Friend of the show and racer Scott Birdsall returns to discuss his new land speed record truck build and the guys try to recruit him for a new Truck Show Podcast project. Hear the news from the Chicago Auto Show and find out who’s ghosting Lightning. This episode of The Truck Show Podcast is presented by Nissan in association with Banks Power.



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Lightning (1s):

Step one, carefully remove any accessory such as soft to covers with brackets that are attached to the bed with the vehicle.

Holman (9s):

No, that’s, that’s not accurate.

0 (11s):

Step two,

Lightning (12s):

I think it is

0 (12s):

Accurate. Using a ratchet

Holman (13s):

Or, that wasn’t my step one today.

0 (15s):

I’ll screw the M six bolts holding the front utility rack bar. Oh, funny. And remove

Holman (20s):

Bar. I used M six volts also today. Did you? Yeah. Yeah. I had to hang the TV in the pod shed. I used an oscillating Milwaukee tool that I bought

Lightning (29s):

Today. I used about 40 M six by 20 volts today. Can you and about

Holman (35s):

Stop this? No, because

Lightning (36s):

I don’t, it’s not entertaining to No, I don’t

Holman (37s):

Think I, listen.

Lightning (38s):

Listen, I watched this video, this R roll track installation video 10 times today.

Holman (43s):

And I And how many F words did you use?

Lightning (46s):

Actually, zero. Wow.

Holman (47s):

All right.

Lightning (48s):

Zero. It went together exactly as expected. I gotta say, dude.

Holman (52s):

Now let’s, let’s, let’s talk about as expected, you expected it to take all day. So it did. And it

Lightning (57s):

Did. It did. It absolutely did. Now I had to wait because some of the parts, like picking it up, it is a two man job. It’s a two man job. Yeah. So I had to wait for Eric and, and Joey at the office. It was a Saturday and they were working on lifting.

Holman (1m 8s):

Do you like the way it looks?

Lightning (1m 10s):

I’ll get to that. Okay, I’ll get to that. So I had to wait for those guys. They were lifting an old school Toyota four by four with torsion bars. Forerunner with torsion bars. That’s exactly right. Yep. He had put a, an Ironman something lift on there. What’s the name of That’s a

Holman (1m 24s):


Lightning (1m 24s):

Yeah, Ironman lift. So they were doing that and I had to wait for them to free up every once in a while. Wait

Holman (1m 28s):

A minute. Hold on. So two guys from work on a Saturday were in the shop. They worked together in order to let me just get this straight, do an install on their own vehicle. You slid in from behind and quietly worked in the corner. And then every once in a while went, Hey, hey, are you guys busy? Can just real quick

Lightning (1m 50s):

Please. So they knew I was gonna be there and yes, that’s exactly what happened. Yeah. About every 20 minutes I’m like, Hey Eric, can you, can I get another set of eyeballs in this? Just make sure I’m measuring right. Cause I wanna measure twice and cut once And

Holman (2m 3s):

How many times did he say no? Lightning

Lightning (2m 4s):

Zero. Oh dude. Eric’s the man. Eric’s the man. Eric

Holman (2m 7s):

Is, he’s way nicer to you. To you than I am.

Lightning (2m 10s):

So Eric for, for having Gail Banks as a, as a grandfather. Eric is, is amazing.

Holman (2m 14s):

I feel like Gail’s also my grandfather. Do you? Yeah. He’s

Lightning (2m 19s):

Everyone’s grandfather.

Holman (2m 19s):

He’s every, but he’s America’s grandfather. Oh.

Lightning (2m 21s):

We got some really good news at work last week and I can’t share it with

Holman (2m 24s):

Anybody. Oh, is it what I think it is? Ah, is it that thing that was going on? Yes. And now the thing is like thumbs up and not, not the

Lightning (2m 30s):

Thing. Okay. It could have been

Holman (2m 32s):

So bad.

Lightning (2m 33s):

So I went, it went

Holman (2m 34s):

So good. So I went out to breakfast. David Kennedy, Gail

Lightning (2m 36s):

And I, we, we need to get to that story, but I have to finish my EEG R day. Okay. So listen, I spent all day Saturday installing an EEG R roll track. There’s the one for the 2019 and newer Rams RAM 1500 with the five seven box. We had the guys on the show and they were talking about, Hey, we do OE work.

Holman (2m 56s):

And they brought a truck that had it. So you had a chance to create, crawl in there.

Lightning (2m 59s):

They brought a ram. I crawled in, I looked at it, I said, wow, this looks really well engineered. And then I got one, it came on a pallet in a big ass box. Yeah. Home. And I’m telling you that I’ve installed a lot of stuff over all my years and nothing, nothing has been this well-engineered.

Holman (3m 20s):

Well, it’s all extruded aluminum. It is

Lightning (3m 22s):

Extruded aluminum and all of the plastic canister, I don’t wanna call it plastic cuz it’s, it’s a composite material. It is so well designed. Every drain plug, everything was OE level, maybe even better. And it came with, they’re obsessed with it. Not leaking

Holman (3m 42s):


Lightning (3m 42s):

They should be. But listen, I think you could submerge the

Holman (3m 46s):

Truck and that would be the only thing

Lightning (3m 47s):

That was Yeah. And nothing would get in there except for like where the body panels don’t meet that ram built. You know what I mean? Sure. Like everything though that they do that EEG R did. Yeah. Holy crap. They must have extruded 30 different styles of aluminum and then machined. Oh yeah. The part numbers. I saw this. This is, okay,

Holman (4m 5s):

Hold on. I saw a SEMA too.

Lightning (4m 6s):

This is not a white sticker that says left hand rail top bottom right. It’s machined into

Holman (4m 12s):

It. Yeah. Remember the gladiator that we saw? Yeah. I mean we were able to see, I think they brought us an F-150 when they came here, right?

Lightning (4m 19s):

No, that was, that was a, a new ram. That was a

Holman (4m 22s):

Ram. So we’ve seen it on a couple different products and it looks good on all of them.

Lightning (4m 26s):

Dude. The switches, the wiring, they have molded, the grommets that go through into the, into the body and un in below the, in the floor. They’ve molded them into the harness at exactly the right length. You’re not drilling a hole on the floor and then silicon stuff in and, and cutting to land. Everything is exactly as it should be. I was freaking blown away. Blown away.

Holman (4m 53s):

It’s awesome. It’s, I mean that’s,

Lightning (4m 55s):

It’s just so it doesn’t happen that way that often. No.

Holman (4m 57s):

It know what it doesn’t. And that’s part of us always trying to have high quality, you know, people and products on the show. And it’s great that you were able to experience, I mean, there’s a lot of stuff on that TX that you’ve done through the show and I don’t think there’s anything that you’ve been disappointed with

Lightning (5m 10s):

So far. Nothing but this. I love the wheels, love the tires. Love. I got the brawler fat battery box in there that I’m almost done with. And that’s, I’m piecing that together. I’ll talk about that in an upcoming episode. But, so when the guys were in from EGR and they said, I know it sounds like an EGR commercial, but that’s how pumped I am about this because they said we bought every single Rob top. Yeah. Both automatic

Holman (5m 32s):

And their goals make

Lightning (5m 33s):

It better automatic and manual. Yep. And they said, we, we wrote down every flaw that everybody else had and they fixed it all. And they did all right. They, they

Holman (5m 43s):

Freaking did I, I’m excited to see it. Meanwhile.

Lightning (5m 45s):

Well, it’s outside. I drove it. I’m just about to crack 6,000 miles on the tx.

Holman (5m 49s):

Oh, I met 33 20 Okay. On the 3 92. So meanwhile you were, were doing that. I tried wrapping up the, the podcast studio so close. We did not get the mini split in. So it’s cold in here right now. But I did get the, the TV in and I mean, come on. Right. It’s perfect. Alright. The other thing I wanted to bring up is, I’m super excited. It

Lightning (6m 13s):

Is about,

Holman (6m 13s):

Is the return of

Lightning (6m 15s):

Oh, the

Holman (6m 16s):

Bell. Ah, I found the boxer was packed in

Lightning (6m 18s):


Holman (6m 18s):

Gotcha. Been missing it for seven

Lightning (6m 19s):

Episodes. So my wife bought me a bell. I haven’t brought it yet.

Holman (6m 22s):

Oh, what’s your bell gonna be?

Lightning (6m 24s):

What do you mean it’s, it

Holman (6m 24s):

Can’t be say bell. What does it mean? No, no.

Lightning (6m 26s):

What’s it gonna be? Mine is blue. So he can’t confuse

Holman (6m 28s):

You. No, no. It can’t make the same sound though. I

Lightning (6m 29s):

Don’t think it does cuz it’s powder coat of blue. I don’t know why,

Holman (6m 32s):

Why you have a bell.

Lightning (6m 33s):

That’s my, my my kid And, and my and my wife we’re at Dave and Buster’s and he won all those tickets playing ski ball or whatever. And he bought a bell or No, she bought a bell with his spare tickets. She’s like, Holman has a bell. You need a bell. Oh,

Holman (6m 44s):

Geez. So

Lightning (6m 45s):

She came over a

Holman (6m 45s):

Bell. That’s how I say it’s wife. It’s gonna be Wife Wars now. Well, they keep threatening to take over the podcast one night and I’m, I’m, I’m threatening to let ’em

Lightning (6m 52s):


Holman (6m 53s):

Don’t you and I go

Lightning (6m 54s):

A good episode.

Holman (6m 54s):

Let them do whatever it is. Really. It would be funny. We’d make it a bonus episode. Just, just our wives talking about, I don’t

Lightning (7m 2s):

Know, just talking smack.

Holman (7m 3s):

No, what we should do is have ’em in here and then give ’em topics about trucks and they have to make something up for five minutes. Well, no, I mean, Brandy,

Lightning (7m 8s):

That would be funny. Brandy was saying that, she’s like, let’s find out which wife knows more about trucks. I’m like, that’s, I don’t, I don’t know. They’d both bon up if they knew that was Oh yeah.

Holman (7m 17s):

You know. Yeah, they would. Hmm. Anyway. All

Lightning (7m 20s):

Right. Well, what is on this particular episode of the Truck Show podcast, the most popular truck enthusiast podcast on the internet.

Holman (7m 26s):

We have our friend Scott Birdsall, and you may remember him from such episodes as Scott Birdsall Takes the World Record for Diesel at Pike’s Peak. And, and

Lightning (7m 35s):

Is that the same episode as Scott Birdsall, the world’s best smack talker?

Holman (7m 39s):

Nope. That’s different. That’ll be this episode. I see. No, that was, that was a episode of Scott Birdsall, the fastest man off the road. Yeah. In the past. No, Scott is awesome. We saw him at sema. We didn’t even do an interview with him. I felt bad about that. And then I was checking out his Instagram and I realized that he’s moving forward with his land speed vehicle. And I’m like, dude, we have to have you come back on.

Lightning (8m 1s):

Now I noticed you said vehicle, you didn’t wanna spoil what it was.

Holman (8m 4s):

I didn’t wanna spoil what it was. Okay. It’s, it’s cool. And I was excited from, from minute one. So would

Lightning (8m 9s):

I be spoiling if I said he used to be a mini trucker?

Holman (8m 11s):

Okay. That was fine. Okay. All right. And, and keep in mind, he was our second interview in the new pod shed. We did this interview last week, but I want you to know that, cause there’ll be some context when you hear it, it’ll be like, oh. Cuz I think he thinks he was the first person,

Lightning (8m 25s):

But he wasn’t. But

Holman (8m 26s):

He wasn’t. Yeah. And I didn’t want to break it to him, so we just let it roll. So if you hear that through the interview, that’s why it’s cuz Scott Walt really wanted to be on the show and we’re like, well, you could be

Lightning (8m 34s):

The first. Well, he technically was. We just didn’t air him in the right order. Oh

Holman (8m 38s):

Yeah. Was he earlier than Andre? No, he was after. He wasn’t. No, he wasn’t.

Lightning (8m 42s):


Holman (8m 42s):

Burn first night ever Burn Scott

Lightning (8m 44s):

Burn. Yeah.

Holman (8m 46s):

So, so right size, wrong shape, who really say in baseball. All right, we gotta thank our friends over at Nissan. Thank you so much for the, the loan of the Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve. What

Lightning (8m 55s):

Is the loan? How long is it gonna be?

Holman (8m 57s):

I don’t know, four or five years.

Lightning (8m 58s):

No, seriously though. How long are you gonna No,

Holman (8m 60s):

It goes back, it goes back in like a week or something like that. Okay. Remember I’m just saying

Lightning (9m 2s):

Thank you. Remember I asked if I could borrow it cuz I need to pull the pits for banks.

Holman (9m 6s):

It’s going to be gone. So, sorry,

Lightning (9m 8s):

What if I take it Sunday night? Monday morning?

Holman (9m 11s):

Well, I’m going outta town this week, so that’s gonna be hard.

Lightning (9m 13s):

You’re driving it.

Holman (9m 14s):

Well, I have to go do some business with my other business this

Lightning (9m 18s):

Morning. Are you driving it?

Holman (9m 20s):


Lightning (9m 21s):

Then why can’t I take it?

Holman (9m 22s):

Because it goes back while I’m gone.

Lightning (9m 25s):

Why can’t I take it and then leave? I can park one of my cars in your

Holman (9m 29s):

Driveway? Because when the take

Lightning (9m 30s):

The Nissan

Holman (9m 31s):

People come for the Nissan Titan, they’re going to say, why is there a clapped out Scion in the driveway? And where’s our titan?

Lightning (9m 39s):

Did I come in to get it?

Holman (9m 41s):

Do we have to do this on the air?

Lightning (9m 42s):

I mean, I I want to take it for

Holman (9m 44s):

A day. You can’t have it for

Lightning (9m 45s):

A day. I want it for a day.

Holman (9m 47s):

I’ve already extended the loan multiple times and they brought a TV in the Titan today. That’s what it, that’s was the heavy lifting. It did

Lightning (9m 55s):


Holman (9m 57s):

You, you’ve, you got busy.

Lightning (9m 58s):

You can give it to me. You just don’t want to,

Holman (10m 0s):

I can’t give it to you. You’re not signed out on it.

Lightning (10m 3s):

Oh, see, now you’re just making

Holman (10m 4s):

Excuses. That’s not

Lightning (10m 5s):

Actually, gimme a freaking titan. I’m gonna smack you.

Holman (10m 7s):

Oh, okay. Hold on. Ready?

Lightning (10m 9s):

What? Oh, he’s got a knife. I won’t smack you. Okay, put the knife on. All

Holman (10m 14s):

Right, well, hold on,

Lightning (10m 15s):

Hold on. Are you packing heat? What is, you got another,

Holman (10m 18s):

How many, how many

Lightning (10m 19s):

Nights do you have on

Holman (10m 19s):

You? You never know because

Lightning (10m 21s):

Are you packing heat too?

Holman (10m 22s):

Because I don’t know if somebody’s gonna threaten me and I have to defend myself.

Lightning (10m 25s):

I’m gonna stay over here and not get a Nissan Titan. No,

Holman (10m 28s):

You should get a Nissan Titan. But go get your own because then tell them that you bought it because the trucks vodka

Lightning (10m 33s):

Like you do.

Holman (10m 33s):

All right, listen. Nissan Go down your local dealer. You’re gonna wanna check one out. Nissan Titan. Nissan Titan Xd. If you need a full size half 10 truck, half 10 plus or Nissan Frontier. My God, those things are everywhere now.

Lightning (10m 45s):

The frontiers. Yes. Yes. I know. I wanna start a contest. Can we, should we do it here?

Holman (10m 49s):

No. Oh no. Future.

Lightning (10m 51s):

I gotta, I got a contest idea d with you guys. You, you listening And Frontiers. Okay,

Holman (10m 56s):

Next week.

Lightning (10m 57s):

Okay. Do I have your pinky pinky square?

Holman (11m 0s):

Well, we have to, I know your general idea of it. Okay. I don’t know what the ground rules

Lightning (11m 4s):

Are yet. All right, well then we’ll hatch it after the show. See, this is the problem. We’ll launch it the next show.

Holman (11m 8s):

We we’re too busy this week. We didn’t actually talk that much. And so we’re handling business on the, on the air right now. Industry’s best warranty on the Nissan Titan, Titan E five year 100,000 miles. Check it out. If you need a truck, I highly recommend it. I have enjoyed the heck out of the XD that I’ve had.

Lightning (11m 25s):

Homan, did you know that banks dropped a couple of new monster exhausts in the last couple weeks for the 2019 current Ram 6.7 liter in every single bed length, which are like 80.

Holman (11m 39s):

How did you, how

Lightning (11m 41s):

Did you do that? Except for the single cab. Cuz no one really has one on those. But like, so you’ve got the,

Holman (11m 45s):

Wait, you didn’t do it for the coolest vehicle out

Lightning (11m 47s):

There? Nah, there’s just not, there’s not enough

Holman (11m 49s):

Of ’em. There’s that one guy. There’s that

Lightning (11m 51s):

One guy. And we’re gonna have to say no. We also also aren’t doing it for, we’re not doing it for at Cabin Chas. How about gas? No, not gas yet. Just diesel just right now is Diesel. Okay, let come on. Don’t harsh my mellow. Okay, so you’ve got the dual cab shorted, mega cab shorted dual cab, long Bed Dual Cab dual.

Holman (12m 13s):

You know, it’s called a crew cab in

Lightning (12m 15s):

Find, dual crew, whatever. You know what I mean? It’s like four door, right? All right, so we’ve got all those. But

Holman (12m 20s):

The Quad Cab is also a four door. Did you get the quad cabs in there? Oh no. Diesel doesn’t have

Lightning (12m 23s):

A Quad Cab. No. Doesn’t have the Quad Cab.

Holman (12m 24s):

That’s right. Quad Cab is the crew cab and the mega Cab is the crew of the 1500. Got it.

Lightning (12m 30s):

Yes. So all those and the new Duramax is including 23 and the dually.

Holman (12m 36s):

All right, so what you’re saying is if you have a diesel truck and you’re looking for an exhaust, you wanna head over to banks and they’re gonna hook you up.

Lightning (12m 45s):

I will hook ’em up. Oh

Holman (12m 46s):

Really? If they slide in your

Lightning (12m 46s):

Dms, if you slide into at LBC Lightning, I will hook a brother up. What

Holman (12m 52s):

If they email you at lightning truck show I

Lightning (12m 55s):

Will hook your brother

Holman (12m 55s):

Up. All right, good to know. Okay. And before we hit that beautiful intro that y’all love so much, we have to thank our friends over at Full Moon Digital because Full Moon Digital has been helping us get our social in order. If you’ve got a small business or, or heck even at medium size or large business and you need help with social, check out full moon and talk to our friend Derrick. He’ll help you out. Get you going. Those guys have been instrumental in helping Truck Famous LLC have a better social

Lightning (13m 20s):

Presence. Yeah, so here’s the thing. Placing an ad buy on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, pain in the ass. Oh yeah. It’s not just, it’s not just have a single photo and then a piece of text and then link it to your website. Wow. You’ve gotta have like 35 different size ads and tracking 300 by 2 57, 28 by nine keyword, like all these size of the campaigns. I mean, what about your seo?

Holman (13m 43s):

What, what about your cpm? If,

Lightning (13m 44s):

If, if, if I Google your business, are you the first one that comes up or does your competition buy your keywords? Ooh, he’ll tell you all that stuff. My man Derrick at Full Moon Digital. So hit ’em up full moon,

Intro (13m 56s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what? The truck Cause truck. Roger <unk> the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lowered end. Everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa. It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

Lightning (14m 33s):

I had ya potted down there, but you still just

3 (14m 36s):

Cracked, right? Yep.

Lightning (14m 37s):

That’s the way I roll. We are playing with some different processing on the microphones, guys. We got a new boards. Yeah, we got a new board and it’s

Holman (14m 43s):

Got, oh, we got the Road Pro caster too, which is supposed to be like a thousand percent better than the Road Caster Pro, except for Lightning. Really likes the Road Caster Pro.

Lightning (14m 52s):

No. So that’s the original,

Holman (14m 53s):

Right? Which is the one you used for the Speed School podcast and you said no, no. Get the new better one. But I think the firmware needs a little more tweaking on this one.

Lightning (15m 0s):

So it does, this is, it’s like we’re the beta testers on this thing? Yeah. So I had to turn off all the processing because it just, I don’t like it. My

Holman (15m 8s):

Wife looked through the window and she says, is Lightning’s still playing with the Simon says machine.

Lightning (15m 11s):

I know. It really does look like a Simon says machine. I I really like it, but I’m gonna have to, I’m big into the post-processing, so

Holman (15m 18s):


Lightning (15m 18s):

And, and there’s, I’m getting an echo. We, they’re off the window and some other stuff. We

Holman (15m 22s):

Get some tweaks. Hey listen, we’re tweak, we’re in here. We got, we got a couple touchups we need to do. We gotta add the mini splits so we’re comfortable in here. And we gotta add, add some acoustic curtains and then we’ll be good.

Lightning (15m 30s):

Okay. It’s

Holman (15m 31s):

Good. We’re getting there.

Lightning (15m 32s):

So I think it’s time to call our man Mr. Birdsall up there in, he’s not Santa Cruz. Where’s

Holman (15m 38s):

His, where’s he? Santa Rosa.

Lightning (15m 39s):

Santa Rosa. Yes. That’s nicer than Santa Cruz. It’s gonna be

Holman (15m 42s):

Really hard for you to find a shop if you drive up to Santa Cruz.

Lightning (15m 45s):

Yeah. No, he won’t be there. No he won’t. All right, let’s dial Mr. I off.

Scott Birdsall (15m 57s):

What’s going on?

Lightning (15m 59s):

Mr. Birds All lightning at home. A truck show podcast.

Holman (16m 2s):

This is my buddy I send pictures to during the day. He wanted me to do an art project for him and well, he got it.

Lightning (16m 7s):


Scott Birdsall (16m 7s):

Wait a minute. Those were, those were, those were Picasso level

Holman (16m 12s):


Lightning (16m 13s):

Hold on.

Holman (16m 13s):

Some would say Dick

Lightning (16m 14s):

Oso. Hold on a second. Is this the, the photo of you, me and Scott with a, a wiener on his forehead.

Holman (16m 21s):

I mean, if you interpret it that way, it’s art. He asked me if we could make a little graphic for him to, that he could use to promote that he was on the show. And I said, no, you do not want me to be the guy that does that. I go, no, here’s the artwork you’ll get.

Lightning (16m 35s):

So I’ll do that. That’s my job, Scott. Yeah. Do not ask Coleman for anything because it’ll come back with a unit.

Scott Birdsall (16m 41s):

You know, I realized it was one of those f around and find out moments as soon as I said something. So I found out for sure. Ho

Lightning (16m 49s):

Ho. Hold on. Holman. What are you showing me right now? Oh, that’s so funny. So we’re in our brand new podcast studio, which you don’t know and Holman

Scott Birdsall (16m 57s):

Just peeled. I’ve

Lightning (16m 58s):

Seen pictures. Okay. So Holman just peeled back some of the foam and under the foam he’s hidden dicks. He’s hidden giant spray paintings of of units. Yeah,

Holman (17m 9s):

But you can’t see it.

Lightning (17m 9s):

I just, I know you can’t see it until you peel it back. That’s bizarre and funny. It’s like an Easter egg. Right?

Holman (17m 15s):


Lightning (17m 15s):

Know, you like Easter egg? I love Easter eggs. Yeah,

Holman (17m 18s):

For sure. Some would say two eggs.

Lightning (17m 19s):

Exactly. Alright, so Scott, we got a quick intro to play. Don’t move.

7 (17m 24s):

What’s in the shop? What’s in the handsome, the consumption?

Scott Birdsall (17m 52s):

Well that sucked.

Lightning (17m 53s):

Sorry. That’s the, that’s the best we have.

Holman (17m 55s):

Yeah, we can’t help you there. Listen, I’m not, it’s not my fault. You have no taste.

Lightning (17m 59s):

Oh, j are, they’re good.

Scott Birdsall (18m 2s):

I’m a man of fine taste. You know, I don’t, I can’t say there’s any dicks on the wall in my shop or anything like that. Well,

Holman (18m 9s):

You wouldn’t say it, but there

Scott Birdsall (18m 10s):

Are actually, you know, well actually when I was, I just expanded my shop last year and I built, I built a showroom, you know, it’s got like all my driving suits in it and pictures and like parts and all kinds of stuff in it. And before I painted the wall sarcastically, I drew a, you know, dick on it,

Lightning (18m 31s):

A fallas

Scott Birdsall (18m 31s):

And my A fallas. Yes. And then my, so my, my daughter goes in and sees it. Like I didn’t expect her to see it. She’s funny. She’s 11 and she’s like, dad, what is that?

Holman (18m 44s):

My daughter walked in and said, do you need help putting foam on the walls? And I said, sure. And she didn’t even mention it.

Lightning (18m 49s):


Scott Birdsall (18m 50s):

Well anyways, she’s all, what is that dad? And I said, well it’s Jeff Bezos spaceship.

Lightning (18m 56s):

She’s like, there, it’s nice.

Scott Birdsall (18m 58s):

And so then I showed her pictures of Jeff Bezos spaceship.

Holman (19m 0s):

It looks the same. Yep.

Scott Birdsall (19m 2s):

Yeah. And it worked for a little bit, but then she, then, then another day she came, she’s like, dad, boys at school. Draw those on at school.

Holman (19m 12s):

Yeah. So

Lightning (19m 14s):


Holman (19m 14s):

Having daughters is tough sometimes. Cuz you forget that. See inside we’re all 15 year old boys that had just got older looking and, and aged and fat. But, but we’re still high schoolers, you know, still. Yeah. And then when you realize that you have a teenage daughter, eh, you have to remember. Oh yeah. I can’t, I shouldn’t be that around her. She’ll think less of me.

Scott Birdsall (19m 35s):

Yeah, no, it’s just, it’s penance from being a young boy.

Holman (19m 38s):

For sure. All. So, question for you before we move on to the real talk is when you draw your fallacy, do you

Lightning (19m 44s):

Draw it? Come on. No,

Holman (19m 46s):

This is important. This is important. Do you draw it from the third person, the sideways view? Or do you throw, do you draw it from the overhead view?

Scott Birdsall (19m 54s):

I draw a really simple two circles and, and you know, and then the top part, I had a, I don’t, I don’t add any detail. I keep it. I’m a, I’m a, I’m a minimalist when it comes to my,

Holman (20m 5s):

I had a psychologist tell me once, you know, if you draw it straight overhead view, it’s like drawing your own because of the view, the vantage point. If you draw it from the side, it’s like drawing somebody else’s and went,

Lightning (20m 18s):


Holman (20m 20s):

This is deep. So deep.

Lightning (20m 23s):

Got you thinking.

Holman (20m 24s):

Oh, anyway. Interesting. Yeah, so we’ve been, I dunno, we’ve been friends with Scott for a while. You guys remember from Toyo Trail pass where we hung out in the nuke van, which has a bullet hole in the glass

Lightning (20m 35s):

And, and the toyo tread pass as well at scene.

Holman (20m 37s):

And that’s right. And we saw him at the Toyo tre pass

Lightning (20m 39s):

Also, can I, can I tell you what, what I didn’t know about Scott? So I, I knew, I know too much about Scott. I know that he can, he can cook like a mofo dude, his chocolate chip cookies

Holman (20m 48s):


Lightning (20m 49s):

Oh my God.

Holman (20m 50s):

You’ve been telling me how much you want his chocolate chip cookies

Lightning (20m 53s):

For? And that is not, that’s not a euphemism. Like that’s

Holman (20m 55s):


Lightning (20m 56s):

That guy makes some chocolate chip

Scott Birdsall (20m 57s):

Cookies. You get one of my didn’t you get one of my BLTs too? Got

Lightning (21m 1s):

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I got, I got a Bblt. Yes. BLT in avocado.

Holman (21m 3s):

No, it’s a bbl. It’s bbl A t So it’s a Alat

Lightning (21m 6s):

Alat. Yeah. No, it’s,

Holman (21m 8s):

You can’t be a bta.

Lightning (21m 9s):

Yeah, it’s BTA Plata.

Holman (21m 10s):


Lightning (21m 11s):

That doesn’t work. It’s whatever Scott calls it. All right. So what

Scott Birdsall (21m 14s):

I I I like bta.

Lightning (21m 15s):

What I didn’t know. Okay, so there are a lot of builders out there that build custom cars. We’ve seen, we’ve seen a ton of them. And I just kind of thought Scott was another guy that’s building custom cars that are, that are great, good, fast, whatever. But when I saw the cars that he built at the Toyo tread pass, it blew me away because the detail was off the fricking chart. It was everything. Everything had been poured over. I didn’t know that about you, Scott. I thought you were just a guy making pretty cars. I didn’t know that I could get up there with a magnifying glass and be impressed.

Scott Birdsall (21m 56s):

You know, I’m a I’m a detailed guy like it, you know the, I always tell the guys at the shop that work with me, I say the devil’s in the details. It’s the little touches that, that will impress another builder. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty easy to impress the layman but to, you know, to impress someone that’s, you know, seen at all. Like, you know, you guys, you know, when we’re, when we’re at sema, we’re, we’re almost desensitized. Like, it, it really takes that extra bit of fit and finish in detail to, to catch your eye. Otherwise

Lightning (22m 25s):

It does. It does. And that is exactly what happened. Because you, your cars, what was the one? It was on the end. It was one where we, we took the photo with you and I can’t remember what it should have. You’d expected to have left an impression, but it’s

Scott Birdsall (22m 37s):

A, that was a BMW E 30 Thank you. With a PEM wide body.

Holman (22m 42s):

I think it was cool.

Scott Birdsall (22m 42s):

Full road race suspension and a and an 1100 horsepower, two Jay-Z in it.

Lightning (22m 46s):

Everything about this. Where can we see that? Is it, do you have pictures on your site? I don’t want people to have to sift through your entire Instagram. Where can they find a picture that there’s

Holman (22m 56s):

So much cool

Scott Birdsall (22m 56s):

Stuff on the Instagram? Pretty much have to go. You pretty much have to go to my Instagram.

Holman (22m 59s):


Lightning (22m 60s):


Holman (23m 0s):

Picture of it right here. It only took me like, okay,

Lightning (23m 3s):

Five scroll to get to at chuckles garages where you’re gonna go on Instagram.

Holman (23m 5s):

Okay. Also, can I bring up his post that he posted, which is hilarious. Somebody writes a best of Porsche. See that? It was so awesome. I was reading through your stuff and I just, I I giggle. So he had posted something and one of the comments from best of Porsche was, are you gonna actually make it up the hill this year? Or will be another letdown like the last few years? And so, so Scott writes back, thanks for the motivation at best of Porsche. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I was busy polishing my Pikes Peak world record trophy. I’m like, boom. Mic drop, sir. Well played. Yeah.

Scott Birdsall (23m 42s):

Yeah. I, I think I might be well known for my, my inter interwebs comebacks.

Holman (23m 47s):

So are you, I I would imagine that you also are a prolific <unk> talker in person.

Scott Birdsall (23m 53s):

Oh yeah. I can, it’s, yeah,

Holman (23m 55s):

It’s okay. I, I have a project. I have a project, but it’s gonna require you coming down to Huntington Beach, California because there’s something I’m doing with podcast that I need you to be a part of. It’ll be something with like 10 <unk> talkers in my backyard and an I will barbecue for everybody. And then there will be intermittent throughout. Now why you keep saying I I I there’s no more, there’s no we in this You have not expressed any interest in this project. I just didn’t think that you could pull it off if you’re really gonna go No, I’m doing it. Well then we need to, I need to part of all Well then we, we need, we need lightning to make,

Scott Birdsall (24m 27s):

I need, I need a a one one thing. I need a fact sheet about everyone there.

Holman (24m 33s):

Ooh, okay. I think it’ll be a group email. So, so you can start. Wait, can I be the hype man in the corner going? Yeah, yeah. You, you okay. You and I have to not only are we the hot? No. Well that’ll be part of it, but the other part of it is we have to be the arbiters of it. Okay. There’s a very specific flow of what we’re gonna do here. Can we give some

Scott Birdsall (24m 56s):

Hints? Are, are you, are you safe from said trolling or are you, are you free game?

Holman (25m 0s):

Oh, I mean you no, it, is this like a roast wear? No, it’s not a roast. Okay. It’s every, even any everyone’s fair game. No, no, no. It’s a one-on-one specific to certain topics. Oh yeah, yeah. I’m, I’m, let me just put it this way. This is like, yo mama. It’s very close to yo mama. Here’s what, here’s what I want to do.

Scott Birdsall (25m 19s):

I just like high end yo mama.

Holman (25m 21s):

All, all of us, all of us grew up in shop. That’s a shirt. High end. Yo mama, all of us grew up in shops. Write that down. Hold on. We’re write down shirt ideas. Hi. Yo. Mama, mama. Okay. All of us grew up in shops and over time the big bad hrs of the world have made it impossible to bust the balls of other dudes in the shop or, or ladies. There’s no banter like that anymore cuz people get offended and then they get canceled. I wanna bring back three to five minute rounds of <unk> talking.

Scott Birdsall (25m 55s):

Oh yeah. See, I’m the HR at my, at my shop. So like, it’s still a thing. It’s not stink.

Holman (26m 1s):

Funny, funny. I’m the HR at my new shop too, and I, the other day I went, can I drink? And HR said yes. And then I said, can I take a nap? And HR said, no, you have way too much work. It was fine. So I need you, I would you be willing to drive down to Orange County to partake in this experiment, this automotive social experiment of bringing back epic. <unk> talking. Could he fly? And we picked him up at the airport. Yeah, you can do it every he wants.

Scott Birdsall (26m 25s):

Yeah, I’m down. Let’s do it.

Holman (26m 26s):

All right. Okay. All right. I’m adding Scott Birdsall. So I have a list of people that are industry people that are, are, are of the, right, well they’ve gotta be quick on their feet and bright. They have to,

Scott Birdsall (26m 40s):

You should invite Richard, you should invite Richard Rawlings because I, I have a, an opus of material ready for that guy.

Lightning (26m 48s):

Wait, why really? Did you tell, did you tell,

Holman (26m 51s):

I’ve heard lots of stories about the dude. I’ve only met him once and everybody’s story is the same story. It’s not like

Scott Birdsall (26m 57s):

I don’t wanna get another cease and desist from his lawyer. So

Lightning (26m 60s):

Did you really?

Scott Birdsall (27m 0s):

I’m just gonna leave it at that.

Holman (27m 1s):

All right. That’s fair.

Lightning (27m 2s):


Holman (27m 4s):

Interesting. Yeah, I’m not saying good or bad, I’m just saying the experience. His

Lightning (27m 6s):

Track. No, wait, hold on a second. You don’t have to tell me what you said and you don’t have to repeat it, Scott, but how did, how, how did you come to get a cease and desist? What platform?

Scott Birdsall (27m 15s):

I posted, I posted a picture of his face on a target I made, this was years ago, but I was out shooting and I put a picture of his face on the target and I put it on my Instagram and it got like a ton of attention and people were laughing and yeah, I guess he didn’t like it. So,

Lightning (27m 31s):

I mean, I guess I can see that if you’re

Holman (27m 33s):


Lightning (27m 34s):

Drawings. Yeah. Interesting. All right, so the topic at hand here, Scott, is, well we’ve got a couple. One is Pike’s Peak and the other one is your Toyota that you intend to have break the land speed record in what class we’re about to find out. So which one you want to cover first?

Scott Birdsall (27m 53s):

Shoot your shot. Which one do you want?

Holman (27m 55s):

I, yeah, let, let’s do Pike’s Peak because I’m actually more interested in the LSR deal cuz I think that’s the conversation. But we should update on, on Pike’s Peak and then, you know, as, as his Porsche friend said, he probably won’t make it up anyway, so whatever.

Lightning (28m 9s):

Well there’s, and there’s some, there’s some new news cause they, I think you’ve got a new driver for Old Smokey, correct?

Scott Birdsall (28m 14s):

Yeah, so Aaron Kaufman drove it last year and you know, we had terrible weather and Smokey ran great and was flawless the whole time. But the LMP car was brand new. We literally never tested it. We got it out of the, out of the trailer and it just like broke down all race week.

Lightning (28m 33s):

And again, if you guys, if you didn’t hear the last episode where we had ’em on, that’s a LAMA prototype car with a a three liter EcoDiesel engine in it that was built to the Hil by Freedom Racing Engines are there, aka freeze freedom.

Scott Birdsall (28m 45s):

So nothing they did was any problem. It was all the cooling system stuff that I engineered. It was, I should have just left well enough alone and ran with, you know, the, the overly complicated system that that vator built into it. But, you know, I’m an engineer and I think, oh this is dumb and overcomplicate, I’m gonna make it so much simpler. So I, you know, put electric pumps on it and put, you know, side kidney radiators and blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Well it wouldn’t flow and it wouldn’t, it was just terrible. So anyways, it just kept overheating and I ran that stupid motor at like 300 degrees on rest day from like halfway all the way to the top and the motor still runs perfect.

Scott Birdsall (29m 26s):

I don’t know what what they did at Freedom Racing Engines, but the thing is bulletproof.

Lightning (29m 31s):

So when you get that, the cooling system in in check, it’s gonna be a quick car because what what does it weigh again?

Scott Birdsall (29m 39s):

Weighs a little under 3000 pounds, which

Holman (29m 42s):

Is less than you and me after a bunch of chili dogs and wiener’s.

Lightning (29m 44s):

True, that’s true.

Scott Birdsall (29m 45s):

Right? Or my cookies.

Holman (29m 47s):


Scott Birdsall (29m 48s):


Holman (29m 48s):

They’re, so if you’re coming down here for the competition, bring your cookies please.

Scott Birdsall (29m 52s):


Holman (29m 53s):

Yeah, for sure. I’ll cook barbecue, you bring dessert.

Scott Birdsall (29m 55s):

So we got the, we got the cooling systems all dialed in. Now we got a sns, diesels doing a full motech set up for it PDM and like full data logging. So like any problems we have are gonna be covered by that or, or at least noticed by that before they’re a problem. And now it is super turbo engine. So it’s got a, it’s got a Magnus and supercharger on top with a turbocharger.

Holman (30m 25s):

Did you just say you’re gonna make things less complicated? Less complicated?

Scott Birdsall (30m 29s):

No, this is less complicated. So much less plumbing.

Lightning (30m 33s):

Not really. So,

Scott Birdsall (30m 35s):

Oh, it really is.

Lightning (30m 36s):

You’ve got two forced induction devices here. You got a Magnus and what size Magnus? In

Holman (30m 40s):

One orifice.

Lightning (30m 41s):

It’s like a two five. How big?

Scott Birdsall (30m 44s):

It’s a t v s 1900.

Lightning (30m 46s):

Okay. And then you have a single or twin turbos.

Scott Birdsall (30m 51s):


Lightning (30m 52s):

Single turbo. And you’ve got the supercharger feeding the turbo?

Scott Birdsall (30m 58s):

Yes. Okay. With a bypass.

Lightning (31m 0s):

Okay, gotcha. So you’ve got like a, you’ve got a, a waist gate on there?

Scott Birdsall (31m 7s):

Yeah, so there’s the, the bypass is actually a large tile 60 millimeter waist gate.

Lightning (31m 13s):


Scott Birdsall (31m 14s):

And that is controlled by the MoTeC. So one cool thing this’ll do is depending on, you know, our boost strategy, the, the com the motech will have a target boost set and to hit it, it will adjust that waist gate. Let’s say I’m in a, in a hairpin corner and it’s not making boost, it’ll, it’ll close the bypass and then make the supercharger, you know, because it’s gonna make boost from idle, it’ll, it’ll demand more of the supercharger. So it’s gonna be a pretty slick setup. And it’s actually quite a bit more sim simple than what the compound turbos.

Scott Birdsall (31m 54s):

Cuz the compound turbos had a inner cooler in between the stages. There’s an inner cooler after the stages, lot of lag water meth spraying all over in there. Yeah. And it was laier in hell and it wasn’t the turbo’s fault. It was, it was the fact that we had no testing. So what works amazing at sea level, like I figured would work pretty good up there. But you know, you get, you get to Pikes Peak and that places like Mars, you know, it might, it might as well be a different planet. So

Lightning (32m 27s):

Yeah, I don’t, I,

Scott Birdsall (32m 28s):

My guesses weren’t

Lightning (32m 29s):

Quite, I don’t think people understand that at, at, at, you know, above 9,000 feet between nine, which is the starting line and 14,100 and whatever it is up there that the air is so thin and we, we, we all say the word, we all say the phrase, the air is thin up here, but when you physically, I was at the top where they have the bad donuts at the, at the top of the gift shop at 14,000 feet on the peak. And I went up about 20 feet. And listen, we always joke, I’m outta shape cuz I am, but I went up 20 stairs and I had those stars in my eyes where like, and and and they have a dude, they have a, you’ve been up there,

Holman (33m 7s):

Did you take like four or five steps and then your, your Apple watch gave you the heart rate warning. You’re already

Lightning (33m 11s):

At a hundred. No it didn’t. But like you, they have a full-time medic at at the, at at the peak up there. Yeah, in the, in the gift shop because people just, they’re walking long and they just fall over. They just, they get dizzy. Yeah. They just boom flat out, because you know, only that only 6,000 feet more you go into hypoxia, which is where your brain, where where brain cells start falling off and, and not being able to Yeah. You know, you falling off but dying.

Holman (33m 41s):

Like what’s happening to you right now? Yes. Right now as you’re trying to describe that metal condition,

Lightning (33m 45s):

Are you sucking the air out of this place right now?

Holman (33m 47s):

No, I built it at 10,000 feet.

Scott Birdsall (33m 49s):

I was like, I think pilots, pilots are supposed to breathe oxygen, like abo oxygen over 10,000 feet. Right. And so we’re at 14,500 at the peak.

Lightning (34m 2s):

Were you doing oxygen?

Scott Birdsall (34m 4s):

Yeah, I, I definitely breathe oxygen in my car. And like last year was so stressful in the rain and sleet and the car having all these troubles, even breathing oxygen. I was seeing tracers when I got to the top

Lightning (34m 17s):

Again. I, I think that people, they say those words like it’s thin up here, but until you experience it and if you’re gasping for breath, what’s the engine doing? So we rented a, a Tahoe, it was like a 20 Tahoe, 21 Tahoe. It was brand new with a five three in it and going up the hill. Yeah.

Scott Birdsall (34m 35s):

A pedal car up top.

Lightning (34m 36s):

Yep. Eric was go, Eric was driving and he was floored, absolutely floored. And we couldn’t get over like 45 miles an hour. I mean, there’s no power, there’s nothing. So that’s why turbos were invented for airplanes way back in the day so they could fly it altitude. And a lot of the turbo testing was done at the top of Pike’s Peak. You’re trying to cram all this, all this compressed air so it would have more oxygen dense air to burn, to mix with the fuel as you’re compressing all this oxygen. It’s getting really freaking hot. And so you, you’d cool it with an inner cooler would make sense, except the problem is the air that’s supposed to cool.

Lightning (35m 20s):

The inner cooler is so thin there’s not enough mass going over the fins of the inner cooler. So the inner cooler can’t cool down the, the hot air that’s been boosted. It’s just, it’s this vicious cycle.

Scott Birdsall (35m 32s):

So a good, a good rule of thumb up there is, you know, when you get, when you get up into the thin stuff past the tree line, it’s, you know, your, the air density is 35% less. Essentially your radiator’s working 30% less than it did at the bottom. Your turbos are spinning 30% faster and everything is just, it’s everything’s either boiling down or, or wheezing for air.

Holman (35m 54s):

Now if we’re, and it’s

Scott Birdsall (35m 55s):


Holman (35m 56s):

Trying to look at that from a lightning standpoint, and he’s already not at a hundred percent, that 30% is like 90% of lightning, right?

Scott Birdsall (36m 4s):

Pretty much. Yeah.

Holman (36m 9s):

You found a new button on new board.

Lightning (36m 11s):

Got some new buttons over here. Look at how, look

Holman (36m 13s):

At the thing Looks like a Christmas tree.

Lightning (36m 14s):

It does look like a Simon says, doesn’t it?

Holman (36m 16s):

Lightning goes, oh, you need this new board for the studio. So I buy it and he’s like, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Lightning (36m 22s):

Well brand new. I had five minutes to set it

Holman (36m 24s):

Up. Yeah, but it’s the same as when you

Lightning (36m 26s):

Use at banks. No, it’s not. Well it’s not the

Scott Birdsall (36m 28s):

Same. It just needs to be, it just needs to be like those old people phones that have the big giant numbers on well

Lightning (36m 34s):

Button. No dude, I got this out. Check it out. Yeah, I like that one. Lightning in the house. That one’s good. I like that one. That one’s gonna annoy our listeners, so I gotta Careful it’s

Holman (36m 43s):

Gonna annoy everybody.

Lightning (36m 44s):

Yeah, I’m not gonna do too much of that one.

Scott Birdsall (36m 46s):

You need to, you need to get with the times and get like some meme noises in there.

Lightning (36m 49s):

Like, but, but trip trip on this one. You’re right. Oh, don’t say that.

Holman (36m 53s):

That’s a

Lightning (36m 54s):

Good one. A record scratch. Yeah, I haven’t had that before. All right. All so Pikes Peak, tell us the details again. Who’s the new driver of Old Smokey

Scott Birdsall (37m 1s):

Tyler Pappas? He ran it in 2019 in a, in a BMW that he built. And he’s, he’s quite an accomplished driver and a, and a good friend of mine. So I, I figured he would be a good steward of old smokey up there. I’m not gonna leave, I’m not gonna leave old Smokey at home because he is, he’s a fan favorite, so

Holman (37m 21s):

Absolutely. I still wanna drive it around the block though.

Scott Birdsall (37m 22s):

I was gonna go up there. Yeah, he’s gonna get a brand new 6.4 liter dry somp high compression freedom racing engine in there. So can,

Lightning (37m 32s):

Can I ask a dumb question? Hold on a second. Pause. Why? Why? Because the last one you didn’t blow it up. It was fine.

Scott Birdsall (37m 38s):

It was fine. But that la so the freedom racing engine that was in it, we put it in a, in 2020 and in 2020, I don’t know if you remember any of my posts or anything, but one of the other racers got in my truck during practice in flicked some switches while I was talking to him and I didn’t see him do it. And one of ’em was the emergency sprayers for the, for the radiator, which used all of my wa all of my water cooling, you know, like the, the water injection. Basically I drove the truck up and it ran outta water for water injection cuz it was spraying it all on the radiator and the truck melted down, got so hot that it, that it pretty much hot seeds itself.

Scott Birdsall (38m 23s):

Went back to the shop, figured we were all done, the truck cooled off. I started it up and it, and it ran perfect and didn’t have any blow by. So I’m like, screw it. And then so then we set the record on that, that motor. And then I did tons of stuff at the burn yard, like endless burnouts on it. You know, I, I raced my friend Ken at, at Hogan. I did another dis versus that with it and then, you know, I was doing donuts and it, and it finally died so that, that engine took a lot of abuse.

Lightning (38m 57s):

I didn’t know that it finally died. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. So you’re, you got a six four going in. That’s a weird displacement. That’s an upsize. That five nine or it’s, or a sleeve six seven or

Holman (39m 8s):

Is that a five? It’s a

Scott Birdsall (39m 9s):

Sleeve six. Yeah, it’s a sleeve six seven. Okay, there you go. It’s got thicker sleeves, which, you know, makes it stronger. It’s not a deck plate motor, but it’s got, you know, the 14 millimeter heads does girdle, you know, diamond racing pistons.

Holman (39m 22s):

I also have a 6.4

Scott Birdsall (39m 24s):

Liter. It’s like,

Lightning (39m 25s):

You know, oh yeah, you do. It’s got home’s. Got one in his Jeep. Yeah. Show off. Mm. Yeah,

Scott Birdsall (39m 31s):

But it’s not a diesel.

Holman (39m 32s):

No it’s not. It’s still lot of smiles per gallon in that one.

Scott Birdsall (39m 36s):

Yeah. And then we also got, I don’t know if you saw the record run in it, but it was pretty much smokeless and that’s because in that engine we run a, we run dynamite diesel 14 hole injectors, which are like magic.

Lightning (39m 48s):

Yeah. They’ve done a nice job of those injectors. They’ve injectors have come a long, long ass way for sure. Right.

Scott Birdsall (39m 55s):

I remember just 10 years ago they were basically just squirting as much shield as possible in and you threw as much boost on it as possible and you know, E G T wasn’t a real thing yet.

Lightning (40m 4s):

What is the time to beat that? Is your record still correct?

Scott Birdsall (40m 10s):

Right. So my record in 2020, which was set in lint mode for a third of the race is 11 minutes, 24 seconds.

Holman (40m 21s):

Oh, you can crush it.

Scott Birdsall (40m 22s):

So, yeah, well, you know, with without if everything, if everything’s fine and we get good weather this year, I would like Tyler to go up an old smokey and break my record. That way he can hold the record for a moment and then I will go from the LMP and break it again. So I think it would be really cool to have the two cars I brought, set two records in one day like that. I think that would be epic. That’s like best case scenario, like would be super awesome. But I just really wanna get my record reset so

Lightning (40m 57s):

I understand,

Scott Birdsall (40m 58s):

You know, I can kinda, I can kinda breathe a little bit.

Lightning (41m 0s):

And you wanna prevent the Frenchmen with the world’s largest hands from, from getting up the mountain. Yeah,

Scott Birdsall (41m 6s):

Man, that guy.

Lightning (41m 7s):

I know that that’s a whole thing. You gotta, you gotta stay tuned to Chuckles Garage. Not so much the feed, but the stories you’ll see, you’ll see. I lovingly call him. Pause. So let’s talk about what could be the world’s fastest Toyota truck. What’s the impetus? Well,

Holman (41m 26s):

Hold on, let’s, let’s back up for a second. So what was it? About a year and a half he started talking about trying to find the perfect donor vehicle to start this thing. And I’m like, ooh, intrigued. Because the first, one of the first trucks I ever drove was that same generation. Mine was at, you know, norm Reeves Honda 89 Toyota pickup truck. That was my parts truck. And he wanted the same thing except a extended cab, I’m guessing for Arrow or whatever. But he wanted

Lightning (41m 50s):

No, so he could recline so

Holman (41m 51s):

He could make it a, a land speed truck. So I’ve been bugging him for like a year and a half. Like, dude, what are we gonna talk about on the podcast? Well, not too long ago he, he had some renderings done and he showed some pictures on his Instagram. He’s like, I’m ready to start working on this thing. I’m like, come to the show, Pike’s Peak, blah blah, blah. You own a record. You did, you’re polishing your trophy, blah blah, blah, whatever. Let’s talk about this other stuff that I go land speed.

Scott Birdsall (42m 13s):

So this, this all, this all starts out. I was, I was a mini trucker like way back in the day. That was like one of my first like custom cars was I built first I built a 91 Toyota or 91 Nissan hard body that I slammed down and Yes. Had ridiculous wheels and like yes. Painted the dashboard white with like,

Lightning (42m 32s):


Scott Birdsall (42m 32s):

It was so bad. I like, I had like this burgundy interior with like white, with a white dash and splatter paint. And Did

Lightning (42m 41s):

You have a, did you have a, did you have a Ferguson super shell or Snug top with multiple eighteens in the bed with a walkthrough.

Scott Birdsall (42m 49s):

So I was still, I was still like right outta high school, so I was pretty broke, but I had two Fosgate twelves. Yes.

Holman (42m 55s):

I mean, come on, that’s solid.

Scott Birdsall (42m 57s):

But then, but then I got like a, a real job and I had a, I bought a 94 Toyota extra cab pickup and it was a lease was the best part of it. And so I body dropped it, slammed it on the ground. The the thing had 16 inch run os on it. Yes. Yeah. No inter sixteens back then were like, you were massive. That was like 20

Holman (43m 21s):

Twos. Yeah dude, you were a baller.

Scott Birdsall (43m 22s):

Yeah, and I had like, yeah, I had the, remember the BF Goodrich mini truck tires? I had the 2 0 5 40 sixteens on it. Ooh. And I swear every, every, every bump in the road I bent a wheel. But the, I had eight Rockford Fosgate, 12 inch subs in the back and I Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 aft and the thing with the vision

Lightning (43m 44s):

Fosgate was the bomb back in the day. For

Scott Birdsall (43m 47s):

Sure. Dude. It really was like, I mean they still make decent stuff, but like back then, like in the early nineties, Rockford was like, that was the best <unk> you could buy.

Lightning (43m 57s):

And you know what? A lot of it, so back in the, in the, in those days you had Alpine and Fosgate had the two best r and d or show vehicle divisions. Like you had remember Steve Brown, who’s been on our show a bunch.

Holman (44m 10s):

Mother <unk>

Lightning (44m 11s):

Steve Brown. Yep. Steve Brown, Chris, Chris Yado and all those, all those guys. They were kinda the second wave at Alpine. But Fosgate went hard on building show vehicles really

Scott Birdsall (44m 21s):

Hard. Oh yeah. They had, did they have that crazy blazer?

Lightning (44m 25s):

They’ve had multiple vehicles that have Yeah, the Blazer. Yeah. I mean they’ve had vans, they’ve had cars. I think maybe even a hearse. Oh maybe, what was that? Mtx, so many amazing s p l vehicles and Yeah, you’re talking about yours head. How many twelves?

Scott Birdsall (44m 40s):

I had eight Rockford Fosgate power. Oh no, they were punch twelves punch. I couldn’t afford the powers.

Lightning (44m 46s):


Scott Birdsall (44m 47s):

I remember my friend FTO got me, got me them on a, threw a homie hookup for like 69 bucks a piece. So I was like, oh, I’m spending my whole paycheck.

Lightning (44m 56s):

Dude, that’s a deal. I was hawking pile driver 12 W four 40 s for 120 bucks a piece back outta your trunk, you know? Yeah, right. Isn’t it crazy that I can remember that? I can’t remember my own name, but I can remember the, I can remember how many umms it was. Four. Yeah. 12. Yeah. 40 ounce magnet forums. I

Holman (45m 12s):

Mean, I, I worked at Honda and I can think of like oil filter part numbers or what I worked at So weird. The Ford dealership. I still remember like, you know, pH eight a or FL one, a oil filter. I mean just, it’s weird. Like

Lightning (45m 22s):

The piles were great. I went and then I became a S Vega guy for a little while. And then what made

Holman (45m 26s):

You switch?

Lightning (45m 28s):

I think I was getting deeper base out of Thess. Hmm.

Holman (45m 31s):

And then I went Had to win you over?

Lightning (45m 32s):

Yeah, but I started with Pile cuz they were the ones that first gave me, that sold to me at wholesale. And then I found another spot doing Erwin Vegas and I had Ser Vega home speakers and I fell in love with ’em. And just the deep, they, they were getting sub sub 25 hertz better than the piles. They just had a better excursion and yeah. Fell over those. And then of course, and then I eventually met the guys at Alpine and then I just went Alpine from there forward. But I always had a mad respect for Fosgate. Anyway. Took you sideways again, back to the Toyota.

Scott Birdsall (46m 6s):

Anyways, I was a mini trucker and so, you know that that 94 truck was like one of my, like, I loved that truck and you know, I was a, I was spending my money on things I shouldn’t have in college and it got repossessed. So I never saw that thing again. But I’m like, you know what? I want to, I want to go, I wanna do Bonneville. I’ve always wanted to, my buddy Tim, who’s on my Pike’s Peak team, he runs Salty Box racing and he has the, I think it’s the B diesel truck record at Pike at not Pikes Peak, but at Bonneville.

Holman (46m 41s):

Are we really glossing over salty box racer?

Lightning (46m 44s):

Yeah. That’s another shirt. Is that a shirt or is that another? It might be. Might be, yeah. Yeah. Mike, it’s

Scott Birdsall (46m 49s):

Trouble 220 something miles an hour in a mega cab longbed Dodge truck. Oh

Holman (46m 55s):

My God. With

Scott Birdsall (46m 55s):

A, with a built up Cummins. Yeah. So, so

Holman (46m 57s):

Why are we talking to you? Let’s go

Lightning (46m 59s):

Talk to that guy. I, I think we talked about that on I’ll

Holman (47m 1s):

Yeah, let’s, we wanna do it.

Lightning (47m 3s):

Didn’t we touch that on, on Gail’s podcast? Because I think that’s the truck that took Gail’s record. He had 2 22 in the Dakota. It is. Right? Okay. Yeah.

Holman (47m 12s):

My, I I, I probably told this on, on the podcast, but my buddy Timbo Horton, who’s a legitimate motorcycle, 200 mile an hour club guy at Bonneville was also once crowned the fastest man without a bike at Bonneville when his swing arm broke at 180 miles an hour.

Scott Birdsall (47m 28s):


Holman (47m 28s):

God. And he flew. Oh

Lightning (47m 30s):

My God. Yeah,

Scott Birdsall (47m 31s):

Yeah. No thanks.

Holman (47m 32s):

Yeah. I’m like, okay, that’s

Lightning (47m 33s):

Great. Did he rag doll or slide?

Holman (47m 35s):

So it was funny cause I asked him, well it wasn’t funny, but I asked him, I’m like, well, what was, he had just gotten some new leathers and he was, he was running, I believe it was for Nolan Racing, and he had the old Harley Davidson arrow kit on a bule, and I can’t remember what class it was, but there was some micro cracking in the swing arm. It was an aluminum swing arm that they had used, no problems. And it just let go. And Scooter Grub, who’s known for being a photographer out there, got the whole sequence of timbo flying off the bike. And when it broke, and I asked him, and I said, well, how, how, like, what, what was it like? He goes, well, when I hit the ground I was just sliding forever. And I was thinking, okay, this isn’t that bad. And then the bike landed on me.

Lightning (48m 17s):

Oh God. Yeah. It

Scott Birdsall (48m 18s):

Was like,

Lightning (48m 18s):


Holman (48m 19s):

Landed right on his arm and so shattered it. Oh yeah. So he was the fastest man at Bonneville without a bike. But he’s, he’s back to, I mean this was like probably 10 years ago, but he got all healed and all that kind of stuff and resumed writing and all that. But yeah, I’ll never forget. Yeah, just, you know, being worried about him and then checking in with him. He’s like, oh yeah, here’s, here’s the deal. And you’re like, it’s funny cuz like, you know, your friends, right? And something traumatic will happen to your friends and then everybody treats them as if they’ve become a different person. And then you go and talk to your friend who’s had this traumatic thing and they’re the same smart ass or jackass or whatever that they’ve always been. You’re like, oh yeah, you’re gonna be okay. Now.

Lightning (48m 57s):

Can I ask a semi-serious question? Did, did you see World’s Fastest Woman? And did that affect you at all? The, the, the film about Jesse Combs?

Scott Birdsall (49m 5s):

I didn’t, I didn’t watch it

Lightning (49m 7s):

On purpose.

Holman (49m 8s):

I still haven’t

Scott Birdsall (49m 9s):

On, on on Purpose. I, I,

Lightning (49m 12s):

It’s a really great film. They really did a nice job with it. They paid her a lot of

Scott Birdsall (49m 16s):

Respect. Yeah, I, that’s a hard one for me. So I just, I haven’t watched it. Okay.

Holman (49m 21s):

Same here.

Lightning (49m 22s):

Homan, you should watch it.

Holman (49m 24s):


Lightning (49m 24s):

You’re not the one that’s about to go try to break a world speed record at Bonneville.

Holman (49m 28s):

I get it. But it’s just, it’s,

Lightning (49m 29s):

I realize too close.

Holman (49m 31s):

I just, I

Lightning (49m 32s):

Don’t know what you did. No, I think, well, listen, Teresa, who is her best friend I know, I know, has seen it half a dozen times. I know. I just, I think you should see it. It’s really well done.

Holman (49m 39s):

I’m sure it’s, I’m sure I should, but there’s always seems to be a reason why I’m like, oh, I’m not ready yet. Okay. I don’t

Lightning (49m 45s):

Know. All right. Anyway, so,

Holman (49m 46s):

Believe it or not, under all this dick drawing is a sensitive being,

Lightning (49m 50s):

So I don’t believe it. What is, what is the, what’s this Toyota gonna be powered by?

Scott Birdsall (49m 56s):

So we’re putting a methanol burning two JZ G t E in it,

Holman (50m 2s):


Lightning (50m 2s):


Scott Birdsall (50m 5s):


Holman (50m 8s):


Scott Birdsall (50m 10s):

So it’ll be, it’ll be between 13 and 1500 horsepower. Brian Crower came on board and he’s, he’s supplied like this beautiful bill at Micro polish crank and rods and probably do some CP Pistons in it. And

Holman (50m 25s):

Yeah, nobody likes the two Jay-Z though. I mean, mean there’s nothing, I mean, they, they kind, they’re bad,

Lightning (50m 29s):

Whatever. Right. I think you’re thinking of something else. I think there

Holman (50m 32s):

Was a guy that’s a popular engine. I don’t know. I, I came, I wish I would’ve saved it. I came across a reel on Instagram where somebody, I think he had like a, a vintage Chevy or something like that. And he put a two Jay-Z in there and it had originally come with a straight six. So he made the valve covers and stuff look like an old Chevy and put a GoPro camera on the back of the engine to get the response of people walking by. And people were utterly confused. I’ve seen that one. It was awesome. I’m like, this is the radest thing ever. And some guys got it and other guys were like, cuz I think the valve cover said Chevrolet on it and stuff. And one guy like double takes and he like walks by. Then you see him walk backwards back to look at it. I’m going, that’s rad. That is, that’s, that’s too cool.

Lightning (51m 12s):

So yes, Scott, are there, there’s mathematical equations that would determine your horsepower required to go that fast with certain arrow. Have you gone through that exercise?

Scott Birdsall (51m 25s):

Yeah, yeah. We’ve, we’ve done all the

Lightning (51m 27s):

Computations. Listen to that. Is that

Holman (51m 29s):

Giving you a secret sauce?

Scott Birdsall (51m 32s):

I found I’m not, you know, I don’t, I’ve never had any secret sauce. Like if, you know, like at Pike’s Peak, if I’m out there and I have a competitive advantage with something and one of my competitors ask me about it, I’ll just give ’em the information. I’ve never really been like a top secret kind of guy. Like, I could care less. I just wanna see people have fun and succeed.

Lightning (51m 55s):

So what you, what you’re saying is that we need, your truck needs 13 to 1500 horsepower to go wet speed.

Scott Birdsall (52m 2s):

So the record is 2 22 and that was set with about 700 horsepower.

Holman (52m 7s):

That’s a lot. 2 22 is fast. So you start getting above 200 and you’ve got tires to worry about and you’ve got, I mean, everything really has to be perfect. And I mean that’s, that’s some, that’s some speed right there my friend.

Scott Birdsall (52m 19s):

Yeah. So I, you know, I’ve done, I’ve done my homework. I, I mean, I’m gonna be a rookie out there, so I still gotta get my sea legs, but I’ve done my homework on, you know, we’re gonna put the, put the land speed tires on it that are good for like 300 plus. You know, weight is a big thing out there. Like you, you would think power to weight ratio is what, what gets you there. But it’s gotta be heavy to be stable and get enough power on those pizza cutter land speed tires, you know. So the truck weigh between five and 6,000 pounds.

Lightning (52m 46s):

Oh my god. Wow. Way more than I expected.

Holman (52m 48s):

How, how, what’s your, what do you think you’re gonna put the, the weight bias? Are you gonna try 50 50 or do you need more on the rear because of traction? It’s

Scott Birdsall (52m 57s):

Gonna be, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be like a 60 40 bias, probably rear

Holman (53m 1s):

Word. Okay.

Lightning (53m 2s):

And are you using a transactional or what, what, what are you, what’s, what’s the setup in the back?

Scott Birdsall (53m 7s):

So yeah, so the transmission is gonna be trick. It’s the same transmission I have in my Supra and that I have in the LMP car and it’s gross overkill for Bonneville. But we’re gonna use a six XD sequential that’s capable of, you know, handling like 3000 horsepower.

Lightning (53m 21s):

Wow. Do you have that already? Cause six XD is, we’re still waiting on one. We ordered one at banks for our, our Pike’s Peak truck and Oh, it’s ta it’s taken a minute. Well you’re the one that recommended it. So

Scott Birdsall (53m 34s):

You don’t recall that’s gonna run a torque converter in front of it.

Lightning (53m 41s):

N I can’t say that part. I can’t say, oh

Scott Birdsall (53m 44s):

Come on.

Holman (53m 45s):

He just told you that he would share information with you

Lightning (53m 49s):

Willing meaning, I don’t know.

Holman (53m 51s):

So then don’t say I can’t tell you and make the man mad.

Lightning (53m 55s):

Well, when he asked me, I thought, do I know? And I thought I can’t tell him. And I realized that I actually don’t know what the final verdict was. I’m being, I’m being dead. I really don’t,

Scott Birdsall (54m 4s):

I have a used six XD case already that they’re going to be filling up. So it’s just, you know, they gotta just regi the case and send it back to

Lightning (54m 13s):

Me. I mean those transmissions are more than $20,000, just fyi. So you guys know out there Yeah,

Scott Birdsall (54m 19s):


Lightning (54m 19s):

These are not like a 25,000 plus. Yeah. It’s not like a mendiola or something you’d see on a sand rail. Like this is like crazy high dollar.

Scott Birdsall (54m 25s):

Have you seen one in person? There’s, they are CNC porn. It’s a machinist like wet dream. They’re just, they’re gorgeous. But that’s what we’re gonna have in there. And then we will have a, like an RTS quick change, rear axle and then I’m gonna use the factory Toyota frame, you know, cuz it’s a land speed, it doesn’t have to like turn. So we’re gonna use the factory Toyota frame, which is fully boxed anyways. And then just build, basically make it into kind of a space frame with, with all the tubing we join into it with the crazy cage and all that stuff.

Lightning (55m 2s):

Carbon fiber, body pieces?

Scott Birdsall (55m 5s):

Nope, all steal.

Lightning (55m 6s):

Okay. Well’s gotta have the weight. Oh the weight. Duh duh. He said that already. Okay. Yeah,

Scott Birdsall (55m 10s):

Weight, weight isn’t a, isn’t a thing. You know, you’re, you’re allowed almost no arrow devices on it. You can have a a half belly pan, you can have a, like a little spoiler underneath your front bumper, but,

Lightning (55m 26s):

So you can’t have a big wing on, on the above the tailgate.

Scott Birdsall (55m 29s):

You’re not allowed anything on the back. You can, you can put a bed cover on it, but no aerodynamic devices.

Lightning (55m 35s):

And that’s because of the class? Can’t or what’s the reason?

Scott Birdsall (55m 38s):

It’s because it’s, it’s a, it’s a production based class, so like mini midsize pickup, you know, just like Gail, like he wasn’t allowed to do a lot of arrow on the truck. It’s just, you basically take your pickup, you can put a flat bottom on it and then you go for it. Gotcha. That’s a same thing with Tim’s truck. It’s like, it looks like you could daily it minus all the, all the stickers on it. Yeah, it’s gonna make things a little dodgy at two 20 plus, but I’m game

Lightning (56m 6s):

And that will be all motech controlled as well.

Scott Birdsall (56m 10s):

So I run up the Haltech Elite 25 hundreds on my two JZ stuff and we’ve had really good luck with ’em. So it’ll be a, you know, HALTECH 2,500 with, with the Haltech pdm.

Lightning (56m 22s):

And where will you go to test this in advance? Because you really can’t go to Bonneville to test, right?

Scott Birdsall (56m 31s):

No, we can’t. But luckily I have a, I just bought a Dino Jet 2 24 Xlc with a load cell on it and everything. Ah. So you can do top speed runs on that.

Holman (56m 42s):

Was that a humble brag?

Lightning (56m 44s):

It’s a nice unit. He

Holman (56m 45s):

Didn’t just say that. He was just, he bought it. He threw the model number in there and he just floated in all smooth.

Scott Birdsall (56m 52s):

You gotta have those little subtle flexes here and there, you know,

Lightning (56m 55s):

So, but I mean that’s gonna be great for doing the top speed and doing steady state and all that stuff. Are you sinking into the ground or is it above ground?

Scott Birdsall (57m 3s):

It’s above ground. Okay. We have it on a, we have a, a lift hooked

Lightning (57m 6s):

Up to it. Okay. And and then are you gonna go to El Mirage or, I mean, cuz you, how will you find out what it does with, with wind?

Scott Birdsall (57m 14s):

Maybe take it El Mirage, you know, maybe hop on the freeway at three in the morning. I don’t know.

Holman (57m 19s):

In Mexico.

Scott Birdsall (57m 21s):

In Mexico, yeah, just

Holman (57m 23s):


Scott Birdsall (57m 23s):

We took, we took Smokey to Mexico and went, you know, it was super late at night in Mexico and did 1 78 in it.

Holman (57m 30s):

Oh, in Mexico. Oh

Lightning (57m 32s):


Holman (57m 32s):

God. Yeah. It’s amazing. Yeah.

Scott Birdsall (57m 34s):


Holman (57m 34s):

Well I’m, I’m, I’m excited to, to see this project come to fruition cuz this one’s been exciting for me. And when I saw that you’re gonna land speed record row a pickup truck, I’m like yeah. And then when you’re like, two Jay-Z was like, oh even better. And I love that that engine is totally inappropriate for that vehicle, but it’s still Toyota performance in a Toyota vehicle and, and obviously being a lease truck. Yeah, I mean it’s just, it, it works. It’s cool. It’s, the story’s interesting how you arrive. There’s interesting. The truck itself is cool. It’s just one of the things you’re like, you know what? That it all works.

Lightning (58m 6s):

So did, did we find out where you got the truck?

Scott Birdsall (58m 9s):

It’s an old landscaping truck. So we were just gonna call it the landscaping

Holman (58m 13s):

Truck. So I’m hopeful that as part of your, your, your weight gain on the truck, you leave a lawnmower in the back and it has to be, it has to be a vintage lawnmower, something like mid eighties.

Lightning (58m 23s):

Dude, he needs rakes and

Holman (58m 24s):

Brooms. No, no, no, no. All no, no.

Lightning (58m 27s):


Holman (58m 27s):

Ladder, the ladder has no, no, no, no. The ladder has to fall off. It has to be one where it stopped working.

Scott Birdsall (58m 33s):

I was, I was gonna put, I was gonna put eight fosgate twelves in the back again, just for old times when a big giant speaker box. That’s plenty of weight.

Holman (58m 40s):

I just want a rusty old Honda lawnmower that has like a bunch of mulch that’s stuck inside that’s gonna be worth an extra 20 pounds.

Scott Birdsall (58m 48s):

Yeah, no, there’s there’s gonna be like a hundred gallon water tank back there and all kinds of stuff, so. Gotcha.

Holman (58m 53s):

Oh, for, for watering your lawn?

Scott Birdsall (58m 55s):

Yeah, yeah, for watering the lawn. And then like I’ll probably make the belly pan outta like half inch plate steel just for weight down low.

Lightning (59m 4s):

We don’t knows. Scott, when are you planning to do this? When is Bonneville, what do they call Bonneville speed week? Is it you’re going this year? Next year? Yeah. What’s the plan?

Scott Birdsall (59m 14s):

We’re going this year, so it’s in, it’s in August. Oh, so it’s crap, right?

Lightning (59m 20s):

You got a lot of work to do.

Scott Birdsall (59m 22s):

Yeah, so we already started building the truck, so, okay. You know, the engines of the machinist, the training will be here shortly for what we’re used to building. This will be a fairly straightforward thing cuz we’re not building any custom chassis or anything like that. My buddy over at my buddy Jake over at Stab f he makes like custom Toyota suspension for him. He’s gonna handle all that for the, for the front. And then the back’s just gonna be a simple live axle with a C notch and, and, and a four length. So

Lightning (59m 52s):

What are you doing for brakes?

Scott Birdsall (59m 55s):

Water brakes.

Lightning (59m 56s):


Holman (59m 57s):

Going retain the drums on. Well,

Lightning (59m 59s):

So, and you’ve got a, a parachute I would assume, right?

Scott Birdsall (1h 0m 2s):

No, so yeah, it’ll have a shoot, but it’s also gonna have, it’s gonna have smokey’s old rear brakes cuz we’re using the quick change so we can use all that stuff off Smokey’s old live axle and then, and it’s their big six piston willwood and then it’s gonna be the same up front. They just be on a smaller rotor so it can fit behind the, the 15 inch steel disc wheels. Gotcha. You don’t really stomp on the binders too much out there. It’s, it’s more just kind of coasting and, and throwing your parachute out.

Lightning (1h 0m 35s):

Holman. Should we go up there and watch? Yep. Like legit.

Scott Birdsall (1h 0m 37s):

You sh you really should. I’ll, I’ll have the new fan out there. We can hang out with the AC on and have cookies and

Holman (1h 0m 43s):

I’m liking that

Lightning (1h 0m 44s):

Because we should you,

Holman (1h 0m 46s):

My, my only, my only my only qualification is just knowing what my schedule is. But if I can make it, I’m definitely there. I’d love to.

Lightning (1h 0m 52s):

It’s August. It’s not like you don’t have enough advanced

Holman (1h 0m 54s):

Warning. It’s not, that’s not the issue.

Lightning (1h 0m 56s):

Okay. Well remember how you’re the CEO of your own company now,

Holman (1h 0m 59s):

Except my wife is traveling like two x what she was during Covid. Okay. And I’ve got a lot of other projects that I’ll be working on throughout the year.

Lightning (1h 1m 9s):

I’ve been picking up so, well, I’m gonna try to get him to go, Scott, we, we should go and cover it because that’s how many, what does your competition look like? Do you have any idea?

Scott Birdsall (1h 1m 19s):

Well, you know, the guy that set the record a few years back, he’ll be up there and he might be at, I, I’m not sure he was talking in the, in a, in an interview I read online, he was talking about putting a turbo on it. So you know, he’ll probably be right up about the same power levels as I am. So. Gotcha. And he’s got experience out there, so yeah, I’ll definitely have experience competition

Holman (1h 1m 42s):


Lightning (1h 1m 43s):

It’s not like you don’t know how to go fast, so.

Scott Birdsall (1h 1m 46s):

Yeah, I think it’s more multifaceted than that out there that it’s, it, you know, like earlier we were talking, you know, Pike’s Peak, you can, you can theoretically build what you think is going to work there. Even if you’ve been there and you know it works and it’s still won’t work because it’s another planet. I feel like Bonneville’s the same thing.

Holman (1h 2m 2s):

Yeah. And I think there’s nuance to the coefficient of traction on the surface plus wind and a million other things. And you’re not doing 200 miles an hour Pike’s Peak, 200 miles an hour. Everything changes from the arrow. I mean, you have to be dialed on suspension, just, there’s just so many more variables.

Scott Birdsall (1h 2m 19s):

So this truck, I mean, even though we’re keeping the factory frame and, and building a really elaborate cage around it, like we’re using all the best components. Like it’s gonna have like moton two-way coilovers on it. The best brakes, the best, the best suspension. Like everything is gonna be as, as much as we can possibly handle budget wise to throw at it. But you know, you still have, you still have mother nature and you still have the, the fact that you’re basically running on, you know, packed salt with a loose substrate on it. Yes. So, you know, it’s, it’s also fun for me because I’m building a race car that doesn’t really make sense. I’m putting tons of power and I’m finding the most, you know, another reason I chose a Toyota, it’s the most aerodynamic truck of almost any era is those 89 to 94 Toyota trucks.

Scott Birdsall (1h 3m 7s):

They’re, they’re really sleek, but the having to add thousands of pounds to it to make it faster doesn’t make sense. But because Bonneville is what it is, it absolutely makes

Holman (1h 3m 19s):

Sense. So I’m doing a quick search here for 89 to 94 coefficient of drag on the, let’s see if I could find it here on that Toyota. Yep. So I’m just kinda curious if it comes up, ooh, here’s a list. Was that an SR five back then? Well, you could get a R five that’s just a trim, a trim level. Ah, what was, what was that a what did you get?

Scott Birdsall (1h 3m 44s):

This one’s the DLX

Holman (1h 3m 47s):


Scott Birdsall (1h 3m 49s):

Which was basically like you’re poor. And so you got that model.

Holman (1h 3m 53s):

Nope, this lists all of the cars. A previa of that, of that era was super slippery for minivan. It was 0.36. So I’m curious what that, that’s pretty impressive. Yeah, it was was the most aerodynamic minivan I maybe even ever at that time. Is that the one that had the long It was like an egg sleek, the egg, the previa. My mom had one of those things.

Scott Birdsall (1h 4m 16s):

You know what, I liked those. I, I saw one slammed years ago and I thought it was so

Holman (1h 4m 21s):

Cool and they were built on the truck chassis. So it was interesting. Well we had a toaster van before that, that was actually built on the truck chassis where you had a doghouse underneath the driver’s seat. Well the preview was kind of the same thing where the engine was underneath your butt and there was a drive that went up to the accessories up by the grill and stuff to get, you know, fluids back and stuff like that. It was a really, yep. It was an engineering marvel solid axle with coil springs at the time. It shared a bunch with the truck on, on the underpinnings.

Scott Birdsall (1h 4m 51s):

Yeah, it was mid, it was mid engine and supercharged.

Holman (1h 4m 54s):

Yeah, exactly. That’s so cool. The later ones were supercharged. Ours wasn’t supercharged and it was Weezy, I wanna say it was the, it had a 2.24 cylinder eight and I want to say it was only like 138 horsepower or something like that. But ours had the captain’s chairs and you could turn them around and face the rear. So Right. It was super rad cuz you could just spin ’em around or, or the one by the door spin it. So, you know, went out. We had that during Boy Scouts and family trips and I remember my mom brought it home and I thought it was the coolest looking, you know, van I’d ever seen. And this is coming from a boxy Toyota toaster van. Right. And she brings it home. It’s got chrome wheels. They’ve been at the dealership for what seemed like, you know, hours to me. It’s like 10 o’clock. And I’m like, run out there to go see it.

Holman (1h 5m 35s):

I’m like, oh my god, it’s pearl white, it’s got chrome wheels. And it was the cool twisted five spoke stars. And my mom’s like, yeah, those aren’t staying, they’re going back to do their ship tomorrow. I’m like, oh. She goes, we’re just too late making the deal. So we’re getting the regular ones. And I remember we took a trip, it might have been to the Grand Canyon when that thing was brand new and we hit a butterfly storm or a swarm out in the desert. And I remember the whole front of that thing. So her, her car was white and I got out and my dad was, you know, cleaning the windshield off and he’s like, oh. And it was a brand new car. My mom’s like, I don’t even want to get out and see it. Like it was, it looked the entire front of it was coated and yellow. It looked like an egg had cracked and yoke was leaking out.

Holman (1h 6m 15s):

It was so gross.

Scott Birdsall (1h 6m 16s):


Lightning (1h 6m 17s):

Yeah. What was, I’m gonna turn my laptop towards you. What is

Holman (1h 6m 21s):

That? That’s the, that’s the toaster van. That’s toaster van we had in 84.

Lightning (1h 6m 24s):


Holman (1h 6m 24s):

Got it. That was the one that was built on the short wheel based truck chassis.

Lightning (1h 6m 27s):

That thing just looked hilarious. My neighbor had one never. He never washed it. Never waxed it ever. And within,

Holman (1h 6m 34s):

Like he probably never had a problem either. Well,

Lightning (1h 6m 35s):

You know, it it just, the paint was gone. It was maroon when it started and it, it, it just, in a couple of years it was all like, just chalky and, and and gray. But that was that what an ugly s van That was what? Damn.

Holman (1h 6m 49s):

No, those things are

Scott Birdsall (1h 6m 50s):

Ra early

Holman (1h 6m 50s):

Nineties they had the four wheel drive version. That

Scott Birdsall (1h 6m 52s):

Van early nineties was a weird time for vans. Yeah.

Holman (1h 6m 54s):

There’s some cool

Lightning (1h 6m 55s):

Stuff. No, that ain’t cool. Do you remember

Scott Birdsall (1h 6m 57s):

The, you remember the Pontiac Transport?

Holman (1h 6m 59s):


Lightning (1h 7m 0s):

No. Hundred

Holman (1h 7m 1s):


Lightning (1h 7m 2s):

Percent Pontiac Transport.

Holman (1h 7m 3s):

Yeah, Pontiac Transport. And then the cool thing is the transport version of that had all the po Pontiac cladding all over it.

Lightning (1h 7m 9s):

Oh my God. Is that hideous? So by the way, transport is two words. They’ve spelled it Pontiac Trans, right.

Holman (1h 7m 14s):

Those sports. Yeah. Cuz that’s who not

Lightning (1h 7m 17s):

Transport trans.

Scott Birdsall (1h 7m 18s):

It was, it was so gross.

Holman (1h 7m 20s):

Yeah, it, so that was basically built off the, the, the Chevy version of that. They were modeled after the, the space shuttle that

Lightning (1h 7m 29s):

Is a enema on four wheels.

Holman (1h 7m 31s):


Scott Birdsall (1h 7m 31s):

Was, it’s it’s

Holman (1h 7m 32s):

Terrible. It was terrible. Yeah. That was their, their answer to the Toyota previa. And it failed miserably. And the inside was nowhere near as nice and it was just nasty. And that was, I’m trying to

Scott Birdsall (1h 7m 42s):

Remember, it was a Pontiac,

Holman (1h 7m 43s):

I’m trying to remember the,

Lightning (1h 7m 44s):

And all the Dodge caravans, they all sucked. Donkey Kong, like, they’re just hideous.

Holman (1h 7m 49s):

It was like a dust buster.

Lightning (1h 7m 50s):

Yeah. Dust buster. Oh my god. Well

Holman (1h 7m 52s):

The, the the Chevy version of that man, Illumina is what those were called. It was like the

Scott Birdsall (1h 7m 59s):

Lu it was the Lumina. A P

Holman (1h 8m 1s):

A P V. That’s right. And a p stood for something stupid. Like, like person personal vehicle or some crap like that. Some marketing. So I maybe told this story before, but a friend of mine at gm, GM is very interesting company. Company, especially old gm. Back when they were putting the five cylinder in the Colorados, somebody said, well, you know, how are we gonna market it? It’s in line five. And persons said something in a meeting and they’re like, oh, can’t we just call it a v6? And it was like, no, that’s not how that works. Marketing person. He’s

Scott Birdsall (1h 8m 37s):

Like, you know, that was a, that’s a great motor.

Holman (1h 8m 40s):

The inline five. It’s a dog. But it was proven

Scott Birdsall (1h 8m 42s):

Hell. There’s a guy that brought his, he had a 67 Camaro with a turbocharged inline five in, in it. And it was, it was nasty. It made like 600 horsepower.

Holman (1h 8m 54s):

That’s crazy. Yeah. That inline five was in the Hummers and in the H three s you get ’em with a stick. It was also in the trucks. It’s completely freaking gutless. Pretty toky though. And, and just like you said, bulletproof, like it just didn’t care. Just you could, I remember the, when the Hummer H three s came out with the 4 0 1 transfer case and the stick, you could tractor that thing down in like 350 RPM in a wooden stall. Like we went out and did, you know, parts of some of the trail up by the juy airship and stuff crawling around those things. It was awesome.

Scott Birdsall (1h 9m 23s):

Yeah. Now is a great motor. Just didn’t, you know, didn’t have any flash or flare to it so it kind of just fizzled out or

Holman (1h 9m 29s):


Lightning (1h 9m 29s):

I’m on the, I’m looking up freaking, I’m trying to find what a p v stands for. Nowhere on the Wikipedia page, did anyone write anything about what it stood? How can you write in entire Wikipedia story and not say what a stands for?

Holman (1h 9m 41s):


Scott Birdsall (1h 9m 41s):

I’m just assuming it was all purpose vehicle.

Holman (1h 9m 43s):

Yeah, I think exactly. Because at the time Lumina was a sedan also and the A P V was the van per version. And check it out. That thing you could get it 3.1 liter V6 with a three speed automatic.

Scott Birdsall (1h 9m 56s):

Oh, so gross, so

Lightning (1h 9m 58s):

Horrible. They had a three, one to 3 4 3.

Scott Birdsall (1h 9m 60s):

The were so gross. Like all those, all those cars, like all, or like the, the Chrysler Concord and the cars that were coming out in in those times were just so disgusting.

Holman (1h 10m 10s):

Yeah. There was a weird, and I, I wanna say that that may have been styled by like penny pin in Farina or I think they were like, like that was part of the deal. And they, they looked at it as futuristic because of, you know, the windshield angle and all that kind of stuff. But it looked like it came from like a Sid Mead, you know, story. It’s just,

Scott Birdsall (1h 10m 32s):

Yeah. Or like a bad peyote trip.

Lightning (1h 10m 34s):


Holman (1h 10m 35s):

Exactly. I remember the seats were interesting on that because the, they were all individual buckets in the back and you could change the layout with however you wanted to. And there was just tracks on the floor. Notches on the floor. You could move any seat in any location, which was, I mean, it had some cool ideas.

Scott Birdsall (1h 10m 50s):

I gotta say when I said bad peyote trip, I was kind of let down that lightning didn’t chime in with a, with a story about a bad peyote trip.

Lightning (1h 10m 57s):

I have not been on peyote. That is why, how

Holman (1h 10m 60s):

About the, tell me about the shrooms.

Lightning (1h 11m 1s):

Shrooms. No. Shrooms. I’m not a fan of hallucinogens. Hmm. Zero. Not, not. So

Holman (1h 11m 8s):

How do you explain your behavior

Lightning (1h 11m 10s):

In my erratic behavior? My dual personality? Yeah. Right. That’s a brain.

Scott Birdsall (1h 11m 15s):

I think that’s a chemical imbalance. I

Holman (1h 11m 17s):

Think so too. It might be. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 11m 19s):

Oh man. All right. Well, enough about crappy vans from the eighties.

Holman (1h 11m 22s):

Why? This is the best part of the conversation. Oh, could

Lightning (1h 11m 26s):

You, is there a, is there a, I would assume there’s land speed record for vans. I mean for like crap vans. I know that crap fans Gail had a, had a, a record in a converted ambulance, I believe.

Holman (1h 11m 39s):

I thought you were gonna say convertible. I was much more impressed. Converted ambulance. I

Lightning (1h 11m 45s):

Believe it was an ambulance. Okay.

Holman (1h 11m 48s):

Do you remember back when? Is there

Scott Birdsall (1h 11m 50s):

An RV land speed record?

Holman (1h 11m 51s):

Oh, for sure. We at, at Diesel Power magazine, we broke it. We towed a trailer with a Duramax truck. 141 miles an hour or something like that.

Lightning (1h 12m 3s):

So that, so I, I was

Scott Birdsall (1h 12m 4s):

Wrong. Oh my god.

Lightning (1h 12m 5s):

I’m gonna correct myself. It wasn’t a van. It was the RV record that, that Gail went after. Yes.

Holman (1h 12m 11s):


Lightning (1h 12m 12s):

I’m gonna look it up right now. Yeah. Cause

Holman (1h 12m 14s):


Lightning (1h 12m 14s):

We had that for

Holman (1h 12m 14s):

A minute. We towed a Carson trailer. There’s a dude towing with a Mercedes wagon and we beat, we beat their record. And it was like two or three stages of nitrous on a Duramax truck. And I believe it was 141 miles an hour at El Mirage. The, you know, when we saw it go by, like we were pretty sure we had the record, but when we saw the photos of all the vortices and bad things happening on the Carson trailer as everything was trying to unattach itself, it was pretty amazing.

Lightning (1h 12m 42s):

I’m pulling it up now. Chinook, here it is. There’s the one I’m talking about. So it was Chinook World’s fastest motorhome.

Holman (1h 12m 48s):

There you go.

Lightning (1h 12m 49s):

Let’s see here. Ah, there’s no story attached to this. You’d think I would know. I just

Holman (1h 12m 55s):

V’s probably upright. Now

Lightning (1h 12m 56s):

Here we, here we go. Here we go. World’s fastest motor home. Yes. You read that right? Banks power packed Ford. A 6.8 liter V 10 classy Chinook blast past General Motors to a new record of 99.8 miles per hour.

Holman (1h 13m 11s):

99.8. That’s hardly come on. Like at that point, don’t even brag about it.

Lightning (1h 13m 17s):

But here look, when I Doesn’t that look like an ambulance of the era? That’s why I

Holman (1h 13m 20s):

Thought it was Oh yeah. Definitely looks an ambulance. All right. So we went, what? This was 2013. We went 141.99 miles per hour towing a trailer. It’s

Lightning (1h 13m 30s):

Pretty fast. That’s,

Scott Birdsall (1h 13m 31s):

It’s really fast. I feel like, I feel like we need to get like one of those FMC motor homes from Yes. From like the early

Holman (1h 13m 37s):

Eighties. Yes. The front, the front wheel drive ones.

Scott Birdsall (1h 13m 39s):

Yeah. And go out to Bonneville with like a freaking blown injected something nasty in it and

Holman (1h 13m 44s):

Just go like, while you have cookies in the oven in the back. That

Lightning (1h 13m 47s):

Would be awesome. Exactly.

Holman (1h 13m 48s):

They where you walk out at the end and everything.

Scott Birdsall (1h 13m 50s):

Cookies, we could do containment seats. Yeah. With harnesses next to the oven. And,

Holman (1h 13m 54s):

And you wouldn’t have to

Scott Birdsall (1h 13m 55s):


Holman (1h 13m 56s):

Make cookies, you wouldn’t have to add sloshy water in the back cuz he could have lightning and I his balance. Dude,

Lightning (1h 14m 0s):

How funny with that he’s got GoPros throughout the whole thing. So during the race we’re like pulling the tray out like outta the oven. We’re like flipping

Holman (1h 14m 7s):

Drinking Dr. Peppers. Yeah. Could you imagine? Like, he’s like, guys I really need you to eat more cookies. We’re about 10 pounds light.

Lightning (1h 14m 15s):

Well that wouldn’t matter cuz you’re just tra you already got that. No, because of wait, just

Holman (1h 14m 19s):

Go with me with shut up. Just go’s already in the truck. Why are you Yeah. That this is a ridiculous thing. Why are you trying to pick up how is very

Lightning (1h 14m 26s):

Scientific, how hysterical would it be if there was cameras everywhere where you and I are in the back cooking and he’s driving and the, the pots and pans are all jingling all over the

Holman (1h 14m 34s):

Place. You have some old, I

Scott Birdsall (1h 14m 37s):

Think, I think we would have to do that like as kind of a gorilla thing. Cuz I’m really positive the S C T A wouldn’t allow it.

Lightning (1h 14m 43s):

No they wouldn’t. We’d have to do that at El Mirage on a Sunday morning.

Holman (1h 14m 45s):

Or in Mexico. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 14m 46s):


Scott Birdsall (1h 14m 47s):

I mean, I’m down to party. Let’s,

Holman (1h 14m 49s):

That sounds amazing.

Scott Birdsall (1h 14m 51s):

I’m sure we could monetize it on YouTube and make our money back.

Lightning (1h 14m 54s):

We would do that with the

Holman (1h 14m 56s):

Internet. Well, we’re starting the Trek Show podcast YouTube page next month. So you know, we can, we can, we can make that work.

Scott Birdsall (1h 15m 3s):

We need to see how I segued into that plug for you right there. See

Holman (1h 15m 6s):

No, no, no. I segued out of you into my plug.

Scott Birdsall (1h 15m 9s):

Found out. See, I knew you were gonna say that. So I was

Holman (1h 15m 11s):

Trying to help you out. I know you have my back.

Lightning (1h 15m 13s):

Just queued ’em up. All you got a lot going on. What’s, what’s happening in the shop right now?

Scott Birdsall (1h 15m 18s):

We’re putting some finishing touches on those SEMA cars you saw? I’m like eyeballs deep into the, into Smokey and the lmp. You know, the guys are working on the land speed truck. You know, we’ve got like a twin Turbo K five we’re building in there.

Lightning (1h 15m 35s):

Well what, what’s, what’s paying the bills I guess is what I’m asking cuz the stuff that you’re building is outgoing money not incoming. So what’s, where’s the incoming money coming from?

Scott Birdsall (1h 15m 44s):

Well, we have, we have sponsor dollars for the, for my race effort, the incoming money. Like, you know, we’ve got a Mercedes 300 D in there that we swapped over to a to a Ls. We’re finishing up, you know, I build the Overland Porsches, like my other business is Resolute Motorsports.

Holman (1h 15m 60s):

Yeah, that’s freaking rad. Those how, okay, so let me ask you about this. Porsche came out with their factory kind of to car, right? Yeah. So, so what do you, I mean that’s gotta bring more visibility to what you’re doing at Resolute, right?

Scott Birdsall (1h 16m 12s):

It does, it does. Yeah. So I see, I see where they’re coming from with it, but I just, I don’t, I don’t really like the aesthetic of the newer body styles stuff like

Holman (1h 16m 22s):

That. 9 93 is where it’s at. Look right. 9 93 s are the, are the best for me.

Scott Birdsall (1h 16m 27s):

And I’m a I’m an air cooled guy when it comes to Porsche. I really like the air Cool. Me too car. They’re, you know, they’re finicky and they’re, they’re simplistic and they make, they make all the right mechanical

Holman (1h 16m 37s):

Noises. They’re the right, the right size inside. Everything’s just, it’s just the

Scott Birdsall (1h 16m 41s):

Yeah, they’re, they’re small.

Holman (1h 16m 43s):

The last of the air cooled Porsches, like the 9 93 just to me is my favorite. The portions

Lightning (1h 16m 48s):

Year range is an

Holman (1h 16m 49s):

9 93, 2 9, what was it, 99 was the last of the air cooled, something like that.

Scott Birdsall (1h 16m 56s):


Holman (1h 16m 57s):

98. Okay. Okay.

Scott Birdsall (1h 16m 58s):

Yeah. So I’ve got a, I’ve got a 9 64, I’ve got a Carrera four. Nice. And, and it’s, we just finished up the overland conversion on that. It came out pretty slick. And then our shop demo car is a 97, or sorry, 87 sc that, that thing literally has the book thrown at it. It’s got a built 3.6 motech, you know, Moton, threeway suspension, full skids bumpers, Baja Designs, lights, like, you know, Ricardo seats and everything. It’s, but they’re so fun. It’s just like you’re, you’re driving a machine.

Scott Birdsall (1h 17m 38s):

It’s not like you, you know, there’s no cup holders and buttons and screens. It’s just knobs and

Holman (1h 17m 43s):

The way God intended.

Scott Birdsall (1h 17m 44s):

Everything is so visceral.

Lightning (1h 17m 46s):

And, and what’s the market for something like that? Meaning you’re building, is that a, is that a $200,000 car when you’re done?

Scott Birdsall (1h 17m 53s):

They start around 200,000 and go near half a million for like, our, our demo car would be like four 50 if a customer wanted it.

Lightning (1h 18m 3s):


Scott Birdsall (1h 18m 4s):

Yeah. You get into a built motor with a wiring, with a, you know, Motorsport harness and Motech controls. It’s, you know, 60,000 bucks just, just for the engine.

Holman (1h 18m 13s):

Hmm. I love, love, love the Overland nine 11. I think that’s, it’s just to me, I would love to take one of those on a trip that I would take my jeep on you. Nothing like rock crawley, but like an over actual Overland Desert Road, Mojave Desert kind of stuff. Just to have

Scott Birdsall (1h 18m 29s):

Experience. Oh dude,

Holman (1h 18m 30s):

It’s so fun. Fun. I mean, I I if you go that,

Scott Birdsall (1h 18m 33s):

If you go to resolute

Holman (1h 18m 35s):

Oh, I’m on it pal.

Scott Birdsall (1h 18m 36s):

See we filmed a neat little, you know, minute and a half video out in the desert and the fly in, I think it was, I think that’s what it was called. But it’s all the, the, the s t o l planes, like the short takeoff and landing.

Holman (1h 18m 51s):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Those guys are amazing. And

Scott Birdsall (1h 18m 54s):

We had one of the dealers for the, he builds the carbon cubs literally flying right on top of us, like filming. Oh, it’s so cool. And helping us do like James Bond style stuff. It was really cool.

Holman (1h 19m 6s):

I mean, I’m looking at your Tonto nine 11 and it’s still cool, but it’s nothing nearly as cool as the Overland nine 11. That’s just so

Scott Birdsall (1h 19m 12s):

Rad. Yeah. So the Tonto is the kind of designation we call our street cars. Yeah. You know, those, those two. But

Holman (1h 19m 20s):

Everybody to

Scott Birdsall (1h 19m 20s):


Holman (1h 19m 20s):

Listen, everybody has a street Porsche, blah blah, whatever the, the overland I’m telling you is where it’s at. That’s that thing just so, it’s just so Right. It’s just, it’s righteous. Yeah.

Scott Birdsall (1h 19m 29s):

Plus like, when’s the last time you drove a Porsche that you can just like run into curbs and, and you know, drive down dirt roads and jump it and

Lightning (1h 19m 38s):

Never, dude, you have not until these,

Holman (1h 19m 40s):

You have pictures of a nine 11 going sideways in the dirt with a giant wing on the back with a big turbo wing. And it’s like,

Lightning (1h 19m 47s):

Yes. And forgive me, these are two or four-wheel

Holman (1h 19m 50s):

Drive, two-wheel drive.

Scott Birdsall (1h 19m 52s):

Hmm. Two wheel drive.

Lightning (1h 19m 53s):

So you can definitely get yourself stuck.

Holman (1h 19m 55s):

Well they’re, they’re, they’re super simple. Like p shows have been in rallies forever. I mean it’s, it’s yeah. Similar to some, you know, ancient Volkswagen suspension and there’s a little ton you can do to ’em. It’s just, and they’re actually really good because all the weights in the back so your nose is up so you’re not stuffing it into

Lightning (1h 20m 10s):

Things. I’m not saying you just don’t have that much ground clearance. I mean, I know you’re getting it off the ground as high as you can, but

Scott Birdsall (1h 20m 16s):

They’ve got decent ground clearance. Plus the way I build them, we put a full skid plate system from front to rear. And so you can basically just haul ass over stuff and just kind of, you know, boardslide it. All

Holman (1h 20m 29s):

Right. Screw some scr. Old smokey. I’m gonna trade out my riding old Smokey for riding one of your Overland nine elevens.

Scott Birdsall (1h 20m 36s):

You can come down. I’ll, I’ll let you drive it. It’ll be fun

Lightning (1h 20m 38s):

Every time we get ’em on the show.

Holman (1h 20m 40s):

I haven’t had time to do Every

Lightning (1h 20m 41s):

Single time we get ’em on the show, I’m gonna come up there and go for

Holman (1h 20m 45s):

I gonna do it. I’m gonna actually do it though.

Lightning (1h 20m 47s):

Just keep lying to

Holman (1h 20m 48s):

His face. I’m not lying to his face. Actually, we talked about putting a nuke van and o v r mag. We should do one of the Overland nine elevens in there as well.

Scott Birdsall (1h 20m 58s):

We can do both.

Holman (1h 20m 59s):

Let’s make it happen serious.

Scott Birdsall (1h 21m 1s):

All right, well I can, I’ve got tons of professional photos and everything of those things, so

Holman (1h 21m 8s):

All right. We’ll make it happen. Or

Lightning (1h 21m 10s):

He comes down here to do the podcast

Holman (1h 21m 12s):


Lightning (1h 21m 12s):

He brings one and then he brings one tows the other.

Holman (1h 21m 15s):

No, he’s gonna, it’s the driver.

Lightning (1h 21m 17s):

You don’t tow. No, no, no. But he can’t drive two vehicles at once. See, he’s gonna drive

Holman (1h 21m 20s):

The new fan. You’re saying he only has one butt.

Lightning (1h 21m 22s):

Exactly. He’s gonna drive the new fan towing the Porsche. Okay. And then he has pizza and beer with us. You take your own photos because why would you use someone else?

Holman (1h 21m 30s):

Because his photos are paid for by a professional and are awesome.

Lightning (1h 21m 33s):

Okay. So maybe that

Holman (1h 21m 34s):

You have your beer. I’m, I’m my just checked with HR bourbon is okay on the clock here. I, I see. Okay. In fact, I kind of want one right

Scott Birdsall (1h 21m 41s):

Now. I don’t drink though. So just, you can bring me some like nice. So of water or something.

Holman (1h 21m 44s):

Dr. Pepper. We’ve, we’ll,

Lightning (1h 21m 46s):

Dr. Pepper right. Don’t do us dirty and say you don’t like Dr. Pepper. Come on now.

Scott Birdsall (1h 21m 51s):

No, I don’t drink. I’m, I’m kind of a weirdo. I don’t drink soda.

Holman (1h 21m 55s):

He has no vices. This is very strange.

Lightning (1h 21m 57s):

No, he’s got vices. It’s cookies. No, my vices

Holman (1h 21m 59s):

Cookies and

Scott Birdsall (1h 21m 60s):

Vices are trying to kill myself constantly in fast cars.

Holman (1h 22m 3s):

The problem with this whole thing is that we will have to moderate ourselves around him because I just feel like he’ll judge us like that fat fuck is eating another chili

Scott Birdsall (1h 22m 13s):

Dog now. So like what’s the difference?

Holman (1h 22m 15s):

Okay, good point. Well, we can’t see the look of the look of disgust on your face. So he’s

Lightning (1h 22m 20s):

That he’s, he’s felt he’s fast.

Holman (1h 22m 23s):

He’s felt Yes.

Lightning (1h 22m 24s):


Holman (1h 22m 24s):

Than felt just checking.

Lightning (1h 22m 26s):

He’s building amazing cars. You and I salivate

Holman (1h 22m 28s):

Over. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 22m 29s):

He wins. All right.

Scott Birdsall (1h 22m 30s):

I don’t know about ve I mean,

Holman (1h 22m 33s):

I mean he is a solid dude.

Lightning (1h 22m 34s):

He’s box cut.

Scott Birdsall (1h 22m 37s):

Box cut. My wife calls me an ogre.

Lightning (1h 22m 40s):

You’re not an ogre by,

Holman (1h 22m 42s):

By the way. You definitely married up dude. Yeah,

Scott Birdsall (1h 22m 44s):

Yeah. Right. Yeah,

Holman (1h 22m 46s):

For sure.

Scott Birdsall (1h 22m 48s):

Sometimes I’m like, I’m not sure how I did that, but I’m not complaining.

Holman (1h 22m 53s):

Yeah, if you, if you never

Lightning (1h 22m 55s):

Sparkling personality, that’s what it

Holman (1h 22m 56s):

Is. If you never hit 200 miles an hour, are you still one dude,

Scott Birdsall (1h 23m 2s):

Before I forget, I gotta mention my title Sponsor oil. I love those guys. Yeah. They basically support my entire race, race program and I’ve had like zero failures on their stuff without them to support the Bonneville project. Like, you know, we just wouldn’t be doing this stuff.

Lightning (1h 23m 20s):

So are you running motor oil? You’re running gear oil in your rear

Holman (1h 23m 24s):

Diff get transmission oil.

Scott Birdsall (1h 23m 26s):

They literally make everything. So it’s like break fluid, trany fluid, you know, gear oil. Engine oil.

Lightning (1h 23m 33s):

Ooh, wait, wait. I got it. Scott, are you everything? Are you running their de-greaser? Are you running their window cleaner? Ooh.

Holman (1h 23m 39s):

Ooh, I got one running there. I got one. I got one. Are you using their gun cleaner?

Scott Birdsall (1h 23m 43s):

Window cleaner? Yes.

Holman (1h 23m 44s):

Gun cleaner too.

Lightning (1h 23m 45s):

Yes. Do they have so many cool and looses?

Scott Birdsall (1h 23m 46s):

I got their, I got their gun cleaner and their gun oil.

Holman (1h 23m 48s):

Yeah. And their gun oil’s. Awesome. I use that all the time. And

Lightning (1h 23m 51s):

By the way Yeah, you seriously, I’m not joking. I order 10 cases a month, maybe more of all the aerosols. Do you have mudslinger? Please tell me. You use the Mudslinger. That is awesome. It is. You

Holman (1h 24m 3s):

Realize you just created a new

Lightning (1h 24m 5s):

BLE for you. I got it. Ble myself out. So get Geto mudslinger, you put it on all the black plastics or under the hood, all the rubber hoses, whatever, before you do take the car to a show and it makes everything look brand new. I spray it on everything. It’s, you know what it, it’s like, what’s that hot sauce? I put

Holman (1h 24m 22s):

That <unk>

Lightning (1h 24m 22s):

On everything.

Holman (1h 24m 23s):

It’d be Franks. And you just created a great bleep for you

Scott Birdsall (1h 24m 25s):

To do some of that. Yeah, dude didn’t even know it existed. I was Oh it’s good. Me.

Holman (1h 24m 29s):

Oh, oh,

Lightning (1h 24m 30s):

Oh, oh. I can top it. I can, I can top mudslinger their metal prep. Tell me, use the metal prep. So on lock jaw, when we built lock jaw, we didn’t have any time to coat any of the frame of the Roadster shop chassis. So it was bare metal. We went over the whole thing with their, their their metal protectant and it sprays on like yellow bees wax. And then you let it cure for about 90 seconds and you wipe it off. It lasts like weeks and it protects raw metal even almost in salt air. It’s

Holman (1h 24m 59s):

Dope. Well I’m, I’m gonna come up and get some mudslinger cuz I need some for the 3 92.

Scott Birdsall (1h 25m 3s):

I tried to get some brake cleaner, but I’m gonna call me Fornia here and they wouldn’t let me have

Lightning (1h 25m 6s):

Any. Yeah, we don’t do, I don’t think we have the brake cleaner. No, but you can get all the degreasers cuz they’re natural. They’re used like, they’re like orange decrease or whatever, you know, the orange peel stuff. Anyway,

Scott Birdsall (1h 25m 16s):

I need to, I need to look on their website and see what

Lightning (1h 25m 19s):

They get. I use their European zero 40. I, dude, I use it on the, you guys use that

Scott Birdsall (1h 25m 23s):

Tx you guys use that stuff at banks, right? Yeah,

Lightning (1h 25m 25s):

All of it. All the oil all and oil. Everything am oil. I got a rack of oil that I burn through every 90 days.

Scott Birdsall (1h 25m 32s):

Yeah, I I mean I just didn’t know they made cleaners and stuff.

Holman (1h 25m 36s):

Dude. Make

Lightning (1h 25m 36s):

It all. They make it all.

Holman (1h 25m 37s):

All right. So if you guys wanna go check out our friend Scott Birdsall, head over to at Chuckles Garage or chuckles or if you’re a Porsche guy, resolute Motorsports where you can see the, the Overland 9 1 1 or nine 11 obviously, but it’s so badass. Love me some some nine 11 action.

Lightning (1h 25m 56s):

I’m gonna opt for the, I’m gonna take the Toyota truck over a Porsche.

Holman (1h 26m 2s):

Nope. Did we just

Lightning (1h 26m 3s):

Lose lose Scott? What happened there? You just got tired of us. Yes. No, I’m still, I’m still here.

Holman (1h 26m 6s):

He’s listening. Flub up all sorts of stuff at the end of the night.

Lightning (1h 26m 10s):

All right Scott, thank you as always. We appreciate it at Chuck’s garage. Thanks for having me on you guys. You’re the baddest. Thank you Scott. See you dude. All right later. All right, later guys. All right, bye. All right. Fruit pants. You ready for some truck news?

Holman (1h 26m 24s):

I don’t know who you’re talking about.

11 (1h 26m 26s):

What’s new in trucks? We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need to know what’s new in trucks.

4 (1h 26m 35s):

Lifted, lowered and everything between what’s happening in the world of

Lightning (1h 26m 40s):

Trucks. Oh, that’s the tightest. I think we’ve

Holman (1h 26m 45s):

Ever had it. I’m pretty sure the neighbors were not happy

Lightning (1h 26m 47s):

About that.

Holman (1h 26m 48s):

See my wife text me in 3, 2, 1.

Lightning (1h 26m 51s):

You guys don’t know about Holman’s neighbors?

Holman (1h 26m 53s):

No. They’re the most horrible people that you could ever live next to.

Lightning (1h 26m 56s):

And they’re not into trucks so there’s no way they’re listening to this. Nope. Nope. They’re into EVs.

Holman (1h 27m 1s):

They are just,

Lightning (1h 27m 3s):

I saw those dudes in the driveway and they seem nice, but apparently not.

Holman (1h 27m 9s):

They’re very, very nice ish to your face ish. And then when you trim the ivy on your side of the wall, they have a meltdown and don’t talk to you for a year. And then they let their dog poop on your lawn and then say they didn’t, when you have ’em on your ring camera and then you have it out in front of other neighbors in the driveway and then don’t talk to each other for three months and then you talk again and kind of repair things until you build a podcast studio in your backyard. At which case the, within a half an hour of the tough shed truck showing up, I had text messages on my phone telling me the, the city ordinances that I may not have realized existed.

Holman (1h 27m 51s):

So I got right on it and I handled those things like the wall extension and hopefully everybody’s happy now. So anyway,

Lightning (1h 27m 58s):

You built this place really well and I don’t think that even if we screamed, if you were stabbing me with your dual knives over there, I don’t think

Holman (1h 28m 6s):

They could hear what makes you think I only have two?

Lightning (1h 28m 9s):

You got some truck news you get to

Holman (1h 28m 11s):

This week was the Chicago Auto Show. So all sorts of crazy amazing and wonderful news came out of it. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 28m 19s):

No. Nope. Didn’t

Holman (1h 28m 21s):

Our friends at av and this is, this is kind of a,

Lightning (1h 28m 24s):

I actually did hear this, this is pretty awesome.

Holman (1h 28m 26s):

This is pretty awesome. So at last year is, you guys know Jim Morrison from Jeep? We we talk on on occasion you could say. And he was like, Hey listen, I really, really want to get 37 s on the Wrangler and you know, what are your opinions on the situation? Blah blah blah blah blah. And he wanted to do it for the anniversary edition. Your,

Lightning (1h 28m 48s):

Your response is of course 30 sevens have

Holman (1h 28m 51s):

To go on. Yeah, of course. Well then Bronco came out with 30 sevens and so, you know, they have to have a response cuz they’re competitors. Now I’ll tell you though, Bronco Raptor is more go fast, Baja and the Loran more rock crawl or overland. But both kind of cross over to each other’s spaces, whatever. The thing that’s amazing is Dave Harrington, who is the president of a E v who started AV n a, I think it was a single car garage in Montana 25 years ago or whatever is now OE on Chevy Colorado. Bison, the GMC A T four acts with the a v package on it. And now they’ve made parts for Jeep over the years.

Holman (1h 29m 30s):

They’re now going to officially be 150 A E V versions of the just announced 20th anniversary Wrangler Rubicon. Wait,

Lightning (1h 29m 40s):

Wait, 150 versions?

Holman (1h 29m 42s):

150 only that are AV equipped. Oh, oh,

Lightning (1h 29m 45s):

Oh oh, okay. So

Holman (1h 29m 46s):

150 of AVS version Jeeps. So basically it’s the Jeep that I own. It’s a 3 92 with a JL three 70 package on it that you can get directly from Jeep and order it. So not necessarily just from an AAV dealer at a Jeep dealership but also from Jeep. And you can overlay the package on it. Huge.

Lightning (1h 30m 5s):

Why? Can I ask a dumb question? Sure. Why only 150 units? That’s what you meant, right? Hundred

Holman (1h 30m 10s):

50 units. Yeah, that’s what they, that’s what

Lightning (1h 30m 11s):

That sounds absurd. They could

Holman (1h 30m 12s):

Sell those things. Five,

Lightning (1h 30m 14s):

10,000. They’re,

Holman (1h 30m 15s):

Well, the 20th anniversary is limited to 4,000 only. It’ll be either four by eight or 3 92 for the rest of this year. And then no announcement yet on the, the 2024 if there’s gonna be a 3 92 for them. But I’ve got a 2023 none anniversary Rubicon and I’ve got the AV package and I’m pretty stoked on what I have. And so I think it’s awesome that AV is now OE on all these vehicles. I’m, it’s awesome that Jeep is officially working with them. I think it’s pretty cool. You can buy a stock 2023 Jeep Wrangler with 37 inch tires with AV deal. What do you think the base price of that is?

Lightning (1h 30m 56s):

50 54.

Holman (1h 30m 59s):

If you get a four by E with the, they’re calling it the level two. Okay. 94,350 a

Lightning (1h 31m 5s):

Bucks. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay.

Holman (1h 31m 7s):

Ouch. Wrangler Rubicon 3 92 20th anniversary edition with level two. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 1 13, 8 20. Shut

Lightning (1h 31m 13s):

The front

Holman (1h 31m 13s):

Door. But that’s almost exactly what’s sitting in my driveway with that AAV package overlaid on top of a Rubicon. That’s what, that’s what they’re at. Wow. When I went to go and, and obviously I didn’t pay that for mine, but the Jeep dealer local had one exactly like mine. That was 22 instead of a 23. And it sold

Lightning (1h 31m 35s):

Can, I guess. Yeah. All right. One 30, I’m gonna one 30

Holman (1h 31m 42s):

Over one 50 within 48 hours. Whoa. I mean they’re in high demand. It’s crazy. Yeah. Right. And and as far as I know, everything’s sold out by the time you hear this. Like it, it went on sale a couple days ago right after the, it was announced, so February 10th and I had so many people reaching out, Hey, do you know somebody? Who do I go to? How do I put in order? All that, that kind of stuff. And you’re going, dude, you’re on your own for this one. And then people were like, well do you, do you think that,

Lightning (1h 32m 6s):


Holman (1h 32m 6s):

Are you gonna trade your, I’m like, no, mine’s perfect. Are you kidding me? I put so much like I’m, I’m headed out to American Adventure Lab to get the rest of my But your

Lightning (1h 32m 14s):

Has more than I I watched the their reveal Yeah. At the Chicago Auto Show. Yeah. And yours has more than those. Yeah,

Holman (1h 32m 21s):

There’s, there’s, there’s some, you get more bits, but you can get the, you can get the 17 inch bore wheels, dual sports suspension, which is a two and a half inch lift. You can go either stein 51 hundreds or 81 hundreds like I have. You get the AV bumpers front and rear, you get the skid play at the offroad jack base. Those

Lightning (1h 32m 36s):

Wheels are the ones that you used to have, not the ones that you have. Correct. Yeah. I like, I like you knew

Holman (1h 32m 40s):

Better the ones that we had for the Toyo tire test. Yeah. On the four-wheeler, 3 92. Those are wheels.

Lightning (1h 32m 45s):

I like them. They’re kind of like,

Holman (1h 32m 46s):

I love those, I love those

Lightning (1h 32m 47s):

Wheels. They remind me of what was on a kuta. Exactly. Lamb

Holman (1h 32m 50s):

Lamborghini. Don’t tell Dave Harrington that cuz he hates hearing that. But it’s a hundred percent true. And that’s why I love

Lightning (1h 32m 54s):

’em. Why does he hate that? Kuta has one of the old time most amazing supercars ever in the history of supercar.

Holman (1h 32m 60s):

You also get a tire carrier steering dampener the 7,000 series lights on the bumper, which is super awesome worn winch. And four by the four bys get a 4 56 reactor ratio. So the Wrangler with that package has 14.2 inches of ground clearance, which is a 1.1 inches more than the Bronco Raptor, 37.1 inches of water forwarding, which is a scan 10th of an inch more than the, than the Bronco Raptor. And then the off-road approach angle is 50 degrees on it. So I mean, what I’m basically talking about my own 3 92 33 degrees of breakover and 43 degrees of departure. I just wanted,

Lightning (1h 33m 37s):

People don’t understand crazy, crazy 90 degrees. Yeah. Is like as you’re

Holman (1h 33m 41s):

More than half of 90

Lightning (1h 33m 42s):

Degrees. I know. I was gonna say as if the axle is behind the vehicle.

Holman (1h 33m 45s):

Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s nuts.

Lightning (1h 33m 47s):

As we’re recording this, king of the Hammers is literally wrapping up Yes. Today this right, right this moment. Yes. And some of those vehicles have basically 90 degrees of departure angle and approach angle because they’re tires

Holman (1h 34m 0s):

Are in front of the,

Lightning (1h 34m 1s):

Right now and behind of the frame. Exactly. It’s gonna get to the point where you can buy vehicles

Holman (1h 34m 6s):

Like that. Well this, this thing has airbags and safety and a crumple zone and all those stuff and you’re still getting 50, which is, which is amazing. Yeah. So just, just the fact that the, the anniversary edition exists, it’s awesome for those packages. Non level two, the non 80 versions, 70 1003 80 to start for the Rubicon four x e and 92,690 for the Rubicon 3 92. And some of the cool things that you get with that are

Lightning (1h 34m 29s):

Homan, did I mention that the EGR roll track, tunnel cover is awesome. Yeah. Okay. Just making it. Sure. Okay, great.

Holman (1h 34m 36s):

All right. So this is what the anniversary edition has. It is adds heavy duty rock rails forward facing trail cam standard. It’s got its own special badging and graphics package. The Mopar Steel bumpers half inch suspension lift and check this out onboard air in the tailgate from the factory.

Lightning (1h 34m 55s):


Holman (1h 34m 55s):

Awesome. Yeah. Which is really cool. Wow. Yeah. And then you also get,

Lightning (1h 34m 58s):

No, so I assume they have a quick disconnect is what you’re talking about there, right?

Holman (1h 35m 2s):

Yeah, you’ll be able to air up. You don’t have to, like for me, I’m adding an ARB system on mine with breaded American Venture Lab. That’s one of the things we’re installing this, it’s already there from the factory ready to go buy it off the showroom floor. Air up, air down. Hey

Lightning (1h 35m 13s):

I have a, a spare compressor setup, the dual compressor setup and the tank. How do you have a spare? Everything? It’s a long story. I asked for it for Christmas and then I also bought one at the same time and I got

Holman (1h 35m 27s):

Both. Bummer cuz I would’ve bought that one from you. But I ended up buying it from our friend Mike Rice at a adventure. Did you

Lightning (1h 35m 32s):

Really? I did. So I think I’m probably gonna have to sell to a listener cuz it’s awesome. And it’s brand new in the box

Holman (1h 35m 36s):

And they’re hard to find cuz they were outta stock

Lightning (1h 35m 37s):

For a while. Yes, they are. And I have the entire

Holman (1h 35m 39s):

Kit. So what you’re saying is slide into your dms? Yeah.

Lightning (1h 35m 41s):

If you need one slide into at LBC light. Okay. Can I go ahead. Sorry.

Holman (1h 35m 45s):

Go. Do you want me to talk about all the stuff I have for sale on Craig’s right

Lightning (1h 35m 48s):

Now? No, I’m

Holman (1h 35m 48s):

Sorry. Okay, go. Also, you get red and black leather trim seats, which are awesome. So like red where you sit and then the, the upper shoulders and headrests are black plus red seat belts, which I freaking love. So Awesome. You get a red leather wrapped instrument panel. You get special badging on the inside and you get the, check this out, the new grill, the new Wrangler grill. I

Lightning (1h 36m 6s):


Holman (1h 36m 6s):

I wait, it was debuted at Easter Jeep Safari on the anniversary concept.

Lightning (1h 36m 11s):

Got a stretch over there. So it’s a black center. The the gills are black and then the

Holman (1h 36m 15s):

Surrounded it’s 3D too. It’s, there’s a

Lightning (1h 36m 17s):

Whole hard to tell from that photo. Yeah.

Holman (1h 36m 18s):

Okay. So it gives the wrangler a little bit of a, a different face to it. But yeah, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be pretty cool. So if you’re a fan of Wrangler, I just wanna bring up one last thing. Not to belabor this too much, but at the reveal at Chicago Auto Show two guys walked out on stage driving the original Rubicon tj, and it was Davey ay, who works at AV now, who is a Jeep engineer. And Jim Repp, who just retired from Jeep after like 35 years or something like that. I’m trying to get those guys on the show. They were called the Lunatic Fringe. There’s actually a logo and there were t-shirts back in the day. Now,

Lightning (1h 36m 50s):

Didn’t they bring out a, a one of the Jeeps? That’s

Holman (1h 36m 52s):

What I said. They drove out to, they drove out on stage in a Rubicon tj. Okay. The very first generation, what’s important about this is without those guys, so they were called lunatics because in their off hours they went and built the Rubicon prototype with aftermarket parts in their own spare time and then brought it to management. And management thought they were gonna sell, you know, like a thousand or 500 for the entire year. And it was like one of the best selling things that they’ve done. They’ve sold 700,000 Rubicon since then. Okay. That aside, if you’re driving a Raptor, a Bronco, a Wrangler, something Trailhawk, if you’re driving a T Rd Pro, if you’re driving 20 years ago, those z R two, those things did not really exist.

Holman (1h 37m 38s):

You gotta remember the TJ went to 31 inch tires, a Dana 44 front and rear lockers. You go down the list of all the upgrades that that thing had, it basically spur the entire, like, premium off-road package industry for all the oes. And I really want to have those guys on the podcast because they did it because they were passionate about it and they did it when nobody, they’re like, what are you doing? We’re not like, why would we do that? And yet, it’s one of the greatest automotive business cases for any manufacturer to have an off-road capable vehicle out of the box. And these were the guys, there’s a small group of engineers that

Lightning (1h 38m 11s):

Did it. So they, they were not an official skunkworks?

Holman (1h 38m 13s):

No, they were the, and that’s why they were called the Lunatic Fringe, because everybody thought they were these fringe engineers who were crazy, who were talking about, oh, Luke take a stock, Jeep Rock crawling and put lockers on it and all this stuff. Oh, water 40. And everybody thought they were nuts. And here they are 20 years later, finally getting acknowledged by corporate as the people who started Rubicon. But I just want to acknowledge publicly, they’re friends of mine. They’re also the people that really started the modern off-road package industry, if you will, for the

Lightning (1h 38m 41s):

Oe. So huge. I’m guessing most of our listeners don’t

Holman (1h 38m 43s):

Know that. No, they, they don’t. So it’s just, it was nice to see those guys drive out in the vehicle that they developed and they, they’re, you know, most of the guys are retired and, you know, they’re 10 years of the time they did it. Now we’re 20 years later. So

Lightning (1h 38m 54s):

Did Jim Morrison, cuz I watched bits and pieces of it. I don’t recall him explaining the lunatic Fringe. Yeah, he did. He Oh, he did? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, because I remember he announced it, but I didn’t hear any backstory.

Holman (1h 39m 4s):

Yeah, no, they, they, they gave them a, a, a nod to, to what they did. And, and I think it was great. So anyway, obviously a, a story that is near and dear to my heart cuz it’s people that I know and it’s just really cool to be able to share that with you guys on the podcast. So, Hey, lightning, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 39m 20s):

No. Hey, Holman, did you hear

Holman (1h 39m 22s):

Me? Maybe

Lightning (1h 39m 23s):

The 2024 GMC CR EV prototype was spotted testing. And I know we’ve talked about this before, but damn, does it look like a, an avalanche? An avalanche

Holman (1h 39m 34s):

Called, it’s the same car.

Lightning (1h 39m 35s):

I’m just saying

Holman (1h 39m 36s):

Last trucks slash ev.

Lightning (1h 39m 37s):


Holman (1h 39m 38s):

With a different face than wheels.

Lightning (1h 39m 39s):

It’s, it’s got some interesting bits. The, there’s, it’s on gm where I spotted this thing and really interesting taillights. It’s got the, over the third brake light. It’s got a different piece of, I don’t know if it’s plastic or not, but that whole top section above the third brake light is unique and interesting. The wheels are freaking massive. It doesn’t say what size they are here, but they look like 20 twos at least they have some details about the pricing here. I, I wanted you to get, so pricing for the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali edition. One starts at what

Holman (1h 40m 10s):


Lightning (1h 40m 11s):

1 11, 1 0 7. All right. And the rest of the lineup starts at around 50 K. So I just thought it was pretty interesting that 1 1 0 7 dude for that thing.

Holman (1h 40m 24s):

Well, that’s their top of the line. Everything I know Denali, blah, blah, blah.

Lightning (1h 40m 28s):

I know

Holman (1h 40m 29s):

It’s, it’s money’s getting expensive. I don’t know where all these people are. That money was cheap for a long time.

Lightning (1h 40m 34s):

I don’t know. Anyways,

Holman (1h 40m 35s):

It have to be some right pricing going on

Lightning (1h 40m 37s):

Soon. Maximum of 7 54 horsepower. 7 85 pound feet of torque. And they’re saying that the range is 400 miles between plugs,

Holman (1h 40m 46s):

Which is pretty impressive.

Lightning (1h 40m 47s):

It is.

Holman (1h 40m 48s):

All right. Lighting. Did you hear?

Lightning (1h 40m 50s):

No. Nope, I didn’t.

Holman (1h 40m 51s):

Mitsubishi has been dropping hints that a truck is on their radar for the US now. Nothing confirmed. They’re just sort of like tossing it out. I think testing the

Lightning (1h 40m 60s):

Waters. Tell me they’re, they’re gonna re-release the

Holman (1h 41m 2s):

Brat. No, the, that was Subaru. Oh Subaru. The mighty

Lightning (1h 41m 5s):

Max. The mighty max, that’s right. Oh dude, my buddy. Do you know bald Brad?

Holman (1h 41m 9s):

I have bald

Lightning (1h 41m 10s):

Brad had a mighty max that I’ve never seen anyone beat a truck up more than he did that truck. Oh my God.

Holman (1h 41m 17s):

What would be interesting. So here’s, here’s the, the tie in. So the last truck Mitsubishi sold in the US was the Raider, which was based on the Dodge Dakota. Okay. But they were talking about, hey, we can’t import any of our trucks that are really popular around the world because of the chicken tax, which is the retaliatory 25% tariff on light trucks imported to the US that Lindon b Johnson signed in response to Europe’s tax on American Chicken imports. So that dates all the way back to Lyndon b Johnson’s presidency. What’s that like

Lightning (1h 41m 46s):

1840 what? Lyndon b Johnson president.

Holman (1h 41m 48s):

So what’s interesting is, do you remember when the four transits first the little transit connects came? I

Lightning (1h 41m 54s):

Love the four transit.

Holman (1h 41m 55s):

So those were built in Turkey and then assembled here, but they had to come over in pieces and get reassembled to avoid the 25% chicken tax. So it’s a 25% tariff is a pretty big deal. Right? So that’s the, you know, the US protecting pickup truck market, which is one of the reasons that all pickup trucks are basically, that are on market, you know, on sale here. Marketed here are are built here. So that being said, Mitsubishi has some great, great trucks overseas. We’re probably not gonna see them. So they would have to partner with the manufacturer. Interesting enough that Mitsubishi has an alliance with Nissan that just happens to build a mid-size pickup truck in Mitts, Mississippi. No

Lightning (1h 42m 32s):


Holman (1h 42m 33s):

So the Mitsubishi Outlander Nissan Rogue, they already share a platform. So it’s not so surprising. Do you think that you could either take that rogue and build a Mitsubishi Unibody truck? Or do you think you take the frontier and make a Mitsubishi Mighty Max or something like that out of the frontier? Who knows? But I think they were just sort of like lobbying that out there to see what would happen. I’d be interested if you guys would love to see Mitsubishi come back to the US truck show podcast Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 43m 6s):

No. God no. I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 43m 9s):

Ram has announced the official name of the Ram Revolution concept for when it goes on sale.

Lightning (1h 43m 16s):

Hmm. Is it called the RAM Revolution?

Holman (1h 43m 18s):

It is not. It’s now called the 2024 Ram 1500 r v.

Lightning (1h 43m 23s):

Well that’s dumb.

Holman (1h 43m 24s):

Well that’s, I don’t make up the

Lightning (1h 43m 27s):

News. Why didn’t they just call it to

Holman (1h 43m 28s):

Revolution? Because they call it the Rev.

Lightning (1h 43m 30s):

Hmm. Leaves this if you were cold

Holman (1h 43m 33s):

Rad ev or regular ev. I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah. Or revolution, but short,

Lightning (1h 43m 39s):

Weak sauce. It just is. All right, come on, Ram, step up. Hey Homan, did you hear?

Holman (1h 43m 47s):

Probably not. All

Lightning (1h 43m 48s):

Right. Google Maps has added features for EV drivers. So they’ve added stage charging network basically to Google Maps.

Holman (1h 43m 59s):

Do we care

Lightning (1h 43m 60s):

About that? Not really. Move on. No. I just thought it was, I came across, I’m like, Hey, it’s bad. I, I’m like,

Holman (1h 44m 5s):

I mean I wanna sprinkle in the EV news cuz there’s a lot of it I

Lightning (1h 44m 8s):

Just sprinkled in and that was it. All right. That was it all. If you, if you use Google Maps,

Holman (1h 44m 11s):

I see your EV story. I raised you this one here. Did you hear?

Lightning (1h 44m 14s):

Okay, so listen to this. It’s worth noting that a lot of GM products are equipped with Google built in a standard Yes. Including

Holman (1h 44m 21s):

A of other,

Lightning (1h 44m 21s):

All the GM trucks don’t care. Yeah. Okay.

Holman (1h 44m 24s):

Did you hear

12 (1h 44m 25s):

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Lightning (1h 44m 28s):

No. Nope. I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 44m 30s):

Well, Ford’s been teasing a bunch of stuff and they teased their return to F1 and then they teased the return of the Ranger Raptor to off-roading. No,

Lightning (1h 44m 41s):


Holman (1h 44m 41s):

Don’t. And racing, I don’t

Lightning (1h 44m 42s):

Think they teased. Didn’t they just say like, we’re coming back. Right.

Holman (1h 44m 46s):

Okay, fine. They said they’re coming back. Okay. And now they’re teasing cuz they’re not saying it overtly lightning. They’re teasing an F-150 Lightning Sport truck.

Lightning (1h 44m 57s):

No way.

Holman (1h 44m 58s):

Yes. Way. No

Lightning (1h 44m 59s):


Holman (1h 44m 59s):


Lightning (1h 44m 60s):

Way. Oh my God, I’m interested. All right. Wow. Ouch.

Holman (1h 45m 5s):

No kidding. However, this is a vehicle that Jim Farley showed a, a journalist more to come, but it is shown on their ev performance demonstrator roadmap. So it’s not necessarily gonna be a production version, at least not yet. So just, I mean, would you be down with a high performance ev version of the Lightning?

Lightning (1h 45m 26s):

Yes, I think so. I, if it’d be interesting to see an EV Lightning Sport truck edition go up against like a, a Whipple supercharged Coyote powered F-150. That would be a really cool race. Like did you see the one that Cletus McFarland had? No. Oh my God. He was ripping that four-wheel drive coyote with a Gen five Whipple on it. Awesome. And just launching the sucker. Everything, everyone he was putting in that doing these launches was like freaked out. I mean it hooks four wheel drive just, oh

Holman (1h 45m 60s):

My God. Should probably talk about the TFL drag race that they did. Yeah, we should. But by the way, it was Red Bull racing driver, Daniel Ricardo that got the sneak peak with Ford’s ceo, Jim Farley, not a journalist. So he showed the racer a peak and then everybody went, whoa, wait, wait, wait. More to more to come on that.

Lightning (1h 46m 16s):

Interesting. Hey, you brought up F1 for a second. Is the Las Vegas F1 race gonna be the biggest F1 race that’s ever happened to America? Yes.

Holman (1h 46m 24s):

Oh my hundred percent. Have you seen the hotel room pricing?

Lightning (1h 46m 27s):

So I called

Holman (1h 46m 27s):

$20,000 a night. So

Lightning (1h 46m 29s):

I called a buddy of mine who worked at Cosmo because the Cosmo cosmopolitan,

Holman (1h 46m 34s):

What’s about, what’s balcony or a window on the F1 route.

Lightning (1h 46m 37s):

So he, he wouldn’t tell me.

Holman (1h 46m 39s):

Yeah. Cause he knows you don’t have

Lightning (1h 46m 41s):

The money, but he said that it would, it was,

Holman (1h 46m 43s):

Would be impossible for him to

Lightning (1h 46m 45s):

Help you. He’s well into five digits. Yes. So I’ve stayed in those rooms before when we were throwing concerts And they were putting us up in the knight rooms. So Cosmo has the two, the the two towers. One sits right on the strip and one sits back a little bit. The one that sits right on the strip. When you get a corner room, you have a, you have a 50 foot balcony on both sides. Yeah. On the corner. It is. If you’ve never stayed there and you wanna really treat your wife or something, dude stay in a corner suite at the Cosmo in the tower on the strip. It is freaking epic. But that’s the suite that I can’t, I can’t even imagine. I’ll bet you some of those are gonna go for 50 grand a night.

Holman (1h 47m 26s):

I bet. There, there I I’ll bet you there more. Whew. Yep.

Lightning (1h 47m 31s):

Yeah, I really want to go, but that’s gonna be more cheese than I can part with.

Holman (1h 47m 36s):

That’s a lot of cheddar. Hey lighting, did you hear

13 (1h 47m 39s):

I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid.

Lightning (1h 47m 42s):

Nope. So no, I haven’t

Holman (1h 47m 43s):

Seen it. I don’t know where you got that, but that’s pretty funny. The at four and Denali trims made up almost half of GMC sales in 2022. No

Lightning (1h 47m 51s):


Holman (1h 47m 51s):

So that’s pretty amazing. Their, their premium off-road and premium package. Boom. So if they didn’t have that right? I

Lightning (1h 47m 60s):

Mean, I mean everyone’s stepping up with the high dollar rigs.

Holman (1h 48m 2s):

Dude, I just, I

Lightning (1h 48m 3s):

Where’s these are printing money, what’s, what’s going on?

Holman (1h 48m 5s):

Says the two guys who’ve just bought high dollars,

Lightning (1h 48m 8s):

I guess,

Holman (1h 48m 8s):

Right? I mean, I’d like to think that we’re special use cases, but if

Lightning (1h 48m 12s):

No, I don’t, I don’t. We are, we are special cases.

Holman (1h 48m 15s):

We’re definitely special. But,

Lightning (1h 48m 17s):

But wait, is it the fact that these vehicles, these trucks are now really appealing to guys, dare I say our age,

Holman (1h 48m 26s):

Maybe meaning, or guys our age have a little bit of money? Well,

Lightning (1h 48m 30s):

I’m saying like guys are are not buying a Corvette. Well they are buying coves. Yeah, they sure are. May Are they buying fewer Ferrari?

Holman (1h 48m 36s):

No, I don’t, doesn’t matter.

Lightning (1h 48m 37s):

I don’t know. I’m saying where, where, where, are they trading one thing to get a truck or are they, are they looking at a, a hide dollar truck for the first time?

Holman (1h 48m 43s):

Or they got a Ferrari and realize they couldn’t tow their boat? I don’t know. I, I don’t know.

Lightning (1h 48m 46s):

All right. Because this is the first time in history that trucks have been this awesome

Holman (1h 48m 50s):

Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 48m 52s):

No, no, no.

Holman (1h 48m 55s):

Ford has dropped its stake and Rivian down to 1.15%.

Lightning (1h 48m 60s):

What’s going on with Rivian, by

Holman (1h 49m 2s):

The way, man? Ouch.

Lightning (1h 49m 4s):

Why? Why do I keep hearing Ford

Holman (1h 49m 6s):

Used to be at 11.4% at the end of 2021 and then they wrote down 7.4 billion in 2022. They wrote

Lightning (1h 49m 16s):

Down. I get it. I get it, I get it. But I need to know why does like all of the, all of the LA based journalists that are holier than thou love the rivian or

Holman (1h 49m 30s):

Bought one.

Lightning (1h 49m 31s):

Or bought one. You know what I’m saying? Like, they love their way.

Holman (1h 49m 34s):

It’s a good try. I told

Lightning (1h 49m 34s):

You it’s a good, I understand that. But why it’s impressive. Why do other people, why does the average guy just not

Holman (1h 49m 41s):

Care? I don’t think that’s the case. I

Lightning (1h 49m 42s):

Why are they not selling what’s happening? Why it’s Ford

Holman (1h 49m 44s):

Evacuated? Because they’re $90,000 and maybe they, if you’re gonna gonna spend that much money, you want a real truck.

Lightning (1h 49m 49s):

But we just, we just talked about everyone spending $107,000 on a silver

Holman (1h 49m 54s):

On a truck back in tow. Right.

Lightning (1h 49m 58s):

That’s a good point. Right?

Holman (1h 50m 0s):

Get that kind of money. You need

Lightning (1h 50m 1s):

It for $110,000, you’re gonna a fully loaded

Holman (1h 50m 3s):

Ram. That’s what I’m saying. So Reuters also recently reported that Rivian is planning to lay off 6% of its staff because of declining cash reserves. So that doesn’t sound good.

Lightning (1h 50m 14s):

No, but that’s actually really good for me cuz we’re looking for engineers and they moved a bunch of engineers here to Southern California like

Holman (1h 50m 20s):

Irvine. Yeah. Hopefully they, I

Lightning (1h 50m 21s):

Need to swoop up some

Holman (1h 50m 22s):

Of them. Oh, maybe you can. So anyways, Ford’s updated stake was disclosed in a recent filing. So who knows what the future will be for both companies. I think the Rivian product is incredible and in 2022 they produced 25,000 of ’em and 20,000 of ’em were delivered to customers. So they’ve got the R one T, the R one s pre-orders now exceeding a hundred thousand. So they have demand, but the scary cash flows to do that. I think what it goes to show is starting a car company is hard. Maintaining a car company is hard.

Lightning (1h 50m 55s):

Remember when Elon got involved in Tesla, by the way, he’s not the founder of Tesla, which may surprise to people, but remember when he got involved and people thought, ah, it’s never gonna happen and it’s GM’s gonna smash you like a bug. And, and here they are like, but you’re right. So it’s very, very hard and they got a lot of capital and burned through it all. Well, and you gotta sell. You gotta sell. Yes. Yeah.

Holman (1h 51m 17s):

Pieces or, I mean it’s, it’s exponential. You get to a point where there’s the delta, you have to be to outperforming the delta of cash loss. The product is good. They’ve got vehicles on the way. They, there’s a lot to like about Rivian, but when people ask me, Hey, I I really like the Rivian, should I buy one? I’m like, not because of the product, because I have serious concerns whether that company or any startup is gonna be around in the world of Fords and GMs and Porsches and everybody else that are making, you know, these manufacturers been around a hundred years now they’re jumping into the game with everything that they know. Some pretty incredible vehicles out there. So

Lightning (1h 51m 53s):

What do you think that the lack of charging network has to do with the sales?

Holman (1h 51m 58s):

Well, I, I think that’s part of Tesla’s success is they’ve got their own, you know, charging network that’s all over the place. And every ev manufacturer is either partnering or figuring out how to put in their own.

Lightning (1h 52m 6s):

Do you follow Marquez Brownley? No. Mk bw whatever he calls himself. Nope. Oh darn. He, he did a really cool video where he just, he’s riffing in his Tesla plaid about the lack of charging network. And he’s a guy who’s way ahead of the curve. I don’t know. Go see the video. It’s great. It’s, he just launched it. If you’re listening now on Monday, he would’ve launched that video. Thursday. Marquez Brownley, he is a product reviewer and he’s I think the best product reviewer that has lived. He’s awesome. Okay. He’s freaking awesome.

Holman (1h 52m 37s):

You’ve brought him up before.

Lightning (1h 52m 39s):

I’m a big fan.

Holman (1h 52m 40s):

I could tell

Lightning (1h 52m 41s):

Marquez Brownley,

Holman (1h 52m 42s):

Have you offered to let him be a guest on this fine program?

Lightning (1h 52m 46s):

Marquez Brownley is

Holman (1h 52m 48s):

Too good for us.

Lightning (1h 52m 50s):

He, he gets invited to Apple debuts, Tesla care debuts, things like that. You

Holman (1h 52m 54s):

Don’t know if you don’t know maybe Wants not Cool Truck

Lightning (1h 52m 56s):

Podcast. He does. So he has. Why not? So he does his own podcast called Autofocus, a U T O Auto Focus because he does cars. And it’s interesting, he’s, he’s not like a car geek, but he does a lot of reviews of cars and trucks and I don’t know, I guess I should ask

Holman (1h 53m 12s):

Why not? Nothing to lose. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 53m 16s):


Holman (1h 53m 16s):

Nope. Chevy Silverado, EVs getting the Trail Boss version.

Lightning (1h 53m 20s):

That’s cool.

Holman (1h 53m 21s):

Red toe hooks copying old Mark Allen there and they get a all train tires and blacked out grill and looks I guess tougher whatever. If I was gonna do that, I’d probably just go for the Hummer. Yeah. Get 30 sevens. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 53m 34s):

Hey Homan, did you hear?

Holman (1h 53m 36s):

I be sure. No, I’ll play your little game Lightning

Lightning (1h 53m 40s):

Ryan Kibby is ghosting lightning. Right. Move on.

Holman (1h 53m 45s):

Wait. Okay. That, that doesn’t feel like news. It feels more like you trying to out somebody for sliding you. Sounds more like a personal vendetta.

Lightning (1h 53m 53s):

I’m just saying. I happen to know a guy that sold a bunch of TX suspension kits for a Mr. Kibby tech. Okay. And Mr. Kibby tech ain’t picking up the phone when, when, when, when a certain Mr. Lightning is trying to buy his kit. Should

Holman (1h 54m 11s):

We do our listeners care?

Lightning (1h 54m 13s):

No, but I’m just, I’m airing my laundry here

Holman (1h 54m 16s):

On the show. I can tell.

Lightning (1h 54m 17s):

I’m like, I I I do you like, I text him and I said, Hey, I’m ready for the kid. I’m, I’m, I’m super stoked to get some gold on the tx. He sent me a picture of a box, like

Holman (1h 54m 28s):


Lightning (1h 54m 29s):


Holman (1h 54m 29s):

Packaged was better than his

Lightning (1h 54m 30s):

Butt. And, and I thought that mother ever, he just wants me to go on the website and just buy it.

Holman (1h 54m 37s):


Lightning (1h 54m 37s):

I think I, I don’t know what that meant. So he’s like, he text me a picture of the box, like wrapped up ready to go. And I’m like, okay, so what do I need to do?

Holman (1h 54m 43s):

He text him back and say, how do we get that box from your place to mine? Wink wink. He didn’t say and throw an eggplant emoji on there with some drops.

Lightning (1h 54m 50s):

I kind of did that, but nope.

Holman (1h 54m 52s):

Oh, maybe you need to do the peach emoji.

Lightning (1h 54m 55s):

I’m gonna have to freaking drive up there.

Holman (1h 54m 57s):

Okay. Wow. Can I be on the fly on the wall? I just, I’ll bring the recorder. I want to hear the confrontation of you being told no. What

Lightning (1h 55m 6s):

Time is it you wanna call him right now?

Holman (1h 55m 8s):

No. You got a podcast to, do

Lightning (1h 55m 10s):

You wanna call him on the next one?

Holman (1h 55m 11s):

Nope. One, maybe we’ll see if he’s still ghosty you after this. If,

Lightning (1h 55m 15s):

If he, if he turns me down and gives me the cold shoulder and it’s on the show, you’ll love that. Yeah.

Holman (1h 55m 21s):

That, that will bell

Lightning (1h 55m 21s):

Rubish. You will that a little

Holman (1h 55m 23s):

Bit. Yeah, it’ll be like a, like a a a pig and mud and setting himself in the sun.

Lightning (1h 55m 28s):

I would enjoy it if there was something that you really wanted and you did the guy solid and he then he ghosted you. I think that’d be funny. Would

Holman (1h 55m 34s):


Lightning (1h 55m 34s):

I Yeah, a little bit. Okay. I’d feel your pain, but I’d think it’d be funny.

Holman (1h 55m 38s):

You still be amused? Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 55m 41s):

No. Nope.

Holman (1h 55m 42s):

So the GMC Sierra launched in South Korea, sold out in two days

Lightning (1h 55m 47s):

In South Korea. Yeah.

Holman (1h 55m 49s):

Trucks pretty

Lightning (1h 55m 50s):

Crazy. Trucks are popular

Holman (1h 55m 51s):

Everywhere. I’m telling you. 48 hours after launching it. They didn’t say what the numbers were, they just said they sold out. I can’t imagine it was a huge number, but they’re really going after the one percenters with that whole deal, but damn dude, that’s, that’s pretty cool. Their audience is successful professionals and enterprising men in their forties and fifties.

Lightning (1h 56m 10s):

That’s like everywhere. Okay.

Holman (1h 56m 12s):

Apparently just like here. Yeah. I just thought that was interesting. Hey light, did you hear?

14 (1h 56m 16s):

No. Zero. Zero Sierra?

Lightning (1h 56m 19s):

Nope. Would

Holman (1h 56m 20s):

You buy a Raptor expedition?

Lightning (1h 56m 23s):

Oh, hold on. Let to sink in for a second. A Raptor expedition.

Holman (1h 56m 27s):

The timber line just came out and apparently Ford believes that there is a room to go even more performancy.

Lightning (1h 56m 33s):

Let me, lemme think about this for a second. No. Alright. No, I don’t think so. Lightning

Holman (1h 56m 41s):

Otherwise has spoken.

Lightning (1h 56m 42s):

I think I would be interested, I would, I would wanna see it and look at it up close and inspect it and no more about it, but I don’t think I would buy that.

Holman (1h 56m 50s):

What if you could compete against the Sequoia t rd pro of kick it’s butt?

Lightning (1h 56m 55s):

I I don’t care about competing against the

Holman (1h 56m 58s):

Well, I’m just, that’s what’s else in

Lightning (1h 56m 59s):

Toyota? Yeah. Okay,

Holman (1h 57m 0s):

Great. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 57m 2s):

No. Nope.

Holman (1h 57m 4s):


Lightning (1h 57m 5s):

I don’t think so. Am I wrong? Did I hear?

Holman (1h 57m 8s):

I don’t know. Oh, apparently there’s some weird maverick stuff going on that would appeal to people like us

Lightning (1h 57m 17s):

Lowered Mavericks lifted Mavericks

Holman (1h 57m 19s):


Lightning (1h 57m 20s):

What’s better than a either one of

Holman (1h 57m 22s):

Those? So according to the drive, Ford Maverick owners have found that through an elaborate process of button pushing, door locking and putting your seatbelt on in a very specific order, kinda like a B, b A up, down, left right of our era, that somehow there’s what pops up is called the Komi screen.

Lightning (1h 57m 44s):

No way. Komi is in the video games. Yes. What?

Holman (1h 57m 48s):

And so apparently there’s a secret screen and they found the part numbers their truck’s build date was stored that was stored in the vehicle’s computer apparently. So if you’re driving your, in your maverick, hold down the okay button on the steering wheel, start the engine at the same time. Keep holding the okay button until ET shows up on the dash and green letters. Et Well, I think et That’s the letters, not the, not the alien. Oh, okay. Some owners report having to click the seatbelt and lock the doors in order for it to show up. In that sense, it’s a lot like the cheat code we talked about. Right? The guy who post about his search layer, he heard about this engineering test mode from a focus RS owner. And after some more research, apparently it works on several models.

Holman (1h 58m 30s):

And some of the things it does is they can use it to correct the vehicle’s onboard fuel mileage calculator. Because as we know, most of ’em are too optimistic from the factory. There’s a thing called AFE bias that you can fix in there, but obviously works if you install different size tires, things like that. According to this, this article on the drive, other nerdy tidbits. I love that they put that on there.

Lightning (1h 58m 50s):

Now this is again, the komi screen.

Holman (1h 58m 52s):

Well, because it goes in this weird engineering mode that’s super colorful and fun looking. Oh,

Lightning (1h 58m 56s):

I see. Okay. That’s the tie-in. Oh, when you’re, it’s rainbow and

Holman (1h 58m 59s):

You can see the ET up here. What? Yeah, so this just some backdoor that allows you to do some cool stuff. So anyway, they continue that other nerdy tidbits accessible through these menus include an analog gauge sweep, precise radiator temperature, reading a color test mode, which turns on every dash light. And it also displays engine RPM for hybrid models, which don’t feature tack. And there’s a bunch of other little silly stuff. But it’s kinda like having a taser, I guess in your maverick, right?

Lightning (1h 59m 29s):

I mean, all that stuff’s built into Right.

Holman (1h 59m 31s):


Lightning (1h 59m 31s):

Of our cars, we just can’t access it.

Holman (1h 59m 33s):

Cause you do the pins and you know, ID dash pulls a lot of that stuff out. Right? But it’s just kind of fun if you know, it’s, it’s a fun party trick. I thought

Lightning (1h 59m 40s):

It’d be cooler if it farted like the Tesla.

3 (1h 59m 44s):


Holman (1h 59m 45s):

A weird segue.

Lightning (1h 59m 46s):

I mean, isn’t, I mean, didn’t you see the video where the dude up in Hollywood had like a like 75 Teslas show up and park in a parking lot? They all farted at the same time? No, you haven’t seen that? Come on now.

Holman (1h 59m 58s):

Maybe we should get on the emails weird.

3 (2h 0m 3s):

You email? Yeah, I email do it. We email. That’s right. Everybody email type it up. You email proofread. I email Send it. Oh, we email. Click.

Lightning (2h 0m 16s):

Oh, damn, that was loud.

3 (2h 0m 19s):

What do

Lightning (2h 0m 19s):

You mean, boo? I do the

Holman (2h 0m 20s):

Same thing. And you had my mic turned down and then you turned it back up the wrong time.

Lightning (2h 0m 27s):

I gotta say, oh, thank you for turning up the lights. I, I can’t read in this. I know really di light. I I’m digging it. It was like we’re in a submarine. Oh God. Too bright dude.

Holman (2h 0m 35s):

And now that the wifi works, look, they all go at the same time. Now remember last week it was like one or two.

Lightning (2h 0m 39s):

This will permanently damage my retinas. That

Holman (2h 0m 41s):

Crazy. What are you doing here? I’ll I’ll it down

Lightning (2h 0m 43s):

For you. Okay, well now I just, I’m seeing spots what happened now because it was so bright.

Holman (2h 0m 47s):

I have these awesome lights in the podcast studio that I can control with my

Lightning (2h 0m 51s):

Phone. That’s cool. Okay. Right there. Stop right there.

Holman (2h 0m 53s):

I’m giving you a warm, warm light.

Lightning (2h 0m 54s):

Like, I like the warm, warm and bright. Yes. I want about what it 2,500 Kelvin. Right there.

Holman (2h 0m 59s):

There you go. Okay.

Lightning (2h 0m 59s):

There. Truck show by the way, that is truck show podcast Also Holman, did you get any to the holman truck show

Holman (2h 1m 10s):

I’ve got a

Lightning (2h 1m 10s):

Couple. Okay. Yeah,

Holman (2h 1m 11s):

I’ve also got some stuff. Stop sending us messages through Facebook. I can’t keep

Lightning (2h 1m 16s):

Up. I I didn’t check this last week. I should have. There’s

Holman (2h 1m 20s):

A bunch and I tried and I just, I was too busy and I just,

Lightning (2h 1m 22s):

There’s a lot of ’em coming in with Instagrams ad truck podcasts. Instagram is

Holman (2h 1m 26s):

Crazy. Yeah,

Lightning (2h 1m 26s):

I’m so, yeah. Keep ’em coming. Unfortunately, we, we can’t get to ’em as fast as we’d like, but keep it going. All right. Holman dole out the email. All right, thank you. I got this one. I’m gonna start. So this is from Greg Vander Paul Problem areas on a Tahoe Hey, home. And the lightning wrong. It’s Lightning and Holman. I drive a 2005 Chevy Tahoe with eight, oh my god, 180,000 miles on it. And I was wondering if there are any known problems with this vehicle. It’s got the five three liter Vortex V8 and a four speed automatic transmission. It also has four four-wheel drive. But lately we’ve started having some trouble getting the electric transfer case to come out of four-wheel drive. Do you know what the first thing to check would be for the four-wheel drive?

Lightning (2h 2m 8s):

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. And five stars.

15 (2h 2m 12s):

Pleasure review. Five stars.

Holman (2h 2m 15s):

He realizes it has 180,000 miles on it, right?

Lightning (2h 2m 18s):

Yeah, but I think that truck should go half million. Don’t you think? I

Holman (2h 2m 22s):

Would say well yeah, the truck. But he’s asking about weird electrical stuff. I would say the solanoid on the transfer case,

Lightning (2h 2m 27s):

Right? Oh, couldn’t couldn’t be that simple. Do you think?

Holman (2h 2m 29s):

Yeah, of course. It’s probably exactly that simple. By the way, that’s the GMT 800 platform. Yep. Probably one of the best products GM has ever made in the history of General Motors. Okay.

Lightning (2h 2m 43s):

I don’t know why. All right. Got this one. My reggaton horn

Holman (2h 2m 46s):

Anyway. No, I don’t know. Those are really reliable trucks. They literally are one of the best products that GM has ever made. They’re, they’re just great. Yep. They’ll

Lightning (2h 2m 52s):

Go forever. Favorite Tahoe that the wife ever had?

Holman (2h 2m 54s):

Yeah, it was five three in that one also.

Lightning (2h 2m 56s):

Yep. Five three. Just a great on 20 fours. Five,

Holman (2h 2m 59s):


Lightning (2h 2m 59s):

You’re talking about being accused as of a drug, being a drug dealer. My wife was pulled up. Did I tell the story already? Probably my wife was pulled over. It was all,

Holman (2h 3m 7s):

Yeah, we’ve been doing the show long enough. Yeah. That we stories.

Lightning (2h 3m 10s):

Yeah. My wife was driving so I put it, I lowered it. A two three drop on a McCoy’s drop. Yeah. That had installed at Selman Chevrolet. They did it for me. Okay. And then I put on a set of 24 kcs, really low profile tires, like 25 series. And she was pulled over twice and they asked if her husband was a drug dealer cuz it was all white with black wheels.

Holman (2h 3m 29s):

That doesn’t sound like a drug

Lightning (2h 3m 30s):

Dealer car. 2007. It was all, you know, why does it matter? Black? I don’t know. But drug dealer, they pulled her over twice. Dumb. And they were saying, what does your husband do? She’s like, it works at a radio station. Why? And he goes, it’s a drug dealer car. And she’s like, what? It’s a Tahoe that’s white. And he goes, big wheels. I

Holman (2h 3m 47s):


Lightning (2h 3m 48s):

The back. So apparently it’s a thing in that area, like in Long Beach Beach

Holman (2h 3m 51s):


Lightning (2h 3m 52s):

In I was a thing. Okay.

Holman (2h 3m 54s):

Yeah. All right. I wanna hear from Hayden Tree says, thanks for the advice Dear lighting in Holman. Just wanted to follow up and thank Holman four. His advice on getting a used truck. I got a great deal on a Ram Express with a 5.7. My next question is, what would you recommend to be my first mod to the truck in terms of performance? I already have the basic idea of what I wanna do to the rest of the truck, but I don’t know what banks products or other products should I be adding for performance and or economy. It’s what are the other dude. Also, on your last episode, you talked a little bit about super trucks. Considering how in the early days of the podcast you set requirements for what makes a truck. I think it’s only appropriate that you do the same for the new term super trucks. Is it based on power to weight ratio, cost capability, total horsepower and torque or dominance of their specific truck market.

Holman (2h 4m 37s):

Thanks for the awesome podcast. Hopefully soon I can show my support with a sticker on my truck. Yes, Hayden, we will be selling stickers from truck show when it launches. Hopefully another month or so. He says PS in and out. Fries are still garbage. You know what? Freaking Hayden tree? No, we’re gonna put you on the do not sell a sticker to list number one pal. And then number two, we are not gonna answer your question. Well

Lightning (2h 5m 3s):

Hold, hold on a second. Hold on a second. First off,

Holman (2h 5m 5s):

By the way, they’re not garbage. You order ’em fries, well done. And it fixes

Lightning (2h 5m 8s):

The problem. They’re not, it is a problem. They’re not the best fries. They

Holman (2h 5m 12s):

Are the best fries. When

Lightning (2h 5m 13s):

McDonald’s fries are even better just fry for fry like stock. But when you mod them and you do animal

Holman (2h 5m 18s):

Style, you have to mod them. They’re

Lightning (2h 5m 20s):

Amazing. If you mod them, then they’re fine. Yeah, of course they’re fine. But when you don’t, they’re like potato chips. They’re, they’re not. Well they’re,

Holman (2h 5m 24s):

Anyway. Well he says, despite having I Idaho potatoes, I don’t know where it went wrong, but clearly something. No, the difference is they’re not freaking frozen in a bag. They’re cut fresh right there. I know,

Lightning (2h 5m 32s):

But they’re, and all you do, they just, they don’t have enough taste.

Holman (2h 5m 35s):

Add salt, add ketchup. That’s why you do fries. Well

Lightning (2h 5m 38s):

Style again, you have to model, there are a lot of fries. You don’t have to listen.

Holman (2h 5m 41s):

Good choice on truck gets, you know, exhaust system intake, have fun. I mean, there’s programmers out there and things like that. I, I just, I don’t know what, what would you say? Five, seven Hemi truck.

Lightning (2h 5m 53s):

Five seven hemi

Holman (2h 5m 55s):


Lightning (2h 5m 55s):

There’s a programmer’s Not worth, don’t get a don’t get a programmer. You’re gonna have to get a supercharger and no, if you want performance, you’re going mileage losing is going suffer.

Holman (2h 6m 5s):

Yeah. Those two donors.

Lightning (2h 6m 6s):

And, and by the way, anyone that tells you that you can have nope, they’re wrong. You can have power and you can have fuel economy. They’re lying to your face,

Holman (2h 6m 12s):

Especially from a supercharger. They tell you the bypass valve makes it. So, no, those injectors are running all the time. I found that out the hard way. Anyway, move right along. Yep.

Lightning (2h 6m 19s):

This one is from Brian Jackson, roadside random smog test in Redondo. Question mark. Hey guys, I just drove by a roadside smog check in Redondo Beach complete with a dino, a smog check, smog tech, and a CHP officer. It had an early 2000 Chevy S 10 being tested. Have you ever heard of this? Yep. This is new to me and I drive 40,000 miles a year in SoCal. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I still can’t believe this freaking sucks. On an unrelated note, I just read an article that California is trying to ban chrome plating the traditional finish hexavalent chromium. Other options will be available if it passes, but the alternative looks more like stainless steel.

Lightning (2h 7m 2s):

Is there an emoji for vast disappointment in the people that push this ridiculousness Rant over. Love the show. Good luck with the podded and the new chapter of the show. PS he’s still going here. Oh, PS what’s going on with the F 100 at banks? Nothing. P ps I’m still looking for a 4 54 for my R 30. People are asking stupid money for tired motors as of late and five stars and yeah. Buddy from Finnegan.

16 (2h 7m 28s):

Congratulations. You have earned five stars. Yeah, buddy.

Lightning (2h 7m 33s):

Okay, so getting back to the, the, the, the

Holman (2h 7m 36s):

First point, let me, I’ll answer that. So yeah, it’s called the Roadside inspection program. It’s something that the California Bureau of Automotive Repair puts on. And it was established, I don’t know, a gazillion years ago. And they do it with the assistance of the highway patrol, which I think is bogus because I believe it’s completely optional. But if you smog it on the side of the road and fail, I think they can still like put you outta service. So never say yes. Basically they

Lightning (2h 7m 60s):

Go, but, but usually they’ll, they’ll make like a t in the street so you can’t get around it. And if you turn around the cop,

Holman (2h 8m 5s):

No, no, no. That’s a DUI checkpoint. That’s not, that’s not, I think it works the same way. No, it does not work the same way. You sure? Yes. All

Lightning (2h 8m 10s):


Holman (2h 8m 12s):

Anyway, so basically they, they, wherever the air quality is, were Central Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles area, inland Empire San Diego. They randomly select zip codes and then they identify areas where they can safely conduct the survey. And then the surveys are performed by a bar team that has three or four people. They’re all ASE certified techs. So basically there’s an automated license plate reader, and the consumer stopped by an officer of the C H P California Highway Patrol and greeted, greeted is what they say by a bar representative who will provide them with information about the survey’s purpose and answer any questions they may have. And the survey is performed similar to we smog check and takes less than 10 minutes. Why you would ever say yes and consent to wasting 10 minutes of your time for these freaking people’s BS.

Holman (2h 8m 58s):

Government overreach is beyond me. So say no and just whatever on your way out anyway.

Lightning (2h 9m 6s):

I know you disagree with me. I don’t think it’s easy to say no. I think the way they narrowed

Holman (2h 9m 9s):

Down the

Lightning (2h 9m 10s):

No, the way they narrow down the traffic,

Holman (2h 9m 11s):

That’s why they have a ch p officer. That’s how you get the Yes, because the participation is voluntary. You can say no. So if you ever have the white van with the rollers behind it, and you see some poor dude in a fricking clapped out, old, mid-sized whatever, won the rollers with the CHP standing there and like four dudes from the Bureau of Auto Automotive Repair going, oh, let’s find the gross pollute. Do not help these people out. Yeah. Okay. It’s voluntary.

Lightning (2h 9m 37s):


Holman (2h 9m 37s):

Me ask you

Lightning (2h 9m 37s):

This. They know, so along that same line, about two blocks where you get off the freeway when you come to banks, they’ll set up the, the, the, the chp and I don’t know what department’s doing it, but they’re looking for TFS on trucks mainly Big race.

Holman (2h 9m 52s):

That’s probably a Q M D.

Lightning (2h 9m 53s):

But they’ve got CHP there and they’ve got, of

Holman (2h 9m 55s):

Course they do. Well that, that’s an enforcement

Lightning (2h 9m 57s):

Thing. They’ve got mirrors and they’ve got, they can roll under the

Holman (2h 9m 60s):

Truck. That’s a chp that’s an enforcement thing. That’s, that’s probably, they got grant money for that. I’m on bar ca gov. So just to answer your question, participation in the survey is voluntary. There are no consequences. So I was wrong. There’s no consequences to consumer regardless of their vehicle’s emission control equipment or it’s mission level. They just wanna do a survey. Still do not help these people.

Lightning (2h 10m 20s):

Yeah, that sounds, it just

Holman (2h 10m 21s):

Sounds like it’s a

Lightning (2h 10m 22s):

Trap. They’re gonna follow you downstream. It’s a trap. Yeah. They’re gonna pop you. It’s a trap. I know they’re, yeah. And he started asking about a Chrome and that’s true. They’re, they’re trying to get rid of Chrome Yeah. Chrome plating because it’s, there’s no way to Chrome plate something and not, might

Holman (2h 10m 34s):

Have some sort of

Lightning (2h 10m 35s):


Holman (2h 10m 36s):

Yeah, there’s some pretty okay-ish Chrome powder coats out there that are surprisingly decent, but yeah.

Lightning (2h 10m 42s):

Yeah. So this has been going on since, oh my God, I feel like since the eighties they’ve been trying to get rid of Chrome plating. They’ve been trying to get rid of anything where they do acid baths, stuff like that, where they strip things and you know, that’s

Holman (2h 10m 54s):

Just part of the world. People, yeah.

Lightning (2h 10m 56s):

It just, it it’s, it sucks that a lot of those companies have moved out of California or have just gone out business. They pushed him out.

Holman (2h 11m 3s):

All right. Got this one here from Garrett Daniels says Holman and Jab Boobies, which is way funnier. That’s what she said on two different levels. Congratulations on the new studio, which we are recording in. We’re 95% of the way that we’re

Lightning (2h 11m 19s):

So close. Get rid of some of the Echo, but

Holman (2h 11m 21s):

Yeah, we’re working on it. Yeah. Since Sean broke up with Motor Trend. Wow.

Lightning (2h 11m 26s):

Really like you guys dated for

Holman (2h 11m 27s):

20 years since Sean broke up with Motor Trend. We know you left them, they didn’t leave you and now owns the podcast. Doesn’t that make him lightning’s boss Now the pod now the podcast name really can be the truck show podcast with Holman and Lightning. Nope. You know what? I’m having a new sign made for the wall here. I should do that just to tweak you, just because it’s funny. Try

Lightning (2h 11m 50s):


Holman (2h 11m 51s):

It says also lightning since nobody has said it recently. Your California pompousness is showing it was negative 38 during a freak weather event we had here in Kentucky. And the l e d headlights on my 64 Dodge pickup did not put off enough heat to melt the ice that accumulated on them within minutes of driving down the road. By the way, I just wanna point out that the man is driving a 64 Dodge pickup in negative 38 degree weather. Good for you. I thought of you then with your Mercedes that probably has headlight wipers, which is just plain annoying. And that was from our, our, our friend and listener, Garrett Daniels. Thanks Garrett.

Lightning (2h 12m 23s):

So my Mercedes does not have wipers. It has squirters. And also stop it because seriously, your headlights weren’t designed to melt snow. It was a byproduct of just the fact that they immediate, we’re

Holman (2h 12m 39s):

Not doing, we’re we’re not going just

Lightning (2h 12m 41s):

California po Well,

Holman (2h 12m 43s):

You are. It

Lightning (2h 12m 44s):

Has nothing to do with California

Holman (2h 12m 45s):

Po What’s on the wall right here?

Lightning (2h 12m 47s):

An American flag.

Holman (2h 12m 48s):

What? Do you remember who gave that to us? Clint? Yes. Clint Conniff gave it to you. Okay. Gave it to, to me. He gave you something similar to that. Do you remember what, what it was?

Lightning (2h 12m 57s):


Holman (2h 12m 58s):

Flag. Do you see that in the studio? No. Why? Because we don’t need any more California pompousness in the studio.

Lightning (2h 13m 4s):

The fact that you guys, by the way, have headlights that just happen to melt the snow has nothing to do with me being in California and living in warm, warm climate.

Holman (2h 13m 13s):

Okay, but you’re also still California pompous. Just so you know, this wasn’t a slide against you. I tried to put it right here, but once you gave me that sign, it looked too crowded. So I,

Lightning (2h 13m 22s):

The sign is way cooler. All right,

Holman (2h 13m 24s):

Sign. So there’s no California it’s flag. Although there’s one thing I want to add to the studio because we don’t have enough room for the Texas flag. I have to add one thing in honor of our Texas listeners all, let me ask you if you think it would be okay, Barb.

Lightning (2h 13m 38s):

A barbecue?

Holman (2h 13m 40s):

No, I one right over there. We could, we could have company dinners and stuff here. Now

Lightning (2h 13m 44s):

I’m starving,

Holman (2h 13m 45s):

By the way. I know. I am too. All right. Listen,

Lightning (2h 13m 47s):

Couldn’t you just go in and raid the pantry right now? I could because I’m not, that’s not my house. I can’t just go in there. Your wife. It’s funny. My wife will freak out. No, she might. Last time I came over she’s like, Jay, when did you show

Holman (2h 13m 56s):

Up? I’m, she didn’t. No, she knows,

Lightning (2h 13m 57s):

But she didn’t know that time. Well,

Holman (2h 13m 59s):

You came in the side like a ninja. Now she knows you’re gonna be here more often. Okay, stop. Just focus for a second. I wanted to put the Texas flag up because we’re honorary Texans. At least I am. And there’s no room for it in the podcast studio. Which makes me

Lightning (2h 14m 13s):

Sad. We could put on the ceiling, well block

Holman (2h 14m 15s):

The lights that blocks the lights. Yeah. See that little triangle at the top there? Bullhorns?

Lightning (2h 14m 23s):


Holman (2h 14m 23s):

Like boss hog’s car. Yeah. Yeah. That way there’s a nod. Yeah. I started looking at ’em online and I thought I would ask you and the listener if we should have a set of cow horns or bullhorns on the Yeah, yeah. Yes. Okay. I’m order.

Lightning (2h 14m 33s):

Where are you gonna get

Holman (2h 14m 34s):

’em? There’s like four or five places online that are like real genuine steer horns and I’m like, yeah, those ones are good.

Lightning (2h 14m 40s):

Like real, real.

Holman (2h 14m 40s):

Yeah. That wrapped in leather with a mounting plate and you mount ’em on your wall for stupid Californians. Don’t you gotta get ’em? You

Lightning (2h 14m 46s):

Know you have to. You’re gonna measure it because it, I

Holman (2h 14m 49s):

Know. Why can’t you Longhorns? Cause they’re eight feet wide.

Lightning (2h 14m 51s):

Well I was gonna say, that’ll

Holman (2h 14m 52s):


Lightning (2h 14m 53s):

Through the roof.

Holman (2h 14m 53s):

Yeah. But they make ’em in two to three to four to five foot length. We could probably fit a three to four foot wide one there. So anyway, for all you people in Texas who have had our back, I wanna, I want to have a little nod to you in the studio. So I’m gonna get some some steer horns and put ’em in the studio. All right.

Lightning (2h 15m 11s):

Truck show Truck show podcast Thank you for hooking us up to the subject line from Creighton Burrows. Hey Holman. Enlightening.

Holman (2h 15m 23s):

Hold on.

Lightning (2h 15m 26s):

What’s the video game? The sports game? We used to, if you pounded the buttons faster. Oh dude, it was called like I don’t marathon or I

Holman (2h 15m 33s):

Don’t know. You make ’em run faster or whatever. Yeah. Then there’s a contra on Nintendo

Lightning (2h 15m 37s):

Eight bit and my friends used to put the pencil across their middle finger. Yeah, exactly. It was like a, oh you guys are hitting your dashboard cuz you know the game.

Holman (2h 15m 46s):


Lightning (2h 15m 47s):

Dumb. What was that game? It was like sports something or Olympics or whatever. Okay, so hold the lightning. Thank you for all the valuable truck information. So Holman,

Holman (2h 15m 56s):


Lightning (2h 15m 57s):

I hope you are continuing to enjoy your Apple Watch Ultra. I love it. I’m loving mine. I love it. Thank you for sharing the O V R magazine information. I’ve subscribed to the print version and I can’t wait to get it by the way.

Holman (2h 16m 9s):

Can I just say thank you cuz I think we’re just from the show alone of people that have reached out to me. We probably have 20 to 25 subscriptions just from our listeners and that’s freaking awesome. I just wanna say thank you guys.

Lightning (2h 16m 17s):

That is great. Yeah, it’s very cool. It’s a, it’s a gorgeous magazine. Yes it is. And I’m, I’m glad to see that in a time when magazines are hard to find. Yeah. So, and is the, did the deal go through with Borders? Was it

Holman (2h 16m 29s):

Borders right? No,

Lightning (2h 16m 30s):

Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble. Thank you.

Holman (2h 16m 31s):

Yep. Yep. We’re in all 440 stores, also books A million and we’re working on Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop right now to get into those locations for you guys.

Lightning (2h 16m 39s):

When will it be in Barnes and Noble?

Holman (2h 16m 41s):

Right now? Over

Lightning (2h 16m 41s):


Holman (2h 16m 42s):

Now. Right now? Yeah. Right now it’s the only way to get issue number one because if you order now you’ll get issue number two or after. So go find it. Or you can go to O v r Got

Lightning (2h 16m 51s):

It. So anyway, this is welcome news after getting what I thought was a random copy of Motor Trend in the mail. A moment of silence for JP Peterson’s. Yeah. And now four Wheeler.

Holman (2h 17m 4s):

So basically everybody, if you’re wondering why you may have gotten a random motor trend is if you were a four-wheeler subscriber, the rest of your subscription will be filled out by Motor Trends

Lightning (2h 17m 15s):

And Lightning. Thank you for hooking me and a buddy up with the pedal monster. My wife loved the stocking stuffer. The Pedal Monster has been an amazing addition to her 21 Ram 1500 Rebel. We were running the track mode driving around town and I thought it was pretty cool. Dude. Track is a little aggressive,

Holman (2h 17m 32s):

A little bit,

Lightning (2h 17m 33s):

It’s a little aggressive, especially on that naturally aspirated gas engine. Then we were on the highway doing 80 miles an hour when I punched it to get around someone and had a brown moment. The throttle response in the track mode at highway speed is freaking scary. He says, use with caution, thanks again and keep up the great work mount those parameters and a Finnegan. Yeah buddy Mounted

18 (2h 18m 2s):

Parameters. Yeah

Lightning (2h 18m 4s):

Buddy. It’s funny how many people love the Finnegan. Yeah buddy. And not the original Emmy. Yeah

Holman (2h 18m 9s):


Lightning (2h 18m 10s):


Holman (2h 18m 11s):

What’s up? No, they love that too. Yeah.

Lightning (2h 18m 13s):

By the way, brown Moment has gotta be one of our upcoming

Holman (2h 18m 16s):

T-shirts. It’s either a band name or a t-shirt. One of the two. I

Lightning (2h 18m 18s):

I think it’s

Holman (2h 18m 19s):

Both by the way. We have worked out.

Lightning (2h 18m 21s):

What if it’s our band name?

Holman (2h 18m 22s):

Brown moment? Yeah, no, it might be if we don’t get outta the studio soon. Hey, so just so you guys know, we’ve been hard at work. We’ve developed like what, 12 T-shirt ideas? At least 10 of them Solid. Probably ish. It’s funny. Lighting’s just nodding right now.

Lightning (2h 18m 38s):

It’s funny. Well cuz it’s funny that you said solid after a brown moment, right? Is it a brown moment or is it solid?

Holman (2h 18m 43s):

But I was talking about T-shirts, not about the, the moment. I see. All right, well on that brown note, let’s end the show.

Lightning (2h 18m 51s):

Does it have to be a brown moment? No Brown note. It’s a brown

Holman (2h 18m 54s):

Note. Well it’s

Lightning (2h 18m 56s):

About time. Truck show podcast Write us won’t you? The

3 (2h 19m 1s):

Truck show. The truck show. The truck show.

Holman (2h 19m 6s):

All right. He’s at

Lightning (2h 19m 7s):


Holman (2h 19m 8s):

Lighting. You can slide into his dms and he’ll get you some good deals on some banks products.

Lightning (2h 19m 13s):

Yeah, I just hooked up two dudes this last week. Good.

Holman (2h 19m 16s):

Keep keep it coming because that’s,

Lightning (2h 19m 18s):

I did a, I hooked up a dude with a, a Ford 64 and he got him a couple parts. What else I think I got. Oh, a pedal. Pedal monster. Oh my God. There actually might have been three this

Holman (2h 19m 29s):

Last year. So guys keep doing that because that’s how basically we get Mr. Banks to reinvest in the shows. You guys keep buying yourself. By the way, mark, my buddy with the seven three truck. Yes. We need to get him an ID dash and we need to get him a pedal monster cuz he did all the electrical in this building. He hung the tv, he did the ceiling, he did the carpet. So we gotta we gotta give Mark some love cuz he, he made the pod shed what it is we can do.

Lightning (2h 19m 55s):

We just gotta tell him not to drive around in track mode at 80 miles an hour. He’s gonna have a ground moment. Like

Holman (2h 19m 60s):

Yeah. Track

Lightning (2h 20m 1s):

Mode is, so here’s the only place that I found that track mode actually it’s usable. And that is in a, an EcoDiesel.

Holman (2h 20m 11s):

Oh yeah.

Lightning (2h 20m 12s):

Ram EcoDiesel.

Holman (2h 20m 13s):

The turbo lag is so laggy on that.

Lightning (2h 20m 15s):

Well if you’re, look, if you got like a, like a 15 or 16, the ones where they de-rated them after the diesel gate Oh yeah. Scenario and they’re just, oh my god. You can grow a beard faster than you get to 80 miles an hour. Those

Holman (2h 20m 28s):

In the Fords are super, just those diesel light duty trucks are

Lightning (2h 20m 32s):

So we’re selling on the pedal monsters guys and they’re rolling ’em at like track three, track level three and I

Holman (2h 20m 37s):

Bet that’s great cause I like that engine a lot. Gets

Lightning (2h 20m 39s):

Rid of the, it’s the only thing that gets rid of that tur

Holman (2h 20m 41s):

Leg. Yes. Stock. Stock is not, is not great. All right. At Sean P. Holman, if you guys wanna reach out to me and we need some more five star hotline messages. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. All right. And we gotta thank our guests. Five Scott Birdsall. Hold on. In the new studio. Yeah,

19 (2h 20m 56s):

You gotta do it

Holman (2h 20m 57s):


20 (2h 20m 57s):

Fine. Five Five

19 (2h 21m 0s):

Stars. Five stars. Right back at you brother.

Lightning (2h 21m 3s):

You didn’t

Holman (2h 21m 4s):

Even try. You know why? Why? Because I forgot what he says.

Lightning (2h 21m 7s):


Holman (2h 21m 8s):

Back at your brother. I know, but now I know. Do it again. Five

20 (2h 21m 10s):

Stars. Five stars. Five stars. Five. Five. Five. Five

19 (2h 21m 17s):

Stars. Five stars.

Holman (2h 21m 19s):

Right back at your brother. That was pretty good. I was a little ahead. Yeah. But I caught

Lightning (2h 21m 23s):

Up toward few milliseconds. Yeah,

Holman (2h 21m 25s):

I felt like I

Lightning (2h 21m 26s):

Was there. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 6 5 7 2 0 5. 61 0 5. We will play your calls on the next episode. So please leave us a message if you got a question about a truck you’re looking,

Holman (2h 21m 36s):

Find you driving across country, driving across

Lightning (2h 21m 38s):

Country. You saw cow, there’s a part you’re interested in. Give us a hollerer. We will do our best to answer your question.

Holman (2h 21m 45s):

Some dude a trailer cut you off and you’re angry and you want to call ’em out. Yeah, do it. Sure. Why not? Yeah, sure.

Lightning (2h 21m 52s):

Vince. Okay. Yeah. Go on a rant,

Holman (2h 21m 54s):

Whatever. Thanks everybody for listening to the show. We appreciate each and every one of you. We also appreciate our presenting sponsor Nissan because they’ve been with us for five fricking years. Wow, dude. That’s we’re almost to 300 episodes. We’ve got a 4.8 star rating on Apple podcast, which are the only reason the those 0.2 are there is cuz of our, our food fight with your fellow old

Lightning (2h 22m 14s):

Coworkers. I know. By the way, can we ask for, I think we got a lot of new listeners. Yeah. And many of you haven’t left us or rating yet and it really helps us to get heard by newbies. By

Holman (2h 22m 24s):

The way, did you know January was our best podcast month ever?

Lightning (2h 22m 27s):

I do, I actually looked at the stats. I normally don’t actually look at the stats that often because why I’m gonna do the show anyway. But yeah, we crushed it in January. For you guys that are new, please do go to the Apple podcast app assuming you have an iOS device and leave us a five star review and, and make it funny. Yeah, we, we love reading your funny reviews.

Holman (2h 22m 48s):

We’ve got a bunch of reviews so we’ll read them on the next show. Yeah. So add some more. We, we love to hear from

Lightning (2h 22m 52s):

You guys and if you got an Android device, just do it on Spotify cuz you can leave a a five star review on Spotify as well.

Holman (2h 22m 57s):

All right. So back to thanking Nissan and thank you for the Nissan Titan next to, because it hauled a whole bunch of building materials to make this thing possible. And Nissan’s been such a great partner. They make a great truck. Head on down to your local Nissan dealer, build and price on nissan If you’re shopping, just go check ’em out. You got nothing to lose. You may be surprised because it’s one of those trucks that’s pretty surprising when you, when you get into it in person and the Nissan Titan and Titan next D five year, 100,000 mile warranty, you can’t beat it. Nobody gives you a better warranty right off the bat. And of course the Nissan Frontier is a hot selling, awesome little mid-size truck. And honestly, if this thing does well and I’m making enough money, it’s gonna, I would get a frontier to be my daily. A hundred percent

Lightning (2h 23m 37s):

I double dog dare you.

Holman (2h 23m 38s):

And if I can pay off the pod shed and have some more cheddar, I’m going to triple cheese. Dare me.

Lightning (2h 23m 46s):

I think you won’t need to cuz you’re gonna have the titan forever cuz they’re never gonna pick it up. And I need to borrow it. Please.

Holman (2h 23m 54s):

Hey banks power

Lightning (2h 23m 57s):

Buy a pedal monster if you’ve got an EcoDiesel cuz they suck otherwise, or

Holman (2h 24m 2s):

A monster exhaust. If you’ve got any number of trucks, if you’re not sure if banks has something right for you, go to banks Enter your year, make and model. Hey,

Lightning (2h 24m 10s):

Speaking you, you just brought up the, the exhaust thing, actually I did earlier, but a lot of guys are like, oh, it’s a diesel, it’s got a diesel particulate filter. And again, possibly add any horsepower. Why? Why would I want a DPF back exhaust? Well, sun, you can actually pick up horsepower with a DPF back exhaust. Why? How? Go to banks and you’ll see the math behind it. If you remove the back pressure from the DPF all the way to the tip of the tailpipe. You can make the Turbo’s job easier. We’ll bore you guys with the details, but it’s absolutely possible. Go to banks and find out how. All

Holman (2h 24m 46s):

Right, and thanks again to our friends over at Full Moon Digital Full Moon, who’ve been helping us out with our, with our social, especially the behind the scenes of campaigns and ads and getting in front of you guys and helping us get our new listeners.

Lightning (2h 24m 58s):

Yeah, so here’s the thing. If you guys, most small companies don’t have a dedicated social media person who specializes in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, all that stuff, and s e o search engine optimization. If you wanna get your brand out there, it’s really freaking hard. Unless you have a team helping you, one dude part-time ain’t gonna cut it.

Holman (2h 25m 21s):

A team of experts

Lightning (2h 25m 22s):

Helping you. That’s exactly right. So you wanna reach out to our friends at Full Moon Digital? I think they’ve got like a dozen staffers there that are all phenomenal.

Holman (2h 25m 30s):

Whether you have a small company or a medium size company, or you just need some social help, learn all about ’em at Full Moon Alright,

21 (2h 25m 36s):

You guys, love you. Bye.

Lightning (2h 25m 40s):

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