Gale Banks returns to share his take on the state of the automotive aftermarket industry and where he thinks the industry is going from his perspective as one of the last original owners still standing. This episode of The Truck Show Podcast is presented by Nissan in association with Banks Power.



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0 (1s):

I just got three things to say. God bless our troops. God bless America

1 (8s):

And gentlemen start. You

Lightning (18s):

Remember that from 2007, I think it was Kevin James at a NASCAR race.

Holman (23s):

What are we starting our engines for? I

Lightning (24s):

Don’t know. It just felt like, wanted to get the, the blood pumping. And for this is gonna be an exciting episode of the Truck Show podcast.

Holman (31s):

It’s been an exciting week. I know that much. Yeah. Yeah. I just got back from shot show.

Lightning (36s):

Dude, you drive the 3 92 because it’s sitting outside banks here. No,

Holman (40s):

No. I took a, took a ride with people who got a free company gas.

Lightning (43s):

Oh, okay.

Holman (44s):

So yeah, I was a, a passenger and that was just fine. So Jason Nerman, myself and our friend Corey Simone, piled into a Denali Yukon. It was a Denali

Lightning (54s):

Ultimate. So not just the Denali, that’s for

Holman (56s):

Poor people. No, no. This is, this was not the Denali for the pores. This was the top of line with the Super Cruise, which was weird.

Lightning (1m 3s):

So is Super Cruise. I see people talking about that with towing, but not just for cruising Sands caboose. I’m saying like, you used super cruises just to not towing.

Holman (1m 16s):

I, what does it have to do with

Lightning (1m 17s):

Towing? I don’t know. I just saw an article the other day, like Super was talking about Super Cruise towing. Well,

Holman (1m 21s):

Yeah, great. You can supposed to be able to use it while towing, but no, we’re you didn’t tow anything to ShotShow?

Lightning (1m 26s):

I don’t know. Maybe

Holman (1m 27s):

Just driving down the, driving down the road. Anyway, my whole point, my whole point of this is that the, the Super Cruise is super weird and it’s like in the wind has these really jerky back and forth in your lane. And there’s times where we’re like, yeah, we’re not doing that anymore. It loses the lanes all the time. And I’m like, super Cruise

Lightning (1m 42s):

Is hands off. Hands off. Right Hands. Oh yeah.

Holman (1m 44s):

No. And we, we tried it and we went back to hands-on cuz it was like, eh, I’m not so sure this feels super ready for primetime.

Lightning (1m 52s):

No, it’s de it’s definitely not, not okay.

Holman (1m 56s):

It was, yeah. So anyway, I was in the passenger seat. Now you could feel like it, the sway back and forth as it’s trying to compensate in the lanes or where it was, it would lose and beep at you and I don’t know, it would just be like, I don’t know who blames are. You’re on your own. And then there’s just some weird idiosyncrasies with it. We should, we should have Jason on to talk about his experience cuz he’s gonna have that vehicle for a while and he’s doing all sorts of experimenting with it. But yes. That was weird, but

Lightning (2m 19s):

Well, who was behind the wheel? You or Jason? Jason. Okay. I, I don’t know if you guys trade the

Holman (2m 25s):

I rode along. I was a passenger.

Lightning (2m 27s):

I maybe I ballast. I, I know, but some you like to get behind the wheel. So I thought at some point, halfway through the trip you’re hopping in. I slept. Oh, it was awesome.

Holman (2m 34s):

I’m like, wake up at 5:00 AM to go to, to, to shot show and yeah, I’m, dude, I’m

Lightning (2m 40s):

So LA to Vegas hands free.

Holman (2m 42s):

I fell. No, not the whole way. I fell asleep just about the, the grade coming outta la in Cajon Pass. And I woke up past Gene. Oh. And I got some zza. I was really confused to where we were too, because they added like an extra lane. And I’m like, I see the desert and I see three lanes on the freeway. I’m like, all right, where are we? I’m like,

Lightning (3m 2s):

So Jean is Threequarters the way to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, right? Two-thirds?

Holman (3m 7s):

No, no. Way closer. Way closer to Vegas.

Lightning (3m 9s):

So seven eights,

Holman (3m 11s):

Five, six.

Lightning (3m 12s):


Holman (3m 13s):

I, I woke up and I was like, wow, Barstow Hunt. He goes, we’re in Nevada. I was like, sweet. So that was, that was very nice. It was very comfortable car sleeping.

Lightning (3m 21s):

Were you snoring?

Holman (3m 22s):

He says I was. I I believe him. Yeah. Abso

Lightning (3m 24s):

Absolutely. Yeah. Home and snores.

Holman (3m 26s):

So this year at Shock Show, there weren’t as many vehicle people because the last few years there’s been a lot of truck manufacturers and there’s been a lot of crossover and different companies in our space. Not as many this year, but the guys from Plan B, they wanted us to come by the SEMA booth, see their armored vehicles at, at SEMA in the West Hall. And we had passed by, but we weren’t able to circle back. Well, I saw them at Shot Show Hawking their armored wears and talked to the guy there. So hopefully we’ll get them on the show at some point. And then I also talk to the guys over at Lenko. They do the Bearcats for the police departments, so working on getting them as well. So some armored vehicle stuff came out of there and then mostly went to industry range day. And I basically just shot a lot of other people’s guns in 25 mile an hour winds with hail on the way.

Holman (4m 10s):


Lightning (4m 11s):

So how, this is pretty cold. How is that set up? They just have a a a four by eight table pull of guns. You just pick

Holman (4m 16s):

One and shoot it. Exactly. Yeah. There’s like a little line and you go to each stall and each man seriously, you can just really, yes. Huh. I have a, I have a little piece of audio that you can hear a freedom in the background. I’d like to play that.

Lightning (4m 27s):


Holman (4m 34s):

Just listen.

Lightning (4m 38s):

That’s freedom.

Holman (4m 40s):

This is the sound of freedom my friends. That’s right. Cruise around. Industry range day, got the 2023 shot show. Wind is howling. It’s cold. But that’s not gonna deter all of us to enjoy the shooting industry. So I’m gonna cruise around today, shoot some cool stuff. You Sound frozen. Get some interviews from the show tomorrow. Wish you were here. Lightning

Lightning (5m 6s):

Not. No, you don’t. No, I wouldn’t wish me there either.

Holman (5m 10s):

It was awesome.

Lightning (5m 11s):

Yeah, I’m sure it was

Holman (5m 12s):

Fully automatic. Guns, shotguns, bull pups, pistols car. I don’t even know what

Lightning (5m 19s):

A bull pup

Holman (5m 19s):

Is. The long, you know, it’s where the, the action is behind the trigger instead of in front of it. Oh. All sorts of just awesomeness, everything. Staccato and Gucci, Glocks and all the big guys like Springfield and Glock and Yeah, it was basically a couple days of, of heaven. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, came back last night, had to rush home, couldn’t stay an extra day shot because our friend Rich Holdaway, you know him as Rich from Hollister, came down to help finish out the, the pot yet. And so he was coming last night. But unfortunately, as with just about every truck in the world had some problems on the grapevine.

Lightning (5m 59s):

Not every truck has trouble on the grapevine itself. They have just trouble.

Holman (6m 3s):


Lightning (6m 4s):


Holman (6m 5s):

He calls me and he is like, Hey, we were making good time, but this is where we’re at right now. And it was like, oh, oh, Castaic. And it was like, let’s figure some stuff out. So anyway, he came to banks yesterday. Yes, he did limped it into banks with a 10, 11,000 pound, 25 foot trailer. And I gave him a, I gave him a, you know, a plan B option. I said, listen, I’ve got this Titan Xd and you, you couldn’t write this any better. Right. We, we talked about it in the last episode where I said, Hey, I’ve got a Titan. And you thought it was gonna be a half Tenn and I thought it was gonna be half. No, they gave me an XD and I’m like, oh, this is a lot of truck for just moving the studio around. But we

Lightning (6m 40s):

Appreciate came in handy, didn’t it?

Holman (6m 42s):

It sure did, because I drove that up from HB and I picked up Rich’s trailer. I towed it the 40, 45 miles back to my place. And last night we were doing 65, we were passing that five six endurance. Awesome. The thing towed like a champ, no trailer wagon or anything. And, and Rich was behind me with his unloaded super duty going, dude, that thing looks stable the whole time. So it’s funny how sometimes these things just work out. So, so shout out to Nissan for giving us the truck because we’re thinking, oh, it’s an xd. We’ll put some light desk and some chairs in the back and we’ll move our studio. No, we towed the freaking construction trailer.

Lightning (7m 16s):

No, you used that thing.

Holman (7m 18s):

Yeah, it was great.

Gale (7m 20s):

I I had an idea that he was going nowhere. Banks has arrived, by the way.

Holman (7m 26s):

Yeah, that’s right. Gail Banks, the chat.

Lightning (7m 28s):

Wait a minute. So wait, if we’re in the, the banks conference room, the, the big guy gets to just waltz in and interrupt the podcast whenever he feels like it. Well actually

Gale (7m 35s):

Adjoining, this is a more gracious word. Yeah, I’m interrupting.

Lightning (7m 40s):


Holman (7m 40s):

Right. So here’s what we do. Let, let’s do, let’s do the thank you to Nissan and then we should have Gail promote the bank power product. Oh really? The product of the,

Lightning (7m 47s):

What’s the product of the day? I don’t

Holman (7m 48s):

Know. It’s up to No, it’s up to Gail.

Lightning (7m 50s):

Whatever you want. He gets to choose all.

Holman (7m 51s):

So first of all, we have to thank Nissan are presenting sponsor. And again, thank you for the Titan XD because we actually used it. Well,

Lightning (7m 58s):

So Rich and his crew couldn’t get over how, how luxurious it was. Yeah. They walked around like four times going, this is as nice as you guys say it was. They’re banging on it. They’re like, well, it’s

Holman (8m 8s):

Easy to think that we’re shills or something.

Lightning (8m 9s):

Opening and closing the door a bunch of times going, it’s as quiet as light as

Holman (8m 13s):

It is. When I drove it and I was towing the trailer, the one thing that was in my mind was, what a shame. They don’t sell more of these because this is such an underrated truck. This thing tows awesome. And I, I’ve towed with the xd, but I haven’t spent a lot of time towing with the gas. I used to tow with the diesel when they had the Cummins available, and I’ve only towed with the gas once. And it was a big boat out on a media drive, and obviously it wasn’t like your own backyard. So I didn’t really get a chance to feel like it would be like on our streets, on our roads. Towing the construction trailer too. It was awesome. And I was like, man, this thing is so nice. It has the telescoping mirrors on it and it, you know, the transmission was great. The integrated trailer brake controller.

Lightning (8m 50s):

Hold on. It took you how many tries to back up and get the ball hitch? Well, I’ll spoil it once. Once, once, yeah. Perfect. Right in alignment.

Holman (8m 59s):

Yep. Watched watched it in the camera, dropped it on it and yeah. So anyway, we, we got that. They’re at the, they’re at the house right now building out the pod shed. So they’re doing drywall today.

Lightning (9m 7s):

Can we not call it the pod shed

Holman (9m 8s):

Please? That’s the pod shed. And we got them here. His truck is overall a shout out to Bud’s Diesel out in, in Midway City, not too far from me.

Lightning (9m 17s):

That’s Huntington Beach. There is no Midway City, by the way.

Holman (9m 19s):

Okay. Well it’s technically Midway City. Yeah, whatever. But, but Buds is there. So they we’re two weeks out. And Rich is like, do you know any diesel shops? He go, yeah, these guys you used to work with when I was at Diesel Power, they’re like two miles from my house. So he calls ’em up, tells them what’s going on. They’re like, we’re two weeks out. But since you’re out of town, we’ll get you in an 8:00 AM

Lightning (9m 37s):

Tomorrow. We should interview Nick at Bud

Holman (9m 38s):

Beasel. We should. Yeah. So Nick got him in this morning. Okay. So that, that’s, so we should interview him and thank him for sure. You know, taking care of our, our man Rich and the super. So he looks like a oil cooler failed. And so not nothing too, I mean catastrophic, but not like the head

Lightning (9m 51s):

Gap. He didn’t get catastrophic. Yeah. But the moral of the story is, thank you to Nissan for saving the day. Yep,

Holman (9m 56s):

Absolutely. So if you are interested in a Titan, a Titan XD five year, a hundred thousand mile warranty, or the Nissan Frontier, head on over to your local Nissan dealership or go to nissan where you can build and price and see just exactly how nice you can make your Nissan.

Lightning (10m 11s):

All right. So we’ve got Gail Banks in this studio and we were gonna bring him in for like the big intro, but he just waled in and I think we give you Oh, well the I’ll

Gale (10m 19s):

Go out and you

Lightning (10m 20s):

Come in. No, no, no, no, no, no. Stay. Say stay say

Gale (10m 22s):

I I do. I can come in again.

Lightning (10m 25s):

This is normally where we do the, the banks promo, but it would be fun to have What, what’s your favorite product right now that banks offers? Would it be the ID dash, the pedal monster? The div covers speed brakes. What, what’s the one thing that you are fancying today?

Gale (10m 43s):

I think our breakout product currently is the one I fancy that being the pedal monster.

Lightning (10m 50s):


Gale (10m 50s):

That thing fits anything made in the world. You know, it’s that universal. Our I dash super gauge and data monster instruments also fit everything in the world, but they aren’t quite as emotional as a,

Holman (11m 7s):

You could dial up the screws on the pedal monster.

Gale (11m 9s):

Yeah. And I don’t know anybody who’s experienced a pedal monster and taking it off their view. It should

Holman (11m 17s):

Be called afterwards. It should be called the Smile Monster.

Gale (11m 20s):

Yeah, that’s,

Lightning (11m 21s):

I mean, I have seen,

Gale (11m 22s):

Or you’re gonna have a monster

Holman (11m 23s):

Or the Giggle monster.

Lightning (11m 24s):

I’ve watched Grown men giggle like school children putting it on their car or their truck and of all sorts from Subarus to full-size diesel pickup trucks. And they all have the same reaction. They’re like, what the <unk> Yeah. I had deplete myself. Yeah, you did. You did. But they all have the same reaction. They can’t believe what it

Holman (11m 45s):

Does. Well, and I’ll, I’ll tell you this, I spent a lot of time in Facebook groups and forums and especially in the Jeep community. And before it was, was the other brand that every everybody would mention. And now people are like, oh no, you gotta get the bank’s pet monster. And people are like, oh, well I had this problem with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Active safety. Oh, I used this one. I didn’t really Oh yeah. There’s 30 levels of adjustability. And so the message is getting out about the benefits of the bank’s version. So now all these people are starting to evangelize and say, no, no, no, you gotta go with banks. And it’s kind of cool to see Yes,

Lightning (12m 16s):

Brother, bring

Gale (12m 17s):

It. And, and one thing we do, there’s the feature set. I come from racing. We’ll talk about racing more when we talk about our industry and where it’s going. And I think there’s a number of questions you had for me on that.

Lightning (12m 32s):

I do. Yes we do. Oh, I’m gonna, no, and I’m not gonna put ’em in front of you.

Gale (12m 36s):

You’re gonna surprise me.

Holman (12m 37s):

Yeah. You have to shoot from

Gale (12m 39s):

The hips.

Holman (12m 39s):

Okay. Just like we do. Okay. All right. So,

Gale (12m 42s):

But the feature said on that product starts with making it safe. And if it fails, you still have the stock pedal. It can fail completely. And you are not stranded. The other part is in reverse. If you, if you like quick pedal, you don’t like it in reverse, I’m just telling you, you might run over your dog

Holman (13m 5s):

Or end up on aide captain.

Gale (13m 7s):

You don’t want, you don’t want a super responsive pedal in reverse.

Lightning (13m 12s):

Yeah. That’s how the boat end, the truck end up in the lake. Yep.

Gale (13m 15s):

Or the, the, the tongue of the trailer is through the tailgate and in the bed.

Holman (13m 20s):

Seen that before. Yeah.

Lightning (13m 22s):

Was it qualified captain? Is that the

Gale (13m 24s):

Instrument? And that’s without, that’s without an active pedal enhancement. So the other thing is, it’s super reliable cause it runs on 12 volts off the O B D connector. It knows whether or not you’re in reverse because it’s on the O B D connector. It knows a lot of other stuff that I don’t want to talk about that makes it, it isn’t a straight line now, doesn’t make the throttle response a straight line. It makes a throttle response fast at first and then it goes to a hundred percent more progressively or less intensely.

Gale (14m 5s):

The other guys, they, they just take zero to a hundred percent. It’s now zero to 80% and the last 20% of the pedal is just dead. It’s absolutely dead. It’s like driving a plate race, you know, NASCAR restrictor plate race

Holman (14m 21s):

And you’re just up against the,

Gale (14m 22s):

It’s all about momentum. Yeah. Because there’s no pedal at the top end. You, you get to the choke flow through the restrictor plate, you know, of course the butterflies are of the carburetor now the air valve or air regulator, since it’s not a carburetor anymore, you know, but it still looks like a carburetor. You get to about 50, 55% open and the rest of the pedal is dead. So any guy who’s driving a plate race, you can’t punch it and go around somebody.

Lightning (14m 55s):

Yeah. That’s it. That’s

Gale (14m 56s):

All you got. You see freight trains all over the place. You know where everybody’s nose

Lightning (14m 59s):

To tail.

Gale (15m 0s):

So you know, you got the fast guy freight train and then you got about eight car lengths and they got medium guy freight train and then bunch of stragglers out back as usual fill in the field. The point being, I hate that feeling as an automotive performance guy. I want pedal all the way to the floor. So we did performance curved throttle response, performance shaped throttle response, and the midranges wild. Or

Lightning (15m 31s):

You can make, that’s where the fun is for

Gale (15m 32s):

Sure. Oh yeah. And if it’s too much off the line, this is kind of up to about 10% throttle. I came up with the idea, let’s let the user customize off idle. In other words, if you got a super quick, you know, in traffic, traffic lights, et cetera, you don’t wanna be barking. The tires coming off idle.

Lightning (15m 56s):

Yeah. You’re talking about speed based trim.

Gale (15m 57s):

Exactly. Yeah.

Lightning (15m 59s):

So you can limit the amount of added sensitivity below 10 miles per hour.

Gale (16m 3s):

And there’s different levels of that. Absolutely. It makes a thing ultimately tunable. Anything else that’s out there is not, it just isn’t. We put a feature set in there, we’ve held our price as, as well for years now. The feature set is so great. We’re easily worth twice what the competition is worth. I mean, our engineering effort continues of course. We’re constantly refining all our electronics. It’s endless. And we’re adding double E something

Lightning (16m 38s):

Fierce Electrical engineers. Yes. For those. I’m not in school.

Gale (16m 41s):

We’re also getting into hybrid powertrain development business for the Army. Okay,

Lightning (16m 46s):

Well that’s, hold on, we’ll load that. That’s towards

Gale (16m 49s):

The end of the show. I mean, that’s electrical too. Yes.

Lightning (16m 51s):

There’s a lot of electrical engineers at banks. Oh, okay. So anyway, for your pedal monster, go to banks All you have to do is type in your year, make and model and it’ll lay out the, the ones that fit your vehicle.

Gale (16m 60s):

There is no product like this. There really isn’t. Everything else is Hobby Shop at best.

Lightning (17m 8s):

So says the man,

7 (17m 10s):

The truck shop. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what the truck cause truck runs with <unk> the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower and everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show the truck Show one.

8 (17m 42s):

It’s the truck show with your host Lightning and Holman

7 (17m 47s):

Heels over there. Try to sing.

9 (17m 48s):


Gale (17m 49s):

I am singing.

9 (17m 50s):

I’m not trying. You listen to it, you

Holman (17m 52s):

Know. All right. I got a picture for you. Okay.

Gale (17m 55s):

I was singing Desperado on the way. Yeah.

Holman (17m 58s):

All I got this picture for you. This arrived at my doorstep yesterday from our listener, Jason Broom. And Jason had sent me a link to a product and he said, you need this for the podcast studio. And I said, well, you have to be on Santa’s list because I’m broke at the moment. Okay. And he said, well, Santa is going to come early. And I thought he was kidding until this showed up.

Lightning (18m 23s):

Oh, that is a Dr. Pepper mini fridge, isn’t it? It

Holman (18m 26s):

Sure is.

Gale (18m 26s):

Oh my God. Wow. We

Holman (18m 30s):

Will have water and cold Dr. Pepper at our disposal in the new studio. No thanks to Jason Broom.

Gale (18m 36s):


Lightning (18m 37s):

Thank you Jason. Appreciate that. I also have something that I told Rich about that he has to wire in. So

Holman (18m 43s):

I’m not sure that I’m okay with that. Because why? Well, because where you told him to wire it doesn’t really work. And I don’t know what it is.

Lightning (18m 51s):

I it’s so it’s, you will like it and it should be on the ceiling, I think. Well,

Holman (18m 55s):

That’s what you said. Yeah. But the way the ceiling is pitched and the way it’s going together, I

Lightning (18m 59s):

Don’t know if that is, that’s what I want. Yeah. I want it hanging from the ceiling. And it’s just a, it’s a, it’s a, I’ll say it’s a, it’s like a phone neon sign. Do you want me to spoil what it is now?

Holman (19m 7s):

No, but you should talk to Rich to make sure I did that. No, no, no. You need now that Rich is, is working on it right now and sees the how it’s the layout is and stuff.

Lightning (19m 16s):


Holman (19m 17s):

Should have a conversation to make sure that he, well,

Lightning (19m 19s):

Where would you want a, like a foot tallon neon sign? I think it’d be cool in the ceiling.

Holman (19m 25s):

So is that what it is? It’s a foot tall neon sign. Yeah. Oh, great.

Lightning (19m 28s):

But I’m not telling you what it says or

Holman (19m 30s):

I, I think there’s, I think there’s several spots along the wall that would be perfect.

Lightning (19m 35s):


Holman (19m 35s):

Because you gotta remember, we’ve got, we can’t have it hanging out too far cuz it’ll get into the cold air coming out of our minis split or the tv.

Lightning (19m 43s):

I don’t think that’ll matter. It’s l e d Hmm. It’s not real neon. Hmm.

Holman (19m 47s):

There’s a plan. There’s a plan. And we got to make sure that it’s, it fits with the plan.

Lightning (19m 52s):

So I think, well first, should we play an intro for Gail? If you wanna just came outta the intro.

Holman (19m 57s):

Okay. Which, which?

Lightning (19m 58s):

Well, it’s gotta be entrepreneur, right? No, because that’s, I feel like that’s the theme of, of this.

Holman (20m 1s):

No, we’ve done a lot of entrepreneur. I think it should be a old-timey shop talk so he could tell us what he’s working on really well. Yeah.

Lightning (20m 7s):

No, but Hey

Holman (20m 8s):

Gail, do you like barbershop quartet?

Gale (20m 10s):

I love it.

Holman (20m 11s):

There you go.

Gale (20m 11s):

Okay. Yeah. Love it.

9 (20m 13s):

What’s in the shop? What’s in the shop? We’re handsome guys.

Lightning (20m 36s):

Shop talk. You sure about

Gale (20m 37s):

This homie? That sounded like rag time.

Holman (20m 39s):

Oh, rag time Rag. Yeah.

Gale (20m 40s):

I don’t, with that didn’t sound like a

Holman (20m 42s):

Barbecue. Sorry. Were you, are you okay with the rag time? Yeah.

Gale (20m 44s):

Oh, okay. Oh yeah, I’m there.

Holman (20m 45s):

I mean, we can play, we can play death metal for him. Does he? He does. He wanna hear death metal. I

Gale (20m 49s):

Remember rag time as a boy.

Holman (20m 53s):

I do too. Coming from my grandpa’s.

Gale (20m 55s):

Yeah. Yeah.

Lightning (20m 56s):

Victrola. Well,

Gale (20m 57s):

Grandpa is here.

Lightning (20m 59s):

I feel like he’s talking about five star,

Gale (21m 3s):

Five star hotline.

Holman (21m 6s):


Lightning (21m 6s):

Not what No, that would be talking about like, like a barbershop quartet type of deal. Yeah. They’re, they harmonize. Yeah.

Holman (21m 12s):

Yeah. They didn’t do a very good job of it, but they

Lightning (21m 14s):

Need No, there was no harmony there. Absolutely

Holman (21m 17s):

Not. We need to auto-tune desperately. Yeah.

Gale (21m 19s):

And, and they’re old school barbers, you know,

Holman (21m 22s):


Gale (21m 23s):

Shave your neck with a ray, right?

Holman (21m 24s):

Yes, I have, I have a barber that I go to and he does the same thing. Yeah. He’s old school barbershop. You sit in a nickel plated chair with horsehair stuffed cushions and he pulls out the straight razor at the end of the day and the end of the haircut and he trims around my beard and gets all the ones that are on my back that are coming through my collar.

Lightning (21m 41s):

Yeah. I’m glad they’re cutting those. Yeah,

Holman (21m 43s):

You go right on it. It’s gross. The shout out for Dan over at Eagle and Pig, Barbara and Costa Mesa,

Lightning (21m 49s):

Eagle and Pig.

Holman (21m 49s):

Yeah. It’s awesome. So I’ll tell you a funny story. I go in there and he’s like, Hey, we’re doing shots. And I’m like, that’s why I love you guys. So they give me a shot. And so I took it and everybody else in the shop looks at me, they go, no, we do it together. So I figured out that’s how you get a second shot is

Lightning (22m 6s):

So I walked into one in Long Beach by me and the guys are all staring at the screen and I, and I, it’s behind me. So walk through and I turn around and it’s adult films. They’re just watching adult films, drinking beers. Like that’s the barbershop

Holman (22m 20s):

Now you gotta be careful though. Yeah. They, they can be, you know, as long as they’re slow rolling the beers because you don’t wanna uneven haircut. No. You don’t want the experience to overshadow the good haircut you came to again, is what I’m saying. All right. Well we have the one and only Mr. Gail Banks in our studio, which is actually his studio because we’re once again at banks to, to borrow the conference room. So we’ve gotta probably another week and then we’ll be back in our own studio. So thank you Gail, for allowing us the opportunity to, to use some space here. We’ve had you on the show several times. Everybody loves hearing Gail. And we’ve talked about your history and sort of how you became an entrepreneur and, and all that. What I’m really curious about in this conversation is something you and I have talked about lately, and that’s really the industry and small business today, how banks has lasted six decades.

Holman (23m 11s):

Is that where we’re at now? 60 years?

Lightning (23m 13s):

Yes. Over,

Holman (23m 14s):

Over 60 years. Over

Gale (23m 14s):

60 years. It’s 64

Holman (23m 16s):

Years. What it’s like with all these venture capitals buying up the little guys now, all these like, you know, legendary brands. I want to talk about where you see the industry going, what you’re, where you think the pitfalls are, all the things that, that are kind of gale banks while we have you here, sort of perspective on the landscape of small business and automotive. I think that is a really cool conversation to have.

Lightning (23m 38s):

Can I start with an actual email because I think it might jump us into this. Sure, sure. Cuz I put out the, the word I said, Hey, we’ve got Gail, send us your questions. And one of the first questions that came in was this, Hey Gail, big fan. Have you ever been approached by one of the big capital firms to buy banks? Seems with the company as solid as yours, it would be a valuable asset to their portfolio. Sentinel Capital Partners comes to mind. They own Holly and a bunch of other brands. Don’t stop inventing Jake Manuel from Dayton, Ohio. And so there’s a list of Holly brands in front of Gail right now, which is, it’s bizarre. Oh, I feel like that might, it’s something that, here’s

Holman (24m 21s):

What I think is happening. Hmm. Gail’s gonna buy Holly. He’s doing his due diligence right now. Oh, you think so? Yeah. I think he’s just gonna take all of

Gale (24m 27s):

Them. Yeah, there’s some brands there. I, I wouldn’t want buy and there’s some brands there I would want want to buy. There’s been weeks when I would get two or three offers and it’s gone on all through Covid. But it was there before Covid. It was there when I was in the marine engine business in the seventies. Literally because we had a, a technology we were developing back then, and it started in the sixties, actually, early sixties.

Lightning (25m 2s):

Names that we would know that approached you like big marine companies or capital firms,

Gale (25m 8s):

Big marine companies, then capital firms. Since, since there’s been capital firms, you’ve got automotive enthusiasts in capital firms. Hey, let’s buy banks. Many times it’s, hey, we want to buy banks similar to the Sentinel buying Holly or whoever bought first bought Holly, maybe it’s continuously been Sentinel from the very, very first Holly’s been bought and sold in my career. I dealt with Holly and we developed marine carburetors and performance carburetors way the hell back. And in fact the performance engineering guy for Holly back in the day, way back in the day, left Holly to come here and worked at banks for a number of years.

Gale (25m 57s):

Hmm. Then he went and took over his father’s Mayflower Van Line franchise when his father retired or passed on, I can’t remember which Sharp guy. Anyhow, people want to acquire things they are enthusiastic about and can make money doing. Some of the former Holly acquisitions have been guys coming in acquiring Holly. And then as Sentinel is done using that as a central core enterprise naming their entire outfit.

Gale (26m 37s):

Holly, even though it, Holly ultimately comprises, I don’t know, 30 or 40 brands. I’ve never been a a a guy who wants to be acquired. I’m having too damn much fun doing this. And I don’t say that casually.

Holman (26m 54s):

We’ve we’ve had this conversation, you and I Yeah. About how I don’t think I’ll ever retire because I like working too much. And you are committed to running this thing all the way to the end because you love

Gale (27m 7s):

Working. I mean, as a guy who’s 80 years old, like I pump iron,

Holman (27m 11s):

You don’t look a day over 64 times.

Gale (27m 14s):

That’s a huge conflict. Welcome. Being healthy, not carrying a lot of weight, pumping an iron, doing aerobic stuff. Rowing is my current thing

Holman (27m 25s):

By the way. This is him talking to us without talking

Lightning (27m 28s):

To us. I

Holman (27m 28s):

Know, I know, I know. Just so you’re just so we’re on the same page there. Like it

Lightning (27m 35s):

Happens, it happens often. I know,

Holman (27m 36s):

I know. He goes, you, you pudgy schlubby.

Gale (27m 40s):

No, I’m not saying that

Lightning (27m 41s):

We are. But

Gale (27m 43s):

That picture of you and one of your mentors on the police department in Huntington Beach. Yep. Here, here’s your, here’s your Yep. On, on Sean’s. Oh yeah.

Lightning (27m 57s):

Facebook. He’s thin and and

Holman (27m 59s):


Gale (27m 60s):

A whole different guy.

Lightning (28m 0s):


Holman (28m 1s):

He is. I was pre, that was pre-motor trend. Yeah.

Gale (28m 3s):

I actually weigh less than I did when I was in my twenties.

Holman (28m 9s):

By the way. Can

Gale (28m 10s):

I just, because I’ve been wrestling and I was wrestling at, what was it, 2 52?

Holman (28m 15s):

Yeah, I’d like to, I’d like to interrupt really quick, just cuz somebody wrote on our Facebook a question for you.

Gale (28m 20s):


Holman (28m 21s):

Yeah. It’s just too good. Are we

Gale (28m 22s):

Live? Is this thing on?

Lightning (28m 23s):

Yes, it’s all. Oh, I didn’t know. This is on We’re live. Yes. I’m sorry

Holman (28m 27s):

We’re recording live. But, but somebody wrote, so, you know, we posted, you know, Gail’s, we’re doing a podcast, you have questions and this one just popped up as you were talking about wrestling. Why do you still have lightning as an employee?

Lightning (28m 40s):


Holman (28m 41s):

On our Facebook

Lightning (28m 44s):

That hurts. Oh,

Gale (28m 45s):

That hurts. That sad trombone. Oh yeah. Oh, what a shame. Oh, now we need to play sad music in the background. I

Lightning (28m 56s):

Don’t think I have

Gale (28m 56s):

You, you don’t have a button for that.

Lightning (28m 58s):

I can put that in later,

Gale (29m 1s):

But you should. Alright. I mean Well you starts telling these sad stories. You indeed. Background music,

Lightning (29m 8s):

Music something just,

Holman (29m 10s):

All right, back to back to Gail being more Now

Gale (29m 12s):


Holman (29m 13s):

Still here. Oh yeah. If you wanna go down that route.

Gale (29m 14s):

I don’t wanna

Lightning (29m 15s):

No, don’t please. Because he’s he’s, he’s taking pity on me. I

Gale (29m 20s):

Don’t Oh no. Oh no. I’m not taking pity on you. Jay Tillis brings spunk. No, no, no. I, i, I kind of side there, but, but it wasn’t a a, it wasn’t a comment. It was, we, there’s probably a hundred reasons Jay is still here

Holman (29m 38s):

And only 98 reasons why you wouldn’t be here. So you’re barely just treading about water.

Lightning (29m 42s):

Number one is, I have, I’ve a photo with Gail and a chicken. That’s why

Gale (29m 48s):

Jay and I were friends before he came here. And I, you know, it’s cool to work with your friends. Sometimes I push real hard cuz I’m a bracer. I want to go, I want to win. Which moneymen and holding companies do not bring to speed equipment or automotive performance.

Holman (30m 9s):


Lightning (30m 9s):

Think that’s clear. Nope. They don’t.

Gale (30m 11s):

They do not bring the quest to win to kick somebody else’s ass. I started a racer. I started, my company was Gale Banks Racing Engines. That was it. You know, I, and I built engines for boats and I built engines for cars. Yeah.

Lightning (30m 34s):

You, you had to win the race to bring your brand to the next level. I mean, it was all tied together. Your, your passion, the outcome of the business,

Holman (30m 44s):

The, well, even more engines, even more important. His name was on every product.

Lightning (30m 48s):

That’s, I understand. That’s the brand I’m talking about. Right?

Holman (30m 51s):

It’s not like, you know, fast racing marine engines. Well, why? No, it was Gail Banks.

Lightning (30m 57s):

Why did General Motors just get announced that they’re getting into f1? Right. It’s just, it’s for branding and if they fail, that’s gonna look bad. Gail had to win races and did

Gale (31m 7s):

That was it. So it started out local, but when we got into Marine, it quickly became worldwide. You know, we got into the Murder Inc. Marine because guys building marine engines and guys buying marine engines more specifically could afford a better engine than a hot Rod guy or a Sprint car or whatever. And Turbocharging added to that, you know, I got into Turbocharging probably 64, 63, 64, met the guy who ran t w Turbo Charger division and they were turbocharging the COR errors working up to that, et cetera.

Gale (31m 55s):

So I ran those t w design turbocharges on my marine engines tr r w in the Infinite Wisdom sold off their turbo division. Who one of their customers.

Lightning (32m 8s):

Yeah. But turbos were never destined to be popular. So

Gale (32m 11s):

I mean Well, you know, at the time nobody under

Holman (32m 14s):

Turbo never heard of

Gale (32m 14s):

Her, right? No. Nobody understood ’em

Lightning (32m 16s):

Except for a little guy at a race shop making marine engines.

Gale (32m 21s):

Well, I started to understand him. I had to, you know, because I wanted to do this thing. I was doing belt driven GMC six 70 ones, four 70 ones at the time.

Lightning (32m 33s):


Gale (32m 34s):

For those superchargers belt driven, not turban driven turbochargers.

Holman (32m 38s):

Those are the ones that are, if you, you aren’t familiar if you’ve seen Old Hot Rod and they’re sticking up out of the hood and they’ve got that big pulley and that’s, that’s what you talk

Gale (32m 46s):

About. That kinda the traditional thing you see on a top fuel. Drager being a racer, you know, you’re only as good as the next article that you score with Hot Rod or Powerboat Magazine or motor boating yachting, those types of magazines. The beauty was our high performance carbon magazines didn’t have the foreign penetration back then that the boating magazines had. Hmm. And offshore racing was a worldwide and is a worldwide sport. So we built offshore racing engines, had multiple benefits.

Gale (33m 28s):

The first one was we learned about engine durability because those races were a couple hundred miles in the seventies. We got into races, which are worldwide river racing, endurance river racing. The longest one was 11 days. So, wow. You’ve gotta make big horsepower and make it live. There’s lots of children today building engines, making phenomenal horsepower numbers for five to seven seconds. My life, you know, my life is hundreds of miles, hundreds of hours, you know, that type of thing.

Lightning (34m 8s):

He’s the opposite of the vin diesel salon. I live my life

Gale (34m 11s):

At a quarter mile at a time. Yeah. Well, a lot, a lot, a lot of these guys now it’s an eighth mile. At the time, turbocharging was the key to durability.

Lightning (34m 21s):

So the endurance racing, building endurance engines informed you informed your products. There were other guys doing what you did, but your products outlived them. They ended up being safer. Like you were talking about the pedal monster before the show started. These are products that have to, they have to be every bit as good as the host vehicle in many, in many cases better. They have to perform under excruciating circumstances. And I think that builds the company through the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, you kept innovating.

Lightning (35m 2s):

You’ve got an entire wall full of patents.

Holman (35m 4s):

Also though, the, the earned media that came with it too, like there were, I don’t wanna say it wasn’t stunts, but there were, there were major touchpoints of a big deal. Whether it was Pike’s Peak or whether it was Mrs. Hor Cutts driveway or whether it was there In each of those decades, there was, there was a kind of a defining moment in media where banks was the big name with something going on that, that brought you to more the the next generation of customers.

Lightning (35m 29s):

So I wanted to ask you,

Gale (35m 30s):

Well, go ahead. Well, we were innovating the same. Engines were used in a variety of boats, in a variety of racing configurations. Nobody was doing it naturally. We got ink and then in the eighties we did things then. World’s first, at least United States first car tested street machine. One of my bank’s, twin Turbo GT Firebirds first streetcar test at over 200 miles an hour, 204 miles an hour on the street in the early eighties. They didn’t know we had gone, we’d sold a car to a customer in Joe Burg, South Africa, who’d done 2 43 and they’re speed trials.

Gale (36m 18s):

But he drove the car to the speed trials and drove it home again. Peter Manilas,

Lightning (36m 25s):

243 miles an hour in the early eighties.

Holman (36m 28s):

What’s the fastest you’ve ever been? Not counting like an airplane on a runway in a four-wheel vehicle? Oh

Lightning (36m 33s):

Four-wheel. Yeah. I’ve been faster on a two-wheel vehicle. The fastest I’ve been is on a GS six R seven 50. I think it was 154. That’s pretty fast. Yeah.

Gale (36m 42s):

So what happens when you go 154 miles an hour or

Lightning (36m 48s):

Scared the absolute crap outta me?

Gale (36m 50s):

Well, you’re on a bike. Yeah. If you did it in a car, I call that’s a lower end of warp speed. The faster you go, especially in a boat, you like to read the water in front of the boat so you don’t run over a log or a pallet or whatever. But the problem is, if you’ve got a boat, it’s well over a hundred miles an hour. Like a cat boat. Those things, or a surface effect boat, what we call tunnel boats.

Holman (37m 19s):

Those things are amazing, right up to the point where they decided to become a lift body.

Gale (37m 24s):

They begin. Yeah, we, we ran tunnel boats starting with a Jones, which was a big Jones built on unlimited hydroplane. They decided to drive the spons all the way to the back of the boat. Now you got a tunnel boat and it had zero compression ratio in the tunnel to unw the boat. You had to bring the bow up. It’s actually a two, like a pickle fork. Bring that up. And to Sean’s point, the transition zone from boat to airplane would be, bam. Real quick, we ran the Jones up at cast testing it back in the day.

Gale (38m 6s):

Lou brunette owned the Jones. He went out, tested it. Then I wanted to test refine the engine. So I went out and he told me, go up Lake, turn around. As you come back, when you come past that point of land on the right, you’ll pick up headwind. And we had a air speed indicator and a water speed indicator on the, on the instrument panel. He says, you’ll see the air speed start going up, tuck in the drive as a stern drive, tuck in the drive, glue that thing in, or you’ll fly it. So that’s what I did.

Gale (38m 48s):

I came around that

Holman (38m 49s):

I’d be tucking something else.

Gale (38m 51s):

I am, I am buzzing that engine. We’re 7,200 rpm. This thing is fast. I see the point of land. I’m watching watching. I want ’em to continue the warp speedy experience. And I couldn’t read the water in front of me at all. It all goes to a blur warp speed with, with trees by the side of the road. They go to a blur. Wow. The foam poles look like picket fences and they’re blurry. That’s warp speed. You gotta get well over 200 to experience wicked ass warp speed. So Jack Rex gets in the boat, he’s going to beat the co driver.

Gale (39m 31s):

He goes up, lake comes back, we’re standing, Lou and I are standing on the pier just past that point of land. And Lou’s looking at the boat. He looks at me and he says right at about there is when he’s going to, oh, then there he blew it over.

Lightning (39m 50s):

No. Oh

Gale (39m 51s):

Yeah. And it went almost 360 degrees back. Flip the fork. The pickle forks. Yeah. Went in and it mouse trapped. It just landed on its back in the

Holman (40m 6s):

Water. And as we know, when you hit water, the surface tension is a lot like, it’s like a solid object.

Gale (40m 13s):

Yeah. We had a chute jacket on Jack. So he went out when the boat was upside down, going backwards. He went out through the plexiglass windscreen, did his ribs in. I mean, when we got to him, luckily he was floating face up. He was facing up, he was unconscious and he wasn’t breathing very well. And we fished him out.

Lightning (40m 38s):

They didn’t have Hans devices or anything in those days either, right? No.

Gale (40m 41s):

Oof. No. He, it was rough for him, but he survived. And best I, I know he’s still with us

Holman (40m 52s):

And he is a hell of a story for the bar and his grandkids.

Lightning (40m 55s):

I can’t imagine how scary that would be. And, and it happens. Like I, I’ve never been in a crash like that, fortunately, knock on wood. But I recall snowboarding in Mammoth and I’m snowboarding and I’m having a good time and I hit a patch of ice and I went down so fast that I have no recollection of going down. I just know that my arms must have gone out in front of me to try to stop me because when I got up, my, my shoulders were not connected to like the, the, I had dislocated both sh both shoulders, right? Oh yeah. They were. And, and so I couldn’t move my arms. Yeah. I hit so hard. But it happened so quickly and I, I was able to kind of barely sit up and I go, why can’t I reach out?

Lightning (41m 38s):

And neither, I don’t know what the bones are called here, but they just weren’t connected to the sockets anymore by about an inch. Yeah. And so they finally came up, got me a stretcher, and halfway down the hill, I’m bouncing in the stretcher

Holman (41m 52s):

And they popped in

Lightning (41m 53s):

And they both popped in Yeah.

Gale (41m 55s):


Lightning (41m 55s):

The bottom and I could feel them pop in. Yeah.

Gale (41m 58s):

That it for,

Lightning (41m 59s):

For almost fast

Gale (42m 0s):

Years. Probably the least painful way of putting ’em back.

Lightning (42m 3s):

Yeah. For about five years I couldn’t skate on the halfpipe anymore. And behind my house I had just built a halfpipe in my parents’ backyard. You

Holman (42m 11s):

Weren’t throwing a rocks of Robbie? No,

Lightning (42m 14s):

I wasn’t. Okay. I had built a nice little halfpipe. You swing your arms when you go through the transition to gain momentum and every time I would swing my arm up to gain momentum, it would drop out of its socket my right arm and would just ungodly. Oh, okay. And it lasted for a while. Let’s,

Holman (42m 27s):

But I, we can move on for a, I guess it it’s Bodily injury podcast.

Lightning (42m 31s):

Sorry. Sorry. The speed with which I hit the snow was, I would imagine it’s as fast as that guy launched.

Holman (42m 38s):

Remind when Shattered my elbow. But let’s not go there.

Gale (42m 41s):

Is Arnold Brock Trader down the New York Stock

Lightning (42m 44s):

Exchange? I don’t know. Let’s find out.

Gale (42m 46s):

Holly is,

Holman (42m 47s):

Yeah, Holly did a big old

Gale (42m 48s):

Nose dive and it’s a sad story. Yep. But before we talk about Holly’s current stock price, there’s race winning brands out there that’s quite a consortium. There’s Edel Brock that’s quite a consortium. The thing about the speed equipment industry, which is what we used to call sema, speed Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, which

Holman (43m 14s):

Morphed into specialty equipment down the line.

Gale (43m 18s):

And then Specialty Equipment Marketing Association market.

Holman (43m 21s):


Gale (43m 22s):

Well it morphed into Speed Equipment Marketing Association and then now I think it’s specialty.

Holman (43m 28s):

Yeah. Specialty Equipment Markets Association,

Gale (43m 30s):

Which is all inclusive wheels, tires, everything. Suspension. Yeah, everything. The electronics inside the car. So instrumentation, engine controls, what have you. Yep. We’ve always, I never shied away from electricity. Yeah. That was my other vice when I was in high school, was hot rods and electrons. My first car build was an electric three wheeled tractor to mow the lawn. Radio controlled pulse code radio controlled 1958. Same year I sold my first engine.

Holman (44m 5s):

So how does that make you feel about what I feel is the forced adoption of ev we’ve talked about it of a gazillion times. You and me and then on the show also us. But there’s a place

Gale (44m 17s):

For it. It’s a performance tool.

Holman (44m 19s):

Yeah. I I I think there’s a place for it, but

Gale (44m 21s):

Not Pure electric at this point. Not pure

Holman (44m 23s):

Electric. Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think hybrid is where it’s at moving forward

Gale (44m 26s):

I think. Well I just like <unk> that goes bang. Yeah. You know, I I There’s no, no emotion to none. No

Holman (44m 35s):

Zero. I drove my 3 92 here today and it,

Gale (44m 37s):

If you like driving in the emasculated automobile, drive a a Tesla or whatever if you Well like what GOs bang put a 3 92 in the Jeep. Yeah.

Holman (44m 49s):

Yeah. I gave Rich and his crew a rides. I had pick him up at Bud. So I brought, it’s

Gale (44m 54s):

A beautiful truck by

Holman (44m 55s):

The way. They got in it and I put it in the off-road plus mode and where does the quick shifts? And it’s like, you know, and it’s just like, and the guys are giggling, they’re laughing, they’re like, oh my, this is a Jeep. I mean it’s just, it’s the thing deserves 6,005 seconds. It has 37 inch tires.

Gale (45m 12s):

So here’s, here’s the deal. Incredible Mopar and performance might be when you talk about big inch badass American performance, they’re not only guys left, they actually advertise it. They spend donuts in advertising.

Holman (45m 32s):

Although, did you hear the news this week? They do Ford performances apparently coming back. Oh they had shuttered it or minimize or whatever. Now there’s minimize staff, right. And now they’re ringing people in interesting trade engines and all that kind of stuff coming back. I didn’t, I didn’t catch the whole thing cause I was at shot show so I gotta follow up on it. But I like, whoa, tell me more.

Gale (45m 50s):

And of course GM still has per performance crate engines,

Holman (45m 54s):

Which is now not, instead GM performance parts, Chev Chevy performance parts.

Gale (45m 58s):

Okay. It’s Chevy performance parts of division of gm. But yeah, they just announced the 6.6 liter truck based performance crate engine. Yeah,

Holman (46m 9s):

Saw that. Yeah. The gas version. The

Gale (46m 12s):

Gas version. The gas version,

Holman (46m 13s):

The switch. It needs it cuz the gas version sucks in the truck. Let me tell you. Well

Gale (46m 17s):

There’re about 403 horsepower.

Holman (46m 19s):

So Yeah. It doesn’t feel like it

Gale (46m 20s):

One per inch in a truck motor. Ah,

Holman (46m 22s):

Yeah, it’s, it’s, I was very unimpressed when we tested that in the heavy duties. I thought that engine compared to what Ford was offering, even the six four Hemi, I thought, you know, even though it’s Peaky engine, it just the, the Chevy, at least in the version we tested in the 2,500 HD work track, it just didn’t feel like girthy to me. It was like,

Gale (46m 42s):

Might be calibration a lot of times you safe the engine and you safe the gearbox first calibration, I call it D rate. Yeah. I don’t know. I’m not gonna comment on it. I haven’t looked at the

Holman (46m 59s):

Calibration. I just, when I drove it, it was like eh, okay great. Yeah. You know,

Gale (47m 4s):

All ice performance engines in vehicles or TRS D rate, they protect themselves. How aggressive that is. I, I can’t tell you, but I can tell you in a car or, or a Jeep or whatever, I can tell you in a diesel pickup and we tune, we honor the, their D rate system. We bring you the performance without violating grossly their limits. So you can stay in the loud pedal for hours and still have a good performance increase rather than six or seven seconds.

Gale (47m 44s):

You know, if you go to 10 seconds, 40 horsepower goes away or all your gain goes away. Literally the guys will smoke out the dpf, the diesel particular filters, they over temp the exhaust huge D rate there instantly

Lightning (48m 3s):

Over speed. The trans during shifts,

Gale (48m 5s):

Oh there’s an RPM limit during shifts that a lot of these guys blow through that RPM limit and it takes out huge amounts of power. Huge for two or three

Lightning (48m 17s):

Seconds. So I remember when we were testing Holman, I don’t, I don’t remember if, if you know this or not, we were testing a tune, I think it was a Ford. Okay. And Gail is over here on Aon or one of the streets behind our building. And he’s Matt? No, he was in Mexico. I’m sorry he was in Mexico. We were in Mexico where we do our testing and he mats it and during the shifts it would derate so badly his head would go forward. It was like, it would be up like a bubble head. He was expecting it to keep, you know, accelerating

Gale (48m 47s):

My head, kept hitting the windshield. Right. That’s how bad it

Lightning (48m 51s):

Gets. I didn’t know about that until he printed the graphs to prove what he was feeling. He goes, this is really derating during the shifts. Like they’re over fueling it and it’s causing all of these ills. The, the truck is withdrawing the power. It doesn’t want to be overs spun. It doesn’t want the E G T side. It doesn’t want like all these negative things. So then he prints out the graph, we look at it and there’s these huge troughs in the graph where it would fall and the And the The power would be the power. Yeah. The power would be pulled out by the ECM trying to compensate for the additional fueling or the heat or the overs, spinning transmission or all these things. And that was really interesting to see. I’m

Gale (49m 29s):

Curious. So then they advertise the, the power number which you can only enjoy for five or six seconds.

Lightning (49m 38s):

Right, right.

Gale (49m 40s):

You know, it’s ridiculous.

Lightning (49m 41s):

And this goes back to the endurance back,

Gale (49m 43s):

But your fuel economy is gone cuz they’re just pissing raw fuel.

Lightning (49m 47s):


Gale (49m 49s):

The oldest D’S level horsepower trick is black smoke. Everybody back into late thirties when the diesel came to the United States, people started over fueling them to gain performance. Just unbelievable guys in the Midwest or in the Rockies? Well where the companies are, where the air’s pretty clear can put up this smoke signature, like a symbol of their <unk> manhood. You got nothing guys.

Holman (50m 26s):

I feel when I was, I was the editor of Diesel Power, we didn’t talk about DPF deletes and we never showed smoke on a vehicle that had a license plate on it. And because I was of the feeling that we didn’t want to hasten our own demise for the, the sport that we loved and the tuning of diesels and all that. Well here we are because of regulations and, and let me back it up a little bit. I was on a Jeep Gladiator forum and everybody’s like, we need to write Jeep a letter and tell ’em to bring back the de EcoDiesel gladiator, or excuse me, the, I’m sorry, the EcoDiesel Wrangler because it’s only available in the gladiator now. And I said, you guys don’t understand a letter ca writing campaign at this point. It’s not, that’s you’re, that ship is sailed.

Holman (51m 6s):

You could have 500,000 if you want it. But the problem is because of regulations, because of the emissions, because of the cost and all the other things, there’s no letter writing campaign. Even if you, half a million of you said you’re gonna buy, that’s gonna bring that back. Yeah. And we’re at the point where Ford has dropped diesel from F-150. Ram has dropped EcoDiesel from Ram Jeep has dropped EcoDiesel from, from Wrangler, but not Gladiator yet. But it will be the only real Colorado 2.8 gone. The only diesel light duty really left I think is the three liter in the Chevy and the GMC 15 hundreds because that engine is so new.

Holman (51m 48s):

It was designed for the regulations and everything. But true, you know, the life cycle of all these other engines. You look at the Colorado, that 2.8 inventory engine dates back all the way to the CRD Jeep Liberty. I mean it’s, and before that, like that was an old engine. But all the Volkswagen stuff’s gone. All the light duty diesel BMW stuff’s gone. All the Mercedes stuff is gone. And you know, Mercedes was one of those companies that was known for light duty diesels for, for decades in S classes and things like that. All gone Is light duty diesel dead for all intents and purposes

Gale (52m 20s):


Holman (52m 21s):

In the us

Gale (52m 22s):

Yeah, probably the three liter GM is LZ zero is that’s probably what, 30,000 of ’em a year or something like that? That’s about right. Yeah, it’s, no, it’s not huge but it’s worth doing. Yeah, it’s a quirky design. A lot of that engine was designed outside of GM so to speak. I’ve got the whole design exertive size, I can’t remember it was exactly who, who it was might have been done in Italy. A lot of that stuff is,

Holman (52m 60s):

But it works and appears that it’ll be the last man standing in trucks. Yeah. Light trucks anyway. Yeah.

Gale (53m 6s):


Lightning (53m 6s):

They’ve just gone, they went from the LM two now it’s the LZ zero

Holman (53m 10s):

And they did some upgrades and stuff to it. Yeah, they

Gale (53m 12s):

Did. And well we’ve not won a lot of business, but you know what you call the Jeep Diesel really started as a design exercise at at VM Moori in Centro, Italy near Bologna.

Holman (53m 28s):

And that was originally that diesel aversion of, it was originally gonna be a V6 and a Cadillac too, right?

Gale (53m 34s):

Two 2.9 liter. Yeah. At the time I think Penske owned.

Holman (53m 40s):

Yeah, Penske had half. Yeah.

Gale (53m 42s):

GM is owned half of it at one time, to my recollection. And now it’s, it is all lanis. Yeah. Italy is their, their kind of center of excellence for

Holman (53m 54s):

For diesel stuff. Yeah.

Gale (53m 56s):

Fiat is that aspect of all of it. Fiat bought everybody out ultimately and they owned via Matri and then St. Lanis was formed and that’s Mopar and Fiat and who else? Peo.

Holman (54m 12s):

Yeah. Now the French is involved and it’s weird. Not good too far

Gale (54m 16s):

Down the rabbit. Is it Reno or Pho or

Holman (54m 18s):

Something? I think it’s pge. It’s Pojo.

Gale (54m 20s):

We’re doing stuff. We represent them. We’re doing development program, high hybrid stuff right now. We’ve been in it. I think we’re gonna do a lot of hybrid.

Holman (54m 31s):

Are we allowed

Gale (54m 31s):

To talk about that hybrid military?

Holman (54m 33s):

We, we can talk about that a little bit.

Lightning (54m 35s):

Not exactly sure

Gale (54m 36s):

Actually. Actually the fact that we are doing a hybrid development for the army was released. It’s public. I don’t want to,

Holman (54m 47s):

We just can’t do any details on it.

Gale (54m 49s):

Yeah, I don’t want to go. It’s

Holman (54m 50s):

Happening further. Yeah. So what you’re, what you’re saying is Gale Bank’s engineering is not just about diesel and turbos. You also have an arm that has the capability of electrification. Yes. And you guys can pivot moving forward to wherever the industry is taking you.

Gale (55m 8s):

Well you know, we’re putting out both a V8 diesel and a V8 twin turbo gasoline hybrid package in the aftermarket.

Holman (55m 20s):

Is that just being announced here right now? Lightning,

Gale (55m 22s):

I think it is. I

Holman (55m 23s):

Think its, is he getting ahead of your marketing yet?

Lightning (55m 25s):

I I can tell you right now, I haven’t written the press release, so,

Holman (55m 28s):

Alright, well you got it first right here, right out of Gail’s mouth,

Gale (55m 32s):

We’re gonna do a diesel pike’s peak effort. Paul Dollenbach will be driving it at Pike’s Peak this year. I’m helping him with his open wheel Buick Turbo alcohol engine in his open wheel effort. We were gonna go this year, 23, but he, he wants to do this open wheel thing. The weather has prevented him getting to the top. They shortened the,

Lightning (56m 1s):

Yeah. Yeah. So last year he, it was, it was, it was, it was

Holman (56m 5s):

Very wet.

Lightning (56m 5s):

It was very wet and, yeah. You couldn’t see

Gale (56m 9s):

Even they ran, they ran at the top last year

Lightning (56m 13s):

And had a rough time doing it. Yeah. They cleared up at the top

Gale (56m 16s):

The year before. They stop about half way up and called it braced, but nobody compares the time halfway to anything else. It’s like guys who hit home runs, you know, if you were Jews, there’s a little asterisk by the,

Holman (56m 36s):

There should be. Oh yeah.

Gale (56m 38s):

Hopefully there is.

Holman (56m 39s):

There should be. I have boo berry bonds in person. It felt good. Oh, really? Oh yeah. Did you really? Yeah, I did Petco Park Padres versus Giants. Yeah. Right behind my home plate. Gave him, hell yeah. It was more than boo. We

Gale (56m 51s):

Go far, far afield on that one. We’re,

Lightning (56m 54s):

We’re touching a lot of things here, but I wanted to, since, since we’re talking about,

Gale (56m 57s):

So we do outside engineering. We first sold engines to the Navy in 1976 for the Underwater Demolition team, frogman, U D t, frogman, before they were called seals. So Navy Aronoff has been, been a customer of ours since then.

Lightning (57m 16s):

I don’t think many people know that about banks. That it’s a large engineering firm that has No, I mean,

Holman (57m 22s):

No, no. I’m, I’m laughing because I’m thinking of Gail’s story and I remember coming here one time and there was a giant, I don’t know, 60 foot gray boat. Boat. Yeah. Like back by the wall. And he goes, you don’t see that? Yeah. It’s a giant gray boat in your warehouse. Of course I see it. He’s like, no, no, no. You don’t see it. I’m like, Gail, it’s right there. No, you don’t see it. Well,

Lightning (57m 44s):

There’s, there’s a vehicle right now that I walked like Rich Holdaway in, in his crew. I gave him a tour last night when they came in and I’m like, you’re not seeing that thing right there. They’re like, I guess we’re not, it’s massive, but I guess we’re not seeing him. I’m like, you’re not? Nope. No phones, no nothing. They’re

Holman (57m 59s):

Just, I just

Lightning (57m 60s):

Have to laugh. I don’t think a lot of people, most of our listeners know Gail and Banks, the brand for aftermarket performance parts, I would assume that’s fair. And I don’t think many people know that he is.

Holman (58m 11s):

So there’s G b Gail Banks Engineering. Yep. And then there’s banks power. So one is the consumer facing and one is

Gale (58m 17s):

Gail Banks. Engineering owns banks power. But what it does is far bigger than banks power.

Holman (58m 25s):

Much in the way used for a venture owns Truck famous llc. Mm,

Lightning (58m 28s):

I see how it works.

Gale (58m 28s):

And gbe, the first contract was Oh, about 69. 1960. Yeah. The Jetboat limiting speed valve gear analysis. The guys were, were unloading jet boats and the, the valve gear, you know, daylighting jet intake.

Lightning (58m 51s):

You mean unloading meaning coming off the throttle? No, no. What do you mean At full throttle? Oh, okay.

Gale (58m 56s):

Coming out of the hole. Or also daylighting the intake on the jet drive.

Lightning (59m 2s):

Oh, it’s over spinning. It’s coming outta the water.

Gale (59m 4s):

Over spinning it. Wow. Yeah.

Lightning (59m 5s):


Gale (59m 5s):

Okay. We came up with a design for Chevrolet at that time, valve springing retainer. And that’s all, all it took really, cuz they were, the warning exposure was huge for them. Hmm. But they were, were buying engines left and right. So we also did a marina engine racing program for Oldsmobile, won the Jetboat championship, American Power Boat and National Jetboat Association. Two different association. We, we were National points champion in both with an Oldsmobile engine running against Chevy. Big blocks of 4 55 os.

Gale (59m 48s):

How’d we do it? I’d redesigned solar head. That’s how we did it. You know. Well, the other power was, we may have, the oil system worked at 5,200 RPM where it wouldn’t before. Guys were trying, but they were failing.

Holman (1h 0m 6s):

Turns out you need cooling and lubrication at those RPMs.

Gale (1h 0m 11s):

Yeah, you do. And you need air, air density specifically through the engine. We worked for Oldsmobile in 1970. We work for Chevrolet. Two different programs. One was an marine engine racing program

Lightning (1h 0m 27s):

And those were Gale Banks’ engineering. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And so how it works again, is Gale Banks’s Engineering is the parent company. It’s also the one that you can hire for your large engineering project. Banks Power is the consumer facing, the one that I work for. We make the performance parts and banks tech is the engine assembly plant that’s next door that currently makes all the engines for the joint light tactical

Holman (1h 0m 52s):

Vehicle. If you come down, you know, was it Duggan Street? Is that how you pronounce it? Yeah. It’s like the banks campus here. It is there building there.

Lightning (1h 0m 60s):

I wish we owned one more so we could just fence off the street. Wouldn’t that be cool? I think that if we owned one more, we own like 60% of the street, then we could fence it and call like Gale Bank’s way or something.

Gale (1h 1m 10s):

Yeah, coffee and donuts.

Lightning (1h 1m 12s):

Yeah. We

Gale (1h 1m 13s):

Could that Saturday mornings. Yeah.

Holman (1h 1m 14s):

Or just donuts. You me, after work,

Gale (1h 1m 19s):

Just block off the street. Yeah. Yeah.

Holman (1h 1m 22s):

We gotta circle back to the VC stuff. Right. Okay. I know, I know Gail was talking about Holly. Yeah,

Gale (1h 1m 27s):


Holman (1h 1m 27s):

Yeah. And I’ve, I have a friend who, I’ve got several friends actually, who are impacted by their brand being purchased by a bigger brand and lost their jobs to, it

Lightning (1h 1m 37s):

Was that AEM

Holman (1h 1m 39s):

Was, might be one of ’em. Okay. But there’s others out there and as they consolidate and move these places and centralize them from their decentralized locations, and as the stock price becomes a driving factor, it seems like, and, and, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna say this from my opinion only, this is not Holly specific. I’m just gonna say that it seems that there are some VCs that have handled some brands really well that have been good stewards of the brands they picked up. And then there are other ones that are very driven by the almighty stock price. And it seems like they are watering down the history, the legacy of these important brands that are, they’re watering down the brand equity, getting rid of the people that are the ones that are innovating and creating the product.

Holman (1h 2m 24s):

And then I don’t know what they’re gonna do with the brands. And it seems like this is an o a repeated thing in the industry right now where big company buys little company, blows people out, you know, has an extra brand. But now that the, now that the economy is starting to sputter and interest rates are so high, at what point do they start spinning these brands out after they’ve taken all of their worth and now they maybe don’t have that equity in the name anymore. Gail, you’ve seen this over and over again in the industry. This is a, a cyclical thing. Wh what is, what’s your take on that?

Gale (1h 2m 58s):

My take is cycles. There’s business cycles. First of all, I think there’s an industry thing going on here as well. The entire industry, aftermarket performance parts, sema, let’s call it sema. Okay. And I hope, I hope I’m wrong. In the case of acquisitions, a bunch of us, I think I’m the the sole survivor.

Holman (1h 3m 22s):

The, there’s you and a couple companies. I, I would say if you look at the landscape, you’ve got banks, which is independent. And there’s another massive industry within automotive. The suspension industry. And the only independent big player anymore are the MCC curries at Skyjacker. And they are fiercely independent and fiercely want to stay on the, and you start looking around at the other, those medium and big size businesses.

Gale (1h 3m 45s):

So you have business cycles. We’re softly entering a very, very mild recession right now. It’s different for different industries. Of course, when you have a severe recession hits everybody, there’s no place to hide. This’ll be my ninth. I think some of ’em have been really severe, severe, but they brought market opportunities. The first one I was in, in was prior to the biggie for me, which was 19 73, 74. That

Holman (1h 4m 21s):

Would be the oil crisis period.

Gale (1h 4m 23s):

Yeah. And that was hugely impactful on the racing engine, boat engine, et cetera. So what we, we do, we, we went pure torque and fuel economy. I came out with headers with 60 inch primaries. If you and smaller tube diameters and tune the headers. They weren’t all 60 inch, but similar, shorter. But I tune the headers to the torque peak of the engine. That’s where the engine is naturally most efficient. That’s why the torque peak is there. And usually accompanied with peak cylinder pressure.

Gale (1h 5m 3s):

I just emphasized that and worked with Holly, oddly enough to come up with mileage carburetors and make them part of my package trademarked. The US trademark power pack. That’s what I call those packages. And lots of pickup trucks. We also came out with saddle tanks, our marine oil pan. The 14 quarter oil pans weren’t selling a lot of boat engines. Guys weren’t going boating. So we started making saddle tanks. You know, trucks had had like 18 gallon tanks

Holman (1h 5m 37s):

And you, and today you can’t even make a gas tank for an extended range gas tank for a vehicle because of all the epa you can do it for diesel.

Gale (1h 5m 44s):

Well, we still had to meet the Department of Transportation regulations for those tanks.

Holman (1h 5m 50s):

But I think today it’s tpa part because of EPA versus

Gale (1h 5m 54s):

Emissions. Emissions. Evaporative emissions. Yeah. We, we didn’t have that barrier. So we just rocked and rolled Trailer Life Magazine.

Holman (1h 6m 5s):

I used to love reading

Gale (1h 6m 6s):

Those. Some of the truck labels, motor Home Magazine. The products were loved by the guys who bought ’em. You know, we had like a half a percent warranty, which is wonderful. If you’re not in the industry, to me, less than 2% warranty. You’re a magician and your product quality is, is off the charts.

Lightning (1h 6m 29s):

So you’re saying that you pivoted during these downturns, you created other products and then you did probably better than

Gale (1h 6m 36s):

Expected. You got a skillset. The rest of the guys just suffered. They didn’t take their skillset and repurpose it. We always do. You know, when you come out of the recession, you want the same crew. You don’t want ’em scattered all over the place. And you,

Holman (1h 6m 57s):

You lose a little bit of your soul when that happens.

Gale (1h 6m 58s):

And you just hit a key element. These companies, you know, you know, you mentioned some of these suspension companies and what have you. Yeah. Who founded them? Have, have they been around 60 years, ma? No, they haven’t. There wasn’t a big off-road truck suspension and none of that jazz. No. When it comes to the performance industry, the guys who founded it, their names were on the products, their names

Holman (1h 7m 28s):

Right? It was Hearst. It was Edel Brock. It

Gale (1h 7m 30s):

Was, you had Vic Edelbach, George Hurst. Gail Banks

Holman (1h 7m 34s):

Often. Hauser

Gale (1h 7m 35s):

Often. Hauser w

Lightning (1h 7m 37s):


Holman (1h 7m 38s):

Oh, Isky. If

Gale (1h 7m 39s):

Course my, my mentor Ed Aria. I mean,

Lightning (1h 7m 43s):

Not so much anymore.

Gale (1h 7m 44s):

People identify with the individual as well as the

Holman (1h 7m 48s):

Product. It’s just like the back in the magazine day where it was David Freiberger from Hot Rod or Rick PayWay from Peterson’s four off road. They, the person was as tied to the product and, and those things. Well

Gale (1h 7m 58s):

You’re talking about the young guys right now.

Holman (1h 8m 2s):

Yeah. Well

Gale (1h 8m 2s):

Yeah, they, but

Lightning (1h 8m 5s):

Look at the brands. That’s still true today. It’s still, it’s, it’s true with whether it’s denim jeans or it’s true for performance parts. As people gravitate to other humans, they trust, they gravitate to Authoritative Educate podcast. Where it is, they, they, they, they find their interest in a person and they buy into that brand. And I think there banks is no exception. Gail has legions of fans. Well, I mean, last night, well

Gale (1h 8m 29s):

You, you also had Stu Hillborn Hillborn Fuel injection. Yeah. You care. Carol Shelby Halland. That was a guy doing Wheels. Gary Hooker, hooker headers, Mallory Boots Mallory. He was a younger guy my age kind of.

Lightning (1h 8m 45s):

It’s going through the, the Holly catalog of Yeah.

Gale (1h 8m 50s):

And people identified with the guy

Holman (1h 8m 53s):

Feels like I know these

Gale (1h 8m 54s):

People. And we were out racing each other of Simpson Safety equipment. That was a guy people can identify with an individual. All he needed to do is be present, put himself out there. We’d go to the races and we were all out there. The magazines were there. To my knowledge, those brand names are still there, but the guys are not. I am, I believe the sole survivor, the last one of, of those guys, a lot of ’em got bought out.

Gale (1h 9m 34s):

They agree to non-competes, you know, five year non-compete, whatever. A lot of ’em agreed to consult. They retain their office, but they didn’t retain their soul.

Holman (1h 9m 51s):

And that right there is the challenge.

Gale (1h 9m 55s):

So if you’re a racer and this company and myself, every form of racing you can think of short Formula one and nascar. We’ve done and we’ve done well.

Lightning (1h 10m 12s):

And we’re about to do some more. I think you just touched on earlier, Pikes Peak. But that’s going to be a, a massive endeavor,

Gale (1h 10m 17s):

Which is a short road race, but it’s a solo. Lots of steering there. It’s a solo,

Holman (1h 10m 22s):

Lots of steering.

Lightning (1h 10m 24s):

You know, you’re talking about

Gale (1h 10m 26s):

When those guys get bought out, lenti made Conrads and Crankshafts and what have you. Holly tried to bring that production in, in-house in Bowling Green, as I recall. Didn’t work out too well. N not, he wasn’t there to drive the quality at, there’s good people at Holly. There’s one I can think of I’d hire right now, but he won’t come back to California. And I don’t blame him. You know, he’s got his 20 acres, he’s got his writing, mow he, he’s starting to collect tractors and he’s a cool guy.

Holman (1h 11m 4s):

Hopefully one of those is a for nine n

Lightning (1h 11m 6s):

A for nine n Yeah. Is that the one that your, your uncle has

Holman (1h 11m 10s):

Got it for nine or, or poor port or Lamborghini. Those both started out as tractor manufacturers.

Gale (1h 11m 15s):

You know, my R model John Deere. What a badass tractor. That thing

Holman (1h 11m 20s):

Is, nothing runs like a Deere. Well that’s not the

Gale (1h 11m 22s):

Way I hear it. It was the R model that is a man’s tractor.

Holman (1h 11m 27s):

I love it. Yeah, I

Gale (1h 11m 28s):

Love it. First diesel was the R one, the Nebraska Drawbar competition. The year it was introduced. It could pull more than anything out there.

Holman (1h 11m 42s):

Can I ask you a quick que quick question about that, Gail? Have you ever turbocharged something silly like a tractor? Just because you could, like said that you were tinkering in the garage and you’re like, you know, this tractor just needs a little bit more and I’m gonna put a, you know, a turbo on it.

Gale (1h 11m 58s):

The silliest would be a model A.

Holman (1h 12m 4s):

That doesn’t sound silly. That sounds awesome. Yeah,

Gale (1h 12m 6s):

It just looks

Holman (1h 12m 7s):

Wrong. Was that a flathead va?

Gale (1h 12m 9s):

Yeah, it was a flathead. Hold on. It just looks wrong.

Lightning (1h 12m 12s):

You did a, you did a trike. Was that turbo? Oh, that crazy trike. Oh, you’ve also done Jay Leno’s tank car. Which I know it’s a car. No,

Holman (1h 12m 21s):

I know, but those are, those are like bespoke bills. Actually, I’m talking about something where Gail like walked down to his porch one

Lightning (1h 12m 26s):

Day, like a riding lawnmower and

Holman (1h 12m 28s):

I scratched his chin and went, you know, if only that thing over there had a turbo on it. And then he went and did it because why not?

Gale (1h 12m 34s):

My wood chipper with a three cylinder diesel and my, my three cylinder diesel lawn. Lawn tractor one’s a John Deere, the lawn tractor they have, I usually keep my wood chip chipper in Yosemite at about 4,400 feet of altitude. No smoke at that. But

Holman (1h 12m 58s):

You know what, Gail? I think I need to go up there to verify. I need to verify that. I’ll, I’ll be happy to go up there with both

Gale (1h 13m 3s):

Of you need to go up there.

Lightning (1h 13m 6s):

It’s getting near done, isn’t it? Yes. Yeah. Yes. It’s, which, that’s another conversation. He has a V8 house

Holman (1h 13m 11s):

And I have a,

Lightning (1h 13m 12s):

In Yosemite in the national park that is absolutely jaw-dropping. Yeah.

Holman (1h 13m 17s):

And I’ve seen pictures. It is amazing.

Lightning (1h 13m 19s):

Yeah. That’s a story in itself. It percent finished. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s got all the Holly brands, 11 by 17 printout of all the Holly brands, which gotta be like, I feel like it’s 60 brands. Yeah. And then to your right you have Holly stock price. Yeah. Which I see a single day and a and a five year. And I see Holly not doing hot.

Gale (1h 13m 36s):

Well let me talk about just this year, I can give you some five year numbers. But the thing that shocked me is what happened spring of 22, 5 year high $14 and 68 cents a share. Five year low, $2 and 3 cents.

Holman (1h 13m 59s):


Gale (1h 13m 60s):

That has happened since the spring of 22. You’d think you’d keep trucking along, but something happened, and I think what happened happened is free money, a lot of that free covid money. Yeah. For God knows what reason. There’s some state money, there’s federal money,

Holman (1h 14m 21s):

There’s funny money

Gale (1h 14m 23s):

There, there’s hugely wasted money. Yep. Huge fraud by individuals and companies. I look at Holly and I go these guys long-term investors and Holly, well if, if you invested, oh, probably about mid 2021 at a high that’s at $14 and 68 cents somewhere in there and you hit $2 and 3 cents. Oh my God. I’d a, I’d a ate my 38 or my 45, my 1911.

Gale (1h 15m 4s):

You know, you understand why people, 80% loss nominally, 80% shocks me because it’s a statement, not of what they acquired, but more how they’ve managed it. Because banks has grown, we’re 20 some percent this January over last January. You know, it’s just what’s going on here.

Lightning (1h 15m 34s):

And their portfolio of brands isn’t

Holman (1h 15m 37s):

Incredible. It is stellar and deep and wide.

Gale (1h 15m 40s):


Lightning (1h 15m 41s):

And I I maybe

Gale (1h 15m 42s):

Some of those brands are carrying the day and a lot of ’em aren’t the ones that aren’t reflect in a stock price. So the, the advisors, the stock pundits, some say hold Holly, some say sell Holly a few say buy Holly, the analysis is mixed. Is this Holly or is this the industry in general or the economy in general? I don’t know, but I’m not buying Holly stock. I’ve always bought banks stock.

Holman (1h 16m 22s):


Lightning (1h 16m 23s):

You freaking would sell some. No, you get in on this.

Gale (1h 16m 26s):

In other words, pound it back into the business. Yeah. Do new things. I

Holman (1h 16m 31s):

Don’t need bank stock. I’ve got Gail as a friend.

Gale (1h 16m 34s):

It keeps my a pumping. Well

Holman (1h 16m 36s):

That my, my my, my stock is in the old man over here. Cuz we go out to breakfast or we need to start away. Hey, we’ve tried, we’re going

Gale (1h 16m 42s):

To lunch

Holman (1h 16m 42s):

Today. Yeah, we’re gonna lunch today.

Lightning (1h 16m 44s):

Okay. Well one of the questions that I had was on my, on my list and, and I know we have limited time with you today. Yeah. One of my questions was, how have you kept banks relevant? And I, I think we’ve answered this over and over and over again in this podcast so far is that you, you’ve,

Holman (1h 16m 58s):

You’ve pivoted. I look at, you’ve innovated,

Gale (1h 17m 0s):

I look at an industry and you

Holman (1h 17m 2s):

Kept your crew and kept the good ones around. Well

Gale (1h 17m 4s):

What product in this industry do I want poor myself and how well do I want to engineer it? How well the I want it to wear in the marketplace. My whole thing about the market is performance comes in many flavors. Durability of course has to be there. So I don’t want to come to your house, eat a fine meal with you, and then go out in the kitchen and break all the crockery, break your dishes, your dishes, figuratively.

Gale (1h 17m 48s):

That’s the engine. That’s your ve vehicle, that’s your power train. Whatever I do has to wear well or I, I, my name’s not on it and many times I don’t make a lot of money because I can’t just sell it for more than the other guy. More than 10% more. Unless it’s not comparable to the other other guy. We’re doing that and have been doing that with cold air intakes for years now. I’ve patented it on a cold air intake that’s just gonna blow the market away.

Lightning (1h 18m 25s):

We’ve talked about, it’ll actually a little bit on the show. Yeah. The air mass control module in the new 20 plus Duramax applications.

Gale (1h 18m 32s):

Yes. That’s the first application of that technology. I’ve come out with patented exhaust tip, the the sidekick.

Lightning (1h 18m 41s):

Yeah. Holman was holding the tip the other the other day in his hand. It was, it was the other one that’s on the, yeah. Oh well I

10 (1h 18m 47s):

Was, every time I come in the conference room, I’d like to talk you through your exhaustive schedule.

Lightning (1h 18m 53s):

That’s not a euphemism either. Yeah.

Gale (1h 18m 56s):

We actually have exhaust tip design that scavengers. It pulls a partial vacuum on the, the tailpipe.

Holman (1h 19m 6s):

Someone say this podcast is a partial vacuum. Hey scavengers out of you and me, a bunch of, a bunch of hot air

Gale (1h 19m 14s):

And you know, oil system, if you’re building engines, our oil pan designs we have, and we’ve done close to 20,000 of ’em for military now it removes parasitic course power drops, oil temperature removes the aeration cuz you are not beating the <unk> out of the oil. And it does it in a revolutionary way. I’ve never had a patent application where everything I claimed got okayed or approved by the patent office. I did it on this one.

Lightning (1h 19m 53s):

So I think when you are innovating and you’re this far out in front, they go through and, and they must, I don’t know what a patent attorney, the people inside the US pto

Gale (1h 20m 2s):

Oh, it’s always a different patent.

Lightning (1h 20m 4s):

Yeah. But they’re looking at it and they’re like, well this is unlike anything else. Approve. And they, they do all

Gale (1h 20m 10s):

The, but they, they research every claim deeply. So I think that’s why it normally takes two and a half to three years. It’s just very deeply

Holman (1h 20m 23s):

Researched. I think this goes along with maintaining relevance in the marketplace. Right. Innovating all that. Because if we, we, we talked about MagnaFlow just bought can, which on the surface you would sit there and you’d go, well, oh, here’s another brand buying somebody else. Yeah. But it’s a little bit different. Whereas the VCs are coming in than they’re buying a bunch of brands for their portfolio for the stock price. Sure. MagnaFlow is an exhaust manufacturer. So my guess is

Gale (1h 20m 47s):

The worlds MagnaFlow,

Lightning (1h 20m 49s):

I think. MagnaFlow.

Gale (1h 20m 50s):

Yeah. It’s a pure

Lightning (1h 20m 51s):

I believe

Gale (1h 20m 52s):


Holman (1h 20m 52s):

Yeah. So I, I think they’re seeing the writing on the wall is we have to diversify our product offerings cuz internal combustion engines are gonna be less, there’s

Gale (1h 21m 0s):

Gonna be, there’s gonna be less and less exhaustive.

Holman (1h 21m 3s):

So they bought a suspension company. And so what, as you know, I think we’ve covered a little bit in this podcast, but that’s part of your electrification push. You’re still doing performance parts, but as a company that traditionally rooted in ice performance, are there, are there any worries on the horizon for the longevity of the company when you look at the landscape ahead of you in the future?

Gale (1h 21m 27s):

I queried the guys the other day. There’s some outfit here in California doing Tesla performance.

Holman (1h 21m 35s):

Yeah. There’s a couple companies.

Gale (1h 21m 36s):

Not a thing that that company does has to do with

Holman (1h 21m 40s):

Power. No, it’s, it’s wheels, tires, suspension. Right. Aero arrows. Yeah. Aero mods.

Gale (1h 21m 46s):

And I sell the guy interviewed that owns the company. Sharp Koki. I mean,

Holman (1h 21m 52s):

I worked with him at SEMA on my ev panel that I hosted.

Gale (1h 21m 55s):

There you go. So there you go. But I’m a power guy. I love Arrow, I love suspension, all the other stuff. I’m become more a power train guy. We’ve done transmissions in the past and clutches torque control was my clutch line for years and years and years. The more we got into computer control of an engine with the early eight bit processors and all that, j you know, the, the more I worked with guys like Jim Curry on, on the Detonation sensor program at gm.

Gale (1h 22m 36s):

We, we did a lot of Buick Turbo stuff starting with Pace Cars in the late seventies. We, we worked for a lot of O Williams. We did the first turbo prototypes for Volvo back 78 or so doing work for OEMs, new concepts, all that jive. None of the other guys do that. They’re not engineering companies. They’re,

Holman (1h 23m 1s):

They’re aftermarket

Lightning (1h 23m 2s):

Companies. And the military, the stuff that we are doing, the Gil Banks engineering is doing for the military.

Holman (1h 23m 7s):

Well, the thing is trickle down,

Lightning (1h 23m 8s):

It’s very new and very,

Holman (1h 23m 10s):

But, but you get that trickle down to the rest of the business because you have that corporate knowledge. And there’s a, what somebody told me once that like Boeing had to do an all new airplane every 20 years, or they lost an entire generation of how to build something. Yeah. It’s something like that here where you have to engage these new projects every x amount of time because that knowledge base and that catalog of knowledge that exists within the company that can trickle down into consumer products starts in these high level other places.

Gale (1h 23m 37s):

Right. I gotta tell you my problem with this.

Holman (1h 23m 39s):

Okay. All right.

Gale (1h 23m 41s):

They, they come, we train, they’re productive and innovative and inventive and then they retire.

Lightning (1h 23m 51s):

And here’s Gail.

Holman (1h 23m 52s):

Gail refuses.

Gale (1h 23m 54s):

I’m on my third or fourth generation.

Holman (1h 23m 56s):

Yeah. This is Gail 4.0 right now.

Lightning (1h 23m 58s):

Oh yeah. No, wait a minute. Wait, hold

Gale (1h 23m 59s):

On. Thanks to God.

Lightning (1h 24m 0s):

Wait, you’re gonna say that there’s gonna be a new Treo podcast co-host team. They’re gonna come in and interview you at some point. Like we are gonna be replaced. He’s gonna be

Holman (1h 24m 8s):

Interview. No, I’m, I’m putting my head on top of a robot with Yeah. And then I’m just gonna wheel myself in here and talk.

Lightning (1h 24m 14s):

I have questions for you.

Holman (1h 24m 16s):

All right. Let’s, I’ve got a few questions for face. Let’s, let’s hit, let’s just hit a few of these really quick. You got it. All right. So we already talked about why you still have Lightning as an employee asked and sort of answered. We’ll, I’ll let that one go. All right. This is actually interesting.

Lightning (1h 24m 29s):

I don’t think I was satisfied with that answer by,

Holman (1h 24m 32s):

Well, we do know that you have a picture of Gail and a chicken. Apparently.

Lightning (1h 24m 36s):

I think it’s because I’m an enthusiastic soul and I love the company.

Holman (1h 24m 39s):

All right. That’s fair enough. Yeah. All right. Greg Nelson writes, what’s Gail Banks’ opinion on someone running a higher weight oil in their three liter duramax? It calls for zero weight W 20. But what if one were to run a five W 30 diesel specific oil Or a five W

Gale (1h 24m 54s):

40? Well, diesel specific. Okay. Changing weight. I wouldn’t, the OEM designed to that target. If you go to an oil that has a higher sheer, higher viscosity, it’ll hurt your fuel economy. Especially if you just do short trips around town. Mostly

Lightning (1h 25m 18s):

People don’t think about that. That your oil can affect your fuel economy. Absolutely.

Holman (1h 25m 24s):

That’s why so many of the hybrids are starting, came out with zero weight. I mean, the, the Prius was, I think one of the first of the vehicles that came out with zero weight because of the efficiency gains.

Gale (1h 25m 33s):

What’d you say? Zero w

Holman (1h 25m 35s):

I think it calls for zero W 20 from gm. I think that’s the factory spec.

Gale (1h 25m 40s):

Stay there.

Holman (1h 25m 41s):

Yeah. Okay. All right. Next question. Derringer tune intake for a F-150 3.5 EcoBoost. Is that something that banks is looking at or is it on the, on the product roadmap, for instance,

Gale (1h 25m 54s):


Holman (1h 25m 54s):

That’d be 2019 F-150 EcoBoost.

Lightning (1h 25m 58s):

I, I can speak to that not immediately on the Derringer roadmap, but we have another product coming out that this listener will be very excited about. We cannot say more. Okay. This will add significant,

Gale (1h 26m 10s):

You talking about three and a half liter? Yeah. Yeah. EcoBoost, you have to look at market opportunity and if there are 15 guys selling tuning product for EcoBoost, yeah, there’s a lot of them. But what’s the market opportunity? If it’s saturated, I’d rather do something harder. That being said, we’re working on tuning for EcoBoost. We’re also working on turbo upgrades.

Lightning (1h 26m 36s):

I wasn’t gonna say it, but he’s saying it. There

Holman (1h 26m 38s):

You go. He’s, he’s like, we

Gale (1h 26m 39s):

Already did it.

Lightning (1h 26m 40s):

We did it. We didn’t have a tuning solution to accompany the turbos. Now we will. And so there’s something very awesome coming. Hmm.

Holman (1h 26m 49s):


Gale (1h 26m 49s):

Yes. Well in, in the whole tuner

Lightning (1h 26m 52s):

Market. Yes.

Gale (1h 26m 53s):


Holman (1h 26m 53s):

So you’d be able to tune the three five that’s in that F 100 out there

Lightning (1h 26m 56s):

That no. Next topic.

Gale (1h 27m 0s):

June. Not the F 100 June of this year.

Lightning (1h 27m 3s):

That’s correct. Yeah. Yeah. Around that time. I have a question. Hold on. All right. Thanks for your impressive knowledge, Gail. My question is, will your knowledge ever be packed into a tuning school? Thank you for your time. This is from Craig and Saskatchewan. Yeah.

Gale (1h 27m 19s):

I admire the guys that do tuning schools and do them well. We,

Lightning (1h 27m 25s):

I hear a no coming.

Gale (1h 27m 26s):

Well, well, well, hang on. We have speed school.

Lightning (1h 27m 30s):

Yep. We do.

Gale (1h 27m 32s):

It’s a bank’s speed school. And we probably will have an episode that gets into tuning Spark ignition, have an episode that gets into tuning diesel compression ignition. But individual teaching online. Probably never

Holman (1h 27m 51s):

Gail’s far too busy for that.

Lightning (1h 27m 53s):

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here, so.

Gale (1h 27m 55s):

Well, yeah. But, but there’s a, there’s other guys here who could teach it.

Lightning (1h 27m 58s):

Oh, that’s a good point. Jeff Lee. And, but,

Gale (1h 28m 0s):

But they’re engaged in tuning, right?

Holman (1h 28m 3s):

You don’t want to give away your secret sauce either.

Gale (1h 28m 6s):

Yeah. They tune our

Lightning (1h 28m 7s):

Products. There’s only so many hours in

Gale (1h 28m 8s):

The day they tune our

Holman (1h 28m 9s):

Inches. Well, and and you don’t, you don’t wanna, again, hasten your own

Gale (1h 28m 12s):

Demise being damn good at, we just had that discussion in a late night. We stay around after work a lot. I think last night we were here to around nine o’clock. Yep. And some of the damn stuff happens after everybody leaves at, that’s

Holman (1h 28m 35s):

The best time

Gale (1h 28m 36s):

Everybody leaves.

Holman (1h 28m 37s):


Lightning (1h 28m 38s):

The best time. Cause you get everybody.

Gale (1h 28m 39s):

Most everybody, but most everybody leaves at four five at the latest. But, but the, the guys that are still here, men,

Holman (1h 28m 48s):

I has never left it

Gale (1h 28m 49s):

Five. I loved. No, I don’t, I love, I love to hang with those guys. We get real creative after hours.

Holman (1h 28m 59s):

That’s when lawnmowers get turbocharged. I’m telling you people,

Lightning (1h 29m 2s):

This one is coming in from Zach. Is there a good application for remote turbo setups? I understand that it’s not anywhere near ideal performance for a build, but I’d like to think that a low Boost Street application would be a good fit. Something for my 77 Bronco where I could put a turbo in line or replace a muffler Seems like a simplified install versus a conventional setup. Anyway, love your Speed School podcast and truck show from, from Zach. Oh. And he says, don’t suppose you have a list of good books on or data sources to learn about forced induction. Do you, so couple of questions. The first one is remote turbo setups. Good or bad.

Gale (1h 29m 41s):

I love, I love this actually, Holly bought one of these companies, I’m trying to remember the name of it, but puts the turbo under the vehicle and at the ass end of the vehicle, it’s like putting the engine on the earth and the turbo on the moon. The turbo response will suffer greatly.

Lightning (1h 30m 2s):

The turbo leg has to be it’s

Gale (1h 30m 4s):

Abominable. Insane. And the boost loss from the turbo forward is tragic.

Holman (1h 30m 12s):

It’s like having your straw a drink and your Dr. Pepper. Yeah. And then you take that same diameter straw and you add 17 more segments on it so that you can drink your soda from the second story balcony. Right.

Gale (1h 30m 26s):

It’s really tough to do. So

Holman (1h 30m 28s):

Unless you’re really good at drinking through straws.

Gale (1h 30m 31s):

Also, the exhaust has to get back there. You’re adding pipes. And the last thing is where you putting your, your air filter and the most hostile environment? Water. What?

Holman (1h 30m 44s):


Gale (1h 30m 45s):


Lightning (1h 30m 45s):

Of it. Don’t even get me straight. There’s a guy that’s doing,

Gale (1h 30m 47s):

You got Corvette

Holman (1h 30m 48s):

On tx. You got the,

Lightning (1h 30m 50s):

Remember there’s a guy doing a, it’s under the belly of the tx.

Holman (1h 30m 53s):

There was

Lightning (1h 30m 54s):

A guy, you’re gonna have to have him on the show. There’s

Holman (1h 30m 55s):

A guy,

Gale (1h 30m 56s):

The way to do this, the way to do this is belly mount right at, at the back of the engine. Billy

Lightning (1h 31m 3s):

Muhammad. That’s what

Holman (1h 31m 3s):

He’s done. There was a gm.

Gale (1h 31m 4s):

Oh yeah. Lots of guys are doing belly.

Holman (1h 31m 7s):

There’s the trailblazer that had the, it was a Trailblazer SS prototype. I think GM did that had the five three or somebody put a five three Trailblazer when they did that rear turbo by the muffler thing. And I was like, I don’t, it just doesn’t compute for me. It’s

Gale (1h 31m 21s):

Pure Jack Assery.

Holman (1h 31m 23s):

I don’t know turbos like you do, but if I look at it, he’ll go, I don’t get it. Yeah. I mean it’s a red flag for somebody who doesn’t even know he is looking at.

Lightning (1h 31m 32s):


Gale (1h 31m 33s):

We should do a speeds goal on this one. You should.

Holman (1h 31m 36s):

Let’s do it. It would

Gale (1h 31m 36s):

Be a great topic. Absolutely.

Holman (1h 31m 37s):

Okay. Just give the truck show podcast props for bringing up,

Gale (1h 31m 41s):

We’ll call it the speed school rant.

Lightning (1h 31m 44s):

Can we

Holman (1h 31m 45s):

Have a Gale rant? Like every once a month just record something that he can rant about.

Lightning (1h 31m 49s):

I’ll just record it on my phone.

Holman (1h 31m 50s):

That’s what I’m saying. And we’ll just plug it into the show.

Gale (1h 31m 52s):

We usually don’t record those things, but I

Holman (1h 31m 54s):

That would be

Gale (1h 31m 55s):

Awesome. Do occur more than more than once a month. You

Holman (1h 31m 57s):

Should do that. That would be hilarious. I’ll do

Lightning (1h 31m 59s):

What’s Gail ranching about today? They happen in here. They happen in my office. Whatever. They start chemical engineering. Start recording it. And then his other question, you were reading a book right now. He asked about a book about forced induction. You told me just two days ago that you’re reading a book about turbos. You said it was kind of dense and hard to get through, but every night you’re like reading three pages of it. What

Gale (1h 32m 18s):

Is that? It’s a lot of math. It celebrates the birth of the turbocharge and all the, the guys that had to do with the turbocharge starting around 1890s through World War II and engineer who worked through World War II on turbocharging aircraft engines. It starts with a Dino test by General Electric who were building turbochargers in the thirties at the top of Pike’s Peak on a bed of a truck. Hmm. If you can imagine that the dynamometer, everything was on this truck better than being under the truck.

Gale (1h 33m 0s):

And I’d love to do an article on it. I probably will. Or a speed school on it. We can do what they did then and do it way better with a single instrument.

Lightning (1h 33m 16s):

Oh, the

Gale (1h 33m 17s):

I dash, the i dash single instrument. I’d love to show that. Cuz guys don’t get it. How powerful the I dash is. They just don’t get it.

Lightning (1h 33m 31s):


Gale (1h 33m 32s):

Is they can log a hundred channels of at one time. I mean, but what are those a hundred channels of data? I’m going through all these calculations, et cetera. You don’t need the math because you’ve got the empirical method to do

Lightning (1h 33m 49s):

It. It’s doing the math for

Gale (1h 33m 50s):

You. Yeah. With the data logger, what we call the i dash data monster. You got the whole instrument, not the sensors, but the instrument itself for under 500 bucks. I can’t, I don’t even know what the price of it is now.

Lightning (1h 34m 7s):

So it, it’s 4, 4 19.

Gale (1h 34m 8s):

Guys think of data at logging. They don’t think of the data they’re missing. See, the thing is, we compute new values, new things you, it’s new. New things you’ve never thought of. Like compressor efficiency. I mean, there’s nothing out there that computes compressor efficiency while you’re running in your car or truck. You can measure the density increase across the turbo, across the supercharger, across the charger, air cooler, all of them. How good are they? Or is somebody just <unk> you some things I got.

Gale (1h 34m 50s):

I gotta get the patent done before we talk about

Lightning (1h 34m 53s):

’em. The man has spoken. Apparently. I’ve got some work to do. Well,

Holman (1h 34m 57s):

You are gonna be busy.

Gale (1h 34m 58s):

It’s a pleasure. And thank you guys very

Lightning (1h 35m 1s):

Much. Wait, wait, hold on a second. You didn’t have, you talked about the book? What’s it called?

Gale (1h 35m 4s):

Oh, supercharging. The internal Combustion Engine is the name of the book. I think he started writing it in 46. I don’t know when published. 46, 47 48. Somewhere

Lightning (1h 35m 17s):

In there. Supercharging the internal combustion engine. Yeah. Okay. All right. There’s your book. Well, so Gail, I’m gonna kick you outta here because you have a meeting and, and if we cause you to miss it, then Kim, your assistant is going to be yelling at us, not a happy

Holman (1h 35m 31s):

Camper. And then next time my order Jersey mics for our meeting, she’ll get the order wrong despite me. Just because we made Gale

Gale (1h 35m 38s):

Two meeting. Oh, Jersey mics would be,

Lightning (1h 35m 39s):

That’s good. Freaking starving. Yeah.

Gale (1h 35m 42s):

I see somebody has some potato chips.

Lightning (1h 35m 44s):

You can have em if you want. Yep. Those, that’s from yesterday’s jersey. Mics didn’t get eaten.

Holman (1h 35m 48s):

Yes. You eat a lot of Jersey mics in.

Lightning (1h 35m 50s):

We did. Well cuz they delivered the right down the street. Yes.

Holman (1h 35m 52s):

All right. Well thanks for supporting the podcast and, and always being gracious enough to allow us some gale time because everybody appreciates the gae

Gale (1h 35m 60s):

Time. You know, it’s my pleasure.

Holman (1h 36m 1s):

It’s, it’s also my pleasure

Gale (1h 36m 2s):

And thank you.

Lightning (1h 36m 4s):

Yeah. Awesome.

Gale (1h 36m 5s):


Lightning (1h 36m 6s):

Out. All right, so that happened.

Holman (1h 36m 10s):

Yeah. That was awesome. Love when, when Gail checks in on the podcast. But now that our show is, I, how many hours do you think we’re at now?

Lightning (1h 36m 15s):

I all of them. That is a, I mean, here’s the thing is he’s got 80 some odd years

Holman (1h 36m 21s):

When you unleash him. He just goes

Lightning (1h 36m 23s):

Of of stories and he can’t contain them. And so when we ask him about entrepreneurship, in order for him to answer a question about entrepreneurship Yes, set it up. He has to set it up. Yeah. But then that six stories deep and now then we, then

Holman (1h 36m 36s):

We forgot what our

Lightning (1h 36m 38s):

Question was. Yeah.

Holman (1h 36m 38s):

So it’s really an US issue. I guess. It is. We can’t keep up with them

Lightning (1h 36m 41s):


Holman (1h 36m 42s):

Well, all right. Well I think the one thing we can keep up with, or at least we should, is our, our listeners. So why don’t we do some email. Okay.

7 (1h 36m 48s):

You email. Yeah, I email. Do it. We email. That’s everybody. Email. Type it up. You email proofread. I email. Send it. We email. Click it every email.

Lightning (1h 37m 4s):

Who’s going first? Say you or me. I’ll go first. All right.

Holman (1h 37m 8s):

Got this one from our friend Jordan. Scott says, Jordan Truck Show is number three. And I’m now the former Lightning. And he says, as in Truck list. Oh, Subhs and jus I’m a few

Lightning (1h 37m 20s):

Hubs and jus

Holman (1h 37m 21s):

Yeah. Yeah. Hub, what was it? Ha. Jubilee? No, it was Hubba and Jabi. Jabi. Jabi. I can’t

Lightning (1h 37m 27s):

Remember. Hubba, Bubba

Holman (1h 37m 27s):

And Jabi. Anyway, hubs and Jus is easier than Hubba. Bubba

Lightning (1h 37m 30s):

Shortened all that.

Holman (1h 37m 31s):

Yeah. I’m a few episodes behind in the podcast, but I’m still under the thumb of Sean’s former task masters. So I’ve known all about the Chi Chacha changes and I’m very excited about the future of the show and all the new ways you guys can find to peg that suckage meter. I was listening to episode 2 59 and was excited to hear that the Jordan Jordan edition, cuz one’s a Jordan. One’s a Jordan, the truck show podcast live from Lone Star Throwdown made it to number three most popular episodes of 22. But I take umbrage with Lightning’s comments. Jordan Mul Bower did a great job and I bet he could give the old Jai run for his money behind a hot mic. I was definitely the lightning in that particular pairing. It was too damn cold. Shots fired. And he says, but in sad news, during the California pompous torrential rains on January 14th, I was coming home from a mountain bike race in Fontana Hydroplaned on the 91 at the five and totaled my beloved Gen 3.2 ranger Moment of silence please.

Holman (1h 38m 25s):

10 and a half years, 110,000 miles of sea time. Four cross country moves, two there and back. Agains a marriage of divorce. Two repossessions man times are tough before coming to work for motor. And I lived a lot of life with that little truck and I’m very sad to say I don’t have the means to rebuild or give my good old boy Chuck New Life as a tube chassis, race car, or ohv of some kind. I’m physically somehow managed to sail across all three lanes, bounce off the center divider twice and miss or be missed by the thousands of other vehicles fighting for traction that day. The search begins for another proper truck, appropriate for my needs. So if you guys know anything cheap, I mean insurance payout minus a thousand dollars deductible for 180,000 mile, 18 year old truck with crank windows and manual door locks and engines like, oh, is that the actual incident?

Lightning (1h 39m 6s):

Yeah. Our microphones were there.

Holman (1h 39m 8s):

Actually, there’s about four more of those.

Lightning (1h 39m 10s):

Oh, I see. Gotta

Holman (1h 39m 11s):

Hit the other now get the other divider. Oh, that was the end. Yeah. Yeah. It’s tough.

13 (1h 39m 25s):

Oh, that’s the tow. That’s the tow truck that came to haul off the

Holman (1h 39m 29s):

Chuck car off the freeway. All right. Anyway, he says, you know, if, if you can find when Sheep Sean knows was find me Anyway, parameters always be mounted. And of course he says screeching tires to crash noise Drop Darth. No, it that horn

14 (1h 39m 44s):


Lightning (1h 39m 52s):


Holman (1h 39m 52s):

Ouch. This that about that is his mountain bike. Also, the rear tire got dented in his,

Lightning (1h 39m 57s):

Oh no.

Holman (1h 39m 57s):

Part of the accident. So both of his, he now he has to walk everywhere. He doesn’t have a bike anymore. Ah,

Lightning (1h 40m 1s):

This one’s from Brandon Clark. Hey guys. Brandon from Nebraska. I think you guys should call it the parts department rather than pod shed love the show and keep on trucking on. Hmm. No, don’t like that.

Holman (1h 40m 13s):


Lightning (1h 40m 14s):

Well, the parts department, I mean, I

Holman (1h 40m 17s):

Get, it’s funny, it should be the pods department.

Lightning (1h 40m 19s):

The pods department. Yeah.

Holman (1h 40m 20s):

It’s like a, it’s like a, A Boston way of saying parts. No,

Lightning (1h 40m 23s):

I don’t like

Holman (1h 40m 24s):

Its pods department. Nah, all Josh and Lindsay. Sure. Water. Say Hey, lighting and Holden, congrats on taking the show on as your own going forward and the positive attitude you’ve had through all the changes. Looking forward to hearing the new episodes while enjoying the lack of snow here in Ontario, Canada. Thought I’d take the boys out for a mountain bike ride today and had to send you this picture of a Hyundai Santa Cruz in the parking lot. Had to take a closer look at what the at edition was all about and had a pretty good laugh and knew right away had to send you guys a picture. Lovely honesty. The owner has Joshua Water. Yeah, buddy. And Mounted Perimeter. And he says, sends this picture here and it’s got a Hyundai Santa Cruz, and it looks like one of those four by four decals on the bed. And it says A, and when you look closer it says almost a truck.

Lightning (1h 41m 4s):

Oh, really? So it’s big.

Holman (1h 41m 5s):

A big a big T. And then tiny. Very

Lightning (1h 41m 9s):

Nice. Well, he asked for

15 (1h 41m 11s):

Yay Buddy.

Lightning (1h 41m 13s):

And a

16 (1h 41m 14s):

Mounted parameters.

Lightning (1h 41m 17s):

This one is from, I don’t know, SMD yacht. That’s all I can tell here. Oh, it’s from Dan. Hey, hardwood and light bar recently. Eli.

Holman (1h 41m 28s):


Lightning (1h 41m 29s):

Hardwood and light bar.

Holman (1h 41m 30s):

I don’t know which one’s better or worse.

Lightning (1h 41m 32s):

I don’t know. Cracks me up. Recently a listener wrote in asking which F-150 engine would be better, the five oh or the three five EcoBoost. In response, Sean mentioned that he would prefer the five oh for anything towing, in which Jay commented, if you were doing any real towing, why wouldn’t you just get the three liter duramax? Which in turn led to a discussion about why Ford guy would buy a Chevy just for the engine. Right. As a lifelong forward guy, I was recently in this very same position. I needed a new work truck. I would’ve preferred an F two 50 power stroke, but simply didn’t need that much truck for most of the time. As I only tow perhaps once a month at around 8,500 pounds. The rest of the time I’m running with only my tools and equipment in the backend cover around 25,000 mostly highway miles a year.

Lightning (1h 42m 19s):

So economy. And my use case says go with the half ton. So what do you think you bought,

Holman (1h 42m 27s):


Lightning (1h 42m 27s):

Don’t know, 22 Silverado with a three liter der max. He’s

Holman (1h 42m 30s):

Your, he’s your one guy. He’s

Lightning (1h 42m 31s):

The guy. I’ve never bought a GM truck swore he never would. Even my own mother was shocked. I mean, a ram would’ve been at least neutral ground, but a Chevy. How could I, well, I just couldn’t ignore that engine. Sadly, Ford doesn’t offer anything to compete. The lightning doesn’t cut it for my needs. Mine

Holman (1h 42m 48s):


Lightning (1h 42m 48s):

For my needs as a work truck, part-time tow rig. And the Ram Diesel has said it’s goodbyes. I’m still not a Chevy guy. And maybe I’m just getting older, but Logic made me buy the bow tie, keep the suckage low and manner those parameters. Yeah, buddy Don Hap.

Holman (1h 43m 3s):

So does Don love it? I need, does he say he loves it or you, you see, it sounds like I did it, but I don’t, I wanna know what the aftermath

Lightning (1h 43m 9s):

Of his decision. He

Holman (1h 43m 10s):

Doesn’t say here, Don, you gotta write his back. You have to know, like as a Ford guy, I wanna Ford versus GM truck comparison from the eyes of a Ford guy Truck Show

Lightning (1h 43m 19s):

PS j Uhoh, he’s pissed off because it’s my first name. Hmm. I’m not seeing a lot of love for the LM two on the bank site. Anything in the pipeline there. So the LM two is the three liter max.

Holman (1h 43m 31s):

Charles James Paris. I also wrote on her Facebook page, when is the tuner for the 2020 GMC Sierra three leader Duramax coming out from banks.

Lightning (1h 43m 42s):

Okay, here’s the thing with that.

Holman (1h 43m 46s):

Oh boy. We don’t have that much time.

Lightning (1h 43m 47s):

I’ll try and say it quickly. I don’t do anything quickly, but here it is. All right. We almost launched it a year and a half ago. It didn’t make the power that we wanted. And when that happened, we had to go back to the drawing board. And it turns out to make the power that we wanted, we couldn’t just add fuel and boost. We had to add timing and some other things. Well, that forced us to re-engineer the entire architecture of the Derringer tuner for the LM two. And now LZ Zero

Holman (1h 44m 11s):

Just came out with those mods from the factory. Essentially

Lightning (1h 44m 15s):

What came out with those mods? No,

Holman (1h 44m 17s):

The upgraded power.

Lightning (1h 44m 17s):

Yeah. But we’re still gonna add more than they’ve added. But

Holman (1h 44m 20s):

I’m just saying that that can’t help your case that GM said, oh, we found some extra power here from Factory.

Lightning (1h 44m 24s):

Yeah. That that act surprisingly, it doesn’t really affect us. Okay. So the new platform, and I’ve said this off and I’m not joking 500 times online because the LM two guys, man, do they want more power? Like seriously? Like all Yeah. Every, if I post anything about a Ford, a ram, anything vehicle related. Where’s the LM two tuner? Yep.

Holman (1h 44m 46s):

<unk> Yeah, they’re all, they’re up in your

Lightning (1h 44m 48s):

Grill. What made it worse is that a year and a half ago when I thought it was coming out, we said coming soon. And then when we paused it, one of our guys in engineering, Jeff Lee, said, oh, I think we’ve cracked it. We can do it with the existing hardware. Oh, awesome. And I released another freaking coming soon. And that pissed off a lot of people and I really believed it was coming soon. It’s not coming soon. It’s coming summertime at the soonest. It’s coming. It is coming guys. The new architecture is shared with the, with the new power stroke and the new Ram Cummins, it’ll all come out kind of at the same time. So your LM two and LZ zero tuner is coming.

Lightning (1h 45m 31s):

I promise. I just don’t know when.

Holman (1h 45m 34s):

Well, that’s a hell of a way to end the show. Another promise will break.

Lightning (1h 45m 39s):

Oh, we are known for breaking

Holman (1h 45m 40s):

Promises aren’t. We are. Oh,

Lightning (1h 45m 41s):

That’s Stink Truck show Write ups won’t you?

7 (1h 45m 45s):

The truck show? The truck show. The truck show.

Holman (1h 45m 50s):

Alright. You can hit us up on the socials at Truck Show podcast LBC Lightning, Sean p Holand, and of course we just give you the truck show podcast of But there’s also new emails if you wanna reach either of us

Lightning (1h 46m 4s):

Directly. No way.

Holman (1h 46m 5s):

Lightning truck show Say it

Lightning (1h 46m 8s):

As a so

Holman (1h 46m 8s):

And holeman truck show So if you have a 1 1 1

Lightning (1h 46m 12s):

More time, I didn’t get that

Holman (1h 46m 13s): and holman truck show So if you have something specific to either of us, you can reach us individually or of course the regular inbox is still there. Truck show podcast Of course Lightning. Tell them where they can leave a message.

Lightning (1h 46m 28s):

A five star hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Or simply go to at Truck Show Podcast on Instagram. Go to the profile and there’s a call button right there. Click it. It rings. It’s us. It’s a stinky old message from like 2, 3, 4, 5 years ago. It’s kind of funny. It’ll promise you. And you’ll leave a message that will make us smile or weep what the

Holman (1h 46m 54s):

Deal or chuckled.

Lightning (1h 46m 55s):

Hopefully it’ll make us emote. Please. But I’m

Holman (1h 46m 59s):

Saying emote. That is the, the dumbest word is it? You keep using emote. Oh, this company is made us emote. Oh, company’s whole thing is emote. Emote. That’s

Lightning (1h 47m 6s):

Just, when did I say that

Holman (1h 47m 8s):

Last? You said that about, I don’t know, Tesla or something. I think done something that’s made you

Lightning (1h 47m 12s):

Emote that,

Holman (1h 47m 13s):

I don’t know, whatever. Stupid apple

Lightning (1h 47m 15s):

Steve Jobs. Sure. That’s when I stop. So it’s twice in five years I’ve

Holman (1h 47m 18s):

Used the word. Yeah. So I’m trying to end. Is it right now at the at the pass? I’m

Lightning (1h 47m 22s):

Like, it’s it too swishy for you.

Holman (1h 47m 23s):

It’s weird. Yeah. I’m emo you listen, if you’re in emote it should be with alligators. Okay. Like, okay. Just

Lightning (1h 47m 30s):

Weird. I will not use that word anymore.

Holman (1h 47m 32s):

Where did, where did you hear it and then decide that you wanted to add it to your vernacular? Something happened where you went, that’s a great word. I’m start using that in Yeah. I’m gonna

Lightning (1h 47m 40s):

Start wording that you, I don’t do that. You know what? Do you listen to Ben Shapiro? Yes. Okay. So Ben Shapiro. I will, I listen three nights a week-ish. Okay. Or however, whenever he releases podcast. And it’s super obvious when he inserts a new word cuz he uses it four or five times. A show.

Holman (1h 47m 57s):

Sounds very

Lightning (1h 47m 58s):

Familiar. Just like me. Right? I know. And I don’t know where the words come from and I find a word and it just sticks and I use it and then I just jettison it. Well, you

Holman (1h 48m 5s):

Using it makes me emote.

Lightning (1h 48m 7s):

Oh, thank you. You’re welcome.

Holman (1h 48m 10s):

All right. The other thing that makes me emote is the Nissan Titan Xd because it saved the day yesterday.

Lightning (1h 48m 14s):

Now how are you allowed to use that word?

Holman (1h 48m 16s):

We might as well. I mean, we’ve already hit our quota for episode quota, so Yeah. I’m just trying to do the tie-in. So our Nissan Titan Xd saved the day, got rich from Hollister and his crew down to the new podcast studio, and they’re actually working on it right now. He sent me some pictures while we’re doing the show, which is super

Lightning (1h 48m 33s):

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Oh wait, can’t

Holman (1h 48m 34s):

Wait to get home. And yeah, we’ll be sooner than

Lightning (1h 48m 37s):

Later. Thank you Nissan. If you’re looking for a truck that can get lightning and Holman outta trouble, it’s the Nissan Titan of the Titan Xee five year, 100,000 mile warranty. It is the best in the business.

Holman (1h 48m 48s):

And of course, Mr. Gale Banks, thanks for stopping by the podcast today to, to hang out with us and share your pearls of wisdom. And also continuing to share lightning with us. He’s both a national treasure and Wait, I am. Or Galen. Yeah. No, no, you really, the fact that he would

Lightning (1h 49m 5s):

Share, hold on. That does not ring us.

Holman (1h 49m 6s):

The fact that he would share you with our podcast audience on a weekly basis is nothing short. Astonishing.

Lightning (1h 49m 11s):

He doesn’t like to,

Holman (1h 49m 12s):

But he did it anyway. And he, he’s still doing this. So thank you, Gail. Listen guys, there’s a ton of problems. I

Lightning (1h 49m 17s):

Feel super dirty. We’re recording the podcast during business hours right

Holman (1h 49m 21s):

Now. Yeah, but we did have him here, so I, we, we mitigated that. Okay. I think dodged a bullet. Oh, we’ll see when I

Lightning (1h 49m 27s):

Leave, no, the door closed and the blinds are, he

Holman (1h 49m 30s):

Won’t do it around me, but when I leave, you’re in trouble.

Lightning (1h 49m 32s):


Holman (1h 49m 32s):

Possible. He’s probably gonna flog you with like a supercharge belt or something. He actually wears a 12 rib supercharge belt as a belt. It’s incredible. So anyway. All right. Head over to banks There’s a ton of products for your truck, even some for your car. You wanna check out the pedal monster? The I dashed the monster Ram the Derringer. On and on and on. The beautiful thing about banks is the year make model search and find out everything banks offers for your vehicle. Right there. Go buy banks products and support the show. Or slide into Lightning’s dms.

Lightning (1h 50m 3s):

Yeah, cuz I can go around the man.

Holman (1h 50m 6s):

Is he listening? You might, you know why? Listen to this episode

Lightning (1h 50m 8s):

Too, Mike. I mean, no, I won’t go around the man. I have a, I’ve got a discount ordained by the man.

Holman (1h 50m 14s):

All right, I’m leaving now cause it’s getting awkward. See

Lightning (1h 50m 16s):

Damnit. The Truck Show podcast is a production of Truck famous llc. This podcast was created by Sean Homan and j Tillis with production elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.

17 (1h 50m 43s):

End of transcription