can slide the load bars in a multitude of arrangements, front to rear, thanks to the patented mounting system.


Here’s a closer look at the Grenadier’s ACS ROOF Loadbars.

ACS ROOF load bars are twice as wide and twice as strong as the competition; each ACS ROOF load bar is 4.0 inches wide and 1.2 inches tall and features two T-slots (most platform racks feature just one t-slot). The load bars are formed from 1.5mm to 3.0mm multi-wall thickness aluminum — more than twice as thick as other platform racks on the market.

Securely mounting and wiring rooftop accessories, like auxiliary lighting, is easier and cleaner than ever with ACS ROOF. ACS ROOF’s corner caps can be removed while the rack is installed and feature passthrough holes, allowing wiring to be run inside of the exterior extrusion rails and protects the wiring inside and eliminates the need for unsightly zip ties.



ACS ROOF Applications

  • 3rd-gen Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon
  • 6th-gen Ford Bronco
  • 4th- & 5th-gen Ford Super Duty Crew Cab
  • 1st-gen INEOS Grenadier
  • 5th-gen Toyota 4Runner
  • 2nd- & 3rd-gen Toyota Tacoma
  • 3rd-gen Toyota Tundra

About Leitner Designs
Leitner Designs is a company of genuine outdoor enthusiasts, driven by the philosophy that life is best spent with family and friends in the great outdoors. Leitner believes it’s in moments outside that we find our best selves. This belief translates to everything Leitner does, from design to manufacturing to customer service. Founder Bernhard Leitner’s love for adventure and the great outdoors drives Leitner’s commitment to providing the highest quality, most innovative truck accessories to help you “Carry Your World.”


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