Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) announces its 2023 product collection. A diverse array of knives and tools developed in collaboration with some of the worlds’ top designers, CRKT’s 2023 series includes products for everyday carry, work, play and just about everything in between.

The new lineup features innovative designs from renowned knife makers such as Ken Onion, Lucas Burnley, and Alan Folts, to hybrid multitools from Army veteran Elmer Roush, and finally Tactical tools from James Williams.

“The 2023 collection is our finest to date and is a reflection of our aspirations as a brand and our commitment to our customers, from the casual user and DIYers, to sportsmen and women, to the professional who depends on their tools when seconds count, we’re confident we’ve got the products to help our consumers get the job done.” said Doug Flagg, VP of Marketing & Innovation for CRKT.



The CRKT Bamboozled ($75) is an inspired design from the son of a legend. For his first CRKT knife, Ken Onion Jr. designed a refined, assisted opening folder that blurs the lines between classic and modern. An everyday carry with a stately appearance, the Bamboozled pairs its timeless looks with utilitarian materials, including D2 blade steel for superb edge retention and a grippy G10 handle.





Though small, the CRKT Tuna Compact ($56) evokes the power of one of the world’s largest and fastest fish. It takes the subtle elegance of designer Lucas Burnley’s original Tuna and shrinks it down into an ultra-compact folding knife. With a profile that suggests strong forward momentum and a blade shape that looks like a deep-sea carnivore, this everyday carry slices through packages and boxes faster than a Bluefin slices through the swell on a taut line.






The CRKT CEO Microflipper ($60) is the smallest and lightest version of the renowned CEO folding knife, combining refined style and ultimate convenience. Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle and a razor-sharp Sandvik 12C27 steel blade, this sleek pocket knife is available in two versions: a drop-point blade with textured silver aluminum handle and blue liner, or a sheepsfoot blade with blue aluminum handle and silver liner.





The CRKT Pilar IV ($75) is a versatile new folding knife, as capable a hunter as it is an everyday carry. Featuring a D2 blade for excellent edge retention and a large, stain-finished, clip point blade that excels in the field, the Pilar IV is easy opening, tough and durable. It features a pronounced finger choil and G10 handle for superior grip, while its IKBS ball bearing pivot system delivers smooth deployment. Finally, the Pilar IV’s frame lock utilizes a thick lock bar for increased safety and its low-profile pocket clip provides secure carry.






The CRKT S.P.I.T. (Small. Pocket. Inverted. Tanto. ($44) is a variation of the beloved S.P.E.W. (Small. Pocket. Everyday. Wharncliffe.), designed by Alan Folts of Melbourne, Florida. With a shorter fixed blade than its cousin, the S.P.I.T. features enhanced portability, but it keeps the large handle for extra leverage when cutting. Made with a needle-sharp tip, the S.P.I.T. takes advantage of what Inverse Tanto blades do best: slicing, piercing, and fine detail work. The 2.3-inch blade is easy to sharpen thanks to high-carbon steel, which is then finished in both satin and stonewash for an eye-grabbing duotone appearance






The CRKT Razel  Nax ($99) is part knife, part axe. It takes the chisel blade of the standard Razel and scales it up, adding a long, full-tang handle to transform it into a hybrid tool like no other that will push cut, scrape, slice, and chop with a single blade. With its textured, black stonewash blade and weathered, resin-infused handle, the Nax carries a rugged elegance that resembles handmade stone tools of ages past. But, of course, it’s made with modern materials, like 1075 carbon steel for extreme durability and edge retention in a blade that can withstand extreme conditions. While larger, the Razel Nax is still built for convenient carry and comes standard with a strong thermoplastic sheath that features multiple mounting options. From the farm to the forest, it’s a versatile tool you can rely on for all manner of tasks.





A multitool in axe form, the CRKT Odr ($75) chops like an axe and breaks ground like a pick. Featuring a dual-purpose head that includes a standard axe blade on one side and a spike on the other, the Odr is a versatile tool to have on hand at camp or home, perfect for splitting wood or breaking through rocky earth. Named after the husband of Freyja, Norse goddess of love and war, the Odr is forged of extremely durable 1055 carbon steel that’s been coated for additional corrosion resistance. The handle is carved from Tennessee hickory, a resilient wood that’s been fire treated for a dark texture and high-end appearance. The Odr is the culmination of decades of experience from blacksmith and Army veteran Elmer Roush, a member of CRKT’s Forged By War program. Elmer picked up the hammer after returning from the Vietnam War and hasn’t put it down since.






The CRKT Provoke EDC ($175) takes the powerful Kinematic technology from the original Provoke karambit and applies it to a “standard” folding knife that’s flexible in more ways than one. For anyone who lusted after Kinematic opening but didn’t need a karambit, now you can get the same innovative tech in a knife designed for everyday carry. The Provoke EDC features a new plain-edge blade made from D2 steel for excellent edge retention and a lightweight aluminum handle that allows it to ride comfortably in a pocket.






The CRKT Williams Defense Pen ($40) is a whole new kind of pocket protector. Martial arts instructor James Williams used his expertise in both design and personal defense to produce a simple tool that can easily live with you every day, but excels at helping you break contact in a personal defense scenario. It doesn’t use a blade, instead relying on the rigid strength of its lightweight Grivory handle to carry every ounce of force you can put into it. A clean, futuristic interpretation of one of the oldest and most basic tools, the Defense Pen is a high-tech writing instrument that can be used as a self-defense enforcer if need be.






A first from renowned designer Ken Onion, the CRKT Onion Throwing Knives ($75) are ready for release after countless iterations and testing. Perfectly balanced, the Onion Throwing Knives come in a set of three, complete with a tough nylon sheath to carry them securely on your belt. Forged from 1050 carbon steel, these knives are designed for ultimate durability to handle repeated impacts with a target. The equally weighted blade and grip sections keep the center of gravity in the middle of the knife for circular rotation when flying through the air. This also allows the knives to be thrown either from the grip or the blade, depending on preference.





Founded in 1994, CRKT is the industry’s premier brand of knives, tools, and lifestyle accessories, with a reputation for innovative design.