We encourage people to simply “get out there.” Taking a break from everything for a day—or three or seven—and just clearing your mind can definitely help anyone’s mental state. Just get out there… the destination is for you to decide.

But while it’s easy to say that you want to take time off from your busy life and that “next month” will be the month that you finally go out and disconnect from the world, it’s never really that easy, is it? Regardless, the effort must be made.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-3

Al Catolos is someone from whom many of us can take a cue. His 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited 4x4 TRD Off-Road was created to serve the needs of both himself and his family to finally get out there.

He explained that his family loves to camp as much as he does, so it’s quite common that they all take off on the weekends to camp and explore the surrounding natural areas.

Even better, Al’s Tundra isn’t just a weekend escape. It’s his trusted daily driver as well. It bridges the gap between work and adventure, blurring the line between the two and epitomizing the modern concept of a mobile office.


Feeling Cramped
A few of years ago, Al and family loaded up into his Toyota 4Runner and went on a 10-day trip to visit a handful of national parks. Within a few days of traveling in the jam-packed SUV, Al mentioned to his wife that the 4Runner was feeling more than a little cramped.

She agreed, and that’s when he told her about an all-new Tundra that was rumored to be released in a couple years.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-6

Its overall larger size and the capability to host a camper in its bed was just what they needed (he said with a wink and a nudge). The rest, you can say, is history. He placed an order for the Tundra in March of 2021 without even seeing what the new model looked like. The first official photos were released in June of that year—and he took delivery of it almost a year later.


The Master Plan
What do you do with a brand-new truck with only 7 miles on its odometer? You plan out an all-out overland build, of course. To be clear, not only were the Tundra’s modifications all planned by the time he took delivery of it, Al already had a collection of parts ready to go before it even arrived at the dealership. 

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-1

It’s a good thing that he started preparations for his build early ,since he was invited by Mackin Industries to display his yet-to-be-built Tundra as a feature vehicle at the 2022 SEMA Show. Mackin Industries distributes wheels from Japan made by the brand Volk Racing. Volk is sought-after in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) automotive world and is one of Al’s favorite brands of wheels. So with only a few months to build his rig, he got straight to work.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-9

One thing to know about Al is that he’s a perfectionist. We noticed that everything from his vehicle, to his clothing, right down to his shoes… everything is well-planned, well-executed and clinically spotless. He is also an adventurer who spares no expense in his quest for perfection.

This Tundra is a testament to Al’s commitment to fashioning a rig that seamlessly blends high-performance capabilities with functional brilliance. Every detail was scrutinized, every component hand-picked, and it all results in a vehicle that personifies the man’s vision of the ultimate overlanding rig.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-5

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-4

The Tundra build was assisted by the expertise of RPM Garage, Showstoppers Off-Road, and Coachcraft. However, these companies’ contributions merely set the stage. The exhaustive roll call of build partners reads like a who’s who for the off-road industry: Redarc Electronics, Battleborn Batteries, Four Wheel Campers, Midland USA, Mackin Industries, Toyo Tires, RIGd Supply, C4 Fabrications, King Shocks, Total Chaos, Mountain Hatch, Prospeed Rack, Warn Industries, Timbren, Baja Designs, and IceCo.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-17

About six months and roughly 70 grand later, the Tundra was complete. Well, as complete as any build like this ever is, since we all know that they’re never really “done.” Nevertheless, Al was able to meet his deadline and the Tundra made it to SEMA that year to much fanfare.


Upfitted For The Trail
The beating heart of Al’s Tundra is a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine, an embodiment of power and capability. Eschewing major engine modifications, Al placed a premium on reliability. That goes for its 10-speed transmission, too. It’s all factory Toyota with no mods.

The exhaust system, however, is modified. The addition of the Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust from Revel USA not only imparts a touch of auditory delight but also signals a harmony between performance and refinement.

Taming wild terrain is no challenge for the Tundra thanks to a well-curated suspension setup. In the front you’ll find King Shocks 2.5 coilovers with compression adjusters paired with the Total Chaos upper control arms and Timbren Active off-road bumpstops.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-10

King 2.5 shocks with compression adjusters and Timbren Active off-road bumpstops

The rear is much the same, with King 2.5 shocks with compression adjusters and Timbren Active off-road bumpstops. You’ll also discover King Shock sway bar links and Dobinson 2-inch rear coils.

These suspension components come together to form a harmonious orchestra of control and comfort which allows the Tundra to effortlessly conquer the most treacherous terrain while managing all the weight of the big truck without issue.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-11

Armor is more than aesthetics; it’s a shield against obstacles and trail-borne adversity. Al’s Tundra is ready for whatever may come thanks to its Toyota TRD aluminum skid plates, C4 Overland Series bumpers and C4 rock sliders. We are informed that with the Tundra’s long wheelbase, the rock sliders have come in handy more often than originally anticipated.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-7

This Tundra is fitted with Volk Racing TE37XT wheels in 17x8.5-inch sizing with -10 offset, with Toyo Tires Open Country RT Trail tires in 35x12.5R17.

A set of striking Volk Racing TE37XT wheels in 17x8.5-inch sizing with -10 offset, with Toyo Tires Open Country RT Trail tires in 35x12.5R17, plant the Tundra on the ground. Al speaks very highly of this wheel and tire combo in terms of style and performance. From what we can tell, he’s not wrong. The wheels look great and the tires have a proven track record.

Hidden inside the bumper is a Warn VR EVO 12-S winch that’s been upgraded with a Factor 55 FlatLink shackle mount. A RIGd UltraSwing hitch carrier for a full-size spare is mounted on the truck’s rear.


Airing Up
The Tundra features an onboard air system that allows Al to air up and air down all four tires at the same time.

Powered by an onboard air compressor, the Sponsored By Wifey Wifey Air System features air hoses positioned on all four corners of the rig so that airing back up after coming off a trail is made quick and easy without the need for dealing with longer, bulky, tangled air hoses. 

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-SBW-air-system-3

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-SBW-air-system-2


Sponsored By Wifey
Sponsored By Wifey (SBW) is a brand that was founded by Al Catolos to help outfit fellow overlanders who began asking for the one-off items that he originally created for his own rigs.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-SBW-air-system-1

Aside from having a catchy name, SBW is responsible for the Wifey Air System that allows tires to be aired up at all four corners simultaneously.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-SBW-air-system-4

In fact, the system was used to air up our photographer’s tires while on the photo shoot to support this story. SBW also creates ultra-clean custom cabinetry and electronics setups and installs as well. 


Camper Life
As we further examined his rig, we could see that Al’s dedication for overlanding pulses through every fiber of the Tundra. Beyond its striking appearance, this rig is a testament to his spirit of exploration.

Outfitted with a Four Wheel Camper Project M, bespoke cabinets, Prospeed Rack mole panels and more, it transforms into a haven on wheels prepared to conquer uncharted realms.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-12

Let’s talk about the custom-made cabinets for a minute. Al made them himself. We’ll let him tell the story in his own words: “There was no off-the-shelf cabinetry available for the Project M Camper, so I was pretty much on my own. I watched YouTube videos on camper and van life builds while I waited for the camper to be built. By the time it was ready, I had the aluminum extrusions and hardware ready. It took me two days to put something together.”

He ended up fabricating the Project M camper’s interior, bench seats, cabinets, countertops, drawers and sink provision all himself.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-13

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-15

Also in the interior, you’ll find an excellent electronics suite, also created, wired, loomed and installed by Al himself. Poking around inside the cabinets in the Project M camper we discovered two Battleborn 100Ah batteries that are managed by the Redarc’s Prime Redvision System with Redarc 2000W Pure Sine Inverter.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-16

The 160W solar panel mounted on the camper’s roof keeps power flowing through the system whenever the sun is out. It’s worth noting that Al didn’t overlook the rig’s comms. In fact, there are two radios mounted in the Tundra: a Midland MXT 575 located in the truck cab and a MXT275 located in the camper.


Home Sweet Home
With the rig complete, Al and family have used it to find plenty of adventure so far. He recalls that the longest trip that they’ve taken in it was 11 days, when they ventured into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and explored the trails that run through Oregon and Washington.

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-14

We asked him what, exactly, he loves most about the truck. “What I love about the truck camper is its enclosed living space,” he says. “I’m able to cook, dress, use the bathroom, take shelter from inclement weather or just hang out. It’s a tiny home on wheels.”


Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-8

Uncharted Territories
On future plans, Al tells us that he hasn’t taken the Tundra there yet, but he would love to take it to Baja since it’s one of his favorite places to go. We’re confident he’ll find the time to make that journey. With each adventure, Al pens new chapters in his and his family’s story, leaving tire tracks on trails less traveled.

Stay up to date on Al Catolos’ adventure by follwoing his social media accounts at @sponsoredbywifey.

 Al Catolos’s  2022 Toyota Tundra 
 Base Vehicle  2022 Toyota Tundra Limited 4x4 TRD Off-Road
 Engine  3.5L V6 Twin Turbo, Revel USA Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust
 Suspension Front— King Shocks 2.5 front coilover with compression adjusters, Total Chaos Upper Control Arm, Timbren Active Off-road bumpstops Rear— King Shocks 2.5 shocks with compression adjusters, King Shock sway bar link, Dobinson 2” rear coils Timbren Active Off-road bumpstops  
 Wheels & Tires  Volk Racing TE37XT (17x8.5 at -10 offset); Toyo Tires Open Country R/T Trail (35x12.5R17)
 Armor & Racks  Toyota TRD Aluminum Skid Plate, C4 Overland Series Front Bumper, C4 Rock Sliders
 Recovery  Warn VR Evo 12-S and Factor 55 FlatLink
 Body  Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Grille
 Storage  Prospeed Rack MOLLE panels
 Lighting  Baja Design 20” S8 (grille), Baja Design 40” S8 (bumper)
 Electronics  Midland MXT 575, Midland MXT275, (2x) Battleborn 100 amp hour batteries, Redarc Prime Redvision System, Redarc 2000w Pure Sine Inverter, 160w solar panel
 Upgrades & Accessories  Four Wheel Camper Project M, SBW Custom Cabinetry, SBW Wifey Air System, Rig’d Ultraswing hitch carrier, OEM Audio+

Al Catolos 2022 Toyota Tundra-2

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