Every automotive product, whether lauded or criticized, has its roots in a light bulb moment that sparks a journey towards its creation. The world of tire inflation and deflation systems was no exception, waiting for that illuminating idea to transform the status quo.

In 2014, Tyler Laursen, the founder of MORRFlate and a dedicated off-roader, decided to seize the opportunity and engineer a superior system.


Tyler Laursen, Founder of MORRFlate

So, what sets this system apart?

Tyler, like many avid off-roaders, spent countless hours navigating the great outdoors in his 4x4 vehicle. However, the tedious process of airing down and airing up one tire at a time became a persistent source of frustration. There had to be a better way. Over the subsequent years, Tyler embarked on a journey of testing, overcoming setbacks, and discovering what truly worked. In the end, MORRFlate emerged as the solution, providing a more efficient method for both inflating and deflating tires.


MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro 12v and MORRFlate Quad: 4-Tire Hose Kit

Following rigorous testing in his own “backyard,” The Rubicon Trail, the MORRFlate 4-Tire Inflation Deflation kit was introduced to a wider audience, including friends, local shops, and 4x4 clubs.

Our Encounter with MORRFlate

Our introduction to MORRFlate occurred at the OVERLAND SUMMIT, an event hosted by TREAD AGENCY that brings together media outlets, subject matter experts, brand ambassadors, and brands for mutual learning.


Media outlets, Brand Ambassadors, Company owners all gather to learn more about recovery from Trails411 at Holcomb Valley Ranch in Big Bear, CA

Here, we had the pleasure of meeting Tyler Laursen and Justin “Ah-Z” Khoo, who showcased their expertise alongside a 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon (nicknamed Scarlett) and a 1995 Toyota 4Runner (known as Kermit).


Left, Tyler’s Frankenstein 4Runner (aka Kermit). Right, Ah’z’s 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon (aka Scarlett)

Tyler and Ah-Z walked us through the MORRFlate Kit’s functionality, emphasizing how it facilitated equalizing tire pressure as it aired up and down. We discovered the convenience of setting the air pressure and simply walking away. Additionally, they stressed the importance of quality air chucks in preventing damage to valve stems.


Learned the hard way quality air chucks matter.


Left, Tyler and Right, Ah-z teaching everyone more about the MORRFlate system.

After a full day of learning and trail runs, we faced the challenge of inflating two hefty Optima Batteries owned Rivian R1T and R1S electric trucks, each weighing around 8,000 pounds, from 20 to 60 pounds at an elevation of 7,000 feet.


The 8,000 pound Optima Batteries Rivian R1T and R1S getting aired up after a long day on the trail. The MORRFlate compressor was connected to a prototype OPTIMA Batteries Lithium Orange Top.

Utilizing the MORRFlate TenSix PSI PRO 12v connected to a prototype Orange Top Optima Lithium Battery, we set the PSI to 60 and started the stopwatch. Impressively, the MORRFlate efficiently completed the task before we could finish our second can of Montucky Beer, clocking in at an elapsed time of 14 minutes, 14 seconds.

Impressively, the MORRFlate efficiently completed the task before we could finish our second can of Montucky Beer, clocking in at an elapsed time of 14 minutes, 14 seconds.


After a long day on the trail, enjoying Montucky beer and recapping the day.

Impressed by its performance, we approached Ah-Z for a unit to conduct a long-term test. His response? “Take my unit, mate.”

Since that pivotal day, we’ve acquired both the MORRFlate FiveSix PRI Pro and the MORRFlate Quad: 4-Tire Hose Kit. Stay tuned for a future article where we delve into providing comprehensive data and durability test results for both the TenSix and the FiveSix 12v Compressor units, as well as the hose kit.

For further details on MORRFlate’s feature packed Tire Inflation Deflation systems, visit their website at MORRFlate.com. To keep up with OVR’s latest news and article, follow us on Instagram @OVRmag and bookmark OVRmag.com and share us to your buddies.