Over the last several years, we’ve had the pleasure of chasing for a privateer pro-stock UTV team competing in the SCORE International Baja series of races. Each time we went down to Baja California, we got exposed to amazing rigs set up to tackle wherever the driver wanted to go. It was here where we were exposed to the Baja-styled pre-runner tubular bumpers.

Over the past year, we put on 25,000+ miles on our Outer Banks Bronco and each time we went off-roading, the need for better lighting and an increased approach/departure angle was evident. The stock plastic and rubber wasn’t cutting the mustard for our purposes any longer. We needed something more robust to handle the overlanding trips, chasing off-road races in Baja and the various backcountry outdoor activities and the demands of OVR.

OVR Ford Bronco Eastern Sierra Beauty Shot

Stock 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks heading up a trail in the Eastern Sierras. We wanted to gauge how capable this vehicle was before starting Project Ford Bronco

We improved the Bronco’s ground clearance and ride quality with a Bilstein 6112 upgrade kit and up-sized wheel and tire replacements and now it was time to tackle the bumpers.

When looking at front and rear bumpers, we kept a list of must have attributes in mind. We wanted something that would provide a contoured fit for the Bronco’s body style, it had to be lightweight but strong, it should provide full-width protection as well as the ability to mount auxiliary lights and a recovery winch. In the rear, we wanted a strong tow hitch too.

SVC Front Bumper minus winch kit on trail

After installing the Bilstein 6112 bolt on suspesion kit and the SVC Offroad bumper, we decided to take it out for a quick spin.

After some research into the available aftermarket options for our 2021 Outer Banks Ford Bronco, we found SVC Offroad located in Hurricane, Utah. SVC Offroad specializes in solutions for the Ford Raptor, F-150, Ranger, Super Duty, and the Bronco. Looking through their website, they had exactly what we were looking for.

The front and rear bumpers were made of 1.75” steel tubes with .120 wall thickness that is contoured and black powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance. To ensure repeatable quality and consistency of the final product, they laser cut, CNC bend and fixture weld the bumpers in batches when the orders come in.

The front is pre-tabbed with attachment points for aftermarket lights and comes with a plate and guard that can accommodate a 10,000-lbs. rated WARN Zeon winch. This bumper also comes with an aluminum skid plate that is also powder coated black for added protection and looks. Finally, their design allows for keeping the factory tow hooks.

The rear has integrated beefy tow hooks with thicker plates for added strength, cut outs for the parking sensor and the rear license plate light to keep you legal on the street. As we didn’t want to give up the rear parking sensors, we opted for the tow hitch as well. 

Ford Bronco Morning on top of hill front shot

Beautiful sunrise over the mtns of Johnson Valley, California. Here you can see how the SVC Offroad front bumper looks with the WARN winch, Factor 55, and Baja Design lights.

Ford Bronco Morning on top of hill rear shot

Rear view of the SVC OFFROAD baja bumper with hitch. Beautiful sunrise.


Shipment Received and Inspecting the Parts
We were surprised by the size of the shipping box when it arrived, but SVC made sure the bumpers and skid plate were well-protected. All the hardware comes labeled in ziplock bags and the bags are themselves placed in boxes.

They even zip tied the skid plate to the front bumper to minimize damage and movement during shipping. Had we opted for more accessories and options, I’m sure the large shipping box would have easily accommodated the extras.

SVC provides detailed step by step instructions on removal and installation of their bumpers. Depending on the trim and options of your Bronco, SVC provides further instructions on relocating the Adaptive Cruise Control System and the Parking Sensors. You can download a PDF of the detailed instructions Front Bumper Instructions here.

During the launch process, Ford touted how they engineered the Bronco to be accessory ready for the DIY person that liked home projects. While working through the various upgrades on this Bronco, we reflected on this statement and unequivocally agree, Ford really did make it easy to take off and put on aftermarkets products. Taking off the old bumpers and the plastic bash guard was as simple as counting 1, 2, 3. 

Due to communication issues between ourselves and SVC, the front bumper was missing the winch tray and guard. After a quick phone call, this was quickly remedied. They gave us a choice between a new shipment or have the winch kit welded on at a local-to-us Southern California install shop. We chose the welding because who doesn’t like to see sparks fly?


Flying Sparks
We made our appointment and the boys got to work. Within a few hours, they scraped, ground, measured, measured again, then welded, primed and texture painted the bumper to match the black powder coating. Voila, she looked fantastic.

SVC OC team installing front bumper

SVC Offroad’s Orange County team making sure everything is level before tack welding the parts in place.

SVC OC team sparks front bumper

After grinding off the powder coating, the welding is well on its way. Here, the bullbar is being tacked on.

To make sure everything would fit correctly, we chose to mount our Warn EVO 10-S Winch at the shop. After a bit more grinding to flatten out some of the weld points, the winch sat flat and it was time to tighten down the screws, install the Factor 55 Hawse Fairlead, and Ultrahook to the synthetic line.

After all was said and done, this bumper kit exceeded my expectations. It looks good, is light weight, and definitely more functional versus the stock bumpers that our Outer Banks-trimmed Pavement Princess came with.

As we write this article, the price of the winch ready front bumper with the aluminum bash plate is $2,046.60 and the rear bumper’s price was $1,566.00. You also have the option to add a winch, or lights from the factory and then have it shipped to you. Of course, the price would increase accordingly.



Baja Designs Squadron lights are mounted to the SVC bumper.

Let There Be Light
The SVC bumper’s accessory mounting provisions allowed us to finally upgrade the Bronco’s lighting package. If anything, chasing in Baja teaches you the importance of a robust light setup. We ultimately added a whopping 17,125 of extra lumens on top of our stock headlights in for form of a host of Baja Designs lights, all controlled by a sPOD BantamX controller. You can check out the lighting suite’s setup here.


Final Thoughts
It has been six months since the installation and so far, so good. We’ve received several unsolicited compliments on the design and look of the bumpers. We’ve taken a couple trips down to Baja and gone up and down trails but unfortunately or fortunately, we have yet to be in a situation where these bumpers have been impact tested in real life. Should we be in a state where the bumpers find themselves in a kinetic test, this story will be updated to provide added insights. In the meantime, stay safe and always personalize! 


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