Coral reefs provide hideouts, production and a home for a multitude of marine life. The REEF Visor Panel houses your smaller on-the-road essentials that need a home in your rig to prevent them from getting lost or falling into the unreachable crevasses of the rig. 

 The 11.5” x 6.5” panel attaches to your visor with velcro straps, allows for totally customizable ways to stow your sunglasses, chapstick, pens, and other quick-grab essentials. Those items stay secure and at an arm’s reach for the driver or front passenger.  

The completely customizable layout is possible because the panel features VELCRO ONE-WRAP cut into modular MOLLE pattern. The backer panel is dual-layer cordura nylon SQUADRON. You’ll find 2 additional strips of ONE-WRAP included to create all sorts configurations to mount and secure items as you see fit.  The REEF Visor is the first product to feature this style adjustable, customizable ONE-Wrap, cut into a MOLLE pattern. Expect to see a wide range of panel sizes and additional applications from STEP 22 that will feature this unique solution in the near future.  

And since it is a REEF, a portion of every sale is donated to the MarAlliance in support of the conservation of threatened marine species and their habitats. In addition, 100% of the REEF’s materials are made here in the US.  

REEF Visor Panel- $50 

What’s included:  

  • REEF Visor Panel (11.5” x 6.5”) 
  • 2 x VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP mounting straps 
  • 11.75” x .75” (30 cm x 1.9 cm) Strip of ONE-WRAP - BLACK 
  • 11.75” x .75” (30 cm x 1.9 cm) Strip of ONE-WRAP - RED 
  • 3 x VELCRO Brand Mini Easy Write Patches 


  • Outer shell - Dual layer laminated Cordura nylon SQUADRON 
  • Liner - 500 D Cordura nylon 
  • REEF panels / wings - Velcro Brand ONE-WRAP 
  • Thread - American & Efird (A&E) 
  • Dual Carbon Fiber anti-sag reinforcement rods 
  • All materials are 100% made in the USA