Ford is testing a Maverick ST sport truck, Toyota’s turbo V-6 reliability is under scrutiny, the Death Valley salt tram tower story receives an update, Ram is developing a hydrogen-fueled HD, BYD unveils the Shark, and Tesla re-matches with Porsche. The Truck Show Podcast is proudly presented by Nissan in association with Banks Power and AMSOIL.


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Sean P. Holman (0s):

Eh, Lighting, Have, You Heard.

Recording (2s):

Oh hell no.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9s):


Recording (10s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer. What? The truck, Because truck rides with The truck show. We have the lifted We have the lowered and everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show Whoa.

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It’s The truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

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This episode of The Truck Show Podcast Have You Heard is proudly presented by Nissan with the Frontier Titan and Titan Xd. Nissan has a truck for every need, along with the legendary Nissan durability. Test Drive, your next truck at a local Nissan dealer today, Or point your browser to Nissan usa dot com where you can use the build and price tool to configure a Nissan truck that fits your lifestyle.

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Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 5s):

No, I haven’t, I’m

Sean P. Holman (2m 7s):

Actually sad about this news. When I read it, I was like, whoa. O Dodge and Ram. CEO Tim Kki is retiring on June 1st after an impressive 32 year run at Chrysler. And the reason for that no, is he’s the

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 29s):

Hellcat guy.

Sean P. Holman (2m 30s):

He’s the Hellcat everything guy. And he’s the guy that did Roadkill Nights and supported that. And he’s the guy that put the 3 92 in Wranglers. And now that electrification is on the way. What does that mean for the brand? Yeah. Yeah. With all these crazy retirements, it’s not,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (2m 50s):

It’s going green people, it’s going green.

Sean P. Holman (2m 51s):

It’s not, it’s not looking like the, it’s not the same people that have put everything into those brands for the past 10 or 15 years. There, there’s new people coming. So the person replacing him is Chrysler’s current. CEO Christine, I guess it’s fuel fee. FUL. It’s F-E-U-E-L-L. I’m not, I don’t know her, but she’s gonna be leading the Ram brand. It’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 15s):

Fuel. Yes.

Sean P. Holman (3m 16s):

Fuel. It could be. I mean, it could be great. Say it’s fuel. I look, I, I fuel,

5 (3m 20s):

Fuel. It’s a sign, ladies, gentlemen. It’s a sign.

Sean P. Holman (3m 23s):

Matt Mcal will replace meniscus as the Dodge brand, CEO, and then he’ll also join the, the top executive team. He’s in his previous role. He led Dodges sales operation and then has experience in automotive, medical, and digital industries. So definitely not a, no, not a guy, a Chrysler lifer guy. No. So, and then

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (3m 42s):

Thinking is, ’cause he can’t, well, why can’t he just go, just work till he dies?

Sean P. Holman (3m 46s):

Well, here’s the part that was, I, I hated hearing this quote. So, you know, when an executive leaves, if they were forced out, there’s a really specific way they write it. And if it was somebody who retired on their own, it’s like really glowing. Like, oh, we can’t believe we had so much success. We’ve won together with Tim and dah, dah, dah. don don’t know if he was forced out or not. But let me read you the quote that they said. Then you decide,

4 (4m 8s):

You set up a what? You are fired. I am

6 (4m 16s):

Done with you. Do you hear me? Done? Get outta here. Now you’re fired.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 20s):

That’s, that’s not the quote.

Sean P. Holman (4m 21s):

I wanna take the opportunity to warmly thank Tim for his passion, commitment, and contributions to Stellantis and in defining the vision of the future electrified Ram and Dodge brands. I wish him well in his retirement. No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 33s):

This is already like a, starting like the backpedaling from the first word.

Sean P. Holman (4m 37s):

I am confident that Chris will continue the work of Tim in leading the iconic Ram brand. Matt will bring fresh perspective while continuing to draw on the heritage of our iconic Dodge brand in leading the transition of brands toward a sustainable future unquote. That was from Carlos Veris who runs that whole deal.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (4m 58s):

So what I’m hearing is they said, you know what? Meniscus is too synonymous with our big gas guzzling engines. And, and his face is all over.

Sean P. Holman (5m 9s):

I I listen all over the all the Joe stuff,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 12s):

Everything. You,

Sean P. Holman (5m 13s):

That’s why, that’s the reasons I wasn’t expecting this. And then he was gonna come on the show and then we just couldn’t sync up. And so now I’m like, that opportunity gone. And, and that would’ve been great. And anyway, Tim, we wish you the best. And I’ll never forget when I was in your office in Auburn Hills I, don, did I ever tell you that Tim liked to test me? Yes. Okay. I don’t know if I said that on the show, but Tim Yeah, it was on the show. But Tim Tim gave me a bunch of like fake information to see if I would go burn him. And, and, and you didn’t. And I didn’t. And so Then, you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 39s):

Won his favor.

Sean P. Holman (5m 40s):

I, when I won his favor, he pulled me aside out of a meeting and said, Hey, come into my office. And we sat down and he showed me the 3 92, which was code named J nine. And at that point I knew I was in the circle and it was a great meeting and just, just a rad dude. And I’m sorry, he is gonna go

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 56s):

A moment of silence for Mr. Timothy Kki. No, no, no.

Sean P. Holman (5m 59s):

He’s not dead. He’s just

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (5m 59s):

Retired. Stop it. A moment of silence

Sean P. Holman (6m 2s):

For the V eight. No, he doesn’t want a moment of silence. He wants some rowdy V eight noise. That’s what he wants. He wants a, a celebratory revving of your TRX. So why don’t you make that noise happen?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 28s):

Yeah. How does that sound?

Sean P. Holman (6m 29s):

There you go. Hey, Lighting, Have, You Heard.

8 (6m 33s):

No. And I don’t

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 35s):

Care. Now I have not heard

Sean P. Holman (6m 38s):

The Internet’s been alive with the Maverick St being spied.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (6m 44s):


Sean P. Holman (6m 45s):

So the 2025 Ford Maverick, it’s a front end freshening and on the head on photos, not only can you see a big old intercooler behind the grill really, but it looks a little bit lower and it looks like it’s sporting a set of twenties, kinda like an old RoboForm Wheel.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 3s):

Interesting. So I’m gonna, so what you’re saying with a big old intercooler means the tur skis may have gotten larger.

Sean P. Holman (7m 9s):

I hope so. So I’m gonna put it up on the, the screen here and you can take, you

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 13s):

Know what I take back that word I just said? TURs skis. Yeah, I don. I’m not gonna say that again. That was a one time deal. I’m embarrassed. Yeah, I

Sean P. Holman (7m 19s):

Sh I would be tur turbo Turbo chargers. Look on the screen.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (7m 22s):

Here we go. Oh, there’s no question about that. That’s a heat exchanger. That’s an inter Oh yeah. Wow. Look at that is a street rig. Wow. All color matched. So you’ve got the headlights are reminiscent of the F-150, but smaller. And you’ve got a body color piece. How do we It’s describe

Sean P. Holman (7m 44s):

That it’s fresh. It has a new fascia, it’s fresh and it’s all body color. But what I wanted you to see were the wheels. Hmm. Well, I think the front end’s way cleaner than the current truck. That’s one of the only things I don’t like about the Maverick is I think the front end’s ugly. And this is definitely way cleaned up. I like the body color. It’s in that St. Blue. And then somebody online was one of the influencers was like, Ooh, is it electric or is it, is it gas? And you’re like, dude, it’s got a giant intercooler in it. And no

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 8s):

Way did they really? Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (8m 9s):

And it’s St Blue, like, come on, this is Ford trolling the universe. So,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 14s):

So this on bags on the ground would, would be

Sean P. Holman (8m 18s):

Pretty sick.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 18s):

So cool.

Sean P. Holman (8m 19s):

But these things already run $42,000 topped out. Dude, that’s insane.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 25s):

And remember when they started

Sean P. Holman (8m 26s):

$19,000? Yeah. And now I think the entry is like 25 or 26 or something. So this is, I believe the Mavericks are actually outselling the Rangers and the F1 fifties. It’s like, it’s like

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 37s):

They look good. Crazy. That’s a great looking little mini truck. I mean it’s, I guess it’s not really mini truck, is it? Well,

Sean P. Holman (8m 43s):

It’s not in the

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (8m 43s):

Closest thing we have to a mini truck.

Sean P. Holman (8m 45s):

It’s, it’s a, it’s a mini truck by, by today’s standards. Right. So I, I just pulled up this, this note here. So the Ford Maverick in April of this year sold 12,077 while the Ford F-150 Lightning only sold 2090 and the Ranger only sold 4,327. So if that tells you the ouch, the popularity of the Maverick and even the Ford Transit, which

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 14s):

That’s not good for the Ranger.

Sean P. Holman (9m 16s):

Well, it just got redesigned. So this, I’m sure they’re, wait, they’re just hitting dealerships now. The four transit 12,412. Of course they’re being supported by Fleet. So really only less than 400 more than what the Mavericks sold. And then the Maverick’s nearest competitors, the hundred Santa Cruz 29 56. So it’s absolutely slaying its Korean counterparts. So anyway, just kind of interesting that

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 39s):

St is gonna do. Well that’s a good move on

Sean P. Holman (9m 42s):

For Park. I think there’s more sport trucks coming, but I’ll leave it at that. Okay. Hey, Lighting, Have, You Heard.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (9m 46s):

No, no.

Sean P. Holman (9m 48s):

So it’s interesting is our, our man, Caleb Jacobs over at the drive just did a, a deep dive into the twin turbo V six that is in the tundra and the GX that replaced the Toyota v eights. And they’re talking about reliability because in the forums there’s been a number of them that have had a main bearing failure. And so it goes into the construction and how, you know, Toyota has lived its life on unstressed engines that were over square. So more bore than stroke, but how the V 35 A FTS is an under square engine with a hundred millimeter stroke in an 86 millimeter bore.

Sean P. Holman (10m 29s):

Basically they do this chart where the old 4.7 liter V eight, the two UZFE had 56 horsepower per liter and 68.7 horsepower per liter while the one URFE 4.6 liter V eight, which is the newer one, was up to 65.4 horsepower per liter and 71.5 on torque per liter. And then if you compare those VS to the V six, it’s kind of right in line with those, the one GRFE, the venerable four liter that’s in the forerunner, 67.5 horsepower per liter and 69.5 torque pound feet per liter. But check this out. when You go to the V 35 A FTS, it goes all the way up to 102 horsepower per liter and 140.9 pound feet per liter.

Sean P. Holman (11m 18s):

Which is like massively changed.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 21s):

But I. I mean, but that’s what you get. What turbos like, that’s the

Sean P. Holman (11m 23s):

Whole point. Well that’s, but but read the story, go to the drive, check out Caleb’s story. The, you know, from, you know, the comment was yes, we get that there’s a turbo, we get that you have more power, but with it being under square versus over square and now being more stressed than what Toyota owners have ever had before, especially in The truck side of things, is that gonna be a reliability concern long term? And it’s at least a very interesting conversation.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (11m 51s):

I mean, it’s certainly more complex, that’s for sure. I will tell you from personal experience that the, they’re a little more temperamental. They’re not gonna like upgrades much at first until we figure them out. We are doing some stuff at banks with both the Tundra and the Tacoma, the 24 Tacoma, although we don’t have any parts out yet. We’ve been looking into, we’ve been looking at some competitors’ parts for the, for the Tundra specifically. And I, a friend of mine, a friend of mine installed a competitor’s intake system on his Tundra hybrid, right. The TRD Pro.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (12m 31s):

And it didn’t like it. And when I say it didn’t like it, Holman The truck, I’ve never seen this before. The truck wouldn’t run it straight up, wouldn’t run it, thought that the PCV hoses were disconnected. It would start and go br started again over and over again until we pulled the intake system off. And it was, it was installed perfectly. It was installed as it should be. It just didn’t like the extra

Sean P. Holman (12m 60s):

Airflow. Yeah. The problem is, is there’s so many sensors of any change is very, very sensitive. It

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 6s):

Did not like a free flowing intake system. Right.

Sean P. Holman (13m 9s):

’cause there are, you know, you gotta, most vehicles today are, are designed to the nth degree and have all the efficiency rung out. You may be able to get a little more fuel economy, you may be able to get a little more performance, but they’re pretty darn good. Hey, Lighting, did you hear?

9 (13m 23s):

No, no, no, no, no, no,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 26s):

No. A couple

Sean P. Holman (13m 27s):

Episodes ago I was complaining about people doing stupid things. Well it turns out the person who damaged the 113 year old historic Saltram tower in Death Valley actually did the right thing and contacted the National Park Service and accepted responsibility for their actions. No

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (13m 43s):


Sean P. Holman (13m 43s):

There was a guy who had webcam of the dude stuck out there. He went out there to help. They determined that the guy that drove out there to help him was after I guess the salt tram tower went over. And he, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was trying to help these, this guy. But it says that basically after putting out the call for those with information to, you know, being urged to contact NPS that several days later they announced that the person responsible came forward via its tip line. And the quote was, we are grateful to the dozens of people reached out to the park with information for all the statements of support that we received from people who care about this place. And the cultural resources said, acting superintendent Elizabeth Ibanez, although we would certainly prefer this damage hadn’t happened.

Sean P. Holman (14m 26s):

We are glad the person who did this ultimately took responsibility for their actions and came forward. The NPS did not identify who was responsible, but they did say the circumstances surrounded the incident. The driver was mired deep in the mud and he winched to the tower outta desperation. Didn’t mean any harm, but of course it shouldn’t have been where he was. They’re still assessing the damage. Apparently a ton of people have come and said, we will fix it. And NPS said no. Because they want to figure out, or in the process currently of assessing the damage and determining what restoration will be needed and ask that no visitors attempt to repair it because they want to do it. It’s an archeological artifact. They wanna do it the correct way.

Sean P. Holman (15m 6s):

They don’t wanna just dig holes and sit it upright and go, it’s done. They want to do everything they can put

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 11s):

A bunch of two by fours and screws through it and it’s like, ah, it’s done. Exactly.

Sean P. Holman (15m 14s):

So I just, I I, you know, it’s, it’s a lot of times we’ll do a rant and there may be a change or an update. We don’t go back. So I thought it’d be important to tell people good on the off roaders and good on the person who ultimately came forward. And I get that it was, you know, desperation and an accident. But, you know, let’s, let’s be smart out there people. Let’s be smart out there. Lighting, Have, You, Heard.

10 (15m 40s):

No, no, no, no, no,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 43s):

No, I don’t think so. Apparently

Sean P. Holman (15m 44s):

A RAM HD with hydrogen fuel is coming to the US market. What? So it sounds like that,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (15m 53s):

Wait a minute. We know that Cummins has been working on hydrogen for quite some time. Well, well,

Sean P. Holman (15m 58s):

So has stellantis and they, according to German outlet, welt on Sontag and then via Wards Auto, they wrote that SOLANIS is commenced manufacturing of a hydrogen fuel cell Ram 5,500 in Poland, where The truck has said to be in low volume production, but it will also be billed at the Mexico factory for sale in the United States. The 5,500 sold as the chassis cab, and they wanna sell as many as a hundred thousand of the hydrogen trucks a year. By which point they intend for 40% of the commercial vehicle lineup to be emissions free in Europe. So, interesting. I didn’t, I wasn’t aware that you could get a truck that big in Europe. Hmm. Apparently you can. All right, I’ve got this great story.

Sean P. Holman (16m 38s):

But first I must ask you, did you hear No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 42s):


Sean P. Holman (16m 43s):

How about a $1,400 kit that turns your old Bronco two into a new Bronco

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (16m 52s):

For $1,400? I don’t even understand what that Whoa, what the heck? I’m seeing that on the screen that it doesn’t look well, it doesn’t

Sean P. Holman (17m 0s):

Look bad. Well, it’s basically a new Bronco grill and hood on, on a Bronco

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 4s):

Two. It’s just a grill in a, like at But what is the,

Sean P. Holman (17m 6s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 6s):

Bronco two. Well, that bumper is absurd and ugly.

Sean P. Holman (17m 10s):

It’s not the bumper

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 10s):

Dude. It’s not the bumper, but the, it’s the grill and the headlights.

Sean P. Holman (17m 13s):

Stay stay on the trail here, Lightning.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 15s):

No, I got it. But what, what other than the grill and the headlights, what, what is it? It’s

Sean P. Holman (17m 18s):

1400 bucks. It’s gonna be the grill in the headlights. Well, that’s it. And the hood and probably the fenders. I think it looks rad. Yeah. What,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 24s):

What are the other things? The, the sight, the the the gun sites on top of the hood. Yeah. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (17m 29s):

Just like the regular Bronco. Yeah.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 31s):

Well that’s stupid. It just

Sean P. Holman (17m 33s):

Stupid. Then you tell Caleb Jacobs, he wrote the story. I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 36s):

Hold on second. It’s not stupid. Caleb

Sean P. Holman (17m 37s):

Jacobs, why don’t you give Lightning a ring? He thinks you’re stupid.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 40s):

No, I did not say that. You know, I didn’t say that. Well, you

Sean P. Holman (17m 44s):

Said that I

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 44s):

Didn’t say the writer of the story is stupid. I’d say the the the no you thing he

Sean P. Holman (17m 47s):

Wrote about No, this was his passion. His his life’s work went into this story and you just crapped all over

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 51s):

It. It did not, he did he do like 10 stories a

Sean P. Holman (17m 53s):

Day? Well, and you think that it’s

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 55s):

Got a high output.

Sean P. Holman (17m 55s):

Yeah. Well you think that any one of the stories is like not one of his kids.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (17m 60s):

They’re not, not of our kids. You

Sean P. Holman (18m 1s):

Have two kids. What if I called one of ’em ugly?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (18m 3s):

It wouldn’t surprise me. Okay,

Sean P. Holman (18m 5s):

Noted. Hey Lighting, did you hear?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (18m 10s):

No, I didn’t hear.

Sean P. Holman (18m 12s):

So apparently MotorTrend did their best to pick apart the Tesla video where they launched the cyber truck and then told everybody that a cyber truck towing a Porsche could out drag nine 11 not towing anything. And so, wait,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (18m 31s):

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Whoa Whoa. Stop for a second. So engineering explained when, and Chris Kremsky, I think is his name, explained that it, it was bogus. The Tesla couldn’t actually beat a Porsche nine 11 pulling a nine 11. So you’re saying that MotorTrend is so in love with Tesla that they’re going to try to show No, they already did it.

Sean P. Holman (18m 52s):

It’s possible the video is up on their website. Go to MotorTrend, check it out. Or you go to motor one dot com where Anthony Alanis picked the part, the video and it was actually pretty cool. So MotorTrend took a educated guess as to what the proper Porsche for the trailer would be. They tried to match it as, as much as they could. And each one of these drags, the Porsche one, the first race was the closest with only 0.2 seconds separating them. Then 0.7 second gap by the final race when the nine 11 did a 12 two at one 16.4, which was its best. It took the cyber truck 12 nine at 1 0 4 0.6, which is a crazy number for production vehicle anyway.

Sean P. Holman (19m 38s):

And the best quarter mile time towing was 12.7 seconds for the Tesla. So the video that Tesla originally showed was like scrutinized by all of these internet sleuths. Right. And they’re like, wait a minute, this was an eighth mile race. This wasn’t a quarter mile race. Right? Yeah. Right. So on the eighth mile, the cyber truck reached the mark first at 8.1 seconds, where the nine 11 was at 8.2 seconds. But it wasn’t emptys quickest run with the Porsche. That was the last race where the nine 11 did 7.9 seconds to the cyber trucks 8.3. So it’s pretty damn close. I’m sure Elon took a flyer on it and went, eh, it’s within a couple tens.

Sean P. Holman (20m 19s):

We’ll we’ll do it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 21s):


Sean P. Holman (20m 22s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 23s):

You know, I don don’t

Sean P. Holman (20m 23s):

You gotta go watch the video. It’s, it’s, no, no,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 25s):

I, I get that it’s good. But like why are they doing this now?

Sean P. Holman (20m 29s):

Because they probably just got a cyber truck. Now Tesa doesn’t have a PR department. No,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 35s):

No, no. So they had to get a private truck to do this. No, I get that. But like, why is MotorTrend doing that? People did debunked it and shot these videos like months ago when this was news

Sean P. Holman (20m 44s):

I have not seen a recreation with the exact thing.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (20m 47s):

Well, not saying it’s not a recreation. I I haven’t seen that either. What I’m saying is, but people have gone through and debunked the video so many different ways. Well, it’s

Sean P. Holman (20m 55s):

One thing to debunk it in theory, it’s another thing to put resources behind it and match the same trailer with the same model of Porsche with versus the same model of Porsche. So they actually did it in the real world. Did

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 6s):

I think that’s more valuable? And did they get so though, so that’s Chris Kremsky right there from engineering explained on the right hand side on the thumbnail. Did is he part of this video? Why

Sean P. Holman (21m 14s):

Don’t you go watch it?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 14s):

I got, I’m gonna have to, you got my curiosity out.

Sean P. Holman (21m 16s):

Oh, there you go. That’s the whole point of this exercise.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 18s):

What is Chris doing on a MotorTrend video? Interesting.

Sean P. Holman (21m 22s):

Hey Lighting, did you hear?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 25s):


11 (21m 25s):

No, no, no, no, no,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 28s):

No, no.

Sean P. Holman (21m 29s):

So the, the little ram rampage that you like Yep. They have a dark package now. All blacked out black on black on black. Just the way you like it. Did you say,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 38s):

Did you call it a dark package?

Sean P. Holman (21m 39s):

That’s what they’re calling it.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 41s):


Sean P. Holman (21m 42s):

I’m just saying I saw that and it had blacked out everything. And I’m like, that’s your style.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 47s):

I need a T-shirt that says dark package. Jesus

Sean P. Holman (21m 51s):

Lighting pay attention to the screen with The truck on

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 53s):

It. I’m seeing that

Sean P. Holman (21m 54s):

Stay focused here.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (21m 55s):

I don’t like that truck with that stance. That it looks ridiculous.

Sean P. Holman (21m 60s):

That’s the same truck that you liked before?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 2s):

No. It was lowered.

Sean P. Holman (22m 3s):

No, it

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 3s):

Wasn’t something. No, that stance is dumb

Sean P. Holman (22m 5s):

Dumb. That’s what they look like.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 7s):

It looks like it’s on helium or something. It’s, it’s floating the, like there’s a a foot

Sean P. Holman (22m 12s):

Foot and look, it has the taillights

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 14s):

In the I love the American flag and the taillights. No, I do like it and it’s good. It could potentially be I

Sean P. Holman (22m 20s):

Don. Everybody listening. No, listen to

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 22s):

Me. Listen to me. Stop. I’m No,

Sean P. Holman (22m 23s):

No, you listen to me. You listen to me. Everybody listening. Just when, when Lightning just goes through a stream of consciousness and then goes from one side, this is it. This is, listen, this is a daily conversation. I like

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 35s):

The truck and I do not like the stance. The stance ruins it. All right,

Sean P. Holman (22m 39s):

Well then go get different wheels. Lower it today it’s from

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 42s):

Brazil. Looks much better.

Sean P. Holman (22m 43s):

It’s not coming here. Oh,

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (22m 44s):

Well if it’s never coming here then whatever. I don’t like it. Okay, fine.

Sean P. Holman (22m 47s):

I hate it. All right, one more. Hey Lighting, did you hear this last one?

12 (22m 51s):

What? No. What? No

13 (22m 56s):

What? No,

Sean P. Holman (22m 60s):

No. BYD known for buses and things like that is a Chinese company. But they just released photos of their shark truck that’s going to be coming to Mexico. And there is rumors that it could possibly come here to the us but it’s supposed to be pretty darn pricey. It kind of looks like the badger a little bit. I see some badger

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (23m 25s):

In it. It definitely does look like they ripped off the Ford Lightning front end and the lights on from the and the badger.

Sean P. Holman (23m 32s):

My greenhouse and the

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (23m 33s):

Badger. Definitely the greenhouse. And even the stripe along the midsection of the windows. I, and they stole the ram bar in the back. Which is ridiculous

Sean P. Holman (23m 45s):

Because they stole your idea to for

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (23m 47s):

Rear window protection. No, I’m just saying. No, no, no. I’m just saying it doesn’t, it doesn’t fit this truck. But you’re right, that is the badger that’s, it’s so weird how they they rip off. The Chinese are so good at ripping off. Yeah. All these other designs. Now let two questions. Okay. Is this the same company that the government is threatening to not allow to import those super inexpensive electric cars that are like six grand?

Sean P. Holman (24m 11s):

I think that double tariff on all affects all Chinese. So But

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 16s):

I thought they called out this BYD specifically don don’t I don. They’ve got a very, very inexpensive electric car. Well,

Sean P. Holman (24m 21s):

This is not an inexpensive, no, this will not

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (24m 23s):

Be, this one isn’t. Okay, but tell me more.

Sean P. Holman (24m 25s):

They’re trying to go through Mexico for the loophole. But politics aside, I just thought it was interesting because it’s, it’s actually on a body on frame chassis has a longitudinally mounted engine. So it’s a turbocharge 1.5 liter. They don’t say Whether, it’s gas or diesel. And then it’s got a double wishbone independent suspension at all four corners. And then the engine is only coupled to the front motor and then there’s a separate motor providing drive power to the rear. So it’s kinda like a series hybrid. But then there’s thought that there might be some way to have direct power to the front axle anyway. They say the front motor is 228 horsepower, the rear is 2 0 1. Combine those for 430 horsepower of total output and estimated run to zero to 60 in 5.7 seconds.

Sean P. Holman (25m 11s):

And it sounds like there’s a 29.6 kilowatt hour lithium ion phosphate battery. And so it’ll be able to do, you know, the all electric and all that kinda good stuff. So it looks pretty modern.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (25m 25s):

The interior looks, yeah. Very contemporary. But

Sean P. Holman (25m 27s):

They’re talking about converted into US dollars, the base price of 53,948. And it looks like it’s maybe a little bit bigger than like a Ford Ranger or something like that. That

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (25m 37s):

That price is not that bad.

Sean P. Holman (25m 39s):

Yeah, well I guess not for a plugin hybrid. So anyway, if you are kind of curious about it, it it’s more of a novelty. It’s not coming here yet that we know about But. I mean. It’s, it’s kind of a chunky, cool truck. It’s interesting, like I said, body on frame with all independent suspensions. So who knows?

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (25m 55s):

It’s very interesting that the, the more I look at this on, on where, where’s this auto blog? The more that I look at this, it is the badger, the different front end, but it’s, there’s

Sean P. Holman (26m 5s):

A lot of badger. It’s not as elegant as the badger. No, definitely not as as sophisticated, you know, the surfacing and the in the design. But you can definitely see some badger. You

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (26m 15s):

Know what I see in that as well? The greenhouse is tundra a little bit too. Yeah. You

Sean P. Holman (26m 19s):

See that there’s a little bit Toyota. Yeah. So I mean, typical of the Chinese manufacturers. Let’s take the best thing from all sorts of things and make our own thing.

Jay “Lightning” Tilles (26m 27s):

Hey, Holman, Have You Heard.

Sean P. Holman (26m 31s):


14 (26m 33s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (26m 35s):

It’s the end of the show.

Sean P. Holman (26m 36s):


Jay “Lightning” Tilles (26m 37s):

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15 (26m 59s):

All right, you let me know. Choice. You’re giving me a raise. Not even close. You’re fired.