Dometic launches new aluminum rack kits and accessories for the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Front Runner Dometic’s proven roof rack kits are modular, lightweight, strong, and multi-functional and can be combined with more than 55 rack accessories to customize Sequoia off-road adventures.

Front Runner Dometic is known for its leading innovation and off-road tough overlanding and camping equipment. Dometic is proud to announce the release of the following three all-new Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack Kits: Slimline II, Slimsport and the Lightbar Ready Slimsport.


These state-of-the-art rack kits have been exclusively developed for the ever-popular Toyota Sequoia (2023-current). Thanks to all that extra gear-carrying capacity, they will make vehicle-based adventure planning a breeze for the new Sequoia owner.

The Sequoia was first launched in 2000 and is Toyota’s second biggest off-road offering in the US market right now. With the availability of the Slimline II or Slimsport Roof Rack Kits plus Sequoia-specific accessories, we expect one of America’s favorite off-roaders to make an even bigger impact, especially when it comes to gear-carrying capabilities.


The Front Runner Dometic racks are crafted with durability, utility, and style at their core, the iconic Slimline II and sleeker Slimsport racks are a great testament to Dometic’s commitment to quality and innovation. Pairing these top-of-the-range racks with the new Sequoia will open a whole new world of gear-carrying capabilities for the adventure-seeking Sequoia owner.

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All three rack kits will give Sequoia owners access to more than 55 available Front Runner Dometic rack accessories. The best-selling expedition ready Slimline II rack can easily handle heavy storage boxes, extra water or fuel containers or a roof top tent. While the sleek and sporty vehicle hugging Slimsport Roof Rack is the best place to put bicycles, kayaks, and bulky luggage.


Key features of the Roof Rack Kits include high-density aluminum construction, bolt-on installation, and a versatile design that provides flexibility for various load-carrying capabilities.

Dometic has also launched several Sequoia-specific products: Ditch Mount A-Pillar Light Brackets, Base Deck cargo platform and a rear-fitting Ladder for easy rack access. These latest accessories will help Sequoia owners hit the trails in style.


While Toyota has a reputation for producing no-nonsense off-road vehicles, combine this with the ruggedness and durability of Front Runner Dometic roof racks and accessories, and then you have the complete adventure package. With a Front Runner Dometic Roof Rack, Sequoia owners can take on the toughest trails without having to worry about their gear.


The Toyota Sequoia Slimsport Roof rack Kit/Lightbar Ready (MSRP $1,260), Toyota Sequoia Slimsport Roof Rack Kit ($1260) and the Toyota Sequoia Slimline II Roof Rack Kit (MSRP $2,008) are now available for consumers to purchase directly from the online shop, or through our Experience Center in Agoura Hills, CA or through a local Dometic official dealer.