REVEL USA, a leading manufacturer of automotive performance products, announces the latest MEDALLION TRAIL HART exhaust system for 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma.

The full stainless steel exhaust system is made entirely of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion. This means that the system will last longer than traditional exhaust systems, even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the system is designed to optimize airflow and reduce back pressure, resulting in improved performance and fuel efficiency.

“We are excited to continue to grow our Trail Hart Exhaust line to our customers,” said Philip Mariano marketing spokesperson. “This product represents our commitment to providing drivers with high-quality, long-lasting solutions that enhance their driving experience both on and off road.”

Revel_Trail_Hart_ Toyota_Tacoma_Exhaust

The new Trail Hart line of exhaust systems are compatible with a range of Toyota and Lexus models, including 4Runner, Tundra, Lexus LX470 and GX470. It is also available in two different outlet configurations, such as a single out the rear or an optional “turn down pipe” exit to accommodate different driving needs and preferences. The new “Turn Down” Pipe (available separately) offers a shorter exhaust exit for drivers who need extra clearance while traveling off-road.


Utilizing laser cut flanges for stronger and more durable connections, the Medallion Trail Hart exhaust system is fully hand TIG welded.


The full line of Medallion Trail Hart exhaust systems are now available at authorized retailers nationwide. Customers can also order the system direct online through


 MAKE      YEAR   ModelPart # MSRP 
 Lexus  1998 - 2007   LX 470  T76003R  $860.00
 Lexus  2002 - 2009  GX 470  T76004R  $720.00
 Toyota  2010 - 2022  4Runner  T76002R  $790.00
 Toyota  1998 - 2007  Landcruiser   T76003R  $860.00
 Toyota   2016 - 2022  Tacoma V6  T76001R  $640.00
 Toyota    2022  Tundra  T76005R   $990.00 


REVEL USA, the newest brand from Tanabe USA, has been created to cater to the constantly evolving requirements of the automotive industry. With over three decades of experience in product development, our objective is to provide top-notch automotive components that prioritize durable performance and aesthetics without compromising on manufacturing quality.