Rory Edwards from onX Offroad returns to the show to talk with the guys about all the latest updates from our favorite mapping app and Holman gives the lowdown on the new ’24 Lexus GX 550 and Ram Rampage. The Truck Show Podcast is proudly presented by Nissan, in association with Banks Power, Bilstein, and onX Offroad.



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Holman (0s):

You know what I love? I love when our listeners buy products from our sponsors. And you and I have been doing this for almost six years now. And the reality is, is we’ve had the opportunity to take on a lot of different sponsors. We’ve actually turned down a bunch. We didn’t think you guys needed a

Lightning (15s):


Holman (16s):

Or a pillow that your butt sits on in your trucker seat to make your, your cheeks feel less fatigued or beef jerky. Yeah. For that matter. Not that we don’t believe in beef jerky, but anyway, point being is the people on the show are, are companies that we use and like, we just don’t take anybody. And I love getting these emails from our listeners. This one from our friend Colby White said to Lightning, actually, he doesn’t say Lightning, he says Lightning and Heavy. Oh,

Lightning (42s):

He added an E. It’s light Ning

Holman (45s):

And heavy.

Lightning (46s):

And heavy. Oh, I get it. Lightening and heavy.

Holman (49s):

Anyway, he says, So I finally decided to pull the trigger and put some money into the suspension of my 87 Suburban at Iron Ox Square Body on the Instagram. I swapped out the old homemade lift springs for some skyjacker Easy ride, four inch springs, and added some longer travel Bilstein 5,100 series shocks using off-road designs, extended shock mounts. I knew That wasn gonna be better than the old quote unquote white dual shock setup on the front. But this thing rides better than my 2021 Silverado work truck. I’ve taken it down some washboard dirt roads and they didn’t fade. The Bur rides like a completely different vehicle. And I’m more impressed than I ever imagined I went with Bill Bilstein pretty much because of The, Truck, Show Podcast recommendations and interviews.

Holman (1m 30s):

But I can’t wait to get folks into my rig and show them how smooth this old truck is. And that came from our buddy Colby. So dude, thank you. We appreciate when you guys use the product and then circle back with us. We’ve got some Bill Bilstein stuff coming up. There’s some new product announcements coming up, and then they’re gonna be in studio with us in, in a couple episodes. So, so

Lightning (1m 51s):

Are you saying that that news is under am Fargo

Holman (1m 55s):

I would say that there is some cool stuff on the horizon.

Lightning (1m 60s):


Holman (2m 0s):

And we will, we’ll stay tight to that. So the

Lightning (2m 2s):

Guys from Bill Bilstein are coming here to the pod shed.

Holman (2m 5s):

Yep. They’re gonna come hang out inside the pod shed. Are

Lightning (2m 7s):

We gonna drink the rest of the alcohol behind you?

Holman (2m 10s):

There’s a lot.

Lightning (2m 12s):

That would be a very sloppy episode. That episode

Holman (2m 14s):

Would be a very sloppy episode. But we could talk about mono tube shocks all day long.

Lightning (2m 18s):

We, we should. So this is season two episode number 24. And if you’re, if you’ve been here since the beginning, it actually is number 283 plus a few SEMA episodes in there. We’re approaching 300 freaking episodes. That’s

Holman (2m 32s):

A lot of time. Yeah. Doing the show with you.

Lightning (2m 37s):

I knew you were gonna

Holman (2m 37s):

Say that. There’s been a lot of emails and you guys have been prolific with your email sending truck show And we also have a lot of five star hotline calls. So 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. So keep those things coming. If you haven’t heard from us, it’s probably ’cause you’re in the stack somewhere. But we’ll try to get to as many of those emails as we can on this show. And hopefully if we have time, we’ll hit up the, the Google Voice. But first we have to thank Nissan, our presenting sponsor. So

Lightning (3m 4s):

Speaking of Nissan, tell me about that beautiful blue titan that’s sitting in, in front of your garage that I expected to be returned some weeks ago and yet is still here.

Holman (3m 12s):

So interestingly enough, I have a friend who has a marketing company that does all of Nissan’s like movie and commercial cars and things like that. Oh,

Lightning (3m 24s):

Product placement,

Holman (3m 24s):

Which is, which is pretty cool. Okay. And no, there’s a, the rider strike is going on right now and he has a warehouse full of cars and he’s like, Hey. He’s like, the titan takes up a lot of room in my warehouse and I just wanna make sure that I can fit all my cars inside So. I don’t have to leave anything out. So,

Lightning (3m 44s):

So Wait a minute. Pause, stop. Wow. Stop, stop, stop. Yeah. The why doesn’t Lightning get a frontier that’s taken up too much space in his, his

Holman (3m 51s):

Warehouse? He doesn’t know you so my friend, but he,

Lightning (3m 53s):

But you know him and you know me. So there’s one degree of separation.

Holman (3m 57s):

Yeah. So Marcus, Carl’s from the Marketing Alliance consultancy in Paramount, California said, Hey, this thing’s going back on lease in a few months if you wanna just borrow it and, and get it outta my hair, put miles on it. And I said, great. So

Lightning (4m 11s):

Paramount is next to Long Beach, right? That is where I live,

Holman (4m 13s):

Brother. Yeah. He lives in Huntington Beach. So That wasn even delivered down here, which is great. So this, apparently, this particular Titan was used as the lifeguard truck in the Barbie movie, among other things that it’s done. And it’s a two Wheel drive Ssv, it’s a 2020. So it’s the first year of the, the redesign where the mid-cycle fresh freshening with the grill and the interior. And I’ve been really impressed. It’s got about 25,000 miles on it. And ob obviously commercial movie cars aren’t always treated the best. This one has a cloth seats, but it has the big screen in it and zero gravity seats. And it is Fender Audio system. Nope. This is a s oh really SD model. So again, cloth seats, crew cab, short box two, Wheel Drive.

Holman (4m 54s):

But it’s got the V eight as all titans do. And it’s, it’s just a pleasure to drive and it’s got, you know, over 20,000 miles on it. And I can tell you, I know we talk about the warranty five year, a hundred thousand miles on the Titan. But I can tell you That, is it

Lightning (5m 6s):

Still nice and quiet and tight? It’s,

Holman (5m 8s):

It’s, it’s as tight as a brand new truck. And it rides great. It’s super quiet. It works well. And so normally I only get to drive the new stuff with like a thousand miles on it. I’m like, oh, this new truck’s great. And you guys are probably all thinking, yeah, I’ve got a 200 mile thousand mile beater I take to work every day. Yeah. A hole. No, this is a chance for me to get in a truck that’s a few years old and, and get a feel for it. And guess what? Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a half ton truck, check out the Nissan Titan or Titan xd. They have the industry’s best warranty five year, 100,000 miles. And if you’re looking for a mid-size truck, you can check out the Nissan Frontier. But seriously, they age well and they’re really well built. So if, if you are at all looking for a new truck, at least put it on the top of your list or head on down your local dealer, check it out.

Holman (5m 53s):

Or head to Nissan where you can build and price and see just How much it’ll cost you. And what deals are going on right now

Lightning (5m 60s):

And why Holman’s so delighted driving a used truck.

Holman (6m 3s):

Listen, my, my JL still might be waiting for some parts. So, it iss been a godsend that I’ve had access to this vehicle. Otherwise I would be in rental car city and I’m sure I would be in a V six challenger charger or something like that. So happy to have the, the VA titan. It’s, it’s been great.

Lightning (6m 20s):

And next up is Banks. And hold on a second. Holman, I have something for you.

Holman (6m 25s):

Is this this thing I texted you about? Maybe

Lightning (6m 27s):

It is. All right. I didn’t get a chance to, I didn’t get a chance to put this in the, the bag that it would ship to customers in with the parts and the instructions and all that. This is just, this is a three D printing. We’ll hand it over. Okay. Here you go. You’ve seen it All right. Yeah. So this is out of, this is printed out of carbon fiber.

Holman (6m 44s):

Really looks really good. So what this is, and Lightning had put out a marketing email to Banks’s customers the other day and the EcoDiesel group on Facebook where everybody was talking and sharing the photos, say, this is coming out. And it reminded me, Hey, gimme one of those so I can have an ID dash in the 3 92. So

Lightning (7m 1s):

That’s called an ID dash stealth pod.

Holman (7m 3s):

So what’s awesome about the stealth pod is the fact that in my old gel I had a competing product and that competing product required you to epoxy it and That wasn up in the corner of the windshield. The problem is, is that it created a problem for using your visor in the all the way down position. That wasn in a great spot sight line wise, but it just got in the way of the visor. So you’d be driving into the sun and you know, you’d be trying to move your head around to have the I dash blot the sun out. And so Banks decided to make their own gauge pod. And so this stealth pod mounts at the top of your grab handle. So it’s on your A pillar about six inches where the competitor product mounts.

Holman (7m 45s):

So it’s still in a great line of view, but it allows full use of your sun visor and So. it doesn’t get in the way of anything. And it’s, it’s, I’m holding it in my hand. I saw pictures. Lightning had shown this to me a while ago and I was like, yeah, that’s really impressive. Really well designed. But, but touching it and feeling it, it’s, it’s even better. It’s, it’s really nice. And so that’s a

Lightning (8m 5s):

Pre-production piece. Sure. The the production pieces are beautiful and they’re rock solid. They feel like something that Jeep would’ve built. Well

Holman (8m 12s):

For three d this does not feel flimsy at all. It

Lightning (8m 15s):

Is. That’s guys that’s printed out of carbon fiber. That’s great. The three D prints have come a long way. Yeah.

Holman (8m 19s):

This is really incre and, and including the bank’s logo on it, which is really crisp. Where you get a lot of three D printing, the logos are kind of muddy or they look like a melted, you know, lozenge or something like that. Right. This is

Lightning (8m 30s):

Really nice. So here’s the great thing about the line of stealth pods that we have. So the wires are all hidden. There’s no cables exposed. They bolt in through the factory points on your grab handle. And so they are every bit as rock solid as your grab handle. Now since putting that post up on the EcoDiesel Facebook group Yep. Guys have said, well you know what, I use my upper mount for my ball, for my GoPro So

Holman (8m 53s):

I. I, I use my bottom mount for my ball. Oh, I left it open. ’cause if you remember we were talking about this and you actually asked me, Hey, where should this be on a jl? ’cause I saw there’s other ball mounts and I’m like, I like the ball on the bottom. And then you guys put that on the top. So

Lightning (9m 8s):

Y Yeah. So I left it. ’cause a lot of guys use, they have a switch. Switch Pros or Yep. Yeah. Or SPO or whatever it is on the bottom. Well it turns out that after being at a gladiator meetup, shout out to SoCal Gladiators. I hung out. That wasn gonna be 50. Have you been to Brewery X by the way? Now I? No, I

Holman (9m 25s):

Keep hearing about it.

Lightning (9m 26s):

Holy s fricking amazing. Heard their beers

Holman (9m 28s):

Were too. That’s,

Lightning (9m 29s):

That’s where we’re gonna have a meetup anyway. So That wasn out there. That wasn supposed to be like a, a SoCal Gladiators couldn’t have like 50 trucks. Like they got well over a hundred turned out nice. That wasn That wasn really cool. And So I showed that off and the guys were like, I love it but I need one on the bottom. So We Are gonna design a bottom one as well. Cool. First we’ll come out with the top. So we already have these for all the GM trucks, for all the four trucks and Rams. Single end dual now in, in the Wrangler and the Gladiator. You don’t have enough real estate for a dual Dual pod For dual. No. Yeah. You’ve just got a single eyed dash up there. It’s plenty though. You’re talking about eight gauges per screen. Five customizable screens. Yeah. Well I’ll tell you that’s 40 gauges you have access to at a touch of a button.

Holman (10m 4s):

My old JL was supercharged. So I had to have this. ’cause there’s a lot of numbers and parameters and all the things that I wanted to monitor on it and having the V eight and there, I’m miss having a ID dash because there’s other stuff that has nothing to do with forced induction that I’m still curious about. Especially like ambient air density and you know, what the humidity is and what my percentage of power potential is. And there’s so many different things that the ID dash can tell you. Well

Lightning (10m 32s):

Let, let’s say that you didn’t have a taser for example, because a lot of our listeners have Jeeps or trucks. Yep. And they don’t have tasers. If you put in your stock Tire size and then you put in your new larger Tire size Yeah. This will display your corrected speed. So now you’re like, am I really going 55? Sure. Am I going 63? Yep. That will display that So, it

Holman (10m 49s):

Becomes a secondary speedometer if you wanted to, for example. Absolutely, yes. The other thing that this does is if you have manual transmission, it has a shift light, which I used on my old manual, but there’s also a, just a, a ton of features that you wouldn’t think about or a lot of interesting things. Yeah.

Lightning (11m 4s):

So minimums and maximums. Yeah. It will record the highest oil pressure. The lowest oil pressure, the highest speed you ever want. Whatever

Holman (11m 10s):

Parameter on a v Jeep. I wanna know what my highest engine temps are. Ah, right. Ah. Yeah. So that way if I’m out in the desert, you know the Jeep has just a gauge that says normal and then all of a sudden it’s not normal anymore. Right. So I’ll be able to actually have a better idea without going to my Offroad pages on what the temps are. Trans temp. Especially the engine temp. And I can make sure that, oh, I need to either pick the pace up to get some more airflow over the air radiator, all sorts of stuff like

Lightning (11m 36s):

That. Well, like, like on the mins and maxes, it will record the highest and lowest. Yeah. But also you’re talking about alerts. Yeah. You can set foreground alerts and background alerts so you can set an alert for something that you’re not even monitoring. Yeah. you know, let me know when you know trans tamp hits two 90. Yeah. Or something like that. And it just pops a big amber alert. Those are all programmable on the, on the back end. It’s super handy. Anyway, so this line of stealth pods, the one in your hand right now we’re taking signups. We’re gonna release that in just a couple of weeks. So if you go to Banks, type in your year make and model. And if you have a Jeep or you know, a JL or Gladiator, this is gonna pop up and you can sign up to be notified. And if you’ve got a

Holman (12m 11s):

Cool Now I, just need a ID dash to put in the middle of it. Well

Lightning (12m 14s):

You have, do you have one? Do I? did you give, did you sell it with your Jeep? Of

Holman (12m 17s):

Course I

Lightning (12m 17s):

Did. Oh, I didn’t know that. Yeah,

Holman (12m 18s):

No, it went with the Jeep. I wasn wast gonna pull it all apart and it’s all tied into this charger.

Lightning (12m 21s):

I would’ve brought you one. Well

Holman (12m 22s):

I need, I, I need ID dash.

Lightning (12m 24s):

Do you want a super gauge or data monster? Do you want a data? Data, yeah.

Holman (12m 26s):

Data monster for sure. Okay. Yeah. Why I mean why, why not have a data monster? I just might as well have the capability.

Lightning (12m 32s):

Right. So you can record. So

Holman (12m 33s):

Anyway, cool. Well I, I’m, I’m super excited. Thanks for bringing this over. This is going

Lightning (12m 37s):

To be

Holman (12m 37s):

The latest edition without

Lightning (12m 38s):

The eyed dash though. You’re gonna have a big just hole. Just

Holman (12m 40s):

Be a hole. Yeah, yeah. No, it doesn’t matter ’cause I don’t have my Jeep right now anyway. Oh yeah. So this will be my

Lightning (12m 44s):

To it tonight. You have a hole in your heart is what you have. Well,

Holman (12m 46s):

I just have a reminder. I’m just going do, well, you know what, I’m gonna epoxy this to the corner of my MacBook just like this on the screen. And then that way I could pretend like I’m driving in my Jeep. That looks

Lightning (12m 55s):

Odd. No gauge. Yeah, that’s weird.

Holman (12m 57s):

Yeah. If

Lightning (12m 58s):

You’re curious about the ID dash, simply go to Banks dash. Alright.

Holman (13m 3s):

And for those of you out there who are like me and really appreciate good suspension Ooh, I’m really excited about Bill Bilstein coming in in a couple weeks. Who

Lightning (13m 10s):

Does, by the way, who’s holding their hand up going, not me. Who’s the guy that’s like, I love a rough ride?

Holman (13m 15s):

Yeah, don. Don’t think anybody, at least not

Lightning (13m 17s):

Our age. My, my, my wife loves when she’s gotta wear a sports bra and go down the freeway with

Holman (13m 20s):

Me as a kid. you know, you don’t care as an adult where you know there is enough when you

Lightning (13m 26s):

Have, when you have a gut that’s bouncing

Holman (13m 27s):

And there’s not enough decompression tables and all that kinda stuff. Enough yoga time in the world to stretch out all the damage you’ve done yourself, ride really matters. And Bill Bilstein will make your truck ride like a dream. Just like our man Colby, he had one heck of an old tired suburban and he put Bill Bilstein on it and absolutely transformed the ride. And That wasn so good he decided to to reach out to us. So when the road runs out, bill Bilstein shocks will keep you going. You can get ride height adjustable 51 hundreds. you go all the way to a dual tube external bypass with a B 8 8100. There’s also a wide range of direct fit options. So even if you have a lift Bill Bilstein has direct replace lifted shocks, replace those old clapped out white shocks that came on your crappy lift kit with something that’s gonna add a lot of performance.

Holman (14m 11s):

And some of you might be surprised, you know that Bill Bilstein don’t ride harsh on the highway. Not only do they give you a solid taut ride that’s comfortable, but better control, comfort, and also durability. Especially for those who use your truck, whether it’s Offroad Towing or hauling, bill Stein’s are the right shock for you. Head over to bill Bilstein and you can find out all of the applications that they offer for your vehicle. So

Lightning (14m 32s):

Let’s say I wanna use those Bill Stein’s Offroad. How can I find a place to adventure? What do you recommend? I would head

Holman (14m 37s):

To onX where you can go to the off-road map app built for Adventure. You can view pricing and see all the key features online. You can discover off-road trails. You can save maps for offline use. You can track save and share trips. You can sync with CarPlay and Android Auto. You can customize with markups. You can find out who owns the land, public or private on any route that you select. And of course their brand new feature. The Route builder allows you to do powerful three D planning on your computer. You can log into your account, you can do a route. And when you’re done, share it with your friends. And not only will it be on your account, on your computer, but it’ll also be synced across all your devices. So if you have an iPhone or an Android tablet or a laptop, all of your information across all devices is the same.

Holman (15m 22s):

When I go Offroad, I always use onX to start by trips and it’s the best way to get your friends to figure out where the heck you’re going. So Lightning, on our next trip, expect a little present inside your onX inbox where you can select the folder I send you and figure out where we’re gonna scratch your T. R X. Up next

Lightning (15m 41s):


2 (15m 43s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer What? The truck, because truck rides with the truck show. We have the Lifted, we have the lowered end. Everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on Diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show.

3 (16m 15s):

It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman

Lightning (16m 21s):

Holman. So next up we’re going to dial someone. We’re not going to say who they are or where they work. Is that correct?

Holman (16m 27s):

I know who they are. I know where they work.

Lightning (16m 29s):

I mean I do too. But we’re not gonna tell the audience.

Holman (16m 31s):

Well that’s no fun. Then why would they listen to the show?

Lightning (16m 35s):

I think because they’re looking forward to the payoff to see who’s this surprise guest is. That wasn’t in the title or maybe he was in the title of the

Holman (16m 42s):

Show. And so they already know.

Lightning (16m 44s):

They know. Oh damn. This whole thing’s like a bust. This

Holman (16m 47s):

Was funny when we talked about it. It’s less funny now. Well, let’s just call it, we got a podcast to do it. No,

Lightning (16m 52s):

No, let’s do it anyway. I think it let’s, that’s

Holman (16m 53s):

I’m gonna work. Just go ahead, call. All right, here

Lightning (16m 55s):

We go. Phone up here. Dial in and smiling.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (17m 1s):

Hello, this is

Holman (17m 2s):

Rory. No, no, no mystery guest. You cannot say your name. We have to. We have to guess what you’re all about. Yeah.

Lightning (17m 8s):

So we’re gonna do a mystery guest, Lightning Lightning and Holman Truck Show podcast Mystery guest. We’re

Holman (17m 13s):

Gonna ask you a series of questions and you have to answer what we’re talking about. That’s Exactly,

Lightning (17m 17s):

Right? So don’t move, hang tight. One second. Can

5 (17m 19s):

You guess, can you guess, can you guess the thing?

Lightning (17m 25s):

Can you guess the thing? Okay, so Mystery Guest, you work somewhere that offers a service that syncs across all of your devices regardless of platform. Pcm, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Holman (17m 38s):

And you don’t need a cell signal because you could have offline maps. Oh,

Lightning (17m 43s):

You gave way part of it. Oh,

Holman (17m 45s):

I mean you don’t need a cell signal. That’s right.

Lightning (17m 47s):

And you work somewhere that syncs with CarPlay and Android Auto. I

Holman (17m 52s):

Don’t think his place syncs with car. His play and Android Auto. His service.

Lightning (17m 56s):

Service Got it. His service. Okay. Yes.

Holman (17m 58s):

You can discover new things around you, wherever you happen to be. And

Lightning (18m 3s):

You offer a free trial of your awesome service.

Holman (18m 6s):

And the best thing is you guys now offer Route Builder, which is like one of my favorite things. Can you guess what we’re talking about? Mystery.

Lightning (18m 13s):


5 (18m 14s):

Guess. And you guess, guess the thing.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (18m 20s):

I’m gonna have to go with onX offroad.

Lightning (18m 22s):

Hey. Yes. Good job.

Holman (18m 29s):

Rory Edwards. Back on The. Truck. Show. Podcast having a little fun with you there in the beginning. We you’ve been on before. And onX is

Lightning (18m 37s):

Rory, sorry. This is cheese. As it as its finest before

Holman (18m 39s):

We’re having fun. That’s the whole point. Point. Isn’t that fun?

Lightning (18m 42s):

He’s swimming in cheese right now. No, he

Holman (18m 43s):

Is not. You’re swimming in cheese every minute of your existence. We wanna say thank you for supporting The Truck, Show Podcast and absolutely welcoming you back. Hopefully that was way more exciting than the other times you’ve been on

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (18m 56s):

That wasn a good laugh. Good to be here, gentlemen. For sure. Okay,

Lightning (18m 59s):

Awesome. So man, so there have been so many amazing updates to onX Offroad. I don’t even, where should we start? Well, there,

Holman (19m 7s):

Listen, when the first time Rory came on, onX was like a little toddler app walking around in its diapers and he’s like, this is gonna be great for the off-roading community. And it’s like, sure, dude. Yeah.

Lightning (19m 18s):

Now wait, hold on a second. It is, was he the, the little toddler that deeded in his thing? No. And they just swung it back and forth like this.

Holman (19m 24s):

What, what’s wrong with you?

Lightning (19m 25s):

You did the duty dance.

Holman (19m 26s):

What’s wrong with you? No, no. We’re not insulting our guests. Within the first three minutes of him coming on, my kid

Lightning (19m 31s):

Used to do the duty dance. That wasn the funniest thing ever. All

Holman (19m 34s):

Right, so when you first came on, That wasn That wasn a, a really, really green, fresh new app that had a lot of promise. And here, We Are years later, and it’s literally my go-to on all of my trips for mapping, for overlanding, for day trips, the amount of functionality that you guys have brought into it. I’ve obviously had the, the chance to spend a lot of time with the Onyx Offroad teams, whether That wasn my time at MotorTrend and Overland Adventure, or whether That wasn working on some of your give back programs like the recent

Lightning (20m 6s):

Mo How about the Nissan Adventure?

Holman (20m 7s):

The Nissan Adventure? I, I mapped the whole thing on Onyx or some of the give back programs like the Mojave Road movie and some of the other things they’ve been doing. Onyx is absolutely killing it. Oh gosh.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (20m 16s):

You know, you know, you’re right. That wasn, I felt like a a a toddler in those days and the guy that was, you know, asking a lot of questions. Hey, where do you go? What do you want to use? How can we help? Man, there’s been so many, so many great conversations and things along the way that have, that have led us to, to grading the app that we have today. Which, you know, I would say is, is still in the beginning, but loving How much. We’re loving the progress and, and kind of where we’re going. So, gosh, I mean I, don know you mentioned Route Builder there to kick us off. That’s one of the, of the, the latest and greatest I guess that we we released here in the last, last little bit. But man, I’m, I’m really stoked about this one. you know, we’ve been working away for, for quite a while in the beginning, you know, walking around asking those questions in our toddler phase.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (20m 60s):

But you know, what, what would, what would make us better? And there’s a, you know, there’s a custom planning theme that we all kind of have throughout our, throughout our needs and, and desires is, is getting out there and going farther as off roaders. And, you know, we worked hard, we listened and we actually stepped away from the other technologies that are out there that are on the shelf and, and ultimately built our own routing, network routing capabilities and kind of focus in on that so we can really build an extensible tool that’s gonna last a long time that we can build on top of. So it’s out there now, we’re playing with it. It’s, it’s getting pretty fun, that’s for sure. And yeah, I’m, I’m excited about that one. I think

Lightning (21m 40s):

It’s important.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (21m 40s):

In fact,

Lightning (21m 41s):

I think Rory it’s important for our listeners to know that this is not just some plugin that overlays on top of Google Earth or something like that. This is a ground up build by your team that was all about the routes and not just, it just wasn’t just a, a patchwork of services that were already out there.

Holman (22m 1s):

It’s not a one trick pony. You, you not only have your featured routes where you can see where other people have been or, or famous trails, maybe you’ve heard of it, you didn’t know where it is. You can click those blue lines within the onX ecosystem and it’ll bring up all sorts of things like mileage, how difficult it is, elevation, photos, all the things that, that the community. You guys have a really robust Offroad community of users who submit their favorite trails to help grow the information on the database and the trail system. And for me, planning routes, I used to have to piece things together and then go to your team and go, Hey, can you guys make me a route for oa? This was like, what, three years ago? And then That wasn like, man, I really wish you had a route builder. How did you not have that before?

Holman (22m 43s):

And all of a sudden it’s like, Hey, we’ve got beta, we’ll get you on it. So, I, I had the pleasure of getting on it like six months before That wasn was released, maybe even more. And I was playing with it, giving feedback, loving it. The fact that you can either do point to point or click where it locks into different trails and dirt roads to build your route and it automatically makes the turns and does calculates the mileage. That was invaluable for planning, you know, a major event like OA or even just weekend with friends. you know, the nice thing about it is I can plan a weekend. Everybody has onX on their phone. I run it off my iPad mini on my dash and before we go out there, I remind everybody, download the, the maps or in the area we’re gonna be so you don’t have to worry about cell phone service.

Holman (23m 23s):

And then I can share with them the route and it automatically, not only do I do it on my laptop and it populates my devices, I send it to all my friends and it populates their devices as well and they can follow the route. That to me is, is game changing. I,

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (23m 36s):

I agree with you. It’s, it’s been so handy, you know, not only to you, me and others, but just, you know, to snap that route out within seconds standing there, having a conversation or afar meeting in a new place, being able to tap that route out, have it land, you know, in everybody’s experience. So we’re all connected, understanding where we’re going together. And if you have a dash unit with CarPlay Android Auto, it’s showing up there too. It’s cool to see it coming, coming together. For sure. One of the, one of the cool things I was just, I was actually just playing with it ’cause I I mean I love the tool I guess, but I was just playing with it as we were, as we were before we were jumping on here and testing out the app on, on my iOS and mobile experience and just flipping it over into three D kind of in the mountainous regions with the trails kind of going up through and, and actually creating routes in three D mode and just going, man, this is cool.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (24m 22s):

Yeah, That is

Holman (24m 23s):


Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (24m 23s):

Ability here, I’m gonna go here, I wanna go here.

Holman (24m 25s):

Yeah, the flyover, you’ve got, you’ve got a couple different maps, you’ve got two D and you’ve got three D on the two D maps. You can use basically the base topo and you can do, or you can do satellite or you can do a hybrid that overlays both. And then you can click the three D button. And now when you’re planning routes and areas or exploring areas that you’ve never been before, you can kind of see what the terrain looks like and kind of understand before you go what That is on like a, a, you know, kind of flying through and all that. To me, That is, is really crazy, especially when I’ve got friends who’ve never been to where we’re going. I send to them that I go click three D and then they can explore before they go and get a sense of what that trip is gonna be like. So,

Lightning (25m 1s):

I, I love that because before I go to an area that I haven’t been, if, if I’m going to like Nashville, Tennessee or I’m going to downtown Los Angeles or whatever, I love to actually just go on street view on, on like say Apple Maps and poke around this is that for Offroad, it’s freaking amazing that you really feel like you’re there and you’re like, oh, there’s a water crossing. I, I need to like be aware of that.

Holman (25m 25s):

All right, lighting, what did I just put up on the TV here in the pod shed and

Lightning (25m 28s):

OnX Offroad right there on your Apple tv.

Holman (25m 30s):

And what do you see?

Lightning (25m 32s):

I see a lot of landmarks. I see camera icons and xs. I don’t know what some of those icons mean, but I see, oh, So, I’m looking at Johnson Valley, I’m looking at, at Barstow, California. I see Marine Corps, air Station 29 Palms So it. All

Holman (25m 47s):

Right, let me, lemme do this for you. This,

Lightning (25m 49s):

This looks like,

Holman (25m 50s):

Check this out. I’m gonna zoom in for you. This is your

Lightning (25m 52s):

Route. Okay,

Holman (25m 53s):

So these are different routes that I have planned and what’s nice about onX, and I’m gonna pull this stuff for lighting. I’m basically zooming in on the map and I’ve got waypoints that I’ve populated along the route that I want to take people. And then when I double click on that, I have the name of the route and I have the notes of the route. So like this one is the Mojave Road and I’ve got notes from the Mojave Road guide built into a waypoint that I put together. So at mile marker 65 of the Mojave Road, there was a, a comment in the book about wagon repairs. And so my notes are from the Colorado River to this point, to the Mojave Roads considered a good wagon road, say for the road through the Paiute Mountains.

Holman (26m 34s):

It wasn’t the bumpiness that made it a bad road. That wasn deep sand, which we will find ahead behind us was firm soil and moderate grades that were easy to traverse in a wagon. Well I built this way point I built, I, I put all the text in here and so as I’m traveling, I hit my way point. I can just click it on my iPad and whatever I wanna narrate to the group behind me, boom. It’s right there. don don’t have to go through a bunch of notes all on

Lightning (26m 55s):

This. Cool. It’s got the, the coordinates and the la the el la launch and the elevations. You can add

Holman (26m 59s):

Photos to it as

Lightning (27m 0s):

Well. Yeah. 3,600 feet. Yep.

Holman (27m 2s):

Yeah. If we scroll in even further, you can see the patchwork of ownership. So I’ve got a premium subscription and that shows who owns the different parcels. Like right here is the state, state

Lightning (27m 13s):

Of California. Yep.

Holman (27m 14s):

And then you see all the owner, the names of all trust.

Lightning (27m 16s):

Well that’s the Kavanaugh. Sure. Shire Family Trust. Yep.

Holman (27m 18s):

There you go. Yep. And on top of that, check this don Don’t know if a lot of people know this. If you’re connected to the internet and you’re looking at your onX, wherever the pointer is, tells you weather as well. So you can see where We Are in the desert right here. It’s 72 right now and 14 mile an hour winds. And if we change that out and zoom in over here, you’ll see that the weather changes here. It’s 86 in the North Mojave Desert and 11 mile an hour winds. So you can click on that box and you can actually see what the forecast is for the next few days. holy

Lightning (27m 46s):

Crap. I didn’t know they had that. Yeah,

Holman (27m 48s):

So exactly where you’re going. What you can pull up the weather. What, sorry, I’m giving Lightning a tutorial on It’s freaking awesome. So we have a TV in the pod shed with a Apple TV attached to it. So I can be, I’m beaming Onyx from my laptop to the TV and I guess he’s very excited

Lightning (28m 3s):

About it. I’m so, when I used it last, I think I talked about it on the show. I went to Kopa California and explored some mines. When I was out there, of course there was no cell reception. So I downloaded the maps. I took Holman’s advice, I downloaded the maps. Didn’t need any reception by the way. Would

Holman (28m 18s):

That be Kopa right there?

Lightning (28m 19s):

I’m looking at it right there. Oh, so Zoom in. I wanna show you what I did when I was, I was bored, chilling, fired up the truck. And on my CarPlay I was zooming in and I was seeing the, there it is, the John Zel Hoffer claim right there. Right here. And I was zooming into the property ownership and I started looking up the names and I found that one of the properties near to near the mine that I was at was owned by a family in Orange, California by where I grew up. See, there you go. So you go So I googled them and I was going to email ’em and say, Hey, if you’re ever thinking about selling, I’m from Orange and I’d love to like da da da. That would be

Holman (28m 54s):


Lightning (28m 54s):

Weird. But it would be weird. But I was connecting.

Holman (28m 56s):

So Rory, what’s happening here is you are enabling a stalker through your software. We might need some safeguards or some guardrails on this program going forward.

Lightning (29m 5s):

Well maybe don’t share that part A helmet.

Holman (29m 9s):

Anyway, lots of great stuff. The garage is cool. You can add different vehicles to the garage so you can track kind of what you’ve done. I’ve, I’ve got the, the old adventure Jeep in here. It, it’s got a lot of, you know, your photos in there. You can put the trail types like oh, full width roads, high clearance four by four So. it won’t take you on down U t V trails if you’re logged into that particular, you know, profile. You’ve got all your own content, again, offline maps, discovery, so anything nearby where the cursor is, it’ll show up and you can either click on the trail within the mapping, the map itself, or there’s a sidebar that opens up on the left that has photos and a bunch of info. Like we’ll do this one do Mont Dunes.

Holman (29m 49s):

That’s a famous playground. This one has a bunch of,

Lightning (29m 54s):

It shows the difficulty level in certain areas nearby

Holman (29m 56s):

Trails you like Spri Wash, how hard it is, all that kind of stuff. And if you look at that blue line right there, Lightning. Yep. That was the previous track I recorded in Dumont Dunes on the Ford F one 50 Raptor Drive.

Lightning (30m 8s):


Holman (30m 8s):

Kidding. So whenever I go on the media drives, I always like to record in my onX where We Are in case I wanna go back and explore those areas again later. Was

Lightning (30m 15s):

That a random course or is that where Ford took you?

Holman (30m 18s):

No, that’s a, that’s where Ford took us. Okay. That was a Ford course that was set up for that media drive that had a lot of cool jumps and washes and stuff like that in it. And so I’m like, oh, I’m gonna record this. So if I ever wanna come back and play with something else on this route, I can do it. And onX allows me to do that. I just forgot

Lightning (30m 33s):

That Rory was on the phone and just you and I talking right now.

Holman (30m 37s):

He didn’t forget. Yeah.

Lightning (30m 38s):

Hey Rory, I wanna ask you, so on, on onyx, you’ve got a blog, many really, really interesting stories about offroading and, and tips and tricks and such. And you’ve got a story called and everything you need to know about taking EVs Offroad. Where is onX at the intersection of Offroad and EVs?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (31m 2s):

You know, EVs are, EVs are are coming. They’re our future. They’re, they’re the reality as we look at down the future, we’ve started to map in a lot of the ev charging stations and some of that, some of them are in more, more remote areas where we’d expect, expect us to be as off roaders. But you know, ev and, and electric vehicles and it is, it is is where things are going. And We Are excited about it, you know, as a, as a tech company, it’s, it it is, it is, it is our nature to be interested in some of the new tech, that’s for sure. So there, there’s, it’s, there’s goods, there’s, there’s differences and, and all the things in between when we talk ev but here we go. It’s pretty cool. There’s some, there’s some pretty neat quickness in horsepower that shows up in ev that’s for sure.

Lightning (31m 45s):

Yeah, I was mainly just concerned if you guys are gonna start putting in the charging stations into the maps, things like that, that would be a natural obviously.

Holman (31m 50s):

Yeah. Obviously I think if, if you are, listen, we all know however you feel about it, we know EVs are coming and that’s gonna be a Yeah, another option. There’s gonna be gas, Diesel, EVs, fuel cell probably at some point, whatever. But having the ability to help new early adopters of EV technology know where the charging stations are to be able to plan a trip seems like it’s a natural fit for, you know, at least the capabilities of what Onyx kind of offers now. But could offer even more in future, I guess specifically for EVs where now you can find gas stations and things like that pretty easily harder to find an EV charging stations or plan a trip around an EV charger decision.

Lightning (32m 29s):

I guess most EVs are pretty capable too, so he wouldn’t have to like designate certain trails as friendly

Holman (32m 34s):

Or not, you don’t need EV trail, but you do need to know where you could plug in to, to recharge. Gotcha. And the thing I always wonder about EVs is a lot of the manufacturers are selling how they can power your campsite charging is gonna become even more important for people if they want to use their EV batter to charge all the things on their website or on their campsite. They’re gonna have to have access to a website that tells ’em how far away or if that’s routed is ev you know, even possible. And obviously off road you’re gonna get a shorter range than you would cruising at highway speeds or whatever. So all that stuff, if, if, you know, onX has the capability of helping you plan your route for That is pretty amazing. I

Lightning (33m 10s):

Feel like we’re gonna learn someday that onX has invested in remote charging stations like in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn’t that be cool if they’ve got Well they’ve got everything they need, right? They need, they’ve got the community, they’ve got the maps, so

Holman (33m 24s):

You have to be an Onyx subscriber to find it. Oh, and

Lightning (33m 26s):

It’s just like an

Holman (33m 27s):

Easter egg pops up in the middle of nowhere. Exactly. Oh,

Lightning (33m 29s):

I see. You move a rock and there’s a cable you pull out of the ground to charge up. I have another question for you, Roy. How difficult was it for you guys to make cross cross-platform connectivity or, or synchronization? Because I was at a company at a startup several years ago, an app company in Venice, California, and we had to make an app that worked across all platforms and That wasn a colossal pain in the ass. And you guys have done it seamlessly. I’m just curious if you were hanging out with the, the software and the firmware guys behind the scenes and watching them pull out their hair or did it go pretty smoothly? Can you tell us like, is that a big endeavor?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (34m 10s):

You know, it’s been something that we’ve been focused on and doing I think since, since the foundation in the very early days of, you know, 20 14 15 when we started doing the, the apps themselves, the web web experience and the synchronization was just part of the initial plan and thought. And so I, I don’t think there was a day when we just said, Hey, this is gonna be hard and we’re gonna, we’re gonna overcome this That wasn just this is what we need to do to, to build the things that we care about, to help pe people be better at what they do. So, you know, I I guess I would say it’s probably just a, a, a testament and, and maybe I’m describing it as a business guy a little more easily than the, than the wonderful, you know, deeper coding tech folks on the team.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (34m 53s):

But I think they’re doing a fantastic job of, of making it seem easy ’cause I’m not hearing any complaints. So Yeah,

Lightning (34m 59s):

No, it literally is seamless. When I used it, I created the, my route on my PC on my desktop where I do all my audio editing and then I sy synced it across to my phone and then when I got out onto the road, just plugged it into CarPlay and That wasn all right there. I didn’t have to do anything. That wasn just automated That wasn, seamless

Holman (35m 19s):

I mean, there’s times to Roy’s point earlier, like if you’re standing around at a campsite, you’re like, Hey, let’s go here today. Everybody’s standing around and you, you know, share that. It literally shows up on everybody’s phone right there while you’re standing there. I mean you can make a change and have your group of buddies send it out. Boom. Done. To me, that’s, that’s awesome. It’s slick. I, I’d love to see there, there’s some new technologies coming out that I think would be really awesome for onX to incorporate. I don’t know if they are or not, this is not me saying in anything insider, but how cool would it be to see fellow onX users or your buddies and have like a buddy group on the map. That way you can find your group if you’re coming in late on a Friday night to meet ’em at camp for a weekend trip or something,

Lightning (35m 56s):

Which I do almost always.

Holman (35m 57s):

Well that’s, that should be called the Lightning Switch or something. Do the name it after you.

Lightning (36m 1s):

I came in with an RV hot one time looking for everyone. I could not find them. They had to send out a scout and like That wasn just, there’s no cell reception. So the last thing you remember is he told us to look for the railroad tracks and then you find two railroad tracks and they’re going different directions and they’ll, oh, you’re like, oh, come on now this

Holman (36m 18s):

Would’ve solved that, that would’ve solved it. So I. Are there, are there more features like that that you guys are working on? Is there anything you can talk about that’s, that’s coming our way that I think users would be interested in?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (36m 30s):

Ah, boy, that, that one just talked about, It’s one I I I’m personally very excited about as a awesome, a proud leader of my own children and several things out there that I, that I always wanna make sure i, I keep track of as well, but I, I can’t give a, I can’t give a specific commit on that, but we absolutely talk about it quite frequently, care about it a lot and hear this a lot. So thank you for one more fantastic bid towards That wasn a really important safety feature and connectivity feature that, that I think we’d all be stoked to have. So thank you.

Holman (37m 4s):

Absolutely. I think that, you know, you’ve, I’ve heard from some the oes where, oh, if you buy this new vehicle, we’ll have a buddy feature in an upcoming update and you never see it. Or you have people of, you know, there’s Broncos and Jeeps and Toyotas all wheeling together. I think the nice thing is that onX is agnostic, right? And So I think there’s a lot of things you can do with onX to bring the community together no matter what the platforms is that you’re driving because everybody has onX on their phone or their iPad. And I think exploring what you can do to bring people together and is part of, in my opinion, the onX magic before That wasn, Hey, go to Amazon and buy this guidebook and go to page, whatever, and then we’re gonna do this one trail on here.

Holman (37m 44s):

It’s so much easier to engage with people and to go find stuff and go on cool experiences. And I, I, like I said, I, when you first came on the show, it probably had to be, I don’t know, probably three or four years ago and That wasn like, oh, that’s cool, I’ll try it. And there, there were Gaia and there were some other things, but the problem is none of them were based on four Wheel Drive adventuring, right? That wasn, That wasn, a hiking app that people used for off-roading and there’s not really a great one-to-one there. And when you guys started putting something together specifically for Wheel based adventure, whether you’re in a U T v a Motorcycle, a a Jeep, a pickup, whatever, now all of a sudden the features that these guys needed were, were there.

Holman (38m 27s):

They weren’t trying to shoehorn something that wasn’t Now since then, I think there’s companies that have tried to adapt and pivot to match what you guys are doing, doing, but I think Onyx is just doing such a, a incredible job for me. I have no reason to go use any other apps. I’ve been so happy with where it’s at, especially today.

Lightning (38m 44s):

It’s pretty obvious though that it’s put together by enthusiasts. I I mean. You’ve got a lot of Silicon Valley types that could do the tech behind it, but when you’re not living the life and you don’t understand whether it’s the terminology, things like that, it just reeks of fakery. And this is, it’s legit and feels at home in the hands of an off roader. Have a question Rory about your masterclasses. The masterclasses on onyx Is it entry level or is it like, like the masterclasses that we see on TV that are advertised where it’s, if you’re hardcore into something, this takes you to the next level? I’m looking for like a beginner class. ’cause a lot of our listeners are new to off-roading, like real off-roading.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (39m 25s):

No, we’re, we’re running a, a couple different series and actually the, the Chorus series is our masterclass really. It’s the 1 0 1, it’s the, it’s the entry of mapping and onX and, and really kind of getting the basis and the details and kind of the, the base questions answered so we can all get out there, enjoy a greater day and, and go farther than, than maybe we had thought we could previously. So those 1 0 1 classes are based kind of in that, in that kind of entry level where what based questions and then we kind of go from there. So we run a few other masterclasses from time to time actually focused in, in different areas as well, kind of even outside the app where we might talk about, you know, axles or winching or, or different things.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (40m 5s):

But those 1 0 1 classes, the masterclasses, those really focus in, I love riding along on them. The questions that get asked, the the wonderment, those are the things that really help us really refine, continue to make a simple usable experience day in and day out. So I attend them as well and then listen along in the background. So I can make sure we stay centered on, on what the most important things are to be building.

Lightning (40m 28s):

And so these are not canned YouTube videos recorded two years ago. These are live with someone in your office who’s an expert in the field. And I see here you’ve got a schedule June 13, June 14, July 13, August three, August 15th, and they’re Rory just

Holman (40m 43s):

Let us know when you need a master class on podcasting. They’re different. We’ll be happy to hop right in on that.

Lightning (40m 47s):

We’ll, we’ll put you in touch with someone who actually knows what they’re doing. So like I see on, on, on June 13th, you got one of your partners is Method Wheels, for example.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (40m 55s):


Lightning (40m 56s):

I assume you’re gonna talk some Offroad Wheel talk and not and whatnot, but that’s really neat that you’ve got live people tune in and learn together on a particular day. It does feel like a college class, which is kind of neat.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (41m 8s):

You know, we strive to try to, you know, listen to what what the questions are kind of going in center those center those master classes on, on some of those key questions and then expand from there. And, and ultimately we’re, we’re taking questions in the sidebar during the, during the actual session answering them and then working them into the conversation as well. So yeah, they’re, they’re, they’re a fun time for sure. Yeah,

Lightning (41m 30s):

It’s cool. And I see you, you’ve listed a few of the previous classes, the app basics, your 1 0 1 class route builder, mastering the app featured trails in-app and web map, and then you’ve got some partner classes on about like a suspension. I see Fox J Ks and b d s were partners on that one. UConn Gear and Axle talking about more. Well that’s a, that’s

Holman (41m 51s):

A perfect segue to you guys have a subscription service and you used to have one tier and now you’ve got multiple tiers and your top tier being the elite tier. And when Elite first came out, it basically added the land ownership, right? 99 bucks a year and you could see, you know, all the property and, and all that stuff. But now if you go to the onX or onX Offroad dot com and you open up the, the app or the map on the left rail, you’ll see Elite benefits. And now you’ve partnered with a number of companies, rugged Radios, for example, where you can get 20% off and you could click for example, worn and you get a 20% discount. You’ve got Rugged Radios, method Race Wheels, Barnes four Wheel Drive, Yukon Gear Axle, Warren Roof Nests, rigid Fox, B D s J K s, a ton of different deals that add even more value.

Holman (42m 40s):

I bet if you bought a subscription right now of Elite for a hundred bucks for the year and went and bought two or three products out of that list, you would more than pay for onX in, in just getting products you probably would’ve bought anyway, let me

Lightning (42m 52s):

Put in perspective Holman. Yeah, it’s, it’s less than a tank of gas.

Holman (42m 57s):

It’s way less than my tank of gas.

Lightning (42m 59s):

It’s, it’s half half of my Oh God, that’s disgusting. Yeah, yeah, it’s half.

Holman (43m 5s):

So listen, just don’t drive anywhere for a week and get onX, that’s what we’re saying.

Lightning (43m 8s):

Yeah, exactly. Take the bus and then after one week it’s paid

Holman (43m 12s):

For yourself. No walk, walk. You might as well get healthy. Oh yeah, you could use Onyx or hiking if you wanted to. It would take

Lightning (43m 17s):

Me a week to get to work.

Holman (43m 18s):

You probably, I probably would.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (43m 20s):

I like to, I like to look at that, you know, that that tank of gas comparison. You, you open onX and you find a new place to go offroading close enough to home that you probably saved the, saved the money in fuel and had a great day in a new spot, just in that same dollar amount. So yeah, it’s a, it’s a good one.

Lightning (43m 35s):

I. think we talked about Rory when you first started. I brought up to make sure, you know, we, one of the running jokes on the show is that we’re California pomp pompous, like everything we talk about is southern California, the deserts, mountains, et cetera. But I, I try to bring up as much as I can. We have a lot of listeners all over the country, all over the world for that matter. But specifically the us what kind of footprint does Onyx have for some of the wooded countries, some of the off-road parks, for example, which are huge in the southeast, in the Midwest, et cetera. So like what kind of, what kind of footprint do you have in coverage?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (44m 8s):

Oh, that’s a great question. So we, you know, we started kind of, you know, being a, at a western company, we started mapping the public lands and, and the, and the areas of the west as we’ve kind of grown and evolved and really focused in on, you know, continuous growth across the, the Midwest and southeast, et cetera. Spent a lot of time mapping a lot of the, a lot of the private parks we just did the Hatfield McCoy trail system and a number, number of others. As we, as we continue to focus in there is we just, we, you know, just over this last three years that we’ve been growing up, the app, we start, you know, obviously there was a beginning, but now there’s, I was just talking to my guy this week. There’s 6,000 kind of featured trails across the, across the United States now. And just in in focus we’ve grown 35%, you know, more have in, have grown in that, in that in the non-west I like to say.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (44m 56s):

So it’s, it’s awesome. To, to concentrate and help and expand across the entire new United States. For now, obviously we can look down into the Baja of, of Mexico as well, and then Yeah, up to the north. We’re, we’re starting to see some trails up here as well. So, so I’ve got

Holman (45m 12s):


Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (45m 13s):

We’re working hard to expand. I’ve

Holman (45m 14s):

Got Baha up on the screen here, and you can basically see what amounts to a trail system all over the peninsula. you know, a lot of That is probably is, you know, used for the 1000 or the, the 500. And then if we go, if we go west, we’re looking at, you know, Texas, we go through like Mississippi, who knew there was so many trail systems, not too far from there. Or look at the Little Rock, Arkansas, north Louisiana,

Lightning (45m 39s):

Look, what is, I’m gonna botch the name. Cheetah Mountains. Cheetah Mountains. Look in, look at all those trails right there. Or the

Holman (45m 45s):

Ya well east of the Yazoo Basin. And then you, you head up over to, you know, some places it like, you know, Johnson City. Look at all these trail systems. I mean, its just holy, there’s holy moly, there’s stuff for everybody. Lightning. Look at this one. What do you see in the middle of the United States?

Lightning (46m 1s):

I see a trail from outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma all the way to, it goes through Colorado into Utah.

Holman (46m 13s):

So that was,

Lightning (46m 13s):

It’s not Route 66. what is that?

Holman (46m 15s):

That’s the Transamerica Trail that we took the Rivian cross country on. Okay. That was my leg of the Transamerica Trail from Oklahoma to Moab. And I, I tracked all of it on Onyx when we were doing it.

Lightning (46m 28s):

Oh, That is super cool.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (46m 29s):


Holman (46m 30s):

And if you zoom in, you can see the sections of it right here. As I’m zooming in, you can see where we overlay it on top

Lightning (46m 37s):

Of the future trail. That’s when, so when you die, you’re gonna leave all your, your trails, your routes to your family. They’re like, let’s retrace all the places that dad went. Nope. But before he died in that blimp accident,

Holman (46m 47s):

It’s gonna have the same, really hard to figure out password as everything else. Oh. really? Yeah. I’ve got that. I’ve got that one friend where he’s got an envelope and a password. And his only goal in life is to immediately delete everything from my digital life upon my death.

Lightning (47m 2s):

Wait a minute. Why would you make your Onyx maps hard to

Holman (47m 6s):

Get into? Just all there? Nope. I just want it all to just be on one button and then I just, I vanish just everything

Lightning (47m 11s):


Holman (47m 12s):


Lightning (47m 12s):

Even worry about it. Delete, master delete. Yeah.

Holman (47m 13s):

Just, just better that way, really. Yeah. Well, and I, there’s people who have claimed that they have seen phallic drawings with their onX routing. Mm. Yeah. I don’t, I wanna make sure none of those get out into the public.

Lightning (47m 27s):

That’s just not you. That’s not true at all. you would be the first one to share those. That’s true. It’s like, oh, look at, oh, I got a new map. Oh, Holman’s making a new map. Where we go,

Holman (47m 35s):

Where are we going this weekend?

Lightning (47m 36s):

Oh, Wait a minute. Don’t show that to, to Margaret. Oh. Oh geez, that’s not a good one. Who’s Margaret? I don’t know. That wasn. Random woman. Funny.

Holman (47m 44s):

Can you talk about some of the initiatives that you guys are doing with giving back and, you know, for example, I brought up the, the, the Mojave Road movie that you guys did. Yeah. I mean you guys are spending big money on basically nonprofits conservation awareness, pushing out these really creative pieces about little corners of the off-roading world that people may not know about that need some help or exposure and Yeah. And you’re doing it in the most beautiful, the cinematography is unbelievable in these things. You guys are really trying to touch every corner of, of the off-road industry and

Lightning (48m 20s):

Rory before you answer. Yeah. Why aren’t you just spending all that money on Lambos and gladiators with gold rims? Why give it back to people?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (48m 31s):

No, you know, you know, since the beginning of onX with our, with our founder Eric, and, and, you know, continued throughout, has really been a, a, a continued focus on stewardship and, and opening access and really that commitment for generations for access of our lands for, for, you know, for years and years to come. So yeah, we, you know, this year alone, we’ve got goals set up over 150,000 acres of, of land for the public to be opened up. and then there 150 miles of trails that we preserve, restore, build to create additional access. So those are a couple of the goals that we have just as onX on, on our focus for the year. And then, oh,

Lightning (49m 10s):

Hold on a second.

Holman (49m 11s):

They’re clapping. They love you. hold on

Lightning (49m 12s):

A second.

Holman (49m 13s):

Listen to that crowd. Look that guy in the back.

Lightning (49m 16s):

Ted, sit down

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (49m 18s):

Ted, come on now. Oh, thanks Ted. And the rest there. And then, and then we also try, you know, do our best to, to really apply some funding to that too. So we’ve got our own onX created grant program that’s available to clubs, trust agencies, parks associations, et cetera, where you can apply for funding to help your project out, to open up access for others and, and the public to enjoy. So those grants come in the form of, you know, 5,000 to $20,000. We ran a, ran a a run already this year, funded a whole bunch of projects that was in the, in the pre pre May run. We had another opening now open until June 7th, I believe it is, where you can apply for those, those dollars that we have available to get out there and, and help out.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (50m 6s):

So I hope, I hope folks can, can, can do just that. It’s what they’re for. There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars available and we’re committed to giving, giving back and, and keeping things open. Creating additional open opportunities for, for everyone.

Lightning (50m 21s):

Rory, what’s the most common scenario where someone wants to either donate their land or does a group come to Onyx and say, there’s a piece of land at this latitude and longitude and it’s owned by this family and we want to make it public for

Holman (50m 36s):

OnX knows who owns it. I know they, they’ve got a premium or a elite subscription, so they just go on their map and they go, oh yeah, they’re gonna buy from that guy. Right? Yeah, yeah.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (50m 44s):

You know, it’s, it’s, it’s a combination of things. Sometimes it’s folks reaching out and, and finding it. And for, for us, bringing it to attention. And we can, you know, contact, make contact, look for the, the, the agreeable price. Sometimes it’s an acquisition of land, sometimes it’s just a That is an easement that helps us, you know, break through a piece of land that’s been traditionally locking up other access and to get through that. So there’s a number of things. Sometimes it’s just, you know, projects and, you know, just worn out. I was on one this, this past year that was, you know, bridges that have been condemned on an amazing off-road trail creating a, a closure for the trail. you know, we grouped up, got some funding, organized four or five clubs together as well as the, the forest service and the, and the trail crew there did an amazing job of, of pulling it together, building, rebuilding the bridges and reopening those trails super efficiently just with some additional funding, some passion and the way we go.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (51m 39s):

So it’s a myriad of things. I wouldn’t say I have a pinpoint on, on the most common, but we accept, we accept it all. It’s, it’s, it’s fun to see the different ways that people approach and, and really make it happen to help us all get additional access or retain what we should have.

Lightning (51m 58s):

OnX bridging the gaps.

Holman (52m 1s):

Okay. Marketing guy,

Lightning (52m 4s):

I was

Holman (52m 4s):

Just looking at the, the buy the numbers, which is the most up-to-date info on here you guys now have, and I wanna say when you started maybe That, wasn like a hundred thousand miles of Offroad trails or something like when we first started talking to you, something like that. Maybe 150. You’re at 650,000 miles of off-road trails now for side-by-side, four by fours, dirt bikes, ATVs and snowmobiles. You actually have a lot of snowmobile information on there. Oh, do you

Lightning (52m 30s):

Click the snow mode button?

Holman (52m 31s):

You can click the snow mode button. Yep. 500,000 recreation points. 852 million acres of public land that you can easily identify whether you’re in National Forest, b l m, national Park. Because as we all know, those of us who adventure, each one of those agencies has different rules for what you can do. For example, you can’t fly a drone in a national park, right? And so if you wanna do some cool photography of yourself driving through, you should know if you’re in a national park or not. There’s different fire restrictions or firearms or where you can go all that kinda stuff. And now you’ve got 6 76 Waypoint icons and I’ve used every single one of ’em. And I think you need to have a hundred So I submitted my my list to, to our friends in engineering.

Holman (53m 17s):

And I’m, I’m hopeful some of those get, get added as well because I’ve got all sorts of weird stuff I like to mark on my onyx map.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (53m 25s):

I love that. Keep the, keep the feedback and the ideas rolling for sure.

Lightning (53m 30s):

I’d like to read a five star review here. I thought That wasn kind of cool left by a guy named John June 17th, 2021. This app literally saved my life last night. I was so far from camp when the rain came out of nowhere, I was able to use the offline map I created of the area before I lost cell service to navigate me and my family back to camp right before hypothermia kicked in. Best subscription ever. How cool is that?

Holman (53m 59s):

I mean? That’s pretty solid. When are you gonna write your review of onX saving you two or three times?

Lightning (54m 6s):

Well, luckily I haven’t got that far off, but at some point I’m, I’m a, I’m a dodo bird and it, I’m sure it’s going to save me. That review

Holman (54m 14s):

Is all the way back from 2021. There’s been so many features in the last two years that it’s, you look at the reviews now, there’s

Lightning (54m 22s):

A million reviews. I just thought that one was cool. ’cause the guy literally is like, oh, I agree. The word hypothermia stuck out. you know what I’m saying? Yeah.

Holman (54m 28s):

I mean. But did you guys think when you started this mapping software that you were gonna save lives?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (54m 33s):

I, I don’t believe that was the, the, the first focus. I’m sure I’m just, I’m sure glad it’s happening out there. I know, I know. Our users are putting a lot of trust in our, in our platform and and thanking you much for that.

Holman (54m 46s):

That’s crazy. You guys, you guys have a 4.4 rating and 4,300 reviews Yes. On there. Yeah.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (54m 54s):

I I I sure appreciate that. We we do our best to, to, to listen. We don’t create the app for ourselves. We create the app for our users.

Lightning (55m 0s):

Well, Rory, seriously, congratulations on the continued success with onX. It’s, it’s absolutely amazing. So useful, so easy to use. And I think that’s a big part of it. Sometimes people are scared of a new piece of tech and they’re like, eh, I don. No, I’ll just, I’ll get on my old Thomas guide. you know? Do those things even exist anymore? Not, I don’t think so. Yeah. Paper

Holman (55m 22s):

Masks talking about California Pompousness. I think you just Thomas guide.

Lightning (55m 25s):

Yeah. Wait, they weren’t all over the country.

Holman (55m 27s):

Don don’t think so. Are you sure? I think they were based here.

Lightning (55m 28s):

Did you guys have, did you have ’em up in Montana? Thomas guides? No. Rory,

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (55m 34s):

No. don don’t believe So. I Don’t

Holman (55m 36s):

Believe so. Lightning Lightning’s making us sound like we live in just a little bubble at

Lightning (55m 40s):

The beach. Would No, I, I literally thought that to the, my, my father was all about paper maps and he thought that, I just figured Thomas Guy was national. Nobody

Holman (55m 48s):

Got that reference. No.

Lightning (55m 49s):

No. Really?

Holman (55m 50s):

Wow. Sorry, what

Lightning (55m 51s):

Did you, okay. What did they use back in the eighties up there?

Holman (55m 54s):

Big paper maps. Just fold ’em out. Road maps. Just fold

Lightning (55m 57s):

Out maps. Everybody

Holman (55m 57s):

Had those maps. Yeah. Remember you used to roll, fold ’em out across your dashboard. Now you can do it on your six inch iPhone screen. you know what else I love here? One more thing about Onyx is when you pick out a waypoint, you can say navigate to it and you can use, it’ll mark it on like Apple maps and take you there. That’s so freaking awesome. Genius that to be able to find a trailhead that’s

Lightning (56m 15s):

Freaking genius.

Holman (56m 16s):

So I. I know, I know. onX supports The, Truck, Show Podcast. And you know, I don’t, I don’t want people to think we’re just shills because you guys support us. We work together because I truly believe in what you guys are doing. And I’m a customer. I love onX. It, it literally makes my adventuring so much easier. So if you guys are looking for an app that can do that for you, definitely go to to onX It’s the app that will someday save lightning’s life. Well maybe we shouldn’t recommend it then. No Oh really. No, I wanna live, I have a family. Rory, you’re the best. Thank you for carving out some time for us. We, we do honestly appreciate it.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (56m 52s):

Yeah, thanks gentlemen. Thanks for your use and for everybody out there that’s, that’s using it now or, or will really appreciate the support and keep the feedback coming. That’s why we, why we build it. So thank you all.

Holman (57m 2s):

What’s the easiest way for, for a user to get in touch with you guys if they have a, a question or a feature idea or they want to interact with the team?

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (57m 11s):

Yeah, absolutely. Pop out on the site. We have a number of ways from, from chat, email and we actually have live phones. We have 30 some customer care agents that love to talk to our customers. Please call us and say hi and give us a suggestion or help us out and finding something that we didn’t know about that we’d love to map for you.

Holman (57m 27s):

Awesome. Cool. Alright brother. Awesome. Good to, good to chat with you again and thanks for coming on.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (57m 32s):

Thanks guys. Have a great one. Alright, you

Holman (57m 34s):

Too. Thanks Rory.

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (57m 35s):

See ya. Bye.

Holman (57m 37s):

Alright ladies and gentlemen, buckle up ’cause Holman’s got an entire wheelbarrow full of truck news. The truck bed. Lightning truck bed full of truck.

6 (57m 47s):

What’s new in trucks? We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need to

3 (57m 55s):

Know lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world of

Holman (58m 1s):

Trucks? Ah, ah, that’s horrible. That wasn, That wasn. So many good leaks or That wasn. So distort leaks in a row. That. wasn. Horrible. Oh my god. That wasn. So distorted. Why would you do that? don? Don’t know. That wasn awesome. Would you be like that? Why had us potted halfway down and you still distorted? Well, we both didn’t. Oh my. Don’t blame that on me. Oh Lord. Okay. Not just my fault there, sir. Hey, check this out. I am leaving the day after tomorrow to go the show forever. Yeah. I gotta find a new host. Co-host. No, you gotta find a new show. Oh. Oh, you’re kicking me off. All right. I am leaving. I’m going to Austin, Texas because Toyota, they have this little luxury company.

Holman (58m 44s):

They, Lexus have a pretty awesome new release. Lexus is coming with something cool. I think so. Okay, so the embargo is for a few days, but since we record this before the embargo, even though this is before I’m actually gonna see it. I got the assets from Lexus today. I’m gonna share it with you. This is no longer under

Rory Edwards/ onX Offroad (59m 5s):


Holman (59m 6s):

Currently it is, but since this is after it’s not interesting. That make sense? No, but go with it. All right. Put your gaze on our TV here. Podcast. Well, first off, have I have, I have, I heard I’m not there yet. Lightning. Okay,

Lightning (59m 24s):


Holman (59m 24s):

I’m, I’m asking you to look gazing not

Lightning (59m 26s):

Before you at the screen. Can I say what the words are on the screen? No.

Holman (59m 29s):

Oh, hey Lightning. Have you heard?

Lightning (59m 32s):

No, no. Of course

Holman (59m 33s):

You haven’t Because it under embargo.

Lightning (59m 35s):

It’s under what

7 (59m 38s):


Holman (59m 39s):

What you are looking at my friend is the brand new Lexus

Lightning (59m 44s):


Holman (59m 45s):

What? Five 50 over trail edition. The Lexus

Lightning (59m 50s):

GX five 50 over trail is bitching. All right, So. it

Holman (59m 55s):

That is Boxy Square. Wow. Upright. It’s on the same chassis as the LX 600. It’s big Lexus dme, which is the full-size Land Cruiser. As you guys know, GX has been incredibly embraced by the Overland community and adventure community. ’cause it’s basically a V eight four runner with a third row. So Lexus listened to their customers and they realized that people are actually buying these things and taking it places. So this is going to be shared on the new platform that also has Tacoma and Tundra and four runner. It’s again, three rows, but throw you a a a couple curve

Lightning (1h 0m 32s):

Balls. Yeah. So I’m looking now at the rear, the driver’s side rear Threequarter view. And That is boxier than I expected. It’s angular. It feels very much like, dare I say the Hummer in that it’s lines. I see,

Holman (1h 0m 50s):

I see some FJ cruiser in it. Oh, I I f also see littler Dodge Nitro in it, which sounds weird until you see it, but there’s some, definitely some funky Lexus styling. But it works. It’s, it’s very upright. This is going to be the first ever over trail grade that comes with standard 33 inch all-terrain tires. Guess what? Toyo Open countries. And

Lightning (1h 1m 15s):


Holman (1h 1m 15s):

So 30 threes and eighteens. Okay, a 3.4 liter twin turbo V six. That puts out 349 horsepower and 479 pound feet of torque. Okay. And then they say a hybrid’s gonna come later. Comes with the standard with Lexus’s safety system 3.0, a 14 inch multimedia touchscreen. And the towing capacity is 8,000 pounds.

Lightning (1h 1m 39s):

Holy. Which is macro

Holman (1h 1m 41s):

Really good. And you’re gonna be able to have a bunch of different trims. So basically you’re looking at the premium, the premium plus the over trail, over trail plus the luxury and the luxury plus. And out of those I’m most interested in the over trail, which not only is boxy awesome has 30 threes and eighteens, but it has rear locker from the factory. Oh, which I, I love. Not a lot of information. Again, we haven’t seen it yet, but it’s gonna be full-time. Four Wheel drive, a 10 speed automatic transmission. Backing up the, the 3.4 liter V six. So this is the G A F platform and suspension.

Holman (1h 2m 20s):

So basically, again, similar to the LX 600, it’s a body on frame. So it’s got a strong lightweight ladder frame. So it’s not a unibody. So it’s gonna have, let’s hope a bunch of underbody protection on the over trail, which I believe it does. I’ll find out more when I head out to, to Texas to check it out. But it’s gonna be a, a new double wishbone front suspension with the multilink rear So. it should be pretty darn good off road. And then it has an available adaptive variable suspension, which is constantly adjusting the damping forces based on road conditions. It also adopts electronic power steering. But I think you would be interested.

Holman (1h 3m 0s):

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

Lightning (1h 3m 1s):

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, go, go back, go back to that page. Holy dang. Listen, look at this part right here. Wait, the 2024 GX comes standard with a 10 speaker premium sound system with available 21 speaker Mark Levinson surround sound. 21 speakers slams my T R X thought I was all bitching with 19. Here they are with 21, 21.

Holman (1h 3m 23s):

And those Mark Levinson systems in the Lexus are really, really, really nice. So basically the, the V six replaces of the V eight, which was only 301 horsepower So, it should be quite a bit more drivable, especially with the turbos. you know, everybody’s moving to that. Alright, and then just reiterate the, the over trail grade, which is a new grade for, for the Lexus GX. I’m sure it’ll come on. Other stuff is made for the adventure, who wants comfort and luxury, but still wants the capability. So there’s a bunch of different features. So you can get different special color combos that are two toed with the black roof, which is fairly common starting to be a thing now.

Holman (1h 4m 5s):

But black scent accented over fenders. Aluminum skid plate. You get the 33 inch tires I mentioned before. You also get an exclusive seat design. Multi terrain select crawl control, downhill assist control. Three D multi terrain monitor systems to have optimal traction on the trails. You also can get the electronic K D SS S suspension, which is the kinetic dynamic suspension system, the electronic version of that. So GX has had a version of K D S S for a while for improved articulation. And again, you get that locking rear differential. So I. I’ll show you a few more pictures here. Lightning, you’ve only seen the rear. So you can see the two-tone paint job with the right rear

Lightning (1h 4m 44s):

Now I am a little surprised. We go back to the rear just for a second. I am a little surprised that it’s not a high tuck Exhaust. I could feel like that could get smooshed. Yeah,

Holman (1h 4m 56s):

You gotta know who your eyes

Lightning (1h 4m 57s):

Is. It’s not, it’s not a pretty tip or anything. It, but it isn’t high tuck like you’d expect But. that is, I just can’t get past the angular nature of this thing. This is,

Holman (1h 5m 6s):

So there’s the open country for Lexus.

Lightning (1h 5m 8s):

Lexus normally like Roundy everywhere. you know what I mean? No,

Holman (1h 5m 12s):

They’ve, they’ve had the spindle grill and angles for a while. This just makes it more blocky.

Lightning (1h 5m 16s):

Blocky, okay. That’s the right term walk. Alright,

Holman (1h 5m 18s):

So there’s the interior and you’ll appreciate the giant screen. Oh that the only thing don don’t like about the front is it looks like it’s gonna make it harder for like a winch bumper. So yeah, that’ll be interesting.

Lightning (1h 5m 28s):

So that, that go back to the front. That looks very much like a, an the, the is like the, the, the sports cars. But it’s straight up and down. don don’t know if I’m a fan of the front. I wanna

Holman (1h 5m 39s):

See it in different colors. They have it in this like kind of goldish champagne color. And I’d like to see it in some other colors because

Lightning (1h 5m 45s):

Why do I feel like the, the, the bad guys in the next Transformers movie are all gonna be driving this Because? it

Holman (1h 5m 52s):

Looks angry. Yeah. One thing that’s interesting is the way they do the belt line. So it’s got a drop belt line, kinda like a Super Duty or a, a titan where it’s lower, even a, a JL where it’s lower by the mirror, but on this it goes past the B pillar to middle of the rear door and then kicks up. So it’s kind of an interesting design choice, but it, it definitely has its own look. This is where I see some FJ cruiser and it, especially in how upright the windshield is and the different color

Lightning (1h 6m 18s):

Roof. So the windshield does not bow does not wrap around the

Holman (1h 6m 21s):

Vehicle. It looks like it’s almost straight up and down. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 6m 23s):

It looks very Jeep ish.

Holman (1h 6m 24s):

And then here’s the premium in a different color, which I think looks pretty cool. That

Lightning (1h 6m 28s):

Windshield is bizarre.

Holman (1h 6m 30s):

And then there’s your interior.

Lightning (1h 6m 32s):

That windshield is just

Holman (1h 6m 33s):

A big old screen that

Lightning (1h 6m 34s):

Windshield, it’s flat, there’s no curvature

Holman (1h 6m 36s):

To it. So here, here’s the thing that I love about it is I was looking at the specs and the Land Cruiser 80 series is sort of like the gold standard in my opinion of Land cruisers, That wasn the right size. It’s, you know, very close to a, a JL today, but has a, a third row and it’s, it’s just the, when you drive ’em, they look a lot bigger than they are, especially by today’s standards. Like if you see one parked next to Suburban, but the GX has the exact same 112.2 inch Wheel base. It’s almost the same length. It’s only seven inches longer at 197 inches. And it’s about six or seven inches wider at the mirrors. And it’s only two inches different in height from an old Land Cruiser 80 series.

Holman (1h 7m 16s):

So dare I say the new GX is the modern day replacement for the legendary Land Cruiser 80 series.

Lightning (1h 7m 24s):

How dare you.

Holman (1h 7m 26s):

Hey lighting, did you hear? Oh,

Lightning (1h 7m 28s):

No, no, I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 7m 31s):

Some spy photos have shown the 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor and it has a few upgrades including some bright red tow hooks, some graphics that leak from the body into the rear window and bright red Beadlock rings on the wheels and then the fenders are painted. I’ll have to tell you, the fenders being painted definitely helps a little bit.

Lightning (1h 7m 51s):

It does, but those fenders look, are they wider? Those are the, the carryovers,

Holman (1h 7m 56s):

Those are, those are the same wrapped fenders

Lightning (1h 7m 57s):

That they have today. The what about the, the skid platting under same. Same. Okay. Got it. Yep. Okay.

Holman (1h 8m 2s):

But I, I think the painted fenders definitely make it look a little bit more, more upscale and the graphic’s cool. I just dunno if I like it on the glass. So

Lightning (1h 8m 9s):

The ribs on the hood are the same as well?

Holman (1h 8m 11s):

Everything’s the same. Okay.

Lightning (1h 8m 12s):

Just checking.

Holman (1h 8m 13s):

Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 8m 15s):

No. Nope, I don’t think so. No.

Holman (1h 8m 17s):

Here is the photo for you. Lighting of the 2024 Ram. Rampage. What? That’s right.

Lightning (1h 8m 24s):

What Got it, right? What?

Holman (1h 8m 26s):

And it’s not the Rampage, it’s the Ram Rampage as I told you last episode of the one before. What do you mean?

Lightning (1h 8m 32s):


Holman (1h 8m 33s):

Remember? You’re like, no, it should just be the Rampage. And I’m like, no, it’s Ram’s Rampage. And then you’re like, that’s silly. And here it is. Ram Rampage. So available in South America primarily. However, we have definitely seen some spy photos of it.

Lightning (1h 8m 46s):

That’s kind of cool looking. I gotta say it looks

Holman (1h 8m 48s):

Like a mini Ram. Yeah, it’s

Lightning (1h 8m 49s):

A mini Ram. But looks, it’s a

Holman (1h 8m 51s):

Unibody but it doesn’t look weak at all. Like this would give Maverick a run for its money. It does. Anyway, here’s the side view of it and it basically, it just, it, it looks like a Ram.

Lightning (1h 9m 2s):

Sure does. But it reminds me a little too much of an El Camino.

Holman (1h 9m 6s):

Well that’s what the original Ram page was. That wasn sort of a small mid-size El Camino looking thing. Yeah. And check out the taillights.

Lightning (1h 9m 12s):

I I do like it like the flag. Oh, the American flag. Yeah.

Holman (1h 9m 15s):

That’s, isn’t that cool? How come no

Lightning (1h 9m 16s):

One’s done that? But until Now,

Holman (1h 9m 18s):

I mean Minnie does it with the British Union Jack that’s bitching. Yeah. So it’s got the American flag within the, do you see the, looks like stars and the reverse

Lightning (1h 9m 25s):

Lights? Yes. Yes. I need to get that. Someone’s gotta do that for my truck. It looks

Holman (1h 9m 28s):

Definitely looks cool. Dude.

Lightning (1h 9m 29s):

Spider or somebody, like some aftermarket company has gotta rip that. Oh, I want those rear taillights. That’s dope.

Holman (1h 9m 39s):

So anyway, it’s, it’s a nice truck. The, the interior is pretty impressive too. And the interior actually is a lot more upscale looking than the maverick. It’s, it definitely has that Ram touch. You get the digital speedometer on it, you get the, the Ram knob for the, the gear selector, but even a big screen on it and you can look at the materials and some of these pictures and they look really upscale for, for what this thing is. So my guess is it probably comes to the us I, if I had was a betting man, I would say it probably will. But for right now, folks in South America, Brazil, around those parts are gonna be the ones that, that basically get to enjoy it.

Holman (1h 10m 20s):

Previously people were calling this the Ram 1200, the Dakota. I think this actually leaves space for a mid-size Dakota pickup if Ram thinks about going that direction. So we don’t know a whole lot about it. This is just more of a a, a teaser that Ram dropped. A power will likely come from the hurricane that’s in the Wrangler, which is the two liter four cylinder turbo, which is good for 270 horse, 295 pound feet, which should romp in a Rampage. As much as I love the Maverick, I like the Ram a little bit better. So

Lightning (1h 10m 47s):

We’ll see. I think that I do too. And I don’t know what size tires these are, but they, they give it a nice aggressive stance. It looks like it’s got a little bit of a lift. I’d love to see it even higher and a version on the ground just slam baggo out. It would be, that would be neat. So someone’s gonna have to render that.

Holman (1h 11m 5s):

Hey lighting, did you hear? No,

8 (1h 11m 7s):

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Lightning (1h 11m 9s):

No, no negative. So

Holman (1h 11m 11s):

Now the mid-cycle refreshed gladiators are starting to show up. If you recall, the 24 wranglers have already been debuted. I’ll be driving it in a few weeks. Mm. But nobody has talked about the gladiator. And you can be sure to, to note that the gladiators will get the same grill upgrade and interior CIMA as the Wrangler.

Lightning (1h 11m 32s):

No, this is, I’m not feeling that grill dude. I like

Holman (1h 11m 36s):


Lightning (1h 11m 37s):

I mean

Holman (1h 11m 38s):

It doesn’t look good in this particular mishmash of, of colored parts around. It makes, this is a black grill. If That wasn a colored grill, it would better.

Lightning (1h 11m 45s):

I I yeah, it’s not, it

Holman (1h 11m 46s):

Just doesn’t look,

Lightning (1h 11m 47s):

It’s not Jeep. I mean it’s Jeep. No, it’s obviously it’s vertical, you know, gills, but

Holman (1h 11m 52s):


Lightning (1h 11m 53s):

What do you call ’em? Slats. Slats, yeah.

Holman (1h 11m 55s):

This is obviously an Overland version. So it’s got painted.

Lightning (1h 11m 59s):

Yeah. I mean like painted and stuff. Yeah, I like the gladiator. It’s cool. But it’s, the grill is very modern.

Holman (1h 12m 5s):

Bottom line being, listen, if, if you’re gonna get a Jeep gladiator, the 2020 fours get the same interior and upgrades as unofficially as the, as the Wrangler as you might ex expect because they’re built on the same assembly line. Hey lighting, did you hear? How about

Lightning (1h 12m 20s):

No. Nope.

Holman (1h 12m 22s):

In truck news, Rivian had a couple high profile stories hit in the news lately. One is a rivian R one T E V pickup that well

Lightning (1h 12m 33s):

Ah, I

Holman (1h 12m 34s):

See caught fire at Electrify America charging station.

Lightning (1h 12m 36s):

Yeah. That melted the windshield. Like that’s yeah, that’s, that was, that’s ugly. That’s so that’s sad.

Holman (1h 12m 41s):

No, no idea what, what it’s all about or why it happened. But apparently That wasn charging at Electrify America charging station in Mill Valley, California and both Rivian and Electrify America are investigating the incident. But it looks like the fire was basically just to the, the hood of the truck. So anyway, it’s, it’s, you know, there’s more of these vehicles getting out there and you know it’s still early and it’ll be interesting to see if this is something that happens more often or if it’s something That is inherent to those vehicles. So the other thing is don don’t know if you saw in Hell’s Gate in Moab a couple weeks ago, but Rivian R one T did what many, many vehicles including the Bronco several times before it.

Holman (1h 13m 29s):

And it popped a Tire rod on Hell’s Gate and they had to leave it parked in Moab and had I guess a guy with a welder from a local shop was able to cobble up some rebar and fix this

Lightning (1h 13m 43s):

Really rebar.

Holman (1h 13m 44s):

So you can see here, there it is, the wheels pointed at each other

Lightning (1h 13m 47s):

In the middle of Hell’s Game. Look at that booger setup he’s got there. He no joke. That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pieces of rebar. All booger welded together. Yep. To hold that, that tie rod. So

Holman (1h 13m 59s):

If you are in the camp of GM vehicles with sized tie rods or the Broncos that have had a ton of those issues lately, you can add Rivian to the mix of a brand that needs a little tougher Tire rod if you’re gonna start attempting some of the big trails out in the world.

Lightning (1h 14m 17s):

So dur what what It’s a ax shop up in Northern California. God, it’s not durmax tuner. That’s Nick Durmax something. They launched the line of kryptonite products for the GM trucks. They cannot keep in their beefed up Tire rods. Holy

Holman (1h 14m 33s):

Mackerel. I mean there’s a whole bunch of people making beefed up tie rods Wow. In the industry for, for everything. It’s pretty interesting.

Lightning (1h 14m 39s):

Oh Ax store there it Durmax store. Okay. The guys that make the the Kryptonites,

Holman (1h 14m 43s):

There’s a gazillion companies who make ’em. But your truck definitely if you go Offroading and you put a big Tire, you definitely are gonna need ’em.

Lightning (1h 14m 50s):

It’s when you get under there, you look at ’em, they’re just feeble. Yeah they’re just like a piece of spaghetti under there. Like what?

Holman (1h 14m 56s):

Hey lighting? Did you hear?

Lightning (1h 14m 59s):

No, I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 15m 1s):

Ford just dropped the 2023 F one 50 performance kit from the factory that’ll take your five liter coyote to 700 horsepower.

Lightning (1h 15m 12s):

Yeah, I did see this one actually. Yeah,

Holman (1h 15m 14s):

It’s pretty awesome. So yeah.

Lightning (1h 15m 16s):

Yes it’s awesome.

Holman (1h 15m 17s):

Four performance has dropped what it’s calling the FP 700 pack and it’s for the 21 to 23 Ford F one 50 is the important thing to know there is That is the over-the-air update trucks that are really hard to tune, right. With the new E C U and I believe they worked with our friends over at Whipple Because. it uses a three liter Whipple supercharger. So 700 horsepower, 590 pound feet of torque. You can put it in a coyote powered regular cab short box F one 50 and make your own new Lightning. This

Lightning (1h 15m 49s):

Is what I was going to make. Yeah. Do you remember that? You guys listening for a while? How many shows did I talk about making my own Whipple supercharged F one 50. Dang. And there it is. You can buy it.

Holman (1h 16m 5s):

I mean it looks pretty, pretty mild. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 16m 8s):

It does look mild. They’re all sleepers. Yeah.

Holman (1h 16m 10s):

But that’s the beauty of it. That’s exactly

Lightning (1h 16m 12s):

What you wanna build. You do that in a four Wheel drive. You talk about hooking man.

Holman (1h 16m 16s):

So you can also get the, the package not with just the drivetrain upgrades, but two unique appearance packages, bronze Edition and Black Edition. And then the other stuff that they add is a rear lowering kit. Ford Performance floor mats 22 by nine and a half inch wheels painted tailgate lettering and a black grill Ford performance approved. Dealers can add on a bunch of other stuff such as their sport Exhaust. Hey, if you wanna tailgate spoiler, they have that too. And listen, this is what people wanna see. They wanna see a modern day Lightning and you, you can do it all by yourself now. But check this out. Best part FP 700 is warrantied three year three 6,000 mile and it’s all carb legal.

Holman (1h 17m 3s):

What do you think the price of that kit is through your dealer

Lightning (1h 17m 5s):

First before you get to the price? That is a miracle that they got that through Carb That is, that’s great news. Yeah. Legal in all 50 states can, what’s the price? 14 grand.

Holman (1h 17m 20s):

12 3 50. Oh wow. It’s actually a pretty good bargain for what you’re getting. So

Lightning (1h 17m 24s):

Yeah. Yeah. That’s worth it. And so here’s, you could buy the Whipple su supercharger for a little less than do it yourself and, but, but you for the warranty. Heck, I’d rather pay more. Heck

Holman (1h 17m 32s):

Yeah. Heck yeah. Have the warranty have it all carb approved. No headaches. Yeah. Oh dude, that’s, that’s a hundred percent the way to go.

Lightning (1h 17m 38s):

700 horsepower. And that little F one 50 is just, well you saw Cletus McFarland when he put the Whipple, I think he’s got, had a Whipple on his right. He was just screaming that thing around, scaring the snot outta people.

Holman (1h 17m 52s):

Hey lighting. Did you hear

9 (1h 17m 54s):

What? No,

Lightning (1h 17m 56s):

No, I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 17m 57s):

Here’s an interesting one that caught me by surprise. The guy who was Mr. Hellcat, everything is now taking over Ram from Mike Koval. So you may be familiar with Tim Cus who was at Jeep for a short while. He’s the guy who shoved the 3 92 J nine Wrangler project through. So he’s now going to be overseeing a dual role as the c e O of Dodge, as well as the c e o of Ram. Whoa. And Mike Koval, who we’ve had on the show will now become the new head of Mopar North America. I’d love to see if we could get Tim on the show because he’s an interesting character and he literally is the Hellcat everything guy.

Lightning (1h 18m 37s):

Please do.

Holman (1h 18m 37s):

I I didn’t see this one coming. Please do. I didn’t see this one coming. I, I was really shocked ’cause I was just talking to some folks earlier in the week and none of this came up and I’m

Lightning (1h 18m 46s):

Sure that they knew. I love it. The guy is great spokesman for the brand young. He’s an enthusiast. Like it’s, it’s clear that this dude is an enthusiast. Oh yeah.

Holman (1h 18m 56s):

A hundred percent I mean, I could tell you some stories, but I’m not going to. Okay. Why about meetings? We had? No, just Because. it was meetings we had in confidence. Oh God. Like when he was at Jeep and stuff like that. But I can vouch for him. How about that?

Lightning (1h 19m 6s):

Okay. I don’t think you need to vouch for him because he’s like, he’s got credentials of his own. Yeah, yeah,

Holman (1h 19m 12s):

Yeah. No, but I’m just saying as a, as a enthusiast, as, as somebody That is a fascinating person to work with, I’m, I’m all on board with that. So

Lightning (1h 19m 21s):

Thank you for that news. Mr. Holman, how do you feel about jumping into some five star hotline calls? you know

Holman (1h 19m 26s):

I love me some five star hotline.

2 (1h 19m 29s):

Oh come on and be part of the show called the five Star Hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 6 1 0 5. It’s the five star hotline. Five star hotline,

Listeners (1h 19m 47s):

Whole shot and Lightning. Brian Brett’s here. Happy Memorial Day to you out here running a couple loads of bulk flour today. Do some local bakeries. Just listen to the show man. You guys are either hard up or sick puppies for putting me on there. Five stars. Keep Truckin, you guys enjoy the holiday. Hope you’re having some fun later. Great analogy. Sean Holman on the intro compared to the walkway to your house and just like the walkway to your house and just like the intro to the show, you have to dodge a multitude of vehicles and a multitude of topics before you get there.

Listeners (1h 20m 29s):

But a warm hug, a whiskey on ice. We’re Nate is waiting for you behind the door later.

Lightning (1h 20m 38s):

What’s he talking about? I like that he was talking about the analogy where you said we spent too much time and I asked if your front door was on the sidewalk. I said no you gotta walk up the walkway. Yeah,

Listeners (1h 20m 49s):

Lightning and Holman. If I had a little fancy board and I could like put in a sound effect, I’d put in the sound effect from the office where Andy, they’re calling Andy’s phone over and over again and he’s like, I’m gonna lose my beep in mind because on this episode you’re sitting here saying that this dude that gives you four stars, if he goes back and gives you five stars, you’re gonna send him a t-shirt. Are you kidding me? you know what kind of can of worms you just opened, like what I mean? All I had to do is give you a four star review then you’re gonna send me a t-shirt.

Listeners (1h 21m 29s):

Even though no, don’t. When you first originally said you were gonna send out t-shirts and I sent you my mailing address, you never did. You used my embargo as a drop on the show yet. Never got a freaking t-shirt. Are you kidding me? Like me. Anyway, love you guys. Have a good one.

Lightning (1h 21m 48s):

Listen Colby, just, just email us your address again. We’ll get you a shirt probably. I don’t, do I have his address? Oh wait, I think I feel like I’ve sent Colby stickers. Stickers. Well he needs a shirt. He has a drop on the show I think. Yeah, yeah. Alright Colby, listen you got my info right? If you don’t slide into his dms. Yeah, slide slide my my dms. We’ll get you a shirt into ID dash for your trouble or Lightning at truck show and resend your, your your mailing address. And I will send just you and I’m gonna send you a large, if you’re bigger than that, lose some fricking weight because all we have is largest we think I gotta look in the box. Well if we have a medium we’re gonna have to So it together, right? Medium. Yeah, medium. I’m pretty sure. Well, whatever you’re gonna get what we get.

Lightning (1h 22m 28s):

But thank you.

Listeners (1h 22m 29s):

Hey Lightning, this is Ryan speaking. Hey I’m with you on the people driving cars. No headlights tonight. But you know what else really gets me? Like right now I’m behind the guy in the pickup with the trailer and no ice on the trailer every day I see that every fricking day and like the people in cars, I see them and I flash my lights on my Peter Bill Flash, mop it on and it doesn’t do anything. It takes them forever to figure it out. And r i to the Winnebago man man guy cracks me up. I have lots of friends that he sounds just like me or I sound just like him because I guess I see the F quite a bit.

Listeners (1h 23m 15s):

So anyways, have a good week. Great show. Love you guys. Five stars all the way Brothers. Lightning, this is Ryan speaking.

Lightning (1h 23m 24s):

I Ryan. What’s up Ryan?

Holman (1h 23m 26s):

Feel like he’s gonna come find you at your house or something. I don’t. Do you think he’ll show up on your doorstep and go, Hey this is Ryan standing here. It’s funny that

Lightning (1h 23m 32s):

He was just talking to me. No, he

Holman (1h 23m 34s):

Saying just, just me. I, I think he’s making fun of you for always saying this is Lightning. Ah, I think That wasn his own inside joke about you to yourself. This is, this is Ryan’s speaking. Wow.

Lightning (1h 23m 42s):

That wasn. High thick right at that moment.

Holman (1h 23m 44s):

You very thick. Yeah. Ouch. Very dense. Yeah so I’m pretty sure our man Ryan, what he’s doing. Ryan is tea

Lightning (1h 23m 49s):

Teasing. You was ping for Yeah, no good job. Job.

Holman (1h 23m 51s):

And you went right on down. You went right on down the road with him. Mm. He pulled up in a white van, he jumped out with a pillowcase, shoved it over your head, threw you in the back of the van, took you for a ride and you said are we going to Knottsberry farm? You didn’t scream for help, you didn’t realize what was going on. You thought the kidnapping was for something fun.

Lightning (1h 24m 9s):

I wanted to die.

Holman (1h 24m 11s):

This seems odd.

Lightning (1h 24m 13s):

Alright so Holman, you got some email over there that also make fun of me.

Holman (1h 24m 16s):

Probably. Let’s find out

Lightning (1h 24m 17s):


2 (1h 24m 19s):

You email. Yeah, I email Do it We email. That’s right. Everybody email type it up. You email proofread. I email send it, we email, click it. Everybody email.

Lightning (1h 24m 35s):

My first request home is, see you turn the lights up just a little bit.

2 (1h 24m 40s):

You’ve got kind of

Lightning (1h 24m 40s):

A cool amber glow in here, which I do appreciate but I I just can’t read. It’s nighttime and So.

Holman (1h 24m 45s):

I know it’s nice Because it allows us to Well

Lightning (1h 24m 48s):

That’s, oh God that’s like a There you go. That’s like a bug zapper color. Yeah. Stop that. what is that?

Holman (1h 24m 53s):

I just turned it on. Whoa. Is

Lightning (1h 24m 54s):

That bright and purpley? Yeah. Dang that like welcome. what is that? 6,500 Kelvin?

Holman (1h 24m 59s):

They probably something like that. Woo.

Lightning (1h 25m 2s):

Alright. Yeah. Okay. First up Frontier spotting from Matthew. Why? I don’t recognize his name, which means I haven’t sent this guy any stickers yet. All right. Hey guys love the show. This is Matt from South Florida. I caught a couple frontiers out in the wild also. Also here’s some photos of the equipment I operate. I’m a heavy equipment operator for the county I live in. Please don’t say the county name so we won’t, he’s in Florida, that’s all I’ll say. And he’s got some there. Wow. What is this cool tractor thing on four wheels? Holdman that bottom one. What? What? What would you call that? It’s like a backhoe but it’s on wheels.

Holman (1h 25m 39s):

I’d have to open it up. Yeah, it kinda looks like it’s some articulating hydrostatic drive thing where the, the bucket’s high and the little tires are low. I’ve It’s cool

Lightning (1h 25m 48s):

Looking. It’s cool. Yeah. Very.

Holman (1h 25m 50s):

Somebody’s yelling at us going It’s this you dummies.

Lightning (1h 25m 52s):

Yeah. Now I. Don’t know heavy equipment. I’m sorry, I’d love to, maybe I’ll fly out to Florida and experience some heavy equipment.

Holman (1h 25m 58s):

Alright, well I got this one. Everybody’s gonna wanna hear this email. This is from Greg Madden if you remember. He’s the A-hole who left us a four star review.

Lightning (1h 26m 9s):


Holman (1h 26m 11s):

Wow. Y’all made my day. I purposely rated my review four stars to see if you’d actually catch it.

Lightning (1h 26m 18s):

No. So we said way really,

Holman (1h 26m 21s):

I know y’all have read the reviews of the past but I wasn’t sure you were keeping up with them. Both of y’all have gotten busy with a lot of other things and that’s understandable. At the beginning of the podcast when Lightning Jay Tillis asked can we read that review? I was thinking no way. He’s not talking about my review. But then when Lightning Jay Tillis says, ’cause that review addresses that long intro, I knew That wasn mine as normal. the show was great And then came the reading of my review. I started laughing and I think my wife might think I’m losing it since I normally don’t laugh like that when I’m in my home office working Lightning, did I really make your blood boil? Did you use the bank’s eyed dash to read the mounted parameters of your boiling blood? I think Gail sells an adapter to stick the O B D two connector up your it’s a with some dollar signs.

Holman (1h 27m 6s):

Since y’all committed to sending me stickers and a shirt, I’m gonna change my views to four and half stars. No wait, I’ll change it to five. Honestly, if I could make it 10 stars, I do it. Don’t change any part of the show. Shirt size. XL main address is he lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I’d be honored to wear a shirt and display some stickers on my toolbox. Warning if the shirt and stickers turn out to be vaporware like Nikola, I’ll be forced to drop my rating to an all-time low. Holman don’t have Lightning. Email me the stickers. I think they’ll get stuck in the interwebs if you try Greg. Mad. See he made fun of me. It’s equal

Lightning (1h 27m 36s):

See? Alright Greg, thank you for the sense of humor. We appreciate it and I will send you some swag because quite frankly we need the five star reviews. Subject line is headlights from Adam. I totally agree that people driving with headlights off is stupid. It bugs me almost every night here in Phoenix. I used to have a Toyota Corolla that always had the headlights on. The only way you could have the car running with them off is to pull the E-brake and then turn the car on. Seems like every car should have this feature. Love the show guys. Five stars. Adam flew Hardy. Five stars

12 (1h 28m 10s):

Review five stars.

Lightning (1h 28m 13s):

Thank you Adam.

Holman (1h 28m 14s):

I got this email to Holman at truck show and forward it to the truck show one ’cause I wanted to answer this one on the air. This comes from Jeff Stevens who says, I’m in search of guidance from the guru looking at a 23 Super Duty crew cab short bed truck. Need to replace my oh seven Dodge crew cab long bed five nine Cummins 30 fives and four tens which has been perfect until Now I drive 15,000 miles a year farm and work in the Midwest and I tow 15,000 pounds several times per year. What would be the most reliable Diesel? Seven three gas. Which gears 3 73 or four 30. And thank you so much for your time And 5.5 stars which makes up for our previous friend Greg. Hope that helps with a four star dba.

Holman (1h 28m 56s):

Jeff Stevens. Congratulations. You have earned five stars. Thank you. I have a thought that’s probably an unpopular opinion. If you are towing 15,000 pounds or more all the time, I would say get the Diesel Diesel. However, if you’re only doing it a few times a year and you’re putting that much mileage on it, which means you’re probably, you know, on highways and things like that where you can get somewhat decent fuel economy, I would venture to recommend a seven three with four 30 gears.

Lightning (1h 29m 27s):

I don’t think that That is an unpopular proposal at all.

Holman (1h 29m 31s):

And here’s why. And there’s been three or four friends who have bought that truck, including our friend Dave Chappelle who called me and said, I’m getting a new Super duty. Do I get the gas or the Diesel? He got a seven three and he loves it. Absolutely loves it. So this is after a few years of feedback from people, I’ve given the same advice to, if you’re towing above 15,000 pounds all the time, you’ve got hilly terrain, all that kinda stuff. Go Diesel, you’re gonna work the truck, you’re gonna burn out the D P F, all that stuff. If you’re doing highway, you’re not working the truck as often.

Lightning (1h 29m 60s):

Burn out the D P F In a good way by the way. In a good way. Yeah. Not

Holman (1h 30m 2s):

I’m burning out the sit. Yes. If you are not working the Diesel every day, you’re gonna have issues with it. In my opinion at some point with the seven three, it’s what, almost $10,000 less. You don’t have to buy a secondary fluid like def on a regular basis. Your maintenance costs are a lot less ’cause oil changes and things like that are gonna be less than the Diesel and that thing is a fricking torque monster. And with the 10 speed transmission and four 30 gears, the SE have no problem pulling 15,000 pounds. Yeah. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 30m 30s):

That, that trance is just, they did a really nice job of this. So

Holman (1h 30m 35s):

You also have a lighter front end so you get a little bit more suspension. Compliance doesn’t ride as firm as the Diesel. I just think that anyone in that, I usually say 14,000 pounds but since he says several times, I, I’ll go 14 to 15 or less. Yeah man, you get away with

Lightning (1h 30m 49s):

That. Yeah. Because someone’s gonna say I pull I I toe 10. Yeah.

Holman (1h 30m 52s):

Or somebody’s gonna say I tow you know 18 with the gas and it’s fine. Well I’m sure it is.

Lightning (1h 30m 57s):

So your line of demarcation is like, is 14

Holman (1h 30m 60s):

Somewhere in there? Yeah, I, I think I think 14, 15. That’s just that gas engine’s great. You don’t have to worry about your turbo and the inner cooler and all the other things or the expense or the fixes or dealing with trying to find Diesel in a far off land where you know, you might be traveling or whatever

Lightning (1h 31m 18s):

So far off

Holman (1h 31m 18s):

Land. Anyway, that’s, that’s where I’m going. I don’t know how you feel about that.

Lightning (1h 31m 22s):

I feel exactly the same. I talk to customers frequently that they really want Diesel and yet they don’t work them hard enough. Yeah. And so they should have got the three liter Diesel. Yeah. In the case of like the GM guys right. And they’re like, oh I’m, I’m loading up my D P F and I my it’s regen too often. Yeah my and well I said are you doing city, city driving? You’re on the highway. What’s the mix? And they go, well yeah like 80% city. I go You you bought the wrong tool. You bought

Holman (1h 31m 51s):

A tractor. Diesel Inappropriateness. Yeah

Lightning (1h 31m 53s):

You bought a tractor to to to put flowers in a flower there.

Holman (1h 31m 56s):

I know someone with a three liter EcoDiesel who did all city driving and got an alert about the D P F being clogged on the dash. Yeah. And they had to go drive for half an hour down and half an hour up on the freeway at freeway speeds to get it hot enough to regen and have it go through process. ’cause they were doing these short trips in the Diesel five, 10 miles and never got up to operating temp and it never had a chance to regen out and it just basically said, dude I’m clogged. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 32m 19s):

So we offer on the ID dash on some of the vehicles You can, we should record this sometime ’cause it’s wild. Have you ever heard of manual regen?

Holman (1h 32m 28s):


Lightning (1h 32m 29s):

So you do a manual if you for we try to warn the customers. They’re like Yeah I wanna do a manual regen ’cause I hear everyone you know talk about it on Facebook. A manual re on like a new Duramax 6.6 liter

Holman (1h 32m 40s):

Is an event.

Lightning (1h 32m 41s):

It is an event So, it takes 20 to 25 minutes. You gotta put your hood up. You gotta make sure you’re not parked by any dry brush. ’cause you will, whatever’s by your tailpipe will light on fire Or melt. Or melt. Right. You do not want do it connected to a trailer because you’ll melt a fiberglass or

Holman (1h 32m 58s):

With your kids running around the front yard. Dude, it’s

Lightning (1h 33m 0s):

Bad I mean it’s well over 800 degrees at the tip. You gotta make sure that you’ve got per certain things, say you got enough fuel in the tank, you gotta meet all these minimums. And then when you meet all these minimums, it will let you command a stationary or manual regen and with the hood up and your big like 36 inch fan spinning at full speed for 20 minutes, it’s a jet engine. And guys are like, I can’t believe how loud it is. Just freaked me out. My neighbors are coming out. It is psycho loud and it’s fine. They’ll

Holman (1h 33m 33s):

Move your truck sideways right there in your

Lightning (1h 33m 34s):

Driveway. Dude, I’m telling you, it is wild when these guys do the manual regen for the first time, some of ’em freak out and they hit the button that says Stop.

Holman (1h 33m 42s):

Yeah, stop too

Lightning (1h 33m 42s):

Late. They’re like, no, no, you can stop it. You cancel it. Yeah. Yeah you can cancel it. It’s not like

Holman (1h 33m 46s):

The missiles left the tube yet.

Lightning (1h 33m 48s):

No. It takes like a, a minute and a half to finally cool down the RPMs but it’s, it’s wild. ’cause it’s gotta build up 1400 degrees at the D P F inlet to basically turn all that soot into ash and then blow it out. So imagine you took a bunch of like Kingston charcoal briquettes and you shoved it all in like a, like a, a muffler. Right? And you have to turn all those charcoal briquettes into ash. That’s what’s happening in there. So the moral of The story is if you’re gonna work your truck, like Holman suggests, get the Diesel for around town light towing gas for sure.

Holman (1h 34m 23s):

Or even heavy towing. But occasionally, yeah, you’d be better served with the Diesel if you’re towing that every week. But if it’s like a once in a month, gas is totally fine. That’s seven. Three’s a great motor

Lightning (1h 34m 31s):

Subject line is what in the backwards ass redneck world is this tip for from Jason. Gainor just saw this ridiculous piece in North Carolina. At least it wasn’t Carolina Squad two. And the photo is, it’s the picture of the back half of a Super duty I can tell by the bed. And it’s got big Wheel, skinny Tire, but the Exhaust tip is probably a foot in diameter.

Holman (1h 34m 59s):

That’s ridiculous

Lightning (1h 35m 0s):

Looking. And it’s the standard octagon one. You can find that like yeah, it’s just

Holman (1h 35m 3s):


Lightning (1h 35m 3s):

Amazon or X D P or whoever. Just

Holman (1h 35m 6s):

Crunch. Crunch that up in the, yeah.

Lightning (1h 35m 8s):


Holman (1h 35m 9s):

Got one here from Gregory Vanderpool says Hi Holman and Lightning. That’s right.

Lightning (1h 35m 13s):

Lightning and Holman says it

Holman (1h 35m 15s):

On the t-shirt. I am looking at buying a 2005 Chevy Tahoe with the five three Vortex engine in the four speed transmission. it has about 180,000 miles on it. And I was wondering what the usual lifetime of this engine in transmission is, I enjoy the show, but at times I wish you guys would spend less time talking about electric vehicles and more time talking about older trucks. Thanks Gregory. Well, we try to talk about everything. So, you

Lightning (1h 35m 34s):

Know, I on, come on. If you went through all 300 episodes, electrification is probably

Holman (1h 35m 42s):

10% maybe.

Lightning (1h 35m 43s):

Maybe. Yeah. Maybe if that Yeah, but

Holman (1h 35m 46s):

We I mean we have to talk, you know, we have to touch on it. We have to talk about it. Yeah. It’s not like we’re pushing it. Yeah. We’re just telling you what our experiences are and bringing you along. That doesn’t mean we don’t love the old trucks. And that old five three Vortex is a great motor.

Lightning (1h 35m 57s):

So this is really weird because my buddy, oh, you know Rob or Detailer, right? His son Adrian Yep. Is looking for a Tahoe with a five three. There you go. And he keeps finding high mileage ones. Yeah. All over the place. I said, do your best to find one. So he’s looking for an oh 7 0 8, somewhere in there. And I said, look, it is an amazing truck, but people beat the snot out of him.

Holman (1h 36m 20s):

I’ve got a friend who just sold a Suburban with that same deal. Yeah. He had 200,000 miles on it. Yeah. You

Lightning (1h 36m 25s):

Can do that easy that you always find, like the bolsters on the seats are blown out and things like that. And

Holman (1h 36m 30s):

The dash cracks on those. Yeah. You gotta remember, there’s a couple different dashes that you can get in that generation of pickup. I think all the SUVs had the same one, but the dashes cracked, the door handles on those things are notorious for falling apart. And you

Lightning (1h 36m 40s):

Know what else? The, the, the, the primer is bad. A lot of those paint. Yeah. So you’ll always see like patches of primer where the, the paint literally just peels offs off in giant chunks. I mean

Holman (1h 36m 49s):

Honestly, they carry their value. you know, you’re getting close to 200,000 miles around $10,000 for one of those things. You see ’em high mileage all the time. I, I’m, I think 250,000 miles is pretty easy for those to reach as long as they had regular maintenance. Maybe even more than that. But if you’s very simple, if

Lightning (1h 37m 5s):

You don’t know the maintenance, then you gotta say yeah, under 1 25. Yeah, I I would say, and that’s a harder to find truck, but

Holman (1h 37m 11s):

Yeah, but he’s talking about one that has 180,000 miles. If you have service records on that and That wasn well maintained, I’d say go for it. you know, you’re gonna have other things you’re gonna need to do. Make sure the belts are changed. Make sure the hoses, a lot of the hoses rot from the inside and they look good on the outside. People don’t ever go through and change all their hoses.

Lightning (1h 37m 26s):

Dude, the shifter, the stock, they always get loose. I’ve seen ’em fall off in people’s hands before, like it’s not,

Holman (1h 37m 31s):

It’s, it’s, yeah, it’s not the engine stuff. The engine’s not gonna leave you stranded, but they’re not. The

Lightning (1h 37m 34s):

Door panels start flopping around. Yeah. All that good stuff. So luckily every junkyard in every city in America has got parts for these trucks. Remember I dually was a G M T 900 as well and I wanted to do a color swap. I had the entire tan interior. I found every single piece of that truck in black at, at

Holman (1h 37m 54s):

Junkers and also with blood spots on it.

Lightning (1h 37m 56s):

Oh yeah, that’s right. Which

Holman (1h 37m 57s):

Is super gross. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 37m 58s):

I didn’t buy the the parts with the blood spots. Yeah, yeah. you

Holman (1h 38m 1s):

Know, I actually, you know what the spirit’s going from one vehicle to the other. I

Lightning (1h 38m 4s):

Did get so, Hey, word to the wives though, if those bolsters are blown out. We had one of the, the seat guys. Oh, what was their name? The see don Don’t know. Go back to one of our episodes. We talked about seats or get CAT scan so you can rewrap ’em pretty economically.

Holman (1h 38m 16s):

Yeah, but CAT scan’s not gonna rebuild your seat cushion. You’re talking about the seat shop. Yes. So you can go to the seat and they can freshen up the interior on any of those trucks for you.

Lightning (1h 38m 26s):

Frontier spotting subject line from Cameron Lighting and Holma beer. I’ve been listening from the very, very beginning. I work as a design engineer at a large aftermarket company and love staying up late listening to your truck news segment. I have a 99 xj and a 2003 Miata and I’ve been looking at a truck to tow them individually to trails or to the track. Do you think a frontier would be enough to tow these vehicles? I also started my own small business making specialized parts for customers specific problems. Here’s my frontier spotting entry and my address for a sticker. Keep up the great work and yeah buddy.

13 (1h 39m 3s):

Yeah buddy.

Lightning (1h 39m 5s):

So what if Frontier tow his 99 xj and a 2003 Miata? Yeah.

Holman (1h 39m 9s):

Don don’t see why not. I’ve towed 6,000 6,500 pounds with a frontier and That wasn actually pretty stable and felt great. So yeah, I mean Xj can’t be more than 5,000 pounds. Miata ISS probably on a trailer, 3,500, 4,000 pounds. So I wouldn’t see. Why not? Alright, this one’s from Rone Mond and the says five months. He goes, Hey guys. My name’s r I’m from the Central Valley. So we’re talking about California. So the day is finally here after five months of listening every single day, Monday through Friday on my way to and from work. And while I work, I’ve finally caught up. It’s a bittersweet day, but I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode. Yes. Even the April Fools day one, where I as well fell for it trying the episode on every device I own.

Holman (1h 39m 54s):

Thank you for the quality podcast, Now I. Guess I’ll have to be like everyone else and wait until next Monday to get my truck show podcast fixed. I have also given five stars on my phone and Max, so to wrap up this epically long email, by the way, it’s not Can I get an OG M e Yeah, buddy.

13 (1h 40m 9s):

Yeah buddy.

Holman (1h 40m 11s):

A mounted parameters mount

14 (1h 40m 13s):

Monitor, key engine parameters

Holman (1h 40m 17s):

And to remember everything matters.

Lightning (1h 40m 19s):

Thanks for watching

15 (1h 40m 20s):

And remember everything Matters.

Holman (1h 40m 22s):

Oh, and here’s a Frontier Pro four bought it on my way to work today as well. Thanks again, Ronan and from Riverbank, California.

Lightning (1h 40m 29s):

All right, gimme that one for, that’s the sticker file. There we go. List. All right, this one’s from Jeremy Brown titled Rampage, Lightning and Holman. That’s correct. ’cause that’s how it says it on the sticker in the t-shirt. Lightning

Holman (1h 40m 41s):

Kelly person who caress about That

Lightning (1h 40m 42s):

Is you. Lightning kept going off about how great a name Rampage was for Ram’s future Maverick competitor. And even said it Sounded a little eighties. Are we forgetting that Dodge had a small unibody pickup in the eighties called the Rampage, basically the contemporary charger with a bed, which wouldn’t be a bad option for today if they could keep the Hellcat. I digress. Anyway, I have to agree with lighting. The name is perfect. Just had to bring up the connection after internally screaming about what y’all were missing. And that’s from Jeff. All

Holman (1h 41m 9s):

Right, there you go. Ramp came out with the Rampage. So you

Lightning (1h 41m 12s):

Got it.

Holman (1h 41m 13s):

We win. All of us are winners. Alright, Lightning, let’s wrap this bad boy up. I got a little something something after the show for our listeners though. Do you really three something somethings?

Lightning (1h 41m 24s):

Is it any code? Brown talk might be

Holman (1h 41m 27s):

Oh. really?

2 (1h 41m 28s):

Oh, I mean the truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa.

Holman (1h 41m 35s):

What I think you mean is your out because you want that out of you as fast as possible. Listen, if you want to interact with The Truck Show Podcast, hit us up on the five star hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Or you can reach us at Truck show or or Lightning at truck show yeah, Dude,

Lightning (1h 41m 57s):

I found another little stash of stickers I didn’t know I had of my center console. So if you guys are in the cab of your truck or car and you spot a frontier on the road, snap a photo and email it to church show Sorry, that’s Lightning at church show I will send you a pair of truck show podcast stickers.

Holman (1h 42m 19s):

How nice of you

Lightning (1h 42m 21s):

I mean? Sure.

Holman (1h 42m 22s):

You’re the best Lightning. I

Lightning (1h 42m 24s):

I’m not looking for accolades or a pat on the back. I’m saying like, we have promised things for years.

Holman (1h 42m 28s):

I’ll stop giving them to you.

Lightning (1h 42m 30s):

Well, no, I enjoy it actually.

2 (1h 42m 31s):

It’s, I do, but

Holman (1h 42m 32s):

Alright, well

Lightning (1h 42m 33s):

We’ve been promising crap for years and finally Yeah, we’ve been

Holman (1h 42m 36s):

Here for a while and we we’re

Lightning (1h 42m 37s):

Finally delivering it. Listen,

Holman (1h 42m 38s):

Yes. If you guys want to hit us up on the socials, you can slide ’em into lighting’s DMS for bank’s products. That’s L B C’s Lightning.

Lightning (1h 42m 46s):

You guys have been exercising that like mad.

Holman (1h 42m 49s):

Yeah. If anybody wonders whether or not this podcast helps move merch it it does.

Lightning (1h 42m 53s):

So check this out. I just gotta share this for a second. So usually I, when people hit me up on the, on the ground Yeah. And they say, Hey, I’m interested in a pedal monster I’m interested in, it’s usually like a single item. Yeah. Right. It’s an ID dash whatever. Sure. Super stoked to hook ’em up. Right? One of the guys says, Hey, I’m a big fan of the show. I’ve been listening since the beginning. I’m looking for some Banks products and I was That wasn late at night and I go, normally I have a little conversation with these people. I’m like, I just gave ’em the code. Right? I’m like, here’s the code, don’t share it. Yeah. It’s just for the listeners. And he’s like, cool. So the next day I get a message from Colin at work. Oh. And he goes, I saw transaction last night.

Holman (1h 43m 35s):

He’s like, that’d be Gail’s Sun, by the way. Sorry.

Lightning (1h 43m 37s):

Yes. Yeah. So Colin Banks. Yep. He says, he says it’s a, it’s a great sale, but what’s with the discount? And I’m like, what’s a, it’s a The Truck Show Podcast discount. And he goes, the dude spent five grand. And I’m like, so the discount’s really, really healthy. don don’t wanna say what it is on the air. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s more than

Holman (1h 43m 57s):

Banks is not a brand that discounts the products. No,

Lightning (1h 43m 60s):

We do not. Let’s, let’s just put that we do not publicly discount. Yes. We Are, the Rolex of the aftermarket.

Holman (1h 44m 4s):

What’s happening here is you guys have a special relationship with us and we’re giving you a little wink and a nod. So this

Lightning (1h 44m 8s):

Guy like really exercised it.

Holman (1h 44m 10s):

So he basically cleared out the bank store? He

Lightning (1h 44m 13s):

Yes. No, That wasn a full power pack. Oh nice. For like an O b S truck. Oh, awesome. He went freaking shifted

Holman (1h 44m 19s):

Nuts in all honest, in all honesty, I do the same thing too.

Lightning (1h 44m 22s):

I mean, he’s like, so That wasn I mean he’s, he saved like a grand That’s okay. I’m not even joking. Yeah,

Holman (1h 44m 28s):

But you know what? He gave you five that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Lightning (1h 44m 31s):

I, I guess Hey, that’s, that’s the, that long

Holman (1h 44m 34s):

They don’t take it out of the show

Lightning (1h 44m 35s):

Sponsorship. That’s glass half full is what you’re doing there. All

Holman (1h 44m 38s):

Right, well you can also follow me at Sean p Holman or you can follow the show at Truck Show podcast. And if you are in the market for great Offroad magazine, please give o v r mag a follow and subscribe. Support your old man Holman here who is starting lots and lots of businesses and that he

Lightning (1h 44m 56s):

Can’t afford doing cool things

Holman (1h 44m 58s):

For you guys. I’m trying to keep this thing going and, you know, paper masks, you know

Lightning (1h 45m 1s):

What’s, can I, can we, can we pull back to Kern for one second? Geez. So Holman and I love entrepreneurs. Yeah. You guys know that if you’ve listened for any length of time, you know that we love and respect and honor people who are willing to risk it all. So here’s Holman for the first time in his life actually being a legitimate entrepreneur, he didn’t have, it’s really hard, he didn’t have a source of income like this. Is it truck famous l l c that owns this podcast now? And he’s like, before, before we crack the mics down, he is like, dude, I owe a lot of bills and everyone wants to pay me with like net 90. And I go, I have to, there’s like a gap between when the money, I’m like, welcome to entrepreneurship.

Lightning (1h 45m 44s):

Like it’s

Holman (1h 45m 46s):

Not for the faint heart people.

Lightning (1h 45m 47s):

It’s not for the faint heart. Listen,

Holman (1h 45m 49s):

I I have the normal monthly bills, right? You, you have, you know, the utilities, you’ve got the, you know, website stuff, you’ve got the Shopify stuff, you’ve got the franchise tax board stuff, you’ve got your C P A stuff, you’ve got your email stuff and you’ve got your health insurance

Lightning (1h 46m 4s):

And all that stuff.

Holman (1h 46m 5s):

How about the Lipsy? Just keeping the podcast Hosted, all that kind of stuff. And then meanwhile we’ve got sponsors who, you know, some pay like net 90, so it’s three months from when you’ve delivered something before you get a check. And then you’ve got this greedy bastard across the table from me who’s like,

Lightning (1h 46m 21s):

Hold on, hold on. Don’t say that. That’s not true. I

Holman (1h 46m 25s):

Didn’t say it about you.

Lightning (1h 46m 26s):

You said the greedy bastard across I have from me. I have a chair right here. No, me. No, you’re talking about me. That’s bss you know that I’ve been very, very understanding of your situation. Understanding

Holman (1h 46m 37s):

Of our situation, our

Lightning (1h 46m 39s):

Situation. Yeah. Yes.

Holman (1h 46m 39s):

Anyway, so it’s, I’ve I’ve got a lot going on. So I’ve got truck famous l l c I’ve got used for Adventure Incorporated, which is,

Lightning (1h 46m 46s):

But I’m just, I’m just saying, listen, it’s been, it’s hard interesting to see Holman who has, has spoken to entrepreneurs with reverence and it’s interesting seeing you go through it personally for the first time.

Holman (1h 46m 58s):

Yeah, it’s, it’s hard. So yeah, three businesses. So between, again, truck famous use for venture, which is like my little consulting marketing deal. And in fact I’ve got some listeners who own companies who have reached out to me, So, I’ve been doing some work on the side for them. And then I’ve got o v r Max. So between those three things, it is really, really like I haven’t had a day off. Yeah. Two days off in a row since January. So

Lightning (1h 47m 21s):

I mean you’re, it’s nuts. I mean, that’s, that’s, remember years ago, one of our first entrepreneurs that we interviewed with the, our, the, the couple down in Irvine, California Thin skins. Yep. So like, it’s just, it’s every waking moment all the time. That’s your business. Anyway, so speaking of all this hard work, let’s shift gears and thank our partners. Nissan being number one. That’s right.

Holman (1h 47m 39s):

So Nissan is the proud presenting sponsor of The Truck. Show Podcast. They have supported this podcast for over five years. With them, you get the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty on their half ton Titan and Titan XD trucks. They’ve also got the awesome Frontier, which has some pretty incredible lease deals. I might might try and pick one up for myself because I think they’re awesome. you know, a lot of you listeners have supported us by supporting Nissan. If you are looking for a new truck, at least give ’em a shot. Head to Nissan You can check out their features, benefits, pricing, build and price, all that kind of stuff. Or head on down to your local Nissan dealer where you can see them in person. And the first thing I would say you should do is slam the door. Because. it sounds good. There’s no tininess to it.

Holman (1h 48m 20s):

Those trucks are built. Great. And then go for a drive.

Lightning (1h 48m 23s):

Are you saying that because I was obsessed with it when we borrowed the last Titan?

Holman (1h 48m 26s):

I’m just saying that in general, I think we were out the first time you get into a vehicle, you always slam a door. And the ones that feel tinny, yeah, they just don’t give you good.

Lightning (1h 48m 33s):

We were outside the wiener schnitzel, I’ll never forget. And I, I was, and Homan was like, would you get in? We have to record a podcast and here’s me outside the door going th open. Hum. That’s true. Open, true story. And then let’s also talk Banks. So at the beginning of the show, we talked about the new ID dash stealth pod, which is designed to contain and support the ID dash data monster or the ID dash Super gauge. Here’s the thing, you have a certain amount of data that your manufacturer of your Jeep or your Ram or your Ford F two 50, whatever they say, here’s what we want you to see. So you can drive and bliss, there’s a whole ton of information that’s on the E C M that they don’t want you to necessarily see, but is valuable for you to know as a driver if you have a Diesel, what’s, how, what’s the average mileage you get between your D P F regions?

Lightning (1h 49m 24s):

What is your Exhaust gas temperature, basic things like that. Oh, warnings. If you get a code warning. Yeah. If you drive a EIS and

Holman (1h 49m 29s):

Lows a

Lightning (1h 49m 30s):

Silverado and you get a check engine light, why do you, why did you get it? You can go to the ID dash and you can open the diagnostics menu and it tells you right there. You can even clear the code right on the i dash. Check out yours at Banks

Holman (1h 49m 44s):

Alright. And when you decide that your truck rides awful or your shocks are blown and you need something new, then head over to bill Bilstein where you can also put in your year make model and see all the options. They have direct replacement for stock trucks, upgraded shocks for stock trucks, including leveling kits or race style suspension, all the way up to the B 8 8100, which are two, two bypasses. All of these are built with OE Quality in mind, which means no squeaks, no rattles, no noises, and just pure performance. Bill Bilstein shocks are designed for performance both on and off the road. So if you’re looking for an endorsement and you’re tired of Lightning and I talking about it, then why not just go with Colby White, our listener? Ah, we read the email at the beginning of the show, he replaced some white shocks and he

Lightning (1h 50m 25s):

And he transformed. Yes. He

Holman (1h 50m 27s):

Took a flyer. Yeah. He’s like, dude, this ride’s better than my new truck on a solid axle swap. Suburban. Come on, that’s saying something. If that’s not an endorsement, nothing is. You wanna go to bill Bilstein, find a shock that’s gonna improve your ride and make it feel brand new today.

Lightning (1h 50m 40s):

And a big thank you to our friend Rory at onX. They’re the creators of the single Best Map app for your off-road adventure.

Holman (1h 50m 48s):

You can sign up today at onX You can do a seven day free trial premium, which features feature Trails Unlimited save Maps, photo waypoints, three D Maps and more is only 29 99 a year. Or Elite, which adds all the premium features plus property boundaries, landowner names, lot info and more. And Elite is 99 99 a year, which adds to the premium features, property boundaries, landowner names, lot info, and a whole host of elite benefits. Head over to onyx or to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We can download it for your device today.

Lightning (1h 51m 18s):

Now it’s time to talk poo code. Brown I mean this is is what I meant to say.

Holman (1h 51m 26s):

This is a good one. We’ll save. We like to save these for the end. This is your bonus guys. This is from Matt Bingham. He says, I’m in the t s A line when it first hits and the contractions, oh, rapidly get closer

Lightning (1h 51m 36s):

Ss a line no

Holman (1h 51m 38s):

Holding my poise, say for the reds, cheeks and sweat on my brow. I forged through unimpeded racing down the terminal. I duck into the first restroom iic, which by the grays of God has an open stall. An older man’s Fincher may have failed, but mine was up for the task while I wrestled with my pants and belt. Ah, sweet relief and a sigh of victory as I gaze down and soak in the moment of near catastrophe, a red shoe catches my eye. This is no ordinary shoe but a woman’s high heel. I scan slowly to the other stall and there I see flip flops and painted toenails. Oh, and I noticed my phone is resting on a sanitary napkin dispenser.

Holman (1h 52m 22s):

Yep. In my haste to hold back the dragon. Three days of sales, meeting dinners and drinking heavily. I have gone into the women’s restroom now what? Well, I knew I was in a public restroom. I did not hold back and certainly did not think to give a courtesy flush. Gathered myself and decided to just make a run for it. Any residual code action would have to wait until I got to the men’s room. I made my break. I dashed out unscathed only to take a seat half an hour later on the plane next to a woman with red high heels. Red shoes.

16 (1h 52m 52s):

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Although it’s kind of so bad that it’s good in a way.

Holman (1h 52m 60s):

Thank you for that. This one is not code brown, but so this is from Kevin Noman. He says, Hey Banksy and hall racer. You’re not a code brown, but just as bad and won every man listening to can relate. So about six or seven years ago, four guys went from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Como, Colorado to finish a roof on a barn for a church camp. We picked up a fifth in Salinas, Kansas. On the way home, we stopped around the Colorado Kansas line. We drove nonstop from there to Selena to drop him back off. We all had to pee for over an hour, but nobody wanted to be that guy. The guy that said he had to pee. We were all dying for the last hour. We got to the truck stop and all ran and waddled straight to the bathroom.

Holman (1h 53m 42s):

I went for what felt like five minutes, but we all knew if we’d been the one who said stop, we would never have lived it down. Kelly Nauman. He says he wants the Emmy five star and OG mounted parameters.

12 (1h 53m 55s):

Five stars review, five star master

14 (1h 54m 0s):

Monitor key engine parameters.

Holman (1h 54m 4s):

Alright, this is from a friend Justin Gore, code Brown and a six speed Cummins. Over the years, I’ve had a few of these code brown situations, but it’s been hard to figure out which ones to share. The basic road trip ones seems too common. So That wasn in between an LA auto show experience and this one, but shows this one I’m gonna tell you Because, it is truck related. A few years back, my best friend and I would frequent and all you can eat sushi spot in Chatsworth, just here in SoCal. It’s very sushi right there. Good quality with a great selection. But as a couple of mid 20 year olds, we go hard. Almost too hard. And these outings almost always led to a rough night without any lessons learned because who cares?

Holman (1h 54m 45s):

It’s good sushi. This one, however, was one for the books. He drove us there this time and is not so comfortable or smooth. Oh six ran 2,506 feet. Cummins GSS Island with a eight foot bed on some crappy lift, 30 fives or 30 sevens, can’t remember. And a tasteful amount of Banks goodies as the time came to an end in the sushi spot. After overstaying our 90 minute time limit, I got the Rumley tummies and went toward the single stall men’s room. That wasn locked, of course. Okay, he lives all five minutes from the restaurant, so I’ll just use his facilities. Obviously the quote unquote, oh shit, this is not good feeling started to hit as we were waiting for the check. He noticed my discomfort and physical appearance and the need to go and make some poops thinking it would be hilarious.

Holman (1h 55m 30s):

He turned that five minute drive into one that seemed like an eternity. He continued to bang, shift his Ram, laughing the entire time and accidentally not making yellow lights. It got to the point that he almost kicked him out of his own dang truck to leave him. We finally made it to his mom’s a two story house. The first fuller bathroom was conveniently out of order, leaving me to run up the two flights and dodging his 120 pound Akita in the process. Needless to say, he ended up getting to one of the two upstairs bathrooms. First this left me to blow up his mom’s toilet. That wasn, the kind of poop that you sit there with your elbows on your knees and your face in your hands, regretting your life choices while moaning and groaning with moments of shakes and squirms resembling those of Harry from Dumb and Dumber, living the laxative prank in Aspen.

Holman (1h 56m 12s):

20 minutes or so goodbye. And I come out feeling like I’ve been born again, but with my legs asleep. I gave him a friendly piece of my mind, but then was rewarded with a beer and a PlayStation controller so we could play stupid video games for the rest of the night. I revisited that bathroom two more times, but with a slightly less sense of urgency. Anyway, that’s my story. You’re both great for asking us to share this poopy nonsense. Five stars, as always. Justin Gore Five star review.

12 (1h 56m 37s):

Five star,

Holman (1h 56m 39s):

Congratulations. You have earned five stars. Alright, well this has been a long show. After the sushi lunch I had, I am ready to depart you. So wrap up Lightning, I’ve gotta take care of some business. Oh, code Brown

Lightning (1h 56m 56s):

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They issued a code Brown earlier today, and people living in Hendry County say it’s a good thing the hospital’s taking steps to keep them safe. Oh Lord Verde Gill lives in Hendry County. She’s not going anywhere. RD Williams says they issued the code Brown because of those potential impacts. It lets staff know to be ready. So

18 (1h 57m 35s):

If you have a problem, we’ll be able to take care

17 (1h 57m 37s):

Of you. A message Gill says she’s glad to hear you can’t

19 (1h 57m 40s):

Outrun one. If it’s gonna hit you, it’s gonna hit you.

17 (1h 57m 43s):

And they say, if you do have a medical emergency and have to come to this hospital, you should use the emergency entrance in Clewiston. Channing Frampton, wink News now.