As devoted Toyota Tacoma enthusiasts, ICON has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the 2024 model. It’s finally here and ICON is leading the way in suspension performance for this new generation.


ICON is proud to introduce a comprehensive range of performance suspension components and complete systems for the all-new Tacoma. Together, these components yield 1.25” to 3” of front end lift to easily fit up to 33” tires. Performance is built in, with increased suspension travel and improved ride and handling characteristics both on- and off-road.


Individual components include 2.5 Vehicle Series shocks and coilovers, billet or tubular upper control arms featuring the incredible Delta Joint Pro, rear suspension links, triple rate rear coil springs and an adjustable rear track bar.


Shock and coilovers are available with CDCV adjustability or with ICON’s incredible CDEV electronic, on-the-fly reactive suspension system. And for your ordering convenience, we’ve pre-configured 13 Stages of our Complete Suspension Systems featuring an array of performance variants to choose from.


ICON has pre-configured thirteen Stages of ICON Performance Suspension Systems to meet just about any level of performance and budget expectations.  Stage 1 includes our 2.5 VS front coilovers with internal reservoir along with our 2.0 rear shocks for improved ride and performance, and fitment of up to 33” tires, with a simple diff drop to ease CV angles for the increased suspension travel.

At the other end of the spectrum our fully loaded Stage 13 features ICON 2.5 VS Coilovers and Shocks featuring cutting-edge CDEV electronic performance technology, along with our Triple Rate Rear Coil Springs and Billet or Tubular UCAS with the incredible Delta Joint Pro. Rear Suspension Links and Adjustable Track Bar. Somewhere in between is the perfect suspension system to meet any Tacoma owner’s performance goals.




  • Vehicle specific tuned front and rear shocks for superior shock damping and control
  • Increased wheel travel and improved ride quality over stock • Front differential drop provides better maximum operating angle for CV joints and maximizes available wheel travel on 4WD models
  • Billet aluminum or Tubular UCAs featuring Delta Joint Pro with 90 degrees of total articulation. Billet UCA’s feature on-vehicle adjustability. (Stages 2-13)
  • 2.5 Series front coilovers for superior damping and vehicle control (Stages 1-3)
  • 2.5 Series front coilovers with remote reservoirs for superior damping and vehicle control along with improved shock cooling (Stages 4-13)
  • Adjustable coilovers provide 1.25-3” front lift height over stock
  • 6061 aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined shock components
  • Corrosion resistant CAD plated coilover shock bodies with 7/8” shafts
  • ICON engineered coil springs
  • FK Rod End bearings for extended longevity and minimal deflection
  • 2.0 Aluminum Series internal reservoir rear shocks with 5/8” shafts (Stages 1-2)
  • 2.0 Aluminum Series remote reservoir rear shocks with 5/8” shafts (Stage 3)
  • 2.5 Aluminum Series remote reservoir rear shocks with 7/8” shafts provide increased performance and balanced tune with coilovers (Stages 4-13)
  • Front & rear shocks equipped with ICON Compression Damping Control Valve (CDCV) for 10 settings of compression damping adjustment, from soft to hard (Stages 5, 8, 11)
  • Front & rear shocks equipped with ICON Compression Damping Electronic Valve (CDEV) for in vehicle adjustment of compression damping settings and active adjustment via the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) (Stages 6, 10, 13)
  • Billet or Tubular rear lower links improve rear end articulation. Billet links allow for on-vehicle pinion angle adjustment (Stages 7-13)
  • Billet or Tubular rear upper links improve rear end articulation. Billet links allow for on-vehicle pinion angle adjustment (Stages 11-13)
  • On-vehicle adjustable billet aluminum rear track bar properly centers rear axle while also improve rear suspension performance (Stages 11-13)
  • Triple rate rear coil springs improve performance and ride quality while providing .5” of rear lift (Optional on Stages 2-13) 

ICON is excited about this platform and continuing to push the envelope for Toyota suspension performance. Check out this video to see what they’ve been up to as they’ve evaluated, tested and developed products for the 4th Gen Tacoma.


ICON 2024 Toyota Tacoma Products


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