Banana Ron crossed the U.S. in his Ford Raptor hiding bananas around the country and the guys set out to find out why. Toyota teases the return of the Land Cruiser and GM invests heavily in the future of diesel with an expanded Duramax plant.



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Lightning (0s):

It’s The Truck. Show Podcast. My name is Lightning and he is Holman

Sean P. Holman (4s):

Sean Holman to be exact. Yes. Sean P Holman. If you are on the gram, all my writings. Oh yeah. on the gram too. Yeah. Or if you go to OVR magazine, by the way, I’m really excited for issue four of OVR magazine because you

Lightning (17s):

Wrote 25 stories. Are they?

Sean P. Holman (18s):

No, I wrote, I think I wrote three stories and they’re like 28 pages or something like that. So we got a lot of great content coming. If you guys, are you getting paid by the word? No, I’m not getting paid at all. Not yet. It’s just a lot of work. A lot of 2:30 AM things, but that’s just dumb. But we have a lot of our truck show podcast listeners who have got subscriptions, So I. Just wanna say thanks ’cause you guys have been sending notes in or, or putting in the comments. And, and so if you wanna go to o v, you can pick up a digital subscription for 19.99 or a print subscription for, for 60 bucks for the year. And I think the third issue, I am jazzed on it. It’s so good. Like I thought the first issue was good. The second issue was like, how did we step up our game?

Sean P. Holman (60s):

Third issue was like, dude, this is freaking incredible. Fourth issue, dude. Fourth issue is there’s some stuff that we’re working our way back into, like some of the OE stuff. I did this great mid-size shootout story that puts the ZR two bison Chevy Colorado, the Ford Ranger Raptor, and the Toyota Tacoma, t r d Pro and Trail Hunter. I basically go through, summarize everything that’s been announced on those, and then I do a spec sheet on there, a chart to compare ’em in one story. So you, your mid-size, you know, market person who’s looking for a truck, it’s gonna be able to have a lot of great information. And the mid-size truck market is like completely turning over right now. So it’s, it’s gonna be awesome. There’s so many good products out there.

Sean P. Holman (1m 41s):

So anyway, that’s in OVR. I did a story on the new Lexus GX 550 that we just talked about. Lightning’s

Lightning (1m 46s):

T R X.

Sean P. Holman (1m 47s):

And we did an installs. Lightning T. R X. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We did a story on installing Helwig Helwig Sway bars on Lightning’s, T R X Zoo. You heard us talk about that on the show. You’ll actually get to see what went into the, the story. So a lot of great stuff. So that’s what I’ve been working on. I have

Lightning (2m 2s):

A million dollar question for you. Yeah. What does off-roading and bananas have in common?

Sean P. Holman (2m 9s):

Well, if I had to to guess I’d say nothing.

Lightning (2m 13s):

No, you’d be absolutely Ron.

Sean P. Holman (2m 17s):

See what I did there? That wasn. That was bad. That was very, very punny. Yes.

Lightning (2m 21s):

That wasn. Banana Ron is a guy that someone forgive me that I don’t recall, which of our listeners turned me onto. Banana Ron. Banana Ron drove Offroad in his Raptor from Oregon to somewhere in Tennessee, all Offroad, well, at least, at least as much Offroad as he could possibly do. And he hid bananas along the way for golden people to find golden bananas. Bananas along the way for people to find, yeah. So

Sean P. Holman (2m 45s):

We Are going to talk to these crazy human and find out what in the world is going on with raptors and golden bananas and you just leaving ’em around the world. And

Lightning (2m 56s):

Why is his name Banana? Ron Banana. How did he get Banana rods? It’s at the Banana Ron on Instagram. Alright,

Sean P. Holman (3m 2s):

Well, before we get into the show and Banana Ron, we have to thank our sponsors. So our presenting sponsor, so The Truck Show Podcast is presented by Nissan and we wanna thank them for being a part of the show for over five years now. So if you, it’s been

Lightning (3m 13s):

That long. Yeah. So if

Sean P. Holman (3m 14s):

You’re looking for a, a truck like the Nissan Titan or Nissan Titan Xd, you get a five year, a hundred thousand mile warranty. the show is out of warranty. If you started, sorry,

Lightning (3m 24s):

We did not ship with a warranty. No, we

Sean P. Holman (3m 25s):

Didn’t. Yeah, Nissan.

Lightning (3m 26s):

And we didn’t offer an upgraded extended warranty.

Sean P. Holman (3m 28s):

No, no. Nissan definitely had a better warranty than we did. So if you’re looking for a half-ton truck, check out the Nissan Titan, the Nissan Titan xd. And if you need a mid-size truck, you need something a little bit smaller, but you still like the same dependability and quality and ruggedness in a small truck, you wanna check out the Nissan Frontier head on down to your local Nissan dealer where you can see them in person. Or you can go to Nissan where you can build and price.

Lightning (3m 48s):

And if you’re a guy with a three quarter or one ton truck and you tow and you’re concerned about the temps of your rear axle, look no further than the bank’s Ram Air rear differential cover. As you know, Holman Gale Banks has a patent on the Ram Air rear differential cover. It’s the only one with scoops that hang down below that channel. Cool Road air up through the long thin fins cooling the rear diff five times better than all those popular oversized rear diff covers that you see on the road. Well,

Sean P. Holman (4m 17s):

And I like ’em because you guys have designed them to be knocked off, off road. So if for some reason you’re going down a trail and they get caught on a rock, it’s not gonna damage your diff those cooling scoops are designed to break away and save the diff cover. And you guys offer a lifetime warranty.

Lightning (4m 31s):

Holman’s a very small person outside the door with I can just see the hair. Can you? Oh.

Sean P. Holman (4m 36s):

Oh, she belongs to me. Cookie delivery. Wait, what? Cookie delivery did you, what’d you bring us? Cookies? What kind of cookies? Chocolate

Lightning (4m 47s):

Chip cookies. Chocolate

Sean P. Holman (4m 49s):

Chip. Oh my gosh. You brought, you brought Jay chocolate chip cookies. Are they warm or cold?

Lightning (4m 54s):

I’ve got one right here. Warm. Warm. Oh, hold on. All are good.

Sean P. Holman (4m 58s):

Hold on, I wanna have a cookie. Are you eating a cookie too? Did you come all the way from the kitchen to deliver cookies to us? You gotta speak up so people can hear you. What’s your name? Abby. Thank you. Abby. Abby what? Abby? Who? Yep. Well, I’m in the middle of the podcast, but thank you for the cookies. Hmm. Okay, I’ll see you later.

Lightning (5m 18s):

I suddenly don’t care about the podcast anymore. Oh,

2 (5m 21s):

Let go Robby

Lightning (5m 24s):

Paulman. you know you’ve got Cookie in your beard, right?

Sean P. Holman (5m 26s):

Oh yeah. I do that on purpose. Save, save it for for later in the show when I get on, get emaciated from the hours that we spend behind the, the microphone here. But you know what doesn’t fatigue me. And that’s Hours in a truck or SS U V with Bill Bilstein shocks. Bill Bilstein, our friends are celebrating 150 years. What? They’re the original innovators of the mono tube shock. And you can get those for your truck or S U V, whether it’s a direct replacement stock truck and you need some more control over performance, or you’ve got an off-road rig, head over to bill Bilstein Or you can use their year make and model to figure out which shock is available and right for your vehicle. So if you’ve got generic white shocks that are all blown out on that generic lift kit, don’t worry. Bilstein has direct replacement for lifted trucks as well.

Lightning (6m 8s):

And Alman, I have a high tip. I have a feeling you don’t even know about it. Our friends over at onX the best map app on the planet.

Sean P. Holman (6m 15s):

You mean the off-road map app Built for Adventure?

Lightning (6m 17s):

That’s the one. There’s a holiday coming up. A little red, white and blue Holiday 4th of July.

Sean P. Holman (6m 21s):

That’s not so little.

Lightning (6m 22s):

So onX is having a sale up to 30% off memberships at onX Well,

Sean P. Holman (6m 30s):

You can head over to onX or you can go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store where you can download the app. You can subscribe. The nice thing about Onyx is it has all sorts of information for finding out where to go on your next adventure. From featured trails, nearby trails, you can discover new places to go. You can save maps for offline use when you don’t have a self signal. You can track, save, and share trips if there’s public and private Land info at the Elite tier. You can customize your maps with markup, you can sync with CarPlay and Android Auto Plus they have their new route building feature. And my favorite feature, you make a change either on your laptop, your Android phone, your iPhone, your iPad, it doesn’t matter Because, it syncs seamlessly across all of your devices. So you can build the route for all your friends on your laptop, send it to everybody.

Sean P. Holman (7m 12s):

It’ll show up on their iPhone, and you go out and adventure. If you live off-roading and navigation software is important to you. onX

Lightning (7m 19s):

Freedom 30 at checkout for 30% off. Alright,

Sean P. Holman (7m 23s):

My wife just texted me while we’re sitting here recording this. Yep. And she says, I know the response will be. That’s what she said. But the cookies with nuts already.

Lightning (7m 33s):

That’s what she said.

3 (7m 35s):

The show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer What? The truck truck, the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lowered and everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on Diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show.

4 (8m 7s):

It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman

Lightning (8m 14s):

Holman. Can we discuss Gold Bananas? And a guy named Banana Ron I

Sean P. Holman (8m 18s):

Mean? That’s a little bit awkward, but I’m not opposed to it. Well,

Lightning (8m 21s):

I I think, and I’m not, I’m not sure we’re gonna have to talk to Ron about this, but I believe he drove across the country in a Raptor shaped, shaped

Sean P. Holman (8m 29s):

Like a Banana all

Lightning (8m 30s):

Offroad and he hid Golden bananas.

Sean P. Holman (8m 35s):

There’s gotta be a story behind that, right?

Lightning (8m 36s):

I think so. Can we call,

Sean P. Holman (8m 38s):

Go ahead.

Lightning (8m 39s):

All right,

Banana Ron (8m 45s):

Can you hear me?

Lightning (8m 47s):

Is this Banana Ron Lightning Home and Truck Show podcast?

Sean P. Holman (8m 49s):

What’s happening

Lightning (8m 51s):

Hey, guys, how are you? We Are. Outstanding. We have a quick intro before we can talk to you, Ron. So don’t move. Hang on one second.

6 (8m 59s):

Pull up a stool and share, pull up a stool and share a story. Pull up a stool and share.

Lightning (9m 8s):

How about you pull up a stool and share with us,

Sean P. Holman (9m 11s):

Because we wanna know what the hell’s up with all the golden bananas.

Lightning (9m 15s):


Sean P. Holman (9m 16s):

Or why are your nickname’s Banana on?

Banana Ron (9m 19s):

So, oh man, so many stories. So

Sean P. Holman (9m 21s):

I, I’m, I’m guessing that your birth certificate does not say Banana and then your last name’s Ron. Is that correct?

Banana Ron (9m 27s):

You know, unfortunately it doesn’t, and I, I wish so much that my parents were a little bit cooler and that they actually named me Banana, but instead, you know, I got picked on with the name of Ron.

Lightning (9m 39s):

So one of our listeners, Ron, I think dmd me and linked me to your Instagram account at the Banana Ron at the Banana Ron. And he’s like, he’s doing something with a Raptor. He’s going across the country from west to east all off road. And then he’s hiding bananas. And I’m like, I need to know more what in the world? So this is, apparently you’ve already done the tour and we’re getting the recaps. So can you tell us your story?

Banana Ron (10m 10s):

Oh, yes. So this was, it’s been on my bucket list forever. So to back up a little bit, I had this weird autoimmune thing. And, and going through that process, all of a sudden I realized like how fragile life can be and That wasn, the first time I ever got thrown like a legitimate curve ball in my life prior to that, everything’s been planned and I’ve been executing efficiently all through, you know, high school and college and, and in my personal life and career afterwards. And then all of a sudden I just got like, the brakes got turned on. And, and so soon as I got healthy, we figured out That wasn, just a weird autoimmune thing, got healthy, totally recovered. And, and that was 2019. And my wife and I, I’m like, you know what? Like, let’s mix it all up.

Banana Ron (10m 50s):

And I’m like, I need a break from just everything. And so we sold everything we owned, we live in Boise, Idaho, we sold everything we owned and we moved to Costa Rica. And my plan was I this

Lightning (10m 59s):

Fascinating, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Costa

Sean P. Holman (11m 3s):

Rica’s a little’s That’s a little further away than, than Texas or something.

Lightning (11m 8s):

Yeah. That’s, that’s nuts. How do you just do that?

Sean P. Holman (11m 12s):

I mean, I I would imagine, like if somebody from SoCal where we’re at said, Hey, I’m moving to Costa Rica, then we know they’re doing one of two things. They’re surfing or they’re fishing So

Banana Ron (11m 22s):

I. And that, that was the plan. I wanted to surf and do yoga that I’m like, I need a break. I’m just gonna surf and do yoga until I can’t surf and do yoga anymore.

Lightning (11m 29s):

But your wife’s like, your wife’s like Wait a minute. You’re doing, you want to go where

Sean P. Holman (11m 34s):


Banana Ron (11m 35s):

Ex she, she needed a break too. And you know, we have young kids and we figured this would be an awesome opportunity to be able to like, teach them a different culture and have them learn a different language and be fluent in that language and, and, you know, play with monkeys all day long and just, just live a alternative life compared to, you know, the fast track, you know, a hamster Wheel that that we all unfortunately get stuck on. And then all of a sudden you, you’re running the hamster Wheel, you know, waking up in the dark, you, you know, taking the kids to school, you come home, you know, feed the kids something to eat real quick while they do homework and then you put ’em to bed and you never have any time with them. And then, you know, through my experience, I realized, I’m like, let’s mix this up. Like, you know, let’s, let’s use our retirement now and just take a year off, take a sabbatical, we’ll take a year off and, and just see and just see what, what happens and how it will change our life and like what kind of, you know, different journey will it put us on.

Banana Ron (12m 26s):


Lightning (12m 27s):

So did you hit the lottery? Like how did you, or did you actually spend your retirement money to go to Costa Rica?

Banana Ron (12m 32s):

No, I, I I, I spent, I spent my savings, man, you know, I, I spent a lot of money unfortunately, like, you know, trying to figure out like what was going on with, with with my health stuff, you know, in the medical field and all this. And then, yeah, I, I had an online business. So I was able to kind of work virtually. That wasn, That wasn basically automated. And you know, obviously if you’re living in Costa Rica, it’s not like, you know, we live a very frugal life and we lived a exceptionally frugal life down there. But that’s how I got the name Banana Ron, like all my buddies from college, you know, that like, you know, this is started calling me Banana Ron. And I had this, I had this weird idea. I’m like, I wanna buy an old Banana plantation and then plant it and fill the thing full of like all these weird crazy exotic tropical fruits that you’ve never heard of and create kind of like an Airbnb Cass Melon type of experience.

Banana Ron (13m 19s):

And, and, and so while that was going on, all of a sudden Covid hit so that, that changed things up a little bit. And that’s where the origin of Banana Ron came from. I wish, I wish That wasn a cooler story, like my parents named me Banana. But you know that, that’s it.

Lightning (13m 33s):

No, by the way, That is a cool story. The fact that you wanted to have a Banana plantation in Costa Rica, like that Ron woman. And I have Ron Ron, heres

Sean P. Holman (13m 42s):

The deal. I I do a show with a guy named Lightning, so it’s fine being Banana.

Banana Ron (13m 48s):

Okay. Okay, good.

Sean P. Holman (13m 49s):

You’re all good here.

Lightning (13m 50s):

So then at what point, yes, do you pull up roots in your, your Banana plantation roots there in Costa Rica and decide to come back and then tour the country in a Raptor? Like what?

Banana Ron (14m 2s):

Yeah, yeah. So, so Costa Rica, you know, We Are there and then we actually ended up in Panama. Panama is a fantastic place. Of course,

Lightning (14m 8s):

That’s where we all go when we leave Costa Rica. We all go to

Sean P. Holman (14m 11s):

Pan ’cause we know the bananas are better there. We

Banana Ron (14m 12s):

Go to Panama. Yeah, I, I I did get robbed for my first time at the border between Costa Rica and Panama. And that, that was an exciting experience. you know, So I was, I was out four or $5. I I guess That wasn, That wasn, you know, and I got experience and have the story of getting robbed at the border in Costa Rica. So that was kind of cool.

Lightning (14m 30s):

Was it a like gunpoint or was That wasn it a violent robbing that you loved

Banana Ron (14m 33s):

Or? No, no, just, just, just, no, just some guys trying to do a shakedown and I, I and I, there’s like four or five of ’em and they, they, you know, they wanted me to go to the bank with my a t m card and you know, they said that I hit their car, which I didn’t, and I was parked next to it. They’re like, oh no, there’s scuff. I’m like, it’s not mine. They’re like, go to the bank. I’m like, oh, it’s an Amex. It doesn’t work in the a t m, sorry. And you know, I had a whole, I had like cargo shorts on and I had a ton of cash crossing the border. I had don don’t know, not a ton. I mean 400, 500 bucks maybe. And, and That wasn, you know, and I knew the middle ones. The ones in the very middle of it were the ones and fives and So. I’m like, I’m just gonna pull one out at a time. And finally I gave ’em like $4. I think. I’m like, sorry, you know, don don’t have anymore.

Banana Ron (15m 14s):

That’s it. And you know, it, it kind of made for a, for a good story at the time. But, you know, but outside of that I mean, I drove a figure eight through Costa Rica with my family, you know, for like two or three times. Like literally I did a figure eight through Costa Rica. I’ve seen all of Costa Rica. And that was the one instance I have, I I shouldn’t even shared the story because I don’t want people to get, you know, Latin America. Central America already has kind of like some bad stereotypes with it. And dude, the people are fantastic. They’re so kind, they’re so warm. They’re still loving. And That, wasn just one random thing. And that could have happened anywhere in the United States, but, but Costa Rica Panama are fantastic. I I, I really encourage your listeners to check out Panama.

Banana Ron (15m 54s):

There’s a little place called Pedea on, on the beach. We ended up renting a place there. And That wasn, fantastic I mean we had, you know, beautiful home on the beach and That wasn like $1,200 a month. And it had a swimming pool and a, and, and a gardener and a housekeeper and all this stuff. And it, and That wasn in like an expat community. That wasn, That wasn a fantastic experience, you know, for the kids. And yeah, I mean, I, I didn can go on and on about that and just How much the, we grew as a family, both in terms of coming together and become closer and then as well as expanded our comfort zone. So now we’re so much more comfortable with, with different levels of risk. And I also taught, was able to show my kids how to manage risk, you know, firsthand like in, in real life. Like they, they got some real life experience and knowledge from, from this chapter of our life that, that will take ’em through their, you know, on their journey, you know, for the next 50, 80 years or whatever.

Banana Ron (16m 43s):

And they’re gonna be fantastic because of

Lightning (16m 44s):

It. So, so you take him downtown and you’re like, right, so if you buy cocaine from this dealer, he could shoot you, but this guy over here, and it’s only a little fentanyl in this cocaine that would say that don don’t, don don’t think that getting it across Fentanyl, I don not like that. I don’t think that’s how that works. Oh, interesting. Okay. Yeah.

Banana Ron (17m 0s):

No, no. That wasn more like one day So I have two boys, right? And then a then a daughter. And my boys are just driving my wife and I crazy. And so we have, I have my dog, I, if you watch my YouTube videos, you can see Coda, she’s a tech shepherd, very well trained. It’s like what the police military use So I gave the kids, you know, their, what their ages were like 11 and and and nine at the time. I gave him a machete, the dog and a walkie talkie. I’m like, you guys go in that jungle and don’t come back until the sun goes down and don’t play by any big bodies of water. ’cause there’s crocodiles in there and they’ll eat you. And so, man, they went in there and you know, they, they, they, they pissed off a, a tribe of, of howler monkeys. And the monkeys were trying to pee on ’em and they broke a big stick and the monkeys threw this big stick at ’em and they saw bass s lizards.

Sean P. Holman (17m 44s):

So that’s funny because I, you know, and it’s true. So when I was in Africa, I went to Sub-Saharan Africa to Zambia for the launch of the Wrangler JK back in 2006, seven. I’ll never forget the monkeys there had iridescent blue balls and they would be above you in the trees and they would be throwing things at you and you’d be taking a shower. And the huts were like these, these thatched roof huts. But the showers were like half wall. So you’d take it outside, they would run down while you were putting shampoo in your hair and steal your soap and run around in the shower and then climb back up the tree. And you’d be out there, you know, walking or, or having lunch and they’d be throwing stuff from the trees at you. Yeah. And you’d look up and all you see are these ear descent blue?

Sean P. Holman (18m 26s):

This iridescent blue scrotum.

Lightning (18m 28s):

That’s weird. ’cause I’m gonna go see iridescent blue scrotum.

Sean P. Holman (18m 30s):

I thought you might tonight. Yeah, I thought you might. They’re

Lightning (18m 32s):

Playing the Glasshouse in Pomona. I hear,

Sean P. Holman (18m 34s):

I hear they’re opening up for Banana. Ron. Yeah. Oh, are they?

Lightning (18m 37s):

He’s he’s got a

Banana Ron (18m 38s):

T I have to, yeah. I have to pay good money to find blue scrotums, you know, here and I don, that’s rare.

Sean P. Holman (18m 46s):

It’s in the, it’s in the exotic produce section. Yes.

Banana Ron (18m 50s):

Yeah. Just hang out in the back section of Whole Foods. You’ll find it there every time.

Sean P. Holman (18m 53s):

Exactly, exactly.

Lightning (18m 55s):

Long as it’s not with the blue waffles, you know what I’m saying? What?

Sean P. Holman (18m 58s):


Banana Ron (18m 58s):

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I I’m not giving it, I I Google that gentlemen. Someone got me once. Yeah, yeah. Or don’t No, no,

Lightning (19m 7s):


Sean P. Holman (19m 8s):

Don’t Google

Lightning (19m 8s):

What I just said. Don’t, don’t Google that. Don’t, don’t do it. Don’t let, let it go. Do not do that. Just

Sean P. Holman (19m 12s):

Let it let it go. Yeah.

Lightning (19m 14s):

Okay. So, I.

Banana Ron (19m 15s):

I’m the other way.

Lightning (19m 16s):

Eventually we’re gonna get to the Raptor going across the country, but yes, I gotta know when you made that decision, because we, I have sat with the wife and I think Holman’s probably sat with the wife and said, what if we

Sean P. Holman (19m 30s):

Your wife or mine?

Lightning (19m 31s):

My wife. Oh, okay. You probably sat with my wife. Sure. Just checking. What do we sell everything and leave Lightning behind? No, no, no. Like you, you sit with the wife or you’re significant other, and you go, honey, it’s, we’re both stressed. It’s not as fun as when we were dating. you know, we got all these, we got the kids, we got work, we got jobs, car payment, insurance, all these, everything pushing down on our shoulders, the weight of the world. What if we just left and went to some place that was inexpensive, we could live on the beach for a thousand dollars a month. I mean we have had conversations like this in my family. What do we do? And we just, we can’t. Or we can, but we don’t because you’re, I’m sure that your friends have said that, right?

Lightning (20m 11s):

Your friends have like, you know what, Ron, you’re a better man than I am for being able to give it all up and, and make that move. Like, I don’t, why can’t we, we’re so attached to all these strings and roots in our community, these material objects that we own, and we just can’t. We just can’t let go. And you did. Was it that moment where you thought you were gonna die, this autoimmune issue? Why were you able to do it? And so many of us can’t.

Banana Ron (20m 35s):

It, it’s a really good question and I, and I I I wanna answer it like this. So often people focus on what’s going to go wrong. Like, you look at it like, Hey, if I leave, I leave my job. I’m not gonna be able to get another job. I’m, you know, know we have a fantastic house. Our kids are in a great school. They have friends in the neighborhood. You f and and you’re, you’re, you focused on the, the, the scarcity aspect of it. Like, what, what are we gonna lose? What are we gonna lose? And people fail to recognize what if things go good? Like, what if you don’t do this? Like, it’s sort, well,

Sean P. Holman (21m 4s):

Hey, hey, stop throw.

Banana Ron (21m 5s):

What can go wrong? What can go right?

Sean P. Holman (21m 7s):

Stop throwing like your positivity around like that I mean you’re, you’re clearly reckless with it. Reckless, reckless, reckless positivity. Yeah. He’s got reckless positivity. That,

Banana Ron (21m 19s):

That’s, that’s my mission, guys. Like, I got really clear with who I am as a person. I love it, you know, through my life journey. And, and I, I feel I’m like, and even my YouTube channel, like, it’s like I do crazy stuff all the time. I, we, we never made any videos of Costa Rica or anything like that. But then I realized this with this YouTube channel, I’m like, I’m like, what if I can do this and inspire people and raise the frequency and raise the vibration the entire earth, just a little bit. Like, I know it sounds totally crazy, but, but what if I can do that?

Sean P. Holman (21m 44s):

No, you’re, you’re a butterfly flapping your wings

Banana Ron (21m 46s):

Conversations. But e even even this conversation, if I can inspire one family to be like, dude, wonder if things go right. Like, wonder if we move to where, name your place. And, and our kids find a fantastic community and the wife starts doing art like she used to love back in college, and I’m thriving, you know, whether I’m gardening or I start up like a Canam rental company or I, I, you know, paddleboards, the happiest guy I ever met was in the south of France and he was renting Paddleboards. He was like a retired, an executive that just got burnt out. He bought like don don’t know, 15 Paddleboards, which had like $15,000, had a little shack set up in a place called a gay France, a g a y. And, and he was the happiest guy in the world to stand there, rent paddleboards that, you know, gave him 20 bucks for an hour for a paddleboard, had a good conversation with the guy and, and, you know, and, and life went really, really well for him.

Banana Ron (22m 32s):

Like, if, if we keep going, we keep doing the things that we’ve been doing historically, we’re gonna get the same results that we’ve been getting historically. And, and if we totally radically change that entire mind shift and, and how our, how we’re living our life, that’s how you get different results. That’s how you break through the ceilings or, or the, the places that you’ve been stuck for possibly generations. And so that’s, that’s kind of my rant. And I just wanna be a vehicle that can help inspire and, and facilitate that. I guess

Lightning (22m 58s):

You ever thought about going into public speaking?

Banana Ron (23m 0s):

I, this is the first time I’ve ever been to public speaking. Man. I didn’t know I was gonna be able to do it, to be honest with you. Fun.

Sean P. Holman (23m 5s):

You’re killing it. You’re killing it. So how did you go from running around Panama and back to the states traveling across this great country in Raptor with golden Bananas? Like what? Like something So the, the shark was jumped somewhere in there and, and, and by the

Lightning (23m 22s):

Way, he’s living frugally everywhere, right? He of course he’s, he’s, but then he comes back and he’s got a $90,000 Raptor and he’s, and he’s going across the country,

Sean P. Holman (23m 31s):

But he spent all his fortunes.

Banana Ron (23m 32s):

There’s something he can’t compromise on guys.

Sean P. Holman (23m 34s):

He smelted all of the fillings in his mouth in the bananas.

Banana Ron (23m 38s):

But yeah, so we came back to the states, you know, COVID was kind of a mess down there. I was actually reading like an article, I think That wasn Business Week. And it said out of 196 Nations, Panama had the strictest quarantine in the entire world. They had it. So we could only leave the house depending on your sex. You can only leave, the women can leave on Mondays and Wednesdays, I believe men Tuesdays, Thursdays. And then the last digit of your id, in our case, our passport, determine what hour of the day you could leave. So my, my passport ends at like a five So I can leave the house on like Tuesdays, Thursdays from five to 6:00 PM you know, and to go grocery shopping the pharmacy or the gas station. That’s, that’s the only three things that were open. Yeah. And, and after doing, you know, and of course like as a good American, like, I followed those rules for about a week and then, and then we created systems to like where the rules didn’t necessarily apply and we could go to the beach and, and that, that, that was actually kind of cool.

Banana Ron (24m 30s):

Like So I got on Google Maps and where, where we were, like the beach right in front of us was being heavily patrolled by like the police and even had like a drone that was kind of like monitoring if anyone was on it. But behind us there was a floor, like a jungle. And then it went into another bay. And then that bay was a mile from parking lots. Parking lots, So I. I looked at Google Maps and I figured out how to, how to hack my way with a machete all the way through that jungle. And I created my own path. And now my family and I, we had a fantastic private beach, you know, and So it, we just couldn’t do it anymore after a while. And so we, we, we came back to the states and, and it’s obviously the America’s, you know, amazing. It’s so much easier than, than having your electricity go out on a regular basis or whatever.

Banana Ron (25m 11s):

So you

Lightning (25m 11s):

Don’t need, you don’t need a machete, it turns out in, in the, depends on the trail. So the Raptor, when did you buy it?

Banana Ron (25m 20s):

Oh, so dude, I love my Raptor guys. Like I, someone, someone messaged the c e o of Ford like on Twitter and sent him this podcast. ’cause I’m like the number one marketing salesperson for Ford Raptors in the entire country. And no one knows it. And, and no one’s ever paid me a commission. I just do it because I love it. So I bought a Raptor before we moved That wasn like 2018. I had So I had a 2018 Raptor. And then when I came back to the States, I bought this one That wasn, a 2020 Raptor. And they’re both the exact same color, red foot gray, I think the best color. And, and it’s just a fantastic vehicle, guys. Like, you know, having young kids, I could feel the bed of the truck full of, you know, bikes and skateboards and scooters and the dog and my wife’s, you know, 15 pounds of tennis shoes or whatever the hell she brings whenever we go somewhere for like a one night overnighter, you know, and then I, I, I could, I could take it literally in four low, up and over any mountain ranges in the United States.

Banana Ron (26m 14s):

I’ve done it. Like, I, I can say that factually. And then, and then at the same time, I can hit the freeways at, you know, set cruise control at 80 miles an hour and, and buzz around safely and comfortably with air conditioned seats. So it, it, it’s just the ultimate, you know, it’s, it’s the, it’s the new minivan guys. It’s the new minivan. So yeah, go out and get one. I

Lightning (26m 31s):

Wouldn’t call it the new minivan. I mean it’s,

Banana Ron (26m 34s):

You know, it’s super versatile.

Lightning (26m 37s):

How about Family Wagon? Yeah, family wagon, maybe that’s a little cooler. Family wagon. So when I, I I, I spoke with Ron a few hours prior to this recording and I said, Hey, we’re gonna call you tonight and you know, it’s gonna be great, blah, blah, blah. And, and I we’re gonna talk about your Raptor and, and Holman’s gonna tell you a story about how he was involved with the quote unquote Raptor program and how what he’s, he’s a piece of Raptor history that I have a, I I’m guessing you don’t know Holman, can you bring Ron up to Steve? No. Tell me this story. Tell him the story. Yes. And for our new listeners that maybe haven’t heard

Sean P. Holman (27m 10s):

I mean. Yeah. Okay. So Cliff CliffNotes version is, I’d like to think that Raptor wouldn’t exist without myself and one other person. Long story short, when Lightning went away, not my Lightning, but the truck from Ford That wasn being replaced with a truck that was code named Raptor, which was, instead of making a truck into a sports car, it’s like, why not make a truck into a better truck? So had some Mr. Xes and they gave me some heads up and I did some Google searches and some research and I pinged some people and I figured out, oh, Raptor’s the code name for this next generation truck. Long story short, I was with Ford at a dinner with the chief engineer of the F one 50. I passed a card across the table. I said, I know, I think it’s cool.

Sean P. Holman (27m 51s):

How can I help? And he passed it right to the PR person who looked directly squared my eye and shook her head no. And at the end said, you know, we, we don’t talk about future programs, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, which is the, like the PR person’s favorite catchphrase. And I said, yeah, but you know, I know that, I know, you know, I know. And she said, no. And So I said, okay, well I gotta do what I gotta do. So I shared a ride back to the hotel with somebody who ran a truck website. And I was at Four Wheeler magazine at the time, and that person is now the head of Ford pr. ’cause he caused them a lot of grief. So they just hired him and awesome, he and I shared a, a ride. And basically I said, Hey, listen, on this coming Friday at 6:00 PM when it’s nine o’clock on the East Coast, I’m posting this story at Four Wheeler, share it and let’s see what happens.

Sean P. Holman (28m 39s):

And within minutes, phones were ringing and very angry people were saying, you’ll never be part of a Ford program ever again. How could you betray us like this? We thought you were a friend, blah, blah,

Lightning (28m 49s):

Blah. ’cause not only were you talking about the, this super truck that was coming, but you were saying That wasn called Raptor. And that was just, that was a code name.

Sean P. Holman (28m 57s):

Yeah. So there were eight things in the blog that I said. Four. I was pretty sure That wasn, right? Turns out That wasn, right about six of ’em. So then Ford thought I had insider information, which I did not. And so they, they went to try to find all my friends in the industry and they were trying to fire people at suppliers and it became a big deal. Anyway, long story short, I was excised from the Ford world for, for a period of time until I got a call back from a person who is still at Ford, who is doing a lot of last time I saw him, global or future vehicles. And he said, Hey, we wanna offer you the exclusive to a comeback, apologize for all the headaches. It turns out that at the time, if you remember some of the concepts like Patia and Daisy were the four GT and Shelby concepts.

Sean P. Holman (29m 42s):

Well, they named him those things ’cause they didn’t want anybody on the global calendar to care about the programs. They’re like, who’s gonna care about Petya? Well, they actually named Raptor Raptor. So Raptor was never supposed to be the name of the vehicle, but because of our viral story for it actually had so much name recognition that they kept the code name as the actual vehicle name. And as the story was told to me, Ford didn’t want to go ahead in management with the gas guzzling truck That wasn the 2008 nine timeframe when, you know, the, the economy had had taken a big giant crap. And That wasn our gorilla marketing on forums and all of the crazy amount of interest that turned the tide for the Raptor.

Sean P. Holman (30m 24s):

And because of that, because we helped save the program, because the, the powers that be saw, wow, there’s gonna be a lot of interest. So

Lightning (30m 31s):

The enthusiast just went nuts. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (30m 32s):

And So it ended up, yeah, it ended up being we saved Raptor and we were invited back and I had the print exclusive on it as a, as an olive branch. And they’ve never sold less Raptors in the biggest year of Lightning in the history of the program. And it’s be gone on to not only be a successful truck, but now it’s a whole brand and a whole lineup of stuff. It’s, it’s, you know, Bronco Raptor and Ranger Raptor and F one 50 Raptor and whatever else they determined to Raptor eyes as as a sub-brand. So yeah, So I was a little piece of Raptor history.

Lightning (31m 2s):

Thought you might enjoy that.

Banana Ron (31m 3s):

That is so cool. Yeah, no, That is so amazing that you did that. I mean, I’m, I I seriously am infatuated with the vehicles. Like I would love to have a generation one, like a 20 2014, you know, like the last year Gen one and then have, you know, my, my Gen two and then a gen three, you know, I have two boys. Like how cool would it be if you open a garage if you got three raptors in there, So, I gotta I gotta start working harder and stop gallivanting around the, the, the country in the desert hiding golden bananas for all my internet friends.

Lightning (31m 32s):

Why, by the way, hold on a second, Ron like that, if you do it right, if you’re as entertaining on YouTube as you are on this podcast, like if you’re the fireball and you’ve got something to say and something to show people, YouTube could be your, your next money maker. And by the way, I mean, look at guys like Whistle and Diesel who are making bank, you know, daily driven exotics or any of the, you know, the pop culture leaning automotive channels. And if yours has a human interest angle to it as well. Dude, you, you could be making well into the six figures just off YouTube.

Banana Ron (32m 7s):

That’d be cool. Shout, shout out to Matts off road recovery, man. I love that guy. you go, you

Lightning (32m 10s):

Guys seen him? Yeah, of course, of course. How would you not I mean he’s making, you know, he’s got what, a like a dozen employees for that channel. So that’s,

Banana Ron (32m 18s):

It’s amazing. And, and, and look how bright he’s vibrating like with his family and stuff. you know, he has his daughter and his son with him and they’re doing all sorts of cool stuff. And, and I mean, I I, I love those guys. And to be honest, he was That wasn between him and another guy, outdoor Boys. He’s a, he’s a guy from Alaska. I watch a lot of YouTube and I’m seeing these guys do it and I’m like, dude, that’s super cool. I’m going, I’m gonna go give this a shot and see and see what I can come up with. And, and you know, I, I think, I think for my first YouTube series, I think it turned out really great guys. It, you know, obviously I’m, I’m close to the project and kind of biased. And, and if you don’t like my voice, I got a cool dog at least. And if you don’t like dogs or me, I got a super cool truck and I, and I, I went everywhere with it.

Banana Ron (32m 59s):

Remind people. So how can they find it? Oh, just go to YouTube and search Banana Ron and and it’ll, it’ll come up just Banana Ron on YouTube. And then if you wanna message me or anything like that, just go on Instagram, the Banana Ron. ’cause my Instagram, I’m on Twitter as well, but yeah, just go to YouTube, search Banana Ron, you’ll find it. And it’s like a 28. So what I did is I just, it it took me 28 days to get across the country. And this, this is gonna blow your mind too. So I came up with this idea. No, no joke. Like I literally, I woke up from a nap like That wasn like early September. I woke up from a nap in the middle of the day, That wasn like a Saturday, just like a hot, you know, 110 degree day. And I’m just like being lazy. And I wake up and I’m like, dude, I think I’m gonna go, I’m gonna drive across the country without using page drums. I That wasn. Like literally like a, like something just got dropped, like a knowledge bomb from the universe.

Banana Ron (33m 42s):

I just woke up with it in my head. And So I, I tell my wife and, and this has been on my bucket list for a long time. Like that’s my whole thing, like with my YouTube channel, I just wanna do everything on my bucket list. And if I could do it in a positive way that inspires other people to, to, to live the best version of their, their lives as well. Like, awesome. Everybody wins, right? I, I and my wife knows that I’ve been wanting to do this trip forever. I had a years ago I was working with someone like in digital advertising and, and he said, he sent me this picture of his brother. He is like, yeah, Dude, check out my brother bought a Raptor and he, and he put like a kitchen in the back. it has like these big stainless steel drawers pulled out. And he’s like, he’s with his girlfriend. He’s spent the next two or three months driving across the country. And so like, this is like mid-September. And I’m like, I think I’m like, I can, I can pull this off and if you watch my video, you’ll see I’m, I’m a simple guy guys.

Banana Ron (34m 26s):

I literally, I went, I went to Cabela’s, I bought myself a sleeping bag. I got a Garmin, like just So, I could have like access to help if I needed it. you know, like, like one of the Garmin mini in reaches. Those are great by the way. This is fantastic. And that’s, oh, I, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable do doing it without that I mean, there’s just too many things. I mean, you know, there’s, there’s one point in the video where, where I as in Utah and I didn’t see this, this drainage and my truck dropped. And look, I never drive my he arm out the window. Guys don’t do that. It’s a bad idea. If I did, I would’ve lost my arm. My, my, the side of my truck fell against, against the wall. Like I just did not see this drop off. The craziest thing was I did happen to be filming at the time. Like I was like holding my my, my cell phone just like taking a selfie camera talking about how, because I had, I fell in a couple of other holes prior to that and I’m like, dude, these holes are gonna kill me.

Banana Ron (35m 10s):

And then all of a sudden out of nowhere while I’m filming I like drop into this big one and you know, like the truck, you know, we call those right? you know, all the way up. We call those trucks. No, no. How do, what do you call ’em? Truck gobbler. Oh dude, they gobbled me up, man. That, that was a, that was an exciting one that was out there by, by Green River and a little bit north northwest of Moab, Utah. Now that’s not But that, that was a trip.

Lightning (35m 30s):

So wait, so that’s not the lawn dart that I see on your Instagram right? Where you, you lawn darted the thing?

Banana Ron (35m 37s):

Oh, oh yeah, yeah. That, yeah, that’s, yeah, I, I, I I don’t, I don’t wanna talk about that. Oh, okay.

Lightning (35m 44s):

Okay. Tell us about the route. Alright. How you came up with the route Okay. And how you stuck to the route. ’cause you can’t go Offroad all the way from West coast to East coast as far as I know. You have to get off to get fuel, things like that. Yeah. Then also exactly. Tell me about the bananas and then hiding them. So first talk about the route. I wanna

Sean P. Holman (36m 7s):

Know if the was bananas. B a n a N a Ss awesome.

Banana Ron (36m 10s):

Yeah. So the, the route is a commonly known route called the Transamerica Trail. A lot of guys do these on like Enduro Sport motorcycles. I’m, I’m not that familiar with people doing ’em in full-sized trucks.

Sean P. Holman (36m 20s):

Oh, I have done Oklahoma to Moab on the Transamerica Trail. It is awesome.

Banana Ron (36m 27s):

It’s it’s a fantastic, right? Oh, it’s awesome. Fantastic. That was the route that I, that I followed. And then obviously I I, I changed it up to best suit me. Like I really love the deserts of Nevada and So I went over a couple other different mountain ranges and, and if you just, you know, I used the Transamerica Trail Mount route as kinda like my guide, like, you know, the the 20,000 foot overview. And then when I’d get to an area that I’d see a mountain range, you’d be like, that looks super cool. I’d fit in the time and I’d look at just my maps there in my car on my iPhone and, and be like, yeah, I think I can make it. And, you know, and that, that worked out great sometimes and it didn’t work out great. Other times there’s one day I drove a, a total, it’s a 12 hour day of driving, you know, That wasn typically what I drive every day at the end of the day I average like nine miles per hour for the entire 12 hour day.

Banana Ron (37m 13s):

And there were times in that day when I was going 80 miles an hour out there on the dirt and That wasn just That wasn just so slow. I was in four low going up and over this mountain range. And then I’m, I’m using downhill assist creeping down at, at one and a half miles per hour, two miles an hour to bouncing down, you know. And I got a, you know, 2000 foot cliff to my right and there’s, there’s nobody within, you know, 500 miles of where I’m currently at. That’s how I use the route you can get from the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi. And, and I really wanna say you can 97 to 99% Offroad from I, I’d say I agree. Yeah. Higher, like yeah, you know, from the, from the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi that that’s totally doable after the Mississippi, those east coast are just so efficient at paving everything.

Banana Ron (37m 56s):

Yeah. It’s hard and it’s hard to reflect it on the maps. Yeah. Because even on the maps, I’d be looking at it and be like, this, this should be a gravel road, this should be a dirt road. And I’d go way outta my way to go hit this what I would assume to be a gravel or dirt road. Only find out that these guys paved it. Yeah. It’s,

Lightning (38m 9s):

It’s, it’s

Banana Ron (38m 10s):

One car length wide, but it’s paved So.

Sean P. Holman (38m 12s):

I’ve had friends who, who have threatened to leave California or and move, you know, Tennessee or back there and they’re like huge OvrlndX huge at camping. Huge. Just explore. I’m like, what’s the thing you love to do? Oh, I got my four by far. Go. Where are you gonna do it? Huh? Like, where are you gonna do it? Oh dude, Tennessee, it’s got this beautiful background. I’m like, everything used of the Mississippi is private land and even before the Mississippi, like Texas. Yeah.

Banana Ron (38m 36s):

And that’s another

Sean P. Holman (38m 36s):

Difficult thing. Yeah. Texas, Montana, places like that. Yeah, it’s all ranch land. So it’s really even the Transamerica Trail through Oklahoma, you’re in Kansas, you’re driving between farmland, between, you know, fields on both sides.

Banana Ron (38m 48s):

Yeah. On

Sean P. Holman (38m 48s):

Both sides. Yeah. And yeah, so you get out that far east and all of a sudden, instead of taking two hours to access adventure, you’re talking about a two day drive in some, you know, respects to get to a place like, you know, Colorado and Points West. And so, you know, people don’t think about that and they move, they go, oh man, I, I realize there’s nothing really for me to do except for a private Offroad park.

Lightning (39m 8s):

I was gonna say, is that why off-road parks are so popular and the answer on

Sean P. Holman (39m 10s):

These coast? Yes. Because that’s where people go to recreate. Yeah, absolutely.

Banana Ron (39m 14s):

And, and I mean there’s some spots there. Like I found some amazing Offroad trails in, in Arkansas and some, and Tennessee’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. Like there’s some great spots. But I I like, even when you’re a really remote, like fantastic Offroad trail in Arkansas, Tennessee, wherever on the east coast, you’re still within 50 miles of a town. Like I love being in Nevada and knowing that no one’s out here. Like, it’s just, there’s something So I energizing feeling for me. Like just being like in total all by yourself and like you are. And it’s, I I don’t know. I I like that You’re so

Sean P. Holman (39m 45s):

Right on. I, there’s a spot I was on what’s called the East Mojave Heritage Trail, which is one of the biggest Yeah. Overland Trail, 733 miles in, in parts of Nevada, California. It’s massive. And there’s a road that goes between two wilderness areas and That wasn getting dark. When I got to that section of the trail, and fortunately the road’s like 40 feet wide, maybe 50. And So I just pulled over so that I was on, you know, just to the side of the road and had to camp there for the night just ’cause it got so dark. And I sat out there and I looked around, there wasn’t a headlight, a flashlight, a campfire. There was no road noise, there’s no trains, no occasional plane. Plane

Lightning (40m 20s):

Would fly over

Banana Ron (40m 21s):

Any kind.

Sean P. Holman (40m 21s):

Yeah. The light pollution, very, very little for like Vegas on the horizon in LA the other way. But otherwise I was in a little valley. So the hills around me were high enough to kind of, to to block that. And you’re just sitting out there and you just feel so freaking alone, like That wasn almost too quiet because you almost feel vulnerable. You’ll hear something rustling through the, the bushes or you’ll, you’ll lay there on the ground staring at the stars and you know, hear something, you know, stalking you from the sides. I had a little desert fox. Yeah. Pop out and look at me and scurry back into the brush. But it’s, it’s almost, it’s this really weird feeling of feeling alone and vulnerable and minuscule, but also like recharging because you realize you could still get to a place like that and feel really I, don Dunno, primitive and primeval or whatever,

Lightning (41m 5s):

You know, primitive with your a hundred thousand dollars, 500 horsepower rap. Yeah, well, you know,

Banana Ron (41m 10s):

Yeah, yeah. you know, we’re getting a satellite, we got a star link and a big screen TV and an Xbox in the back too, you know, so yeah. Perfect. See yeah. Just, you know, just enjoy the wilderness out here playing some Call of Duty.

Lightning (41m 22s):

So did you have any, did you have any scares like that other than like potentially going off a 2000 foot cliff? Did you have any wild animals approach you or I mean it looked like from your gram you had bears and stuff like that?

Banana Ron (41m 33s):

I’m not afraid of animals, like animals are fine. People are what make me uncomfortable in the wilderness when you got weird people. And I, I’ve had, I had a, unfortunately I did have a couple experiences with that. I kept my YouTube channel very family friendly. That’s, that’s who I am on YouTube. So I had a couple things. Yeah. So, so right when I first started in Port Orford, Oregon, I’m on the beach. I shoot, I shoot some video on the beach and I drive up to just get my car situated. you know, I get my dog, you know, organizing her bed and stuff. And I’m on the other side of my truck and I see this guy out like the corner of my eye. And obviously he’s had, you know, personal and life troubles that have put him in his position where he is at.

Banana Ron (42m 13s):

And I see him and, and, and all of a sudden he makes a v line toward my driver’s door, door’s open. I’m on the passenger side, he makes a v line towards my dri like towards my car on his, on his bike. And I’m thinking, this mother is trying to steal my truck. And I So I and I have, you know, my dog in there and then I have a gun right there, you know, next, next to my leg as well, where if you are in the driver’s seat you’d see it. And I’m like, hell no. And so, you know, I I was faster and I jumped in the seat and I closed the door real quick and, and he drives, you know, rides by, he’s like, nice truck guy. And you know, just, you could tell like, you know, luckily I had that intuition that made me look up and that, so, so that I was thinking to myself, I’m like, dude, the trips start like this almost got carjacked, you know? yeah. Dude, come on man. Like we, we

Sean P. Holman (42m 52s):

Like to say that good roads bring bad people and bad roads bring good people. ’cause most bad people Yeah. Aren’t gonna be really deep.

Banana Ron (42m 58s):

Oh yeah,

Sean P. Holman (42m 58s):

Absolutely. But if you have a, the beginnings of, you know, remote one, two miles from the highway around a town, that’s always when I’m the most sketch and I, I also have a, you know, firearm right by my, my right leg on my console. Same thing if I’m in the driver’s seat Yeah. I can reach it. And there’s only been one, one time where I’ve had to, I was in a situation where if somebody had taken those extra steps, it would’ve been presented, you know, like That wasn that that close. Yeah. And the hair on your neck stands up and when you see some of these people out there Oh, do you? It’s it’s, it’s different. It’s scary. Yeah.

Banana Ron (43m 33s):

I I, I had it happen several times, so that, that was my first one. And then you’re driving to the, to the mountains of Oregon and you know, I like to stealth camp, you know, like you said, you know, bad roads being good people. Unfortunately some of these roads were not bad roads. Right. And so they had, you know, not good people. Some

Sean P. Holman (43m 47s):

Dude in like a clapped out Camry or something like that, or they’re in an RV or something. Oh

Banana Ron (43m 51s):

Man. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what That wasn, you know, and they have like these basically like drug camps out in the middle of the forest in Oregon. And it’s, and it’s really sad, and it’s really scary and I, I obviously don’t know what the solution is, but, but it’s, it, it, I had, I have a lot of respect. You get on YouTube and you see these girls that are Overland by themselves, you know, obviously in the states, they’re all armed, you know, and, and you know, much respect to those girls for sure, because, you know, I’m obviously a much harder target than, than, than that. The, the scariest one was I drove through, I, I was near north of Medford, Oregon. I, I got gas, I drove whatever interstate That is, I think it’s the five I drove, drove across the five, filled up on fuel. And it, it is just getting dark. And, and That wasn so sad because I’m driving like this, you know, little paved road, a gravel road or whatever.

Banana Ron (44m 34s):

And there’s these big fancy, beautiful ranch houses that own like 20 acre like a estate. They’re just gorgeous. And as soon as that nice gravel road ended, it turned into like the dirt b l m road. And right there, there were 10 RVs on both sides of the road. you know, obviously a drug camp. And, and it’s, you know, I’d be, I’d be pissed if That wasn one of those ranches. I mean it’s, you know, 200, 400 yards away from this beautiful, you know, ranch home. And, and, and so, you know, and I drive through and I notice a Jeep Jeep Cherokee there and, and That wasn like walking dead man, like zombies walking around in the road and it’s, it just got dark. So it’s probably like 9 30, 10 o’clock at night. And I’m like, well, I’ll drive for like 40 minutes and I’ll get up deep in these hills and I’ll find a place to stealth camp. And so I’m driving and I finally get up in the hills a little bit, and I’m driving a road that’s not driven.

Banana Ron (45m 16s):

Like I’m, I’m plowing over trees that are, you know, an inch in diameter, you know, just growing right up in the road. I’m just knocking these things over as I’m climbing up the hill, you know, my windows down, my sun roof open. It’s beautiful mountain nature and enjoying it. you know, it’s obviously your brain starts playing with you a little bit when it gets dark. So it’s probably like 10 30. And I, I, I pull in, I’m like, oh, this looks like probably a good spot where I could stealth camp and So, I’m like, you know, backing up my car and I jump out on my big flood light, like trying to see like where I can back up into. And all of a sudden I look back and that Jeep Cherokee’s been following me up that hill, and they Oh really following me for like 30 minutes up this hill. Yeah. That is, so then I’m like, oh, that’s sketch super creepy, man. I got goosebumps just talking about it. And So, I see this. And I’m like, and obviously, you know, it’s, you can tell the Jeep Cherokee headlights.

Banana Ron (45m 56s):

He’s, he’s a ways away. But I’m like, dude, no one drives that road. I mean, no one’s driven that road in in a year. I plowed down all the trees on it just now, and this is the month of October, you know, drove it all summer long. And, and So I just, I get in the car and I just go, I’m like, I have a full tank of gas. I know those guys will run outta gas before I do what the Raptor’s fantastic engineering what 550 mile range on those tanks is what, 36 or no, 30 36 gallon Yeah. Tool, I think is what they have. 36 and So I, I just drive and I, you know, Now I have adrenaline too, right? And so I’m driving and I think I’m all by myself. And sure enough, I come across another one of these like weird, weird camps out in the middle of nowhere. you know, it’s a couple RVs and like old broken down buses, So, I, keep going.

Banana Ron (46m 36s):

And I find now I’m exhausted. Now it’s like 1130. I’ve been running on adrenaline for two hours trying to get away from people. And I find this like super sketchy Jeep trail and I mean. It is, it is gnarly. I’m a four low, I drop that thing in a four low and I’m just, I’m, it’s not even a road anymore, guys. Like it’s maybe a k and m or a dirt bike can go through it. It’s fully overgrown. I’m just mowed down all this stuff, just pinch I on both sides of the trucks and I’m like, dude, whatever, they’ll buff out, who cares? And I just climb all the way up to this thing and, and I end up on the peak of this mountain I position my car. So I’m like elevated high ground. And so anyone that comes up that trail, like I’m, I, yeah, exactly. High ground, I’m elevated and there’s no reason for you to be out there and you’re gonna be in a very strategically unfortunate situation.

Banana Ron (47m 19s):

And, and, and so that, that’s where I slept. And, but the beauty was like I was gifted with the most beautiful view I’ve possibly seen in my entire life the next morning. you know? So everything has its purposes and, and, and so, and That wasn great, otherwise, you know, I would’ve woken up inside some, you know, little forested tree area and sit, I’m on this beautiful peak and that was, or in the back

Sean P. Holman (47m 37s):

Of a clapped out RV with a bunch of meth being made around you. Yeah,

Banana Ron (47m 41s):

Yeah, yeah. Or tied up, loaded up on drugs, you know, and so, oh man, yeah, it’s, it’s been years since that’s happened to me. But, you know, So I had, I had a couple other experiences similar to that, but those were, you know, those were a couple close calls that were, you know, I had another one in Tennessee that was kept me up all night long. And, and yeah, that was so you mean, you know, use, do do smart be wise when you’re, when you’re doing risk pain Yeah.

Lightning (48m 6s):

It’s all

Sean P. Holman (48m 6s):

About situational awareness and knowing who’s around you. Yeah. And, and, and, and just having a good sense of people. ’cause you can usually tell pretty quick as you’re passing somebody on the trail or a brief interaction who is sketch and who’s not. And So I

Lightning (48m 20s):

Didn’t even know that these like drug camps. I know that they were out by us in southern California, like out in the desert areas, didn didn’t know they existed out in like forested areas and you know, in, in Oregon, places like that. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (48m 31s):

Well, and then there’s people, I mean, I remember a dude who was out by Josh tree for a long time called Seldom Ste scene, Steve. And he would chase a bunch of, what was he called, seldom scene Steve. Okay. And he would chase people off and, but if he brought him a six pack of beer, he would be the nicest guy. So I’d just go up there with a six pack of beer, he’d tell you about everything going on and who’s been by and all that kind of stuff. So sometimes, you know, there’s, people just want to get away and don’t like other people. And, and that’s great. But I mean also, remember tail gunning on a trip and we come up and some shirtless, like clapped out looking dude in the middle of the forest sees the first group has a female driver, and she stops and he starts asking her questions. And I get on the radio, I’m like, drive.

Sean P. Holman (49m 11s):

’cause he doesn’t realize we’re all coming up and that we’re all grouped. He sees a, a female driver in a newer vehicle and he’s like, you know, all you need is one guy to flag you down going, oh, I lost my donkey, or whatever. And then some TV jump outta the bushes behind them, and now you’re, you’re screwed. So like, I don’t stop for people like that, you know, if you’re, if you don’t look like

Lightning (49m 29s):

You’re, are they smart enough to ambush like

Sean P. Holman (49m 31s):

That? Oh yeah. Really? Yeah, there’s definitely So it’s

Lightning (49m 33s):

Not just in the movies.

Sean P. Holman (49m 34s):

No, no. There’s definitely sketch people out there. And that’s different because if somebody’s just wandering out there, I mean, you could tell somebody who, who doesn’t belong, who needs help, versus somebody who lives out there who lives out there. And there’s a completely different demeanor that somebody presents to you that you can pick up pretty quick and be like, yeah, no, this guy’s no good. I’m, I’m outta here.

Banana Ron (49m 54s):

Yeah. And, you know, and at the same time, I wanna point out like, you know, I had 28 days Offroad, and I had I think three, four experiences that scared the absolute piss out me. you know? And so So, it, it, it’s rare guys, like, get out there, get in the nature. Just be wise about it. Yeah. you know, like you’re saying, you know, you, you can, you could, you could spot it. You can, you could see where it’s at. And, and that’s the thing, like, there’s so much adventure. And that’s what one of the big takeaways I got from this is that, you know, you hear people, oh, things are boring, whatever, teenagers talking about how they’re bored, whatever. I’m like, guys, there’s so much adventure in your backyard. Like, literally, like you have a, a day pack, and even if you don’t have a car, just go for a damn walk somewhere and don’t come back until the next day. You’re gonna have a weird story happen.

Banana Ron (50m 35s):

I promise. you know, even, even if you’re in a gridlocked urban area like Southern California, just, there’s so much adventure in our backyard, but especially on the west coast of the United States, I mean you can get into some areas that are, that are very rarely traveled, I mean, and it’s, it’s really neat, you know, seeing big horn sheep and antelope and, and you know, obviously bears and whatever other creatures you have out there, it’s really cool. Would

Sean P. Holman (50m 56s):

You say it’s as weird as coming across a golden Banana in the middle of nowhere?

Banana Ron (51m 0s):

That is weird, right, guys? So,

Lightning (51m 3s):

So how did that happen? And why, how did it I mean? You’re, you’re the Banana Ron, but you were, you were, yeah. I love how in your Instagram you’re baiting like Joe Rogan and Mr. Beast, and you need to shoot for like a little, maybe a little lower on the, the food chain of YouTube.

Banana Ron (51m 19s):

No way, man. You gotta go to the top. It’ll happen, it’ll happen. Joe Rogan will have me on one day. I’m gonna drive all the way around the world, just wait. And it’s gonna take years. It’s gonna take a handful of years, but I’m gonna drive all the way around the world. If I can get a sponsor, I’ll do it in a Ford Rapture. I’d love to. And, and then Joe Rogan will be like, wow, this Banana Ron guy’s. Interesting. We gotta talk to him. So let, let’s make that happen, guys.

Lightning (51m 39s):

All right. Well will it into reality. So how did the, how did the Golden Banana thing happen? And and are you the one spray painting the bananas?

Banana Ron (51m 47s):

Yes. Yes. So, so how, how that came to be is my, I just, you know, I had two weeks to plan for this trip, and so I’m, I’m doing it. And then, you know, it just came up with it. My kids like conversation. I’m like, dude, I should leave something like, you know, maybe we could do like a g p s like a geo cash type of thing. And then one of my kids’s, like, he’s like, dude, you’re like a big dumb monkey. You should buy a bunch of bananas and, and, and hide bananas out across the entire country. And so, like, you know, your

Lightning (52m 11s):

Kids are awesome, by the way. My kids,

Banana Ron (52m 12s):

They’re, they’re rad man. I mean just to the big dumb monkey. And I’m like, I’m like, and what a, what a great thing, right? It goes back down to like my original purposes, like, dude, I just wanna inspire people to get out. And I, so I’ve released the g p s coordinates for two golden bananas. And the first one, the people drove from, I wanna believe Jordan, Utah to Moab That wasn, like a four hour drive. I released the coordinates at like two o’clock, two o’clock local time. And in four hours they, they, they saw it like, you know, an hour or two after the video came out, they drove to Moab, Utah got a hotel that night, and they were there at the Banana location in Moab at 8:00 AM the next day. And, you know, and, and, and hold

Lightning (52m 48s):

On, he just called it the Banana location. Like That wasn, like, yeah,

Banana Ron (52m 51s):

Well, and have a descriptor. My, my fans Yeah. Banana location. But my fans have named themselves the Banana people and So I have like hundreds of Banana people.

Sean P. Holman (53m 1s):

No, you, you’re

Banana Ron (53m 2s):

Missing little

Sean P. Holman (53m 2s):

Bit. No, no, no. It it, it’s not even Banana Nation. It’s literally Banana Republic.

Lightning (53m 7s):

Yeah, it’s

Banana Ron (53m 9s):

Yes, yes’ people. But so, so That wasn so cool. So like all of a sudden I’m, and That wasn a hu a father daughter type of thing. And so like the, the dad’s been watching my YouTube videos and he sees that location come out, he grabs his daughter. And literally, and, and that’s the whole thing. I just wanna create like spontaneous action guys. Like, let’s you see something, don’t think about it and put things off forever. You don’t know if you have how many days or hours you have left. If you have something inside you that you wanna go do, just pull that trigger, call in sick for work, take your kids outta school and get out there and go do it. And that’s, that’s exactly what this, what this family did. Just the hu or the, the father daughter, you know, went out there and, and they will have that memory forever. Like his daughter will remember that experience way, way past, you know, way, way after he’s, you know, no longer here.

Banana Ron (53m 53s):

And like, I can’t believe I went out there with my dad, you know, and had this great story.

Sean P. Holman (53m 56s):

Yeah, my daughter, we did, we did cross country from Michigan to California over Father’s Day weekend one year. And she still was like, exactly, when are we going back out there? She wants to go do Route 66. Exactly. I I gotta figure out how to make that happen.

Lightning (54m 9s):

Ron, where was your final destination?

Banana Ron (54m 11s):

So I ended in North Carolina, just north of Jackson is Emerald Isle, North Carolina So, it took 28 days every day I hit a golden Banana, you know, the most beautiful spot I found, and I have a G P Ss coordinate for. So on one day, on day 12, I actually, I hit it in what I thought, That wasn gonna be the most beautiful spot. And then I turned the corner, I’m overlooking, like I’m to the west of Telluride and it’s just the most beautiful spot ever. And So I hit a second gold Banana. I’m not going release those g p s coordinates anywhere else, except for here on this podcast. If you guys wanna share those, that, that location with your, your listeners, they can, they can go get it’s, I call it the super federalistic super special gold Banana from day 12.

Banana Ron (54m 52s):

So I have the G P s coordinates. I’ll, I’ll read ’em off for you if you want.

Lightning (54m 55s):

Alman you want to be the exclusive g p s coordinate, purveyor go. All right.

Banana Ron (55m 2s):

Okay guys, so the location, and mind you, I’m, I’m only gonna release this on podcasts where I do an interview or something like that. You’re not gonna be able find this one anywhere else. So, so it’s North 37, do 81 23 0 9, and then it’s West 1 0 8 17 30 95.

Sean P. Holman (55m 26s):

So what I should do is pull up onX here, who is a proud sponsor of The Truck Show Podcast, and insert it. I’m not gonna tell people and

Banana Ron (55m 35s):

It’s fantastic.

Sean P. Holman (55m 35s):

I’m not gonna say where it is, but I wanna look at it. I wanna see what, what, what you’ve done here. So, alright,

Lightning (55m 42s):

So one more time for you guys writing this down North 37 81, 23 0 9 West 1 0 8 1 7 3 9 5.

Banana Ron (56m 0s):

And I promise you it will be the most beautiful spot you, you could possibly imagine in the United States. And

Lightning (56m 6s):

As far as you know, Ron Ron, the Banana Ron, Ron Ron, this has not been picked up yet, right? You, you’re sure that it has not been nabbed,

Banana Ron (56m 13s):

You know, it’s been, this location has not been shared, and it is, it’s been under snow all winter long. Oh, that’s a great spot. So That is right there and, and it’s, and it’s underneath a old like fallen tree, guys. So yeah, So I hit it where like, if a forager like a mushroom hunter or a hunter, they’re not gonna symbol across these. They’re not, they’re, it’s not like you don’t need a shovel. I’m not like you, you know, it’s not buried. It’s super hard, but, but I hit ’em all under brush. Or if, like, it’s in the desert, Nevada, you know, stacked up some, put it under a rock and close the entrance with some rocks. So if you’re looking for it, you’ll be able to find it. And, but if, if, you know, you’re not, we’re not gonna stumble across all

Lightning (56m 46s):

These are We Are we looking for the Banana itself, or is the Banana in a box of some sort?

Banana Ron (56m 51s):

It, it’s in a ammo can. And what I asked you to do, there’s also a little card in there with like a little personal note that I wrote you, you know, wishing that this Banana brings you, you know, a lifetime full of good luck. And I just ask that you leave a date and put your name on it and leave the Banana for someone else. If you wanna leave a little token inside the box for the next guy, like some that’s sentimental, like your mom’s wedding ring. I’m sure they’d really appreciate it, you know, but, you know, but, but yeah, so, so just leave for the next guy and, and you know, I’m just excited to get a bunch of families and people out there. Here’s

Sean P. Holman (57m 17s):

What’s funny is that exact road I was on within feet of that Banana, because I do all my tracking on Onyx whenever I go out and you can see my dotted line That is right up there in the Lightning. I’ll, I’ll put it on the, the TV in the studio. Yep. So, I. Take a look. So you can see how close I’ve been to that exact location, which if you think about it, that’s cool. Is pretty freaking awesome.

Banana Ron (57m 44s):

It is. You’ve seen a lot of stuff. And, and if you wanna see what that place looks like, you know, in this very moment before you drive out there, that’s day 12 on my Banana Ron, you know, you know, off road driving across the U s A without using Paved Road series.

Lightning (57m 58s):

All right? And so, so, so you can set that up. Holman just, Holman just brought that up. And Holman point on the screen where the Banana would be in comparison to your, your

Sean P. Holman (58m 5s):

Route. The Banana is right where the X is.

Lightning (58m 7s):

Okay. Got it. Oh damn, you were really close. Yeah. Holy mackerel. Within feet here.

Sean P. Holman (58m 12s):

Let’s Oh with, I’ll zeroed it back in right there. See where the little, yeah, like literally probably within 20 feet of it.

Lightning (58m 19s):

No kidding. Also that’s, that’s, that’s the peak obviously. That’s why he said it’s so beautiful

Sean P. Holman (58m 23s):

There, right? So then you can see where everything is in relationship to,

Lightning (58m 27s):

And I can see why That wasn under snow. Interesting.

Sean P. Holman (58m 30s):

Anyway, we’re looking at the satellite view on Onyx right now and I’ve Got it up. We’ve got a 42 inch screen TV in the podcast studio. And So I have onX beamed up there so Lightning can see exactly where your Banana is. So

Lightning (58m 42s):

In the future, if

Sean P. Holman (58m 42s):

You can, I’m gonna name this the Banana. Which

Lightning (58m 45s):


Sean P. Holman (58m 46s):

So Banana? No, no. Banana. Rons a special Banana. The the

Banana Ron (58m 49s):

Truck show Banana. Guys, you’re the first one to have the location called the Truck Show Banana go claim it. All right. Claim it. Put your name on it,

Sean P. Holman (58m 56s):

Show Banana, it’s going in there and I’m actually going to make the marker Yellow. Yellow and, and I, there’s a

Banana Ron (59m 4s):

Ha nice,

Sean P. Holman (59m 5s):

There’s a possibility I’ll be out in that way sometime this year. Potential trip going there. You

Lightning (59m 11s):

Need to leave a ben, a church show podcast sticker.

Sean P. Holman (59m 14s):

No. The Truck Show Podcast stickers in there. Yeah. Yeah,

Banana Ron (59m 17s):

He’s cool. Yes. Alright.

Sean P. Holman (59m 18s):

It’s, it’s now in my onX. It’s forever the show. Banana.

Banana Ron (59m 22s):

Yeah. I love it man. That is, That is the name the truck show. Banana. It’s a fantastic spot. It’s absolutely beautiful there. And, and it’s

Sean P. Holman (59m 29s):

Really cool. It’s gonna take somebody some effort. You’re not just gonna go out your back door ’cause you live nearby to find it. You actually have to put some effort. It’s probably a weekend trip for, for many people, but it is a absolutely fantastic part of the country. You will not be disappointed by the scenery and, and yeah. And the remoteness in that area. It is absolutely stunning. Amazing.

Lightning (59m 49s):

Yeah. So what do you have on Tap Ron? What’s, what’s next for your life of adventure?

Banana Ron (59m 55s):

So, so like, like I said earlier, you know, my whole thing is I wanna do all the things on my bucket list, and I have a couple things on there. One includes, you know, I wanna go dive in with great white sharks. I think that’d be super cool, rad. I heard you could do it without the cage that you sink all the way down to the bottom of the ocean and then you stay where your ba you, you’re on the bottom. So you have like kind of a solid backing and you’d be outside of the cage with the great white, which I think would be pretty cool.

Lightning (1h 0m 18s):

That sounds dumb

Banana Ron (1h 0m 19s):

To my wife about that. And So,

Lightning (1h 0m 20s):

It just sounds idiotic.

Banana Ron (1h 0m 22s):

I never ever said that I’m a smart man. I’m a simple man.

Lightning (1h 0m 25s):

I mean I’m a smart man. I mean, I saw that movie with the surfer girl in the one arm and or one leg or whatever. That, wasn I mean, I would say stay away from sharks. Okay,

Banana Ron (1h 0m 32s):

That’s a tiger shark. Tiger sharks scare me way more than, than than great white sharks. But, but So, I wanna do that. I wanted to, I wanna drive across, you know, going through this journey, you know, across the us I, I was looking at the globe with my kids, just kind of showing ’em where I was going or whatever. And then I’m like, dude, we should go to Lisbon, Portugal and drive across Europe to the, is it, is it the Adriatic Sea that’s over there by like Croatia? And, and I’m like, let’s drive all the way across Europe. And then, then I’m like, if I do that, like that’s obviously easy, safe trip with the family or whatever. We could have some fun doing it. And then I’m like, if I do that, I should go back in the winter and drive through the Middle East by myself. And then if I’ve already driven all the way through the Middle East, I should figure out how to get across India or China or Mongolia.

Banana Ron (1h 1m 14s):

However, I’m like, and I’ve kind of pieced it together in my head. I’m like, guys, I could drive around the entire world. How cool would that be? And so, so that’s what I’m, I was actually working on looking at flights just today to, you know, do that one. And then, and then, you know, I’m, like I said, I’m, you know, a dumb monkey and I see cool things online and I just wanna do ’em. And I, and I saw this guy jump off a hot air balloon recently, and I’m like, dude, that looks pretty cool. Like with a skydiving, you know, setup. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 1m 38s):

Yeah, I saw that. Yeah. And

Banana Ron (1h 1m 39s):

So, I’m like, you know, yeah. you know, he’s like the guy with a nice hair. He has like a, you know, man bunt or whatever he is like 3, 2, 1, you know, see of boys or something like this. He just falls into the abyss. And I’m like, dude, that would be cool. So I wanna go recreate that. And, and so I’ve been looking and see like what it would take to go through like the skydiving A A A F F program and learning how to skydive and, and you know, and then jumping off a hot air balloons. So those, those are a couple things, you know, I, and then obviously you have all the major hikes in Utah that I wanna do. So I’ve been training a lot for that. I’d like to do the rim to rim in, in the Grand Canyon. It’s pretty, it’s pretty, pretty physically demanding. So it’s a one day hike. You start on whatever, I think the South rim, you hike all the way down to the bottom. It, it’s stupid vertical feet.

Lightning (1h 2m 19s):

I, I didn’t know that that existed until I was there at the Grand Canyon and I was watching people come up at the end of the day and they had done the rim to rim and they said that they were leaving. Yeah. At I think 3:00 AM they would get the headstart. And so they were already well on the trail and down into the canyon when the sun came up. And then, yeah, I, I didn’t know that that was a thing. And it looked super fun, but Yeah, grueling.

Banana Ron (1h 2m 44s):

Grueling, exactly. And so I’ve been, I’ve been really training, like trying to get my body in shape for that. Like, that’s, that, that’s, that’s a tough one, obviously, you know, and, and, but I think it would be cool. It’s been on my bucket list forever, you know, I, I, I recently, you know, I did the narrows and Zion, you know, not too long ago. And that, that was a super cool thing. There’s another hike out there called the Subway. That’d be really cool. You need to learn how to repel for the subway, I believe. And I don’t know how to repel, but there’s, that’s what YouTube is for, right guys? He’s on YouTube. How to Repel for Dummies. I’ll buy a rope and I’ll go figure it

Lightning (1h 3m 12s):


Banana Ron (1h 3m 12s):

Well, we’re,

Sean P. Holman (1h 3m 13s):

We’re gonna enjoy following your, your next adventures because you, you are now officially a, a, a friend of The Truck Show Podcast.

Banana Ron (1h 3m 21s):

Oh man, I am so honored to be here with you guys. And, and I just, you know, thank you. Thank you for doing you

Lightning (1h 3m 28s):

So YouTube, Banana Ron or Instagram, the Banana Ron, you’re gonna find him and you’re gonna be entertained. And if you’re stuck in a crappy dead end job in a small apartment, in a big city, and you hate your life, live vicariously through our, our friend Ron.

Banana Ron (1h 3m 45s):

No man. Hit me up on Instagram. I’ll, I’ll help you guys. I, I I will, I will give you all my life advice free of charge and just try to try to figure out what I can do so you’re no longer stuck in that spot anymore. We can, we can move together as a group. Wow. I I love it. So I hope. I hope everyone here becomes one of the Banana people and they all go out and get bananas in summer. That’ll, oh,

Lightning (1h 4m 4s):


Banana Ron (1h 4m 5s):

Oh yeah. So I’m releasing a video, it’s supposed to come out this week actually, of all the, all the locations with exception of the location I give you will be published on YouTube with all the, the, the g p s locations for all 28 golden bananas across the country. It’s

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 19s):

Gonna be a Banana gold rush. So you

Banana Ron (1h 4m 20s):

Don’t have a Banana, it’s gonna be a Banana gold rush. Guys, get out there A Banana rush. Yes.

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 25s):

A Banana rush.

Lightning (1h 4m 26s):

Can you imagines gonna be

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 27s):

A Banana Orama.

Lightning (1h 4m 28s):

No joke though. Can you imagine if you have people that are out there and they do all of them how pissed off they are that they don’t know about our podcast, they’re not a listener. Yeah. And they, and

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 38s):

There’s one left. There’s

Lightning (1h 4m 39s):

One left.

Sean P. Holman (1h 4m 39s):

Or conversely, the positive side of what if all these people go out to find the bananas and then hang out with each other, and they’re like, are you here for the Banana too? And then they’re just become buddies. Dude,

Banana Ron (1h 4m 49s):

That would be so cool. Imagine finding a fellow Banana people out there that you’re out in the middle of nowhere Nevada in the middle nowhere also you told, you see a Jeep. Yep. You’re like, oh,

Lightning (1h 4m 57s):

Come on over. We’re

Banana Ron (1h 4m 58s):

Having Banana people,

Lightning (1h 4m 58s):

We’re having a Banana jam

Sean P. Holman (1h 5m 1s):

And you come hang out in my Banana ham

Banana Ron (1h 5m 2s):

Party guys. Exactly. you know, I, I wanna go out into one of ’em. I, I know which one I wanna go to, and I just wanna camp there and chill out for a while and just wait, like, after I release the coordinate to just see how long it takes for someone to find bananas, docker, I’ll be kicking it out with my dog. Yeah. you know, I think that’d be super cool. But.

Lightning (1h 5m 19s):

That would be a good video. Just well camping out for like a week until someone finally shows up. And

Banana Ron (1h 5m 25s):

What I’m encouraging everyone to do is if you go on a Banana hunt, take video, take pictures, and then hit me up. I’ll either, on my website I have, I own Banana Ron dot com, I have a couple t-shirts on there if you wanna buy a t-shirt or whatever. And, but, but I’m having, I’m, we set up a way where everyone can submit all their, all their videos and photos from their adventures throughout the entire summer looking for bananas. And, and then at the end of the year, I’m gonna put together like a don don’t know, a complication of, of all 2 20, 23 Banana people. And every year maybe I’ll, I’ll get all the Banana people and make a video of showing everyone’s, you know, different adventure and, and whatever. We’ll put it, put it up on YouTube and everyone’s like, oh, I made, I made the cut or whatever. It’d be, it’d be cool. I think, you know, obviously there’s little kids in there. I put all the kids in. Kids love seeing themselves on tv.

Banana Ron (1h 6m 6s):

I think that’d be fun, man. Like, check it out, dad. I’m on YouTube. And so, so anyways, that’s, that’s what I’m looking to, and I’m, and you know, and I’m thinking, man, if I go do this across Europe, I might as well bring some bananas and hide some bananas for all my, all my European friends, you know, and, and then who, who knows what a what guys? Where, what kinda weird journey did I take where I’m like out here talking about hiding bananas in the middle of nowhere?

Lightning (1h 6m 29s):

That wasn? Like,

Banana Ron (1h 6m 30s):

Like what wrong turn did I take guys? you

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 32s):

Know? Well, the problem, the problem is

Banana Ron (1h 6m 33s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 34s):

Did this happen? We tried to figure it out on this podcast and we’re more confused now than when we started.

Lightning (1h 6m 37s):

It’s, you know, freaking awesome. I I love the fact that none of this, none of this was planned. It all happened. Like, he’s a guy that’s moving. Life

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 44s):

Is happening to our friend

Lightning (1h 6m 45s):

Ron. And he’s got like, he likes bananas in his friends. Give him the nickname, you know, he’s Banana. Listen,

Sean P. Holman (1h 6m 50s):

You know what the type of guy Ron is? He’s the kind of guy when he has a Banana that goes bad and mushy and soft and, and close being rotten. you know what he does? He makes

Lightning (1h 7m 2s):

Banana bread. He makes

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 2s):

Banana bread. That’s right.

Lightning (1h 7m 4s):


Banana Ron (1h 7m 5s):

Oh, I thought you saw the video. I posted a video on Instagram, man, I i i i one went black and I mushed it all up. So That wasn like a, like a popsicle like what of those, like otter pop type, you know, whatever things like the popsicle the plastic bag thing. And, and my kids are daring me, and I tried to squeeze the thing in my mouth. Dude couldn’t do it. Guys couldn’t do it. I thought, I thought you saw that video on Instagram. That wasn a good die. Well, I just,

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 27s):

You and I are now connected. This is Holman. So So, I’m one of your new followers. I can’t wait to watch your adventures, my friend.

Banana Ron (1h 7m 32s):

Oh my gosh, guys, it’s so fun. I can’t wait to get you together with you guys in real life. We gotta like, let me know. Just send me a DMM or whatever. Let’s go, let’s go do some Overland in this summer. We

Lightning (1h 7m 41s):

Need a couple of Banana Ron T-shirts. That’s what we need. We need,

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 46s):

I would, I would rock some Banana Ron T-shirt for sure. Cut two,

Lightning (1h 7m 48s):

Two extra larges for your friends in Southern California. No,

Sean P. Holman (1h 7m 51s):

Be careful, careful, careful. Two extra larges. Yes. Not too extra. Oh yeah, that’s right. I don’t wanna be confused. He’s like, man, those guys are fat.

Lightning (1h 7m 59s):

We’re not that big. Yes. I, I,

Banana Ron (1h 8m 1s):

No, no, I got you.

Lightning (1h 8m 3s):

Ron. it has been an absolute joy to hang out with you for an hour.

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 7s):

Thanks brother.

Banana Ron (1h 8m 8s):

Thanks guys. This was a fun night, guys. I, I look forward to meeting you guys in real life sometime and we’ll, let’s go make some bad decisions together.

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 14s):

Oh, I love it.

Banana Ron (1h 8m 17s):

Everybody and kids, kid.

Lightning (1h 8m 19s):

Banana, Ron, everyone.

Banana Ron (1h 8m 21s):

Thank you guys. Have a nice night. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 24s):

All right, thanks Ron. Have a good one. We’ll talk to you soon. Oh wait, the audience is going Hey guys. They love him. The audience loves him. Look at that guy in the back. The guy in the back is standing ovation.

Banana Ron (1h 8m 34s):

Oh, I know that guy. He’s actually my dad. I think that’s my dad

Sean P. Holman (1h 8m 37s):

Back then.

Lightning (1h 8m 40s):

Sit down. Oh, that’s great. All right, Ron. Thank you. You’re the best. Congrats.

Banana Ron (1h 8m 45s):

Okay, guys, you have a fantastic day. Thank you all. Talk to

Lightning (1h 8m 48s):

You. See you. Bye later. Bye. All right, Holman, you ready for some truck news? Sure.

8 (1h 8m 56s):

What’s new in trucks? We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need

Lightning (1h 9m 1s):

To know

8 (1h 9m 2s):

What’s new in trucks. We need to

4 (1h 9m 4s):

Know lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world of

Lightning (1h 9m 11s):

Trucks? Ah,

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 13s):

That is right. Hey, lighting. Did you hear?

Lightning (1h 9m 14s):

Oh geez. I mean now, now? No, no, I

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 17s):

Didn’t. Were you gonna say something?

Lightning (1h 9m 18s):

No, no, I wasn’t ready.

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 19s):

Okay, good. Yeah. Hey, this is kinda weird. STIs is limiting allocation of combustion only vehicles in 14 states. So you can still buy a gasoline powered Jeep or ram, but it’s gonna be limited as to what you could pick out. So apparently STIs is no longer going to stock combustion only vehicles in 14 stupid states that follow the California Air Resources Board. Yes, we understand the California cancer is spreading, and this one’s a frustrating one for us. Apparently

Lightning (1h 9m 52s):


Banana Ron (1h 9m 52s):

Place blows

Sean P. Holman (1h 9m 54s):

The decision comes from following a mission guidelines that were set by the California Air Res Resources Board that exceed nationwide standards. So that doesn’t mean that customers in these states can’t order a gasoline powered vehicle, but it means that the, they’re not gonna be stocked at the dealer. So, so STIs basically said it stopped allocations of models with internal combustion engines without any sort of electrification, unless there’s a specific customer order. Dealers in non-carb states, which are the s same ones, they’re no longer gonna be able to receive deliveries of plug-in hybrids without customer orders. So that’s kind of backwards. Wait,

Lightning (1h 10m 29s):

Wait, I don’t even understand that. So

Sean P. Holman (1h 10m 31s):

Basically the STIs is saying that they’ve stopped allocations of models with ice engines and no electrification to dealerships unless there are custom orders in those 14 states. Outside of those 14 states, dealers in the non-carb states are no longer able to receive deliveries of plugin hybrids without custom orders. So it’s like the haves and have nots. So this, these states are only gonna be plugins in stock and these ones are only gonna be I, so there’s gonna be a huge market of people buying outta state. It’s a whole thing’s weird.

Lightning (1h 10m 58s):

Is this a shell game for carbon credits? I,

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 1s):

It’s, it’s definitely politics. So I, don don’t wanna go too far down the rabbit hole. I know not everybody agrees with our point of view on that, but I, it’s, it’s frustrating that you, lemme put it this way, I think everybody can agree that it’s frustrating when you go to buy something that you want and it’s not available. I’ll leave it at that.

Lightning (1h 11m 19s):

Holman. Did you hear

Sean P. Holman (1h 11m 20s):


Lightning (1h 11m 21s):

So I put this up on the Banks Facebook page yesterday, not really knowing if it would do anything. And then 185 comments and 742 shares later, less than 24 hours later, people went bonkers over this thing. So General Motors officials announced on Friday morning plans to invest $920 million to expand the Duramax facility in Brookville, Ohio reports the Dayton Daily News, the news of the investment sends a message that Duramax powered medium and heavy-duty vehicles remain a substantial part of the automaker’s future. At least that’s what we think. So I asked Gail, I said, what do you, what do you think about this? And he goes, this is huge. Yeah, of course. So Gail and the, and the, some of the engineers when I was actually there at the Brookville plant early last year after the christening of the facility, and he wrote, Diesel engines are for work vehicles.

Lightning (1h 12m 11s):

If you’re going to work a vehicle, battery electric is far from ready for this task. Today’s, this is Gail, by the way, today’s heavy duty EV pickups.

Sean P. Holman (1h 12m 18s):

And by the way, he’s not alone with that point of view.

Lightning (1h 12m 20s):

No, I know. So he says, today’s heavy duty EV pickups are for early adopter fanboy. It’s gonna take the next generation of battery tech. And it’s simply not here yet. It’s a long way away, not ready for prime time. If you’re gonna build a plant to make the next generation of durmax Diesel engines. That is four times larger than the existing one. That’s quite a commitment to the Diesel pickup market opportunity. G m did their homework and this plant expansion is the result. You don’t spend a billion dollars if you don’t think there’s a bright future for Diesel engines. This announcement is incredibly meaningful. That’s all from Gale. The new plant will be home to more than 800 workers. So what they’re doing is they’re going to migrate the employees and the equipment from the Marra, Ohio Duramax facility, which has been in operation since the first LB seven, I think it’s LB seven or L B Z.

Lightning (1h 13m 8s):

You get ’em backwards. I think it’s the LB seven engine way back in 2000. This plant’s been going since then. They’re gonna migrate it over to the Brookville plant and expand it Huge from 250,000 square feet now to 1.1 million square feet when it’s done. Massive, massive. So strong demand for the Chevy and G M C pickups forced GM basically to make more Diesel engines. And they needed the capacity and the, and the footprint to be able to do it. So people were pretty stoked on this to see g m stepping up. Yes. GM it looks like is also stepping up in, you know, the EV market, right? Obviously.

Sean P. Holman (1h 13m 44s):

Hold on. So we, we’ve already covered on the show that GM backtracked from the all ev future and they said that they are investing in the small block V eight for the sixth generation, and that trucks heavy duty and above 2,500 above, which still have ice power plants and So I don’t think that’s news necessarily, but they’re not going to spend that money unless it’s, unless it’s real. There’s a lot of talking points, right? Like the whole, oh, we’re gonna be all battery by 2035, which is complete bump kiss. you know, they’re spending money on the plant so you guys can be rest assured that ICE will be a viable powertrain for, you know, trucks for generations to come. Still I mean there’s just, there’s no replacement for the displacement of an internal combustion engine, especially when it comes to trucks and work.

Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 30s):

What my fear is, it’ll no longer be America if they start regulating who’s allowed to buy these trucks. Oh, we have to have a business license or something. You can’t just have one to tow your boat or I mean who knows what that slippery slope looks like. The, the way that they’re trying to demonize, which, you know, big truck drivers and owners, you know, started with the giant grills that smashed little children. That’s, you

Lightning (1h 14m 52s):

Know, That is, I know that’s just evil by the way, trying to position trucks that way. Yeah.

Sean P. Holman (1h 14m 56s):

And, and, and it’s good to know that, you know, the business case and money is, is definitely winning out. I think fleets have spoken, customers have spoken, and ice is, is what you want in your pickup. So hopefully the powers that be will change and understand that you can’t mandate a technology that’s not ready. And, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve said this before, I don’t hate EVs. I actually like EVs. I actually own a plugin hybrid for the right use case. It’s gonna take a tapestry of technologies for us to continue to have the right technology for the right use case. And as long as the customer gets the chance to choose, I’m, I’m fine with things marching forward.

Lightning (1h 15m 33s):

So I can back that up in the comments. There’s a lot of comments, like I said, almost 200 comments on the story that I posted. A couple of the guys are like, oh, well that’s, of course you guys are in the Diesel market. Of course you’d be behind this, but you can’t pretend like EV’s already haven’t won and I can’t play. You guys are being left in the dust. And I said, ah, pause, pause. Banks was chosen as one of only two manufacturers to design and build a hybrid. Humvee Now I couldn’t say that a few months ago because there hadn’t been any stories written about it, but breaking defense. And there’s a, a few other army related news sites that have named Gale Banks engineering our parent company as being chosen to hybridize the Humvee.

Lightning (1h 16m 19s):

So it’s not like the companies that just do Diesel are asleep at the Wheel, it’s that we believe like Coleman does, is that it’s being, sh electrification is being shoved down our throats, but we’re still actively developing systems to be part of the future.

Sean P. Holman (1h 16m 37s):

Right. I mean, like I said, technology’s gonna march on and and nobody that I know is, is upset about that. What they’re upset about is it being mandated before it’s ready. So you know, the consumer should decide what the right choice is for their use case and we should all keep moving forward. Hey lighting, did you hear don?

9 (1h 16m 55s):

Don’t watch the news ’cause I’m a kid.

Lightning (1h 16m 58s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 16m 59s):

So Toyota did this weird teasing that the land Cruiser may be coming back to the us Hmm. He did a Facebook post that had a whole lot of land Cruiser badges from various generations and fonts of the land Cruiser. And it said something like nothing better than a comeback story. The legend continues and then something else said, you didn’t think we’d stay away this long. Well people are assuming that it’s the 300 series land Cruiser, which is what our Lexus LX 600 is. I’m not so sure if that’s the case. I’ve been reading a lot of scuttlebutt, if you will, and the, that Lexus GX five 50 just got released and what I’m hearing is we may not get the big one.

Sean P. Holman (1h 17m 44s):


Lightning (1h 17m 45s):

What she said.

Sean P. Holman (1h 17m 45s):

As I would say, we may not get the larger land Cruiser. Basically Toyota made a decision that, you know, the the amount of land cruisers that we’re selling a year versus what they could build because it’s all built in basically a landlocked plant called Land Cruiser City in Japan. And there’s only so many, they rather have the higher profit margin of the Lexus version and the Land Cruiser fans are freaking out because they want a Toyota version of that. That’s not as luxurious. That’s more off-road centric. But I just don’t see Toyota going back on that decision. What I do think is possibly gonna happen, and I don’t have any insight or information, the other Land cruisers, the land Cruiser Prodo, that’s the smaller land Cruiser, that’s what shares a, a chassis with the Lexus GX five 50 mm.

Sean P. Holman (1h 18m 30s):

I am wondering if a more affordable Toyota version of the land, Cruiser Prodo doesn’t come over here because then they have a more efficient S U v a smaller footprint, more off-road capability in a vehicle that they can bring downstream from say $60,000 to maybe $50,000 rather than from, you know, 90 or a hundred thousand dollars to 70 or something like that. My guess is it’s probably the GX five 50 is getting a more capable Toyota Brethren that will be the land Cruiser

Lightning (1h 19m 2s):

Interesting theory, but don don’t know.

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 3s):

Right? So it’s just a theory. Hmm. We’ll see. But Toyota is teasing that land Cruiser is returning and, and for those of you in the know land, Cruiser is not taken lightly. A land Cruiser has, it’s almost like the Jeep trail rated badge to be a land Cruiser has to meet some very strict criteria and capability, body integrity, quality, all those things. If you see land Cruiser on a vehicle, it’s because that vehicle has been designed to be a land Cruiser and it’s built land Cruiser city. It’s not just a oh well we’re gonna rize everything and we’re gonna have a Bronco Raptor and a Ranger Raptor and F one 50 Raptor Raptor Raptor Raptor No Land Cruiser is something That is special on Toyota vehicles, so remains to be seen. Stay tuned later this year.

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 44s):

We should have an announcement maybe even as early as later the summer of Toyota telling us what they’re doing. Hmm.

Lightning (1h 19m 50s):

Hey Holman, have you heard?

Sean P. Holman (1h 19m 51s):


Lightning (1h 19m 52s):

So Cars and Bids, which is that site run by our friend? Doug DeMuro. This is a Toyota? Yeah. you know that guy?

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 0s):

I’m not, he’s not my friend, but okay. No,

Lightning (1h 20m 1s):

No, I don’t know him either, but I, I am a fan of his so he founded this site Cars,

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 6s):

I gotta watch him. I’m sorry. Really? Yeah.

Lightning (1h 20m 7s):

Oh, I love Doug DeMiro. Yeah. I’m gonna show you the interesting points and eccentricities of this Bugatti Sheron. So on Cars and Bids, which is his site, he’s got a 2016 Toyota Tacoma, t r d Offroad double cab four by four up for auction. It’s powered by a 6.2 liter LSS three V eight swap, four Wheel drive icon stage four suspension kit, and numerous modifications. By the time you are hearing this, it’s only got a couple of days before the auction closes current bid. What do you think? Right now it is a, again, l s powered 16 Tacoma. What, what do you think the highest bid is right now?

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 46s):


Lightning (1h 20m 48s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 50s):


Lightning (1h 20m 51s):

I I don’t know what that’s about. It’s only seven bids on this thing so far. What is the deal?

Sean P. Holman (1h 20m 56s):

If that thing was stock, it would be double that. Hey lighting, did you hear?

10 (1h 20m 60s):

No Y

Lightning (1h 21m 2s):

Yeah, no, no. Didn’t hear Chevy.

Sean P. Holman (1h 21m 4s):

Colorado has reclaimed its second place in sales in its segment. So in mid-size trucks after a really rough Q one where the Colorado, the new body style was launching. There’s a lot of low inventory levels. Well, at the time of us through this podcast, apparently the Colorado is ranked second and mid-size and it puts it above the Ranger, the frontier, the gladiator. But obviously still a long way to go before touching the Toyota Tacoma

Lightning (1h 21m 33s):

LSS three powered Toyota Tacoma.

Sean P. Holman (1h 21m 34s):

Nope. Nope. It it’ll be hybrid According to GM authority for reference, the sales of Colorado fell 40% during Q one to 13,256 units and it lost 4% of market share. So that’s, that’s a lot. So it’s down 12% total as a result of the diluted inventory levels. So it’d be interesting to see when the Q two numbers come in where it lands. But the extra inventory levels in the really strong reviews of the Colorado are definitely pushing their sales. So they were at 15% of market share in Q four of 2022 and down to 12 and 2023. So Q two will be interesting to see where it lands. Hmm.

Lightning (1h 22m 12s):

Hey Holman, did you hear?

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 15s):

Meaning may know don don’t know.

Lightning (1h 22m 17s):

According to many of our listeners that have dmd me, Utah is coming out with black plates, with white letters.

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 24s):

So you are moving to Utah.

Lightning (1h 22m 25s):

I have already moved to Utah, packed up the family and I have a place in St. George.

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 31s):

And when will you be gone? I’ve

Lightning (1h 22m 34s):

Already moved. This is my last show. See you later.

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 39s):

For license plate that you’re saying, Hey lighting. Did you hear?

Lightning (1h 22m 44s):

No, I have not.

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 46s):

Allegedly truck lovers, they want beige, beige trucks hold their value two x more than silver trucks. Whatcha talking About and

Lightning (1h 22m 56s):

Apparently no way yellow, no, no, no. Yellow

Sean P. Holman (1h 22m 59s):

Has the, the best resale value.

Lightning (1h 23m 1s):

No it does not. No

Sean P. Holman (1h 23m 4s):

I mean it’s kind of crazy. So no, it doesn’t. So I. See cars recently did a study and they compared pricing data for over 1.3 million three year old used cars on the US market. No, and check this out. So truck depreciation by color beige was number one with only 7.9% after three years.

Lightning (1h 23m 26s):

No, you’re a lying sack of shit. No, no.

Sean P. Holman (1h 23m 30s):

Orange was 10.9. No in second place. That is not 10.

Lightning (1h 23m 34s):

That ain’t true. No, that’s not true.

Sean P. Holman (1h 23m 37s):

Green was 11.6% at number three back

Lightning (1h 23m 40s):

Straight. No,

Sean P. Holman (1h 23m 41s):

Brown was number four at 13.2 and gray was five tied with white at 15.1, the average was 15.6. Is this because they’re, they were so

Lightning (1h 23m 50s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 23m 50s):

Of those on the road. Yes, I would think because they’re mostly buzz models, but the depreciation of silver, blue, purple, which could also fall in that limited edition category and red were 16.5, 16.3, 16.2, 16.1 and black was also 16.1. So interesting that, that came out. That means nothing. That means nothing. And it’s still fun to talk about. Yeah. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 24m 13s):

No. Nope.

Sean P. Holman (1h 24m 15s):

Apparently a company in Germany, it’s a group that apparently was an outlet called handles blatt. And they shared with wired a 2022 report from January, part of a hundred gigabytes of file leaked by a Tesla whistleblower. Ooh said that cyber truck prototypes are far behind schedule, serious powertrain braking, suspension, structural and ceiling issues plaguing it. Oh,

Lightning (1h 24m 44s):

That you can hear that Tesla engineer in the office saying, no, no, no,

Sean P. Holman (1h 24m 48s):

No. Now in all fairness, this was a year and a half ago Oh. really? So I’m assuming that Oh really a lot of it has been fixed But that some of the problems were No,

11 (1h 24m 56s):

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Lightning (1h 25m 1s):

That’s the guy checking off all the boxes of safety in

Sean P. Holman (1h 25m 4s):

Germany. No, what he was saying is, no, no, no, no, no. These brakes are four outta 10. They’re poor. Oh. Apparently the cyber truck, at least at the time of this leaking, was basically being chastised for excessive brake pedal travel. Brake dive. An inconsistent stop said that the Tesla customer would likely be very dissatisfied with the cyber truck’s brakes. Hmm. Another, you

Lightning (1h 25m 30s):

Know what? Blowing a call to our friends over at Willwood might be smart.

Sean P. Holman (1h 25m 33s):

Apparently Tesla’s cyber truck suspension also had a lot of issues because, well, while That wasn derived from model X with double AARs at all four corners, That wasn allegedly prone to excessive body roll, float motor boating end quotes. Okay. In quote, tell me more. And that the electric pickup, when it hit potholes, the front wheels would tend to tow out while the rears towed in under braking.

Lightning (1h 26m 4s):

Oh my Lord.

Sean P. Holman (1h 26m 5s):

Which is sounds like a hot mess. Ooh it, it also seemed that throttle helped you make it worse and high head toss and excessive mid speed abruptness and chop where all things reported. There’s

Lightning (1h 26m 17s):

A German engineer in the passenger seat going around the test course with a clipboard and a bunch of check boxes and he’s checking ’em off right now. No,

11 (1h 26m 26s):

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Sean P. Holman (1h 26m 32s):

No. And you wonder why we have four hour shows. Hey lighting, how about the four Wheel steering on the Tesla cyber truck?

Lightning (1h 26m 39s):

What? Okay, what?

Sean P. Holman (1h 26m 41s):

Apparently it had a 50 millisecond of delay after steering input significantly more than what engineers deemed acceptable. Their limit was just five milliseconds. So that means that when you did steering inputs, it would feel laggy. Did you make a steering Wheel monster from Banks that you could speed that up

Lightning (1h 26m 59s):

Not getting help on this project checking. No.

Sean P. Holman (1h 27m 1s):

A apparently also, the way that the cyber truck is built was another I issue. Elon has described it as a exoskeleton. The first ones were handbuilt, but they’re third less stiff than their targets. So poor torsional rigidity, which is not great for a pickup. That is supposed to do pickup truck

Lightning (1h 27m 21s):

Things. So, well, here’s what I’m hearing. It’s harder to build a pickup truck than Tesla thought,

Sean P. Holman (1h 27m 27s):

If that’s even considered a pickup truck. It’s more of like an activity vehicle if you ask me. But it sounds like the, the, the, the remedy was to add some additional bracing, but it will increase the curb weight at the expense of range and all the other things. And then it could also make the suspension and brake issues not great.

Lightning (1h 27m 46s):

What I’m hearing is that I’m not going to be able to exercise my a hundred dollars deposit anytime soon.

Sean P. Holman (1h 27m 53s):

The engineers also noted 21 potential noise leaks in the an prototypes, which might not be well good for sound or wet weather. Mm. So that’s interesting. The panel gaps, more problems talked about autopilot,

Lightning (1h 28m 9s):

They’re still going

Sean P. Holman (1h 28m 10s):

Driving problems. What? Yeah, I’m just going through these documents here and, and all the things that got, you know, highlighted So, it sounds like there’s some more issues there. Just again, sort of at, at, at least as of a year and a half ago sounds a little bit like a hot mess. Yeah. I mean you gotta look at the way that they, it’s not very aerodynamic. Right? I mean it’s looks like a Zumwalt Cruiser or a F one 17 And it’s I mean, i I I

Lightning (1h 28m 36s):

Mean you could argue that it’s more aerodynamic than a big, you know, a full-size ram can you dually or something. Right? Can you

Sean P. Holman (1h 28m 43s):


Lightning (1h 28m 44s):

I mean I would think it looks aerodynamic. It doesn’t,

Sean P. Holman (1h 28m 47s):

It looks like a bunch of wedges. That’s like the F one 17. It had to have a computer fly it Because it was it, you know what they called that thing is, is it

Lightning (1h 28m 55s):

Nickname? Nickname Because. it has a bunch of low pressure zones. No, it’s because

Sean P. Holman (1h 28m 57s):

It’s faceted. Just like the cyber they called the, the nickname of the thing was the hopeless diamond. Hmm. Because it. Nobody thought it could fly. And that’s this thing. I mean all those square edges. You think a wrangler’s noisy? Could you imagine cyber truck? Interesting. don don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening with that thing, but I wish we’d just come out already so we can, you know, stop surmising. There’s another one that was just caught the other day out on the highway, but That wasn wrapped in like an urban camo. Hmm. And you’re going like, why? We know what it is. We know, we know what it looks like. Maybe. Are they trying to draw attention to it now or something? don don’t know. Anyway. Hey lighting. Did you hear?

12 (1h 29m 37s):

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Sean P. Holman (1h 29m 40s):

Nope. It’s a lot of nos in this episode. I’d I’d like to hear yes for a change. Yeah, thank you. Yep. The Ford Ranger Raptor just finished racing in Australia’s Fink race, which is, tell me more. Pretty important race there. It won its class at the 47th Tatts Fink Desert Race in Australia. And it’s a two day race from Alice Springs to Aula or Fink and back. And it’s always held over the Queen’s birthday in June. And at the helm of the truck was Brad level who actually, no. I wonder if we can get Brad on the show to come talk about it. Basically, I think That wasn him and his, his son Baam was his co-driver.

Sean P. Holman (1h 30m 25s):

And so that’s pretty cool. They finished the grueling 285 mile round trip in five hours, 56 minutes and 30 seconds. And he pretty much a bone stock. Raptor had a snorkel and some other things like that. The combined times of day one were three hours, five minutes, 11 seconds, and day two was two hours, 51 minutes and 18 seconds. The day two time actually set a time record for the production four Wheel Drive class, which is pretty cool. But you know what, they didn’t do what? Hide bananas in the desert. They definitely didn’t do that. Nope. I I mean we think I should reach out to Brad. I bet he would come on the show and talk about it. That’d be pretty cool. Please. I mean he’s the first person to, you know, one of the first people to drive a bone stock Raptor. And he pushed it and apparently the, the truck did amazingly well out there.

Sean P. Holman (1h 31m 5s):

Which is, which is pretty great. And if you’ll recall, the Ranger Raptor also won it class at the 2022 Baja 1000. So it seems like Ford durability on the truck is, is really high and Ford’s really making a run for it. If, if you, just as a reminder also it’s got the three liter twin turbo eco Boost V six out of the Bronco. Although it makes a little less powerful. Oh, I just had assumed that he was doing the Raptor. R hmm. No Ranger Not the big one. Oh duh. Wow. Yeah. Holy mackerel. So 405 horsepower, four 30 pound feet of torque. It’s also a little bit less than the Bronco by about 400, 4 50 pounds. So even though it’s down on power compared to the same powertrain, it’s a lot lighter. So the power weight ratio is better. So anyway, just, just cool.

Sean P. Holman (1h 31m 46s):

I will, I’m gonna reach out to Brad, let’s see if he wants to come on the show. I think that would be super cool lighting. Did you hear? No. Nope. I’m pretty sure you heard about this one Ram 1500 T R X. That set a new quarter mile record. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 31m 59s):

I heard about it. Yes.

Sean P. Holman (1h 32m 0s):

Now you seem to be jaundiced about this one. If you look at the T R X, it’s about a stock somewhere around 12 and a half at 107, 108 et that’s, that’s basically your, your stock numbers from a T, R X. But apparently Jeremy Brown, he’s the owner and driver of a 2021 Ram T. R X. He was able to take large Marge is what he calls this T R X. His twin turbocharge daily driven all Wheel drive 9.31 at an insane 144.75. Yeah, holy moly. He has the trap was a little slower at 9.42 previously, but he did get, or his time, but his trap speed was 1 45.

Sean P. Holman (1h 32m 41s):

So I. Think he’s done 1 45 in the quarter. Wow. So what is your

Lightning (1h 32m 46s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 32m 46s):

Beef Beef with this?

Lightning (1h 32m 47s):

So my beef isn’t with him setting the record. I think he earned the record. My issue is with the belly slung twin turbo kit.

Sean P. Holman (1h 32m 57s):

This is all your opinion by the way, not your scientific data. No, absolutely. You’re not representing your employer. And here’s why I feel like this, this is just you from reading forums and knowing what you know

Lightning (1h 33m 5s):

For knowing what I know about Turbo Systems, I think he probably is increasing boost just a little bit. I guess don don’t like the way he’s doing it. That’s just me. I don’t like the way that they’re selling this $8,000 turbo kit when you should just be upgrading your supercharger. I think he could have set that record with supercharger, maybe nitrous after, after watching Gail at work, blow turbos as an experiment into a supercharger. The supercharger becomes the brick wall. All right, the supercharger. The supercharger becomes the limit. So it’s

Sean P. Holman (1h 33m 40s):

Like a restrictor plate is what you’re

Lightning (1h 33m 41s):

Saying? It is. It is like a restrictor plate. So,

Sean P. Holman (1h 33m 43s):

So according to MotorTrend it says that with the exception of pure dry train solution, stage two transmission in the Rippe platoon spec, billet stater race converter. The rest of the drive trains original says that it should have well over a thousand horsepower obtained primarily through Boltons that include a hopped up fuel system, 2150 cc injectors, dual booster pump, a ripa tuned billet air water intake manifold that replaced the supercharger, which ultimately proved to be a major airflow restriction. So he is not even running a supercharger on there anymore.

Lightning (1h 34m 13s):

Okay, so then hold on a second. Yep. Then I need to, I need to unwind what I just said. All

Sean P. Holman (1h 34m 18s):

Right, so now you love it.

Lightning (1h 34m 19s):

So it’s not that I love it But that he’s replaced the supercharger with turbos. That means it’s a totally different setup. I can’t comment on that.

Sean P. Holman (1h 34m 26s):

All right, So, it says, and of course the company’s T T, R X twin Turbo set up in E C M calibration traction is managed by the Hoosier D two drags on inky lightweight wheels. So it’s a 3 25, 45 18 So. it sounds like there’s no more blower but s still doing belly mounted turbos are the turbos, Now I the engine

Lightning (1h 34m 43s):

Part. Those are, as far as I know and I’ll do some research. I believe those turbos are in the engine bay. So this is a proper, proper turbo set. I believe it’s a proper turbo set. Alright, because I think Steve Rippa, the guy who built this has proper turbo system engineering background. I just don don’t like his belly mounted turbo. I think he’s selling some guys some snake oil with that particular

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 3s):

Kid. Your opinion That is

Lightning (1h 35m 4s):

A hundred percent my

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 5s):

Opinion, not the opinion of the show or your employer. Absolutely. Just Lightning say

Lightning (1h 35m 8s):

Anything. That is just me.

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 8s):

Why don’t you have him on the show?

Lightning (1h 35m 11s):

I, I guess maybe I just am scared to argue with him because

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 14s):

He’s gonna obliterate you.

Lightning (1h 35m 15s):

Maybe, maybe not don don’t know all but I but he this this twin turbo kit under that’s under the hood. That might be the bee’s knees.

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 24s):

What exactly are the bee’s knees? I

Lightning (1h 35m 26s):

Don’t know. It’s what old people say. I think

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 27s):

It’s funny. don don’t even know anybody who would ever say that. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 35m 32s):

Nah. Nope.

Sean P. Holman (1h 35m 34s):

Apparently the Ford F one 50 Raptor is getting a redesign. There’s a mule caught out with a camo front and then a, I guess, you know, covering over the dashboard. So I. I don’t, can’t imagine that the dash is getting redesigned or anything like that. But it’s definitely getting a new Raptor grill. So whatever that means for it is keeping the Raptor fresh on the F one 50 side of things. So. All right. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 36m 0s):

No, it’s

Sean P. Holman (1h 36m 1s):

Time for some inbox. Oh yeah

Lightning (1h 36m 2s):

It is.

3 (1h 36m 3s):

You email? Yeah, I email do it. We email. That’s right. Everybody email type it up. You email proofread. I email send it. We email, click it every email.

Lightning (1h 36m 19s):

Alright. Holman if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go first ’cause we got a lot to get to. Thank you guys for writing to us at Churchill or at Sean p Holman on the gram or at b c Lightning, which is where this one came to me from. Brian Hutchins. So at L B C Lightning on the gram. Hey Lightning, been listening to the podcast since episode one. That’s super cool. Looking to replace the factory stereo in my 2003 expedition. And I was wondering if you had any recommendations for retailers to get a full install kit. One that includes a bezel adapter and as much of the wiring as possible. And yes, I did a little research and my friends at Metro, that’s Metro online, I think everyone I know has had metro kits in their car.

Lightning (1h 37m 4s):

They’re really well designed. So it’s the plastic double D, assume you’re gonna go double D and they also have a plug and play wire harness and they even offer speaker adapters so you don’t have to cut and splay. So metro for that.

Sean P. Holman (1h 37m 17s):

I got one here, frontier four stars, no five stars from Greg Madden, who has now famously given us four stars and hopefully has gone back to the Apple Podcast app to correct that since we read his last two emails in there. Hey, Greg says, first time I’ve seen one of these when I was stopped, you could safely take a picture. My 21 Wrangler headed out to pick up some bourbon for the weekend. Love the show. Yeah, buddy, you pick and five stars.

3 (1h 37m 38s):

Yeah buddy

Lightning (1h 37m 40s):

And five stars.

3 (1h 37m 41s):

Five stars Review Five stars cars.

Sean P. Holman (1h 37m 45s):

So what’s funny about That is he says P ss Holman don’t get envious of my city average mileage, the cheapest stock with a turbo four cylinder. So the picture shows a Nissan frontier in front of him. And then in the foreground is his dash, which has 19.5 miles per gallon and shows a range of 248 miles, which at first I was going to make fun of him until I realized that was his city mileage and about two x what I see, although I will tell you, I I hand calculate my, my mileage on my 3 92. Yeah. And my recent best was 16.4 on 30 sevens. That’s

Lightning (1h 38m 19s):

Way I mean. That’s way better than my 11 six

Sean P. Holman (1h 38m 22s):

I mean 16.4. Not bad. And that was over a full tank, like 330 miles. Yeah, I feel good. I listen, if this thing gets 15 on the highway, I’m happy. 16.4, that’s over 300 miles of range. I’m, I’m from cruising, dude.

Lightning (1h 38m 35s):

I was high fiving myself when I got 11.71 day.

Sean P. Holman (1h 38m 38s):

Yeah, I think my record on the old Four Wheeler long Termer was what, 11 nine or something like that average. Maybe that was best. I that’s 12 three maybe. I think another one

Lightning (1h 38m 49s):

At L B C Lightning on the on the gram Caden wrote and he said, Hey, here’s a, a picture of a Nissan frontier taken from the cab of my 2004 F 2 56 later. I love listening to you guys throughout the day while working with my dad and Caden stickers are on the way. Well we

Sean P. Holman (1h 39m 6s):

Love that The Truck Show Podcast brings fathers and sons together, especially since We Are recording this right before Father’s Day. Oh

Lightning (1h 39m 12s):

Yeah, We Are.

Sean P. Holman (1h 39m 13s):

All right, I got this one here from Jonathan Randolph says, howdy gentlemen, boy do I have a story for you? The other day I was driving home listening to the podcast as I normally do. And as I was driving a brand new Nissan Frontier pulled up beside me, creating the perfect photo deserving of a sticker, see the attached photo and prepare to be amazed. Also, I’d like to hear y’all expert dish jk, a painting on the new Tundra Tier D Pros. I’ve always been a Merk in truck guy, but my Better Half just bought a 2023 Lexus nx. And after writing it, I was so impressed with Build Quality So. it really got me wondering if the new tundras are just as good since they’re made by the same folks. What are your thoughts? Keep up the good work gentlemen. And you can see his frontier photos here. You see

Lightning (1h 39m 50s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 39m 50s):

Yeah. I mean I think the tundra’s nice. It could do without the fake engine noise on the hybrid models on the pro and the suspension’s pretty decent. I think if you go to Four Wheeler page on MotorTrend. So go to, look at our Four Wheeler pickup truck of the year from last year. The stories are still online even though the magazine doesn’t exist, the content still does. And you can read our feelings on the T R D Pro. We tested it against a whole bunch of stuff, including the Raptor. So there’s some really valuable information in there. Yeah, Toyotas are great in terms of build quality and they make a really, you know, great overall product for the average consumer. But their enthusiast vehicles for me sometimes fall a little bit flat.

Sean P. Holman (1h 40m 31s):

I’m actually more excited about the pro on the Tacoma than I am about the pro in the tundra. Just felt like it wasn’t enough for me. You like the shock

Lightning (1h 40m 38s):

Absorbers in the seat? I think that’s pretty

Sean P. Holman (1h 40m 39s):

Cool. Hmm.

Lightning (1h 40m 40s):

And then Reptar T R X hit me up at L B C Lightning on the gram and he wrote, Hey, just pulled the trigger on the Willwood setup. We have the exact same Wheel Tire package and now the same brakes on our trucks. I was hesitant due to the fitment until I stumbled on your page on truck show, which is pretty cool. Holman’s 3 92 and my T R X, the the build pages they go through all the stuff we bolted on our trucks and the mods and that was pretty cool that he saw that. And then I trolled his Instagram. It looks like he’s got the charcoal gray color with a Smartcap and a rooftop crystal and granite crystal. Is that what it is? Okay. Got a a really cool addictive designs, front bumper, Baja Lights, Geyer Springs, Fouts underbelly plating.

Lightning (1h 41m 26s):

Super stoked that we could be promoting products through church show Right,

Sean P. Holman (1h 41m 32s):

I got one here from our friend Trevor who writes in all the time he says, onX success over the weekend I was gonna meet a group of buddies who had set up camp in the Stanislaus National Forest on Friday, but I was heading up Saturday morning solo, about an hour outside the final destination. You lose cell service while still on the highway. I had the trailhead plugged into Google Maps and usually Google’s fine once you lose service, as long as you don’t exit the mapping. Well I accidentally exited the mapping in CarPlay and without service it wouldn’t load directions. Google wouldn’t even render the map to see where I was in comes onX. I opened it up into my surprise. It rendered the map without service and showed me where I was and updated my location in live time. I had previously saved some of this force in my offline maps, but this was actually just outside the offline border.

Sean P. Holman (1h 42m 13s):

So I. Don’t know if they include a buffer or what. I was able to read onX just like a paper map and figure out my turns to get navigated to the trailhead. Saved my bacon. With that said, please pass the word along to the onX team that we need an option of CarPlay to lock north. I do agree with that. That’s one of the things that I do like reading it like a proper map. Whereas my wife likes to follow the arrow and I, I, I would agree with Lock North says in CarPlay the map follows you in real time. So it’s spinning and rotating as you switch back and makes it confusing. Keep a constant heading. I found a little work around that if I just pan the map a little bit while facing North, I can get to freeze the view, but then I have to manually keep panning my tracks progress. Funny, I’ve done the exact same thing. So I will definitely pass it on to the Onyx team, but glad you had a great experience with the the the app.

Sean P. Holman (1h 42m 55s):

And for me, I run a iPad mini off of a Ram ball on my dash. And so basically I don’t use it with CarPlay ’cause I just have the mini run everything and it it works Perfect. So again, if you guys wanna check out onX for your adventures, highly recommended. And even Trevor, our listener had a good experience.

Lightning (1h 43m 11s):

So listener Jeremy reached out to me on Instagram and he said, Hey Lightning, what is the name of the car cover company you and Holman recommended on The? Truck. Show Podcast. And will they stand up to Rain and Snow and Holman? Yep.

Sean P. Holman (1h 43m 24s):

The answer is absolutely

Lightning (1h 43m 26s):

Yes they do. So

Sean P. Holman (1h 43m 27s):

Amazing car covers.

Lightning (1h 43m 28s):

Yep. California car cover. And I am going to recommend the Super Weave. The super weave is they’ve got a bunch of different materials, but Super Weave is the one you want for rain and snow. It’s bizarre. It’s like water resistant, snow resistant, but it still breathes. I don’t know how they do it. It is, and I’ve got ’em all in all my cars and trucks. I’ll do you one better. You can use truck show at for 15% off Bross Truck Show at checkout cal car for 15% off because Jimmy De Frank and his family are fricking rad.

Sean P. Holman (1h 44m 1s):

All right, I got two from the same person and I will, I’ll read the first one first. It starts out Hola Lightning and Holdman Emmanuel. Well don don’t really speak Spanish, so I’m gonna go ahead and use the translator on Google here. That’s about as fine. All right, well actually that’s not true. I only speak bad Spanish and my wife gets mad at me every time since she is Hispanic and will yell at me for saying bad things. I Beautiful thing about having Gmail is you hit view, translated message and it turns into Hi Holman and Lightning Emmanuel speaking here. Thank you so much for the decal you sent me from The Truck Show Podcast. I will be putting them on my 2017 Chevy Colorado soon.

Sean P. Holman (1h 44m 42s):

I hope they read this on the air, it would be great shame if they don’t. I live in Arizona for 15 years now, but I was born in Mexico. So I, know Spanish and English. I love the podcast and will continue to listen until they stop doing it. Good luck with the Google Translate. Thanks. And five stars, five star review, five stars. He also did a follow up email with a regular email in English. And so this is actually pretty interesting. So Emmanuel says Hello light switch and Mr. P. Okay, listening to the episode on the email of the gentleman asking about Diesel or Gas. I work for the county public works and they just recently purchased a fleet of F two 50 trucks both in Diesel and gas. And honestly we’re having problems with both the Diesel trucks regen all the time that they’re on.

Sean P. Holman (1h 45m 26s):

And the gassers, half of them have blown up. Transmissions are currently in the dealer waiting for parts. Yes, I do agree that diesels don’t get the proper use they need to burn all the def crap. We usually drive them empty or pulling a trailer for about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. The rest of the day they’re mostly idling and doing the regen thing. Anyways, I’m glad I’m not a Ford guy. Vi again. Yeah, buddy. And keep up the Okay. Work. Yeah buddy. He says look out for my next email that I’ll be writing in Spanish. Hope you read that one too. Yeah, yeah. Well we, we got that Emmanuel. And of course dude, we appreciate you listening to The Truck, Show Podcast and challenging our linguistic abilities, which are very, very narrow.

3 (1h 46m 6s):

The truck show. The truck show. The truck show.

Lightning (1h 46m 13s):

All right, he’s at Sean p Holman on the gram. I’m at L B C Lighting. You can reach him directly at Holman at truck show or me directly at Lightning at truck show or the show in general Truck show It’s a lot to remember, but We Are, if you wanna reach us, there’s no excuse.

Sean P. Holman (1h 46m 32s):

Listen, you can also go to our website, or you can leave us a message on the five star hotline. 6 5 8. No, it’s 6 5 7. Wow.

Lightning (1h 46m 44s):

6 5 7 2 0 5. 61 0 5.

Sean P. Holman (1h 46m 46s):

Oh yeah, I totally, here

Lightning (1h 46m 47s):

We go again.

Sean P. Holman (1h 46m 48s):

Listen carefully. I Got it. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. There you go. After six years for some reason, but I think it’s the cookies that replaced that knowledge in

Lightning (1h 46m 57s):

My brain. There’s one left. Are you having that or my house that? No, that’s you. I can Oh. really? I’m gonna eat it right now. Well, you

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 1s):

Need it ’cause you’re fading. Are you sure?

Lightning (1h 47m 2s):


Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 3s):


Lightning (1h 47m 3s):

You, I’m fading. You could get

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 4s):

The number out. No, that’s me having memory loss. Oh your, your energy’s fading. I have good energy, I just can’t remember anything. Oh

13 (1h 47m 11s):

Well I’m in the go get one Now

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 14s):

I. Think Lightning licks coming to do the podcast on Saturdays because my wife buys him lunch and then feeds him dessert. Which that’s the best. I’m like, why? Why are you taking care of Lightning? As

Lightning (1h 47m 24s):

Soon as I rolled up your lovely bride brought me in and out.

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 28s):

Yeah, because I texted you half an hour earlier. Chocolate

Lightning (1h 47m 31s):

Chip cookies.

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 32s):

Do you want in and out And you come walking down the side yard and you’re like, whatever you say when you come here. And I’m like, did you check your phone? I’m lucky you go. I

Lightning (1h 47m 42s):

Was listening to music rocking out on the way here. Dude,

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 45s):

You almost missed out on a double. Double.

Lightning (1h 47m 47s):

Well I didn’t, I

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 48s):

Got it. Yeah, because my wife asked for it at the window and Got it because in and outs awesome. It’s

Lightning (1h 47m 53s):

Super, super stoked. Yeah. So,

Sean P. Holman (1h 47m 54s):

Alright, we gotta thank Nissan, our presenting sponsor. Thanks for supporting us. The, Truck, Show Podcast. And I hope that you would support Nissan too. At least put ’em on your list if you’re looking for a new truck, whether it’s a half ton Nissan Titan or a Titan xd, of course those trucks come with the industry’s best five-year, 100,000 mile warranty or the mid-size Nissan frontier. You’re all about dependability, durability, quality. You can’t beat a Nissan truck. You can build and price them at Nissan or head down to your local dealer where you can see them in person. And when

Lightning (1h 48m 22s):

You’re trying to cool off the rear end, your actual is just over temping and you’re like, what am I gonna do about it? I gotta replace the rear diff cover. you go to Banks, you pick yourself up a patented Banks Ram Air rear differential cover. The only one on the market that cools five times better than stock. Head over to Banks to find yours.

Sean P. Holman (1h 48m 41s):

And if you need new shocks for your blown out ride, bill Bilstein offers a full range of truck and Offroad products. Bill Bilstein has been around for 150 years, if you can believe that. Sounds

Lightning (1h 48m 53s):

Like you’re just making it up. No

Sean P. Holman (1h 48m 54s):

I’m not. And they make shocks for trail ready rigs or for trucks that work overtime. Towing trailers who are just your commuter, whatever you have, they’ve got an application for you, whether it’s a direct replacement, stock height, all the way up to race shocks and anything in between. Head over to Bilstein where you can also check out the year make model tool on their catalog and see all the options they have for your truck.

Lightning (1h 49m 14s):

And Holman. This is pretty cool. onX Offroad, our favorite map app has a 4th of July sale. You can get 30% off select memberships for the next couple weeks. If you use Freedom 30 at checkout, 30% off the premium membership and 30% off the Elite membership. It’s normally like a hundred bucks a year for the Elite for a year. 70.

Sean P. Holman (1h 49m 40s):

Can I tell you something about Elite?

Lightning (1h 49m 42s):

What’s that?

Sean P. Holman (1h 49m 43s):

Not only do you get to see the property owners and the that layer on your onX map, but there’s also a freaking awesome partnership with a whole bunch of great companies where you can get discounts like 20% off Rugged radios, 20% off Dometic deals on Method Wheels, Barnes four Wheel Drive, Yukon Gear and Axle Worn Winches Roof Nests, R T R vehicles.

Lightning (1h 50m 8s):

So what you’re saying is I can save 30% off the subscription and then

Sean P. Holman (1h 50m 12s):

The first purchase you make through any of these companies, I’ll pay for onX, you’ll pay for onX, Marlon Crawler, red Dog Tools, Patriot Campers, Evo Powersports, F X R Racing, max Tracks, rigid Lights, rhino Rack, outdoor by four B D Ss j k s and what one year? Free access to O V R Magazine if you are an elite member of onX That’s right. So if you are gonna be buying stuff for your ride or you want a free year subscription to O V R, then use that 30% off. Pick up an elite membership to onX Maps and then go spend your money. Alright,

Lightning (1h 50m 46s):

Well I love you and all, but I’ve had enough of the show. I’m gonna go get some more cookies out

Sean P. Holman (1h 50m 50s):

Of your Hey. No, I’m gonna get Cookie. No, no. Get

14 (1h 50m 53s):

Back in the room. Cookie. I’m gonna get Cookie

Lightning (1h 50m 55s):

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16 (1h 51m 21s):

Ready. Cook it, cook it, it, cook it, cook it, it it. Cook it. It. Take it like a cookie. Get that like a cookie book party. Like a cookie. It. Fresh. Fresh Bake. Fresh. Fresh bake. Funky. Fresh, fresh. Bake it. It.