Overland Expo West with Lightning and Holman and hear from Toyo, Hellwig, Factor 55, Overland Cookery, Yankum Ropes, AEV, Bilstein, Falken Tire, 74Weld, SmartCap, Surefire, Heal The Land, Summit 4x4, Marco Hernandez, and KC HiLiTES. Also, get the official scoop on the all-new ‘24 Toyota Tacoma line-up and enjoy some painfully funny content at the end of the show. The Truck Show Podcast is proudly presented by Nissan, in association with Banks Power, Bilstein, and onX Offroad.



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Lightning (1s):

Holman, welcome to another episode of the Truck Show podcast, the number one Truck enthusiast podcast on the internet. Couple updates for you. Wait a minute,

Holman (7s):

Did you just welcome to be to my own house?

Lightning (9s):

Yes, I did. Okay. As if you didn’t live like 15 feet from the pod shed. Mm. hold on. Is it more than that? I’m looking or less. I would say 15 feet about right All, right Pizza. That’s about right. Yeah. Fair enough. I’m pretty good with my measurements, right? There’s a couple things. Look down there, see what I brought you, see what I

Holman (26s):

Brought? You finally brought Dr. Pepper after you drank all of them. That’s right.

Lightning (29s):

Look what’s in the fridge. What do you see down there? Would those be chocolate chip muffins?

Holman (34s):

Okay. Those are chocolate chip muffins. I just

Lightning (36s):


Holman (37s):

More for you than me or I, I

Lightning (38s):

Passed on the way to the soda aisle, so I just figured those look yummy and I was hungry

Holman (42s):

All. right. So we are renaming the Shed Diabetes headquarters.

Lightning (45s):

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got a question that I need answered before we get into the show. Okay. All, right. Let’s say that a, a Mongols Clubhouse opened up just a block from the pod shed here.

Holman (56s):

A Mongols clubhouse? Yes. Okay. Motorcycle game. The biker. Yes. Got it. Bike.

Lightning (59s):

Exactly right. Would you stop by and say, Hey guys, welcome to the neighborhood? Yes. Yeah, you would, right? Absolutely. Okay. So I’m wondering if I should do that because one just opened up next to Banks. Oh, really? Yeah. And they have some pretty nice trucks. I’m not gonna lie.

Holman (1m 14s):

You should offer ’em all pedal monsters and then basically have your turf taken care of.

Lightning (1m 18s):

So that’s kind of what I was thinking. But I, I asked Colin, who you know, at work, and he’s kind of, I report to him indirectly and, and he and Gail and I said, Hey, what? There’s a, a Mongols clubhouse. Do I, do I make nice? Do I say we’re here, or do I just drive by? ’cause I have to drive by them every day on the way to work to the freeway. Do I just pretend like they’re not there? And the other day I saw a beautiful black F two 50 just murdered out. Then I saw a raptor and I thought, okay, these guys have some money. They’ve got some nice trucks. Do I say hi or do I roll up and I’m the dumb white boy and they all pull, you know, guns on me You. know what I’m saying? I’m like, well, they’re not

Holman (1m 53s):

Gonna shoot you

Lightning (1m 54s):

Probably. Well, don don’t know. I’m just saying, do they think I’m like, hell’s Angel, I’m rolling up on their clubhouse?

Holman (1m 58s):

Well, here’s, here’s what I would do. I would get that digital sign that you had, and I would change it to say, I come in peace.

Lightning (2m 6s):

The digital sign that scrolls that I was using for headlights.

Holman (2m 8s):

I come in Pedal Monster.

Lightning (2m 10s):

I I come in metal mustard. Yes. They come in peace. So I have been thinking I’m gonna go up to him and just say, Hey guys, I’m, I’m from Banks and we’re right around the corner, been here since the eighties. Great.

Holman (2m 22s):

Mike Rice, Emmy Hall, anyone else who’s been on the show who wants to audition as my new co-host when Lightning is murdered. That’s

Lightning (2m 28s):

Why I’m asking.

Holman (2m 29s):

I don’t, I mean, I I

Lightning (2m 31s):

Have only known two Mongols and they have been super nice guys. Then

Holman (2m 35s):

You should call them and say, can I get an introduction?

Lightning (2m 37s):

I don’t know them personally. I’ve been introduced to them and I hung out with ’em at car shows. They’re known as being, you know, kind of rough and tumble guys. Right? So I, here’s me rolling up. I just, how do I approach it? Do I just drive up?

Holman (2m 49s):

I have no advice for you. I told you, bring your sign. I come in peace. No,

Lightning (2m 52s):

I’m not gonna do that. Do I drive up in the bank’s truck so it’s obvious or do I pull up in the T R X and go fellow truck guy? What if the guy works

Holman (2m 59s):

At a competitor and he’s, this is his moment. He’s

Lightning (3m 3s):

Gonna, he’s gonna off me because I, he’s, he works for a ffe.

Holman (3m 8s):

If maybe don don’t I. don know.

Lightning (3m 9s):

Well, All, right? So you don’t have any advice?

Holman (3m 11s):

I have nothing. No. Why? Why would I give you advice of that? Because listen, if it goes bad, it’s gonna be my fault.

Lightning (3m 19s):

You take the heat from my death?

Holman (3m 20s):

No. Would

Lightning (3m 21s):

You take care of my kids and my wife? Yeah. Okay, then I’m doing it. Yeah,

Holman (3m 25s):

I would just take, if

Lightning (3m 26s):

I have you as a backstop, I’m going in. Okay.

Holman (3m 28s):

Well, All,

Lightning (3m 29s):

Right, if Lightning is not here on the next episode of the Truck Show podcast, he is

Holman (3m 32s):

Chosen poorly. Well, he’s

Lightning (3m 34s):

Either dead or a member of the Mongols and now no longer allowed to come back on the show,

Holman (3m 38s):

Be a member of the Mongols.

Lightning (3m 39s):

Yeah, no, I’d get the crap beaten outta me.

Holman (3m 41s):

I wonder what the initiation would look like for you.

Lightning (3m 43s):

I just, I don’t know a lot of black and blue. So home and bottom line is I’m about to be friends with a motorcycle club and I’m going to invite them over for dang out and have Bruce, and

Holman (3m 53s):

Then you will show them pictures of when you used to ride and you can pontificate of your younger years.

Lightning (3m 58s):

I rode a sport bike and not a Harley. Right? I don’t think they have sport bike guys. Do

Holman (4m 2s):

They just have Che G p t change your like a can Doesn’t do art now. Can’t you do a I r say convert this photo of me on a sport bike into a chopper.

Lightning (4m 12s):

So I’m all leaned over on a

Holman (4m 15s):

Chopper. hold on, hold on. This is hilarious. I, speaking of chat, G P T I was playing with it the other day. I almost sent this to you and then don don’t know I got, got busy or something like that. Are

Lightning (4m 24s):

You using chat g p t to draw wieners on things?

Holman (4m 26s):

No. That I, you do not use AI for art. That is, that’s ridiculous. I was playing with it and I asked who Lightning was, who Jay Tillis was, and what I, what I realized when I was playing with that wasn that you have to be specific at times. You

Lightning (4m 43s):

Have to ask how you want the question answered. You have to give it context and you tell it what type of answer you’re looking for and how you want it answered.

Holman (4m 52s):

So I said is Jay Tillis from Long Beach Famous? As of my knowledge cutoff in September, 2021, I couldn’t find any notable public figures or celebrities named Jay Tillis from Long Beach. So then I said, is Jay Tillis from Long Beach Famous? Kinda gimme the same. and then I said, is Lightning from Kro well known? Yes. Lightning real name Jay Tillis is a well-known radio personality from Southern California area, specifically associated with Kroc, an influential alternative rock station. Jay Tillis was a longtime on-air personality and producer at Kroc, where he Hosted various programs and segments. His work on Kroc has gained him recognition and popularity amongst fans of alternative rock music in the region.

Holman (5m 33s):

That’s pretty interesting, right? Huh? So this all started because one of my journalist friends, John Purley Huffman, had put something and it said they didn’t know anything about him. and then people were saying, well, it does about me. So everybody started piling on and then he realized you have to ask it a specific question and context. and then his stuff came Anyway, So, that was the whole thing. So I’m like, well, that’s curious. I wanted to see what it thought about, you know, us and The Truck Show Podcast. So I said, is Sean p Holman well known? I’m sorry I couldn’t find anybody. and then I said, okay, So, we asked, does Sean p Holman know about trucks? And it’s like, well, without specific information and his expertise, I can’t say for certain. And it’s like, All, right? So they said, does journalist Sean p Holman know about trucks? And still that wasn, that wasn vague.

Holman (6m 14s):

Is Sean p Holman a podcaster? Yes. Sean P Holman is known as a podcaster. He’s been involved in the automotive industry and has Hosted or co-hosted several automotive related podcasts. He has contributed to both The, Truck, Show Podcast, and the Truck Show with Lightning Holman. These podcasts often focus on truck related topics, providing insights, discussions, and interviews related to the automotive industry, particularly trucks. Okay. So I thought that was interesting. So I, I decided I was, I was going to, oh, you’re

Lightning (6m 42s):

In the, you’re going down the rabbit hole of Chad G B T, right?

Holman (6m 44s):

Because now I’m like, this is, I mean, it’s, it’s it just fascinating. Right? So then I asked, does Sean p Holman automotive journalist know about trucks? Yes. Sean Holman is highly knowledgeable about trucks. With his extensive experience as an automotive journalist and his involvement in The Truck Show Podcast, he has developed a deep understanding of various truck models, off-road capabilities.

Lightning (7m 4s):

You are really leading to G B T

Holman (7m 6s):

Capacities and other aspects related to trucks. He has likely tested and review numerous trucks staying up to date with the latest trends.

Lightning (7m 13s):

It just guessing now

Holman (7m 14s):

And developments in the truck industry as a result. Yeah. He can provide valuable insights and expertise when it comes to truck related topics. That’s interesting, right?

Lightning (7m 22s):

You let it though. That was, that’s not fair.

Holman (7m 25s):

That’s the only way to really do it unless you’re like a, a-list celebrity. We’re like Z’s, right? So I wrote, I I had asked it. I said, what is The Truck Show Podcast? Because I thought, okay, now we know about you and we know about me. What does it know about our podcast? The Truck? Show Podcast is a popular podcast that focuses on all things truck Hosted by Sean p Holman and Jay Lightning Tilles. The podcast covers various aspects of the Truckin world, including news industry trends, vehicle reviews, and interviews with industry experts and enthusiasts. The host discuss different truck models, modifications, Offroad capabilities, towing, and other related topics. The, Truck, Show Podcast aims to entertain. We, we aim high and inform truck enthusiasts providing valuable insights and entertainment for those interested in the world of trucks.

Holman (8m 10s):

Wow, that’s pretty

Lightning (8m 11s):

Good, right? Yeah. That’s kind of neat. It just trolled our website. It’s good. Yeah. All of it. Truck show podcast.com and got some trigger words

Holman (8m 16s):

There. Anyway, key terms. I thought that was interesting. Yeah. Huh?

Lightning (8m 20s):

All, right? All. right. So let’s discuss where we were recently.

Holman (8m 25s):

Both of us went to Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona. What? And yes, there was a very, very wet day.

Lightning (8m 34s):

Friday was spent in like, duck and cover in the media media room.

Holman (8m 38s):

I was soaking wet and cold the, the entire day. I thought that wasn interesting though, because everybody who says that the rooftop tent is leak group. Yep. But you could really find out who was lying and who was it?

Lightning (8m 50s):

Man, that wasn just coming down and our, our buddies at Falcon were saving the day handing out ponchos with Falcon logos on ’em. And

Holman (8m 58s):

Smart, smart. They

Lightning (8m 59s):

Must have burned through a couple of hundred of them. Yep. Pretty quickly.

Holman (9m 2s):

So anyway, that wasn, that wasn a fun trip. I had my booth in

Lightning (9m 6s):

And then, and then like Saturday, just all of a sudden

Holman (9m 8s):

Over, yeah. Then I had my Jeep in the AEV booth. Well,

Lightning (9m 11s):

Which days did you have at the AEV booth? Because it alternated Friday

Holman (9m 14s):

And Sunday. Because

Lightning (9m 15s):


Holman (9m 16s):

The A-holes at the, the event decided that there was a cutoff. So this is part of a bigger problem where it had an issue, which you may have seen on, on the Instagram, where my t case had a, a motor issue

Lightning (9m 33s):

Transfer case for those not indoctrinated,

Holman (9m 35s):

Was not, was not shifting correctly, and was in four high on the highway and all bound up and was making all sorts of noises and problems. So I had to limp it to the show. By the time I got to the show, I got stuck in the line. And by the time I got outta the line that wasn like, you know, 7 0 8 or something. The

Lightning (9m 48s):

Line to get into the gate. Yeah.

Holman (9m 49s):

Yeah. And so the show for vendor, the cutoff was at seven, but I know everybody there and where the booth was, was right by an entrance. I could have gone like, you know, 300 feet been the boat.

Lightning (9m 59s):

Did you use the, Hey, don’t you know who I am? No,

Holman (10m 0s):

She knew who I was. Okay. And Oh, that was

Lightning (10m 3s):

Arrogant right there. No, she knew who I was and

Holman (10m 4s):

She’s like, sorry, nothing I can do. And I’m like, don’t you wanna have the best show possible by have really, you’re gonna take a vehicle from a prominent booth and say no, because it’s eight minutes past the cutoff when there’s nobody inside yet. And this is at the back of the Oh No. We have people walking around. Meanwhile, I watched freaking Honda driving pilots in and out with an escort walking in front of it while there were people there. No problem. so Yeah, I’m a little bitter about that. Anyway, long story short, that wasn back in Sunday, and, and thanks for all the people who sent me pictures and all that, that wasn a really great show. 450 vendors that wasn totally sold out when I told you that wasn

Lightning (10m 37s):

Big, how many people, how many people were there? Because to me it felt like 30,000.

Holman (10m 40s):

30,000. Okay. Yeah. I think it’s 30 to 50 is what they say. But I told you that wasn big and you had no idea.

Lightning (10m 45s):

No. So I rolled up thinking it would be, well, I knew that wasn out in the woods, kind of sorta at a, at a park.

Holman (10m 52s):

Is that fairgrounds

Lightning (10m 53s):

At a a fair? Well, they don’t look like fairgrounds where you and I are from where you and I are from. it just black. That’s California pompous. No I know that. I know that. And, and I, these are beautiful fairgrounds, by the way. Been fairgrounds in Alaska. Gorgeous. Been a fairgrounds in Texas. Texas.

Holman (11m 5s):

Gorgeous. Why, why are we going down this road? But

Lightning (11m 6s):

I’m saying like, I didn’t know what to expect.

Holman (11m 7s):

Beautiful. Keep

Lightning (11m 8s):

Going. So I come up and it just, it’s expansive. And I go around and around finally get in, in, in, in. Yeah. And it just, I see a sea of booths forever. And I go, okay, like it just massive

Holman (11m 19s):

Giant, it’s

Lightning (11m 20s):

75 plus acres or something like that. Yeah. It’s huge.

Holman (11m 23s):


Lightning (11m 23s):

Quality of booths were great. It wasn’t like people were selling tchotchkes. Everyone, all the, all the name brands were there. All the best builds were there that wasn like sema, but just for overlanding, just for car camping. And I thought that wasn really, really fun. I really had a good time.

Holman (11m 44s):

I had less of a good time. Yeah.

Lightning (11m 46s):

Well, on Saturday, you had a good time on Friday. Yeah. And on Sunday. Sunday was fine.

Holman (11m 49s):

Yeah. I was able to, and I gave a shout out to my friend Jesse, who owns Summit four by four in Arizona, which is a premier four by four off road shot. He saved your ass. No, he didn’t. He helped me. I had all my tools. He, I, I’ve known Jesse, I’ve got gone wheeling with Jesse. Jesse was walking by and he’s like, Hey, where are you going? I go, I gotta pull my friend drive shaft. He goes, I’ll

Lightning (12m 7s):

Help you. Now, why did he do all the work? I took the pictures because

Holman (12m 9s):

He said he wanted to. And I’m like, oh, you just,

Lightning (12m 11s):

You just laid there and smoked a stokey.

Holman (12m 13s):

I smoked a stokey and I did the bolts on the, on the TK side. And he did the bolts on the other side. And we worked together. He did like, I’d say 80% because he’s my friend. And he’s like, I wanna help you out. And so I was, I I was going out there to do it myself. I had all my tools with me. I was ready to go. And it’s nice to have a friend who owns a shop who’s like, ah, dude, I got time. Let’s do it. You guys

Lightning (12m 34s):

Had that thing in un out, in under an hour.

Holman (12m 36s):

Yeah. And it’s, it’s hard because of how far back. The drive shaft’s very long on that. And it goes past a skid plate and a cross member and it’s really tight with the exhaust in there. So it’s not like you can just get a tool in there. We had like six extensions. 50. Yeah. I remember

Lightning (12m 48s):

He was getting like a 16th of a turn on the

Holman (12m 50s):

Wrench. Yeah, that wasn like an eighth of a turn at a time. Yeah. So that wasn, it took a while, but we got it off and it allowed me to be in two Wheel Drive and the transfer case was doing all of its wacky stuff. But I, I was able to drive it around and then drive home. So one

Lightning (13m 1s):

Of the things that I would’ve liked to have done when I was there just didn’t have time. ’cause you and I were walking around with a microphone, which you guys will hear shortly, is that they had a lot of classes. And I did walk around, oh, they great classes. Classes on that back section. I didn’t realize it first. So when I finally got away from you, I walked way out to the tents and they were doing these really bitching classes. Yep. One was winching, another one was Food on the Road or on the trail. They, they were all so different. And they were all like 45 minutes to an hour long. And I just stood at the back and kinda watched this one and moved on to the next. And I, I would’ve loved to have gone back there and used that mobile app and just basically said, I want to go to this one, this one on Monday or the know Saturday, Sunday this time, two, four, whatever.

Lightning (13m 42s):

That would’ve been fun. And just learned a lot. I didn’t get a chance to soak any of that stuff in.

Holman (13m 47s):

Well you left early so you could’ve done that on Sunday.

Lightning (13m 49s):

I could have, but I had to be at work on Monday. And that was a long drive as that wasn. So don don’t know that wasn kind of, I pushed out and I just bailed on Sunday

Holman (13m 58s):

And Sunday was great. Sunday, Sunday

Lightning (13m 60s):

Was beautiful. Awesome day. I agree. But if I didn’t have to work Monday, I would’ve stayed. I just didn’t want to do that commute at Sunday night. It just me, me,

Holman (14m 8s):

Me, me.

Lightning (14m 9s):


Holman (14m 10s):

So anyway, the AEV booth was great. We were there with O V R Magazine. So Mark Han and I were cruising around with a kudos to bread at American Venture Lab. We’ve had bread on the show before. He does laser cut aluminum. He built us a mobile newsstand in a wagon. And so basically we were going

Lightning (14m 26s):

Around from, oh, the one that was covered all in stickers. Yeah.

Holman (14m 28s):

So everybody we saw were, we were trading stickers, they were slapping stickers on there. O V R WA was all the buzz at, at Expo. People were blown away as first time, a lot of people see the magazine in person. We got a ton of meetings and advertisers, new advertisers out of it. So being able to go and, and show O V R off and, and we had just gotten issue number three, which is great. And by the way, a lot of you guys, you guys have been sending emails after you subscribe to O V R Mag saying, Hey, thanks to The Truck, Show Podcast or thanks to Sean Holman, I’m a subscriber. Appreciate all that stuff. You guys have been tagging us in social. It really helps. I

Lightning (15m 3s):

Hope you’ve been getting a commission off that.

Holman (15m 6s):

Well, I’m a part owner so it’ll all come at some point. Hmm. So anyway, O V R would kick butt. There was a lot of, of just awesome products despite the weather. People out there are very hardy. So try

Lightning (15m 17s):

Out, I would, I buy a couple booths and they were saying that they, there was a, was it K KC lighting had sold out of a couple of products. We went by another, your, your Overland Cookery had sold out. Oh yeah. Those guys are awesome. They sold out of their books. Like there was, there was a lot of action going on. And so Yeah that wasn, that wasn great. If, if you’re into Overland, I recommend you put it on the calendar for next year as soon as they announce the date. Well, and

Holman (15m 39s):

They also have Pacific Northwest coming up Mountain West and east the rest of the year. So, ah, go to to, I think it’s Overland Expo dot com and then you can find out some of the, some of the cool events coming in. Speaking of events, that means we need you guys to send us events for our events calendar@truckshowpodcast.com. So please, if you’ve got a local truck show and we don’t care how small it is, even if it’s cars and coffee, if it’s recurring or if it’s a big event that everybody needs to know about, please send it to us. Because We wanna make sure that we can help promote that for you. And what we’re looking for is anything that somebody could be in their little town going, don don’t know what’s within a hundred miles of here. So that’s why we don’t care about how small it’s, yeah,

Lightning (16m 16s):

I mean it can be a meetup, it can be like a three, four hour meetup on a Saturday. It could be a, a full trail run. I just posted a trail run on there. It

Holman (16m 23s):

Doesn’t have to be trail run. It could be a a, a classic car meet up, burger, whatever.

Lightning (16m 27s):

All sorts of Well no I don. I want to get like classic car meets. I wanna keep a Truckin Jeep related.

Holman (16m 31s):

Are you mental? Have you ever heard of a C 10 or a bump side? F 100. Okay.

Lightning (16m 36s):

If trucks are represented, then yes, we’re in.

Holman (16m 37s):

Yeah, no kidding you, it’s goofus.

Lightning (16m 39s):

Yeah, I’m just saying if it’s truck related, we’re in and we’ll post it. So you guys have been good and sending us a few and we’ll continue to get ’em up on the events calendar ’cause we’re getting some traction on the Google.

Holman (16m 49s):

Yep. And if you haven’t heard from us, we, we get a ton of email and I know that there’s probably some that we missed. If you send something in and then we will respond when we get it. If we haven’t responded, just resend it. It’s not a big

Lightning (17m 0s):

Deal. It’s funny ’cause the guy, the guy from C 10 Slowdown, which is a, a truck show happening in northern California, he had DMed. I put the stuff up and then he emailed back and he goes, Hey, just f y I, I’d love for you guys to put it. I’m like, Hey slacker, that wasn up two weeks ago. He said, oh

Holman (17m 14s):

Sorry. Sometimes I didn notice sometimes we’re fast and sometimes we’re not. Just depends where you catch us in the cycle.

Lightning (17m 18s):

Lightning’s in the name. Alright,

Holman (17m 20s):

Before we start the show, let’s talk about the people that support the show. And first and foremost is Nissan. And if you’re in the market for a half ton or mid-size truck, you wanna head on over to Nissan usa.com or to your local dealer. You can check ’em out in person. You can build in price online. If you need a truck with a really good warranty, the Titan and Titan next XT have a five year, 100,000 mile warranty. If you wanna pick up truck that is honest and just the right size, definitely wanna take a look at the Nissan Frontier. In fact, I was looking at potentially picking up a frontier for myself ’cause I saw they had some pretty good lease rates online. So except

Lightning (17m 52s):

For that one lease rate that was too good to be true, might’ve been too good to be true.

Holman (17m 55s):

And then a week later that wasn gone. It

Lightning (17m 56s):

Disappeared. Yes.

Holman (17m 57s):


Lightning (17m 57s):

Yeah, you guys don’t know this. hold on. Lemme lemme just give some backstory here. Last, during the last show Yeah. When we’re recording it, Holman surfs the internet and he pulls it up on the big screen in our studio here. And he’s looking at Lease and I, we both look at it and he says, I’m thinking about buying this truck for my daughter Marin. And I said, well that can’t be right. That payment is way too low. He goes, I can put down a couple hundred bucks and that wasn like under $200 a month for a brand new freaking frontier. And I go, okay, well my oldest son and

Holman (18m 27s):

It could be a write off.

Lightning (18m 28s):

And my oldest son who’s in college, who’s driving around a beat Scion, is like, he needs something. I just don’t feel comfortable with him going up and down the five freeway at like hundreds of miles to school back and forth in a little car that doesn’t have any airbags. So I’m thinking, oh my God, that is a crazy smoking deal. I’m gonna buy him a truck. and then a week later

Holman (18m 48s):

The the race changed and it’s still a good deal

Lightning (18m 51s):

And it’s gone.

Holman (18m 52s):

But no, it’s, it’s still a good deal. I, I was looking at it ’cause I’m thinking, well I’ve got a kid who’s learning to drive and I can spend, you know, X amount of dollars, a couple hundred bucks a month on a 36 month lease, you know, spend what, 7,500 bucks or something like that. And she can have a new car that’s reliable and you know, maybe get right off off for the company then don don’t have to. Otherwise I’m spending 10 to 12 on something that’s 10 years old with a hundred thousand miles. And if you bump into a curb, your tires don’t care about it. This one has steel wheels. I was looking at a Frontier Crew Cab Ss dude, it’s really hard to beat the price. So Frontier Crew Cab SS four by two, A 23 comes with keyless entry and air conditioning and power windows and locks.

Holman (19m 34s):

You, it has a CarPlay in it and you can add like the tech package for like 900 bucks or something like that and get adaptive cruise control. And I’m like, it’s perfect. It’s like around 30 grand.

Lightning (19m 42s):

It’s the, it’s the perfect first truck.

Holman (19m 44s):

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. so Yeah. Anyway, I’m keeping my eye on it. ’cause I definitely would be, I would not be opposed to adding one to the personal stable.

Lightning (19m 52s):

Alright, so on the way out to Overland, Expo Holman had one of his clients, 74 Weld Quinn, who has been on the show a couple of times. They make those really cool portal axles. He had a brand new 2023 truck that he was gonna debut at the show. So they go out to Goff’s, which is outta the Mojave Desert and they’re doing a little photo shoot and I just kind of tagged along and showed up there and he’s driving the truck around and I know the particular truck and I know it’s sluggish and we’ll talk more about it later on the show. So I had a pedal monster with me, a Banks pedal monster I put it on and Holman you saw Quinn’s reaction. Yeah,

Holman (20m 23s):

He was pretty excited about it.

Lightning (20m 24s):

He was like, he was smiling. So obviously as portal axles it changed the gearing a little bit, but the truck was still sluggish. The engine is the engine. It’s naturally aspirated. That’s it. We put on the pedal monster and he was smiled from ear to ear that wasn just, wow, this is the way that this truck should come off the line. So if you have a truck that just lags in the throttle response department, look up a pedal monster from Banks Banks power.com type in your year make and model. And there’s one for almost every truck on the road. A lot of you have reached out already. I’ve hooked you up with pedal monsters smoking deals through my DMM at L B C Lightning. And it’s the same reaction every single time.

Lightning (21m 6s):

Oh shit. I can’t believe what a difference it made. So Banks power.com, check out your pedal monster no

Holman (21m 13s):

Matter what you drive, whether it’s a brand new base model truck, a older truck, something that’s lifted. If you’re looking for a great set of shocks, head over to bill Bilstein us.com where you can look at the entire range of monotube shocks. Bilstein was the inventor of the Monotube shock and their shocks are some of the highest quality pieces you could buy today. When the road runs out, Bilstein Shocks will keep you going. You can go everything from the direct replacement, 46 hundreds all the way up to the bypass B 8 81 hundreds and everything in between. If you tow, if you have a daily driver, if you see dirt, bill Bilstein has a product for you. In fact, I got to hang out in the booth and spend a bunch of time at Expo with those guys and basically couch surfed in their house.

Holman (21m 53s):

Yeah, he’s great. Did we had that wasn nice. You

Lightning (21m 56s):

Know, you know who didn’t Lightning?

Holman (21m 57s):

Nope. And we, we played pool and had nightcaps every night and watched movies together. that wasn

Lightning (22m 3s):

Great. And you know who didn’t?

Holman (22m 5s):

No, this guy right there. Well, you left early. So

Lightning (22m 6s):

Dude, we drove out together and you peeled off and went to the Bilstein house. Then I went to the fricking Spring Hill Suites.

Holman (22m 11s):

That sounds pretty good.

Lightning (22m 12s):

I mean that wasn okay. Yeah. It wasn’t fun like the Bilstein house. No.

Holman (22m 15s):

Bilstein house was great. Hang out with good people. Good product.

Lightning (22m 18s):

No, I saw your photos. that wasn fun.

Holman (22m 20s):

It get you. I was

Lightning (22m 20s):

Jealous. I’m laying in bed staring at the ceiling and knowing that you’re playing pool with the Bilstein guys. Yeah. Yeah. I, I

Holman (22m 27s):

Suck. Yeah, you earn that over time, so. Oh really? Yeah,

Lightning (22m 30s):

Yeah, yeah. How do I earn it? I have freaking black hockey squares on my truck. What do I gonna do? No

Holman (22m 33s):

Bills came with the truck. My Flad fender even. Is

Lightning (22m 35s):

He gonna be like joining a motorcycle club where we gotta to beat the crap outta me, right?

Holman (22m 39s):

Nah, we don’t jump people in. We just, you just have to hang out in the booth at Overland Expo selling 61 twelves to literally every single person that walks in. You’ll hear some audio later, but we were joking about how popular the 61 12 was for Tacoma owners. And somebody will walk in, they go, I got a Tacoma and blah blah blah. They’re like 61 twelves. Next guy. Hey, I heard about 61 12. Next guy, 61 twelves was just

Lightning (23m 1s):

Like, yeah, I got show 61 12. 61 12 Oh No. This

Holman (23m 4s):

61 twelves in Frontier. Great. Yeah. If you’re looking for shocks, I highly recommend Bill Bilstein. I run ’em on all my personal vehicles and I love

Lightning (23m 11s):

’em. Yeah. So I wanna give a personal shout out to one of the boos that saved my ass from being completely drenched to the bone onX. They were inside. Did you notice that?

Holman (23m 21s):

I did notice they were inside. In fact, they were saying, I was talking to Andy over at onX and he was talking about how the inside area during the rainstorm, they had that wasn packed. Yeah. They had more people talking about onX than the entire show

Lightning (23m 35s):

That wasn mobbed. I was there doing some small talk just to stay out of the rain and Yeah dude, that that was, did

Holman (23m 41s):

You say Hi, I’m, I’m Lightning for The Truck. Show

Lightning (23m 42s):

Podcast. I didn’t, no I didn’t. I just wrote in No, I just, I was a regular schmo there just asking questions about honest. They

Holman (23m 47s):

Sponsor your show,

Lightning (23m 48s):

Dude. I understand that. But I, you’re a partner, I get it. But I wanted to be,

Holman (23m 51s):

They wanna love

Lightning (23m 52s):

You. Listen to me. I wanted to be the average guy. I wanted to roll up. I wanted to hear their pitch, I wanted to hear the about the product, the app, the whole thing. And that’s exactly what they did. So I got the full on pitch. that wasn great. that wasn super personable. I had a good time. Did they

Holman (24m 5s):

Talk about the key features? They did landowner details and trail open dates to weather forecasts. They did All, right? Did you just, they

Lightning (24m 12s):

Talked about CarPlay. They talked about synchronization across all of your devices from your Mac, your pc, your iOS, Android, all of it.

Holman (24m 18s):

They help you discover new trails near Flagstaff to check out your T R X Offroad.

Lightning (24m 23s):

They actually did have a couple of maps pulled up that they were showing off and like if I had more time, I would’ve taken ’em. They

Holman (24m 28s):

Show you how to save your maps for offline use or customize it with markups. Or even better use the new Route builder tool, which is a game changing feature that allows you to not only plan your trip within onX, but also share with your entire crew going out with you. Oh they did? Well then they did their job and we’re doing ours All. right. If you wanna know more about onX, head over to onX Offroad dot com. We can find out all about the new app. You can download it for your phone off the Apple app store or the Google Play Store. You can subscribe and get to exploring today

2 (24m 59s):

The truck show. We’re going to show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what? The truck, because truck rides with the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower end, everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on Diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa.

3 (25m 31s):

It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

Lightning (25m 37s):


2 (25m 38s):

I think that this is

Lightning (25m 39s):

The longest intro we’ve done

Holman (25m 41s):

In a while

2 (25m 42s):


Lightning (25m 43s):

Maybe ever. No,

Holman (25m 44s):

This is not ever, this

Lightning (25m 45s):

Is shy of a half an hour before we started the intro. It’s not

Holman (25m 47s):

Even close. Really? Yeah, we’ve, we’ve done 40 something minutes. ’cause we suck at this job. Really? Yeah, but we have lots of content. Who cares where the intro is?

Lightning (25m 54s):

I think, I don’t know. Does it matter to you guys? ’cause a lot, I listen to a lot of podcasts and the intros are way

Holman (25m 58s):

Up front. Let, let me, let me point something out to, we did

Lightning (26m 0s):

25 minutes to banter before the intro. Stop that.

Holman (26m 2s):

Let’s just listen for a second. When you’re on the front of my house on the sidewalk, is my front door at the sidewalk or do you have to walk up the walkway to get to the front door?

Lightning (26m 13s):

So you’re saying that our show has a setback?

Holman (26m 15s):

We are setback from the curb. The front lawn is where we welcome you, but we don’t introduce who we are until we get to the front door. And here we are Now you’re inside the living room that’s

Lightning (26m 25s):

Comfortable in here

Holman (26m 26s):

All. right. Well let’s play some audio.

2 (26m 27s):

Hey. No that’s not, oh, I

Lightning (26m 32s):

Arrived just in time to get soaked under a massive rain cloud. John, over here at the Toyo booth. Is this normal weather up here? don? Don’t know. I don’t live here. No, I know, but you’re here every year. Yeah. No, you

John (26m 43s):

Don’t know, know what to expect here in Arizona. Right. I’ve been to a lot of Overland expos out here and every year there’s something else, whether it’s a windstorm or rain. I think one year back in the day it snowed, so you never know.

Lightning (26m 55s):

Yeah, I’m looking over there. It’s beautiful blue skies, like wispy clouds and right above us, God’s just gonna urinate on us. Oh

John (27m 2s):

Yeah. I blame you. How? Partly because you know, because

Lightning (27m 5s):

I just rolled in and I brought Oh yeah. I am Lightning. Yeah. Alright, let’s clean up this Toyo booth. We get everything inside your sprinter van. We’ll get over to the media booth. So I roll in and immediately starts raining and I have a lunch with the media crew. and then I roll over and I get about a hundred yards from the media booth where it just completely pouring down. And I go, hell, he has the tent and I race over and I’m and I find Mike, what’s up dude,

Mike Hallmark (27m 31s):

We, we always have what you need. Gone. I’m glad glad you’re here.

Lightning (27m 33s):

I’m, you’ve got the swing bars for the T Rx and the tent when I’m soaked. A hundred

Mike Hallmark (27m 37s):

Percent. I’m not glad you brought the rain, but I’m glad you’re

Lightning (27m 39s):

Here and I’m totally ill prepared. I’m rolling around with my truck show podcast hoodie, which is made out of cotton. It’s not Gore-Tex all absorbed and I’m soaked.

Mike Hallmark (27m 46s):

Oh yes. I’ll give you the jacket off my back. But don don’t know if it’s the same size. This is midget size.

Lightning (27m 51s):

No, you need to stay warm, but you’re rolling around in flip flops and I, I realize that they have a tread on the bottom and they’re quote unquote Offroad flip floss. These are Offroad

Mike Hallmark (27m 57s):


Lightning (27m 57s):

Flops. It looks silly. I gotta be honest. It looks as silly as I do.

Mike Hallmark (28m 1s):

It matches my theme. I’m going for silly.

Lightning (28m 4s):

You’ve been coming to Overland events before Overland was even a thing when people said over what? Overloading overlanding.

Mike Hallmark (28m 11s):

So I call ’em over loaders. I mean Overlanders. Yes. Okay. Well, I mean technically is not new, right? Everybody thinks it is. My grandpa did it in a van. He called it car camping. My ancestors before that, they did it in covered wagons with oxen and I think they called it Manifest Destiny, but yeah. Yeah, it’s brand new, right? It’s a new thing. New thing for Overland. Yeah. But it, but it’s evolved. So,

Lightning (28m 32s):

But when it got the cool title of Overland and then the wife started said, I’ll Overland with you honey. And so it yeah, it evolved from just the boys trip to the family. A hundred percent. And the dog and the wife. Right.

Mike Hallmark (28m 44s):

And the mother-in-law. Yep. Said it. She’s coming too. Let’s go

Lightning (28m 46s):

Now take us through the kind of the, the history of Overland because you have been with the sport. Is it a sport? No, it’s a lifestyle.

Mike Hallmark (28m 53s):

It’s a lifestyle

Lightning (28m 54s):

For so long. First you like, I’m looking out into the parking lot, which is one of the, or the campground I should say. And I see Land Rovers, I see some older vehicles. I feel like those were the OGs of Overland. No.

Mike Hallmark (29m 7s):

Oh, most definitely. One of the, the very first Overland trips was an old series one Land Rover. And it’s famous. It went from London to Singapore. A matter of fact many people have redone that trip. And recently they just redid the trip in the original series. One Land Rover. No kidding. From London to Singapore. But yeah, I mean it’s, it’s the, the lifestyles evolved. The thing I love about Overlanders, they’re laid back people. I typically describe them as hippies that figured out how to make money. So a true overlander would be to build a vehicle that is self-sufficient, self-reliant, and to circumnavigate the globe or whatever they want to do for as long as they possibly can without needing anything or any one. Unfortunately in this capitalistic society, we all need to make money.

Mike Hallmark (29m 49s):

So some people can only do it on the weekends. So, we have the Weekend Warriors, which is just fine. That’s great.

Lightning (29m 54s):

Now you’ve broken up the Overland community into segments and I’d like you to take us through those. I

Mike Hallmark (29m 60s):

Have, I have. And I might offend some people and, and that’s okay. I mean I’m here to do that sometimes. Yes. so Yeah so we’ve got the, the Overlanders, you’ve got the Slover Landers. Oh,

Lightning (30m 9s):


Mike Hallmark (30m 9s):

Landers. Yeah. So the Slover Landers would be your older vehicles, like your old Wait, wait, what’s going on here? We, we just interview

Holman (30m 15s):

You like a few days ago.

Mike Hallmark (30m 16s):

Speaking of Slover Landers,

Holman (30m 18s):

This guy right here. I I want you to call it Gover Lander ’cause I go fast.

Mike Hallmark (30m 23s):

Debatable. 3 9 2 Pal. Oh my bad. I forgot. I forgot you had to that you, you punched some powwow.

Lightning (30m 28s):

Mike is taking us through the various categories of overlanders. Okay. So. we, so far we’re at slower overlanders. So we’ve

Mike Hallmark (30m 33s):

Got slower lander. So that’d be more your, your older 79 series. Other

Holman (30m 37s):

Than 79 year olds.

Mike Hallmark (30m 39s):

They could be that could be two. Yeah. Your old Land Rovers, ones that are your passing doing 57 and they’re still going slow. What the, what the heck’s going on there? Okay, then we’ve got your rover landers. Rover

Lightning (30m 51s):

Landers, landers.

Holman (30m 52s):

This is Rover Landers.

Mike Hallmark (30m 53s):

And then that’s, so that what you’re gonna see with a mid to long travel system. Those,

Holman (30m 57s):

Those are the guys that built up a T R D Pro as their Overland rig.

Mike Hallmark (31m 1s):

Yes. And or a forerunner A G S X with a mid travel. They got a rough top tent, but they want to do 70 miles an hour across the desert. Yep.

Lightning (31m 8s):

And that’s why King is here.

Mike Hallmark (31m 10s):

A hundred percent. I would agree with that statement. All the performance suspension,

Holman (31m 13s):

The where does go Lander fit in? I’m in, I’m in between

Mike Hallmark (31m 16s):

You. You just made that up actually. Which

Lightning (31m 17s):

Fine. You’re a tweener.

Holman (31m 18s):

Which I’m tweener. Yeah. Go Gover Landing is somebody who isn’t bro, doesn’t have tall black socks, but also likes going fast, but also likes having nice things and good suspension but doesn’t need to race their chase Baja. Okay. Just here’s the gover lander. I wanna drive a hundred miles during the day between camp spots, but I want get there by two 30 so I can set up in the sun and enjoy camping for a while.

Mike Hallmark (31m 38s):

I like that. That’s a good definition. That Doesn. I’ll

Holman (31m 40s):

Take That. Doesn make, that’s go over landing. Okay.

Lightning (31m 41s):

So Gover Landing, you got Bover landing and Slover landing. What else?

Mike Hallmark (31m 44s):

Oh, we’ve got F landing F over landing.

Lightning (31m 46s):


Holman (31m 46s):

The mo crawlers.

Mike Hallmark (31m 47s):

Exactly. That’s the, the

Holman (31m 48s):

Rotax that aren’t even UV faded because they’ve been in the garage the whole time. A

Mike Hallmark (31m 53s):

Hundred percent. Yeah. Yes. The the all show No go. So Bover, gover, clover, slover, ver Oh, I’m sure there’s other variations too.

Holman (32m 3s):

Yeah, that’s other But they’re, they’re, they’re not proper for this family show,

Mike Hallmark (32m 7s):

Right? That is correct.

Lightning (32m 8s):

Okay. So this, you’ve been coming to this show for eight years. Yes. Right. And how have you seen this show evolve? Alright,

Holman (32m 13s):

Jay has this covered clearly, so I’ll see you guys later. Bye. Okay,

Lightning (32m 16s):

Bye. How has Overland Expo evolved?

Mike Hallmark (32m 20s):

So Overland Expo West has changed locations. When I first started going that wasn in at Mormon Lake, so still here in Flagstaff, but that wasn on private property out in the field, which made it that wasn more rugged. We had years where there was rain and snow and we were digging trenches to let water out of our booze and we were ripping up bales of hay sounds. That gentleman knows he

Lightning (32m 42s):

Was there. Sounds fun and miserable.

Mike Hallmark (32m 44s):

That wasn miserably awesome. It’s like miserably awesome. It’s like doing the Baja 1000. Okay. And it’s wonderful. It’s horrible. It’s absolutely gut wrenching, but I’ll do it again tomorrow. that wasn there, that wasn a good event. But as Overland gained popularity and more people were coming, they just need a bigger space. So now it’s at Fort Tohill County Park here in Flagstaff proper. And now I’ve just seen it grow.

Lightning (33m 7s):

Freaking massive, massive, massive. You,

Mike Hallmark (33m 9s):

You need the three days, you need three days to come and talk to everybody and see what’s going on. I

Lightning (33m 13s):

Was told that there’s over 400 vendors, of which you’re the first that we’ve spoken to and I don’t think I’m gonna get to the other 399.

Mike Hallmark (33m 21s):

Well there again in true Flagstaff fashion it is now raining. so Yeah

Lightning (33m 25s):

All. right. Well love you Mike. Congrats with the product line. You’re gonna kill it out here with Hellwig. And I’m enjoying the sway bars on the T R X. Awesome. I love, love it. I’m loving Clover leaves in a whole new way right now. I

Mike Hallmark (33m 35s):

Told you, I told you you would.

Lightning (33m 36s):

It just, it, it feels almost like it’s two Wheel drive now where I can swing the ass and out where I couldn’t before it. just a totally different feel. Yeah. Race car. So thank you. Yeah. Race car. Not a problem at all. Race car. Thanks buddy. Have it.

Mike Hallmark (33m 49s):

Have a good one. Have

Lightning (33m 54s):

Holman something smells so good. I have to stop here. Are you okay with that?

Holman (33m 57s):

Yeah. Because I know these guys and I’ve eaten their food before.

Lightning (34m 0s):

Tell me about Overland Cookery. What do, what do you know about ’em? How are you familiar with

Holman (34m 4s):

’em? Well, they have Overland in the name and cooking in the name, so, so it’s you Basically everything I love in one place.

Lightning (34m 9s):

There’s no whiskey or bourbon in the name though.

Holman (34m 11s):

Oh. But when you go out with them and they feed you there is Oh really? Not in the name. It’s, it’s silent. Is this

Lightning (34m 17s):

A secret menu? Yeah, exactly.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (34m 18s):

Let’s see. Off menu items. Yeah, I know it’s a very descriptive name. Overland Cookery. Yeah.

Lightning (34m 22s):

Who are we with? What do

Jason/ Overland Cookery (34m 22s):

You do? I’m Jason Raub. I’m the owner of Overland Cookery. I authored the cookbook Overland Cookery. Same thing. This is right

Holman (34m 27s):

Here behind us. Yep.

Lightning (34m 28s):

That is a mammoth hard hardbound book. Holy mackerel. Thank

Jason/ Overland Cookery (34m 32s):

You. This is a second edition. Just came out this year. We’ve tripled the recipes. There’s 96 recipes every,

Holman (34m 37s):

Do you have mackerel in any of your recipes?

Jason/ Overland Cookery (34m 39s):

Mackerel. Well

Holman (34m 40s):

You said holy mackerel. So

Jason/ Overland Cookery (34m 41s):

I have smoked herring. Oh, close pepper snacks, tomato. Close you on that one. But no, all the recipes are based off the most perishable ingredient. So you can meal plan out multiple days up to two weeks and not have food go bad in cold storage. Dude, super smart.

Holman (34m 53s):

That’s awesome.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (34m 54s):

Yeah. Very powerful tool for overlanding.

Lightning (34m 55s):

Well let’s back up. How did you, you were a chef before you started this. Like what’s the

Jason/ Overland Cookery (35m 1s):

Backstory? This is a passion project. Yeah. I’ve always loved food and I wrote the cookbook as a passion project on the side and started getting a request for doing meal service for events outdoors. And it just exploded from there luckily.

Lightning (35m 12s):

But again, were you a chef? Like how did you know how to do all this?

Jason/ Overland Cookery (35m 15s):

Oh yeah. I’ve loved cooking for a long time. And you’ve

Holman (35m 17s):

Ladies is my food. Am I a chef?

Lightning (35m 20s):

You are a, I guess I would call you a chef. No,

Holman (35m 22s):

I was gonna say no because I’m not classically trained. I just love it. So I mean, but I

Lightning (35m 25s):

Think at some point you become a defacto chef. Were you a professional chef? I,

Jason/ Overland Cookery (35m 29s):

I was not a professional chef and I wouldn’t call myself a chef per se. I’m a cook. Yeah. I love food.

Holman (35m 35s):

I create same thing.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (35m 35s):

Yeah. But by default in fact that we’re running this company and I’m the head chef then. Yeah, sure. You can call me a chef.

Lightning (35m 42s):

Okay. And what inspired you to write this book?

Jason/ Overland Cookery (35m 45s):

I’ve always loved food. I’ve always loved good food and I wanted to get away from what I call standard camping fair, which is hot dogs preserved meats. Yeah. Hamburgers, things like that. Sure. And with a little bit of meal planning up front, you can have really good, excellent, creatively developed meals and really enjoy the outdoors, bring people together on incredible food and elevate your entire outdoor experience. So here we’ve

Holman (36m 6s):

Got this cool camping trailer or cooking trailer here. We’ve been out in the campsite. How about linens on the table? How about lobster on the trail? You’re kidding me. How about a bar with all the libations that you could ever want at the end of a craft dusty day craft

Jason/ Overland Cookery (36m 20s):

Cocktail? Yep. Wine pairings, grilled lobster tail.

Lightning (36m 22s):

Where are you setting up? Shop next that I can join in

Holman (36m 24s):

Right here. Look, they’re making food right now. I didn’t know it

Lightning (36m 27s):


Jason/ Overland Cookery (36m 27s):

So good. Just my breakfast off for a demo. I see eggs

Holman (36m 29s):

And sausage

Lightning (36m 30s):

Bacon and Oh my,

Jason/ Overland Cookery (36m 31s):

Yeah, we got at traditional British breakfast. So stewed tomatoes with fresh thyme and shallots, roasted mushrooms.

Holman (36m 36s):

Please tell me, you have corrected the one mistake of a traditional British breakfast and that’s not undercook. The eggs

Jason/ Overland Cookery (36m 44s):

Not under because every

Holman (36m 45s):

Time I go to the UK it’s like everything needs like three more minutes. Yeah. The

Jason/ Overland Cookery (36m 49s):

Europeans have a a wet sc scrambled egg. Yeah, they do. Which is not an American preference. It’s not.

Holman (36m 53s):

They also

Jason/ Overland Cookery (36m 54s):

Have blood sausage. Yeah. Which is equally not an American

Holman (36m 56s):

Preference. And it’s very mealy. Yes. Like when you bite it into it, it’s, it’s so, but their big beans are like right on point. So to me it’s like everybody goes, go to Britain, have an English breakfast. And the first time I had it that wasn like, well yeah, not so

Jason/ Overland Cookery (37m 7s):

Great. Yeah. Ours a little bit lighter. And it’s actually great for vegetarians too if you omit the meat. Yeah. ’cause the stewed tomatoes and mushrooms are just incredible. You can eat that by themselves. And

Lightning (37m 15s):

So as you’re developing this book, who were you bouncing these ideas off of? Like friends, family?

Jason/ Overland Cookery (37m 21s):

Initially the first edition was, yeah, friends and family. I wrote it. I actually broke my leg and I was in the hospital. Not sure what I was gonna do. My previous professional background was in public health, public health nutrition specifically. Okay. It’s always food related. And I broke my leg in a hiking accident and was in the hospital that wasn like okay, let’s plan our next trip. And so we’re gonna do Death Valley and I’m working out the menu ’cause we always like have good food when we go out and I’m thinking in my public health mind like, this should be an analytical way to plan this So. we don’t have anything go bad. And I’m like, well actually so much to write a cookbook about this. And I’m just like, actually that should be me. That’s me. Yeah. I literally, I wrote the first book and I think like five months tested all the recipes and a lot of it we’d already been doing when we go out anyways ’cause he’s been over landing Yeah. Camping for years.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (38m 1s):

You’re right.

Holman (38m 1s):

Exactly. Yeah.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (38m 2s):

And got it published and started selling it here and it just taken off. He makes it

Lightning (38m 6s):

So, so easy. Just got it published and it took off. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (38m 10s):

And then all the, we went from 32 to 96 recipes for the second edition and a lot of these are field tested from our corporate events that we do. Awesome. So So it’s

Holman (38m 18s):

Overland Cookery dot com is where people go to find out more about you and if they’ve got an event where they wanna hire you, they can do it through there as well. Exactly.

Jason/ Overland Cookery (38m 24s):

Yep. We’ve got booking forms, we do private chef events for, we can do weddings, we can do media events. We, we do a lot of corporate media events. Where are you based? We have two operating units. One in Tucson, Arizona, one in San Jose, California. Okay.

Lightning (38m 36s):

And what if someone is, you know, a thousand miles away? Do you travel?

Jason/ Overland Cookery (38m 40s):

We can. It’s where the client wants this and what they’re willing to pay. Really. If they want a, an elevated outdoor dining experience on a ridge line in a remote area, we can get there anywhere. You can take a four runner or a Land Cruiser, we can get our outdoor kitchen. Love

Holman (38m 52s):

It. Fantastic. Congratulations. Well thanks. Thanks for the food and congrats on the success of the business and we’ll catch up with you soon. Well

Lightning (38m 57s):

Hold on saying, you said thanks for the food. Is he gonna feed us? No,

Holman (38m 59s):

I’ve eaten his food before. You haven’t. The

Jason/ Overland Cookery (39m 1s):

Book’s available on Barnes and noble.com? Oh

Holman (39m 3s):

Also Barnes and Noble. There you go. Along with O V R magazine. Just saying, there we go.

Lightning (39m 7s):

It looks like I’m just gonna walk away hungry. You might sucks. You want some

Jason/ Overland Cookery (39m 11s):

Food? I can get you some

Lightning (39m 12s):

Food. Oh, he’s my buddy All. right. Oman. We’re waiting for this guy to free up. We’re outside of the Yankum Ropes booth here and I’m seeing an interesting fair lead. I want to talk to the, this guy about it.

Holman (39m 25s):

All, right? Yeah. It’s a aluminum hostile fair lead, but it has the, it’s machined out so you can hook your rope around it so that it stays close to the, the winch and the bumper and it’s not exposed as much to the uv. So that’s a pretty cool idea.

Lightning (39m 37s):

What’s your name? Shane. Shane? Yes. Do you own the company?

Shane/ Yankum.com (39m 40s):

I do not. I wish I did. Oh

Lightning (39m 42s):


Holman (39m 42s):

It must been just really successful.

Shane/ Yankum.com (39m 44s):

Yes. You know, it’s been awesome. We, we’ve, we started in 2018 and it has been an upward exponential trajectory for us. We’re made in Idaho, so everything you see, we, we hand finish there. We actually do braiding there in our own warehouse and then all these awesome aluminum parts as well. We do in Idaho. so Yeah

Holman (40m 2s):

Your aluminum fair lead here, basically we’re just describing as a Haas that has some machining out of it to fit the eye of the rope around the end and that keeps the synthetic rope less exposed to UV and back on the winch drum where it’s safer.

Shane/ Yankum.com (40m 13s):

You got it. You got it. We call it the groove fair lead. so Yeah your, your eye of your winch. We take out the thimble, we take out the hook, it’s a four inch eye and it just buries nicely right in there. So when you’re sucking your winch line back in, you just pop it right in and yeah, everything’s basically hidden. You do have a couple exposed parts, uvs gonna hit it, but it’s much better than the big tongue wagging outta the front of your winch line.

Holman (40m 32s):

Sure. Essentially the rocks hitting it and abrasion and all

Shane/ Yankum.com (40m 35s):

That kind of stuff. Yeah, that’s, that’s the best part. There’s a great video with f rats on YouTube where they smack it right into those rocks in San Hollow. Not, not a scratch on

Holman (40m 43s):

It doesn’t even touch the, the rope. ’cause the rope ends up being recessed past the face of the fair lead, which is people.

Lightning (40m 49s):

Correct. Do you have a patent on it yet?

Shane/ Yankum.com (40m 51s):

We got the patent on it. Yeah. Nice. Congrats. It’s got a patented fair lead and so for quite some time we’ll be the only ones carrying that. That’ll be awesome. So, we actually make it for, you know, full-size rigs. We do it for offset bolt patterns. Cool. We do it for competition wide drums and side by side. So you’ve

Holman (41m 5s):

Probably got a two inch, two and a half inch thickness to bring ’em out on some of the bigger stuff. Yeah. so

Shane/ Yankum.com (41m 10s):

Yeah we’re, yeah, we’re one and a half inch. One and a half okay. On this. Yeah. So, and then we type three hard anodize them. So hardest coating you can get on them. We will be coming out with some colors though here pretty soon. So I,

Holman (41m 19s):

I’m sure that’s probably been a big as for people. It

Shane/ Yankum.com (41m 21s):

Is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Lightning (41m 22s):

How do your Ropes differ from your competition?

Shane/ Yankum.com (41m 24s):

I don’t want, I don’t know much about the competition. They sell kinetic Ropes. We all stretch. Right. What I can tell you is we are made in Burleigh, Idaho, we actually have machinery in-house. That’s the only thing I could tell you. I know a hundred percent for sure is we braid it from A to Z. Yeah. I mean it’s a, it’s

Holman (41m 39s):

A and there’s companies that buy marine rope or things like that and or there’s a lot of overseas product out there. Yeah. You guys are taking the raw material, braiding it, making your own rope out of it in-house.

Shane/ Yankum.com (41m 47s):

Absolutely. We, we, we test, we have a high standard that we’re working towards and we’re always, it, it allows us to devise new things, you know, really test out strengths and really bring something to the market that fits every single need that we need to fill. You

Lightning (42m 1s):

Can be quick on your feet.

Shane/ Yankum.com (42m 2s):

Exactly. I mean, yeah. Especially with colors, with co-branding and other stuff, with even some other companies that we’re working with. Sure. To help them get a rope too. High quality American made Ropes. So then

Holman (42m 11s):

That’s what we

Lightning (42m 12s):

Need. Truck show podcast Ropes

Holman (42m 14s):

To hang ourselves. No,

Lightning (42m 15s):

No, no.

Holman (42m 16s):

We do that verbally all the time.

Shane/ Yankum.com (42m 18s):

It’s really bad. See we got these big two inches here you can beat each other with. It’s a great,

Holman (42m 21s):

Oh, we should do that. Yeah, that would be great. Can I, can I beat Lightning with one of these? No. See

Lightning (42m 25s):

You guys. See you. Later. Ow. Damn.

Holman (42m 27s):

That hurts. Yeah. This thing’s pretty heavy. Holy

Lightning (42m 29s):

Me. Would you cut it out? Put it down. so

Holman (42m 32s):

Yeah, I’m, I’m just gonna take this with me to

Lightning (42m 34s):

Dig you now. hold on. I’m gonna get this thing outta my pants and it’s gonna hurt as much as that. Just be

Holman (42m 37s):

Careful. So,

Doug/ Falken Tire (42m 38s):


Shane/ Yankum.com (42m 38s):

We got one we call Shrek around here somewhere. So,

Lightning (42m 41s):

Fantastic. How do people see these? Let’s equipment online.

Shane/ Yankum.com (42m 44s):

So go to Yankum Ropes dot com or yank ’em dot com. Y A N K U m.com. Perfect.

Holman (42m 51s):

Beautiful. Thank you. Absolutely.

Lightning (42m 52s):


Shane/ Yankum.com (42m 52s):

Thank you. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it.

Holman (42m 57s):

Standing with the man who is the most brilliant marketer in the history of marketers yesterday, because he gave every single attendee a Falcon Poncho.

Doug/ Falken Tire (43m 6s):

Well, I wouldn’t say everyone, but man, we gave out 150 ponchos in probably 15 minutes yesterday. I think

Lightning (43m 14s):

I saw

Holman (43m 14s):

All of ’em. I saw all of them too. Yeah. They were the only people that were still walking around because they weren’t soaking wet. Yeah, that

Doug/ Falken Tire (43m 19s):

Wasn great advertising for us. I mean, you got 150 people walking around advertising for you. that wasn. That’s great. that wasn beautiful. that wasn Eric Carlos, a specialist for Offroad. He brought ’em, he thought of it. I mean that wasn a great call out.

Holman (43m 32s):

Well, we’re here right now in the Falcon booth with our good friend Doug Fletcher. And you guys are showing off your new Wild Peak RT Tire, which is sort of the tweener between the really successful a T three and your mt man. They, the a t that wasn A three W, right?

Doug/ Falken Tire (43m 46s):

A T three W. Yes. That’s

Holman (43m 47s):

A great all-terrain tire. Super durable. We’ve been on a bunch of trips together on that tire. Oh yeah. But I’m really curious about the, the new rt. The

Doug/ Falken Tire (43m 55s):

RT has performed exceptionally well so far this year. We have it on the Falcon Jeep and it’s really done everything we’ve asked it to do. And the cool thing Sean, is that being that I wanna really put a good test to it, I didn’t air down for hardly anything. So we’re, we’re running at 32 to 35 P S I and we crawled concrete pipes at 35 p s i down interior to SEO and just having a outstanding time with it. Now,

Lightning (44m 27s):

Hold on. Was that a test or were you just being lazy?

Doug/ Falken Tire (44m 29s):

No, that wasn a test. We actually want to really put it to it and, and give that tire some good shots. Good. You know, recognition and everything else. And be able to talk like this with someone as famous as you. No,

Holman (44m 43s):


Lightning (44m 43s):

Oh, don’t even hardly don’t blow up his ego like that. Please, dear God. Geez.

Doug/ Falken Tire (44m 47s):

How many times have we been out together

Holman (44m 49s):

Sean? Oh, many, many times. Yeah. Not as famous as Falcon Poncho was yesterday. Yeah. I’ll tell you that much.

Doug/ Falken Tire (44m 54s):

The artsy has been a huge success for us. It’s, it is in between thet and the at, but it’s more on the empty casing.

Holman (45m 1s):

So you got thatt durability and puncture resistance with a little bit of a milder tread still looks cool. It’s more aggressive than the at tire tread. So it’s that person that wants an MT but doesn’t necessarily want any of the penalties that might come or the trade-offs of going to an MT tire in terms of maybe noise and handling.

Doug/ Falken Tire (45m 17s):

Well, it’s super

Holman (45m 18s):

Quiet. Yeah. I love that. s not loud. No, it’s not loud at all. The T’S actually one of the quieter MTS on the market.

Doug/ Falken Tire (45m 23s):

The other thing that’s that’s been added into it is we brought in a feature that we call hd. Okay. Which is heavy duty. So that wasn really designed for towing capabilities.

Holman (45m 33s):


Doug/ Falken Tire (45m 33s):

Great. Okay. So anything you’re gonna tow with it, if you get the DUR spec technology, which is our, our five ply casing and then the HD on it, you, you’ve got a winner.

Holman (45m 43s):

Are you talking about E and F load rating for tow rigs, A D P S I, things like that. Correct.

Doug/ Falken Tire (45m 47s):

Okay. Yeah. E and F ratings in it. And it’s so far doing an awesome job. Like I said, it’s on our Jeep and I wheeled with you on it. Yep. When we did the Mojave Desert. Yep. And you saw me plow through the sand. I mean we were in what, maybe a foot deep of sand

Holman (46m 3s):

That Oh at least. Yeah. There’s a lot of people getting stuck and a lot of winches coming out and you guys, you know, powered right through that. so Yeah

Doug/ Falken Tire (46m 8s):

So that’s, that’s a huge success for us. and then coming soon, a sneak peek, I’m gonna release it with you.

Holman (46m 15s):

Okay. I like it because I

Doug/ Falken Tire (46m 16s):

Know you so well. We are giving the a T three W very well-known tire. Yeah. A facelift. And it’s gonna change to the A T four W. Okay. So we’re gonna improve the sidewall on it. Some very slight, slight tweaks ’cause it’s hard to take something great Right. And make it greater. Sure. But we’re gonna do it and then the MT in two years we’ll get a facelift and we’ll bring out the M T O two. Okay. So our, our whole truck line is gonna be new within two years.

Holman (46m 48s):

And one of the technologies that you guys have that’s great for wheeling and you know, being an enthusiast focused brand is if you look around the bead of the tire, you’ve got those little cooling blocks that are molded into the tire around the bead for people that air down. Obviously know we, we know heat is the enemy of tires. Yes. And you guys have created a way for airflow to pull heat out of the tire, which I think is pretty novel and something that serves this community really well. No, wait, tell me where those beads are. Well, you could

Doug/ Falken Tire (47m 16s):

See, so it’s there, there’s little squares right down by the area. See

Holman (47m 20s):

Little square triangle squares there area. Yeah,

Lightning (47m 22s):

I see ’em. Yep.

Doug/ Falken Tire (47m 23s):

It just like having an air cooled engine. Yep. So your motorcycle, your Volkswagen, anything like that. We’ve taken that technology and built it into a sidewall because when you air down you’re gonna generate a ton of heat and now you’re gonna be able to cool the sidewall and keep that, that integrity in your sidewall when you do air down. So that’s just one of the features our A T three W and one of the things that that makes it so successful is our patented siping on it and the way that it interlocks and creates a biting edge in snow. ’cause it is three peak Mountain Snowflake rated another huge success in our tires. You know, it just a blast working for this company. Falcon Tire is probably the easiest company you’re ever gonna work with.

Doug/ Falken Tire (48m 8s):

We love talking to the public. We’re out here giving away goodies, like you said. Yeah. We had a huge advertising push yesterday with 150 people walking around and based on the weather it’s looking like we might have to find out

Holman (48m 22s):


Lightning (48m 22s):

Doesn, I’m Look at that blue sky hoping it stays.

Doug/ Falken Tire (48m 25s):

It’s a huge success. And we’ve got some other things I can’t let out of the bag right now.

Holman (48m 30s):

All. right. Well we’ll come back.

Doug/ Falken Tire (48m 31s):

But we may be when

Lightning (48m 32s):

You’re drunk. Yeah, I’ve done that before. We have done

Holman (48m 35s):

That before.

Doug/ Falken Tire (48m 37s):

We’ve got some stuff where we’re gonna step up and go into 4,400 class. Awesome. And, and some art compound stuff. All, right. That we’re working on. So hopefully everything goes through and it’s very successful and we just continue to keep building on the Wild Peak family. so Yeah

Holman (48m 56s):

Very popular tire, especially the Overland market and Offroading. And like I said, we’ve been on a bunch of trips together, so congrats on the success of the tire line and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more cool stuff with you in the future.

Doug/ Falken Tire (49m 5s):

Yeah. Way. Cool. And you know me, I always love working with you.

Holman (49m 9s):

Absolutely. Jay. Not so much though. Nope,

Lightning (49m 11s):

Nope. No. Did you wanna hear

Holman (49m 12s):

My new podcast as co-host?

Doug/ Falken Tire (49m 14s):

Jay’s a great sidekick. He does a great job to hold everything.

Holman (49m 18s):


Lightning (49m 18s):

See you guys later. That’s

Doug/ Falken Tire (49m 19s):

Like Robin the Batman, right?

Holman (49m 21s):

Oh yeah. I start calling you Robin.

Lightning (49m 23s):

I’m Robin the Batman. Yeah.

Holman (49m 24s):

You know where you start getting emails from listeners? It’s gonna be, Hey Robin and Holman. It’s gonna be

Lightning (49m 28s):

Great. There you go. I’m not wearing the suit though.

Doug/ Falken Tire (49m 31s):

Come on

Lightning (49m 35s):

All. right. Holman. We’re in one of my favorite booth Factor 55 and wor in so many good brands. What’s happening?

Justin/ Factor55 (49m 40s):

Factor 50. Yeah.

Holman (49m 44s):

At Moab when I saw you. Yeah. I did not have a chance to see you demonstrate the fit. Ooh. Could you demonstrate the fit for us

Justin/ Factor55 (49m 50s):

Again? We’re actually gonna be

Lightning (49m 51s):

Doing, wait, what is this?

Justin/ Factor55 (49m 52s):

So this is our fast fit. We released this like five years ago. It’s SEMA So. we won a new product reward when we this. So wire basket fits like this have existed for a long time, even in the marine industry. But what we did is we were able to, we broke it apart into two pieces. So it became a patentable product. Right? So now we offer this thing so you can actually use this and if you break your winch line, you can fix it on the trail that matter

Lightning (50m 12s):

Or what? No kidding. So if you have a broken rope,

Justin/ Factor55 (50m 14s):

You just put this down, open the end of the wire basket, stick this right into the back end of this, that grabs onto the end of the rope. Once you measure the tail length for how deep you need to bury this, you just come through here, you push the fibers together, you stick the fid needle right through there. That starts to create the loop at the end of the line. Then you simply take this back around, open the fibers up again, stuff the needle down through the center, through the hollow core. And you simply bury the tail right down through the inside. You cheat that all the way down. As soon as you get the tail to come out, you take the fi needle off with the wire basket, slide that thing down and you just put your rope right back together. Boom.

Holman (50m 47s):

Just braided it. Boom. So here’s the deal. Dang, that was horrible audio. Yeah, but that wasn really cool in person.

Lightning (50m 53s):

We, you know, we need to share this video to our Instagram.

Holman (50m 55s):

So, so basically it, it is like, it looks like a pen with a ba, a wire basket on the backside of it. It comes apart and you do all the things that Justin just said. It’s a

Lightning (51m 1s):

Giant sewing needle with a Chinese finger toy at one end. Exactly.

Justin/ Factor55 (51m 5s):

So you can make your own wind line extensions your own soft shackles. You can do all that Repair, fix your rope if you’re out in the trail in the back country. Right.

Holman (51m 11s):

All. right. We need to have you come back because I wanna do something on like the 10 things wrong that people do in recoveries. Right. No dude, I’m serious. Like, because I’ve been working on some stuff and I’m like, I need, I need Justin to, to help people out because I’ve seen some really wonky stuff lately. Oh yeah. Then I think I think it would be All. right? Soft shackles. We’ve talked about ’em before, but why are soft shackles awesome? And when do you not use a soft shackle? Oh

Justin/ Factor55 (51m 39s):

You know, that’s a real, well that’s

Holman (51m 41s):

’cause people are starting to stack ’em. They’re stacking metal shackles with soft shackles.

Justin/ Factor55 (51m 45s):

Yeah. I think a lot of times what it really comes into is thinking about putting ’em around something sharp. But that’s also what we have a new product release that’s coming out here. Oh,

Holman (51m 52s):

Nice. Detective sleeve.

Justin/ Factor55 (51m 53s):

That was a nice segue right there. So this is actually gonna be called the ultra guard. So we’ve been working with our rigging supplier to come up with this material for a long time. And what this is, it’s actually woven dyma, right. Which is this ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and a high dense polyester fiber. And so what this is, is it’s actually gonna be a tool to essentially be cut proof. So it’s not, it’s not like a Kevlar sleeve, it’s not like a piece of cordia. You’re just sliding over the top of soft shackle. This is gonna be an actual tool to add to any soft shekel that you have. And it, it kind of works like this. Right. Take your knife out, you got this material right through here.

Holman (52m 32s):

You are a man of that exquisite taste, my friend. That’s amazing. Because I also carry the bench made crooked river. Oh see Look at

Justin/ Factor55 (52m 38s):

That. Look at that. Yeah. Those are our nice, yours is slightly bigger than my Sean. I’m just saying I got the little guy, but, so

Holman (52m 43s):

I also have the little guy, but not in wood. Oh yeah. I reserved wood for the big one.

Justin/ Factor55 (52m 47s):

So as you can see Right. Just stab him right through that like, dude, it’s no,

Lightning (52m 51s):

No, no, no. You weren’t stabbing right through it. You were unable to stab through it. that wasn a feeble attempt my friend. Yeah,

Holman (52m 56s):

Exactly. So does that allow you to use the soft shackle in places you otherwise wouldn’t use it? Exactly. You, you can totally replace your metal shackles.

Justin/ Factor55 (53m 2s):

So when you’re trying to get around something sharp or something that might be damaged, especially when it comes to like farm equipment or more importantly when it comes to the industrial end for like the towing industry. Now all of a sudden, you know, when you think about the tow trucks, a lot of these guys that are recovering those vehicles, they only can get through the Wheel. Right? Right. You’re talking about a steel Wheel with little circles. And as soon as that starts to move, it’s like a pizza cutter. It just cuts right through everything that they stick through there for rigging purposes. Yep. And this will prevent any of that stuff from failing.

Lightning (53m 26s):

It’s amazing. And it’s so light. You’d never know that this was cut proof. I’m holding it in my hand. It’s weird, but

Holman (53m 30s):

Hold it over your heart. I’m gonna pull out my bench made and we’re gonna just, dude,

Lightning (53m 34s):

If John Wayne Bobbit had had this on in like early nineties, like

Holman (53m 39s):

Don’t date yourself, man. That’s a really weird reference. That was good

Lightning (53m 42s):

Though. But he knew.

Holman (53m 43s):

He knew. He knew he did. Half people listening are shaking their head and being cringe. Cringing right now. that wasn a little

Lightning (53m 49s):

Cringey. Yeah.

Holman (53m 50s):

Can we get you on the show soon? Absolutely. Man, we come back. Yeah,

Justin/ Factor55 (53m 53s):

A hundred percent. I love being on the show last time, man. I think you guys killed it. You guys killed it. We

Lightning (53m 56s):

Appreciate that. That’s very, that’s very good. We’re gonna do a segment because Holman is the, the the consummate off rotor and I’m the newbie, right. I’m the street guy and I’m trying to outfit my truck to make sure I don’t die when he ditches me in the desert. So he’s gonna write a list of the 10 things that I need. Listen, and people like me.

Holman (54m 12s):

This is, this is, this is wrong. The he, the way he explained it to you and is wrong, I wouldn’t ditch him. What I would do is I would go to a hilltop about half a mile away. I’d pull out my awesome monocular and I would keep my eye on him and just see if he had what it takes. Right. About the point where he dehydrates shrivels up and die. I would come in with water. Water, he’d

Lightning (54m 29s):

Be like, I’m here to rescue

Holman (54m 30s):

You. That’s right. Yeah. and then that way I can The hero car. Yeah, absolutely. Lightning

Lightning (54m 33s):

Perfect. I I am an Eagle scout I. don don. Don’t think it would come in handy. It’s been so long. Yeah,

Holman (54m 38s):

That’s probably true. Yeah. All right. Well we’re gonna have you back. Thanks for hanging out with us. Thank you guys for the, for a little bit here at the Expo and that’s awesome. We, we talked to Rob. We haven’t seen Rob in a while. It’s all good. Whatever you want. No, we’re gonna come and talk to Rob now. Alright, we’re

Lightning (54m 50s):

Move over here to Rob

Holman (54m 51s):

Spencer. Rob,

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (54m 52s):

How’s it going guys? Last

Holman (54m 53s):

Time Rob was on, he was doing marketing for another aftermarket company. what you doing now? Yeah,

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (54m 58s):

So basically I’m all, you’re busy all the time. I’m mall charity. I’m mall charity. So from there I kind of just retired and started a charity called Project Hill of Land. We work a lot direct with us Forest Service, California parks, especially in our local area down there in that southern California hot pocket of like big bear and all that. And we do everything from tree planting to O H V staging, area building to fence Repair and putting in new fences and all. Doesn’t

Lightning (55m 23s):

Sound like you’re doing a good job at retirement.

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (55m 25s):

That’s actually very true.

Holman (55m 26s):

They’re very busy guy.

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (55m 27s):

That’s actually very true. All the way to like where we recently, founder Lane is in the education side of this stuff, which is red. We just wrapped up, probably this was a couple months ago. We just wrapped up this very cool project where he took three classrooms of third graders work with California parks on hatching trout in the classroom, getting ’em, growing them to the appropriate age and releasing ’em in the local lake down there. And that

Holman (55m 54s):

Was fun, dude. That’s crazy

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (55m 55s):

Fun. That was a lot of fun.

Holman (55m 56s):

And then people eat them for dinner. Yeah.

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (55m 58s):

And then we didn’t wanna break those little kids’ hearts by telling them you’re releasing them. That guy across the lake is catching them. It’s the circle of life. It’s the circle of

Holman (56m 6s):


Lightning (56m 6s):

Now how do you scale this operation up? So it reaches places like Flagstaff and Eastern.

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (56m 11s):

So really you scale it up through education. Right? So that’s the big way to do it. You work with, obviously everything that is online is like critical mass when it comes to your reach. So you spent a lot of your time on social media. You, you really like traditional. That’s

Holman (56m 28s):

What we’re doing wrong.

Lightning (56m 29s):


Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (56m 29s):

Yeah. You’re doing nothing wrong like that. So you know, like you look at your traditional websites and all that kinda stuff and you have to have them, but they’re more just like a landing pad for people. Yeah. Everything really happens socially. Yeah. You know, and then you come out to events like this, you meet, you greet, you build relationships, you build rapport. It’s all about the the one-on-one kind of thing. Yeah.

Lightning (56m 48s):


Holman (56m 48s):

Well good to see you carrying on and doing good stuff

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (56m 51s):

Brad. Nice seeing you guys. And I actually want to talk to you about what we talked about before with your new little venture. Yes. So what

Holman (56m 58s):

Am I, it sounds, this

Lightning (56m 59s):

Sounds very secretive.

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (57m 0s):

I mean I didn’t know if Well I guess you could always cut it right. So the magazine,

Lightning (57m 5s):

We’re just gonna talk o vr so we’re gonna cut it here and let them talk o VR for a minute. Go All. right. Thanks for sharing time with us. Yep,

Rob Spencer/ Project Heal The Land (57m 11s):


Lightning (57m 15s):

Holman. I have wood in my pants right now because you know I’m a flashlight homer. Like

Holman (57m 22s):

This was the most incredible awkward way to start an interview All. right. I’m

Lightning (57m 26s):

So excited to stand in the Surefire

Holman (57m 28s):

Right now. I know in the studio I have a stop sign. I’m holding that up. Imagine I’m holding that up. We’re here with Andrew Wright, who’s from Surefire and yep. Surefire is one of our favorite flashlight stop by brands for basically huge in the gun industry, which is why I love ’em. But also here at Overland. Expo because it turns out that a flashlight for a tactical situation is also a really good flashlight for Overland and camping and all that.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (57m 49s):

A hundred percent, yeah. So, we make a bunch of different illumination tools for those not familiar, we’ve do it. I love that.

Holman (57m 53s):

Illumination tools. Yeah. Yeah. Yes.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (57m 56s):

Yeah, for those not familiar, we’ve been doing it over 40 years. All of our manufacturing is in Fountain Valley, Cal California. That’s including machining assembly. We even do our own circuit boards in house. So I’m

Holman (58m 6s):

In Huntington. I gotta come by and see you guys in person. I

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (58m 7s):

Can give you a full tour. Absolutely. I would love that.

Holman (58m 9s):

I would

Lightning (58m 9s):

Love that. Well then let’s do an abbreviated interview. Because We Love shop tours.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (58m 12s):

Yeah man, so long in the short, we just build really high quality stuff. We don’t necessarily build to a price point. But you know, lifetime warranty is super durable. We do a lot of military and law enforcement stuff so it’s gotta last, what’s been really popular, we have our brand new turbo series flashlights. These are focused on being very narrow, far reaching beam patterns. So they’re candela heavy. There’s kind of two measurements in the flashlight world. Sure. There’s Lumens and there’s Candela. Anyways, the, the two cell version of this has a hundred thousand Candela. So it reaches super far out there for being such a compact light. It lets you see very, very far.

Holman (58m 42s):

So And that’s the EDC two D F T model? That’s

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (58m 45s):

Correct. DF meaning it’s dual fuel. Okay. It runs on a rechargeable 18 6 50 or 2 1 20 threes. Nice. That’s been super popular.

Holman (58m 51s):

That’s huge because you know it’s a lot easier to find one or the other sometimes. Exactly.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (58m 55s):

So Yeah like regularly you can use the rechargeable to save batteries but if you’re in the field and you need to do a hot swap, you can throw in those, those lithiums on a pinch. Perfect. Perfect.

Lightning (59m 2s):

What’s a price point of something like that? Just to give people a ballpark.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (59m 5s):

So about $300 for that one is, is a rough price point and that’s our M S R P. We do have a big dealer network that you might be able to find it for a little bit less. Right. But you can buy direct from us as well. And

Lightning (59m 13s):

We do have to say once you buy these, unless you lose it, it’s going to last it’s, it will outlast you.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (59m 19s):

Absolutely. Yeah. I mean we got customers that, which

Holman (59m 21s):

Is a horrible business model by the way.

Lightning (59m 23s):

It’s like

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (59m 23s):

WIL and vices, right? You give everybody one and they don’t need another.

Lightning (59m 26s):

It’s not because you get a guy like me who will buy

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (59m 28s):

Several. That’s right. You can never have enough flashlights. You gotta put ’em everywhere.

Holman (59m 31s):

That’s true. Because I lose ’em everywhere. That’s right. Which bag did they put that flashlight in? Oh, I have 12 of ’em so I’ll always find one. So my

Lightning (59m 36s):

New thing is headlamps. I have fallen in love with gold mines that I’m trying to get to more and more. So now I’ve become like a headlamp connoisseur, which I see over to our Right,

Holman (59m 45s):

Right. hold on, let’s get through this flashlights and then we’ll go back to Headland. All. right,

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (59m 49s):

Right All. right So. we have a bunch of different lights. I’m not gonna go through all of them. I’d say for this market the most popular, so those are our brand new lights with the turbo series, again focused on reaching really far are Stiletto and Stiletto Pro are the most popular, like E D C, everyday carry lights. So most lights, the form factor is based off the battery, which is why they’re round. That is a lithium Flad pack, which makes it basically as thin as a knife and it’s a lot more comfortable to carry, which means you’re likely to carry it and have it when you knd it. So it’s a thousand lumens on high, there’s a tail cap button on the back. There’s also a, a bezel switch where you can go low, medium and high and it’s rechargeable, which is pretty sweet. So that’s a super popular E D C light. We do really well with that. Lastly I’ll mention our G two X.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 0m 29s):

That’s like been going forever. This is what I keep in my truck, in my pack. Oh

Holman (1h 0m 33s):

My first, not it’s flashlights ever. Was this flashlight?

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 0m 36s):

Yep. That’s a great outdoors light. It comes in multiple colors. I like the yellow one ’cause it, I don’t lose it. Right. If you drop it digging through a pack looking for it or if it’s in the glove box, et cetera, it’s easy to find. what is

Lightning (1h 0m 45s):

This made out of? Because at first I

Holman (1h 0m 47s):

Thought that wasn plastic a pan, you can’t have it. No, no. At

Lightning (1h 0m 49s):

First I thought that wasn plastic and it’s not. So it’s,

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 0m 50s):

It’s a polymer tail cap and body and the head is aluminum. Wow. So it’s, it’s it’s both And it feels

Lightning (1h 0m 56s):

Like it’s ceramic coated. Is

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 0m 58s):

It? No, it just, the type of paint we use that cco, it’s really thick. Okay. But the, for the head that is, this is dyed polymer obviously. Yep. But I like the polymer in the winter it doesn’t get as cold as aluminum. So it’s nice if you want to, you know, bite down on it. ’cause you’re using both hands to dig through a pack. It’s not as unpleasant as biting on aluminum and it’s relatively affordable. These M S R P at just under a hundred dollars, you have two outputs, 15 lumens and 600 lumens. Whoa. And it uses 2 1 20 threes, which are, which are the lithium batteries. They have a really wide temperature operating range. So it’s a great light to leave in your truck and use outdoors. And it’s always gonna last. And it’s a super bombproof light. You

Lightning (1h 1m 33s):

Should have a light in every truck.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 1m 35s):

Absolutely. and then, yeah, we have a couple headlamps. We have our Maximus and our minimus. The Maximus is a, a rechargeable thousand lumen, super bright, crazy headlamp. This is kind of more towards people that do a lot of work on a regular basis, whether it’s construction or whatever that use it day in and day out and wanna be able to recharge it. The minimus is 1, 1 23 again, the benefits of that temperature operating range are there. And it’s 300 lumens. Pretty lightweight and super durable bond proof headlamp. So,

Lightning (1h 1m 60s):

And what is this guy down here?

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 2m 2s):

So those are our 2211 series. They’re kind of a different take on hands free illumination. So you wear it like a watch on your wrist? Can I take

Lightning (1h 2m 8s):

It off the stand? Yeah,

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 2m 9s):

Absolutely. Okay. So you wear it on your, your wrist like a watch. And the idea is it’s hands-free light that you can have with you all the time. So as opposed to you can’t really, I mean you can walk around on a daily basis with a headlamp on, but you’d look a little odd. This you can have lighting would do it though. Yeah, you would do it. You can have this with you all the time. And you always have a hands free light. So this

Lightning (1h 2m 29s):

Is just, just a hair larger than your

Holman (1h 2m 30s):

Watch. We should, we should rename you lighting.

Lightning (1h 2m 33s):

No, people send me email all the time and No,

Holman (1h 2m 36s):

That’s Lightning because they want you lighter. No, no, no. This is lighting. They

Lightning (1h 2m 38s):

Send lighting@truckshowpodcast.com and it bounces back because they forget the second end. So don’t do that. This is, I’ve never seen a, a light like this before. Yeah man. it just slightly larger than your watch Holman your Apple watch. Yep. And it super duper light. what is this made out of? That’s

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 2m 54s):

Polymer. That’s completely polymer. Yep. What?

Lightning (1h 2m 57s):

Oh that’s really neat. Do you have a patent on this? Yep.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 2m 60s):

Okay. I figured.

Holman (1h 3m 1s):

Yeah, you don’t get to steal that one. Sorry,

Lightning (1h 3m 2s):

I wasn’t gonna steal. I just, this is so novel. I’ve never seen anything like

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 3m 5s):

That’s a, a quick glance at, I mean we have a bunch of different products obviously. Yeah. We do some, you know, weapon related products on the military and law enforcement side. But yeah, that’s a long in the short of our most popular

Holman (1h 3m 15s):

So, we wanted to come down and visit you Absolutely. And see the factory. No problem. Yeah,

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 3m 17s):

A hundred percent. I’ll give you two. And where,

Holman (1h 3m 18s):

Where do people go? Surefire dot com and then on social as well.

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 3m 21s):

That’s right. So Surefire dot com’s our website and then Surefire L L C on all the socials, whether it’s YouTube or Instagram. Right on.

Holman (1h 3m 27s):

Appreciate your time. Yeah,

Andrew Wright/ Surefire (1h 3m 28s):

Thank you for stopping by.

Lightning (1h 3m 29s):

Hold on. Thanks for letting me stop by

Holman (1h 3m 31s):


Lightning (1h 3m 34s):

So Holman, we are standing in the SmartCap booth and I gotta say it’s a big crowd and we’re gonna muscle our way over here.

Holman (1h 3m 40s):

Yeah. We, we tried to get these guys on the show in the past because they’ve got this, these really awesome basically truck canopies or, or shells depending on which part of the country you live in, what you wanna call ’em. And I

Lightning (1h 3m 50s):


Holman (1h 3m 51s):

Top another one

Lightning (1h 3m 52s):

We got corrected, one of our listeners said it’s topper in this region. It’s, it’s Kaplan, this region, it’s Shell in Southern California. It’s different everywhere.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 0s):

Absolutely. Yeah.

Holman (1h 4m 1s):

So here we are at Overland. Expo, we’ve, we found the guy who wants to talk to us. So

Lightning (1h 4m 5s):

What’s your name and what do you do?

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 6s):

Dan Lauer? I’m the vice president of the company. Oh, well

Holman (1h 4m 9s):

He seems pretty important then All. right?

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 10s):

Don don’t know about that. My wife doesn’t seem to think so

Holman (1h 4m 14s):

It just, you sign, you sign that part of your life away to get married. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Or are there, let’s talk about our size. Mark Cap, obviously a company founded in South Africa. Correct. And you guys have distribution here? I think the headquarters is now in Texas or

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 29s):

We just finished building a new 400,000 square foot plant in Fort Worth. Oh

Lightning (1h 4m 33s):

My gosh. A hundred thousand square feet. I guess

Holman (1h 4m 36s):

Business is good,

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 37s):

But not yet, but we hope so. Well

Holman (1h 4m 38s):

I’ve seen ’em all over’s where we live. I mean the SmartCap seems to be one of the, you know, toppers of choice for lot

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 43s):

And you’re based out of Southern

Holman (1h 4m 44s):

California. Oh, okay. Yeah.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 4m 45s):

So Yeah apparently distribution’s picked up down there.

Holman (1h 4m 48s):

Yeah, I mean I, there’s, I was driving with a driving the other day and a guy pulls up next to me and I’ve got a 3 9 2 Jeep who’s in Gladiator. He’s like, Hey, nice Jeep. I’m like, hey, nice gladiator guy, smart guy. Oh, I love this thing. so Yeah true story happened.

Lightning (1h 4m 59s):

Really love it. My neighbor on a Tacoma. I’m in Long Beach neighbor, two houses down in got one. Right on.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 5m 3s):


Holman (1h 5m 4s):

So why are people buying this thing?

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 5m 6s):

Well, you know, in this marketplace everybody wants a rooftop tent, right? Sure. And there’s kind of two ways to attach that to the back of a pickup truck. It’s either with a, an Overland rack system or it’s with a cap. And now you’re dealing with weight capacity issues. This is the only cap that’s in the marketplace that’ll handle 330 pounds dynamic. Oh wow. 770 pounds static. So you can put a fairly good sized tent and a couple of good sized pokes up there.

Lightning (1h 5m 32s):

Now what is it made out of? What’s the construction for those who aren’t familiar with r s i

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 5m 36s):

4 0 9 stainless steel, so Oh wow. Same type, same compound that’s used commonly in automotive exhaust systems, but it’s also magnetic, so that gives you some Oh, better some options for attachment of different accessories and whatnot. Sure.

Holman (1h 5m 50s):

Like my iPhone when I’m digging around in the Wheel. Well, for something, yeah, there

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 5m 53s):

You go. Exactly. You

Lightning (1h 5m 54s):

Actually, you’ve got like 3 0 4 stainless, which is not magnetic. Correct. And, and 4 0 9, which is a

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 5m 58s):

Little big, a little bit magnetic. Yep.

Lightning (1h 6m 1s):

And so why the stainless steel as opposed to a, an aluminum?

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 6m 5s):

Well, so aluminum tends to, in a, in a flex situation and off-roading you can wind up with, with cracks at different Weld points. And with this, the stainless steel and the modular construction, you avoid all that.

Lightning (1h 6m 19s):

And you’ve hidden the stainless so well though, I mean the coating, I I assume these are powder coated or is that a saraco? What

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 6m 25s):

Is it? No, that’s a two K automotive paint. Just

Lightning (1h 6m 27s):

Paint. Yeah. Why does it look so pretty? Because

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 6m 30s):

We’re good at it.

Holman (1h 6m 32s):

So let’s talk about the modular construction, because that’s a big selling point for you guys and how you ship the, you know, the shells and how they get copper. What the 400 other words that are the device? It’s how one of your marketing things, that’s how you ship it. It’s how you put together, its cusper, it’s how you size it quickly for other applications. Yep.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 6m 49s):

So I mean it gives you a couple of different paths to market, right? You can go through distribution through brick and mortar dealers and they can do the assembly and installation for an owner. Or if you’re a d iyer, you can have it shipped to your house and assemble it in your driveway. Put it on.

Lightning (1h 7m 5s):

And what’s assembly like? It’s for three, four or five hours?

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 7m 8s):

Oh No? No, no, no. It’s, it has been running around the hour and a half mark with the revised packaging design that’s coming outta Texas. We, a lot of, a lot of the previous assembly had to do with UNP unpackaging, the individual panels and disposing of the packaging material. We re-engineered just the packaging. So they’re in individual slots that come out a lot easier than safety. Probably 15, 20 minutes just in, in unboxing.

Holman (1h 7m 37s):

And we’ve, we’ve got this Tacoma here. What would a, this is a crew cab short box, typical weight of the, the SmartCap that you have on this particular truck? About

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 7m 46s):

200 pounds. Okay.

Lightning (1h 7m 47s):

So that’s less than I think most people, there’s, I feel like there’s a, a misconception that stainless steel is much, much heavier than traditional, you know, steel or obviously it’s heavier than aluminum, but it’s not as heavy as people think. And there’s so many benefits to stainless. Yeah.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 8m 3s):

And it’s on par with fiberglass. So, you know, so

Holman (1h 8m 6s):

Traditionally people putting onas stuff,

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 8m 7s):

Traditionally the people that are putting on fiberglas, which

Holman (1h 8m 9s):


Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 8m 10s):

With that weight

Holman (1h 8m 10s):

And, and doesn’t have the same weight carrying capability of the metal.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 8m 13s):


Lightning (1h 8m 14s):

Now you’ve got all these

Holman (1h 8m 17s):

Cubbies, well

Lightning (1h 8m 18s):

Cubbies and configurations and armatures that fold out. How are those, do I buy those separately? Can I buy those together? Like what, what’s the buying process? And

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 8m 28s):

Again, if you’re talking about a traditional fiberglass cap, you’ve got an array of options that you can order with it, but it’s at the point of purchase, it’s nothing that you can add after the fact. With this modular design, each of those accessories can be added, you know, when, whenever an end user decides that they either need it or can afford it or however their life has changed to, to require a different need. So when it comes to the, to the different bins, there’s what we call half and full bins, which are just kinda storage bins with Molly plates on the backside that work on either the left or the right sides. For the left side, we’ve also got a drawer bin, which is, if you think of a typical tool chest with rolling drawers, those are incorporated into that.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 9m 10s):

and then for the right side we’ve got our kitchen bin, which is outfitted with all G S I camp gear. Very nice.

Lightning (1h 9m 17s):

Take me over to this really quick here. Sure. How, how does this,

Holman (1h 9m 19s):

Yeah, so basically we’re looking at the side of A R S I SmartCap, the side opens up. So if you imagine where the window would be, this is a weather sealed door with struts. It opens up and it reveals a cabinet. And in the cabinet you’ve got foam. I’ve seen ’em for guns and all sorts of fishing rods and different things like that. Recovery gear. This particular ones is, is outfitted with a kitchen. But what’s neat about it is it has a folding drawer basically instead of the drawer sliding out, it comes out on an armature and drops down. You put your stove or use it as a tabletop fold that essentially folds, folds out of the, of the copper.

Lightning (1h 9m 53s):

Twofold. So it comes down parallel with the body and then one more fold out. And that’s where I put the stove. That is freaking brilliant.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 9m 59s):

Well, and so the stove comes with it as well. So you Oh you better,

Holman (1h 10m 1s):

Of course

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 10m 2s):

That’s what these locking arms are for is keep the stove in place while you’re traveling. Open up the arms and then open up the lid of the stove. You can cook right here. Or if you, if it’s either it’s perfect, tight, too tall of a position or if, if you don’t want to cook alongside the, the the truck, you can take it out, put it on our stove away table. That’s also an option for the, for the truck. So you can cook in, in either location. Fantastic. So the other thing that this contains

Holman (1h 10m 28s):


Lightning (1h 10m 29s):


Holman (1h 10m 29s):

Yeah, absolutely. So if people want to see the R site SmartCap in person or they wanna order, they wanna learn more about it, where do they go?

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 10m 36s):

Well we’re out here at Overland Expo, they come to Booth P 44, otherwise they can go on to SmartCap dot com, learn all about it there. Or if they happen to be in the D F W area, they can swing on by 1501 Joel East Road in Forth Worth and have a tour of the, the showroom there

Holman (1h 10m 53s):

Right after they go to the stockyard is have a really good stake. Oh

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 10m 55s):

You know the place, right? You

Holman (1h 10m 57s):

Hotel? Oh yeah,

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 10m 58s):

We’ve been there.

Holman (1h 11m 1s):

The best thing about Texas is the Stockyards and Dr. Pepper.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 11m 4s):

Oh Erba.

Holman (1h 11m 6s):

Well ER’s good too, but this is a family friendly show right now. Oh, gotcha.

Dan Beaulaurier/ Smartcap (1h 11m 10s):

Dr. Pepper. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 11m 12s):

Thanks so much. Awesome. Have a good show. Thanks. Take care guys. Thanks so much.

Holman (1h 11m 19s):

All. right. We are still wandering around Overland Expo, West and we came across the most awesome Tacoma here. Quinn pulls from 74 Weld managed to do the impossible. He made it Tacoma cool.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 11m 31s):

Oh don don’t know that. That’s impossible. There are some cool Tacomas out here for sure. There are. Yeah.

Holman (1h 11m 37s):

If you like Tacomas on 30 threes.

Lightning (1h 11m 39s):

Let’s explain why it’s the coolest Tacoma

Holman (1h 11m 41s):

Here. Well, I, I can’t because I have a conflict of interest on this vehicle.

Lightning (1h 11m 44s):

Oh. Oh. So I’ll do that. Okay. It’s sitting on portal axles front and rear. Well

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 11m 47s):

There’s that, but I think the big thing is like we’ve got a, we’ve got a 23 Tacoma with stock suspension at stock ride height and 30 sevens and we’re able to do that. Because We now have a portal axle kit for this vehicle. What,

Lightning (1h 12m 4s):

What, what?

Holman (1h 12m 6s):

So Quinn tell me portals are noisy. They require a whole bunch of oil. They heat up Offroad and they’re not durable at all. Is this all correct

Lightning (1h 12m 14s):

And they slow my truck down because of the gearing.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 12m 17s):

That is not correct. Okay, so let’s pick apart some of that noisy So. we drove a 3 92 out here on portals. Yep. And we put new M star XT tires ’cause I wanted more of an all train and you hear zero gear noise out of those things at all. Well

Lightning (1h 12m 36s):

How’s that possible?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 12m 37s):

Well, so gear noise is a function of contact ratio and if you get that number to a certain contact ratio that we want, then you don’t get noise out of ’em. So you can make straight cut gears run quiet. But also because they’re not spinning that fast. So on the highway the gear set’s actually spinning at three 400 R P m. It’s not like it’s 6,000 R P m. Yes it’ll whine at 6,000. It’s not gonna make noise at 400.

Lightning (1h 13m 4s):

Gotcha. Okay. And what about heat

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 13m 6s):

So? we stopped at Where where did we stop? Stopped

Holman (1h 13m 10s):

At Goff’s. At Goff’s.

Lightning (1h 13m 11s):

Oh Goff’s in Mojave Desert So.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 13m 13s):

We stopped at Goff’s and hit a gas station there and you could walk out and put your hand on the portal and that wasn, that wasn warm to hot. But you’re not like, it’s like if you go up to a differential and stick your hand on it, your skin sticks to the diff ’cause it’s 300 degrees. So we’ve gotten them up to 175 and on race cars we’ll hit about one 90. But, so heat’s not really an issue And it’s not like they’re filled with tons of oil. You’ve got 10 ounces of oil in them and

Lightning (1h 13m 42s):

Even still the oil is not gonna oxidize until you hit way in the twos and low threes. Yeah, you’re not even close

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 13m 47s):

To that. We don’t even hit 200. So not an issue there

Holman (1h 13m 49s):

All. right. So what about gear ratio? Because I have not geared my Tacoma yet and I want 30 sevens with your portal, but don don’t want have to gear it and put portals on it. just not fair.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 14m 1s):

So the way we do the gearing stuff is on a Tacoma it comes with a 30 inch tire, a 20% larger tire is a 36 and a half inch tire So. we run a 1.22 reduction in the portal just to account for a larger tire. So I still have stock gearing in this thing and the transmission’s not hunting gears because it’s, it still thinks that it’s stock.

Holman (1h 14m 25s):

Alright, what about the horrible durability that I’m going to endure by putting a set of portals on my Tacoma?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 14m 32s):

Sure. So the gears that are in the Tacoma portal are the same gear set, same bearing package that we run on the Jeep stuff with v eights and forties. And what I tell people is as far as the housings go, lifetime warranty don don’t care if you bought it from somebody who bought it from somebody who bought it from somebody lifetime warranty. On all the housings gears, I’ll give the same gear warranty that every gear manufacturer gives, which is lifetime as long as it’s in the box. But once you install it on the vehicle, you’re kind of on your own. But with that said, we’ve yet to break a single gear set, knock on wood, on any of the Jeep stuff and we’ve got guys running real horsepower and big tires. So

Holman (1h 15m 12s):

On these portals, what is shared with, or what lessons are learned from racing because these have survived trophy trucks, ultra four cars and you’re using basically the same technology. What transferred from the race program in terms of durability that a customer would expect on the, on the consumer side?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 15m 27s):

Yeah, so everything we do, we try to test and race first. And so the gear set that’s in this is the same tooth profile and it just 10% smaller then the stuff that we run in thousand horsepower trophy trucks. And in all the ultra fours it’s the same bearing package as the ultra four on the idler. and then the upper bearing package on both the Jeep and Tacoma, hopefully none of the racers are listening is actually a better bearing package than on the trophy trucks stuff. Oh really? Yeah it is.

Lightning (1h 16m 0s):

Alright so why does someone want this? What ground clearance advantage do they get?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 16m 8s):

It’s the five gallon bucket test man. You get to drive over a five gallon bucket at the lower a arm out at the Wheel and then obviously on the, in the rear

Holman (1h 16m 16s):

Diff we have autos.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 16m 17s):

Yeah and obviously, I mean rear axle you put a portal on it, everybody knows what it looks like but

Lightning (1h 16m 22s):


Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 16m 22s):

Front is the

Lightning (1h 16m 23s):

Trip. So can I, can I tell what happened here? You can’t talk about it Holman ’cause it’s conflict of interest. I can’t No, no I can talk about it. So here’s the deal I heard for myself. So Holman with this new spun up co company used for Adventure is helping out 74 Weld and Quinn here get to a a larger market beyond just racers, things like that. And so there was a little meetup in the desert at Goff’s and as you know Holman is don don’t know, he sit on the board of directors or something out at Goff So we met out there and we did a little photo shoot and I took the advantage while you guys were shooting photos and I was getting in the, in the way of Holman’s camera. I constantly, I hooked up a little Banks pedal the camera, I hooked up Banks pedal Monster in here. Yeah. ’cause I thought this truck’s gonna get a lot of play. Like this is a badass truck, I wanna be part of it.

Lightning (1h 17m 3s):

You know, I’m being selfish. I’m like, I want Banks to be part of it. So I put it in there and you and I took it around golfs and we probably went a little too fast for their little community ’cause it’s a lot some old people that live out there that maintain the property and dude it rides so good.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 17m 18s):

Yeah. Yeah. So I mean what I kind of tell people is they always ask, well how’s the ride? And I go, well how does a factory truck ride? Like it rides real similar to that because really the big change is you have more weight on the portal from that portal. So the, this front portal all loaded is 56 pounds. So you have a little more sprung weight there. You also have, you know, a bigger tire. So you know, okay you’ve got a little bit of weight there. But other than that, like you’ve got the same amount of up and down travel

Lightning (1h 17m 49s):

Again. Stock suspension.

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 17m 51s):

Yeah. And and really like what I think on all the products that we’re trying to do is the OE has spent millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars developing the suspension. It’s not gonna ride better when you lift it. There’s a better way to lift it and just bolt on a portal.

Lightning (1h 18m 8s):

What does a system like this set back? A Tacoma owner?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 18m 12s):

Yeah, so the kit is four portals. It converts your rear to disc brake and then it also converts the rear to a full float axle. Now

Lightning (1h 18m 22s):

Let’s not gloss over that. I know we’re about to get to the price. Yeah. But you take Tundra currently with the kit, right? You take Tundra front calipers?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 18m 29s):

No. So I take No, so the, the kit comes with a four runner front rotor and caliper ah four runner. and then we move your existing front setup to the back and then we give you a parking brake with that. It’s a Willwood mechanical parking brake. Nice. That whole kit is 20 grand.

Lightning (1h 18m 46s):

Is there a way to scale that back if I don’t do the pretty billet or are they all billet?

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 18m 51s):

No, we just do the billet stuff. Okay. We might look at forgings down the road but for now Because We make everything in house. We like to control it and we’re gonna stick with the 70 75 aluminum uprights and stay that route.

Holman (1h 19m 4s):

And think about it, you’re not re-hearing you’re getting disc brakes in the rear. You’re getting full float axle,

Lightning (1h 19m 9s):

Not changing shocks or not changing

Holman (1h 19m 11s):

SPRs and you’re getting a lift out of it while keeping the stock suspension if you want. Or you can lift it a little bit higher, you can put some racing suspension on it. So lots of options there. But before people kind of choke on the price, start adding up what all of that is, you start realizing you’re covering a lot of bases with one purchase and you know I see a lot of Tacoma here that there’s 50, 60, $70,000 in the build literally on some of the vehicles around us. And you start realizing this market, there’s absolutely a market for these portals. And I will say that, you know, we’re planning on getting this thing out off-roading, it’s not just a show queen and go do some overlanding with it so people can see how durable and how awesome these portals are. You know when in use

Lightning (1h 19m 52s):

Guys are going to just salivate over the ground clearance, it’s seriously sick. He takes a one of those bright orange Home Depot buckets and just just drives over. Not even there. Drives over. Yeah. Yeah. Just flexes like yeah. What’s up? So make sure

Holman (1h 20m 3s):

You guys head over to at 74 Weld on Instagram. You can see videos and photos of it or check out the website 74 Weld dot com And if you guys have any questions just send ’em my way. I’ll, I’ll be sure to pass ’em on to qui or answer ’em. Do I get a commission on any of this? No.

Lightning (1h 20m 17s):

And if you do

Holman (1h 20m 17s):

What day 1% off 20 grand ain’t bad.

Lightning (1h 20m 20s):

I I want half of your 1% working the angles. I see it working the angles. Congratulations. Thanks

Quinn/ 74 Weld (1h 20m 26s):

Guys, I really appreciate it.

Holman (1h 20m 30s):

So as many of you may know, I was fortunate enough to have the Adventure Jeep in AAVs booth and it shared booth space with one of my favorite vehicles to come out of AAV in recent memory. Well outside of my own and that’s the P X L regular cab tray bed and it is red with 3 92 bronze wheels just like my Jeep. So they looked really good together. I got a bunch of pictures, I’m with Matt Felman from AEV so you let me drive this thing in Moab and I was blown away at how tight it is, how well it rode and just the capability.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 21m 4s):

Yeah, I mean these trucks are really incredible. So the Prospector XL tray bed for anyone that doesn’t know, very limited production run standard cab, long bed truck to start with. and then we put on a really nice lightweight aluminum bed and this thing’s just a beast. 41 inch tires onboard air winch, all the lights you want. I mean this thing’s awesome.

Holman (1h 21m 27s):

So this isn’t just a concept that you guys built for AAV for the show. You guys are actually gonna do a very small production run and only your best dealers have allocation. So what does something like this cost and then where could somebody find it if they are interested in pretty much the ultimate ranch truck, the, the, the best thing ever made? I mean these things are, it looks like a giant hot Wheel.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 21m 46s):

Yeah. Yeah. I mean the road presence on these things is unreal in terms of cost. It really does depend on how expensive the truck is that we start with. The one that we have here in our booth, it comes in about 115,000. So I’d say a reasonable range would be maybe 95,000 to one 20. And as far as getting one, yeah we are only making 10. Most are spoken for, but there are a few dealers that will have some available. So there will be very few out there on the market. But there will be some,

Holman (1h 22m 19s):

I I love that you guys did this in red. You never see a chassis cab in red. It’s usually white or black or granite crystal metallic or something like that. This thing in red with the bronze wheels, it just makes it even more visible and more present. And like I said, driving it, I was in blown away. I guess I never, it never ceases to amaze me when you put the, the 81 hundreds on any of your P X L builds the ride quality on and Offroad is is just absolutely incredible.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 22m 46s):

Yeah, for sure. Bill Bilstein did a phenomenal job working with us on this shock package and you’re absolutely right. As utilitarian as this truck looks visually inside, you wouldn’t know it, you know, it dri it drives like a stock truck

Holman (1h 23m 1s):

Big screen, all the tech big screen.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 23m 3s):

Yeah. All the tech super comfortable and extremely capable. This thing, if you can fit on the trail, it’s basically point and shoot.

Holman (1h 23m 10s):

Yeah, I mean it it, my Jeep is on 30 sevens with the two and a half inch dual sport kit and this thing makes my Jeep look like it is stocked from the factory. I mean it’s, it’s really weird how it could be parked next to one thing and you’re like, oh it looks big in the parking lot and then you park it next to a P X L and you’re like oh wait no it’s like it’s tiny.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 23m 28s):

The proportions of this truck are

Holman (1h 23m 30s):


Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 23m 31s):

Yeah, they’re perfect and as big as it is, it has the right size Wheel the right size tire, the right stance and yeah we kept the center of gravity low as you mentioned, three inches of lift but all the flotation of a big 41 inch tire. So you get the best of both worlds.

Holman (1h 23m 49s):

So let’s talk about the tray bed for a second. Yeah. So this is a bed that started out as commercially available that you guys did a basically a collab with and upgraded some parts to make it up to the AEV standard. Yeah, it’s

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 23m 59s):

Manufactured by a company based outta Australia and yeah, it’s in their market. It’s really like a universal slash commercial application. But for our needs we love the design of it. We, you know, love obviously the shape is right. We actually take the raw tray bed that you know is shipped to us and then we do our own coating on it to kind of give it that dark granite look. Yeah. The tricky part as far as putting this truck together is adapting that bed to the truck so everything looks right and

Holman (1h 24m 30s):

Because again Australia doesn’t have a Ram HD chassis cab. Right, right.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 24m 34s):

And in Australia you’re also not putting 41 inch tires Yeah. On your daily driver. So there was a lot of nuances to figure out and a lot of it we learned with fourth generation Rams ’cause we did a similar truck and this is really just the evolution of it.

Holman (1h 24m 50s):

Okay. When is this truck gonna be available for media loans in the west coast For journalists named Sean p Holman.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 24m 58s):

We can make that happen anytime. Alright

Holman (1h 24m 59s):

Because well be careful ’cause it might sit in my driveway and you may not get it back because I literally am in love with this truck.

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 25m 6s):

Well word on the street is that you need a loaner car right now.

Holman (1h 25m 10s):

Too soon. Too soon. Well good. Good news for you. It wasn’t any AEV parts that were affected

Matt Felderman/AEV (1h 25m 16s):

Drive shafts happen. So you know, all is good.

Holman (1h 25m 19s):

Thanks Matt. Alright, I’m standing here with the one and only Ryan Flanders from Bill Bilstein in the Bill Bilstein booth. And Ryan, I have one question for you that I’m hoping you could answer. What is up with 61 twelves at this show?

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 25m 36s):

I think the market has finally caught on to what the 61 12 offers.

Holman (1h 25m 43s):

So let’s talk about what is the 61 12? ’cause I have been standing in the Bilstein booth for days now and it seems like five out of every six people come up and say something regarding or needing the 61 12,

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 25m 54s):

The 61 12, 60 millimeter, 60 millimeter body, that larger piston, all that extra fluid. It, it not only offers the performance but it offers a great ride on the road. So you sacrifice absolutely nothing by going with the upgrade and you have an increased, drastically increased amount of performance,

Holman (1h 26m 17s):

A lot more control while you still have compliance. I like the 61 12 a lot. I’ve driven ’em on four runners on Tacoma. It’s a great, great coil loader set up. You guys have a ton of different positions. So I think on your typical Toyota, somewhere between zero and like two and a half, maybe a little bit more of height that you can get outta the front. and then you normally pair them with what, a 51 60 reservoir in the rear? Correct.

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 26m 38s):

51 60 in the rear. That way you have the same amount of fluid front and rear. And that way you’re not gonna overheat a set of shocks in the, and you know you’re gonna stay on that road a lot longer. It’s gonna be great.

Holman (1h 26m 50s):

So basically if I am a daily driver we can worry, but I like to push it. Yeah. And maybe I’m not quite up to the, the racing super fast all the time. Pre-running that you might take from an 8,100 or 81 12. The 61 12 is sort of the sweet spot. Yes

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 27m 4s):

It is. Still got vulcanized rubber bushing. So you’re not gonna get any of that heim joint feel on the road. Your wife isn’t gonna know that you’ve, you haven’t broken the bank on them. You haven’t, you know, it just got a, I got a plush ride and yet you can still get out there and run with the best of them

Holman (1h 27m 22s):

And, and level it out if you want to and fit a bigger tire. So what would a full set, 61 twelves in the front and 51 60 cost for, let’s say a Tacoma owner.

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 27m 31s):

I’d say you’re gonna be around 12. 12, 50, $1,300 all in

Holman (1h 27m 35s):

All in for really good shocks.

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 27m 37s):

For really good shocks, you’re gonna have to do the work yourself, but you’re gonna be all in around that. Alright.

Holman (1h 27m 42s):

But any four by four shop could swap ’em out if I didn’t have a spring compressor tool and all that. Because you guys include the springs as well with the setup. Yes,

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 27m 49s):

We do. For the fronts. For the fronts, you’re gonna reuse your top hat and that’s gonna save you a little bit. And so good quality products from Toyota, we’re gonna, we’re gonna reuse that. and then you just get that top hat swapped across and any good name brand shop is gonna be able to take care of that for you.

Holman (1h 28m 6s):

Alright, well thank you for giving us the, the, the magic, the secret behind the 61 12, because it seems like everybody, it’s like a, is this a speakeasy? Is this the code word for the, the, the Bilstein booth is you whisper 61 12 and like a door opens up under the easy up and you get to go to like some, you know, really good drinking room or something.

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 28m 24s):

It is, you know, you just, you just come on into the fold once you say 61 12 All.

Holman (1h 28m 28s):

Right? You guys heard it? 61 12. That’s the secret word. All. right? I’m standing here with my hero, Jesse from Summit four by four and Marco Hernandez. And we were just Marco. Tell the story of when you first met Jesse. When

Marco Hernandez/ OvrlndX (1h 28m 45s):

I met Jesse for the first time, that wasn really fun. My drone hit hits Jeep

Holman (1h 28m 51s):

And Jesse, did you pull out your nine millimeter because you thought you were under fire?

Jesse/ Summit 4x4 (1h 28m 54s):

You know, I didn’t have time to react. Right? I’m sitting there, I’m driving, I just watched this thing. I’m looking, it’s getting closer, it gets closer and then I just flinch and wham right in the side of the Jeep man into pieces as it goes.

Holman (1h 29m 4s):

But we’re also friends. It’s the beards, right? That keep us together. Absolutely.

Jesse/ Summit 4x4 (1h 29m 6s):

Yeah. Absolutely.

Holman (1h 29m 7s):

Absolutely. All, right? Explain to everybody what happened yesterday, because you were my hero and I have a tear in my eye for you. Oh, you’re

Jesse/ Summit 4x4 (1h 29m 15s):

Amazing dude. Nothing. We’re heading back to camp. Saw you hanging out and asked you what you were doing and you kind of gave the story what was going on with the rig and just wanted to come along and help out a good buddy So, we helped pull that front drive shaft out and get you back down the road.

Holman (1h 29m 28s):

So I was, I was walking back and Jesse’s coming. He said, what you, what are you doing? I go, I’m headed to the parking lot to remove my front drive shaft. He goes, I’ll do it. I’m like, are you insane? No. And he goes, no, come on, let’s go. So. we got that done. So thank you. I can get home now. So take, take it to the dealer and see what happens. Apparently Jesse helps me with my mechanical bits and Marco helps me with my hungry bits. Absolutely. What did you cook this weekend? You, you had to be somewhere cooking, right? Okay. Yeah.

Ryan Flanders/ Bilstein (1h 29m 51s):

I cook Chipotle sauce, shrimp tacos. Oh,

Holman (1h 29m 54s):

I’ve had your Chipotle shrimp tacos. Those are delicious. Do you guys are in, you have a new store, right? So now you’re in Prescott, in Phoenix,

Jesse/ Summit 4x4 (1h 29m 60s):

Prescott Valley. Yep. We’ve got a new store in Prescott Valley. We’ve got a couple guys out there and we’re also doing our Offroad auto sales out there as well. Right off of 69.

Holman (1h 30m 7s):

Alright, well if you guys are in Arizona and you’re looking for a really, really good four by four shop, 74 by four, these guys are awesome. I’ve had a chance to Wheel with the team. They’ve been our, basically our support vehicle and our support mechanics on a couple runs that I’ve been on. And Jesse owner couldn’t be a nicer guy to, to help me out. So repay the favor for all your Arizona guys. If you need stuff done your four by four, go check out Summit. So awesome. Thank you, dude. Appreciate

Jesse/ Summit 4x4 (1h 30m 29s):

You brother. Thank you.

Holman (1h 30m 30s):

And Marco, I can’t wait to eat your tacos.

Marco Hernandez/ OvrlndX (1h 30m 32s):

Absolutely, man. Let’s go

Holman (1h 30m 33s):

For it. Oh my gosh. It’s the end of the show. Everybody’s starting to pack up and I, I walked by and I see black and yellow and I went, oh, I haven’t been there in a while. and then I smelled the delicious food that Alan and KC was cooking and I was like, oh, that’s, that smells delicious. and then he said, do you want some? And I said, no, I’m already fat. So let’s just talk about lights.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 30m 56s):

What’s up dude? How are you Sean? I’m

Holman (1h 30m 57s):

Good. So what’s, what’s new in the KC world? We haven’t had you guys on in a while and you guys had a killer party last night in this killer booth in the middle of the stables. They’re like dead center on the show. Bullseye. How’s the show for you? What’s, what do you wanna talk about?

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 31m 8s):

Good man. I mean, I think shows like this, like, it’s easy to kind of focus on the, the monetary maybe like returns. But I think why we come out here is like, we get two, two, a lot of the team together from LA and Williams So, we get to come out here and hang out cook. I mean we’re cooking out of Nate’s land cruiser right now, but the last couple nights we, we cook some meat, smoked some meats. By the way,

Holman (1h 31m 31s):

80 series, which is the best land cruiser ever

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 31m 33s):

Plugged in Nate. But yeah, no, we’ve just been cooking, hanging out and you know, if we sell some product, great. If we don’t, we have some great conversations, you know, with you guys. Center force with Blair. Yeah,

Holman (1h 31m 44s):

Blair, Blair would be on the podcast right now talking, but he’s actually eating right now. Your, your burrito or your, your taco.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 31m 49s):

So when you came, I almost choked on my taco.

Holman (1h 31m 51s):

That wasn, that was the best timing ever. Hyper trauma. I’m like, oh great. I killed Alan from KC death by Overland food.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 31m 58s):

But it, that wasn great. You know, this year, as you can see we brought out a bunch of vintage vehicles. Yeah. Try something a little bit different. That

Holman (1h 32m 4s):

Ford Crew cab is awesome. What is that? Like a 65 ish, something

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 32m 8s):

Like that. I don’t know what year it is,

Holman (1h 32m 9s):

But Oh my god, that thing’s amazing.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 32m 11s):

I mean I know How much work it takes because on the 69 wagon year that we have. Yeah, yeah. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. I mean it’s like almost every time we go get out something needs to be, you know, maintained. But no, it’s been good. I mean we, we get out here, we, we see people we haven’t seen in a while, you know, like catch up. It’s all about relationships, you

Holman (1h 32m 29s):

Know, this is definitely a relationship based industry. So if you are a, a burgeoning overlander or an Offroad and you’re looking for a set of lights, what, where would you direct somebody? They want a simple light setup and they want some flexibility in how they build it out. What’s the product line that you offer? What’s the light? I should be, we should be talking about,

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 32m 47s):

You know, honestly before we were talking about that it would be like go out drive with whatever you have. Yeah. and then, because you know, a lot of people they do buy lights for, for looks, you know. Yeah. It makes you feel something, you know. Yeah. But what I’ve found is usually you should go out and test what you have and know what you’re missing out on and what you need. ’cause then when you add it, you actually realize

Holman (1h 33m 4s):

Increase something. Yeah. Yeah.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 33m 5s):

You actually realize what You know what, what you’ve been missing and what you actually need. so Yeah for sure, I would say that it’s like real world testing, which is what you do a lot of.

Holman (1h 33m 11s):

Right? Yeah. I do take people out. Yeah. Take, let’s go

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 33m 14s):

Train, educate. If you don’t know what you need, like, you know, it’s fine. You know, buy

Holman (1h 33m 19s):

For looks and not all lights even within the same manufacturer created equals some are spot patterns, some are a, a pencil, some are wide, some are flood. You know, all, all the different ways. And some are hybrid. Some mix the best of all those or what some of your series, you can build them against each other and mix and match to put the light pattern that you need for your four by four. Exactly.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 33m 36s):

There’s a lot of flexibility now with a lot of lighting manufacturers, you know, are producing really, really good quality lighting that’s very flexible. You can change out stuff. A lot of our stuff, you can change the beam patterns, change the bezel rings, you know, for color. So, but you know, it’s, it just coming out and seeing people, you know, this show So, we love it. We got the back to the future truck. Of course.

Holman (1h 33m 53s):

Yeah. Everybody’s gotta do that with, with our Overland spin on it. I love it. Which is

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 33m 56s):

The sleeping bags and the, the pillows in the back, you know, taking Jet

Holman (1h 34m 0s):

B’s truck. Yeah.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 34m 2s):

So that’s been pretty cool. The Chevy Blazer. We got Dane Brother Pizza out here. You know, we tried to roll up, dude,

Holman (1h 34m 8s):

I saw the pizzas that were coming out of that thing, the pizza oven on like a Ford Courier pickup bed. Yeah. Oh my God. I was on the other side of the fence. I was separated by a freaking fence and I’m just salivating over the pizza and I’m like, I don’t know how to get it on the other side of the fence. And now today I’m in here. I go, oh, there’s a gate right there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, I guess I was so hungry. I was blinded by my hunger and the pizza aroma.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 34m 27s):

Yeah. what you were smelling. ’cause you, I know you, you’re attracted to me like I’m, I

Holman (1h 34m 29s):

I am

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 34m 30s):

They were putting toma tomahawk steak on the, on the pizzas last night, so, okay.

Holman (1h 34m 34s):

So I don Dunno if I can tell this yet. I have a friend who is creating a, a cooking device for tomahawk steaks. I’ll just leave it at that. Okay. It’s amazing.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 34m 43s):


Holman (1h 34m 43s):


Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 34m 43s):


Holman (1h 34m 43s):

Yeah. I you’re gonna be the first person when it, it’s supposed to be launching soon. You are gonna be all about it, I promise

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 34m 49s):

You. I’m very Yeah, let’s do it. I mean, I love cooking meat, so, oh dude. But you know, like feeding people out here, it’s been great. You know, over, over meat, we bond, over bond, over bond over meat and we talk about all sorts of stuff. You

Holman (1h 34m 59s):

Almost forget about the lights, right. You just end up hanging out with your friends lights,

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 35m 1s):

Forget about the trade show. This perimeter that we have is, is really meant to just, you walk in and it’s like we rolled up to cab. Yeah. You know, that’s how the vehicles are parked. Sure. and then Shimano, of course, you know, doing all the electric bike demos and talking shop with like, you know, people who are, you know, experts to beginners. So it’s been cool. I mean, the weather’s been kind of crazy. Yeah.

Holman (1h 35m 20s):

We had a de literally a thunder and Lightning deluge a couple days ago and then got raid a little bit yesterday that wasn spit on us today. But I think overall pretty, pretty good turnout. And I mean yeah, considering,

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 35m 29s):

You know, the weather and all that, you know, roll with the punches, you know, that’s our, that’s our tagline. Def five limits Adventure further. These guys actually got out and laid out this mulch, which to most people it just seems like that wasn there. But yeah, the team went to Home Depot. Yeah. Bought a bunch of mulch, laid it out to kind of make sure it’s not muddy. Yeah. That way you

Holman (1h 35m 45s):

Don’t have the lake water

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 35m 46s):

Feature. A little lake too.

Holman (1h 35m 47s):

I could see the remnants of it. Rugged

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 35m 49s):

Radio’s powered the duckies for

Holman (1h 35m 50s):

Us. So

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 35m 50s):

No, it’s, it’s been a trip, dude, and you just kind of roll with the punches. That’s like life, right? Yep. It’s been a, it’s been a good show, you know, it’s good to get out, connect with people and just, just experience life, you know, live in the present. so Yeah,

Holman (1h 36m 2s):

That’s, that’s the biggest thing for me is just getting out and, and you know, I like to call it desert therapy. Just get out and re reset, right? Yeah. Just reset and it’s great. But sometimes you, you get to camp late and you need some, some flexera lights. So let’s talk about those. Right now

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 36m 17s):

Flexera is kind of on, its like second year. Yeah. You know, they’re, they’re fairly new. They’re very high powered. So that’s, that’s really the

Holman (1h 36m 23s):

Main and compact

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 36m 24s):

Compact, but still has the, the aesthetic flare. You know, that Casey’s been known for the last, you know, 5, 5, 6 years So. we continue to build out the line. We’ve got the Flexera three, which is a smaller light for a ditch fog front bumper. We’ve got the Flexera four, which is a little bit larger light, you know, for larger vehicles or on

Holman (1h 36m 42s):

The front bumpers. And so the number basically designates how many l e d pops there are in it. So how many light beams we, we

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 36m 47s):

Kind of go off inches. Okay. Ish. But yeah, actually it does like three, the triangle Sure. Which is a different look. It’s not for everybody, you know, but they, it has shrouds for like square and round holes, which is cool. Flexera four, a little bit lighter, a bigger light 80 watt, you know, versus the, the 40, the 40 watt. But yeah, people love being able to change the bezel ring. Yeah.

Holman (1h 37m 7s):

Getting the anodized look. Yeah.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 37m 8s):

Yeah. Amber covers, we’ve got all sorts of Yeah. For dust

Holman (1h 37m 11s):

Changeable stuff, things.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 37m 12s):

Yeah. So, but you know, we’ve, we’ve got the flexor one, which is great for like small compact areas, top of roof racks, rear chase lights, even pillars

Holman (1h 37m 20s):

Lighting up my scuttles while I’m cooking my ribeye SCOs.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 37m 22s):

And you know, we’re converting the, the flexor one now comes in a master kit. Okay. So you don’t have to buy the be like one beam pattern. Yeah. It comes with everything that, that’s awesome. So you just swap it yourself. So,

Holman (1h 37m 31s):

So you can make a mistake buying the light and fix it right there and not have to buy anything else to master kit. Exactly. Yeah. Or,

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 37m 36s):

Or if you change your mind, you know, you run the spot, but you want to run the spread later or

Holman (1h 37m 40s):

Maybe you put the fours on where the ones or you know, the, the ones are, then you can change them and swap out the beam pattern. Exactly. Keep those lives relevant on your rig. Exactly.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 37m 47s):

And then, you know, very shortly here we’ll be launching the bar in the, in the, in the flexor family. Oh, awesome. So we’re excited about that. Cool. The flex always used to link. so Yeah, that’s something to look out for So. we will have that and some pretty cool gravity stuff coming out, you know, also later in the year and early next year. So Awesome to be able to talk to you guys about that.

Holman (1h 38m 4s):

Let let me know. We’d love to have you guys back on the podcast. Come down to the pod shed. We could all ha it’s air conditioned now. It’s a AC fix. The, I added a mini split. I, I bought a, I bought a 10 by 12 tough shed and we built a podcast studio in the Tough shed. And we’ve got ac we have a Dr. Pepper and beer fridge.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 38m 19s):

Okay. So I’ll bring meat. Okay. We can either smoke it. My

Holman (1h 38m 22s):

Barbecue is right outside the door. We can do it. Let’s do it dude.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 38m 24s):

All. right. Let’s do it over. Meat bond. Over meat All.

Holman (1h 38m 26s):

Right. Just remember kids lights before lockers.

Alan/ KC HiLites (1h 38m 28s):

Yes sir. Dude, thank you.

Lightning (1h 38m 32s):

Now Holman, did we ever get a chance to go to the Tacoma unveiling at Overland Expo because that wasn rained out the first day.

Holman (1h 38m 41s):

What? I can’t hear you As I’m walking through huddles

Lightning (1h 38m 45s):

All, right. It’s time to do some truck news.

21 (1h 38m 48s):

What’s new in trucks?

22 (1h 38m 50s):

We need to know

21 (1h 38m 52s):

What’s new in trucks.

22 (1h 38m 53s):

We need to know

21 (1h 38m 54s):

What’s new

Lightning (1h 38m 55s):

In trucks.

22 (1h 38m 56s):

We need to know

3 (1h 38m 57s):

Lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world of trucks.

Lightning (1h 39m 4s):

Ah, that was solid. That was really good. Yeah, that wasn pretty good. Yeah. Thank you for that.

Holman (1h 39m 9s):

So speaking of the, the new Tacoma, I think everybody

Lightning (1h 39m 13s):

No, I’ve not heard. Interesting. Thanks for that. I haven

Holman (1h 39m 15s):

That’s funny. I haven’t asked you that question

Lightning (1h 39m 16s):

Yet. I know, but I figured you’re gonna blow past

Holman (1h 39m 18s):

It. I, you didn’t even gimme a chance. Try it now. I am gonna blow

Lightning (1h 39m 21s):

Past it. No, no, no, really do it though.

Holman (1h 39m 23s):

Anyway, everybody has been, come on. I’m trying to do a news segment. Lightning, have I heard? I don’t know, have you? No,

Lightning (1h 39m 31s):

But no.

Holman (1h 39m 32s):

Okay. So at Overland Expo Toyota had finally, after teasing us for what seems like years one photo at a time had released the entire 2024 Toyota Tacoma lineup. And I think it’ll be pretty successful. There’s, there’s a lot to like about it.

Lightning (1h 39m 52s):

It’s all anyone was talking about, dude. I mean they talk about, I was talking to John P at Toyo. Yeah, right. Yeah. Our friend John and I said, why is the entire internet today in the last couple days talking about the Toyota Tacoma launch? And he says timing, they’re just brilliant at timing. They just dropped it like a bomb on everyone. I don’t know, it’s like that wasn a really well executed release. Yeah.

Holman (1h 40m 16s):

Don don’t know if I, if I agree with that fully. I think that, yeah, the timing’s good, but Ranger was right before it. There’s gonna be some more stuff in the coming weeks such as the official announcement for the future AEV bison version of the Colorado and Canyon, which are confirmed to have 35 inch tires from the factory.

Lightning (1h 40m 37s):

I went over to the GM booth. I know we’re not talking about GM in the segment, but my god, the AEV,

Holman (1h 40m 45s):

Did you see the heavy duty on 30 fives?

Lightning (1h 40m 47s):


Holman (1h 40m 47s):

And by the way, those parts are not AAV licensed. AEV makes them the bumpers and all that. The integrated winch. That was all done from AEV in-house.

Lightning (1h 40m 55s):

So I get it. But boy do they look like they came off the production line. They are freaking awesome All, right? We

Holman (1h 41m 3s):

Gotta, we’ll, we’ll circle, we’ll go back to this All, right. So the 2024 Tacoma is available in eight trims. So you get the, the ssr, the s five, the t r d pre-runner, the T R D sport, the t r d, Offroad Delimited, the T R D Pro and the Trail Hunter. Some of those are carryover from the previous model. Some are new such as the limited trail hunter, which I’ve always thought that you could have an upscale mid-size picket truck. The Canyon had a Denali but it didn’t really, that wasn just like more chrome and stuff like that. Not necessarily more sound deadening. Nothing to really make it feel more luxurious.

Lightning (1h 41m 38s):

Holman, the list that you gave just a moment ago, was that the list in order of cost?

Holman (1h 41m 42s):

Okay. That, that is the trim walk from lowest to highest. Thank you. So you’ll be able to get it as a crew cab or the five or six foot bed. and then there’s a weird extra cab configuration that’s like an old school. It is a two seat, no rear doors extended cab. They just have a parcel shelf. So Toyota looked at it and went, well, most people who buy it are doing 50% are doing the rear seat delete. So they’re not carrying people. So let’s just make a parcel shelf with like lockable storage. We can hide things out of the way and we’ll make the front seat fold down Flad. So it’s its own surface and it basically just becomes a, you know, two person vehicle. So think of it as a regular cab, I guess with space or an old school super cab or extended cab.

Holman (1h 42m 23s):

That’s kind of cool. Interesting. Yeah, they said why put all the effort into rear doors if people don’t have to climb back there. So I guess I could see that. But yeah, anyway, it’s, it that’s kind of a, i I think it’s refreshing to see, although the proportions are a little wonky compared to the crew cab, it kinda looks sort of sort of tall and it won’t be available on every trim. And you can’t get the, the manual with it. What did I say? Manual? Yep. Yes. You will be able to get the manual transmission on the non-hybrid version. So there is a pair of new powertrains, both based on the 2.4 liter four cylinder turbo. The 2.44 cylinder makes 278 horsepower and 317 pound feet on the SSR five and above.

Holman (1h 43m 9s):

But the base model is actually detuned to 2 28, 2 43. The hybrid version, which adds a 1.87 kilowatt hour battery, which is pretty small and a trans mounted motor that will make with the, the hybrid and the ice together a total of 326 horsepower and a whopping 465 pound feet of torque. Yes. Yeah, that’s, that’s good that, that, that boy’s gonna move. So some of the things that Toyota talked about was the ability to climb, you know, grade such as an 8% grade without having to, to downshift on the hybrid models. Towing capacity is 6,500 pounds on the s five and t r d pre-runner with the gas only.

Holman (1h 43m 51s):

and then the payload’s a lot better than it used to be. 1,709 pounds. That’s pretty stout. So that’s a, a little more than Chevy. A little less than Ranger, but you know, it’s, it’s Toyota. They’re, they’re pretty good at being in the middle. and then the, the trail hunter and the pretty good at

Lightning (1h 44m 10s):

Being Well they’re

Holman (1h 44m 10s):

In the middle. Yeah, I mean that’s, they, they don’t play the spec. I don’t mean that as an ins insult. I mean they don’t play the spec war on paper with everybody. They kind of put what they think their customers want and they go with it and they’re fine with that. Trail Hunter, tier D Pro are the halos Trail hunter is kind of goofy to me. It has an a r b rear bumper with tow hooks, which is really cool. And it has a goofy bed rack that has like a Molly style panel and one of those Flad rack style, you know, roof tray cargo carriers. It has a snorkel and some lights and then it has a, an old man emu shock and suspension system. So it’s pretty, you know, modified from the factory but it’s still kind of, it just looks weird.

Holman (1h 44m 54s):

And they went with a 33 on an 18. So the sidewalls look kind of small to me for something that’s made to go to go Offroad. and then the Tier D Pro actually think looks pretty rad. Obviously in one place you got the trail hunter, which you know has steel skid plates, it’s got rock rails, it’s got more protection, all that kinda stuff. But the pro is more like go fast, less like rock crawley and things like that. They have a multilink coil sprung suspension. They also have a two and a half inch shock. But instead of a old man emo, these are the fox ips that you are pretty used to seeing on the Tier D pro lineup. and then it moves to aluminum protection.

Holman (1h 45m 36s):

But one of the things I didn’t like about it is the a r b rear bumpers awfully thin. Like it felt really thin. When you look at the AEV stuff that they’re stamping with that hot stamp boron steel, it’s similar in in the thickness except it’s five times the strength. So it, it’s, I’m not gonna say it’s flimsy or anything like that, but I wonder How much abuse it could take from a hit. ’cause it just,

Lightning (1h 45m 59s):

But So we talked about a couple episodes ago when I stood under a tundra and I was stunned by just how, and again not calling it flimsy, but it just looked quote unquote lightweight. It just looked thin everywhere. Yeah. Like they just thrifted where they could,

Holman (1h 46m 17s):

I mean I’m, I’m they obviously they have to make stuff for production and they’re trying to meet a price point. It’s cool that they’re embracing the aftermarket. But anyway, it, it just, the the other thing for me is they have these great AEV red tow hooks in the back, but on the front it uses a like frame mounted loop that is way under down by the cross member. So like if you’re stuck in mutter sand, you have to dig out the entire truck to get back to the tow point. I wonder why they did that, which really they’ve always done that, but I don’t know why they didn’t incorporate tow hooks on the top of the frame horns rather than the rear the front cross member toward the axle down deep below like that. ’cause it’s gonna be hard for somebody to pull you out forward So. that was one of those things where I’m like, eh, I think they could have done something a little bit better then.

Lightning (1h 46m 59s):

So the T R D pro, would you consider that the gover landing and then the trail hunter is the slower landing?

Holman (1h 47m 5s):

No, I wouldn’t say it’s slower. I would say it’s over landing. I don’t think there’s any slower landing here. Okay. I would say that the T R D Pro is pretty cool has those crazy looking front seats that they call iso dynamic performance seats. We

Lightning (1h 47m 17s):

Saw people talking about these a lot. Do the, the big question that everyone had is do they work? Are they all show no go?

Holman (1h 47m 24s):

It’s kind of like a, think of it as a big rig truck seed or something like that. So they float, it’s a pair of air over oil shocks that are fitted on the back. So supposed to be comfortable when you’re hitting whoops and supposed to absorb more impacts. and then also help the driver focus better because your head and neck aren’t moving around. and then you can tune ’em based on knobs on the back. and then if you don’t want to use them, you can basically unlock them with a lever and then they’re just like regular seats. Well

Lightning (1h 47m 49s):

Wait a minute. hold on a second because I didn’t understand how they’re working. So they’re vertical shocks, they’re in the, in the seat back. But what are they shock? Are they, it’s at the seat bottom that they’re moving that they’re, that they’re damping. What, what are those shocks connected to? I couldn’t tell the

Holman (1h 48m 3s):

Seat frame, but I, I’m working on getting the chief engineer from Tacoma on the show to come on and because I’d like to,

Lightning (1h 48m 8s):

The materials stripped

Holman (1h 48m 8s):

Away. I’m, I’m sure you would. Okay. We can, we can ask that when we get Toyota on the show and, and do a deeper dive on it. The interior is, looks just like Tundra just scaled down. You get a seven inch digital gauge cluster on lower trims and a 12.3 inch unit on, on higher trims and then an eight inch infotainment that moves up to a 14 inch just like the tundra. So it’s very tundra, it’s a little tighter. It’s sportier. I think it’s pretty cool. You get Toyota Safety Sense CarPlay, Android Auto, all that good stuff. I think, I think Toyota, you know, looking at it, I think they have a, a winner on their hands. Again, check it out. Rear disc brakes and a fully box frame.

Holman (1h 48m 51s):

I mean that’s a, that’s a pretty big upgrade. So for people who, who love the Tacoma, I think you’re gonna be pretty happy. Here’s some more specs on the Tacoma T R D Pro, which is sort of the top of line. So again, 326 horsepower, 465 pound feet of torque. So anyway, there’s a lot to uncover. This is a sh a meant to be a shorter segment. We’ll do a deeper dive, but some of the lower end Tacomas will come with Leaf Springs. The higher end ones will have a multilink coil sprung set up like on the T R D pro and the trail hunter payload and towing are, you know, right in line with where the mid-size trucks are going. Like I said, overall I think it’s gonna be really successful, although I would’ve liked a little bit better tow points for it and it would’ve been nice to see it on 30 fives and I can’t wait to see people get in here and start to start to modify these things and see what they’re capable of.

Holman (1h 49m 37s):

Because I think it just such a step above the current truck that, you know, these things are probably gonna be at the dealership going markups at least on Trail Hunters T r d pros and maybe limited for a while to come once they hit the

Lightning (1h 49m 51s):

Do we know the initial price on No. The top line?

Holman (1h 49m 54s):

No, they haven’t announced pricing yet. Okay. That’ll

Lightning (1h 49m 56s):

Be, and and these things touch down. When do we know? September

Holman (1h 49m 60s):

Later this year.

Lightning (1h 50m 0s):

Okay. So we’re gonna over the next bow next year it’s gonna be Tacoma City. There’s

Holman (1h 50m 4s):

Already people lining up to build them. Whew already involved in some stuff on that. So are you really?

Lightning (1h 50m 10s):

I am. So you’re saying that’s under

Holman (1h 50m 13s):

Embargo? I would say it is under embargo. Dammit. So anyway, kudos to Toyota for launching a full lineup on the Tacoma and the T N G A dash F global platform that is basically underpinning all of the body on frame stuff that you, that you care about from Toyota. So, so anyway, we’re, we’re excited to, to find out more about it. Like I said, I’m gonna work on getting somebody from Toyota on the podcast So. we can do a, a deeper dive. There’s just too much stuff to cover and we’ll find out why they have such a giant air dam on some of their models. All right Lighting, did you hear? How

Lightning (1h 50m 50s):

About new? No, I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 50m 52s):

The 2024 Ford Ranger configurator is now live order. Banks will be opening up soon if they haven’t already. By the time you hear this, the Ranger will start at 34 1 60 for an XL and top out at the Raptor at 56 9 60. That’s

Lightning (1h 51m 9s):

Actually pretty good. Yeah.

Holman (1h 51m 10s):

So if you’re interested in, in the new Ranger, head on over to four.com where you can build a price one for yourself and, and check it out. It’s pretty cool to play around and see what features are available. We just had the episode with the chief engineer of Ranger on a a, you know, a few weeks ago and finally you’ll be able to see what the, the ranger will cost you and the configuration that works best for you. Hey lighting, did you hear? No.

Lightning (1h 51m 35s):

Nope. The

Holman (1h 51m 36s):

2023 Rivian R one SS prices have been announced as, as well as estimated range. The longest range version is now 390 miles and it’ll maintain three rows of seats. The R one s is gonna have a little less range than R one T because of the Wheel base, so it won’t have as many batteries. And the versions of the R one Ss that are available are the dual motor all Wheel drive with 600 horsepower and zero Saw

Lightning (1h 52m 0s):

A couple of those by the way at Overland. Expo.

Holman (1h 52m 2s):

Surprise a couple of ’em there. Yeah. Zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds. and then you’ll be able to get a standard battery, large battery max. The next step up is performance dual motor, all Wheel drive 700 horse, 700 pound feet zero 60 and 3.5 seconds with the large battery or max battery. and then the top of line is the quad motor. All Wheel drive 835 horsepower, 908 pound feet of torque zero to 60 in three seconds. And you only will be able to get that with the large battery. So when the Rivian R one Ss, which stands for SS U V versus R one T, which stands for truck, was available for order. that wasn eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, which made the prices, you know, around 63 and a half, which is pretty affordable.

Lightning (1h 52m 45s):

Is that gone now? What? It

Holman (1h 52m 46s):

Is gone Well everything’s gone up and now destination charges $1,800 and there’s no federal tax credit except for on one version. Oof. Which fits under the new $80,000 price cap. And I believe it’s only eligible for like 37 50 of the tax credits. So it’s pretty pricey. The 23 Rivian R one s dual motor, all Wheel drive standard is $78,000. Mm. and then you can go all the way up to the quad motor, all Wheel drive performance with the 22 inch wheels and that’s 94 500 of course add the destination charge and no tax credit.

Holman (1h 53m 26s):

So she’s

Lightning (1h 53m 27s):

A hundred

Holman (1h 53m 28s):

Gs pricey. Yep. Jeez. Pricey All, right? Lighten did you hear?

Lightning (1h 53m 32s):

No. Nope.

Holman (1h 53m 34s):

Ford Superduty customers have begun taking delivery. So if your 2023 order went in, the vehicles are being produced at two plants here in the US and they’re now just hitting our dealership in. In fact, I was on a trip this week where the company just got word that their 2023 Super Duty had arrived during our lunch.

Lightning (1h 53m 53s):

So I’ve had the chance to borrow C J C off roads 2023 Ford F three 50. It’s the ho, the 2023 HO. And I believe that it is the quickest full-size Diesel pickup truck that I have ever driven stock. It is a beast. Bonkers. It’s seriously bonkers. It feels T R X, like

Holman (1h 54m 16s):

Well kudos to the 11,000 United auto worker, hourly workers, 9,000, the Kentucky truck plant and 1800 at the Ohio Assembly plant who are now assembling the F-series family of trucks. So dude,

Lightning (1h 54m 30s):

That torque is just 1200 pound feet of torque.

Holman (1h 54m 32s):

That’s pretty amazing. You feel

Lightning (1h 54m 34s):

Every bit of it, and this was up on 30 sevens, you’d get on it and you could feel the tread bend. Like have you ever had that where you just so much torque. You’re twisting the tires.

Holman (1h 54m 46s):

Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 54m 48s):

No. Nope. A couple

Holman (1h 54m 49s):

Bits of news from Ford on their EV side this past week, they are adopting no haggle EV pricing in January of 2024. And you’ll be able to buy an EV online and set up vehicle delivery that includes the F one 50 lighting and the upcoming T three truck that we have yet to see. But in other massive news, Ford said that they have collaborated with Tesla.

Lightning (1h 55m 14s):


Holman (1h 55m 14s):

And now, oh,

Lightning (1h 55m 15s):

Dual charging, charging stations.

Holman (1h 55m 17s):

And now Ford Electric vehicles will be developed going forward with the Tesla charging infrastructure in mind where you can go to Tesla’s fast charger to charge your F one 50. So a, if, if your buddy’s got a cyber truck and you guys go on a road trip, you can charge your F one 50 lighting right alongside him. Wow. So I believe the, the Tesla standard is N A C F, the it’s North American charging standard. and then the one that Forge currently uses is the c c s standard. And it appears that they aren’t abandoning c c s for Tesla. There’ll be both versions. So I think that’s gonna give Ford a leg up on the competition because they’re already gonna have a built-in charging infrastructure.

Holman (1h 55m 59s):

Can I ask

Lightning (1h 55m 60s):

Tesla a dumb question? Yep. Is that just a plug adapter that you put on to the end?

Holman (1h 56m 5s):

You can use a plug adapter. I don’t know if Tesla blocks you electronically though. Ah, for making it happen. You can definitely adapt a Tesla style charger to something else or in reverse I believe. But the software has to allow you to do it as well. Gotcha. So Ford is gonna be the manufacturing, I think they’re gonna be able to do it on an app where you, you’ll be able to handle payment and all that kinda stuff just like you would on a Tesla, but through the Ford Pass app.

Lightning (1h 56m 28s):

Isn’t it amazing that the Ford, like look at we talked last show about, you know, them going with sync, you know, Microsoft Sync and it kind of didn’t work the way they wanted it to and then they acquiesced and went over to CarPlay and, and Android Auto. Now they’re dealing with Tesla. Like they’re just all of a sudden willing to play with other manufacturers in order to be current. Right? And and and like where others are saying, nope, we want our own ecosystem. Yeah. Ford is willing to do what it takes to be relevant,

Holman (1h 57m 2s):

Which certainly seems that way. You can expect those changes to come starting in 2025. Hey lighting, did you hear? What?

Lightning (1h 57m 11s):

No. Nope. don don’t think so.

Holman (1h 57m 13s):

The state of South Carolina has now join North Carolina and has banned the notorious Carolina squad. So Governor Harry McMaster signed the bill, which will become law in November and it’s a hundred bucks for your first violation. Should be more 200 for the second, 300 for the third. And you get licensed suspended. Nice. So anyway, I, I think there’s a a, a big safety issue obviously with the driver looking at the sky and the headlights pointed at the sky and all that stuff. It’s a style thing. I’m sure you guys listening either love it or hate it, but, but for better or worth the Carolinas are not where you wanna squat anymore.

Holman (1h 57m 55s):

Hey lighting, did you hear? I

24 (1h 57m 57s):

Don’t watch the news because I’m

Lightning (1h 57m 59s):

A kid. Nope. Haven’t heard.

Holman (1h 58m 1s):

Hennessy has debuted a new 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor Velociraptor 500 with, you guessed it, 500 horsepower. So, so apparently tuning is still alive and well with 2024 Fords if you know the right people.

Lightning (1h 58m 18s):

I was told that everyone was locked out starting in 22 and Hennessy as far as I know, doesn’t work directly with Ford. So they’re doing like a full, they gotta be doing like an E C M swap with HP tuners. I don’t know I don know how they’re doing it.

Holman (1h 58m 34s):

405 horsepower and four 30 stock and it moves up to 500, 5 50, which are gains of 95 horsepower in a not insignificant 120 pound feet overstock. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 58m 44s):

So that’s definitely a flash tune. Hmm. I don’t know how they’re doing that. Interesting. Well

Holman (1h 58m 49s):

Maybe we should call Mr. Hennessy and see if he’ll regale us with his presence back on The Truck. Show Podcast.

Lightning (1h 58m 56s):

But I don’t think he’s gonna tell us what he’s got going on under the hood, do

Holman (1h 58m 60s):

You? Yeah, but he might tell us about some other cool stuff. I mean he’s got a lot of different vehicles. Did you see that he just sold one of his Venom F fives

Lightning (1h 59m 9s):


Holman (1h 59m 9s):

To Michael Jordan and he just bought a convertible, which when you put the top back on 300 miles per hour,

Lightning (1h 59m 16s):

Come on. This is crazy.

Holman (1h 59m 17s):

Yeah. All, we’ve got a ton of email for you guys, but we’re running outta time so let’s get to some five star hotline and we’ll hit your emails next show.

2 (1h 59m 28s):

Oh come on and be part of the show called the five Star Hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 6 1 0 5. It’s the five star hotline hotline.

26 (1h 59m 45s):

Hey, whole man and light built. Brian just giving you a call. Had to comment on the Chinese built Lincoln. I mean, come on. You know, that’s just a business case. You guys look at these things on a daily basis. You know how this industry works. Ford has some deal more than likely with a Chinese manufacturer, a tool up and invest. And they have a large market share or a large market they’re going after in China. No different than when Buick went there 20, 25, 30 years ago and gained a big market share and they got bit in the butt. Now that in order to qualify for EV credits here in America, it has to be built here.

26 (2h 0m 27s):

But I think these new programs will encourage ’em to give some production over here to the state. That’s my take on your little Lincoln fiasco. Have a good one.

Holman (2h 0m 38s):

Yeah, I mean, you know, it’s obviously it’s business case situation, but you’ve got a brand that its whole brand is American luxury American. This American, that’s for, for heaven’s sake, it’s named after a former American president. That’s beloved. But you’re going to outsource the building to your Chinese partners or your factory over there and bring it here. I’m still not cool with it. Sorry. No

Lightning (2h 1m 0s):

Leaves. These two reviewers cold.

26 (2h 1m 3s):

Hey Jay and, and Holman. This is Mike Boyle. Just wanted to chime in on the whole Rampage versus Dakota saying it’s a no brainer on that one. The Rampage already was a front Wheel drive unit body pickup from Dodge. I mean they’ve already got the name, say the Dakota name for the highly unlikely that they’ll actually ever bring back a mid-size truck. Just figured I’d let you guys know my opinion. Keep up the good work. Five stars.

27 (2h 1m 31s):

Five star review. Five stars.

Holman (2h 1m 37s):

Yeah. Makes sense to me. I’m, I’m down with

Lightning (2h 1m 39s):

Ram. Rampage it or you just call it the Ram page. I I think it’s the rampage. Yeah, the Ram rampage or the rampage? Just the No, the rampage. Just the nah. Ram Rampage is better. Ram Rampage. Yeah. Hmm. More Ram for your bucks. See what I did there? 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. That is the five star hotline. That’s where these guys are leaving the messages. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. You can leave a message 24 hours a day as evidenced by this guy

26 (2h 2m 9s):

Sean P Lightning. How you guys doing? It’s about three in the morning Central standard time here in Indiana. I’m a driver. My name’s Brian Brett. You guys just read my email on your show today. Calling me Brian Bez Bez. Oops. It’s Brett, b r e t z. Thanks for reading the letter. Yeah. Mr. Bretts, it’s frontier spotting for you. You guys were talking about calling in about what new truck we’ve got. Man, that just seems so far away. Trucks are so expensive. My wife and I follow the Dave Ramsey principles in a brand new truck or 3 92, which sounds sweet like you guys just got, can’t do it.

26 (2h 2m 55s):

Just mentally cannot do the acrobatics to, to get into that kind of debt. I drive an oh three Ford f

Lightning (2h 3m 5s):

I sold my firstborn so it ended up not being bad at all that wise. That’s weird because I sold your firstborn oh

26 (2h 3m 13s):

One 50. I have owned it new from the day I drove it off the lot. I have babied this thing. I have had frost bitten hands in this Indiana winter washing the salt off the underbody runs great. 156,000 miles bone stock except for some larger tires like the truck. Probably my favorite feature on it is that it doesn’t have any start stop hybrid bull crap on it. You just turn the key, it runs, it’s X L T, but it just super basic. So love the show. You guys are entertaining, informative, mountain, those parameters, man.

26 (2h 3m 53s):

Every time I hear that, feel sorry for that girl, but that is freaking hilarious. Five stars, you guys are great. Keep Truckin

28 (2h 4m 6s):


27 (2h 4m 8s):

Five star review. Five stars

Lightning (2h 4m 12s):

6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Five star hotline.

26 (2h 4m 17s):

Sean Jay listening to today’s podcast. Who knows? Episode nine 19. I don’t know, you’re somewhere in the news series talking about General Motors wanting to go their own way and getting rid of Android and CarPlay. And I’d have to agree with you guys on this one. That just sounds horrible. It sounds like some, some version of their own mounted monitor engine parameters or something like that. Nice. So maybe if they do go down that path, you can, you can set them up with that, with that auto show personality that’s infamous for that thing. That would be great. I’m sure they would appreciate it. Have a good one.

Holman (2h 4m 60s):

I’m glad to see that our listeners agree with us and it’s amazing how Apple and Google have ingrained themselves in our lives. But something as simple as having the same interface for, you know, maps and music. Like I just got back from my trip and I had a brand new Nissan Altima Ssv and I’m in this little town of Monroe, Louisiana. And I get my rental car and I, I had ordered this, the cheapest thing ’cause I was only gonna put like 50 or 60 miles on it so that wasn like Mitsubishi Mirage or some hatchback that I probably would’ve died in. And little tiny airport, two gates walk up to the counter and the guy says, are you national or enterprise? And I’m like, I’m national. So he flips his hat around and and he was both And he is. Yeah. And he opens the key box.

Holman (2h 5m 40s):

He goes, I only have a minivan and an Altima. I’m like, well you know, there might be a family coming in, I’ll take the Altima. And I wasn’t expecting much. I walk out brand new 2000 miles clean, tight, no scratches, smells new CarPlay, I mean it just a SV model. Everything I need to get around town. And I can’t tell you from that experience whether you rent cars often or you’re a journalist like me and you’re driving different things all the time. What a difference it is to be able to have the same interface and How much less stress off driving in an unfamiliar place. Now do you plug in or do you Bluetooth in? I plugged in. I, I hate, I hate wireless CarPlay. Yeah, it gets lost in all that stuff. And when I’m plugged in I know I’m charging and it just, I’m I’m plug.

Holman (2h 6m 21s):

Yeah, I’m there with you. Whole

26 (2h 6m 22s):

Shot in McQueen. How’s it going? This is Brian Bretts again down in southern Indiana. It’s currently 4:00 AM central.

Holman (2h 6m 32s):

Wow. An hour later

26 (2h 6m 33s):

Running a load of white flour. 51,000 pounds plus.

Holman (2h 6m 38s):

The funny thing about white flour is if you’re standing around a campfire with your friends and you have a bag of white powder and you just go, it makes a massive like fireball does it really, it just atomizes when it’s really fine and it just burn and it’s, it just white powder. You just like funny to just walk in with your friends safely out in the desert. Oh there’s nothing that can burn and you just toss a handful of flour randomly. And he goes, Whew

26 (2h 7m 4s):

Just thought I’d call in, say thank you for the stickers. Only sent you the one picture of the Nissan frontier. Seeing a lot more of ’em around here they are, they’re starting to pick up plenty of parts delivery vehicles at O’Reilly’s and just other personal vehicles on the road. Can’t believe I’m leaving this story, but it’s not a serious story. But you guys are talking about brown stories

Holman (2h 7m 30s):


26 (2h 7m 31s):

You know, driving a little bit. You, you kind of, if your timing’s not right, you can find, find yourself in some unique places and you know, I’ll be down here blowing off a load of flour and you can’t exactly just shut down and run in there. And I’ve

Lightning (2h 7m 44s):

Had, by the way, is that a euphemism blowing off a load of flour? It’s probably not.

Holman (2h 7m 49s):


26 (2h 7m 49s):

To waddle in and I’m sweating and it’s, it’s not fun. I know exactly what you guys are talking about. But anyways, just wanted to say thanks. My family thought I was a weirdo for getting so excited over a envelopes from Banks, had no idea what was going on. But I knew what was in there. And tell Gail thanks. Appreciate him letting you use as stationary.

Holman (2h 8m 14s):

He doesn’t know. No,

Lightning (2h 8m 15s):

He doesn’t know So. the thing is, when when I was starting to do this

Holman (2h 8m 21s):

There, we didn’t think that wasn gonna be hundreds.

Lightning (2h 8m 23s):

I had no idea. And I had included a couple lock jaw stickers in there. Oh yeah. Which I had.

Holman (2h 8m 26s):

Which are

Lightning (2h 8m 26s):

Out of now I’m gone. Those are out. So that just continues to be stationary. So the guys in the mail room are starting to look at me weird. They’re like, this is like now a couple hundred of these things. Right? I’m like, dude, big deal. It’s like 70 cents. Yeah. Times a couple hundred. Yeah. At some point I’m gonna get a bill from Yeah, our mail department. It’s gonna be ugly.

26 (2h 8m 47s):

And I think if we had more people like Gail Banks this country be in a lot better shape right now. Hardworking entrepreneurs not asking for anything, just for the government to get the the heck outta their way so they can go make money and employ other people. You guys have a great day. Take care. Five stars, mounter those parameters.

27 (2h 9m 10s):

Five star review. Five star master

2 (2h 9m 15s):


Lightning (2h 9m 18s):

6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Go truck show podcast@gmail.com. Hit us please.

2 (2h 9m 28s):

The truck show. The truck show. The truck show

Holman (2h 9m 34s):

You can fight. And socials please At lbc Lightning, I’m at Sean b Holman or at Truck Show podcast. You can also email us truck show podcast@gmail.com. Holman at truck show podcast.com or Lightning at trick show podcast.com. We want to hear from you whether it’s on the five star hotline or via social or via email. Tell us your story, tell us what you got going on. Ask us questions. We will do our best to answer them on the air

Lightning (2h 9m 59s):

Now. Are we still okay with them? Frontier spotting?

Holman (2h 10m 4s):

Yeah, don’t, don’t let it

Lightning (2h 10m 6s):

Die. I mean, I have more stickers.

Holman (2h 10m 7s):

Well, here’s the thing, Because, we’re gonna go until we run outta stickers.

Lightning (2h 10m 10s):

No, that’s not I can keep printing stickers.

Holman (2h 10m 13s):

No, no. We’re gonna go until we run outta stickers.

Lightning (2h 10m 16s):

So for you who are

Holman (2h 10m 17s):

New to the show, I can’t afford the hidden mail charges that are coming our way.

Lightning (2h 10m 20s):

They’re not coming, I’m not gonna stick you with it. It’s come outta my pocket for the frigging stickers. I just got 500 more. So I, I’m good for a little bit. If you guys are sitting in the cab of your truck and you look out your windshield and you see a frontier, take a photograph of it and send it to Truck show podcast@gmail.com. Lightning at truck show podcast.com or Lightning at truck show podcast.com because just send it to Lightning because Holman’s not gonna do anything with it. ’cause I have all the stickers and all the envelopes. I mean,

Holman (2h 10m 48s):

I’ll read your email and forward it to Lightning. Yeah, that’s what’ll happen. That’s about it. Oh man, that was a, that was a long show. Whew.

Lightning (2h 10m 54s):

That was a doozy

Holman (2h 10m 55s):

Marathon. Good thing we’re recording on the weekend. Do

Lightning (2h 10m 57s):

You think our affiliates are still with us or have they tuned out to their normally scheduled programming?

Holman (2h 11m 1s):

So? we have a couple brown note stories, but I think we’ll hold till after the show. Bonus content. Oh, bonus bonus

Lightning (2h 11m 5s):

After we close

Holman (2h 11m 6s):

It out. Bonus brown note. So, so before we do all that, let’s thank Nissan for making some awesome trucks. And if you are looking for a truck manufacturer makes a good, dependable, reliable, affordable truck that sponsors your favorite podcast, then you want to go to the one and only Nissan you find ’em at Nissan usa.com or at a local dealer. Check out the frontier, the Titan, the Titan xd, and of course the Titans have the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Lightning (2h 11m 31s):

And if you guys want the best performance parts for your truck, head on over to Banks power.com. Simply type in your year, make and model. And if you find what you like and you want a little a deal on it, reach out to at LBC Lightning and I will hook up brother up. Alright,

Holman (2h 11m 45s):

And if you guys need new shocks, head over to bill Bilstein us.com. Bill Bilstein has the best mono tube shocks, whether your truck is stock, whether it’s lifted, whether it is a towing daily driver, off-roading monster, whichever it is, bill Bilstein has a shock for you. You can go all the way from the direct replacement, 46 hundreds all the way up to external bypass B 8 81 hundreds. They got you covered. I use ’em on all my personal vehicles. I love Bill Bilstein and Lightning is getting the Bill Bilstein experience on his T R X.

Lightning (2h 12m 12s):

Dude. I got the Black Hawk e squareds on the Truckin. Oh, they’re so nice.

Holman (2h 12m 16s):

Alright. And last but not least, we gotta thank our friends over at onX Map. So if you wanna go to onX Offroad dot com, you can find the best map app software for your phone, your tablet, or even your desktop. You can build routes, you can share ’em with your friends. You can go on adventures. Hey, if you download your maps ahead of time, the offline maps, no cell connectivity, you can still find your way around and get yourself home. Or if you’re looking for a new place to explore in a far off land where you’re unfamiliar, you can see if you’re squatting on someone’s property or if you’re safely on a public thoroughfare. So onX maps.com, you can head over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Download today and subscribe.

Lightning (2h 12m 52s):

The Truck Show Podcast is a production of truck famous l L c. This podcast was created by Sean Holman and j Tillis with production elements by DJ Omar Khan. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.

Holman (2h 13m 17s):

All, right? Lightning. I don don’t really wanna read these in the middle ’cause might be not. They’re foul. Foul. But we got a couple of brown notes. So listen, if you’re sensitive and you, you wanna be done with the show, fine. But here’s our bonus content. The first one, hold on. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

29 (2h 13m 34s):

Well maybe it’s a good time for me to mention that parents with small children listening might wanna be aware that this particular talk is intended for a, a more mature audience

Holman (2h 13m 43s):

Or people who like hearing gross things All. right. We’re gonna start with the hot dog story from our friend Trevor Nero, the hot dog story. I was somewhere around 20 to 23 working for a landscaping company as an account manager, which involved lots of driving around in my second gen, early double lot Ford Ranger, of course, being early twenties and single, nearly every meal was eaten out on the road. So a good deal for food was always of interest. My coworker Mimo had raved to me a few times about how the local gas station to our office had some deal for two hot dogs for something like 50 cents. Ooh. Gas station Hot dogs. Dude. Dude, it reminds me of the time I was in Montana and I had my first gas station pizza and I literally flung it out of the window like a Frisbee on the freeway.

Holman (2h 14m 24s):

That wasn so disgusting. And it flew for a good a hundred like 50 feet. that wasn like, wow. Look at that go. Do you think those hot dogs that are on the rotis rolling aren’t there from the day prior and they just No roll? No, no. Unless you’re 24 hours. ’cause then one day rolls into the other All. right? Despite my young broke garbage disposal diet, I thought, hmm, questionable. Most days were spent driving around trying to figure out which roadside style diner my other coworker and I could meet up for breakfast. and then debating How. much time we should wait before deciding which one to meet at for lunch, perks of company fuel. On this particularly fateful day, my coworker couldn’t meet, so I was on my own. Damn. I thought to myself, why not give those hot dogs a try?

Holman (2h 15m 5s):

Mimo swears by them, Oh No. By the way, any dude named MIMO has a constitution for a stomach you’ll never match. I plucked my choices straight off the dyno, which is the rollers, topped them off. Paid my 50 cents and left, not 30 seconds passed after getting the second one down before I realized MIMO had led me astray, very astray, Code Brown. Immediately I hopped in the Ranger and deployed all 143 horsepower, Oh No. Luckily, the office was just around the corner, but some of the longest lights in history existed between me and that office. After blasting in the parking lot, I did the quote, unquote, try to be casual with Bud Swift walk straight through the office and was greeted with an empty throne.

Holman (2h 15m 44s):

Ah, sweet, sweet relief. So much relief that I think I’ll just rest my head on my knee for a second. And what, holy shit. How long was I out for? Where am I? Oh No? Where am I? Still on the W T F I need to wipe, but immediately when I try to stand, I nearly collapsed because my legs are the most asleep they’ve ever been in my life. I nearly, I’m nearly paralyzed, leaning on the wall at such an angle to facilitate finishing my business, I somehow managed to pull my pants up. Without face planning. I can’t feel the location of my feet. And the walk to the sink looks like a marathon distance away. Somehow I slide my body along the wall to the sink, probably looking like Leo DiCaprio and the Wolf of Wall Street.

Holman (2h 16m 25s):

When he takes out the OG Quaaludes and tries to drive, I lean against the wall and sync to wash my hands. Barely. I wrap up and exit the throne, backed into the office. And thank God it’s empty, except for my admin. I hobble to my cubicle, knocking half the office. Light switches off as I go. As I sit in the dimm light staring blankly and post-traumatic shock. I hear my admin rounding the corner. My immediate instinct is for some reason to stand up and face slightly away from her direction, placing my hand on top of the cubicle for support to my barely recovered legs. Just my luck. She wants to talk her. Hey, wanna get some lunch with us in like 30 minutes? Me shakes head. No, she didn’t hear how long I was in the her noticing the lights are off, turns them back on.

Holman (2h 17m 10s):

Then noticing I’m standing at an empty cubicle with no laptop or parent work in front of me and awkwardly facing away. You okay? Me? Yep. She slowly walks away and I sit back down. So embarrassed by the ridiculousness of the encounter I just had, and the fact I passed out on the pot for probably 30 to 40 minutes at my work. Once my legs recovered. Of course I had to go to her since we were really close friends and recount this entire story and explain that, no, I wasn’t okay. And mi mo’s damn hot dogs wrecked me. Well, by the time our team staff meeting rolled around, the entire office knew and became known as a hotdog story.

30 (2h 17m 45s):

That was awful. I mean, that was they, that was awful.

Holman (2h 17m 47s):

Wow. Right? Here’s one from Nathan Hendrickson. Hey, Lightning and Holden. I thought I’d send my Code Brown story since Lightning was disappointed, his inbox was not full of Code Brown stories in episode 20 of season two. This happened to me years ago at a Japanese steakhouse. You know, the kind where you get dinner and a show right in front of you. I was on a date with my longtime girlfriend at the time when I was given a few freshly cooked shrimp while my meal was being prepared. I’m not at all seafood guy, but I hadn’t eaten shrimp in a long time. And I tried that wasn well until we were driving down the road and my stomach started making terrible noises, very loud noises followed by debilitating cramps. I’m like, oh, Oh No.

Holman (2h 18m 28s):

We gotta find somewhere that’s still open quick. My girlfriend being the thoughtful person she is, is laughing hysterically. I love bookstores and knew one would be open. So I whipped into the shopping center that has books A million. Coincidentally, one of the places that carries O V R Magazine. So

Lightning (2h 18m 43s):

Wait a minute, why did he say, I’ve gotta go to the bathroom. I’m, I wanna find a bookstore

Holman (2h 18m 47s):

Because they had a public, it’s clean public restroom. Like they have a clean I’ve done that. A bookstore. Heck yeah. Barnes and Noble has some of the cleanest bathrooms you can find. Huh? Okay. Better than going McDonald’s.

Lightning (2h 18m 58s):

Well, I’m thinking like a food court or something,

Holman (2h 18m 59s):

You know? Oh God, no. ’cause everybody’s having the same problem you do. Oh, yeah. There’s not even a guarantee of a stall being open in a food court. Yeah. Walking tight cheeked as possible. I go into the store and make it halfway back where the magazines, and it does, again, a very loud and long gurgling noise coming from a side. Me. I stopped walking, grabbing a shelf for support. My girlfriend asked, are you okay? No, no, I’m not. Okay. Waiting a few seconds, letting that dynamic start walking again. Made it to the bathroom door that’s propped open with the closed for cleaning sign. Oh No. I kicked the door. Stop outta the way and the sign. Look up and see a middle-aged woman with a mop in her hands.

Lightning (2h 19m 41s):

Keep going.

Holman (2h 19m 42s):

Yeah, I’m trying. She looks at me and I look at her with a beat of sweat running down my brow. I say, you gotta get the hell outta here. She said nothing. Stuck her mop in the big yellow bucket and walked right out. After several minutes, I came out feeling better. My girlfriend in tears from laughter. She had heard the rushed exchange from the employee and myself in the doorway. I said I couldn’t help, but there’s nothing. There wasn’t much more time to wait. And there’s the closest I’ve been to publicly messing myself. Also to this day, I haven’t had shrimp. Hope you found this Half is enjoyable. Ex-girlfriend. Thank you for all you do, Lightning. Thank you for the note I received with my stickers. Take care. Nathan Hendrickson from Knoxville.

31 (2h 20m 21s):

Oh No. Oh No. Although it’s kind of so bad that it’s good in

Lightning (2h 20m 28s):

A way.

Holman (2h 20m 29s):

Did I tell you the Long Beach Grand Prix story? No. Okay. So I I, I suffer from this malady from time to time. And there have been at least 10 notables I would say that would be worthy of this. Really? What

Lightning (2h 20m 44s):

Am I’ve had that many brown notes. But

Holman (2h 20m 45s):

One of my favorites was I was at the Long Beach Grand Prix. I was working for Norm Reeves Honda Superstore at the time, Honda was one of the top sponsors in the, in the racing at that time, So. we had v i p passes. We can go anywhere in the convention center. They had like displays and stuff, and people were rotating around that wasn like in the middle of the track. And that’s the big building in Long Beach that has the wyland whales painted on it. And I remember having such a severe case of the cramps and Code Brown that I, I had no choice.

Lightning (2h 21m 14s):

No choice, but to

Holman (2h 21m 15s):

What? Push through into the bathroom and pass a bunch of people and go. And as soon as some dude came, I beat the dude. And I’m like, I’m sorry. Oh, you

Lightning (2h 21m 23s):

Cut someone off?

Holman (2h 21m 23s):

No, I cut like five people off.

Lightning (2h 21m 25s):

Oh my God. And were they, what were they saying?

Holman (2h 21m 26s):

And that wasn one of those ones where I could barely s like get my pants down before the fireworks. And that wasn explosive. And as I was in there grunting and spackling the porcelain God to a level that should be historic,

Lightning (2h 21m 40s):

Was it coming up to the bottom of the seat

Holman (2h 21m 42s):

That wasn whatever that wasn It wasn’t good. It may have had, it may have the, the brand, let’s say may have been if you had eaten a newborn or

Lightning (2h 21m 57s):

Something that wasn Oh my God.

Holman (2h 21m 60s):

And I’ll never forget this, that this happened. I swear this happened. I finish up feeling relieved. And as I walk out, I pass a gentleman walking through the threshold of the bathroom at the exact same time. He gets four steps and goes, oh my

Lightning (2h 22m 17s):


Holman (2h 22m 18s):

Turns around and walks right out behind me. And you have to imagine, this is the convention center, wait a minute. Filled with thousands of people. And what I did in this little room cost a man who had to go himself to, to viscerally and verbally shout out, oh my God. And immediately pivot and retreat, oh my, from the room that is supposed to provide safety and, and a respite from lunch. And I will always remember that band’s voice. Oh my God,

Lightning (2h 22m 50s):

What did you do to that bathroom, that stall?

Holman (2h 22m 53s):

I remember being at the Texas State Fair once. And so Texas State Fair is on, is on the grounds of the Cotton Bowl. And so I walk in

Lightning (2h 23m 0s):

That wasn not called the cotton bowl anymore.

Holman (2h 23m 2s):

No. I, I go and then, so the Cotton Bowl bathrooms are like those cinder block buildings right along like rectangular square or rectangular cinder block building with a big troughs. so Yeah, there’s troughs on one side and there’s a bunch of, you know, stalls on the other. And I walk in and I open it up and there are ed’s hanging from the ceiling with toilet paper. No way. The entire stall is completely exploded. I go to the next one. It’s the same way I go to the next one. What are people, it’s the same way I go to the next one. It’s the same way. And I’m noticing that the whole bathroom’s wet as if somebody had just hosed it down, like all the drains that are on the floor. Okay. And I’m like, oh, this is not good. So I turn around to, ’cause there’s nothing I can do like it’s sink or try and find somewhere else.

Holman (2h 23m 45s):

And this poor old janitor’s outside. And I go, Hey, I hate to tell you this, but I think you got a problem in there. And he looks at straight in my eyes with a level of knowledge I wasn’t expecting. He goes, ah, not again. And he picks up his mop and he goes right back in there. It’s almost like he had slayed the dragon and he thought he was done. He was just, he just wanted to have a cigarette and lean against the building and be like, that was probably one of the worst days they’ve ever worked here. and then it came again. So anyway, All. right. I, I I hope that this has inspired you guys for more Code Brown stories. We’ve all been there. Send us

Lightning (2h 24m 24s):

Send us more please. ’cause that was a good chuckle right there. Appreciate that. Code Brown Truck Show podcast@gmail.com will re more leave at the five star hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. If you’ve had this in your pants, but you’ve made it, you saved it. You,

Holman (2h 24m 40s):

You didn’t, yeah, we don’t wanna know about failure. That’s a different show.