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Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5s):

Breaking news. Everyone hates Sean Holman. That’s not true.

Sean P. Holman (13s):

Why? Why would you say that?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14s):

Because one of us bought an ev and

Sean P. Holman (19s):

It’s not a cyber

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20s):

Truck. And, and one of us got mad hate on the gram. No.

Sean P. Holman (24s):

I got a little bit of hate with a couple of people who said, let’s see, I got, you’re a, a, a shill for big government. I can no longer support you. You are an idiot because you hate America. You hate America. One guy said that, how dare I do something like that and I should give up my man card, whatever. Okay. And then like 50 people were like, dude, that’s red. So yeah. So I know on the last episode we were like talking about,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (54s):

You know, hold on a second though. But even my wife said, what did Holman do? That pissed off so many people. Why?

Sean P. Holman (1m 0s):

Why did that?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 1s):

What’s because because you posted controversial. Something controversial. Hold on. It’s because of the post you put afterwards. You know, you said like, so much hate for my new ev that I think you kind of like you hyped a little bit.

Sean P. Holman (1m 14s):

I, it was funny. I No, all but

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 15s):

You did get some hate, some some legit hate.

Sean P. Holman (1m 18s):

I just told you I got some hate. I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 19s):

Know, but,

Sean P. Holman (1m 20s):

But, but you’re trying to, you’re making it like it’s bigger than it. I literally I have, it’s, it’s got 185 impressions or whatever you want to say. Interactions, I guess is, is what it is. And then just a bunch of comments. I just basically said, it’s funny how much hate I’ve gotten since I’ve got an ev, right? I said, and I went on to say, I said, I, I, I guess it doesn’t matter that I’m an automotive journalist and my job’s to explore and experience all technologies to form and share an educated opinion. And I went on with the stance I’ve had on the show. In no way am I an ev apologist, don don’t think they should be mandated. Choice is good and EVs aren’t right for everybody. Stand by all that.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1m 56s):

And they shouldn’t be right for you either.

Sean P. Holman (1m 57s):

And I, and I think EVs are part of the future tapestry of transportation. So that’s the same way. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, all those things are what,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 6s):

What is this tapestry? Pink? I mean, what’s going on? You have lost your man car.

Sean P. Holman (2m 10s):

I think for the vast majority of people, hybrid makes the most sense. And so, but dude, you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 14s):

Didn’t buy a rivian. You didn’t buy, we can afford one of those. But you bought something that was,

Sean P. Holman (2m 19s):

I bought a appliance that’s turned out to be fricking incredible. I, I really like it. So here’s the deal. What

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 25s):

Did you

Sean P. Holman (2m 26s):

Buy? So we talked about in, in the last show and I talked, there’s these great lease deals on the Toyota BZ, four Xs. And I was like, oh, I’m gonna try and find one of those. ’cause it’s like 200 bucks a month. And so they got all sold out and don don’t know why I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t think about the Nissan aria. And I think because the prices were so expensive, but for 2024 they dropped them like six grand at different trim levels. So the base prices was like 40 grand. Now it’s like 39,995 or something like that. And

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 54s):

What did that do to the lease?

Sean P. Holman (2m 56s):

So I had a really good lease. I’ll tell you my, my payment is well under two 50 a month and not much more than 200 a month. And I put 1400 bucks down. Nissan was doing this really great deal, 10,000 miles a year, 18 months. And I’m like, great, this is perfect. ’cause then I’m not married to this thing. If I don’t like it, I’ll walk away from it in a year and a half. No big deal. They included free charging for a year at ev go, which I have one just a mile from my house. So that I’ve been going there. I go grab lunch in the shopping center. I’m topped off. I can top off at home, use the same plug we use on the four by you. Yeah. But when

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 34s):

You top off at home, it costs you.

Sean P. Holman (3m 35s):

Yeah. But it does cost me. And I’ve got, I’ve got a V eight, I’ve got a four cylinder Honda CR-v I’ve got, my wife’s a plugin hybrid Grand Cherokee, and now I’ve got a Nissan Aria ev. And so you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 48s):

Do have the thera everything, all the colors of the rainbow in your

Sean P. Holman (3m 51s):

Driveway. Listen, if I’m gonna talk about this stuff, I should do it from a point of experience and authority. So I went to the local Nissan dealership. Funny it turns out, our friend Justin Gore, who used to be a salesman, put me in touch with a friend of his who now runs Nissan. He’s the GM at Nissan in Downey. And they put together a, a incredible deal for me. I reached out to our friends over at Nissan. I said, Hey guys, you know, you know me, I’m thinking about buying an aria. Do you have a a a friends and family? And they said, yeah, no problem. Here you go. Take that to the dealer. So they gave me a good deal. Dealer was a fantastic experience. Phenomenal. So Downey Nissan, shout out to them for making it happen.

Sean P. Holman (4m 31s):

And if you’re in SoCal and and you’re looking for a a, a a deal on Nissan, go see Nick over at a at Downey. So here’s the thing, this is a lease deal car. They’re not making any money off this. And it was hard to find, ’cause a lot of people were going, oh, Nissan has this lease deal. He dealer traded to get me the car I wanted. That’s cool. And had a bow on it when I got there. Just fricking rad. Really? So my wife and I went there. She, she, why did

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 56s):

They put a bow on it for you? Just to, just

Sean P. Holman (4m 57s):

To screw with you. No, it was awesome. I I, I was, listen, I don’t buy cars that often.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 1s):

It’s pretty often. Do they think you’re your wife, you don’t want a bow on a, on a tv? Hell

Sean P. Holman (5m 4s):

Yeah. Got a picture of me with Yeah, absolutely. If I’m going, I’m going for the experience, I’m going for the experience. In fact, Nissan has a thing called second delivery. So once you take delivery of the aria, they will send somebody to your house two weeks later to walk you through any other questions you have. Which is pretty awesome. So a friend of ours who works at Nissan corporate saw my Instagram and called me up and he says, Hey, I heard you got an aria. And I was like, yeah. And he goes, I used to be on Titan and Frontier, I run the after customer service, the second delivery. He goes, I know, you know, a car guy like you probably doesn’t need it, but why don’t you take advantage of it so you can see what we do for our customers? I was like, yeah, I would love for that to happen. So I’ve got a second delivery set up for it.

Sean P. Holman (5m 44s):

Here’s the thing about the Aria Nissan designed it and there’s like a gazillion trim levels. I got the base. So base power, base range, base battery. It looks identical to everything except the very top trim. There’s no black plastic on it. It’s all painted gloss black. I got Boulder Pearl metallic, which is that cement color you like, but it’s got pearl to it. So it’s really cool. Yep. Hooked up our buddy Brian Rodriguez over at SoCal. Tint. Tint in the windows. I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 11s):

Have the tint. So saw as I came in this afternoon.

Sean P. Holman (6m 13s):

Yep. Shout out to Brian for, for taking care of me on that. And so the thing is, did you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 18s):

Use the expel ir?

Sean P. Holman (6m 20s):

No, I it’s a lease car. I wasn’t gonna spend that on it. Okay. He offered it to me and he offered me a great deal and I said, ah, it’s, it’s going back in 18 months. So, gotcha. I I don’t, you know, this is, this is my appliance. Just gotta, I’m not gonna get crazy. You

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 29s):

Put the, the cheap carbon stuff on there that turns purple in a couple years,

Sean P. Holman (6m 32s):

It’ll be turned purple way after me. don don’t care. Got it. So anyway, the more expensive the car gets doesn’t change the look of the car. It has nineteens on it. It fricking has alloys with these cool arrow covers that fit between the spokes. Super lightweight wheels. Obviously the batteries are low on the chassis so it handles really, really well. But as you get more expensive, they add more horsepower. Add a bigger motor, a second motor, a bigger battery pack. So most of the cost is wrapped up into those things, not in the experience of the car. So I have the dual big screens on there. I’ve got wireless CarPlay on there. How’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 6s):

The stereo?

Sean P. Holman (7m 6s):

It’s great. It it, is it fender? No don don’t remember what the premium was, but the premium only adds a subwoofer and it’s fine for what it is. Like it, I was really impressed. I thought it was gonna be like, oh it’s tin. It’s the base model actually was really impressed with how it sounds. So the only things that like I don’t have is I have fake leather seats with the suede inserts instead of real leather, which comes on the higher models. don don’t have a power lift gate. Don’t care. don don’t have a panoramic sunroof. Don’t care. Does

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 33s):

It have a sunroof? I didn’t notice. No. Okay.

Sean P. Holman (7m 35s):

I don’t have a wireless charging pad. Don’t care. All the things that I care about are the, the car has I have adaptive cruise control. I’ve got power driver’s seat with memory, I’ve got car play, Android auto

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 49s):

Wireless and no gas.

Sean P. Holman (7m 50s):

And no gas. And so I’ve been getting about this thing’s rated I think like around 216 miles. I’ve been getting about 2 25 for range around the city. It’s got 200 and I can’t remember off the top of my head. So what saying 15 horsepower, what you’re saying? Lemme distill. It’s 2 21 torque. Lemme

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 7s):

Distill this.

Sean P. Holman (8m 7s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 9s):

So this Nissan aria was worth the, the scolding that you got on Instagram.

Sean P. Holman (8m 13s):

Oh, I don’t care what anybody on Instagram says. The reality is, is that my insurance and the cost of the lease is less than a month of gas that I would spend on the 3 92. It keeps the miles off the 3 92, keeps the maintenance off the 3 9 2. And I use the 3 9 2 for all the things I am doing. And I’ll will tell you my latest deal with that thing. But it’s basically this appliance that allows me to save miles. My wife saw a bumper cigarette says I’m saving gas for more guns. And I said, you buy me that for the, for the aria. It’s a great looking car. The tech is great. All LED lights, signature, all that kind of stuff. Again, the big screens. How much

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 49s):

Is Nissan paying you for this plug?

Sean P. Holman (8m 50s):

They’re not, they’re not. So here’s here, this is what I’m trying to get to. So I thought for sure, I’m like, I’m gonna take a flyer on this car. It’s a base model, whatever. I, I’m gonna live with it for 18 months and we’ll see what the landscape looks like a year and a half from now. Dude, I gotta tell you, I love this car. Blown away. This is one of the, the most comfortable cars I’ve ever been in. Unlike the Toyota that has this high center console. Does it have

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 12s):

Zero gravity seats?

Sean P. Holman (9m 13s):

It does have zero gravity seats, zero to 67 seconds, which is totally fine. They’re the dual motor with like, the almost 400 horse is like 4.9 seconds or five seconds or something like that. Yeah. But I don’t need all that. This is just me taking the kids around and I can go to San Diego and back on a charge. I can see clients from Riverside and back on charge, go up to, to banks. I can go up to anywhere in LA no problem. Like I can do all those things. don don’t have to worry about the, the gas. And again, handle’s great. Ride’s great. Super comfortable, obviously quiet. I can’t say enough good things about it. I thought for sure I was so what need to do, just going to be like, cool, I’m gonna live with it and I actually enjoy driving. What

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 49s):

You need to do is pick up each of the haters and give them a ride and buy ’em like a wiener schnitzel dog. Perfect. You know, a chili dog. Yeah. I’m gonna buy you lunch Holman

Sean P. Holman (9m 57s):

At truck show podcast dot com for your, your ride in the, in the RAI want them

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 0s):

To get all, just, just pour all the hit on you so when I go buy some ev from Nissan, they won’t care.

Sean P. Holman (10m 5s):

Oh, not now. You’re talking about buying one. I I haven’t even given you a ride yet.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 10s):

I was looking forward to like bagging on it and then I saw it. I’m like, actually looks cool

Sean P. Holman (10m 13s):

Dude. It does look cool. And it’s, and it’s great. And, and I, like I said, I thought I was gonna just take a flyer and be like, I’ll live with it. I love it. So if you’re looking for a third car, definitely check one of these things out. It’s the Nissan aria. It doesn’t change who I am or whatever. I was doing up to like five to six under five mile trips a day. That’s just stupid to do in the Wrangler. Just doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense. It’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 35s):

Too many cold starts. It’s

Sean P. Holman (10m 36s):

Not, it’s too many cold starts. It’s not even warm by the time I drop my little one off. So like why?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (10m 40s):

That’s not a euphemism. That’s his daughter.

Sean P. Holman (10m 42s):

Thanks for that Lightning. ’cause her school’s at the same track that we live in anyway. And basically it just saves that. And so I just got back, it’s funny, I got the, the Aria right? I had it for like two days, then I went on a week long trip and I went on a trip with Jeep Jamboree USA because I’m gonna be guiding a trip in 2025. So I’ll let you guys know when everything’s done and official and dates and stuff. So in case you guys want to go on, it’s gonna be a very limited, but it’s gonna so

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 6s):

Light another trip that Lighting can’t go on because it doesn’t have

Sean P. Holman (11m 8s):

A Jeep. No, you can go on it. You can pay your money and come along. Oh, you know what? No, I’ll, I’ll put you in mine. If you wanna come, you can be in the passenger seat, but you don’t get to touch the radio. Are you serious? Sure. So I’ll let you,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 20s):

I’ll, I’ll listen to Scott on country music. Listen,

Sean P. Holman (11m 22s):

I’ll let you guys know when, when it’s more firmed up. But in 2025 in spring and fall, I’m gonna be leading two trips. This was our pre-run for the first one. So I took Sean Goling from Jeep Jamboree out on a pre-run or scouting trip. We covered almost 400 miles in three and a half days of off road.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 39s):

Is that the guy on the video on your social that was helping you dig a a

Sean P. Holman (11m 43s):

A hill. A hill.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 44s):

So you could go up it Yeah. At, at an angle and almost flip your Jeep.

Sean P. Holman (11m 46s):

So it’s funny, I I recently took the Jeep down to Bill Stein had the, the shocks rev revolved kind of for my liking. And then I recently put the high capacity coils on it because I found out I just didn’t have enough spring support and off road with, you know, my dad, myself and all of our stuff. I’m like, man, it just sags too much. And the the, you know, I just have too much weight on here. I didn’t realize how much weight I, I had. So I put all that on. I’ve, I loaded up for overlanding. I had the new rhino rack on it with the lightener boxes and all the water, my fuel caddy. So anyway, I decided to weigh it. I, I’ll, I’ll let you guess or think about what it is. We’ll, we’ll tell you later. But high capacity springs, the Stein handled amazing out there and dude, 300 and it was like 70, 80 miles in three and a half days across the desert.

Sean P. Holman (12m 33s):

All off road. Yeah. This, this is no pavement. Dude, that’s hard on vehicles. I didn’t have one failure. I didn’t have one flat. The only issue I had is I had a connector for my fridge in the back soldered itself to a post. So I had to, I had to change my cables and I gotta rewire that. Other than that, the, the vehicle was flawless. Taser was flawless. Oh dude.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 56s):

Well we have taser. Yeah,

Sean P. Holman (12m 57s):

We have taser news, but we’ll, we’ll save that for our have You Heard. There’s some other stuff coming, but

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 1s):

All of a sudden, so the shorter episode this week following

Sean P. Holman (13m 3s):

This, we’ll have, we’ll have more info on that. So anyway, long story short, I had a crazy week. I traveled, I bombed the desert, I bought an EV and I freaking love it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 11s):

You know where the TRX went?

Sean P. Holman (13m 13s):

Oh you nowhere. You got glass in the back.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 15s):

Fricking nowhere. Nowhere. Yeah, I told you that. I got glass. It’s been sitting at banks inside. ’cause I have no, I can’t leave it outside anywhere until you, I’m so paranoid now, which sucks owning a truck like this.

Sean P. Holman (13m 25s):

It’s, so what’s it doing?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 26s):

It’s, I’m gonna, I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you a picture right now. You can describe what this is right here.

Sean P. Holman (13m 29s):

Why are you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 30s):

Paranoid? This is, this is a picture of

Sean P. Holman (13m 31s):

You have every security device known to man

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 34s):

On that thing. I know I do. But I don’t have anything that’ll protect the, the backlash yet. So what do you think of this? This is a picture of Matt Gamble’s screen right here. One of our engineers. So there’s a, that’s a headache rack. It’s kind of a mini headache rack right

Sean P. Holman (13m 45s):

There. I know you, you, you brought it up. That’s only the side view.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 47s):

Yeah, well it’s coming along. Yeah. The side view, let me flip it. There’s the back view. Now what do you think of this? Like we are following the glass line and not going all the way up to the top of the

Sean P. Holman (13m 54s):

Roof? No, it looks, I think it looks weird. What if

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 56s):

I put lights on on top of the, the, the rack to bring it up to the roof line? I

Sean P. Holman (13m 60s):

Would bring the rack up to the roof line. I would cut around the third brake light so it kind of recesses down in it and I put the lights under it so they’re in line with the third brake light. So you basically have like a U shape. don

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 11s):

Don’t wanna go above the roof line

Sean P. Holman (14m 12s):

Though. No, no. You even with the roof line. You go, even with the roof line, it drops down for the third brake light and goes back up. Then you put a couple of Amber Chase lights behind it. Yeah,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 21s):

I’m thinking about doing that too. ’cause right now it, it looks weird. It does look weird. It looks like I put the wrong truck’s headache rack on there. Yeah, yeah. Like, hey look, I put it the Culver rack on a

Sean P. Holman (14m 30s):

T Rx. I still think it’s hilarious that I suggested you do that. And you’re like, no, that’s dumb. And now you’re so, now it’s so not dumb. Some ideas, you’re having somebody create one for you.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 39s):

Some ideas just need to, you know, they, they

Sean P. Holman (14m 41s):

Need to marinate.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 42s):

Marinate, you know, ferment, ferment.

Sean P. Holman (14m 45s):

I don’t, I mean, okay, we’ll see. Well

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (14m 48s):

Dude, it’s like way over 15 minutes. We haven’t even started the

Sean P. Holman (14m 50s):

Show yet. All right. So listen, if you are in the market for a new truck or an EV as it turns out, head over to Nissan usa dot com and check out the new frontier. By the way, another thing is I had the Nissan hard body. We haven’t even done anything like that. I did a quick review of it to Oh, I know we play it after this. No, I know. We were

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 7s):

Supposed to go to Wi Schnitzel in according

Sean P. Holman (15m 8s):

It, it didn’t happen. Do you want me to take you to Wienerschnitzel on the aria? Yes. Okay. So Frontier starts at 30,000, $30. Nicely equipped, rock solid reliability. You don’t have to worry about hybrid or turbo or any of that kinda stuff. It’s just a great 3.8 liter V six backed by night speed, automatic 310 horsepower, 280 pound feet of torque fully box frame it. You guys are gonna love it. So check it out at your local Nissan dealer or building price at Nissan usa dot com.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 37s):

Holman, I think you have a friend or relative that owns a fifth gen ram with the Cummins Turbo diesel. Correct? That

Sean P. Holman (15m 42s):

Would be my Uncle Warren.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 43s):

Have you opened the fuel door and seen the little flimsy plastic cap that’s supposed to air quotes, supposed to keep like grime and debris out of the filler neck. Have you seen that?

Sean P. Holman (15m 53s):

It’s the same cap on, I think everything that Chrysler makes.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 57s):

It’s ridiculous. It’s, it’s insane. You just spend like close to a hundred grand on a car and they give you this thing that just literally could blow off in the wind. Are you talking

Sean P. Holman (16m 3s):

About the def cap?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 4s):


Sean P. Holman (16m 5s):

Or the actual fuel filler? No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 6s):

The fuel

Sean P. Holman (16m 7s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 7s):

Yeah. It has just like a flimsy 1 cent piece of plastic that covers the top and everyone loses it. So, so banks to the rescue with the revolver billet diesel and DEF caps, beautiful machined, anodized fuel and def caps. Lemme turn my screen sideways so you can see. And

Sean P. Holman (16m 27s):

It says death and diesel on there. So there is no way that you’re going to confuse them

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 32s):

And they have neodymium magnets. So when you’re fueling up, you just click into your fuel door. Nice. And you don’t lose them. Now lemme ask you,

Sean P. Holman (16m 40s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 40s):


Sean P. Holman (16m 40s):

Gasoline version of that as well.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 42s):

The only one that we know of that has this issue is the 6.7 liter Cummins. Got it. 19 occurrence. All right. So they just, I don’t know that if, if Ram was trying to chit out or what was going on, but like, it’s just ridiculous. So, well I just

Sean P. Holman (16m 54s):

Gave you an order for my uncle, so just add those to it and I’ll, I’ll surprise him. They’re a hundred

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 58s):

Bucks for the, for the set. I mean you’re like, wait, I’m gonna buy a cab for a hundred bucks. But. I’m telling you these are fricking jewelry and positive locking so they don’t just like push in and you hope they stay there. Isaac, one of our engineers spent weeks designing these things. They’re badass. So anyway, if you’ve got a 19 to current RAM of the 6.7 liter diesel and you have these laughable fuel and DEF caps, swap ’em out for a piece of beautiful billet at banks power dot com.

Sean P. Holman (17m 27s):

You’re also gonna wanna swap out whatever lubricants you’re running in your vehicle because AM oil a pioneering synthetic lubricants for more than 50 years delivers wear protection, engine cleanliness and fuel efficiency that conventional oil simply can’t match. AM oil is the official oil and title sponsor of the Ultimate Callout Challenge. The official oil of the National Association of Diesel Motorsports. And you can find out all about how am oil synthetic lubricants can save you money and time by helping your vehicles run better and last longer than with conventional oils. At ams oil dot com. When it comes to lubrication, AMS oil is the leader in synthetics

3 (18m 3s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer What The truck, Because truck rides with The truck show. We have the lifted We have the lowered and everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show.

4 (18m 34s):

It’s The truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman

Sean P. Holman (18m 44s):

Holman. It’s time to talk tools. And I’m not just talking about like 10 millimeter lost socket, stuff like that. These are amazing tools. Engineered to solve very specific automotive problems designed right here in Southern California. Escondido to be specific sounds like the tools on the show. You and me. Yeah. Very specific designed to what what are we designed to do? I entertain, I’m designed to create problems. True. You’re designed to fix them. I don’t, I don’t even know if that’s true. I think, I think we are designed to just fill up, you know we are. I got it. We’re just automotive white noise. No, that’s awful. It’s like a V eight in the background’s idling God.

Sean P. Holman (19m 24s):

That’s God. That’s not Wanna think of myself as a white noise. Even. Not even revving. No, that’s awful. Just, just making, making noise. No, you know who we’re No listen, listen. We’re the podcast where when You get on an airplane, you put us on, you just fall asleep. No. And then you don’t feel like you missed anybody. True with you. Why would you tell? Put don’t don’t put that in people’s brains. No, absolutely No. hell no. Oh, okay. You gotta listen. We either you have to love us or you gotta hate us. Oh no. There’s you gotta you gotta laugh. You gotta cry. You gotta be’s pissed off. Or you judge your joy. I feel like it’s lukewarm hate us. Or lukewarm. What? Have You Heard our show. Listen to me. People, people love you. Hate me. That’s perfect. We bring very little to people’s lives. Why are you, that’s a T-shirt. Why are you going down this road? The, Truck. Show Podcast.

Sean P. Holman (20m 4s):

We bring very little to your lives. Oh God. No. No. Why? Absolutely not. You know what brings greatness to people’s lives? Tools. Having the right tool for the job. That’s true. Let’s go. Oh my. I feel like this has been the worst setup ever for a guest. Are you sure? This is how we want to get into Brian Lidle. Yeah, we’re gonna make him look way better. Like we, we we lowered us to make our guests shine. We’re like dirt level. We’re like it ground level right now. Like No, we’re below that. We’re whale slither. We’re that that scum that sort of covers the bottom of the ocean. We’re subterranean. Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Oh my God. Seriously, let’s elevate ourselves with some tool talk. So you’re saying the riding tide, the the rising tide lifts all boats.

Sean P. Holman (20m 44s):

And, and Brian from a GA You know what’s funny about that? The rising tide may lift all boats, but it just puts the whale slither further from the top.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 51s):

My god. Alright, let’s call Brian Lidle at AGM Products. Here we go. I’m gonna dial whoop. I just clicked this email. That’s not gonna work.

6 (21m 7s):

It’s Brian,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 8s):

Brian Lightning and Holman from The. Truck Show Podcast. How you doing? I heard you make tools.

6 (21m 14s):

I’m doing good. Hey guys,

Sean P. Holman (21m 16s):

What’s going on? We’ve

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 17s):

Got a lot to talk to you about, but first we have an Intro, don’t move. Welcome to the parts department.

7 (21m 24s):

Screw nut filter oil grill tools, the coolest depart. Wheels, tires, braces, lights, ears, belts, the polar

8 (21m 35s):

Depart. And your wife warns you not to y to spend our money. And then you wanna come back

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 44s):

Now Brian, how long have you been with a GM products Down there in Escondido, California?

6 (21m 50s):

Yes, in in, in beautiful Escondido.

Sean P. Holman (21m 52s):

Beautiful Escondido.

6 (21m 55s):

Yeah, I’m majestic.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 56s):


6 (21m 56s):

How long since the inception? So God, we, we’ve been doing this for seven years full time and then a handful of years before that kind of as a to our race team.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 7s):

So it’s all German motor sports, right? That’s the a GM correct.

6 (22m 13s):

That, that is what started, yeah, it started as all German auto. My partner had a repair shop for a number of years working on German automobiles and we’re not super creative. So it just became all German motor sports started racing in kind of the limited class buggies. The the class tens with the small four cylinder engines and unlimited suspension and then class one up through trophy truck. And then when all the racing kind of slowed down ’cause we found out there’s, there’s no money in it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 40s):


6 (22m 41s):

Break Anyone’s heart there.

Sean P. Holman (22m 42s):

You know what they say? You know how you make a million dollars racing Start with 2 million, start with a million. Yeah, exactly.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 49s):

Yeah. So was that you and Martin?

6 (22m 51s):

Yeah, so Martin started it. I was just some dumb teenager that came in and, and I started volunteering on his racing team. Okay, Gotcha. And then kind of stuck around and I didn’t know any better and I was, I was kind of liking the scene and then it became more and more involved. And at the same time I was a mechanic over at Mercedes. I’d kind of gone as far as I could there. So I was like, well forget, you know, having a real job and actual responsibilities, maybe I can run your race team for you. So he started contracting that to me. That’s how kind of the relationship started. And then when the racing ended, we did another business together prior to HGM still had him on the side. And that was a car business again, domestic stuff.

6 (23m 31s):

And I realized although working on car, I love cars, making parts did like so much better. ’cause you could design at once and then while you were sleeping you could sell and make you money. So down in 2017 we had sold the, the other business and went all in on on a GM.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (23m 51s):

So then you have a, another company that actually even shares the building a GA tools, which yes, it, it looks like, and I’m not sure how you separate the two, I guess a through a wall, well may, maybe But I think a GM looks more like the, it’s more motor sports related. You’ve got like UT V parts, it’s stuff like that. And then a GA looks like you have specific tools for German cars for the most part.

6 (24m 17s):

Yeah. Yeah. You’ve nailed it. And, and the big thing on the roadside, as we kind of call it VA side, is a lot of this mobile service and kind of the, the clean oil service and, and doing things that people have always, ’cause no one has time to go into the dealership. So that side is kind of focusing on, on these really cool plugs. Sort of all that goes into the car. There’s a machine or a pump that we use that you can actually attach to the engine, to the oil pan and suck all the fluid out, do an oil change in someone’s driveway without spilling a drop. So the environmental thing are taken care of. And then the speed aspect is there for all the guys that are kind of getting into this mobile service business. So that’s gone crazy. It’s, it’s started with the drain plug.

6 (24m 58s):

Now there’s complete systems that we’re building for Sprinter vans to go into stuff with, with Goodyear and Amazon and a bunch of other companies doing these big fleet services. So that’s, that’s the focus on the, on-road side. And then I mentioned the offroad side or ag GM is is more the UTVs what we’re doing, you know, jacks for, we have an electric one that’s, that’s powered by a, a

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (25m 21s):


Sean P. Holman (25m 22s):

Battery. Just sustain drill battery. Lemme stop you right there because I know people are listening and they’re going Oh yeah, the German stuff Lightning has them on because he has this German rocket a mg No, I knew they get there. Why are they, and then it’s like a GM side has some killer tools. Now one of the things I wanted to point out, actually two things is you guys have seen the racing jacks and one of the products that you may have seen lately is the jack rod. You’ve maybe seen it on Instagram. Jack rod. The jack rod. Yes. And basically it is a, I guess an adjustable length arm or lockout that will turn your jack essentially into a jack stand by not letting the hydraulics be the only thing that holds up your, your vehicle, your UTV, whatever that is.

Sean P. Holman (26m 6s):

Rad. And then the other thing, well don’t,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (26m 8s):

Don’t pass by that. Like that is, well hold

Sean P. Holman (26m 9s):

On, we’re gonna get there. I said two things. Oh, okay. All right. The other thing is the A GM electric jack. So, okay, y’all know what high lift is, right? And then A RB came out and said we can do one better and they have their a RB like single cylinder hydraulic jack. And then go RiNo came out and said, well, we like the A RB thing, but it’s too expensive and we’ll make it so you can jack up or down hydraulically in both directions. And we’ve done a few things differently and then we’ve changed the price point. Well, AG GM says, hold all of you guys, hold my beer. You can take a fricking Milwaukee battery that you already have because you’re already on an M 18 tool system or tool platform.

Sean P. Holman (26m 50s):

And then it’s essentially a single cylinder, kind of like a modern high lift except your battery from your fricking red tools powers it and it goes up or down and it like one of the most awesome things ever.

6 (27m 4s):

I know, right? Take all the work out of it. The, the pumping and all that. That’s all cool. And it’s so much nicer when You get out and all you gotta do is flip a switch.

Sean P. Holman (27m 11s):

That’s it’s rad. And the other thing is, forgive me if I’m wrong, my understanding is the A RB jack can’t be stowed on its side because of the way the cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder is on the inside and the Go Rhino one, I believe they, they designed it so it could be stored on its side. I’m guessing your jack doesn’t care how it’s stored in The truck.

6 (27m 31s):

Doesn’t matter. See, go right side up upside down where wherever you wanna put it, bring

Sean P. Holman (27m 35s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (27m 36s):

So I don’t know how I went down this rabbit hole like six, eight months ago when I decided that I wanted to have you guys on the show. I don’t know why I just set it up now, but I’ve been following you for a really long time and somehow I got Martin’s name, I came across Martin Christensen and then I went and I said, Martin Christensen patent boom. Like, it’s just like a waterfall. A patents fell outta Google. Holy mackerel. Yeah. He is prolific designing and patenting. Yes. So many amazing tools I should say. And

6 (28m 8s):

Unique, I, I don’t know, I don’t know if you got to dive into ’em, but they’re, they’re all so different and so unique. If, if there’s one thing he does better than anyone I know it, it’s creating completely novel ideas.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (28m 20s):

And I love his videos because every single video that he does starts this way. And the problem is right, he starts with those words and the problem is he doesn’t say, hi, I’m Martin Christensen Holman. He looks right at the camera and goes, and the problem is the lug nuts will not come off.

Sean P. Holman (28m 38s):

I’m sorry, I’m I’m still looking at the, the jackline

6 (28m 41s):

Watching the videos. That’s all we care

Sean P. Holman (28m 42s):

About at AGM products, agm products dot com’s website. I’m looking at the jack still because I’m like freaking a Don’t you? I do. It’s, it’s, it’s red and I always have a red battery with me because I bring my impact with me on the trail and I have it in a bag under the seat along with the charger so that if somebody gets a, you know, a, a flat, it’s super easy to, to swap out, you know, their the spare on it. I’m

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (29m 6s):

A total knucklehead because I meant to get,

6 (29m 7s):

We do, we do wanna say that We, we, I also give love to the, to yet team yellow. There’s, there’s a DeWalt option and they’ll be Makita soon too.

Sean P. Holman (29m 14s):

Nobody cares about those

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (29m 15s):

Guys. Kidding? I’m all DeWalt dude. I’m all DeWalt.

Sean P. Holman (29m 17s):

I’m just saying. I just say that to you to get a Lightning all, excuse the pun jacked up here. Yeah. But us red guys man. Dude,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (29m 24s):

I’m yellow. I’m straight yellow through and through. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are. I love me some DeWalt DeWalt. I wanna go back to the, the jack rod here because that is so novel and there have been so many times that we’ve, we’ve all jacked up a car with a hydraulic jack and you thought I’m gonna, you know, it’s an inconvenient to put the jack in there and then put like your jack stands, put ’em in the right spot and all that. And then, you know, like if you just could support the hydraulic jack, everything would be groovy and no one made anything until Yeah, the Martin Christensen made one and patented it. And I think you even licensed it out to another couple brands, don’t you? Yep.

6 (30m 2s):

And yeah, we, we do some private label stuff and with some of the EVs and some of the newer cars, you don’t even have other points to put Correct. A jacks stand. Yep. You just have the four positions and that’s it. So it, it comes in in handy in quite a few different applications. How do

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (30m 17s):

You describe this? Because it’s spring loaded, right? It’s

Sean P. Holman (30m 20s):

It’s a lockout.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (30m 21s):

I know it’s, but you’re making, it’s

Sean P. Holman (30m 23s):

Okay. Imagine this when You just describe it,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (30m 24s):


Sean P. Holman (30m 25s):

That’s too simple here. All right, I’m gonna make it easy for you. Look at a two-sided triangle, the bottom of the triangle, and then it’s at a right angle where it’s at a, a let’s, let’s call it 45 degree angle, right? So you have a 45 degree angle, it’s just flat and then up you’re

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (30m 39s):

Completing the triangle with this,

Sean P. Holman (30m 40s):

You complete the triangle and while the part that’s at the 45 can go up and down with hydraulic and the bottom is the foundation, what happens is, and just like we tell you for a gazillion years in recovery classes, don’t trust your jack and if you’re out in the field, throw a spare tire under your frame rails while you’ve got the jack going or whatever the case is. What this does is it’s lightweight, it’s compact and it locks out that 45 degree angle guy with something that’s closer to a 90 degree angle so that it can’t go down without being jacked up first. Yeah. But

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (31m 13s):

But but it’s like a switchblade. Yeah, yeah. It’s a giant switchblade in that you squeeze it and it goes shrink and it like locks into position. It’s awesome.

Sean P. Holman (31m 20s):

Yeah. Now the jack rod is a very, very affordable price at 69.99 on the website for what you get and what that thing is. Awesome. Going to the electric jack, it is definitely a premium product. It’s not, it’s not cheap, but what I’ll tell you is you guys know you’ve made it because somebody’s trying to rip you off by selling ’em online for like 50 bucks or something like that and people are falling for it. Yeah. And people

6 (31m 42s):

Are getting suck by that, which sucks.

Sean P. Holman (31m 43s):

And you guys had to literally put a Instagram post going, we don’t make $50 Jacks our freaking jack rod diamond, 50 bucks don’t fall for it, people stop. So that’s embarrassing. I mean,

6 (31m 55s):

So now we are aware. So we’re, we’re, that’s a premium product. We are aware that, that a part of the market does want something like that. But you know that that’s, that’s a little much for them. So we’re working on versions of it that are simplified. They’re not the full race package as far as the materials and all the seals and the fancy. So in the near future, we will have other options that are a little more price competitive for, for some of the entry level stuff.

Sean P. Holman (32m 20s):

Don don’t know, buy once, Cryer once, why not get the best thing you can and then never have to worry about it again. That’s, that’s true. How

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (32m 25s):

Do you fend this stuff off? Because as an inventor, right, you’re coming up with amazing tools. How do you stop a dare I say Harbor Freight, even a, a US based company that imports everything. How do you stop someone like that from ripping you off? There’s a famous case that we’re gonna have so many, you know, on the show here in a couple episodes, they make a jack that was, well let’s say their design was borrowed and I can only imagine it’s hurt their business. How do you, how do you fend that off? Yeah, you

6 (32m 55s):

Ask Chuck,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (32m 56s):

We are gonna talk to Chuck. Yes.

6 (32m 57s):

I, you know, when You guys, when You guys find out, please let me know because they, they are doing business in, in billions with a B So you gotta imagine there’s, there’s a team on staff of lawyers that are just out there doing this and, and allowing them to move on. I don’t know how a small company like us would do that. So our, our approach isn’t necessarily to stop them. Our approach is to try to create as much awareness as possible so that people know where the product came from originally and then hopefully through the value that, that I hope we’re, we’re putting out people feel a little brand loyalty and, and kind of understand, okay, well that that’s a knockoff, I’m not gonna go that direction.

6 (33m 40s):

We’re gonna stay with, you know, the the original and, and the one that that created this

Sean P. Holman (33m 44s):

And, and the one created and built in the US Right,

6 (33m 48s):


Sean P. Holman (33m 49s):

By all German motorsports. Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (33m 51s):


Sean P. Holman (33m 52s):

There, it’s not confusing at all people. They, they are right here in southern California.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (33m 56s):

I went down the rabbit hole of a GA tools a couple nights ago. And so there’s a GM again all German motorsports and then a GA what was all German? What’s the other, what’s the other? A in a GA Auto. Auto, okay, got it. Auto. And so this is like, it looks like Martin’s fiefdom over here, this this website because it’s all, it’s all tools. It’s not just jacks and, and racing parts and things like that. This is tools and the Wheel lock removal tool I fell in love with. So you’ve all used Wheel locks to protect your nice wheels. You invariably lose that Wheel lock, that little weird splined tool that fits in inside the lug nut and you have no way of getting it off. Now

Sean P. Holman (34m 34s):

If you’re stupid enough to put those on your car, by the way.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (34m 37s):

I well, okay, so maybe I have, so

Sean P. Holman (34m 39s):

Then, so here’s the thing by the way, everybody, if you have an off-road vehicle, do not put those on your vehicle because you will inevitably be in the middle of the desert. You’ll blow a tire and you, your friends who have all the tools are going to hate you because you can’t find your fricking spli nut or your locking nut or whatever and they will beat you mercilessly and leave you in the desert to rot and die because they can’t continue on their trip anymore because your freaking dumb, a-hole self doesn’t have the locking.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (35m 9s):

So I, I’ve never put those on. So

Sean P. Holman (35m 11s):

Don’t do it

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (35m 12s):

On off-road vehicle. They’ve been on street cars, but I have lost the, the locking mechanism or you know, the, the, the key before. And they have a very unique way of removing the head of, of the, the part that’s keyed, right? They can knock it off elegantly and then you can put another piece on and extract it with like, without even damaging the Wheel at all. Just, there’s so many interesting tools on this website that and the fact there’s another one where how many times have as mechanics have they stripped out the drain plug, the oil drain plug. And so maybe the threads come out with it or just get stripped. They have a whole system by which you can drill and tap a new drain plug with the oil still, well oil’s still in it with

6 (35m 58s):

The oil pan still on the car with

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (35m 59s):

Oil pan still on the car and Holman, none of the filings, none of the metal filings go in the pan with air. They compress air in through the top of the engine down and it pushes all the filings out as they’re drilling it, they, they tap it and it’s just, it’s freaking, I just can’t believe that someone, everything you see on their website, you’re like, how has no one thought of this

Sean P. Holman (36m 19s):

Before? Well let’s go, let’s go back to a GM. There’s a bunch of really cool stuff on there. One of which is your brake bleeding system. And then you’ve got different caps depending on do you have a willwood brake system? Do you have a brembo brake system? What’s, what’s the cap on your master cylinder so that you can compress it? ’cause whether it’s a, a modern car or a modern UTV brake, bleeding’s a pain in the butt these days. It’s not like it used to be with all the different ab BS modules and all the stuff you have to go through, it’s hard to get all the air out of those systems and you guys have’s

6 (36m 49s):

It’s almost impossible doing it by hand. Yeah,

Sean P. Holman (36m 51s):

You guys have an amazing pneumatic way system of doing it, which is super rad. I was looking at those on the website and the fact that you have machine billet reservoir caps with the air fitting on them for Jeep Chrysler, Willwood, Polaris Brembo, everything.

6 (37m 9s):

And that’s just a standard air fitting. So if someone has a vehicle that we don’t have a cap for or we’re not about to make one because we have a bunch in the works, you can go to Harbor Freight, you can go wherever. And I know we’re not saying that name, but you know, you can go there, you can get the standard air fitting, you can put it in an extra cap and make something that connects directly to the leader. So there’s, there’s no like proprietary connections or, or anything that’s gonna stop you from doing something custom if, if that’s what works for you.

Sean P. Holman (37m 35s):

The other cool thing that you guys have that I noticed for you desert guys is your uni ball tools.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (37m 41s):

But now wait, can I pause you before you go? That’s how I know a GM because remember when I had the rock crusher? So I had some custom upper control arms made for The truck and I was blowing through ball joints just like regular Moog ball ball joints because there’s just two

Sean P. Holman (37m 56s):

’cause suspension and bad geometry. Yes. Got it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (37m 58s):

Wasn’t wasn’t junk suspension, but it was, it was

Sean P. Holman (38m 0s):

Okay. Bad geometry. Got it. It

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (38m 2s):

Was bad geometry. But I replaced ’em with some uni balls and you can’t pull those out without removing the upper control arm, which is a pain in the ass. And someone sent me a link, this is years ago, I feel like this is like 20 17, 20 18, somewhere in there. Someone sent me a link to the uni ball tool that they offer. So you can pull the uni balls out of the upper control arm without removing the upper control arm from The truck and it’s freaking awesome. Still in my tool chest today.

6 (38m 30s):

That’s cool.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (38m 31s):


6 (38m 31s):

How did Yeah, and those are, those are made for a number of different sizes, whether it’s UTV or all the way up to, you know, a full-blown trophy truck with inch and a half diameter uni balls. We, we have something for all the sizes in between

Sean P. Holman (38m 43s):

Lighting’s never used a uni ball that girthy.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (38m 45s):

See what you did there? What I’ve used, no, I’ve I’ve got dual, dual girthy. How did that come about? Like where were you stranded? Where you, you’re like, this is ridiculous. Yeah, exactly right.

6 (38m 57s):

Yep. We actually pulled a page out of the Mercedes-Benz book. There used to be an installer tool for a random control arm bushing or a body bushing like a long time ago when I used to work there and then we were doing the race car thing and you know, trying to juggle the arm and the press while you’re like pushing down and you’re not getting it right and you don’t have three arms so you can’t do all the things. And we’re like, why, why don’t we just make that work for this then that’s kind of where I was born in, in that frustration at like 2:00 AM

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (39m 27s):

Why, what’s with the Germans by the way? That

Sean P. Holman (39m 30s):

The Jerry Seinfeld thing? What? Oh, what’s with the

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (39m 33s):

Germans? What’s with the Germans? No, seriously, Brian, what’s with the Germans Designing engines that require so many proprietary tools. They’re known for that.

6 (39m 43s):

I know over engineering everything. So as, as whatever you want to think of that it, it’s actually been really good for us, so I don’t really wanna knock it too much

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (39m 53s):

Now what do you think of that term you just brought up? So I work for Gale Banks and he, that term over engineering, he’s like, no, there can only be under engineered, there’s no such thing as over-engineered. What are your feelings about that?

6 (40m 8s):

So we, we do it a little bit differently. I mean, I I can’t say anything. The guy is hugely successful and, and obviously he knows what he is doing and he’s, he’s made a lot of amazing products that, you know, I have on my seven three and we’ve used on a lot of other trucks, but we kind of do the, the opposite, the kind the CCAs razor or we take a design and we simplify it to the point where you can’t simplify it anymore. And then once we’ve got to that point, then that, then we would kind of release it out to the public. Yeah, what we’ve found is we used to make some complex stuff and you would get so many people calling in saying, Hey, how to use this? Hey, I broke this. Hey, this doesn’t make sense. Hey, your stuff sucks.

6 (40m 49s):

So when we kept bringing it back down and, and simplifying and, and making it as intuitive as possible, that’s when the, the products all started to get a lot more traction because they’re just received much better and it doesn’t require the handholding, you know, obviously that that’s how I would want it too when I get a product. So that’s what we aim for with everything we make.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (41m 10s):


Sean P. Holman (41m 11s):

Can we go from the absurdly complicated to the seemingly simple but super innovative And I wanna talk about the rapid rope for a minute. And so you guys have this synthetic rope, which obviously synthetics have really taken off and off-roading in the last 10, 15 years. A lot of it has to do with being lightweight and and durable and they float and it’s, they’re a lot safer in case a rope were to break, but they also have some drawbacks and sometimes that’s the interface to a shackle system. They’re not necessarily closed loop depending on how you have it rigged. Things like that. You guys came up with this rapid rope, which is a synthetic rope that basically has the soft shackle built into each end of it.

Sean P. Holman (41m 57s):

So you could thread the rope through a d-ring or through a, a shackle mount on the vehicle or around tubing on a chassis and basically tie it in on itself to create the closed loop. And then you don’t need anything else if you have the rapid rub because of the built-in soft shackles on each end. Dude, how cool is

6 (42m 18s):

That Exactly. No, no extra parts to lose. And we knew nothing. I I, I knew nothing about knots. I I am not a boat guy and it was like eight months of sitting at a desk and going through every website I could find of all the different fancy sailor knots and all the different things. And then we actually took a winch and bolted it to the concrete in the parking lot of our shop and took all of these pulleys and made like doublers five times so we could the, the torque of the WeCh from like 10,000 to like 20,000 pounds. And we just started breaking ropes and breaking knots for God more than I can even remember, test after test after test.

6 (42m 59s):

And then just through trial and error and, and and reading a ridiculous amount of knots, we figured out a combination that worked. We were able to put the soft shackles on both ends and, and make something that, you know, we hope is a little more useful. You know, when You get stuck or you have an issue off road,

Sean P. Holman (43m 16s):

It it, it’s awesome because it allows you to carry less equipment, obviously lighter weight and then the eyelets that you essentially create at the end of each rope are 10 inches. So they’re nice and big, lots of tail to work with. So if you wrap it around let’s say a two bumper or you put it through a a, you know, a a a a d-ring mount or something like that, you’ve got plenty of tail to wrap through and, and make a solid closed loop recovery system out of it, which is red. How, how did you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (43m 42s):

Decide on the length, the overall length of the rope?

6 (43m 46s):

The overall length was, was just kind of polling a, a number of racers, a number of off-road guys and then kind of like the, the best in the desert one of the race series in the US talking to their rescue guys and kind of trying to get a cross section of who does what. And we heard a lot of, we heard a lot of twenties, we heard a lot of thirties. Well because these connect to themselves, if you need that shorter distance, you kind of just run it through the front car back to the rear car and you can get that 15 ish feet or the full length of 30 if you have like a long distance where the car that’s pulling needs to be on hard ground, a distance away or over the top of a ridge, that extra distance gives you that room for that.

Sean P. Holman (44m 26s):

Now are these dynamic or static ropes?

6 (44m 29s):

This version is static. Okay. And that was, that was kind of all part of the evolution. We wanted to get something out there, kind of understand what people want and then, you know, make tweaks and stuff as as we go.

Sean P. Holman (44m 40s):

Yeah, you guys are at a three eight inch diameter, 10 inch eyelid on each side. 30 feet of length in your max break strength is 17,600 pounds. So exactly. Just about anything super duty or smaller, fully loaded, you’re gonna be fine with this single rope.

6 (44m 56s):

The really cool part about it, and this is what it took so long to make the knots, is the, the tail, the end that actually does the wrapping is the rope itself. It’s not the knots. You can pass it through smaller passages or openings or dings and come back to the knot. ’cause it would’ve been much easier if we’d flipped it the other way and put the knot on the long end. So that’s kind of one of the little small things that may not be super obvious at first that spent or took a lot of time to figure out so that we can make it more versatile without adding more to it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (45m 28s):

Did you figure out a way to patent it?

6 (45m 33s):

Yeah. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (45m 35s):

Why Whoa Whoa pause there. Jay,

Sean P. Holman (45m 37s):

Why are you on the US patent site on your laptop right now? There’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (45m 41s):

You listen, why are you

Sean P. Holman (45m 42s):

Drawing a rope with shackles on either end?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (45m 45s):

I happen to know you cannot patent something that quickly. It’s, it’s a pain in the ass.

Sean P. Holman (45m 48s):

You’re certainly trying over there my

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (45m 49s):

Friend. I’m, I’m trying

Sean P. Holman (45m 50s):

Brian, do not give this man anything. Yeah.

6 (45m 54s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (45m 54s):

Dude, patents are a pain in the ass and they take weeks to make. Oh

Sean P. Holman (45m 58s):

My gosh. I give him 30 seconds after he hangs up to ask you for some stuff. Don’t trust him.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (46m 3s):


6 (46m 4s):

Yeah. Nice.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (46m 5s):

You’re fascinated with like the off-road stuff and I’m fascinated with the tools, so I’m gonna take it back to their sister site to aga tools dot com, the brake disc removal tool. Again fascinating because one of the trucks at the shop, we had replaced the disc brakes, right? We wanted to upgrade the rotors. This is specifically trying to get the rotors off and they’re always just like, they’re just rusted on, right? Yeah. You’re thinking maybe I, I kind of, I don’t want to beat up all the, the bearings and, and everything else as I’m knocking a hammer against the rotor trying to get the rotor off. And you have a tool that prize the rotor off by using the lug nuts and it prevents it from falling on your toes when You do get the rotor off.

6 (46m 49s):

Yeah, that’s exactly it. You have studs that are threaded, those go into the, the female threads on the Wheel, and then the tool locates on that. So now you’re attached to the hub, you’re passing through that floating rotor or that, that rotor that’s sitting on the face of the hub, the tool pulls against itself. It frees the rotor from the face of the bearing or the, the face of the hub. And like you said, not only is it break it free, but it also holds it there so it doesn’t drop on your feet or on your nice epoxy floor.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (47m 22s):

Of all the tools that you guys have invented or the, the inventions on either site a GM or a GA, are they after you by the way? Is that the patent police?

6 (47m 31s):

Oh, can you hear that in the background? Oh

Sean P. Holman (47m 33s):

Yeah, totally. It sounds like, like

6 (47m 34s):

I said, beautiful Escondido.

Sean P. Holman (47m 35s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (47m 37s):

By the way.

6 (47m 38s):

Yeah. Sorry if that’s too loud.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (47m 39s):

For those of you that don’t know, Escondido is on like the edge of like offroad paradise. It’s where all the off roaders, like it’s as close as you can get to like the desert without living in the desert.

Sean P. Holman (47m 50s):

Well, it’s, yeah. I mean it’s, it’s basically like north San Diego County, but it’s sort of nestled. It’s not too far from the coast and it’s not too far from the, the Deserty Mountains. It’s sort of in this little valley. I mean, you can certainly do worse than Escondido for sure. Oh,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (48m 5s):

Oh, for sure. Oh, there’s some, some really nice areas.

Sean P. Holman (48m 7s):

Oh, well, I mean you have, you know, Rancho San Marcos, you’ve got all a bunch of stuff. Poway, which is where our friends over at Bilstein are so escondido’s fine. It, it, there’s, there’s some

6 (48m 18s):

Yeah. No, no, it’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (48m 18s):

Good there.

6 (48m 19s):

It’s good. I make fun of it, but it’s good. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (48m 21s):

Of all the tools and the products, what’s your favorite?

6 (48m 24s):

I’m partial to the stuff that we haven’t made yet. ’cause when, when it, it’s like whether, whether you’re making a book or you’re writing a song or you know, you’re working on some kind of big project or, or you’ve just bought a new truck, you, you, you get like three quarters of way through the project, it’s almost done and you’re kind of already like, okay, what’s the next thing? So I love the electric jacket. It has a ton of functions. But I tend to gravitate more towards the things that are coming next

Sean P. Holman (48m 50s):

And what might those be.

6 (48m 51s):

And for us that’s, well

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (48m 53s):

That’s, that becomes a,

6 (48m 55s):

I’m kind of leaving you hanging,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (48m 56s):

That becomes a problem when You need to market and sell the products that you already offer. ’cause you’re like, you’re I’m already over. Yeah, exactly. I’m onto the next thing. And you got the, the marketing PR guys. It’s not, I need to show what we have now.

6 (49m 8s):

The, the electric jack is amazing. I love that. For all the reasons you just said. You can, you can use a regular drill battery with the flip of a switch. There’s like 14 inches of internal travel. There’s also an adjustable collar on the outside that gives you 17 inches of high height adjustment. So you can go right to the bottom of the, you know, the car, the UTV or The truck before you use any of the travel. So it gives you kind of double what you would normally get with a regular Jack. And one of the other really cool things that we do is these auxiliary tanks for UTVs, because they’re getting so much horsepower now and they’re going so fast, big tires, big suspension, but they’re not addressing the fuel mileage or I should say the range. So we’re making these tanks that bolt into the car so you can just install without having to cut the chassis and then nearly double the range of the cars.

6 (49m 54s):

And the really cool part about those is the way they’re wired and set up. You can flip a switch while you’re driving and fill up your stock tank. So it’s no stopping at the gas station or having to stop and all your buddies have to wait for you while you grab five gallons out of a can and fill the car up and spill half on the ground and all that kind of stuff.

Sean P. Holman (50m 11s):

That’s awesome.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (50m 12s):

And it looks like you’ve got ’em for razors can Amex threes, you’re gonna be needing one for Maverick because I think the, the Maverick seems to be blowing it up based on what I saw outta Johnson Valley at King of the Hammers. Yeah,

6 (50m 23s):

That car’s amazing. We, we have one coming in this week. We, we already got the CAD files, or I should say the scans. So we figured out kind of what we wanna do. So now we’ll get a, a physical car or an actual car in the shop. We’ll do the, the basic layout to understand that the plumbing and everything that we think will work in the CAD does work in in the real car. And then we do kind of foam prototypes to just get the spacing right. And then once that’s done, we’ll go back in, we’ll do all the designs for the molds. We have a mold shop, make those here locally and then they get rotomolded not too far away from here either. Well,

Sean P. Holman (51m 1s):

We appreciate you coming on and talking about all the different products. This is one of those kind of fun websites where you may go looking for one thing, maybe you saw the Jack or the Rapid Rope two completely freaking different products by the way. And then you just get sucked into Oh, oh. What, what are those, what are they making? Like, like for me, the skid plate little, the

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (51m 23s):

Bolton Skid plates? No, no, sorry.

Sean P. Holman (51m 24s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (51m 24s):

The hardware, I like the Bolton Jack jack points because so many cars don’t have good jack points. And so they offer bolt-on jack points. Well, I

Sean P. Holman (51m 33s):

Like the skid plate washer. So basically what it does is it keeps the head of the bolt that’s holding your skid plate on recess. There’s like a disc around it and it’s recessed in this sacrificial disc so that you don’t have to worry about gumming up the scraping the bolt off. Yeah, exactly. Which happens all the time. So I mean, you just, you go to agm products dot com and you just start scrolling and you’re like, these are all these completely different things that are totally useful and you can get lost on the website for a little while. So it, it’s, it’s pretty fun to see all the stuff that you guys, I should say. It’s pretty fun to see all the problems you guys have solved.

6 (52m 5s):

Exactly. Yeah. Thank you guys very much for having me on.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 9s):

I feel like I screwed up Holman and I should have called Brian ahead of time and asked him for like a discount code for our listeners.

Sean P. Holman (52m 14s):

Oh, you could ask him right now. No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 15s):

I’m not gonna put him on the spot. Well, I’m kind of am But I just bringing it up. But I guess

Sean P. Holman (52m 19s):

Mean he’s still on the phone, right? You can still hear us.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 21s):

Do you think is, I’m still here. Is that something? Wanna do something? I mean, can we, could we put something on our website to, to a little something something for our

6 (52m 27s):

Listeners? Yeah, that’s definitely something we could do. Oh,

Sean P. Holman (52m 29s):

We, we’d, we’d love to take you up on that. Is is

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 32s):

It possible to use like truck show at checkout for x percent off?

6 (52m 36s):

Let’s do it. Yeah. That’ll be the, the coupon code for the discount code.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 40s):


Sean P. Holman (52m 40s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 41s):

Truck show at agm dash products dot com for your discount on the best tools made right here in Southern California. Now, it

Sean P. Holman (52m 50s):

May not get your jack down to $50, but you’re gonna, you’re gonna be happy though we hook you up.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (52m 55s):

You don’t want a jack supporting a 6,000 pound truck that you spend 50 bucks on. Did I

Sean P. Holman (52m 60s):

Tell you I took my wrangler finally to the cat scales? No. At full overland weight

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (53m 6s):

And can I guess Yeah, 5900 5900. Oh no.

Sean P. Holman (53m 13s):

7,000 pounds.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (53m 16s):

What? That week’s Whoa Whoa way more than my TRX

Sean P. Holman (53m 18s):

Dude. That’s my, that’s my Wrangler 3 92 with everything on it for a week in the desert.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (53m 23s):

Oh my lord.

Sean P. Holman (53m 23s):

Dude. 7,000 pounds. That’s, that’s without you in it, I thought. Dude, I No, that was with me in it. Oh, was it? Okay. Yeah. I I thought for sure I would be around like 62 50, maybe 63 on a bad day. Yeah, dude. Every bit of seven K with, that’s with my auxiliary fuel tank. All the water on board, all that stuff too, but holy crap. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (53m 45s):

Brian, Brian, he Holman drives a 3 92 a Jeep 3 92.

Sean P. Holman (53m 49s):

My point is don’t trust a, a crappy jack to take care of that and make sure you go and get a jack rod if you’ve got one of those wink, wink other racing jacks. Because dude, 7,000 pounds is no joke to be lifting whether you’re on dirt No. Or your driveway or inside your garage. Like do it safe guys. Go, go to agm dash products dot com and, and get the right stuff. Pay once, then you don’t never have to worry about it. Don’t, don’t risk your life with some of the junk that’s out there. Awesome.

6 (54m 17s):

I have said it better myself. Perfect.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (54m 19s):

Brian, thank you so much for covering out some time for us. We appreciate it. And congratulations on all the success and just, and following what looks like so much fun solving problems.

6 (54m 29s):

Yes sir. It is awesome. Thank you very much for having me. You

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (54m 32s):

Got it. Thank

Sean P. Holman (54m 32s):

You brother. Thank you. Appreciate it.

6 (54m 34s):

Okay. See you. Talk soon. Bye.

Sean P. Holman (54m 38s):

All Lightning, I’ve got a little truck review for you. What

9 (54m 43s):

Truck review? Yeah. Rolling Dragon Truck Bug.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (54m 51s):

Is this the Nissan hard

Sean P. Holman (54m 53s):

Body? Yes. As you know, I had the Nissan hard body for a little bit, so I decided to take it out to the desert and put it through its paces. And then while I was in The truck, I had some thoughts that formed and I recorded them for you.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (55m 6s):

Is this the trip that Lightning went with you on?

Sean P. Holman (55m 9s):

This was while you were working because this trip was during Lightning’s business hours. Yeah,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (55m 13s):

Yeah, yeah, I remember that.

10 (55m 16s):

Alright, Lightning. So here I am off road somewhere in the Mojave Desert and I am in the, the hard body and I’ve put maybe six, 700 miles on this thing when it’s all said and done from this test. And right now I’m driving off road. So a couple things about the hard body. It actually, the package is more expensive than a Pro four X. The Pro four X starts at $40,040, whereas the hard body starts at, I think it’s 44. So that’s one of those things that’s kinda curious to me because I, well I, I basically would love to have, so 44, 6 80 is the frontier.

10 (55m 58s):

Basically love the off-road package. So you lose the Bill Steins and you lose the big screen, the nine inch and you lose a rear locker. That being said, you can still get the Fender audio system even with the smaller screen. And I haven’t missed the big screen. Small screen’s fine, the clarity, all that kind of stuff is fine. The bigger screen’s a little bit better. This one has the Fender audio system, so I’m not missing anything there. And yeah, I’d love to have a rear locker. Love But. I could always add something later. So it just comes down to, if you like the retro look, you also get rock rails on the hard body. And I wish I could put those rock rails on the Pro four X ’cause I would definitely pay more for those.

10 (56m 40s):

And the shocks, even though they’re not the stein mono tubes are pretty decent. Like the tuning is really good and we’re just bouncing off road here. Everything else about the hard body is, is, you know, pretty familiar obviously it’s got the, the black vinyl on the tailgate. It’s got the blacked out front bumper. You also lose the LED lights of the premium ’cause it’s built off of a sv so you don’t have those, those nice LED headlights.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (57m 6s):

So sometimes when you’re get, you get really used to the LED headlights. Like a great example would be the Ford Mm. Super duties. We have one at work where we have the LEDs. Are they, are they hids? They gotta be LEDs, right? No one use Hi, they, they’re LEDs so they’re, they’re beautiful, bright white, just light up the whole road and then we swap over to our other F two 50 has

Sean P. Holman (57m 27s):

The hagens

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (57m 27s):

Halogen. I’m telling you, it’s like a min’s hat. It’s like, it’s like,

Sean P. Holman (57m 31s):

It’s like it’s yellow or it’s really dim carbide

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (57m 34s):

Miners hat from 1890. It’s just like so dim. Yeah, it’s insane.

Sean P. Holman (57m 37s):

Kiss squat. I definitely missed that bright light o of the pro fourex with the, the LED lights on it. But I didn’t feel like they were a huge step back. I mean they put out plenty of, plenty of light truck doesn’t look that much different for it. You know, it, it definitely goes in line with that retro look. But yeah, like I was saying here, there’s a a, there’s a few trade offs, right? Like you have to really like that retro package and you still get a great truck. But if you’re like the more of a hardcore off-road trail guy, I think you can be better served by a pro fourex. And of

10 (58m 6s):

Course you get the really super rad wheels, but you can always get those wheels as an accessory as well. So it just kinda depends what you want. I, I think the Pro four X is still the better choice for me. But if you didn’t need all the off-road capability, this thing rides great and it’s super fine. Just got on the highway. Here we go. Super responsive with the nine speed is everything that, you know, we already knew about. Just love this truck. You know, I, I forgot how how good even the, the lower level trim, the seats are cloth in this super supportive, super comfortable zero issues with that. The orange or lava accents and the Pro four X are silver in here. So that might appeal to some people.

10 (58m 48s):

But overall man, just the thing is super quiet and, and heading out on this trip, I got 23 miles per gallon on the, on the highway.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (58m 56s):

I can’t recall what tires it came with. Were they offered like knobby tires or,

Sean P. Holman (58m 59s):

No, these were the hankooks and I, I would like a more aggressive tire on this package because those monoblock tri spoke wheels really, I think they demand having a Nobby tire. They look weird with kind of a more street oriented, but again, 23 miles per gallon on that thing. Yeah, that’s, I mean that’s pretty, it’s hard to pretty dar That’s hard to beat. Yeah. Oh it also has that, well you’re talking about the headache rack right of the T rx. This has that sport bar that says Frontier on it, right on on the comeback.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (59m 25s):

It was, was it Tubular? Kind of like a throwback to the

Sean P. Holman (59m 28s):

Eighties, right? Yeah, yeah, a little bit like that. And then, like I said, the, the blacked out bumpers and, but the rock rails are legit. Like put ’em on the Pro four x Nissan. I’d love to see ’em on there.

10 (59m 36s):

But, I do like the skid plates and all the other stuff. Haven’t missed the rear locker yet. So yeah, if you like eighties styling and you want that,

Sean P. Holman (59m 44s):

I would say really quick about the, the rear locker. The Nissan frontier has pretty darn good brake traction control. So even without a rear locker, if you get into loose or slippery stuff and you stay in it, it’ll use the traction control to move you through and it’s pretty effective. So I did probably that day, maybe 30 miles through the desert and I didn’t need the locker one. So just throwing that, throwing that out there

10 (1h 0m 7s):

Retro, I think you can get a pretty nice hard body. Otherwise, pro four X’s still a great truck, but either way you go 310 horsepower, super efficient, nine speed automatic transmission’s. Great. This one has adaptive cruise control. So really not, not missing out anything else than what I already mentioned about Pro four X other than the ability I think to get leather maybe. Alright, well that’s my, that’s my quick review of the Nissan Hard Body while I’m out here in the desert and about to head home on the freeway. Great truck.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 0m 38s):

So there it is.

Sean P. Holman (1h 0m 39s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 0m 39s):

It is. Holman’s Truck Review. Yeah.

9 (1h 0m 44s):

Rolling Dragon Truck Bug.

Sean P. Holman (1h 0m 49s):

Yeah, you know, it, it’s, it’s fun ’cause I Nissan did a bunch of different things. So you can now get an s SL version of the frontier. So it’s the higher trim level. So it’s got the leather in the center. What does SL

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 0m 59s):

Stand for? You

Sean P. Holman (1h 0m 59s):

Suppose that that’s the luxury version. So SV is the mid grade S is the, the bottom grade. So it’s S SV SL Pro four X. Okay. So now if you don’t need all the Pro four X stuff, but you want the nicer stereo and you want leather seats, you can now do it in a non off-road package. So a lot of choice there. But every time I get into it, even the base models, I’m like, this is a really good truck. So don don’t know Nissan supports the show. Go support Nissan. It’s good stuff.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 1m 23s):

Wish they had a a crazy no, no, no, no. That crazy deal that they had that you and I spotted. Oh dude,

Sean P. Holman (1h 1m 29s):

That last for five minutes. It was like

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 1m 31s):

For five minutes. ’cause yeah, we’re like, I hope my kid’s not listening because we’re really wanting to get him a, a frontier. Yeah. For graduation. Hmm. A lease deal. Yeah. I’m not gonna go, I mean I can’t afford like the whole truck, so I just, but we can borrow, we can buy a portion of The truck with lease,

Sean P. Holman (1h 1m 46s):

You know, pretty good first truck man. Yeah, yeah. Saying

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 1m 49s):

Now you got hooked up with the Aria, you got a friends and family deal.

Sean P. Holman (1h 1m 53s):

I might be able to help you out. I also know a dealer. So really

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 1m 57s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 1m 57s):

Just, just saying

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 1m 58s):

I might need that. All right. I gotta look into it. Let’s

Sean P. Holman (1h 2m 0s):

Talk off the air. How about that?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 2m 1s):

Yeah, well maybe so. ’cause I gotta make sure that we can get into, I got a lot of money laying out just like yourself. But that, that’d be fun to get out, bring a frontier into the family. Well

Sean P. Holman (1h 2m 11s):

Then if you did that, I’m sure Nick and Downey would take care of you and we’d do a little Lightning buys The truck episode.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 2m 15s):

Ah, yeah, yeah. Another one of those. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Alright. What you got over there?

Sean P. Holman (1h 2m 20s):

I think it’s time to read some emails.

11 (1h 2m 22s):

You email? Yeah, I email do it. We email. That’s right. Everybody email type it up. You email proofread. I email send it. We email, click it. Everybody email.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 2m 39s):

Well, I can tell you the, the font size has not increased even though you started printing our email out with the printer in your office and not the one in the pods yet.

Sean P. Holman (1h 2m 49s):

No, that’s not what does it. It’s, it’s, the problem is when I print out Google mails, it doesn’t resize the image. Yeah. So I have to resize the email. So the images you guys send aren’t like 12 pages to make ’em. But then when I do that, I forget to go to the next email and resize it back to a hundred. And then Lightning has lights. Just use a magnified glass.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 3m 5s):

It’s just fricking so tiny. It’s ridiculous. I guess I’ll start here. Diesel ran is the subject line from Trevor. All right. So he says, guys, this really pisses me off. I see this type of mislabeling and confusing labels at nearly every station I go to these days. Talking about a fuel station with how sensitive these stupid trucks are to fuel quality. You’d really like to know what you’re actually putting in it. Can we get see him at a lobby for better labeling standards or something? And he’s got a photograph of a fuel pump. But you’ve shrunken the photograph so small I can’t see it.

Sean P. Holman (1h 3m 38s):

Well, it’s a Chevron pump and it says diesel number two normal, like with the price of five 19 a gallon. Yeah. And it says diesel, but next to where you grab the handle, there’s two stickers. One says biomass based diesel blend contains biomass based diesel or biodiesel and quantities between five and 20%. And then below that is another sticker that says 95% biomass based diesel blend. So which is it guys? Which is it? Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 5s):

What? Yeah, that does suck. So,

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 7s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 7s):

At least the handle is not is green. I was gonna say it’s not black, but yes, it’s green ’cause man, have you now, hold on a second. I gotta

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 15s):

Ask this. Oh boy. Are we going back to this? No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 17s):

No, no. This is not about, well this is fuel station related. Okay. Gas station related. These are pranks. Right. And I’m not exactly sure. There’s been two of these videos on Instagram that have gone viral. The two women that walk up to, they’re both cyber trucks and the women are walking around the cyber truck with a handle in their hand trying to figure out where to put

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 34s):

Fuel in. Oh, that’s gotta be a prank. Somebody did that there. The original one was like a model three or an S where that happened. So somebody’s just repurposing that con joke content. But what

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 44s):

About the one where the

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 45s):

Original one I think was real? What about the,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 47s):

The one where the woman walks around and she pours fuel all over the car. Like, it’s like it’s water. No. Like she’s trying to clean it. Have you seen that one? No. You

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 54s):

Haven’t seen that? That sounds stupid.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 55s):

No. She’s literally like,

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 56s):

No, no. People are doing that for clicks. Don’t fall for it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 4m 59s):

Okay. Yeah. You’re

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 59s):

You’re better than that. Or you should be anyway. Hey, I got this one from Jason Gainor says, you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 4s):

Know, you’re talking to me, right?

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 5s):

I do T-shirt count me in for two in XL and Lightning. You could lease a cheap ev like Holman and park it behind your TRX to keep thieves from stealing it just

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 15s):

As a roadblock.

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 16s):

That’s funny. And they

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 18s):

Might even be cheaper than

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 18s):

Ballards that, that it would be cheaper than Ballards. Just forget to charge it. And they can’t steal it either. Well, unless they have a rollback and squirt some don on the bed to get the ev to slide. Just a thought. The EV lease is probably cheaper than your accessories and your deductible. Well, yeah, it’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 34s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 34s):

I’m I’m thinking you might have a pointer.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 36s):

Interesting. Huh? You know

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 37s):

Leafs are going for super cheap right now. Are they really? Oh dude, there’s a, a, a leaf deal. The other

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 43s):

Zach can’t do. Listen, you know, I love Nissan and they’re a partner of the show that, that leaf is not my style. Listen,

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 50s):

I’m just saying this, but this is an appliance car dude.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 5m 53s):

What if I told, I know I’m not gonna drive around in a fridge.

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 55s):

What if I told you Downey Nissan on their website, Downey Nissan dot com 2024 Nissan Electric Leaf s $99 a month with 9 99 due at signing what on their website right now, aria, just like I got 1 99 a month zero due at signing 2024 Aria.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 18s):

That’s nuts.

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 19s):

That’s nuts, right? Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 21s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 22s):

Why? Well, I think you need to have the Nissan loyalty and there’s some other stuff okay. In there. But even with taxes and stuff, you’re probably still in the one 50 range on the leaf and probably two 50 range on the Aria. Dude, that’s a smoking

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 34s):

Deal. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s crazy. That’s less expensive than a motorcycle.

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 39s):

Dude. It there’s a lot of it’s I know. And, and I get charging for a year. I’m just saying dude, 99 bucks a month. Why not? Thieves

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 46s):

Will be shot. Subject line put from Austin Brown. Can I add to that?

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 49s):

Yeah. Like don, don’t care what it looks like for 99 bucks a month.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 52s):

I mean, I still do a little bit. I’ve got some pride. No,

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 55s):

You know, you eh, yeah

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 56s):

I do Anyway.

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 57s):

You have one A T Rx. Who cares?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 6m 59s):

It doesn’t. But people don’t know that I have a T Rx when I’m driving that. No, they know box around, you know.

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 3s):

No. Who cares. That’s why you tin the windows. Go see Brian. Nobody will know it’s you. Yeah,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 7m 6s):

That’s true. Th will be shot subject line from Austin Brown. Lightning and Holman. No. Look how he spells Lightning. Lightning. Oh well dude, there’s two ends I vote for. Thieves will be shot. I think he’s talking about the stickers that I ran past you guys. Which one should I put? I think the one I’m going with is gonna be, I’m not actually gonna use stickers. I’m gonna just gonna laminate a piece of paper and it’s just gonna say something about bla break glass to sound alarm or something like that. That’s still stupid. It is stupid. But you know, just put your

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 36s):

Headache rack on and be done with it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 7m 37s):

I can’t wait to have you over to my house. And so you can see all the booby traps. I sit in my front yard.

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 40s):

Oh, that’s funny because this one says Antifa protection for TRX and well I’m not done with

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 7m 45s):

This. Oh no, I still, no, he’s, Austin’s not done. A few years ago I had my truck broken into, they broke the passenger front window and crawled in to make things worse. It was February in Minnesota. They stole around a hundred dollars of ice fishing stuff. But the idiots left my Carhartt bibs and my Oakley sunglasses, which is about $300. Now when I park The truck someplace, I make sure there’s nothing in sight to tempt anyone. I’ll take the thieves will be shot sticker if you are going to send them out. He wants one. And he gave me his, his address. Love the show. Keep on mounting those parameters. Mounter

12 (1h 8m 20s):

Monitor key engine parameters.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 8m 23s):

I don’t think I’m gonna send those stickers down. I’m gonna save ’em. But so Holman, I I have I put in two IR sensors. Okay. One on either side of my driveway. ’cause I have a three car wide driveway

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 36s):

And a one car wide garage. That’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 8m 38s):

True. That’s true. That’s why I can’t park the TRX inside. And every time you pass into my driveway, I have a sensor on the inside with a speaker in my bedroom that says in this total super

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 48s):

Thick intruder alert. Nope.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 8m 50s):

Super thick Chinese accent. Driveway. Driveway.

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 55s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 8m 56s):

And lets me know someone’s out there. And I also bought a motion detector with two speakers in it and it sits under the ve and it’s recordable. So I recorded my voice.

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 8s):

Hey, this is Lightning. Please don’t steal my truck.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 9m 11s):

It’s kind of like that. That’s funny. It’s like vehicles have alarms. Step away. That’s super dumb. Dumb But I know it’s dumb. But I can say anything. I haven’t mounted it yet and it’s got a little remote control that I’m sure I’m gonna break ’cause it’s super cheesy. I bought it on Amazon, but it’s gonna bark at ’em. And it’s a

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 26s):

Voice. Amazon.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 9m 27s):

Yeah. The winners of Amazon. Wow. So dude, I’m, I’m going. And my, my neighbor came over to help me mount the, the two IR sensors and he’s like, this is all to protect your truck. I’m like, I’ve lost my mind, dude. I’ve lost my mind. He felt bad. Yeah, because he was there. He came out when the glasses broken and stuff.

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 45s):

Did he help you clean it up?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 9m 47s):

He did. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 48s):

I was gonna say then he does feel bad. Alright, again, Michael St. Jean has this one anti theft protection for the T Rx. Hey Lighting, just wanted to pass along a few ideas for theft deterrent stickers and other devices. Notice you are being watched this area under 24 hour surveillance. Yeah,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 10m 3s):

I don’t think they care about that stuff. We

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 5s):

Don’t. Dial 9 1 1, including an outline of one of Holman’s favorite handguns. Or notice this area protected by a guard dog. Also installed an outdoor speaker with motion sensor connected to an audio recording of a fierce guard dog.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 10m 18s):

Dude, you should hear I’m gonna bring it in. You’ll trip out on the sound effects. It have squealing pigs have dog barked.

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 24s):

Dude do squealing pigs. That’s way better than anything else,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 10m 26s):

Dude. It’s No, it’s loud and super freaky. Weird, but it’s gonna be awesome in Halloween.

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 30s):

Alright? No. Okay. All right. I’ll put the Candy just on this side of your driveway. Yes, yes. Place a mannequin. It’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 10m 36s):

Gonna scare the crap outta the little kids. Place a

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 38s):

Mannequin in the driver’s seat. One of your blowup dolls would work. Great. That

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 10m 41s):

Actually is a good idea. I need a friend.

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 44s):

Okay. Failing that. You could put up a guard shack like that used in the World War II German stalls.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 10m 51s):

I’m gonna build a guard shack and pi pay a guard to hang out

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 54s):

Anyway, says by the way, I like the no response to have You Heard of the guy saying no, no, no. While laughing. Oh god, that’s lighting’s favorite. Even though it drives Holman crazy. The South Parks nose are still my favorite. He’s talking about on the have You Heard Great show as always. Five stars and mounted those parameters. Don’t forget the accoutrements. And remember that everything matters man. He just hit the whole smorgasbord of drops right there.

13 (1h 11m 19s):

No, no, no, no.

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 27s):

Next. don

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 11m 30s):

Don’t think we’ve ever gotten. No

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 32s):

We haven’t. There’s a reason for that. Alright. The South Park note

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 11m 41s):

Is not done yet.

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 42s):

I’m done. No, I will end the show right now.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 11m 44s):

He’s almost done.

13 (1h 11m 48s):

I’m done. I

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 49s):

Laugh dude. People are like bailing out right now. They’re hitting

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 11m 51s):

The fast. How does that not make you laugh? Not

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 57s):

Are we done yet? That

13 (1h 11m 58s):

Makes me laugh so

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 11m 59s):

Much. Oh, okay.

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 60s):

How do you not look that South Park knows

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 12m 1s):

You’re dead inside. I am dead inside. You’re all shriveled up and dead inside.

Sean P. Holman (1h 12m 4s):

A hundred. My heart is black and powdery.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 12m 6s):

Ah. South Park. No. Hold on a second.

13 (1h 12m 9s):

No God no. Pfizer Review master

12 (1h 12m 14s):

Monitor key engine parameters.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 12m 18s):


14 (1h 12m 18s):

ACC MA that you will need ACC

13 (1h 12m 20s):


12 (1h 12m 21s):

For those seeking a monitor. Only the brand new GT X Watch Dodge is now available for Dodge Cummins and has a full five inch color display with a captive touch. It’s quick to start. And magnetic mount allows you effortlessly Mount monitor key engine parameters.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 12m 42s):

He got a full Moty. Thanks for

12 (1h 12m 46s):

Watching. And remember, everything matters.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 12m 49s):

Five stars and Frontier spotting from Benjamin Hall. Hey fellas. I absolutely love the podcast, gents. I’ve listened to almost every episode. I wonder which ones he skipped.

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 0s):

I’d be fascinated to know. No, he’s just not all the way to the end. That’s all.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 3s):

Got it. Oh, okay. I bet a truck guy since I was 16. Currently in a 23 Colorado ZR two. Good call. Also attached a picture of my one ton swapped 90 Blazer for street cred. Snap. A pick of a frontier for your frontier spotting. Bit Finnegan. Yeah, buddy from Ben Hall and Con Road, Texas.

12 (1h 13m 23s):

Yeah, buddy.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 24s):

All right. I will add that to the stack over here to send a

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 30s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 30s):

Sticker to Holman.

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 33s):

What? Yes.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 36s):

Do you know what Gil Banks just bought?

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 39s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 41s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 42s):

I mean, I could text him.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 44s):

Interesting. A

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 45s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 45s):

A truck, huh?

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 47s):

For himself?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 48s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 49s):

Is it old or new?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 50s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 52s):

Huh? Lemme think about this for a minute. Oh, GMC Canon A T four X.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 13m 57s):

No, but close

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 60s):

Chevy Colorado. A V bison zero two

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 14m 4s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 5s):

Zero two non bison

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 14m 9s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 10s):

1500 0 2 Silverado.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 14m 14s):

Now you’re getting cold.

Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 16s):

He didn’t buy a Tacoma. I know that for sure. Nope. A T four X non AV or no, A T four X AV edition. No, he didn’t buy a Raptor. Ranger Raptor.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 14m 29s):

No, it’s a Colorado.

Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 31s):

I how? Oh, you just said Trail boss. Trail boss. Oh, okay. All right.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 14m 38s):

Are you surprised?

Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 39s):

No, because he, I’m surprised they got the Chevy. Although I know he knows somebody at the Chevy dealership because he really liked the styling of the GMC better.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 14m 46s):

Yep. Tim brought over like a dozen of them.

Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 49s):

And the fact that the GCs all have the wide body kit on ’em. I know he liked that. He just didn’t like the, the Fender lights. Although I sent him a picture of my friend Nick’s that had ’em all blacked out, which looked great. And the trail boss is like, I would’ve thought he would’ve gone a little higher up in trim. But I could also see him using it as his appliance.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 15m 9s):

He is, it’s a yosem, gonna be a Yosemite runner. ’cause he’s got that property up there and he decided that he wanted to get one on a, on a Monday. And he had one by a A Wednesday. Huh? It was like, I’m gonna buy one of these. Okay. And he did. And it’s a beautiful, like a ruby

Sean P. Holman (1h 15m 26s):

Red. Oh yeah. That’s the tint coat. Metallic. Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 15m 28s):

Yeah. It’s a really nice color. And it’s, it’s well appointed. It does have the cloth seats, but he doesn’t seem to care. You know,

Sean P. Holman (1h 15m 36s):

It’s his, if it’s his runner, he doesn’t care.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 15m 37s):

Yeah. Yeah. But it looks good, man. Yeah, it’s all, all the black accessories. Yeah. So it’s all the ruby red and black. It looks good. Okay.

Sean P. Holman (1h 15m 44s):

Banks I’D dash question from Blake Prickett. He says, Hey Lighting Holman, I had a question about the bank’s ID dash. I’ve noticed that when looking at it, that it goes with just about any vehicle. So if I get one for one vehicle, do you have to reprogram it for another vehicle? You know, if I get another one. Also, is it better to get the data log feature, even if you don’t currently have plans to tune a vehicle. But Mike, down the road, thanks. Five stars and yeah buddy.

15 (1h 16m 8s):

Five star review, five stars.

16 (1h 16m 13s):

Hashtag Yeah buddy.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 16m 16s):

The simple answer to your question about the ID dash is it doesn’t really care what it’s in. So Whether, it’s a Honda Civic or a Ford, you know, diesel pickup. Plug it right in and just pull it outta one, put it in the other. Now I will say that if you go into the menu and you change the vehicle selection and you choose like Ford specific or Durmax specific, whatever, there will be some added parameters that you can see that if you just left it in standard version. But I’ll talk you through that later. Just email me Lightning at trunk show podcast dot com and I’ll talk you through that or I’ll send you some videos. But long story short, it doesn’t care what it’s in. It will show you rich data in almost anything. Now as far as data logging, I find data logging super helpful for diagnostics.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 17m 0s):

Whether you’re upgrading The truck and you’re putting a new intercooler in, or a new turbo or whatever it is, manifold, you can see performance data before and after or diagnostics in the case of like there’s a problem and you take it to the dealership and the guy’s like, I can’t get it to replicate the problem. You can record the problem then email him the data and say, right here, when I’m at 2,800 RPM going up a hill, it does this thing. And you can show him in the data that’s really, really handy. Or you can even play it back right on the gauge and put in your service deck. So that feature can be really, really handy. If you don’t see yourself using it, then just get the super gauge, which is exactly the same, minus data logging.

Sean P. Holman (1h 17m 40s):

And there you have it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 17m 41s):

TRX theft subject line from Mike Rich. The best thing for Lightning would be a driveway alert system that will sound a doorbell in his house if someone crosses the beam.

Sean P. Holman (1h 17m 55s):

Ah, interesting. Sounds like you may have thought of that

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 17m 57s):

One. Most people use it for long driveways so they know when someone drives in, if he heard the alarm, he would be able to contact authorities or scare them off or something. Cheap, easy and effective solution for him. And yes, Mike I have already installed one and I will record it and play it for you. I will say this,

Sean P. Holman (1h 18m 17s):

Do you have to, you do have to play it for us. Like once you finish the recording, walk through the beam just with your phone out or whatever, because I want to hear how dumb it sounds.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 18m 25s):

I will. And right now

Sean P. Holman (1h 18m 26s):

It’d be funny if you had like Kevin and Bean cameo on it. They’re like, Hey guys, this is Kevin and Bean. Don’t steal Lighting’s truck or something.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 18m 33s):

Well, that’s a different box though, would be funny. So I have two units, right? The one that he’s talking about that I installed, that one’s prerecorded. I can’t record it. So it’s like it’s, it’s it’s the, the

Sean P. Holman (1h 18m 41s):

That’s the one in the bedroom. Chinese. How about the outside one?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 18m 43s):

Right? So the the outside one. Yeah, I could have you do it or it could be anyone. Right?

Sean P. Holman (1h 18m 48s):

Halt. Stealing this truck would be bad for your karma.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 18m 52s):

No one’s gonna stop anyone. No. Try these. These kind of thieves, like they flip the camera off. You know what I mean? Like they, they don’t care.

Sean P. Holman (1h 18m 60s):

Stop this truck is haunted.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 19m 3s):

No, no. Again, they’re not gonna care.

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 4s):

They might,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 19m 5s):

I doubt it. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 6s):

All right.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 19m 7s):

But Holman the funny thing about the one that sounds off in the bedroom. Yeah. Brandi already hates it. Oh, of course she does. I mean, literally it was only on for two hours. And every time I was walking back and forth testing it, she’s like, I can’t listen to her voice anymore. No.

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 20s):

Too bad that one

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 19m 21s):

Driveway. No, no, no

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 22s):

Driveway. Hold on. NN. Too bad. That one’s not recordable. Could you could be like, Hey baby, it’s tonight the night. And anytime a random squirrel or a person crosses the beam, you guys are laying there in bed and then maybe you get lucky. I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 19m 34s):

Don’t think that would

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 35s):

Work. No, I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 19m 36s):

Lifted it high enough so like cats and dogs won’t set it off, you know? But yeah, no, it’s just a bunch of annoying doorbells and stuff and all that.

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 44s):

Brandy is tonight the night? Oh dude, that would be funny. So I’ll tell you this, my mom, when I was younger got a Mac two si. And the two si Mac was one of the Apple computers that came with a microphone. And that was a big deal back then that you could actually record sound files with it. So I recorded What did you do that for? And I made it her default sound for when You made a mistake. Oh no. And she was doing, I think she was in like a a either her bachelor’s program. So she had gotten it through work as part of her, her program for schooling. And it took about two seconds of her typing something and hearing that. Dude, my ass got called downstairs so fast. Fix it. don. Don’t know what you did. Fix it.

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 25s):

You know I was in a lot of trouble. Could you imagine every, instead of the boop, every time you messed up, he goes, what’d you do that for? Boop, what did, what’d you do that for? Oh dude. So

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 20m 34s):

You are annoying.

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 35s):

Yep. Always. Ever since day one.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 20m 38s):

Alright, if you have any other security suggestions, send ’em to me. Lightning at truck show podcast dot com or Holman at truck show podcast dot com. We will read ’em and they could end up on the Air

3 (1h 20m 49s):

The truck show. The truck show. The truck show.

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 54s):

Whoa. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 is the five star hotline. So please leave us a message and tell us what’s on your mind. Or you can email us truck show podcast at gmail dot com. Holman at truck show podcast dot com or Lightning at truck show podcast dot com. Or for some base goodies you can slide into old lightning’s dms that would be at LBC Lightning for advice on various topics about life. You could hit me up at Sean P Holman or follow us at hold on show podcast on

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 21m 21s):

Do You a Life coach. All

Sean P. Holman (1h 21m 22s):

Of the sudden, what, you know, people ask random questions and I always deliver may not be right. But, I deliver. Hmm. I answer everything always. I take care of our listeners. You wanna go to truck show podcast dot com for the latest deals or our events calendar? And don’t forget to leave us a five star hotline. Oh wait, wait. By the time you, I mean a five star review. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 21m 42s):

Yeah. So wait, listen, by the time you’re listening,

Sean P. Holman (1h 21m 44s):

Well you can also leave the five star hotline I,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 21m 46s):

Have the go to our webpage and I will link to agm products dot com

Sean P. Holman (1h 21m 51s):

For your discount code. For your discount codes. By the way, that page is gonna get better. We’re working on some stuff and it’ll be easier to navigate, but Well

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 21m 57s):

That’s fine. Just scroll. You got a thumb you can scroll.

Sean P. Holman (1h 21m 60s):

You’ll see. We’ll, we’ll have some better it. It’ll look better here.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 22m 2s):

Pretty it. It doesn’t matter. It works. Tap the link and buy something with a discount. So truck show to save at our new buddy Brian light’s website agm dash products dot com.

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 12s):

All right, if you’re looking for a Nissan truck support Nissan, they have been the presenting sponsor of The Truck. Show Podcast since the beginning. Or hey, if you are looking for EVs, there’s some great leaf in Aria deals out there. But in fact, Lightning, as soon as we’re done talking, why don’t you say we go for a quick spin. I would love to. Okay. Nissan usa dot com or your local dealer.

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18 (1h 23m 58s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 24m 1s):

One more time.

18 (1h 24m 5s):

Drive away.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 24m 7s):

It’s annoying isn’t it?

18 (1h 24m 9s):

Drive away. Ah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (1h 24m 10s):

Did it accidentally? I.