Kenny Safford from Mechanix Wear discusses the start of this popular protective-wear brand and how the brand is staying relevant today. Jeep reveals details on the ’24 Wrangler refresh and Ram gives updates on the Ram REV 1500. The guys also look at this year’s most affordable trucks in America.



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Lightning (0s):

That was an awesome week. I gotta say last week when I was at Homestead, Florida for Florida Truck, meet with our man Jordan Update. Whew. Good times. Good times. Yeah. I would

Holman (14s):

Say I had an equally amazing time at Easter. Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Got to hang out with our friends from Bill Bilstein, or friends from Jeep. Did all sorts of stuff there. So,

Lightning (22s):

You know what’s funny is Holman and I are making this up ’cause we haven’t been yet. Nope. Because

Holman (26s):

We’re actually recording this, because both of us are gonna be on the road for the next week and a half.

Lightning (29s):

We’re actually, I’m going to Florida truck meet as I’m recording this and Holman’s about to be, I’m

Holman (33s):

From about to leave from oab.

Lightning (34s):

So we’re just lying liars and lie. Yes,

Holman (36s):

We are absolutely lying liars and lie on episode 14 of the Truck Show podcast. But You know what we are gonna gut one out for you guys because we don’t wanna skip a show. So while the the intro’s fake all the news and information that you hear during the show will be real information.

Lightning (52s):

No, it’s legit. Yeah. It’s episode

Holman (53s):

14, 90% legit. That could be our theme, our slogan for this episode. Okay.

Lightning (59s):

So are we launching into the legit part right here?

Holman (1m 1s):

Yes. This is where everything going forward is not us lying about having been somewhere because we’re going in the future. It’s current.

Lightning (1m 9s):

So right now us talking about Nissan, for example, is, well,

Holman (1m 12s):

That’s a good thing. It’s all

Lightning (1m 13s):

On the up and and up.

Holman (1m 14s):

Absolutely. Because whether you are from yesterday or you’re going somewhere tomorrow, a Nissan truck will get you there and you can find one at Nissan or your local Nissan dealer. We happen to really like the Nissan Frontier. Of course, the Nissan Titan and Titan XD have the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty. Nissan has been with The Truck, Show Podcast since the beginning, and they’re gonna be with us for the next year. So Nissan, we really appreciate your support.

Lightning (1m 37s):

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Holman (1m 58s):

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And speaking of dot com’s, if you have a website that you need assistance with, look no further than Full Moon Digital Derek and his gang, our experts in SS e o, social media advertising and so much more. Full moon,

2 (2m 53s):

The truck show.

3 (2m 56s):

We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer What? The truck, because truck rides with the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lowered end. Everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on Diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa, whoa.

4 (3m 25s):

It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

Holman (3m 30s):

So I hear a vicious rumor that you are booking a guest, that you have booked a guest that is going to resonate throughout anybody listening to the show that has hands.

Lightning (3m 46s):

Yeah. Hey, By, the way about a dozen episodes ago, you scolded me publicly for not booking many guests. Right. And

Holman (3m 54s):

You’ve done a good job lately.

Lightning (3m 55s):

I’m saying I’ve been on fire. I

Holman (3m 57s):

Will, I will seed that, that, that scolding and tell you that you’ve done a great job lately. Yeah.

Lightning (4m 3s):

Thank you.

Holman (4m 3s):

Appreciate, appreciate By. the way I have to make an apology. I had one of our listeners reach out and they’re talking about the Alaska Broncos and apparently I had a brain fart and I said, Arkansas instead of Alaska, looking at the AK on the address, which I totally know is Alaska. And I don’t know why I completely, probably ’cause that wasn Midnight and I had no food. And anyway, so he writes back and he’s like, dude, Alaska, like it’s in our title. And I’m like, yeah, I I get that now. So anyway, so apologize to everybody in Alaska does not wanna be associated with Arkansas.

5 (4m 37s):

We are deeply sorry. We are sorry. We’re sorry.

Holman (4m 44s):

And on the flip side of that,

5 (4m 46s):

We are sorry

Holman (4m 47s):

Apologies to everybody in Arkansas that doesn’t like Alaskans. I don’t know. I’m just apologizing to everybody. Yeah. Apologizing to Lightning for telling him that he sucked and didn’t know how to book guests. I’m the full states of people I’m apologizing to.

Lightning (5m 0s):

You just apologized to a state. Two

Holman (5m 2s):

Of ’em.

Lightning (5m 4s):

Holman. I’m pretty pumped about this next guest. Kenny Safford is one of the OG designers at Mechanix Gloves, which is a brand I think they we’re all

Holman (5m 14s):

Familiar with. I remember when they first came out. They are still to this day my favorite Mechanix gloves. Actually, I’ve used them racing in Baja. I use them for working around the garage. I use ’em when I’m shooting. Should

Lightning (5m 25s):

I be embarrassed to tell you that I let my wife garden using Mechanix gloves?

Holman (5m 31s):

Should I be embarrassed to tell you I’m wearing them right now?

Lightning (5m 34s):

They’re not on your hands.

Holman (5m 35s):

They’re very versatile.

Lightning (5m 40s):

Okay, let’s dial.

Kenny (5m 49s):

Hello, it’s Kenny

Lightning (5m 51s):

Kenny Lighting and home at Truck Show podcast. How you doing? There you

Kenny (5m 54s):

Are. I’m good. I’m

Holman (5m 55s):

Good. What’s happening?

Kenny (5m 57s):

I don’t know. Just hanging out. You know, I got home from work a couple hours ago and in the garage beating on my dirt bikes. That’s

Lightning (6m 2s):

Funny. Lightning got home from work. Never. No, I have, I went right from work to work to this work. Hey, we have a quick Intro. Don’t move. Kenny

8 (6m 15s):

Inside Job. It’s for you.

Lightning (6m 26s):

This is the inside job. So Kenny, you have been at Mechanix for how long?

Kenny (6m 32s):

I’m a two timer at Mechanix Wear. I I started there before there was a Mechanix Wear and I worked for the company, which was called Axle Support America. A dirt bike clothing company for yeah, for about eight years. And then I rejoined the company Mechanix Wear in 2009. So yeah, another, another 13 years kind of under my belt. So quite a long time. You know, I was in there at the beginning and, and now I’m You know what the man things are going super crazy. So you, it’s been a long time.

Lightning (7m 2s):

They, the the hold on you said the magic three letters. A XO, Axo, and then you said, so Kenny, were you there when Axo gifted me some, some stuff there when I was Lightning on the Kevin I mean show at Kroc in la. And do you know the story? Yeah. Was that a humble Bragg right there? No, hold on. I it’s, no, it, it turns out to be funny and it makes fun. Some makes fun of me. Were you there at that point?

Kenny (7m 26s):

I don’t, I don’t remember if I was or not. What year c Can you remember what year that was?

Lightning (7m 30s):

I think this is probably around 2000 5, 6, 7 in there somewhere. Five four. Yeah. I don’t know. That’s a really unspecific timeframe. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know. I just recall that I was really into, I had some great glamorous years and I was looking for some gear and someone from one of the dudes over at Axo reached out to me and said, Hey, we’ll we’ll lace you up. We heard you’re looking for some gear. And sent me over the ultimate freaking gift box of I got boots, I got pants, I got the full outfit. He hasn’t changed those clothes in 40 years. Dude. I even got helmet. Like, I think so, but I didn’t know when that wasn arriving.

Lightning (8m 14s):

I’m in the office one day, I’m doing my thing and Kevin and Bean and Ralph Lisa May are on the air. I hear the words coming over the speakers All, right? Is the door secure? All. right. Lightning’s can’t get in. Right. And I hear this live on the air because it’s coming into my office and I go, it’s like, oh, what, what’s happening here? And they said, All right is is Lightning, he can’t get in here, right? Nope. Door sealed. And Ralph is holding the door shut. And I of course go into the next studio and they have these 12 foot wide windows that I can see into the studio. And I see a big cardboard box, but I have no idea what’s in it. I didn’t, I’m not, I don’t understand what the, what this segment is going to be. So they proceed to go on the air and ask for the biggest motocross fan that wears a size xl.

Lightning (8m 57s):

They proceed to take Caller 20 and give away all of the Axo stuff that just arrived at the front counter. Ralph had intercepted it on the way in from a smoke break outside. That’s

Holman (9m 8s):

Funny. I have a similar idea of what we can do here.

Lightning (9m 10s):

And he gives away all of my stuff and they go, the good news is that wasn a huge plug on the air on LA Morning Radio talking. They went through every product number and everything. So they, they did Axo, Oh No. They did Axo a solid probably a, yeah, a bigger plug than I could have ever done. But they gave all the stuff away. I’m like, oh, you gotta be kidding me. And I’m thinking the whole time, like, how am I gonna explain this to the Axo guys? Like I, you just sent me an entire shipment on how I have to re-ask for it again. I was like, Oh. my God. Luckily they heard it and they called and said, you know, that was a good move. that wasn cool and we’ll, we’ll send you out another ship. Did they tell you that

Holman (9m 47s):

Wasn punk rock?

Lightning (9m 48s):

That wasn pretty punk rock. Yeah. But man, I was for, there was about a couple hours where I was just sweating. I’m like, I can’t, how am I gonna break this to the Axo guys?

Holman (9m 57s):

Can we talk to our guest about Mechanix Wear Now

Lightning (9m 59s):

I just think that wasn a funny story like that gave all my crap away on the air that

Holman (10m 3s):

Wasn a different company at a different time. But

Lightning (10m 4s):

He worked there. Well,

Holman (10m 5s):

He doesn’t, he doesn’t know that for sure. ’cause he gave him a very vague timeframe.

Lightning (10m 9s):

Well, that wasn what, seven year timeframe?

Holman (10m 12s):


Lightning (10m 12s):

Right on. So you do a double stint at Mechanix. Tell us about the first time. How did it get started? Whoa. What’s your role?

Holman (10m 19s):

Yeah, what’d you do there?

Kenny (10m 21s):

Yeah, yeah. Right. Well, right now my role is I’m the, I’m a creative director of products. So I’m in charge of, I work with a, with a group of four designers, Tom Fitzgerald, Mike, Matthew Ray, and myself. And, you know, they, they kind of follow my lead and I just kind of make sure that they, you know, are, are their language design language is working. So my, my official title is kind of the creative director of products. So yeah, first time, first time for Mechanix Wear was, you know, in the early days of Axo Sport America, Jim Hale, the founder of Mechanix Wear was the founder of Axel Sport America. And Mechanix Wear was a spinoff of that company. You know, do you want, you’re like the full history from like 1990 until current.

Kenny (11m 5s):

Is that what we wanna do? Well,

Lightning (11m 6s):

I, I think you can abbreviate a little bit, but how, okay, was he a moto guy back in the day when he started Axo and then Axo was running its course and he transitioned into gloves like a

Kenny (11m 19s):

Axo Sport America was, was founded when Jim Hale kind of spinned off of O’Neill, which was another that wasn a competitor in, in the early days. Not O’Neill Surf, but O’Neill Moto. And so Jim hooked up with Remo Berle, who was an Italian manufacturer, owned the, the Axo trademark. And he hooked up with Jim and they started selling boots and they sold boots until Jim gave the Axo brand back to Italy in the late nineties. But, you know, that wasn the number one brand from 1984 and until, yeah, until the late nineties. So Axel Sport America was a sponsor and riders, you know, one of those riders was a guy named Damon Bradshaw, you know, and this was in 19 90, 19 91.

Kenny (12m 0s):

And Damon Bradshaw had a factory mechanic, you know, a guy who worked on his bike. His name was Brian Luna. And Brian Luna was, you know, his, his role was to take care of Damon’s bike and working on his bike. He was wearing gloves. He was wearing, like, you know, at that time in the late nineties, people were just kinda wearing like, like rancher gloves, like leather work gloves or, or what we call like a, a knit glove, you know? And they, he was going through ’em like crazy. And he is, and he just asked Mechanix, he asked if prior to Mechanix or he asked Axo if, you know, we could maybe make something for him so that he could work on his motorcycle. And you know, that was late 1990 and 90, 90, 19 90, 91.

Kenny (12m 41s):

You know, we provided Brian Luni, you know, he is the Prometheus man. He is the, the reason that Mechanix Wear kinda came about because it is his desire to have, you know, a more performance based glove for his hands. And, you know, we took what we were learning in motocross stuff, you know, axle was the number one brand at that time. You know, we were battling with Fox and ans answer and you know, the companies that were around at that time had a pretty good handle on manufacturing. You know, we had a really good vendor at the time, still have that vendor as a 40 plus year vendor for, for Mechanix sw. And, you know, that we cobbled out a, a glove that we thought might work for ’em, which was kind of a trimmed down motocross glove and gave it to ’em. And, and you know, we got some feedback back and forth and, you know, next thing you know, it’s, it’s 1991 and you know, we’re introducing that glove at the Daytona 500 on Richard Childress team and on the Dale Earnhart car.

Kenny (13m 33s):

So it, it went along pretty quick. You know, Brian Luna’s input and you know, his relationships that he had with not only riders, but Mechanix Wear with, I keep saying Mechanix Wear, but with Mechanix around the world, you know, he kind of set us on a course and a path that was, you know, that wasn the first, and we named it the original glove, which was, you know, not really as creative as it maybe it could have been. But that wasn the original glove, you know, in that category there was no performance gloves available for, there was

Holman (14m 3s):

It was nothing. There was basically rubber gloves and there were leather work gloves, but there wasn’t a glove that was flexible in your hand. I remember when they came out that, you know, they weren’t cheap. But what’s amazing is the design that you guys had back then is still a viable design today. Now you have different variations and stuff, but I remember my first time, I think I had a, a pair of Mechanix gloves. I may have gotten them in a stocking or something like that, right? ’cause that wasn a that wasn like gift quality, right? that wasn, I, I was, you know, in, in that time I was a teenager. I couldn’t afford, you know, a really nice pair of gloves for working on cars and things like that. And I remember the first pair that I had, and now I’ve raced in the Baja 1000 and my gloves were Mechanix gloves when I was co-driving.

Holman (14m 47s):

This is gonna be a humble brag from No, no, I’m, I, I wear ’em today when I’m shooting. I wear ’em at the range. You’ve gotta set your tactical gloves and I’ve got four or five pairs around the garage. I’ve got ’em in my tool bag for when I’m overland. Do You

Lightning (14m 59s):

Know? What’s funny is, I did not know this when I booked him as a guest. I literally did not know you owned a single pair.

Holman (15m 3s):

No, no. I, I love ’em. And what’s great is, you know, for when I would be racing, I either used the high vis orange or red gloves and, you know, yeah. They wanna see your hands because when you’re out racing and people are coming by, a black pair of gloves isn’t gonna help you, you know, communicate with somebody to slow down or whatever. ’cause it’s dusty. So yeah, those high vis mechanic gloves allow you to do that. They keep your hands warm ’cause you’re driving in something without a windshield at the gun range. Yep. They’re flexible enough where you can still feel, you know, the, the slide or, or the trigger pole, all that stuff. Yeah. I mean they’re just a, to me, it’s, it’s one of my favorite pairs of gloves. And there’s plenty of imitators out there and plenty of companies that have come along the way who have made something similar. And I always go back to my Mechanix gloves. The originals are, to me, are just the best.

Holman (15m 44s):


Lightning (15m 45s):

That I love about the, the mechanic gloves that I have is they still allow you to operate your iPhone or your iPad. Yeah, yeah. Or if you’re at work, like on our, our plasma cutter, right? So we’ve got a big pla five by 10 plasma table, and I’m out there watching Eric Ryder, who, you know, and, and little e and they’re out there with their gloves on just tapping away in the screen, which a lot of other gloves won’t allow you to do. They still have that touch sensitivity, which I think is pretty cool.

Holman (16m 8s):

Well then you look at like, some of the construction gloves and stuff that still have that flexible material on the back of the hand, but leather over just, you know, half the fingertips up to the second knuckle or something like that. So you’ve got fingertip protection, but your hand can still move. It can still breathe. I love that on hot days. They’re still comfortable on cold days. They still keep your hands warm. It’s just a, it’s a great product that, that I’ve been excited about and a customer of for, you know, probably a good 25 years.

Lightning (16m 34s):

Some of the favorites are the speed knit, the speed knit freaking rules. It’s so lightweight. Talk me through the development of a glove. Like what kind of r and d goes into a glove? Like a from a speed knit to a welding glove?

Kenny (16m 51s):

Yeah, I mean we approach it like we approach, you know, a lot of things in the company with a racing point of view. You know, we, it’s like there’s a, there’s a checkered flag that needs to be met. So we, we approach a design project or a, a, a glove project, you know, kind of from a utilitarian perspective. Like, let’s solve a problem. Let’s, let’s make something better and let’s have a, let’s have a, an end result that we can be, you know, we can show that it has form function and that that it works. So when we start a product brief, you know, there’s, there’s a guy or a girl that we have in mind that needs this glove and has something in particular that they want this glove to do. So we, we source our materials, we source, you know, the correct manufacturers.

Kenny (17m 32s):

We have, you know, I said we have one 40 plus year manufacturer, but we do have, you know, five or six guys that are make specialty stuff for us. So we, we approach everything with, with a problem to solve e every time. Because without that, you know, you’re just kinda dinking around doing sketches and making a, making basically a utility glove, which, you know, is a, does a hundred, a hundred things pretty decent and not anything really, really that good. So, you know, we approach it with that one guy in mind and, and that one problem in mind or, or two problems, you know. But yeah, definitely with a problem to solve in mind,

Holman (18m 8s):

All right? Lighting. Look at, what am I showing you right now?

Lightning (18m 11s):

Your index finger and you’re showing me a scar. What, what are you, what are you showing me

Holman (18m 16s):

Here? The time when I did not have my Mechanix gloves on, and I was using a cutoff Wheel to shorten the steering shaft on my F 100, which is the truck project that shall not be discussed. And it slipped and it went almost down to the bone on my finger.

Kenny (18m 31s):


Holman (18m 32s):

Man. And Mechanix has a cut resistant glove. I had a pair of those gloves in the garage and thought you weren’t wearing it. I’ll just make a quick cut. Well, I made a, I made a quick cut into my finger and I remember at the time I looked at it and all the blood spatter on my, on my garage wall and went, wow, that looks really bad, but it’s still there. And I called my wife and she was at work and I mean, tell me you, you

Lightning (18m 59s):

Super glue,

Holman (18m 59s):

Right? And I called her again and I called her again and I eventually just said, I’m driving myself to the hospital. I almost cut my finger off, it got all sewn up, it had all sorts of metal in it, so it got super infected and nasty. And like my daughter said, when she saw the stitches on it, she goes, oh, it’s finger brains. And so I still think about that to this day. So the moral of that story is all of you lazy m fers out there who have a set of Mechanix cut resistant gloves two feet away from you just put ’em on when you go and do stupid things in the garage and you’re working on your truck All. right? Use me easy use me as as your warning sign. Okay. Let, let me allow my misery to, to, to guide you.

Lightning (19m 41s):

So you need a shirt that says heed holman’s

Holman (19m 43s):

Warning. Yes, absolutely. Yeah.

Lightning (19m 47s):

So Kenny, how often are you approached by specific industries like linemen or guys in oil rigs or whatever, who says, I need a glove that does this? Like I noticed that you have chemical resistant gloves and then you have a lot of impact resistant gloves. How often are you, are, are you approached as a company where a guy says, You know what, I’ve got a team of a hundred guys that do this and we need gloves that will protect against that.

Kenny (20m 15s):

Yeah, quite often it’s, it’s, it happens all the time. You know, we, like you said, you know, we have now five different kind of silos or, or tribes that we take care of, you know, from tactical, you know, all the way down to p p e where guys are, you know, it’s mandatory that they wear it. So everybody has, has a specific need, each one of those categories. And we get approached all the time. You know, they, they just assume since, you know, you make a lot of great things, great, you can make a lot more great things. Great. And, you know, we’re fortunate enough to be able to take care of most of their requests. You know, if you look at our website and you kind of look around at what Mechanix Wear it does and, and, and has, it’s, it’s not one or two pair of gloves, it’s, it’s, you know, 300, 350 pair of gloves.

Kenny (20m 57s):

And that’s because people ask us for things that do things in particular. And, and we’re, you know, you know, we’re kind of in that position that we’re able to do that. So we get asked all the time and, and it’s important for us to take care of those people because if, you know, one or a hundred or a thousand people need it, you know, I, I think that probably translates and it scales out to, to quite quite a few more.

Lightning (21m 19s):

So with more and more companies building electrified vehicles, are you getting requests for gloves that protect against electric shock? Because I know that at Banks, we’re working on a couple hybrid programs right now where we have just spent tens of thousands of dollars on tools that are protected, the handles are rubber protected for x number of volts, et cetera. Do you have gloves that will protect against electrification?

Kenny (21m 48s):

Yeah, you know, Mechanix Wear, we, we were recently a acquired by a, an investment group and that investment group afforded us the ability to go out and do some acquisitions. And Mechanix Wear was the first acquisition was purchasing a company called Chicago Protective Apparel. And you know, they’re a, they’re a big supplier of, of protection not only for foundries and welding and high heat and stuff like that, but also for, for electricity and for guys working in energy and, and arc flash particularly. So, you know, Mechanix Wear as a glove company, we have quite a few different gloves that are rubber coated and different links and they take care of different, how can I say, variations of protection when you’re talking about electricity, but Chicago protective equipment, you know, they, they make up the difference.

Kenny (22m 33s):

They have such a wide variety of, of gloves that, that we were able to take advantage of and, and participate in. And you know, not only that, but they, they take care of you from head to toe, you know, so, you know, if Mechanix work can’t take care of ’em, you know, the new acquisition Chicago Protective Apparel surely can

Lightning (22m 50s):

W where does Mechanix Wear and, and what do they start

Kenny (22m 56s):

Just released a, a new category of eyewear? So we have safety eyewear now, so we’re kind of, you know, we’re taking care of the eyes and the hands and the knees at this point with Mechanix Wear and, and slowly kind of, you know, bleeding our way into C P a so that Chicago protective propell unit so that they can understand what Mechanix Wear is all about. You know, when we bought them, we just kind of rolled in there with a fire hose and, and drowned them with Mechanix Wear, D n a and that wasn different than what they were used to. You know, they’re used to taking care of people on a smaller scale and, and without much support from marketing or branding, you know, that wasn more of a, a need for them when, when people bought it.

Kenny (23m 36s):

And Mechanix Wear is a little bit different than that. You know, it’s like you, you know, you’re, you’re a fan of Mechanix Wear, so it’s, it’s leaning towards more of a brand than it is, is, you know, a commodity item. So it, right now, the two companies are, are, you know, we’re, we’re not involved in clothes that way, you know, they’re, they’re back east and we’re on the west coast, but at some point I would imagine that they would merge and, and be similar. But, you know, we’re just happy kind of playing in our own little pools right now.

Holman (24m 3s):

I think it’s interesting that you bring up brand versus commodity. I don’t know if everybody, you know, understands that sentiment, but the fact of the matter is, gloves are a commodity, gloves are something you buy, you protect if they’re, you know, rubber or nitrile gloves, you throw ’em away when you’re done. Not all gloves.

Lightning (24m 16s):


Holman (24m 16s):

Hold on. There are gloves are, sometimes somebody has, they purchase a cheap set at Home Depot for the gardening project and then they get thrown away or they borrow one time use because it’s cold outs or what. But Mechanix being a brand, people are, are, are seeking that out because they want that glove, they want that product, that brand means something to them. And that’s what allows the gloves to, to rise above being just a commodity and being something that, that people are seeking out to, to wear to protect them. They trust you and they’ve had good experiences with them.

Kenny (24m 49s):

Yeah, exactly. You know, we, we kind of approach our customer base in three ways. You know, people who use gloves and are evangelical about ’em have multiple pairs. Guys who use gloves just for a, for a, a particular, you know, project or, or just a winter glove, you know, for, for protection. And guys, the, the last one is people who have never used gloves, you know, so we wanna educate people on the fact that gloves do help. They, they do more than protect. They actually make your jobs in your, in your sports and you know, the things that you do easier. But we wanna make ’em like, you know, shoes for your hands, if you will. It’s, it, it really does enhance what you’re doing. So yeah, I’m, I’m, we’re all about gloves,

Lightning (25m 28s):


Holman (25m 28s):

For your hand the same way vibrant. Five fingers are gloves for your feet.

Kenny (25m 33s):

How about that? Yeah, yeah.

Lightning (25m 35s):

So you touch really quick on the safety eyewear. I recently got a pair of your Type N glasses and I just, and I, and I didn’t know that you made safety glasses. And the ones that we have at work are the clunkiest most ill-fitting grandma looking. They’re, they’re actually comical. I, I like them because they’re ridiculous when you see them, you’re like, those glasses are so fu they’re like, they’re funny. Well, because

Holman (25m 57s):

They’re right. Like it’s like the old man like lab glasses.

Lightning (26m 0s):

That’s exactly what they are. Yeah, yeah. So I get your type ends and I put ’em on and they are wrap around. first of all, you have a, a all the colors of the rainbow and you’ve got mirrored finishes. I got the just the clear, it’s clear on clear, but you’ve got the rubber bridge over the nose. And then the way it wraps around, forgive me, but it’s, it’s a little Oakley esque, which I like. And then the way it wraps behind the ears, I had ’em on. And then Eric, one of our fabricators ripped them off my head and he goes, look at these, these are, I, I didn’t know they made glasses. He puts ’em on. He’s got a much bigger head and he’s ready to like say they don’t fit him. He slips ’em on. He goes, Hmm, these fit

Holman (26m 40s):

Well. And I, I like using them for shooting because they, they cover the side of your temple as well as the back of your ear. And because they’re a, a close fitting wrap, you just, like, they prevent, you know, metal or something like that from that you’re grinding from flying in your face. It can, you know, protect, you know, casings and things like that. So they’re definitely multi-use. It’s, it’s a great, another great product from you guys.

Kenny (27m 1s):

Yeah, it, it’s been a couple years incoming and, and Mike, Matthew, the designer and, and, and Paul have worked on these things. You know, type N is our, is our entry point into the I eye protection, you know, if you would’ve gotten a X or a V or e you know, those, those all kind of step up. So man, super cool that you’re, you’re digging on the type ends. They’re all, they’re like, they’re not cheap glasses. It’s, you know, and that’s not what Mechanix Wear does. We don’t come into a category and, and battle, you know, with the bottom feeders, these are all really high-end glasses with all the certifications and ballistic testing and I mean they’re, they’re made for what they’re gonna be used for. And, you know, it’s, it’s not something that we take lightly. You know, your, your hands and your eyes we think are pretty important things to, and we and we think you should keep ’em as long as you can.

Kenny (27m 47s):


Holman (27m 47s):

You, you have things like advanced anti-fog impact resistance, scratch resistance, and 99.9% UV protection on, on the glasses. So again, these are made to, you know, to survive and to protect your face. And anybody who’s ever had an eye injury or a finger injury, like myself can tell you that that’s priceless to save a, a body part. And, you know, that’s, that’s not hyperbole. I mean you’re literally saving body parts for people.

Kenny (28m 17s):

Well, and that’s the rewarding part of this whole thing. You know, it’s taking care of people and helping them and you know, prevention, you know, really just like you, if you just would’ve slipped a pair of gloves on, you would’ve saved a lot of headaches. So

Lightning (28m 30s):

Kenny, how often do you get love letters from customers who say, I would have absolutely lost an eye had it not been for your glasses, or I would’ve, I would’ve burned my hand had it not been for X glove.

Kenny (28m 45s):

We get ’em, we get ’em a lot. You know, we get, we get handwritten letters, we get typed letters, of course we get all the digital stuff. Customer service gets that almost daily. But, you know, when somebody takes the time, you know, a lot of servicemen will take the time to write a letter. They’ll hand pen a letter that says, You know what if I didn’t have these gloves or, you know, I took these gloves into, into battle with me, or you know, I took ’em across. They were, they were, you know, reminded me of home. And we get ’em all the time. And it’s, it’s super cool because it connects you with, with the people who are actually using the product, you know, and, and you feel like, I don’t want to cheapen out what I’m doing and I don’t wanna, you know, just say it’s good enough because this guy deserves better.

Kenny (29m 25s):

So, you know, when we get letters like that, it’s like birth, it’s like hitting the nicest bottle. You know, it’s, it’s a whole nother kind of energizing, you know, thing For us, it, it’s, what Mechanix Wear does is, you know, it protects people and, and when they’re grateful for it, it’s, oh man, that’s the best thing ever.

Holman (29m 42s):

What is your favorite glove? You’re somebody who rides, you use them, you know, so for designing them, I would imagine there’s some bias in what you’re designing. ’cause you’re, you’re, you’re a glove user, so it’s from your perspective, you’re like, what would I want or what would I use? Out of all the different styles and, and gloves, what’s your favorite, what’s, what’s one of the best products that you’ve worked on that you’re really proud of?

Kenny (30m 2s):

Yeah, you know, I have quite a, well, this is gonna sound cheesy, but it depends on what I’m doing. You know, my garage is full of stuff. Like you, I got gloves for welding, you know, our torch welding line is, is super cool. I got gloves for shooting. I, you know, my wife and I go out to the range and we pull off a few rounds and the original glove does sell many things so very well. But I gotta say my very favorite glove that I, that is my go-to most of the time is the Forex padded palm. The Forex padded, you know, the, the material like barely shows any wear on it. The padded palm on the, on the, you know, the working side of the glove. If I’m working with a grinder or, you know, something that has some sort of harmonic imbalance to it, it, it really, it really takes that kind of, it takes the fatigue out of it.

Kenny (30m 45s):

You know, you can hang onto things longer and, you know, so the fourex padded palm is, is my go-to glove. It’s hanging, it’s hanging on my, my work tool. I’m looking

Lightning (30m 54s):

Yeah, I’m looking at that glove right now on your website. So it’s the material, the material is called four x and then it’s, what he’s saying is a padded palm. It also looks like it has pads on your, on your thumb on the top of your thumb, the side of your thumb. And then on the top of your hand a little bit, what are those pads for? Why were those integrated? And it’s, it’s a really cool two-tone. The leather is a leather color while the rest of it is black and gray.

Kenny (31m 19s):

Yeah. You know, if you’re protecting your first knuckle in your thumb, like that, those are striking areas, you know, if you’re gonna be handling something like putting rebar or something pounding in the ground or you’re pounding stakes in or something like that. So you’re gonna hold it with one hand and hit a, hit it with a sledgehammer with the other hand. So protecting your hand in those striking points is, is important, is an important feature for us. You know, that Forex glove has two patents on it. The wraparound risk closure and the knuckle protection on it. That’s a, that’s a derivative of our impact glove, you know, that we sell millions of every year. So yeah, that’s a, that’s a striking kind of area for us in, in an area of protection.

Holman (31m 54s):

And for, you know, people who love shooting sports I mean the first time that you’ve got a slide that grabs that spot between your thumb and your index finger and tears it down, or you shoot like a, you know, Taurus Judge Magnum with like a four 10 in it or something like that. And the flame burns your hand. You, you that you go after that. After those things happen, you always wear a tactical glove. And obviously with reloading and stuff it helps because it doesn’t tear up your fingertips if you’re loading magazines and stuff like that. So I mean, th those, those items are, are huge and, and I mean even I think, I don’t know if it’s because as I’ve gotten older, but it seems like working and the dexterity of my hands is, it doesn’t, I don’t have the same sense that I used to have.

Holman (32m 36s):

And I want to try and keep that stuff also’s also your head. It might be, it might be. The sense

Lightning (32m 40s):

Has gone from that too, man. I have so many questions for you. Kenny. Do you have your name on any of the patents?

Kenny (32m 47s):

I do. I’m designer on record of, of the patents that I have. Mechanix Wear owns the patents. I mean if so if you go to patent or something or whatever it is, and search Kenny Safford, you know, I’ll pop up on a bunch of stuff, but they’re not mine. Mechanix Wear them, you know, I work for them and they’re, they’re theirs.

Lightning (33m 3s):

Oh well that’s cool. You get the cred, your name’s on the patent, you know, you can show your kids. Yeah, that’s, that’s pretty cool. And alright, so

Holman (33m 9s):

Hey lighting, how many patents is your name on zero.

Lightning (33m 12s):

Oh I and that wasn, sorry to funny is, is that I help design the pedal monster and yet, you know whose name is on it,

Holman (33m 18s):

Not yours.

Lightning (33m 19s):

Not mine at all.

Holman (33m 20s):

Another product you helped design too? Yep.

Lightning (33m 22s):

The diff cover. There’s a patent on those Ram Air Scoop. Oh,

Holman (33m 25s):

Are you a associate patent holder?

Lightning (33m 27s):

Not even a little bit. Huh,

Holman (33m 28s):


Lightning (33m 29s):

No, not even a little. Well, yeah,

Holman (33m 31s):

A couple of the other products that I like that you guys have are the Shop apron, which is one of those things that you don’t necessarily think about until you’re grinding or welding and splatters going everywhere. And you guys make a really nice shop apron that’s not that expensive. Do you

Lightning (33m 47s):

Own it? Because I own that one. Do you

Holman (33m 48s):

Own that one? And it’s,

Lightning (33m 49s):

I want you to explain the material because it feels this is not correct, but it feels waxed in that it’s rigid like

Holman (33m 56s):

Wax canvas.

Lightning (33m 57s):

Yes. But I know it’s not What is the material? Because it feels like it will resist sparks

Kenny (34m 3s):

It. Well it’s flame resistant, not fireproof. And it’s a, it’s a pu code, it nylon, so it’s like a bell cord if you will, or a cordura if you, you know, you can remember those jackets like a Carhartt jacket. Sure. It’s, it’s that kind of robustness in the material and it’s, and it’s made that way and it’s coated on the back so that if you splatter, you know, you get chemicals on it, you’re standing at a solvent tank or something, it doesn’t wreck your crew shirt, you know, so it, it’s made like a pair of motocross pants. ’cause that’s when we made it, when, you know, that wasn that wasn all around that same time. So it’s, it’s robust and the Split in the bottom is something that, you know, we invented. And it like you, like you said, you know, it’s, it fits perfectly because that wasn made for the guys who need to use it and not somebody working a barbecue.

Kenny (34m 46s):


Holman (34m 47s):

Especially that’s that Split that’s at the, the bottom I guess if you think of it as an apron, the bottom center has a, has a cut in it. What’s nice is if you put one leg up on something, ’cause you have something maybe over your knee or whatever, the apron works with you and if you have a tide it doesn’t yank to one side or the other, like it kind of conforms to how you’re working, which is real nice. And the other product that you guys have that’s really nice are those speed knit sleeves. So it’s basically Oh yeah, like a glove for your arm. And so if you’re wearing a short sleeved shirt, a work shirt and you need to go up in an engine compartment or you need to, you know, keep your arm safe from abrasion. Those are real nice ’cause they just slide on and you can wear ’em as needed. Which I, I think is pretty cool. Yeah.

Kenny (35m 25s):

You know, they have a little thumb hole in ’em too, so you can slip ’em on and wire ’em under, you know, you put your gloves on underneath it. ’cause the area that would be inside of a glove is, is a lot thinner material. So you really don’t know that you have it on, on your hand. And like you say, your arms are completely protected from, you know, a lot of, we have a couple different versions, some are better for heat and some are better for cut. You know, we use Kevlar and yeah, they’re, it’s a great thing to protect your arms.

Lightning (35m 48s):

Here’s a difficult question for you. Father and son are about to embark on a, on a garage project. They got an old truck, they’re gonna fix up together and the father is going to buy the son his very first pair of gloves. And it’s gotta be an all around pair of gloves. It’s gotta be something with good dexterity, but something that he can cut weld in all those things. Is there a single pair that’s a great all around for the son’s first pair?

Kenny (36m 14s):

The, you know, you can’t go wrong with the original, you know, if he’s never worn gloves, there you go. If he’s never worn gloves before, the fast fit is, is a great glove. ’cause you know, without the, without the closure on it, you know, you’re not, you don’t feel so claustrophobic in it and you kind of get used to having your hands protected and you know, if he’s just, if he’s the bottom end guy, you know, it’s like you’re, you’re working in all the grease then get a pair of speed nets, you know, that, that we have all sorts of different palm coatings on him for grabbing different things. And so, you know, I I think start with the original, why, why not go with the, you know, 35 years in, in development. You know, you can’t go wrong with that

Lightning (36m 50s):

Man. There’s so much more. But I don’t want to kill his entire evening All right with me. I can go forever.

Holman (36m 56s):

Well, come on. You got something I I can see it in your eyes. There’s something that you wanna, you wanna ask. Is it about their bags?

Lightning (37m 2s):

Well, no, I want, I wanted to No, that’s trust me.

Holman (37m 4s):

Is it about their knee pads? It is about their knee pad pads isn’t its, it’s not, no.

Lightning (37m 9s):

What’s the most expensive set of gloves you’ve ever created and what’s a set of gloves that didn’t make it to market? Because either that wasn just cost prohibitive or there was no market. I I wanna hear some of the, like some of the, the Outlander stories

Holman (37m 23s):

And how effective are your knee pads? Lightning wants to know. I do not

Lightning (37m 25s):

Wanna know that.

Kenny (37m 28s):

Yeah, Well, we do have knee pads. That was actually the second product that Mechanix Wear ever made. That was in 1991. You know when the Mechanix that were, that were on pit lane and they were testing out the gloves, they’re like, you know, if you’re making gloves, we’re just wearing these Don Joy like volleyball, knee pads. Can you guys take a swing at knee pads? So, you know, 1991 and a half we came out with knee pads. We’ve been doing those quite a long time and they’re really specific. They’re made for guys who, who slammed their knees for 12 seconds at a time. That might be you guys, I’m not sure, but they’re

Holman (37m 57s):

What, one half of the table? Your No,

Lightning (37m 60s):

Your half.

Kenny (38m 1s):

Let’s see, the most expensive glove is we have a cold work impact a winter glove. It has, it has a heating element inside of it. Clate heating, that’s an expensive glove. ’cause we use really high-end dhy leathers and you know, their heating element. It’s run by a app on your iPhone and you know, guys up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming up at the, the ski lodge up there have been testing it for two seasons. And it’s, it really protects when it gets really, really cold. Oh

Lightning (38m 28s):

My God, I’m seeing these now cold work heated glove with climb eight technology 200, $272.

Holman (38m 35s):

And I guarantee you, when you’re up on the ski lift or wherever you’re thankful you don’t even care How much. They cost. Yeah, they could have been 500. When you can feel your fingertips, you’re good.

Kenny (38m 44s):

Those are great. We worked on those for quite a few q seasons trying to perfect them and you know, we really think we got something good in those. So that’s the most expensive glove that we have. You know, obviously we can make something that’s crazy expensive if we had a, if we had the vehicle to move it, you know. But, but our, our our, you know, our customers or our, our consumers, you know, they, they don’t buy things at r e i, they buy things at Lowe’s and at Home Depot and, you know, our, our price points need to, to kind of reflect the, the users and, you know, I’m not saying that the, the guys who are selling winter gloves are are gouging you. But you know, we’re not held to the same kind of retail ceiling, if you will. So, sure. You know, we, our, our, you know, we make our stuff as, as good as we can, as feature laden as we can, given the fact that, you know, we know where they’re gonna have to be sold.

Kenny (39m 33s):

So as far as the glove that, that I’ve designed that, that anybody has designed at, at Mechanix Wear that’s not seen the light of day. Yeah. You know, we’ve made golf gloves before. We’ve made gloves for guys who wanna ride Harleys. We’ve made gloves for

Holman (39m 48s):

That six finger guy. What’s that? The six fingered guy?

Kenny (39m 53s):

Well, you know, you know, I don’t, I don’t wanna advertise this, but I’m gonna tell you guys is that, you know, when somebody has a special need, they, they call Mechanix Wear. You know, firefighters can’t do their job if they, if they don’t have a set of gloves and a lot of these guys have disabilities, they have missing digits, you know, they, and they still want to keep working. So we take care of those guys, you know, that’s awesome. We do and, and make special things, you know, not just for military guys, but for, you know, law enforcement and public service and you know, guys who are working in race shops who, you know, happen to be working on a chop saw and chopped off too much and, you know, we take care of guys like that. So there, there’s a lot of stuff that we have made in the past that we don’t sell. You know, we just, we, we provide a service of protection and, and it extends, you know, to people who we don’t really recognize in a, in a, you know, a social way or a, you know, a bragging way.

Kenny (40m 43s):

But yeah, a lot of stuff that we’ve done has really been rewarding and nobody knows about it except the guy that, that we took care of.

Holman (40m 51s):

So That’s really cool. So what are some of the challenges of creating gloves? Obviously going to people who might have missing digits or going through different hand sizes. Somebody might have long piano fingers, somebody might have like short, you know, Bratt Wars fingers or something like that. Well, like how do you get the sizing right? How do you make sure, I see you have a women’s line of gloves as well. What are the differences and, and how hard is it, you know, from coming up with a concept of here’s the glove we wanna make, but now we have to do it in, in eight sizes or something like that. Yeah,

Kenny (41m 20s):

Starting from the inside out usually, you know, we have a, we have our sizing page that you probably can see on the website, and we’ve taken the hand measurement in two directions, you know, from the, from knuckle to knuckle across the side and from wrist to fingertip. And we try to tailor the sizing of the glove to fit that matrix. Some industries have, have guys and girls who have specific needs, you know, their hands are bigger because they’re just, they’re working with jackhammers or repetitive, you know, machines that, that really beat up their hands. So they, they have, they have needs for different glove sizing, if you will. But for the most part we, we keep it down to, to two or three different sizes, sizing, I should say.

Kenny (42m 2s):

You know, it’s, it’s a slim fit. Like if you’re dealing with a tactical or a law enforcement glove that needs to be a second skin. And then we have like a, a d Iyer and then, and then guys that, that have a, a little bit bigger hand, you know, our, our commercial grade stuff, you know, we really try to keep the Mechanix Wear fit within those three categories and, and make sure that the way that the gloves fit are not universal. But, but you know, a guy will know that when he buys a pair of Mechanix Wear gloves that are a fast fit original or an impact, you know, they’re gonna fit all the same, you know, Mechanix Wear gloves fit like Mechanix Wear gloves, same as a, a Levi’s fit, like a Levi and not like a Wrangler or a Gap gene. You know, they, everybody’s has their fit and they all think that they’re the best.

Kenny (42m 45s):

And we do the same thing with our, with our glove fit. You know, we think we have the optimum and the most kind of, you know, flushed out fit in the industry. They’re not too short, they’re not too wide, they’re not too baggy in the palm. It’s, you know, there’s a lot of time and, you know, a lot of computer energy and a lot of, you know, field testing to, to validate the, the fit of the gloves. And it’s important to us to have a, a good fitting glove. And it, like I said, it starts on the inside and you know, even before that, it starts with, with good manufacturing, you know, the seam tolerances that we allow on our product is, is the smallest in the industry I’m sure of that because it’s, it’s one or two millimeters for us.

Kenny (43m 26s):

And you know, when you’re talking about millimeters and seam allowances, you know, three or four millimeters on the inside of a glove is a glove size. And if, if, if we couldn’t keep that seam tolerances with the, with the manufacturers that we had it, it wouldn’t be Mechanix Wear because it would just be a sloppy ill fitting product. So, and there’s

Lightning (43m 43s):

Plenty of those out there.

Kenny (43m 45s):

Yeah. There’re there are a lot of them because they’re, they’re easy to make that way, you know, a lot of people get paid on, on piece work and you know, they, they, they, they make them in places that, that have low overhead and they just, they don’t care. Like we do, you know, we care not only for the people who buy our products, but we care for the people who are making our products as well. You know, it’s, we just wanna make sure that it’s, it’s above the line and, and the best that it can be, like at every step of the way.

Lightning (44m 12s):

It’s pretty obvious when you hold and you put on a pair of Mechanix gloves, the attention to detail, not just the stitching, but the, the injection molding or whatever that the, the, the rubber that you use to the, the logo application to the, the straps, the connectors that hold the pair of gloves together so you don’t lose one to the, the, the stitching, like every single detail is just as good as it can possibly be. I don’t know how you guys continue to push the envelope as far as perfecting on top of perfection, but I, I I will say that I don’t know of a glove that’s better. Maybe there is one. I’m not aware of it.

Lightning (44m 52s):

And I’ve, I bought a lot of gloves.

Kenny (44m 54s):

Yeah, well it’s, you know, thank you, thank you so much for that. Because we do, we care about it every step of the way. You know, we, we tell our manufacturers where to buy the materials and we tell them where to buy the threads and we tell them where to get these things and we tell each one of them to get it from the same place so that we have control over the end product from five different, you know, areas of the world. It’s, it’s not like there’s just one guy in one room making all of our products. They’re, they’re made all over the world and they’re all the same because we, like you said, we care about everything, every step of the way, every detail. Like, you know, I’m, I’m proud to say and I’m glad that, that you can see that, that quality shows Yeah.

Lightning (45m 34s):

I mean the durometer of the rubber, the, the hardness, the rebound of the rubber in all the gloves. Well, just,

Holman (45m 40s):

Just the consistency.

Lightning (45m 41s):

They’re the, that’s what I’m gonna say from, from glove

Holman (45m 42s):

To glove. They’re, they’re exact. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve never purchased a set and for me, I’m a large and in all different styles, a large fits me. Right. I don’t have to worry about what the fit is. If I’m going from an, you know, original to a leather or a, you know, a fast fit or, you know, speed it impact or speed in it, a large is large. Yeah. If it, it fits my hand, it’s comfortable. And I can rely on, you know, the, the gloves to, to not get in the way of what I’m doing. I’ve had cheap gloves where you can feel the seams on the inside of your fingers and they rub and they chafe you while you’re doing work. And you’re, you’re not a hundred percent focused on your project because your bu your gloves are bugging you. And then you, if your gloves aren’t comfortable, what do you do?

Holman (46m 24s):

You take ’em off and then leave yourself exposed. And so the fact that you guys have a quality product that is consistent and comfortable means that I’m more likely to wear the protection when I need to. Thank

Lightning (46m 34s):

God. Yeah,

Kenny (46m 35s):

Yeah, yeah. Other, that’s a big,

Lightning (46m 37s):

Otherwise you’re gonna lose, you’re gonna cut another finger in half. No, I,

Holman (46m 40s):

This one it’s pretty

Lightning (46m 42s):

Good. Well, it’s crooked.

Holman (46m 43s):

Well, yeah. Yeah. It’s a little crooked.

Lightning (46m 46s):

Congratulations. Kenny, thank you again for, for the hard work. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a really cool brand. I think that if you guys don’t own a pair of Mechanix gloves, it’s, it’s worth it. For you to, well buy yourself a little Christmas gift six months, nine months early. What? It’s, or,

Holman (46m 60s):

Or just how about buy them right now? Because if you go to Mechanix dot com, which is M e c h A N I, right now, they have a 25% off of best sellers, 25% off tactical gloves, plus free shipping if you spend over 75 bucks. And there’s a bunch of their stuff right now, like the, the Impact Open Cuff, which is a great glove, 50% off right now that glos normally 39.9. You can get it for 1999. Right Now, you,

Lightning (47m 26s):

You guys do not have to do sales. I don’t know why you don’t, you’re like the role of the industry.

Holman (47m 31s):

’cause they, they like their customer.

Lightning (47m 32s):

Yeah. I guess so. I guess so. They’re not,

Holman (47m 34s):

They’re proud to share

Lightning (47m 35s):

West website.

Kenny (47m 36s):

Yeah. Thank you. Thanks. Yeah. You are like, you guys are like, man, you should, you’re the best spokesman we have. Well,

Holman (47m 43s):

You You know what, tell somebody in marketing and We’ll, we will be happy to help out.

Lightning (47m 47s):

Yeah. We’re, we’re fanboy of the brand. I mean, that’s why we’re doing the interview. We don’t, we don’t generally interview people from companies that we don’t use

Holman (47m 54s):

Their products per Yeah. Personally, like, and if you guys wanna check ’em out too, it’s at Mechanix, Wear on, on Instagram and Mechanix Wear also on, on Facebook. So definitely check ’em out. There’s a lot of great stuff. The sale right now, I’m not sure how long you guys have it going on for, but there’s some really great deals. And if you’re in the market, if you’ve looked at your ratty old gloves that you’ve worn a hole in the palm or you got a, a finger tip missing or something like that, now’s the time. Go to Mechanix dot com and and find yourself a new pair of gloves. ’cause there’s a heck of a deal going on right now.

Lightning (48m 25s):

They even make disposable latex gloves. Yes, they do. And nitrile gloves that I

Holman (48m 28s):

Do. I have some on my work bench right now in the garage. Okay.

Lightning (48m 31s):

Didn didn’t even know that until just right now. Yeah. Dang. Wow. Well this has been, it’s been fantastic Kenny, really appreciate you carving out time for us and, and all the hard work over the years into, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a great brand and I hopefully you feel proud of helping to build it.

Kenny (48m 46s):

Dude, I, I am so proud of the brand. I’m, I’m proud of what Mechanix Wear is and, and I’m anxious to see what it can become. You know, we just have so much more that, that we wanna do and, and so much more energy and, and, and, you know, ambition to get these things done. And I’m glad that, that you’re such a, an advocate for, for wearing hand protection. You know, not only does it, would it, would it have protected your finger? But, you know, it probably would’ve made the job a little bit easier. But man, yeah, get out there, get, get a pair of gloves where all major retailers and if you don’t wanna get outta the house, go to go to the website like you guys said. And yeah man, we’ll use, keep, keep using them and we’ll keep making them.

Holman (49m 24s):

Awesome. Fantastic. Well, we appreciate your time and thanks for sharing the story with us. ’cause again, we’re, we’ve been big fans of the product and it’s nice to know the people behind it. Yeah.

Kenny (49m 32s):

Cool. Awesome. Cool. I appreciate that. And thanks for, thanks for ringing me up. You got it.

Holman (49m 36s):

We’ll talk to you soon. Thanks Kenny. All right? Okay.

Kenny (49m 39s):

Ciao. Bye.

Lightning (49m 40s):

So what’d you think about Kenny?

Holman (49m 41s):

Oh, I’m a fanboy.

Lightning (49m 43s):

That makes two of us. I

Holman (49m 44s):

Actually went on the site while we were talking. I saw that that sale was so good. I just bought two more pairs of gloves. Did you really? I did. Come on. What do you say? We get into some hot, hot news?

Lightning (49m 54s):

Nope. Okay.

9 (49m 58s):

What’s new in trucks? We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need

4 (50m 6s):

To know lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world of trucks.

Holman (50m 16s):

Neither of us did it. I knew. I knew as soon as you killed it, I knew it. You had that look on your face. You

Lightning (50m 21s):

Worked. Oh, I hit the microphone. I was so happy about that.

Holman (50m 23s):

We’re gonna participate.

Lightning (50m 24s):

Oh, I just paused it. You ready? hold on. You ready? Yep. There it’s, what was that? that wasn just the end.

Holman (50m 30s):

Did something get dropped?

Lightning (50m 31s):

Yeah, that’s the end All, right? Ah, that felt good.

Holman (50m 38s):

Okay, All. right. So since we are actually before the embargo and I don’t have all the information, I’ve got a couple new stories out of New York Auto show that hasn’t happened yet that I have under embargo that I’m gonna share with you now. But we’re gonna cover it in more depth next episode when I actually have all the information. Okay.

Lightning (50m 53s):

So does that make sense? So Yeah, yeah, yeah. So when we’re recording it, you’re not allowed to talk about it, but when this airs, it’s okay to talk about

Holman (50m 59s):

It. Right. But because I’m not allowed to talk about it, I don’t have all the info yet because New York Auto Show hasn’t happened yet. So they haven’t sent out the press release. Right. But I was on a call for selected journalists where I got the information early. But not all the information, just some of the information.

Lightning (51m 11s):

I feel like we’re in an episode of Dr. Who or something.

Holman (51m 13s):

Okay, here’s do, are we

Lightning (51m 14s):

The T artist? What’s going on now?

Holman (51m 16s):

Jeep recently.

Lightning (51m 16s):

Wait, did I hear?

Holman (51m 18s):

I don’t. No you didn’t. ’cause it’s in the future, right? Of course you haven’t. No. Right.

Lightning (51m 22s):

Okay. Now

10 (51m 23s):

Good God in heaven, Ruby, there are just so very many ways for me to say this to you. Never. Not in a million years. Absolutely not way. Get the story. No chance Lance yet. Negatory? Nah, Uhuh And of course my own personal favorite of all time. Man. Falling off of a cliff?

11 (51m 38s):

No. Oh,

Lightning (51m 42s):

All. right. So no, I’ve not heard. Get to the story.

Holman (51m 44s):

Okay. Toyota put out a sneaky, sneaky little post on their socials of a current generation Tacoma that said patented good looks on it. But if you look at the license plate, it says 0 4 0 4 2 3 and the license plate completely blacked out. It’s all black just to make it look like a photo placeholder. That happens to be New York. That’s a

Lightning (52m 7s):

Scholar show. Oh. So

Holman (52m 10s):

I think you can expect the, the new Toyota Tacoma to launch or have launched By the time you hear this and we’ll tell you about more next time. Also Jeep, it unveiled the next 2024 mid-cycle refresh of the Jeep Wrangler. And yes, the 3 92 is still in the market. Hmm.

Lightning (52m 30s):


Holman (52m 30s):

For probably another year. It now features a winch from the factory in the Wrangler that has been crash tested, a worn winch, which is awesome. It has a massive 12.3 inch Uconnect five standard across every trim level. There’s no more small radio. The whole dash on the upper IP has been completely redesigned and it’s got this kind of cantilever giant landscape screen on it. Wow. Which is like your Ram screen turned sideways. Yeah. On the dash of a Wrangler. Hmm. They’re now offering a special sound deadening, premium sound deadening option. Right now the current Wrangler has two a two mic array for doing white noise and noise canceling and to pick up your voice for like you connect and Bluetooth stuff, right?

Holman (53m 12s):

Yeah. The new one has seven and they said that with the seven Mike Ray it sounds like you aren’t even driving. It’s so quiet. Wow. That would be weird. Noise gets weird. Weird. Yeah. Yeah. It’s gonna offer trails off road embedded in the nav system. So they collaborated with trails off roads. Could have 200 preloaded trails on the nav system, including all the Jeep badge of honor trails so that you can go participate in that. And the four Xes are gonna have a, what they’re calling a I guess a power panel or power box. I, I don’t know exactly what it’s, what the nomenclature is, but it’s a hybrid generator mode where as long as you have fuel in the tank, if you’re in a campsite, you can power your whole campsite from APL from plugging into your four by E.

Holman (53m 55s):

And if the battery gets down below a certain threshold, it fires up the engine automatically and tops off the generator. That’s cool. Yeah. That’s really

Lightning (54m 1s):

Cool. That’s freaking cool.

Holman (54m 2s):

And of course they have different modes. So like if you’re in a garage doing the same thing, it’s not gonna have carbon monoxide or anything like that. So they thought about all that kind of stuff. It will have a lot more information. They haven’t talked about what changes are coming to Gladiator. My guess is it’s gonna be the same since they’re built on the same production line. They get some new grill, it gets some different trim levels. Oh. And now the Willys, which is the one of the entry level, it has a rear locker. It has 30 threes and the high fenders. So a lot more capability in the base model than you’re getting. And the Rubicon has a Rubicon X power seats now available in the Wrangler. And because the roof and the doors come off, both the big giant 12.3 inch screen and the motors and everything for the power front seats have all been waterproofed.

Holman (54m 46s):

So if you’re forwarding water and your electric seat goes under water, no problem. Oh my God. Oh and side curtain airbags now too standard across the line. So a lot of, lot of changes coming. That’s

Lightning (54m 54s):

A lot of enhancements. Yeah.

Holman (54m 55s):

There’s a bunch of more stuff but we can get into it on the next episode. And the stuff that everybody here probably really wants to hear about. Well that would be the Ram REV 1500 more information coming out about that. REV stands for Ram electric vehicle. There’s gonna be two models, a 300 actually three models, a 350 range model, mile range model with a 500 mile option. And then there’ll be a range extender announced later on down the line. How do

Lightning (55m 24s):

You suppose they pull that off?

Holman (55m 25s):

Guess what? The towing rating is gonna be on the Ram. 1500 REV.

Lightning (55m 32s):

12,600 pounds.

Holman (55m 35s):

14,000 pounds. Wow. With 2,700 pounds of payload.

Lightning (55m 40s):


Holman (55m 40s):

Independent suspension, front and rear. Gonna have the largest front available. A 15 cubic foot trunk in the front. Huh? Which is massive. It is based on 800 volt architecture, which means that you can get 110 miles of range in just 10 minutes on a fast charger and it’ll do zero to 60 in a leisurely 4.4 seconds. Okay. Not to

Lightning (56m 4s):

Leisurely. I still wanna know how they’re getting up to 500 miles

Holman (56m 7s):

Massive battery pack. It’s gonna be a 229 kilowatt hour battery pack. Ah. Which is freaking enormous. It’s gotta

Lightning (56m 15s):

Be heavy. What does it weigh? Do we know? We

Holman (56m 17s):

Don’t know what the gross vehicle weight rating is. We don’t know what it weighs. It will have four corner air suspension with five modes. It’ll be adaptive and it will take a 1 10, 1 20 or two 40 volt charge. But it’s it that will be a lot slower ’cause it is a massive battery pack.

Lightning (56m 34s):

Is this a skateboard or no?

Holman (56m 36s):

Well it’s a, it’s delan, it’s body on frame technology. So it’s, it is essentially it’s own frame with frame rails. Batteries are in the middle. But it uses a very similar Ram suspension that’s already on the gas trucks hooked up to it. The body shares a lot with it. It will, they’ll all be dual motors. I think they said something like 654 horsepower and it’ll be produced in Q four of 24 as a 25. So we’re still a ways away. So a lot of the questions that you’re asking will be down the line. Gotcha. It does have bi-directional charging. So you can go vehicle to vehicle. So you can take your Ram and charge another electric vehicle. That’s cool. You can do vehicle to home.

Holman (57m 16s):

So you can run your house off of it or you can do a vehicle two, what they call L So it’s a 3.6 kilowatt in the front and a 7.2 kilowatt power takeoff in the back and the bed. So that’s a lot of power coming from the new Ram. So anyway, I don’t have all the info yet because hey, it hasn’t happened yet, but it has one you heard from it. So we’ll talk about it next episode. But I wanted to make sure that we got that out there because there’s gonna be a lot of buzz about the new Ram REV 1500, which is sounds like a pretty exciting truck. And Ram made a big point of saying they listened to their customers and their customers wanted range. They wanted it to be able to tow, they wanted it to be comfortable quality.

Lightning (57m 57s):

And I think now everyone expects it to, to your truck to power your, your tools

Holman (58m 2s):

And your house. Yeah. Hey lighting, did you hear? No.

Lightning (58m 7s):

Nope, I didn’t.

Holman (58m 8s):

According to a report with automotive news, the average brand new car price, the US are expected to rise above $50,000 according to Toyota’s North American operations. Whoa. Like that’s a lot of 50 grand fricking money. Like I I I feel stupid saying like, that’s unbelievable because both of us bought really stupid leads. No, but

Lightning (58m 30s):

Listen, vehicles, but hold on a second. hold on a second. This sort of

Holman (58m 33s):

Once in a lifetime

Lightning (58m 34s):

Things we’re old, we’re, we’re older, right? We’re not like 20 year old dudes, right? Yeah. So we, we’ve we like, we always looked at the expensive cars and we’re like, how did that guy afford it? It’s ’cause Yeah, it took you a half a lifetime to do it. Sure. But like 50 grand is the average price right now.

Holman (58m 50s):

I mean, I remember when we, that’s

Lightning (58m 52s):

A lot of a hundred thousand dollars cars.

Holman (58m 53s):

You remember when you get a Fox body Mustang for like 12, 9, 9 5 with a fire liter.

Lightning (58m 57s):

Remember when you could get a Toyota

Holman (58m 58s):

For 89 97 on a Sunday on the, the one vin in the paper? You can’t buy anything for I. mean what’s the cheapest vehicle Now? I mean the, I think the Maverick, even the Maverick is, is like 24 something.

Lightning (59m 13s):

That’s a great question. What is the cheapest truck out there right now?

Holman (59m 17s):

Well, it’s gotta be the Maverick. Yeah, because that wasn 19,000 last year. But I think that Ford up that,

Lightning (59m 22s):

So what’s a totally stripped Tacoma?

Holman (59m 25s):

Oh, like 30.

Lightning (59m 26s):


Holman (59m 27s):

Alright. Here we will. I’ll, I’ll take, I’ll tell you right now, Maverick starting at 22 5, 9 5.

Lightning (59m 33s):

That’s gotta be the least. It’s gotta be right? Yeah.

Holman (59m 35s):

All. right. So a 472 year old Tacoma

Lightning (59m 42s):

472 year old Tacoma.

Holman (59m 44s):

Yeah. The base price to get into one.

Lightning (59m 47s):

Do you know what’s funny is a beat up Tacoma is still more expensive than a brand new Ford Maverick. I’ll bet

Holman (59m 53s):

In a lot of ways. Yeah. Starting at 27 7 50. Alright, I, I just looked up the 10 cheapest pickups you could buy right now from So this’ll get us talking Ford Matt 10. Okay. All right? 10 is the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 work truck All,

Lightning (1h 0m 10s):

Right? Nine.

Holman (1h 0m 12s):

Do you want the price? Oh

Lightning (1h 0m 14s):

Yeah. I mean the price. The price is number 10 is gonna be more expensive. It’s gonna be 34 30

Holman (1h 0m 22s):

8,000 1 95. Oh,

Lightning (1h 0m 24s):

Okay. Now, now number nine has already played the the nine guy.

Holman (1h 0m 27s):

Yeah. You’re not gonna regale us with with more nine inch

Lightning (1h 0m 31s):

No I can only have one nine All. right. Nine

Holman (1h 0m 33s):

Is going to be the 2023 Ford F one 50

Lightning (1h 0m 37s):

XL All. right. So that’s gotta be 36 ish By.

Holman (1h 0m 41s):

The way the $38,000 Silverado has a $1,895 destination charge says the median listing price is 53 207. Oh okay. Moving right along to nine, which is the F 1 50 36 240 with a 1795 destination charge. Wow. Ford’s medium price goes from 53 on Chevy to 61 972

Lightning (1h 1m 5s):

Oh. my God freaking

Holman (1h 1m 8s):

A wow

Lightning (1h 1m 9s):

All. right. So we’re at number eight

Holman (1h 1m 11s):

All. right? That would be the rent, the 2022 because they still have them Ram 1500 classic tradesmen at 30 2001 30 plus a 1895 destination charge All. right. Their median listing price for that is a is 44.072, which sounds more realistic. Yeah. Seven All. right. We’ve got our, our friends at Nissan with the Nissan Frontier s the 2023 starts at 34 85 with a $1,295 destination charge. But the median listing price for the Frontier 37,131.

Lightning (1h 1m 42s):

So that’s interesting. That’s really tight that yeah, that differential. Hmm. Six.

Holman (1h 1m 47s):

The G M C Canyon Elevation standard and that is 28,000 909 5 including their $1,495 destination charge median price on that midsize truck. 41,859. Hmm. Man, midsize trucks have gotten expensive.

Lightning (1h 2m 6s):

5 20 23

Holman (1h 2m 8s):

Ford Ranger XL 28,895 includes a $1,495 destination charge. But the median listing price on that 38,611.

Lightning (1h 2m 16s):

Okay. Full

Holman (1h 2m 19s):

That would be full. The full 2023 Toyota Tacoma SSR 28,585, including a 13 and $35 destination charge. But the median list pricing on that 35 632. So we’re starting to get a little bit more reasonable. Yeah. Okay. Three, how about the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado work truck. 28,105 includes a $1,495 destination charge. Median list pricing 35 200. So that differential isn’t that far apart. Right. It sounds like a lot of Chevrolet Colorado owners aren’t choosing all the options like they are on some other trucks. I’m guessing that has a lot to do with fleet and things like that.

Lightning (1h 2m 57s):

I mean they’ve gotta be one I mean it’s a Ford F one 50 and, and the Colorados are gotta be Yeah. Huge with fleets and Silverados two,

Holman (1h 3m 6s):

The 2023 Hyundai, Santa Cruz se non pickup truck or open bed activity vehicle or whatever. 26 7 45, including a $1,295 destination charge should

Lightning (1h 3m 17s):

Not be included in this

Holman (1h 3m 17s):

List. Median listing price 35 9 50 I mean it’s truck

Lightning (1h 3m 21s):


Holman (1h 3m 22s):

So is the Maverick And that’s number one on the list. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 3m 24s):

But we’re cutting for some Slack. One

Holman (1h 3m 26s):

That’s 23 6 90 including a $1,495 destination charge Median listing price 27,649. So there you have it. Those are, that’s the cheapest trucks you can get.

Lightning (1h 3m 40s):

Holman, how you feeling about some five star hotline?

Holman (1h 3m 43s):

Been a while.

12 (1h 3m 45s):

Oh, come on and be of the show. The five hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 6 1 0 5. It’s the five star hotline. Five star hotline hotline.

Holman (1h 3m 59s):

It’s that, I don’t know. It just, it’s, listen, we haven’t done these in a while, so they’re gonna sound old, but I don’t care because I’m I’m, we have to, we’re servicing our listener. We don’t want you guys to feel like we forgot about you.

Lightning (1h 4m 10s):

Let it rip.

13 (1h 4m 12s):

Hey Lightning, did you hear, just listening to another podcast after listening to yours from Mike Rowe, episode Q 94 called The Ballot of Tom Odom talking about how 70,000 truckers are in danger of losing their jobs in California because of, because of the California being their own government themselves. Yeah, that totally sucks. So stay the hell outta Utah. Bye.

Lightning (1h 4m 37s):

Stay the hell outta Utah.

Holman (1h 4m 40s):

Very nice.

Lightning (1h 4m 41s):

Yeah, we, we will. I appreciate the, the heads up. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 6 5 7 2 0 5. 61 0 5. It’s The, Truck Show Podcast Five star hotline.

13 (1h 4m 52s):

Hey, line and Homan. Sorry, how I ended that last, last phone call I just made. You guys can come here though anytime. Just leave your politics at home. Love the podcast Five stars and if anything hell yeah buddy. Bye.

14 (1h 5m 9s):

Review five stars. Yeah buddy.

Holman (1h 5m 14s):

So he emailed us after and said, Hey guys, I don’t, I, I feel bad about leaving that message. Don’t, don’t play it. And lighting are like, no, that’s awesome. It is awesome. You Didn. Leave a message. You’re getting played pal. It’s funny, as I told him I wouldn’t play it and then we did anyway. Yeah, because dude, you don’t know who he is. It’s great. It’s, it’s awesome. No, I do know who he is, is listen, the listeners don’t know, it’s not like he’s like I am fear from there. And his name is, well he said his name Well. we bleep it out. Oh, okay. Then everybody’s happy. I bleeped it out. I think it’s funny. Well I’m sorry to lie to you. I know I emailed you and I said I wouldn’t play your message but I did and there it is. It wasn’t that bad. that wasn great. that wasn great. We bleeped out to protect the innocent. And it’s funny because no, we don’t want California politics going into Utah either. Which is funny because I’m leaving for Utah in a day.

Holman (1h 5m 56s):

But you’re not gonna take your politics. No, no. I’m taking No, I am taking my politics. Oh yeah, your politics. I’m not taking, taking California’s politics. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. We know where our bread is. Butter. Yeah. What does that mean? Utah? I don’t know.

13 (1h 6m 8s):

A lighting in Holman. This is JJ Smokes tires, your friend on Instagram. I’ve listened to the latest podcast and he said you need more callers. So just picked up some U-bolts from the store. I’m trying to finish up my solid axle swap on my O B s and on Friday me and my buddy are gonna drive basically 24 hours straight on a road trip in it. So yeah, maybe. Well I guess you won’t have a new podcast out by then, but keep up the good work Ed. Thanks.

Holman (1h 6m 43s):

Is it really good work if we haven’t delivered him a new podcast, By the time he leaves? It’s possible. And also I’d, I’m curious if you’re still alive after the 24 hours of straight driving. So yeah, well no, no, no. After the 24 hours of straight driving, after putting a solid axle swap in your vehicle. Yeah. So let us know if you’re still alive. We’re just, we’re just curious. Yeah, jj, I see him on Instagram. Either that or his, you know, account’s been hacked and somebody’s posting for him. I think he’s alive. It’s possible.

13 (1h 7m 8s):

Lightning the whole dog. I was listening to this episode where, well I guess that wasn with Mike Rice Holman was like beeping everything that he was saying. And it reminded me of a thing that a local radio station that I used to listen to would do with like inappropriate censoring. Right? So they take something like totally legit, you know, not inappropriate, totally appropriate and they would censor it to the point that it sounded inappropriate. And now so that you guys don’t have these, you know, HR people over your head, you guys should do that with like truck commercials, you know, like this beep Chevy is awesome, you know, anyway, I think that’d be funny as a segment.

13 (1h 7m 47s):

Inappropriate censorship. Anyway, keep up the good work guys. Thanks.

Holman (1h 7m 52s):

Thank you for the idea. I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable ripping that off my, my buddy Jimmy Kimmel does that quite often. Yep. Does it? It’s a good segment. Yeah. May maybe, maybe not. It’ll work. It is funny when you do do inappropriate censor.

13 (1h 8m 4s):

What’s up Lightning Holman Colby calling here again and wow. Like the day that I was listening to the episode about the, you know you where you read my email about the frontier spotting, I pulled into my driveway and there’s, there was a little envelope with a Banks engineering logo on it and sure enough there was stickers inside. So Lightning actually did come through. He didn’t pay me this call and say this like he actually sent me stickers. Anyway. That’s awesome. And then I just was listening to this week’s episode and you’re talking about your license plate being yummy gas. I think that’s better than bro far personally. I just like this, have this little like vision in my mind of like a T-Rex drinking a big gulp of gas.

13 (1h 8m 47s):

Like that should be a sticker on your truck somewhere, you know, a short little arms and a big old long straw.

Lightning (1h 8m 53s):


13 (1h 8m 54s):

Anyway, keep up the good work guys.

Lightning (1h 8m 55s):

Love it. That is funny. That is super funny. Yeah, I’m digging that. Thank you guys very much for the five star hotline calls. Five star. Five star, five star hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Now it’s time for Holman to screw up. Five. Five stars. Five stars.

15 (1h 9m 14s):

Five stars. Five five. Five. Five. Five

Lightning (1h 9m 19s):

Stars. Five stars.

Holman (1h 9m 21s):

Right back at you brother.

Lightning (1h 9m 23s):


Holman (1h 9m 23s):

No isn’t no,

Lightning (1h 9m 24s):

No it didn’t. It didn’t work. All right. This is where we read your reviews on the Apple podcast app. You can also leave ’em on Spotify but I think it’s best that you do it on the Apple Podcast app. If you have access to it, please leave your review and if you are, are, are so inclined, make it funny so we can read it on the show.

Holman (1h 9m 43s):

All. right? Jade dollar 2 57 says, I didn’t realize when I got a new phone I get to leave another review. Kind of sad the Texas flag didn’t make it to the pod but I love the Bullhorn idea. And best podcast show Five stars, five,

Lightning (1h 9m 55s):

Wait. Whoa, that was horrible. Wait, hold on, hold on. Mike stands outta the way. All, right.

Holman (1h 9m 58s):

Move it. There we go. And five stars.

Lightning (1h 10m 1s):

There we go.

Holman (1h 10m 1s):

Congratulations you have earned five stars. Got Dave Tur from wherever he’s from. Okay. Five star. He says awesome show, great quality and awesome host with topnotch guests. And

Lightning (1h 10m 13s):

Is where is he talking about

Holman (1h 10m 15s):

Our show? I don’t think so, but I mean he probably reviewed the wrong podcast. Five Stars

Lightning (1h 10m 19s):

All, right? All

Holman (1h 10m 20s):

Right. We got one from SD Truck Ice says Great podcast with good hosts. It’s great information on trucks and

Lightning (1h 10m 27s):

Five stars also. Don Real High Fives. There we go.

Holman (1h 10m 29s):

Yeah. Real five high fives and bad reviews. Yeah. Truck podcasts. Who are these people reviewing after all?

Lightning (1h 10m 36s):

I don’t know. I appreciate the, the accolades All. right?

Holman (1h 10m 39s):

This one from Gus Mitchum says Burger War solved on our reviews. Love the show and happy you guys now have an equity stake in your work. Native Texan now in Dallas, I’m gonna solve the Inn Out versus Whataburger debate for you not going the way you think based on Inn Out being a clean place with happy and attentive employees that seem to be having a good time. That creates a nice place I wanna experience with my family. Oh boy. He says Whataburger on the other hand, most times it’s dirty and especially since the development of the app, dunno how to take an order anymore. The employees aren’t happy or healthy and it’s usually a jury place.

Lightning (1h 11m 12s):

They’re not happy or healthy. By the way

Holman (1h 11m 14s):

This sounds like a Whataburger review and not one of ours.

Lightning (1h 11m 17s):

It sounds like the employees have scabies or something.

Holman (1h 11m 20s):

There are still some great locations out there, but it’s not worth the gamble in and out for the win. And

Lightning (1h 11m 29s):

Five Stars.

Holman (1h 11m 30s):

Solid review.

Lightning (1h 11m 31s):

Solid review.

Holman (1h 11m 32s):

That’s awesome Well. we appreciate it. Yeah, we’re at 1021 reviews. Hell yeah. And we would be at 5.0 if it weren’t for that other podcast. That’s, let’s not bring that

Lightning (1h 11m 41s):


Holman (1h 11m 41s):

Trash, dust and brought a re, what do you call it?

Lightning (1h 11m 43s):

Water Under

Holman (1h 11m 44s):

The bridge. Sure. Yes. Yeah. Brought our stupid review down by two tenths of a point.

Lightning (1h 11m 49s):

Thank you again for the five star reviews. Really, really appreciate it. Again, you can leave those reviews on the Apple podcast app show. Holman will read them. We are truck show If you want to email the truck show the truck show The truck show. Whoa.

Holman (1h 12m 5s):

Leave a message won’t you on the five star hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 or hit us up on the socials at LBC Lighting at Sean f holden at Truck Show podcast. Social and Lightning at truck show are all of the various ways you can reach us.

Lightning (1h 12m 24s):

Now if you happen to be cruising along in your truck regardless of what it is and you spy a Nissan frontier, whip out your phone, take a photo and send that photo to us truck show and Lightning, this guy right here talking will send you a couple of TSP stickers just like that guy said on his email. It actually does happen.

Holman (1h 12m 48s):

Well he get, he probably got it in under the wire. So it’s, I

Lightning (1h 12m 51s):

Have a stack left. Not a lot, but I do have a a, a short stack. I don’t know what’s that? Like a 75, 80 stickers left. So

Holman (1h 12m 59s):

I have some also. Okay.

Lightning (1h 13m 1s):

Are you gonna bring up some to, to Utah with you?

Holman (1h 13m 5s):

I did because that happened in the past. Oh, did you plaster them? Yeah, I plastered them everywhere. But

Lightning (1h 13m 9s):

You, you, you didn’t put ’em up on like everything, any kinda like national monuments or

Holman (1h 13m 12s):

Anything? Nothing that would be illegal. Okay. Just the things that would be annoying.

Lightning (1h 13m 17s):

So you put ’em up on stop signs and

Holman (1h 13m 19s):

Everywhere. Okay. Plastered the town. Hmm.

Lightning (1h 13m 22s):

Didn didn’t even mention that I was at Florida Truck meet.

Holman (1h 13m 25s):

Did you plaster stickers all over? Of

Lightning (1h 13m 27s):

Course I think

Holman (1h 13m 29s):

You, you will that you did

Lightning (1h 13m 32s):

Whatever you just

Holman (1h 13m 33s):

Said. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Alright, well if you’ve got a Nissan that needs a sticker, let us know and we will let you plaster it on there or head down your local dealership. We’re every Nissan Frontier Titan or Titan XD that’s purchased will come with a truck show podcast sticker. Not from the dealer of course, but if you purchase one of those, we’ll send you one to adorn your truck with some truck show podcast swag. So head on down to your local dealer or do a Nissan to build end price. And we are appreciative of the Nissan relationship ’cause they’ve been our presenting partner of the Truck Show podcast for the last five years.

Lightning (1h 14m 8s):

And a lot of you guys have trucks where the the intake system, you know, they, the, the factories, they have to cut corners, right? They, they have to be cost conscious, right? So the filter material, what the, how the box is constructed. They, they, they do the job but it’s not the performance that you’re looking for. If you want a true sealed enclosure that outflows stock look no further than the bank’s Ram air intake, find yours at Banks

Holman (1h 14m 34s):

Well, if you’ve got blown out shocks on your truck, whether it’s lifted or stock high, you should head over to bill Bilstein or they have an application for you that’s gonna up performance. And best of all, all Bill Bilstein are tuned specifically for your vehicle application. You can put in your year make model at bill Bilstein and figure out which shock is right for you. Whether it’s a direct replacement, 4,600 all the way up to a bypass shock. And the B 8 8100 Bill Bilstein has you covered whether you’re on road or Offroad towing or hauling, there’s a shock for every application and you can’t beat the, wait

Lightning (1h 15m 4s):

A minute, hold on a second. What if I have an Offroad mini Cooper like that one that was on a like 40 inch tires. You see that one?

Holman (1h 15m 11s):

I would use their awesome new U T V shocks and adapt them to your mini Cooper. Gotcha.

Lightning (1h 15m 16s):

I mean I, I don’t have one, but I thought it’d be cool

Holman (1h 15m 19s):

They got something for everything. I know you got ’em for hot rods. That’s why I

Lightning (1h 15m 21s):

Asked. Yeah,

Holman (1h 15m 22s):

They just won King of the Hammers on their U T V shocks and heck they even know wouldn’t you? Over on your T R X.

Lightning (1h 15m 27s):

You can find yours at bill Bilstein

Holman (1h 15m 30s):

Alright, well that is a marathon ’cause we just did 72 shows in the course of three or four days in the podcast. No two. Okay. Yeah, we did two and we have to pack.

Lightning (1h 15m 40s):

You have to pack. I’ve already packed.

Holman (1h 15m 43s):


Lightning (1h 15m 43s):

Yeah, because I’ve gone and returned.

Holman (1h 15m 47s):

Well, all I know is when we meet again we have two behind us, but right now there’s two in front of us.

Lightning (1h 15m 54s):

As long as there’s not two beneath us.

Holman (1h 15m 58s):

What does that’s not even mean. I don’t know. Okay.

Lightning (1h 16m 2s):

The Truck Show Podcast is a production of truck famous l l c. This podcast was created by Sean Holman and Jay Tillis with production elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.

16 (1h 16m 27s):

What’s up guys? My name’s Brody and I’m here to tell you about this Ram. T R X. They call it the T-Rex ’cause T-Rex is eat raptors. Now this truck right here is so capable it can make it through a door of the explorer map that’s across the river through the jungle and arrive at your girlfriend’s house. ’cause she said you drive a Ford and she doesn’t wanna be seen in it. Check this out. That step right there, that’s deployable just like the airbags on a Mustang when they swerve into people at car meets. Best thing about this truck, it has a six foot bed so you can Ram the daughter and a Hellcat engine so you could dodge a father when he finds out. You ain’t ready. Mopar Baby.