Off-road and outdoor enthusiasts alike are always looking for the perfect vehicle to take them off the beaten path and into the wild. 


Some want to leave the luxuries behind, those little add-ons that make life more comfortable; for them, it’s all about the outdoors, nature, adventure, and the thrill of roughing it over empty deserts and technical trails.


“I wanted something where everyone can hang out and have a good time.”


Then there’s Martin Reginato from Draper, Utah. “I wanted to do something different,” he says.“Something more like the Australian trucks, and not like what we have here in the States.”

Reginato was looking for an off-road machine that would provide durability, reliability, and capability in even the toughest conditions, but one that could also allow him to make himself an awesome latte—and maybe put on a light show. “I also wanted something that would bring people together whiel overlanding and camping,” Reginato explains.


As luck would have it, he had a buddy that found a perfect example of a 70 Series Land Cruiser of the type Reginato had been hunting. One hurdle was that the 1991 Toyota was situated in Germany.

That said, he’s well-versed in getting these sorts of trucks into the U.S. and had it shipped back to the States. The end result of a two-year build (during the pandemic, to boot) is the vehicle featured on these pages. The 70 Series Land Cruiser is a legendary off-road rig in its own right, and this one was made even better by Reginato’s hard work and diligent chase for the good times.



Engine & Transmission
The true magic of this vehicle lies under the hood. This Land Cruiser is powered by a 3500cc diesel engine that has been modified with an ATX turbo. It produces a massive amount of torque, which is essential for trail riding, rock crawling, and getting the party to the campsite.

Reginato left the majority of the engine, transmission, and drivetrain stock because you don’t mess with a good thing; a 70 Series engine will last a couple of lifetimes if properly cared for. The diesel powerplant is paired with a snorkel, which allows the engine to breathe clean air when following other vehicles on a dusty trail or also when fording water when crossing streams or rivers.



Suspension & Steering
For the front and rear suspension, Martin chose an Old Man Emu 3-inch lift, which provides ample clearance for the large tires and improved ground clearance for tackling rocky terrain. The result is a vehicle that can handle even the most challenging off-road conditions with ease.

The steering wheel was swapped out for an OEM-plus style model made by PVS Automotive that gives this 30-plus-year-old truck a like-new feeling when operating it. To smooth out rough terrain, the Land Cruiser was fitted with an Old Man Emu steering stabilizer.

The stabilizer is basically a shock absorber that soaks up shock to the steering system, which is helpful over rocky and otherwise uneven terrain.



Armor & Bodywork
To make the Land Cruiser even more capable off-road, Reginato installed an Overland Vehicle Systems bull bar, which provides extra protection for the vehicle’s front end in case of impact. He also opted for a custom flat-bed configuration camper made by Hive Campers.

The unit comes with a removable canopy. All of the 70 Series’ bodywork was completed by the capable hands at Art City in Springfield, Connecticut. The Land Cruiser is also fitted with RRW rock sliders, further protecting the vehicle’s body when navigating over rough terrain.



To see farther in the dark or to otherwise illuminate the trail, the Land Cruiser was fitted with a couple of Overland Vehicle Systems EKO LED light bars, one that runs the full length of the roof and another more compact model that sits at the top of the bull bar.

The bull bar also hosts a pair of IPF auxiliary lights. In the rear, Reginato added Fabood F 9-inch 100 LED tail lights, which are bright enough to be seen from a distance for safety’s sake, even in foggy, hazy, dawn, and dusk lighting conditions. The vehicle also has Hardkorr side and interior lights to help provide ample illumination during night drives.



The rig is also equipped with an Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder tent that provides a comfortable and safe shelter in the wilderness. The tent comes with a 270-degree awning and a private room, which allows for plenty of space to stretch out after a long trek.

We also spotted an Overland Vehicle Systems car-side shower room hanging over the passenger’s front window. This mini-privacy shelter provides a “room” for showering and toilet use when needed.


Reginato mounted to the vehicle’s exterior a couple of DMOS shovels complete with proprietary shovel mounts, so they are always on hand for digging out of tough situations. The rig’s recovery gear comes in the form of Overland Vehicle Systems ramps and other associated equipment for when the driver happens into an uncomfortable scrape.




Fuel & Storage
To keep the party going, Reginato added Long Range America fuel tanks in the front and middle of the vehicle, providing 80 total gallons of fuel capacity for extended off-road trips.

Since storage is always a priority on long trips, Overland Vehicle Systems storage boxes are utilized for storing gear and supplies, and they sit on a Rhino Rack roof rack. The result is a vehicle that can carry all the necessary equipment for an extended adventure without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


Wheels & Tires
Of course, no off-road vehicle is complete without the right wheels and tires, and Reginato chose RR5s from Relations Race Wheels in 17x8.5 inches, pairing these with 35-inch Iron Man All Country M/T Tires. These wheels and tires provide excellent traction and stability on all kinds of terrain, from loose gravel to rocky trails, and will hopefully ensure the shiny side stays up and the dirty side stays down.



The Insides
Inside the vehicle, Reginato focused on comfort and convenience. The Land Cruiser’s interior has also been customized to provide a comfortable and functional space for the driver and passengers. The seats and interior modifications were custom-made by JC Auto Covers and provide ample comfort even when the riding gets rough.

The navigation system is a Garmin Outlander, which provides accurate and reliable directions even in remote areas, while communications is handled by the Garmin inReach satellite communication system.

The Land Cruiser is also equipped with dual compressors, which are essential for inflating and deflating the tires when transitioning from one terrain to another.



Ready for the party, Reginato’s Dometic fridge has a beer tap fitted to it.

Let There Be Party
In keeping with the good times theme of this build, Reginato made sure that the rig included something that we haven’t yet seen in an overland truck. We’re talking about the smoke machine that’s paired up with a party-level laser light setup.



That’s right—this ultra-capable rig has the capability of doubling as an off-road nightclub! What’s more, you’ll also find a Dometic fridge that has been modified with a beer tap that can dish out draft beer. After the party winds down, you can pull your camp chair up for an espresso from the onboard espresso maker. Obviously, the owner knows how to have a good time.



Just the Beginning
Since Reginato finished his 70 Series, he has his sights set on even more upgrades and improvements, but in the meantime he is content enjoying the fruits of his labor. One of his best experiences so far was a trip with his family to the La Sal Mountains in Moab, Utah. He explains: “It was the first time I could really enjoy everything about the truck and actually use it to its full potential.” Here’s to a solid future of good trails, good rigs, and good times.

Follow Martin Reginato and his Land Cruiser on Instagram at: @dakartundra


Base Vehicle: 

1991 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

Engine:  Toyota 5000cc diesel engine with an ATX turbo
Suspension & Steering:  Old Man Emu 3-inch lift, Old Man Emu steering stabilizer
Wheels & Tires: Relations Race Wheels RR5 17x8.5 inches / Iron Man All Country M/T Tires 35-inch
Armor & Racks:  Overland Vehicle Systems bull bar, Rhino Rack roof rack, Hive Campers custom flat-bed camper, RRW rock sliders
Body: Bodywork by Art City 
Storage:  Overland Vehicle Systems storage boxes
Lighting:  Overland Vehicle Systems EKO LED light bars, IPF auxiliary lights, Fabood F 9-inch 100 LED tail lights, Hardkorr side and interior lights
Upgrades & Accessories:  Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder tent, Overland Vehicle Systems car side shower room, Overland Vehicle Systems storage boxes, Overland Vehicle Systems ramps, Overland Vehicle Systems recovery gear, Automotive steering wheel, DMOS Stealth shovel, DMOS Delta shovel, DMOS shovel mounts, Long Range America fuel tanks, JC Auto Covers seat covers and interior modifications, Garmin Outlander, Garmin inReach, dual compressors, Dometic fridge, beer tap, smoke machine, party laser lights, espresso machine

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