Preparing for a trip can be a daunting task, with many things that need to be taken into consideration. 

Storage is one of the most important details to plan for regardless of the length of time for the trip, whether it’s for months at a time or even over the short course of a weekend. Thankfully, there are several options available to help store and organize your gear, food, and other essentials for the outdoors.

Deciding which storage solution to use can be a time-consuming task in itself, as there are several things to take into account, including the physical amount of cargo space available in your vehicle, the items you plan on bringing, the location(s) for the trip, and of course budget.

Other things to consider include the type of vehicle you have, its load capacity, and what type of storage system you may already have such as a roof rack, truck bed, or the cargo area of a car or SUV.

There’s no shortage of storage options when it comes to road travel. The goal is to find the right combination to suit your needs and budget. Regardless of how you choose to carry your gear, remember the most important thing is to enjoy the experience.


Front Runner Outfitters Wolf Pack Pro
Wolf Pack Pro is an improved version of Front Runner’s overlanding storage staple, the ever-popular Wolf Pack. This new version is made with the same impact-resistant plastic, but it now has a new extra-secure plastic latch that doesn’t hurt your hands while closing it shut. The Pro version is built to keep dirt, dust, and water out, which makes it suitable for exterior storage.

Cases can be stored on a roof rack with straps, such as Front Runner’s Stratchits, or inside the cabin or truck bed. They also easily store neatly on garage shelving and nest with other Wolf Pack Pros. As an added bonus, the cases can be easily labeled for quick and easy content identification. Another benefit is the ease of cleaning, as the cases can be hosed off rather easily and dry quickly.

MSRP: $69


Pelican Cargo
The Pelican Cargo system was designed with overlanders in mind and includes eight variously sized cases that offer vehicle-mounted protection and organization. Pelican construction provides protection from serious impact and extreme weather conditions while keeping overall weight low.

The lids feature rubber gaskets to keep the elements out and most of the cases have the ability to be attached to a roof rack, truck bed, or stored inside the vehicle’s cargo area. Additionally, a few of the cases have integrated carry handles for individual portability. The Cargo system includes tie-down points to be used with straps as well as options for various roof racks and truck bed mounts. We’ve found the BX140R, BX90R, and BX50 models to be our favorites, with ample storage for our gear.

MSRP: From $270


YETI expanded its product lineup beyond coolers with the launch of the GoBox. The GoBox is waterproof, dustproof, stackable, and stores gear conveniently in a durable all-in-one solution. The included interior organization accessories—divider, caddy, and pack attic—are a welcomed bonus.

The three large, removable zippered mesh pockets found on the lid can store items such as documents, utensils, or smaller gear, while the divider can keep things organized and separated. GoBox is a versatile solution that can be placed in the bed of a truck as easily as in the trunk of a car or on a boat. The cases are stackable and can nest with non-slip feet, plus molded-in slots can fit a one-inch strap to lock them down in place.

MSRP: From $125


Roam Adventure Co. Rugged Cases
Roam Adventure Co.’s line of rugged cases check all of the boxes for a solid overland storage solution. The cases are constructed with a durable LLDPE shell, nylon rope handles, steel lockable latches, and a dust/waterproof gasket to protect the contents from the elements. They are also designed to stack.

Roam has 12 options with shapes and sizes for just about any application. These cases are lockable for security with easy-to-use latches, and a few of the cases use gas struts that help keep the lid open and in place. A few other details include an integrated bottle opener located in the lid and a drain plug, making the inside easy to clean. Tie-down channels make it easy to strap down and secure the cases in place. Each case is available in multiple colors.

MSRP: From $249


Dometic Go Hard Storage 50L
Known for its electric-powered coolers, Dometic has expanded its offerings to include outdoor storage. This hard storage case is made from durable vertical aluminum and impact-resistant polymer to protect contents from water, dust, and other elements.

The case is portable, with integrated handles and a lightweight design. Built-in tie-down points help to secure each case, while lock holes provide added security. The cases are designed to stack well for both storage and transport. This is a versatile storage solution for camping, kitchen, and other outdoor gear.

MSRP: $150


Dometic Go Soft Storage 10L/20L
The most recent additions to Dometic’s Go Collection of outdoor products are new soft storage cases. They come in two sizes: 20L and 10L. Cases are constructed with a semi-rigid top and bottom with soft, collapsible sides for maximum storage. The exterior is made from a rugged, water-resistant 840D TPU-coated polyester.

These soft storage cases are versatile and can be used as soft-sided coolers with the additional insulated insert, or they can be used for interior storage with the compatible Dometic hard storage. They are easily portable with two side grab handles and two longer carrying straps, and are available in three colors.

MSRP: $60 and $100


Step 22 Stingray Flat Box
Step 22’s Stingray Flat Box is a soft-sided storage solution that is well-designed, functional, and convenient for outdoor use and overlanding. The box is built from durable nylon with a water-repellent coating. YKK zippers with tactical paracord zipper pulls make the compartment easy to access. Each panel provides protection with foam and PE board construction.

The interior includes a removable center divider that helps organize items and keep things in their place. Stingray can be collapsed when not in use, and its size makes it great to keep inside a vehicle or to pair with a hard case or drawer system. For smaller carrying needs, a Stingray Flat Box Mini is also available.

MSRP: $90 / Mini $75


Based in Denmark, Alubox specializes in aluminum boxes, cases, and containers since and offers the widest range of sizes for its storage products, from 10L to 690L. The cases feature precision-bent, corrosion-resistant, ribbed wall aluminum construction, with an extruded base and upper rim.

Each case is dust and water-resistant and stackable, making them great to use inside or outside a vehicle as well as in a garage or other storage space. They are designed to offer the maximum amount of storage space possible, and due to their lightweight construction are easy to carry using built-in spring-loaded side handles.

MSRP: From $240


For over 85 years, Zarges has produced innovative products made from high-end aluminum. Many overlanders have come to trust the products and they are used in military, recreation, and both commercial and government applications. These durable and lightweight cases feature a rugged, fully welded profile frame. A few of them are IGBC certified with a bear-proof rating, making them great companions for camping.

Several models offer stacking corners so the cases can nest together while stored or during transport. Due to their aluminum construction, they will not warp or crack. With more than 50 standard sizes available and the option for custom sizes, chances are good that you’ll find the perfect one for your application.

MSRP: From $238


Thule Arcos
The Thule Arcos is the latest storage solution from the brand synonymous with vehicle cargo carriers. The Arcos is a cargo box for the back of the vehicle that attaches using the vehicle’s tow hitch, which helps to minimize wind resistance. It was also was designed for easy accessibility and great aerodynamics. Using the vehicle’s hitch allows users the ability to use the roof for extra storage for large items, or use with vehicles lacking proper roof racks, those with soft tops, and so on.

The low-mounted design also ensures an unobstructed view through the rearview mirrors as well as convenience for loading and unloading of cargo. The carrier is tough enough to withstand the elements including rain, dust, and dirt. Its ample size can easily store larger items such as golf bags or inflatable kayaks.

MSRP: $1,400


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