Water is life. That’s why we want to bring plenty of it when we’re out on our adventures. 

We tend to overpack when it comes to water but we figure that’s not a bad thing. You never know if you’ll need more clean, potable water under any given circumstance.


Water weighs a little over 8-pounds per gallon so even a smaller water container can be heavy to lug around the campsite and depending on the size and shape of the container, it can be unwieldly to hold and dispense water from.

While some cans have built-in or attachable nozzles, they tend to be messy and dispense too much water at once.


There are many water receptacles available and depending on your needs, personal preferences or vehicle’s mounting options, you may choose a slim Rotopax water can or something more traditional such as a military-style water can. 


A full-size Scepter water can like the one we have on the Land Cruiser holds 5-gallons (20-liters), which means that it weighs over 40-pounds when filled.

Try pouring water into a kettle with it, it isn’t a pretty sight. Scepter offers a hose and spout attachment for easier water dispensing but the can needs to be placed on its side to use it, which can get awkward at times.

On a quest for a better solution, we came across a motorized water pump made by Lone Rock Concepts. This rechargeable battery-powered water dispenser attaches onto a variety of water cans. It actually reminds us of Dometic’s ever-popular water faucet, but has a much better activation button in our opinion.


The Lone Rock Concepts water pump offers convenient, controlled access to water wherever you are. At the push of a button, the pump allows you to control water consumption, ensuring you use water efficiently throughout your trip. No more spilling water and drenching your campsite.

While the water pump can be used universally, Lone Rock Concepts offers fitment kits that allow the pump to perfectly interface with most popular water cans including ones made by not only Scepter, but Rotopax, Reliance, Front Runner, Wavian and unbranded military-style cans as well. We ordered one for our Scepter water can.


Threaded adapters like this one are available for a wide variety of water cans.


We use the pump to fill our water bottles and pots for cooking, for access to water for personal grooming and for washing dishes as well. It’s really useful and the capability to control water flow keeps the area around the vehicle and campsite free of puddles.



The hose is plenty long enough to reach the bottom of the can, leaving no drop inaccessible.

Its components include a food-grade silicone hose, a 304 stainless steel spout, and a high-density ABS plastic shell that is non-toxic. The water spout can be reversed to act as an easy to drink from drinking fountain.


Filp the water spout to create a drinking fountain.


Additionally, the pump includes a high-capacity rechargeable battery, which can last for 30-60 days on a full charge, allowing you to pump roughly 4 to 6 five-gallon water containers per charge. In the body of the pump, you’ll find a Micro USB charging port for easy recharging.

With this kit, you can easily attach the pump to a water can of your choice for easy, controllable water access in seconds; say goodbye to water waste and mess. If you couldn’t tell already, we’re big fans of Lone Rock Concept’s pump and we think you’ll find it useful too. 



Lone Rock Concepts Water Pump Adapter Kits


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