LONSDALE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, May 16, 2024— REDARC is thrilled to unveil its custom-built off-grid Van at the upcoming Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ. The REDARC Van is an off-grid 12v marvel equipped with REDARC’s latest and most capable power management technology—perfect for the big battery banks often found in rigs that want to power all appliances and stay off the grid for weeks at a time.


REDARC’s overland van features an impressive 450aH lithium battery bank made up of three REDARC ALPHA150 lithium batteries, each housed in REDARC standard Alpha battery trays.

This powerful battery system is managed by REDARC’s latest and most efficient smart charger, the Manager Alpha100. Charging up to 3x faster than its predecessor, the Manager Alpha provides up to 100 amps from AC, DC, or solar sources, all while offering battery isolation, monitoring, and even reviving a dead starter battery.


The Manager Alpha can charge batteries faster than they can be drained, no matter what appliances and accessories are being powered/charged. It’s 55% smaller and 28% lighter than comparable systems, maximizing the van’s interior space.

Control and monitoring of the van’s sophisticated electrical system is managed through REDARC’s trusted TVMS Rogue Kit and RedVision Display unit, also accessible remotely via the RedVision app.


With a substantial battery bank, rapid charging capability, a REDARC 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and two 120W REDARC Monocrystalline Solar Panels, the van is outfitted with all the high-power creature comforts imaginable: a coffee machine, microwave, induction cooktop, fridge, TV, air conditioner, water pump, and ample lighting—ensuring no accessory or convenience was left out.

REDARC’s new Overland Van is built on the 2024 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD 4MATIC platform and was expertly outfitted by Sandy Vans, located in San Diego. The van utilizes their Social layout, seamlessly blending modular seating and a U-shaped dinette that transforms into sleeping quarters.


Rigid Industries supplied the exterior lighting with six 6” LEDS on the roof rack, four scene lights, and two rock lights. Built to meet the needs of offroad travel, the van sits on 503 Nomad wheels wrapped in 275/70/17 Toyo Open Country A/T III tires.


Sandy Vans supplied and installed their custom roof rack, ladder, side steps, spare tire rack, and boost box. The interior floorboards are protected by Husky Liners’ custom laser-fit X-Act Contour Floor Liners.

Built to handle the most demanding conditions and stay boondocked without power for days, the REDARC Overland van is set to tackle long road trips and off-road shows nationwide.



Over 40 years ago, REDARC began to revolutionize the way people enjoy the outdoors by giving customers the ability to power electronics from any vehicle anywhere. REDARC’s power management solutions utilize vehicle, solar or utility power to charge all onboard batteries which go on to power trailers, refrigerators, lights, cooking utilities and any other household appliance. With the ability to monitor and control the power usage with REDARC, customers can enjoy the convenience of modern technology in the great outdoors for longer. Alongside power management, REDARC offer award winning trailer brake controllers to ensure safety on any journey. Engineered, tested and produced in Australia, REDARC products allow you to power your lifestyle safely and confidently wherever your adventure takes you.


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