The Truck Show Podcast hosts welcome their inaugural in-studio guest to their new location, as Jerry Zaiden, co-founder of Camburg Engineering, joins the show. Zaiden discusses his company’s recent acquisition by Magnaflow and how this will influence the brand’s direction. Additionally, he candidly shares his dislikes regarding his new Ford Raptor R.



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Lightning (0s):

Sir, what do you think of the Truck show podcast? You can hear it Sucking. Ouch. Haven’t even started this episode yet.

Holman (7s):

That’s because what they heard was the Truck show podcast Lightning. Now that I’m on it.

Lightning (10s):

Oh really? Now’s better. It’s better. Better? Yeah. Oh really? So I add the Suckage Lord, the suckage. I can’t. It’s at maximum all the time. It’s pinned. Oh

Holman (19s):

Yeah. So nice having Dr. Pepper fridge. Thank you Jason Broom. I’ll forever love you. Oh, it’s so cold.

Lightning (27s):


Holman (28s):

Oh man. That’s good. On the throat. Lemme tell you. That’s

Lightning (31s):

What she said. All right. Well it is the Truck show podcast. I’m lighting. He’s wholeman. We’re in the, the, the pod shed as he calls it. I don’t like to, but that’s just what it seems to be. Are

Holman (42s):

You going, you just have to stop talking about the podcast.

Lightning (44s):

I, you know what, like you have a habit of talking about things you don’t like that you have to deal with and I’m gonna do the same thing.

Holman (49s):

Yeah. But people don’t want to hear you complaining about the podcast. This

Lightning (52s):

Will be the last time I talk about the place we’re sitting in doing the podcast.

Holman (57s):

Can I just, can I just bring something up here? Are

Lightning (1m 1s):

You gonna jump into email before we’ve even began the show?

Holman (1m 4s):

Yeah, actually I am. Okay. There’s a, there’s something in here. This one’s from Kelly Naman says, Hey, lighting Holman, just wondered if Lighting Spackled the new pod shed when it was built. And on your shirt ideas, lighting’s Walls, speckling service. Hopefully you remember the episode I’m referencing. Are y’all gonna have tall shirts? For those of us that need longer shirts? I hope you all do better job sending them out than you did when you first started the podcast. Mounter your parameters and five stars, Kelly Numan Mounter

2 (1m 31s):

Monitor Engine Parameters,

Lightning (1m 37s):

Up to a, up to a great start.

Holman (1m 38s):

Thank you. Kelly. Norman, I believe there might have even been a, a, a voicemail left on the five star hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 that may have referenced you and your pod shed hate. Really? Yeah.

Lightning (1m 52s):


3 (1m 54s):

Here we go. This is your deal. Jay. The Truck show podcast brought to you from the pod shed. The pod shed, the pod shed, the pa shed. And then you go on from there. It’s that easy. The pod shed is the place the Trucks show podcast from the pod shed. You got my voice?

Lightning (2m 21s):

Nope. Yep.

Holman (2m 22s):

Hey, listen, the listeners have spoken. I wanna make sure we get a couple of these in because I don’t know how long our, our, our interview’s gonna be. And we haven’t even talked about all the things that went on this week. You wired your tunnel cover finally after

Lightning (2m 34s):

A month. Love it. I love it. I know I talked about my E G R roll track in the last episode, guys, but I am telling you that no matter what roll top bed cover you’ve owned, it blows by comparison.

Holman (2m 50s):

I thought you were gonna say it blows them away.

Lightning (2m 52s):

The, I’m saying,

Holman (2m 53s):

You’re saying what they own blows in comparison. Yes. Not the EEG R one thing. You just,

Lightning (2m 58s):

I would I be this excited if it blew? Yes. No, I’m saying what they own blows by comparison.

Holman (3m 3s):

Okay. What you have is awesome. The

Lightning (3m 5s):


Holman (3m 6s):

In the lightning seal of approval.

Lightning (3m 7s):

It is epic. It is so well designed. It’s quiet, it’s sturdy.

Holman (3m 12s):

See, isn’t it fun when you have a guest who tells you all those things and then you’re like, okay, we’ll see. And then,

Lightning (3m 16s):

And it is, every guest wants us to believe that they make the greatest thing. Of course. Ever.

Holman (3m 21s):

Right. And

Lightning (3m 21s):

Now I wouldn’t be talking about it if it weren’t amazing, I would just not talk about it. I would say, Hey, thanks for EEG r for supplying a road track. And that’s all I would say. Okay. This is next level. The engineering, the Australians that designed this are mad scientists. All the drains all the way around the way it furs and unfurls. It’s very, very quiet. I can’t find anywhere where water could get in. I think that I should. So

Holman (3m 49s):

What you’re saying is you’re happy

Lightning (3m 50s):

Very much so. I’m willing to go inside, have you a

Holman (3m 54s):

Carwash. Yep. And drive through a you drive through

Lightning (3m 57s):

Carwash, you drive. Well, except the guys that expel would, would be upset because we promised the expel guys wouldn’t

Holman (4m 2s):

Go through a carwash touchless car wash.

Lightning (4m 4s):

Even still they’re using, we don’t know what detergents they’re using and all that stuff. But I wanna put something that’s valuable in the back. Yeah. And then have you there with mepr it down with a pressure

Holman (4m 14s):

Washer. You know what, I should cover the entire bed in Kool-Aid powder. And then that way if it leaks, it just turns into a red cherry Kool-Aid mess. And if it doesn’t No, you just blow it out with a

Lightning (4m 24s):

Blower. Don’t be sticky. It was gross. No, I don’t want that.

Holman (4m 27s):

It’s a full thing. Full of powder.

Lightning (4m 29s):


Holman (4m 29s):

Would be funny. Powdered Kool-Aid. Yeah, it would

Lightning (4m 30s):

Be fun. It would be funny, but it would be super sticky forever.

Holman (4m 33s):

Well, I just got back from pre-running in the desert with a, a client of used

Lightning (4m 36s):

For culture. I know. And thank you for it inviting me. I appreciate that.

Holman (4m 39s):

I told you that wasn’t a lightning thing. That was a work thing. Lightning, yeah. And I may have gotten a fly by from Dave, the founder of a v was out flying his plane and said, Hey, I just saw you were needles. I’ll, I’ll come by and find you. And he came by and, you know, flew around with this plane and that was pretty good.

Lightning (4m 59s):

So he was already in the air.

Holman (5m 1s):

He was, well he was staying out in Henderson and he’s been taking his, his plane out and flying it around the desert and stuff. And so he’s hit me up a few times. Hey, some, what are some of those? Desert, cool Patent desert training center. So I’ve ga gave him some points of interest to go find in his plane while he is out putting around. So he wanted to go flying so he didn’t have any particular destination. So he found the bright red Jeep in the middle of the trail in the Mojave Desert.

Lightning (5m 24s):

So he buzzed you?

Holman (5m 26s):

I’m not gonna say that he buzzed me.

Lightning (5m 28s):

Oh, is that

Holman (5m 29s):

Illegal? Yes. That’s illegal. No, he, he did a flyby and he waved

Lightning (5m 33s):

At whatever the legal minimum altitude is.

Holman (5m 35s):

Yes. 501 feet. I see. A hundred percent correct. Okay. So it was, that was kind of fun. So that was the, the maiden voyage did 200 miles off road in that thing.

Lightning (5m 45s):

You know what you need? Hmm. EEG

Holman (5m 47s):

R roll track. No, no I don’t. That’s right. A jeep. All I’m saying is 200 miles. That thing was sublime. It was so good. Like I loved everything about my old V6 Jeep. Yeah. This is just next level, the power. They, you literally loaf for long at the trail, like, you know, 1500 RPMs. Like it doesn’t care. It just does its thing. I didn’t even, I think

Lightning (6m 11s):

That’s what you say the last time. It’s Jeep Don’t care.

Holman (6m 13s):

Jeep don’t care. It just goes. And if I wanted to go fast, I’d go fast. If I wanted to go slow, it felt like a marshmallow. It just soaked everything up. All the different modes off-road plus where you can take off your sway bar and four high and it just so, so awesome. And I was leading a group of vehicles from a company that loves our podcast. Really? And I’ll tell more about it next month cuz I’m gonna be doing some stuff out with this particular company.

Lightning (6m 39s):

How much do they love us enough to be partners?

Holman (6m 43s):

They presenting partner

Lightning (6m 44s):

Sponsorship. Yeah. Yeah, buddy. Yeah, buddy. It’s what I’m saying.

Holman (6m 49s):

Yeah. It was awesome. So had a chance to see a particular mid-size pickup truck in, in action, out on the trail. And wait

Lightning (6m 57s):

A particular mid-size pickup truck.

Holman (6m 59s):

All right, well speaking of mid-size pickup trucks, offroad with companies that love the podcast, we have to thank our friends over at

Lightning (7m 5s):

Nissan. Yes, we do.

Holman (7m 6s):

For presenting the show to you. If it weren’t for Nissan, we probably wouldn’t have lasted. Geez. Our five-year anniversary’s coming up in like three weeks. Can you

Lightning (7m 14s):

Believe that? What do we do to celebrate our five-year anniversary? I

Holman (7m 16s):

Have no, I built a pod yet. But

Lightning (7m 18s):

Is this for you? Like

Holman (7m 19s):

This is, this is my, this is my homage

Lightning (7m 21s):

To you. No, it’s not. Yeah, absolutely. No, this is your man cave. Everyone knows that this is your excuse to make a man cave. I

Holman (7m 26s):

How is this a man cave? It has microphones and computer equipment.

Lightning (7m 29s):

It looks like it’s studio, but acts like a man cave. Why?

Holman (7m 32s):

Cuz there’s a 42 inch TV on the wall and

Lightning (7m 34s):

It sound system and a cigar lounge. Cool.

Holman (7m 36s):

Like I wish there’s a cigar line. I’m supposed to be

Lightning (7m 38s):

Great. You need a humidor. You need a fire humid, A humidor

Holman (7m 42s):

Humidor. There’s gonna be a whiskey over in this corner though. I gotta find the right, the the right

Lightning (7m 47s):

Piece. We do need whiskey in here. I don’t drink whiskey, but I will start.

Holman (7m 50s):

Oh, okay. I’ll then we may introduce you to a new bottle of whiskey each week.

Lightning (7m 54s):

If you can teach me the differences, I would be very

Holman (7m 57s):

Appreciative. Then there’s gonna be a whiskey shelf right over here.

Lightning (7m 60s):

I’d also like to invite some of our friends from Nissan to and some whiskey

Holman (8m 4s):

Drinking. I would love for our friends. You know Colin Price or Dan Pass or Brian Brockman? Or

Lightning (8m 10s):

Don’t they have offices out here?

Holman (8m 11s):

No, they’re in Tennessee. Well then they used to have offices out here, but they come out here. We should have Janelle g Grigsby. She’s our, our Nissan West Coast rep. She did whiskey

Lightning (8m 20s):

With us. I’ll pick her up from the airport.

Holman (8m 21s):


Lightning (8m 22s):

Lives here. Oh, hold that.

Holman (8m 23s):

Even better. Even better. I’ll

Lightning (8m 24s):

Pick her up from her house.

Holman (8m 24s):

Did you see was still in the driveway? Yes. The Titan,

Lightning (8m 28s):

The Platinum Reserves still hanging out, taking up a space in, in Holden’s four car wide driveway.

Holman (8m 34s):

Yeah. Yeah.

Lightning (8m 35s):

It’s still here. Must be nice driving.

Holman (8m 37s):

It goes back this week. Sure.

Lightning (8m 39s):

You said it was going back last week.

Holman (8m 40s):

I, I might have to go down to the local Nissan dealer afterwards though, and pick myself up something because I’m gonna miss it that much.

Lightning (8m 47s):

What would you buy? Would you buy another, would you fill it with a Titan or

Holman (8m 50s):

Frontier? Now you get Frontier, you would? Yeah. Okay. Just a round town truck. Just something, something basic simple to, to, you know, put miles on. Yeah. Frontier would be perfect. I don’t need a big old truck. I just need a, I I miss having a pickup truck. I miss, I I will miss just being able to toss stuff back. But, but I have you.

Lightning (9m 7s):

You’ll be fine. You miss guys going, Hey Homan, I need to move a couch.

Holman (9m 12s):

No, don’t miss that. No, that’s, that’s, that’s

Lightning (9m 15s):

True. That is something that happens when you buy a truck. All right. Well, and if you buy a Nissan, it will carry all that stuff. I was gonna say

Holman (9m 20s):

Very, very well. If you’re the guy who likes to help your friends move couches and big screen TVs and mulch, then definitely go down to your local Nissan dealer or head over to nissan where you can build and price a Nissan Frontier Titan. Or Tighten Next d If your dreams, of course, the Titan and Tighten Next come with the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Lightning (9m 37s):

If you’re stuck with a truck that just won’t get out of its own way, you might need to look at a bank’s pedal. Monster Bank’s Pedal Monster is a throttle sensitivity controller that gets rid of your turbo lag. When you step down on the pedal, you want it to feel like it’s cable actuated, but it just isn’t. The OEMs design the pedals so it responds the way they wanted to respond, but not the way that you want it to respond. With the pedal monster, you remap the pedal to give you the response that you want. Head over to banks Type in your year, make and model to find one for your truck.

Holman (10m 8s):

And then you guys may have seen a slightly more pervasive Truck Show podcast, a social presence slightly. That’s because of our friends at Full Moon Digital who are helping us out to get the new Truck Show podcast company off the ground. They’re

Lightning (10m 21s):

Also experts at search engine optimization. You’ve heard the term seo. What does that mean? They go through and make sure that your website can be found when people are looking for what you sell. Do you want to be at the top of the search results? They can make that happen. Look ’em

Holman (10m 36s):

All right. Lighting. Before you play the intro, I’ve got some breaking news for you.

4 (10m 42s):

This just in Yep. For the Truck show podcast, world headquarters of the pod shed in Huntington Beach, California. I didn’t know we had a world headquarters. Yeah, we did. Okay. Sean

Holman (10m 51s):

Holman’s neighbors.

4 (10m 53s):

The most awful humans in the world are moving. No way. Yeah. What,

Lightning (10m 59s):

Tell me more. Did

Holman (11m 0s):

You see the for sale side and the open house going on this

Lightning (11m 2s):

Door? No. I raced right in

Holman (11m 3s):

Here. Dude. They, they put their house up for sale this week and Oh,

Lightning (11m 6s):

I, I did see two family. I figured they’re throwing a party, people walking in and outta the front

Holman (11m 10s):

Door. No, the pod shed is what pushed ’em over the edge. I had neighbors coming up congratulating me for the world’s worst neighbors finally moving away. So

Lightning (11m 17s):

They want to be Pod she

Holman (11m 18s):

Free, they wanna be pod shed free. So it might have, here’s the thing, if it weren’t for my previous employer laying me off and forcing me to build a pod shed in my backyard, I may still have to live next to the world’s worst neighbors.

Lightning (11m 30s):

Dude, you’re so excited.

Holman (11m 31s):

I’m so lucky. I’m blessed.

Lightning (11m 32s):

Your wife’s gotta be stoked as hell.

Holman (11m 34s):

Everybody’s happy. Ah,

Lightning (11m 36s):

It’s just,

Holman (11m 37s):

It’s so freeing.

Lightning (11m 38s):

Wow. You guys do, you can’t see what I’m looking at. He’s glowing.

Holman (11m 41s):

It’s been, it’s been a really rough five years.

Lightning (11m 43s):

You know what? Here I’m just pause for a second. Yeah. Take his swig off your Dr. Pepper and enjoy this moment. Congrats my friend.

6 (11m 54s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what the truck cause truck runs with <unk> the truck show. We have the Lifted, we have the Than everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa.

7 (12m 26s):

It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

Lightning (12m 31s):

Now Homan, I feel kind bad because Jerry’s just standing outside the pot chat door looking in like a, a lost puppy dog. Should we bring him in?

Holman (12m 39s):

That’s not his lost puppy dog. Look, that’s his. Why am I here on a Sunday talking to you two? Look,

Lightning (12m 44s):

I, I just sold my company and

Holman (12m 46s):

Yeah. I don’t need this in my life anymore.

Lightning (12m 48s):

Jerry, come in. Jerry Zaden from Can Engineering in the house

Holman (12m 55s):

In the Shed.

Lightning (12m 56s):

Yeah. In the shed. That’s the only time I’m gonna do that. Everyone hates that.

Holman (13m 2s):

Oh, Jerry’s hat my bell. He’s the first guest to ever hit my

Lightning (13m 4s):

Bell. He rang your bell. What?

Jerry (13m 6s):

Hey, it’s on my side of the table. It’s behind your laptop. That’s true. He’s got this full digital I know you like his sound effects machine at,

Holman (13m 13s):

I think it’s like Simon says

Jerry (13m 14s):

Over there and I got the ring for Service Bell like,

Holman (13m 17s):

And nobody and nobody’s coming.

Jerry (13m 18s):

Yeah. No one’s

Lightning (13m 19s):

Coming. That is usually like, you know, hot chick or that type of thing is that’s what that bell is. Or, or like No, it’s good news. No,

Jerry (13m 27s):

Take my order bell.

Holman (13m 28s):

That bell is for when somebody blasts you on email and then I’m excited

Lightning (13m 32s):

About It’s that too. That’s, which happens quite often. Sadly.

Holman (13m 35s):

So. So Jerry is a, well let’s see. We haven’t had you on since the beginning of the show, which is like five years ago now. And you’re in HP Local and we’re in HB and

Lightning (13m 44s):


Holman (13m 44s):

Have to something have big news that just happened.

Lightning (13m 46s):

Yeah. But we’re gonna get to the big news. Yeah. That’s big news. Can you believe that? We’re still doing it five years later. Like seriously.

Jerry (13m 51s):

It is pretty wild. You know, podcast.

Holman (13m 55s):

You saw us when we were little baby podcasters.

Jerry (13m 57s):

Yeah. Like we drove into Santa Ana down an alley and down the street

Holman (14m 1s):

Passed a bunch of people on crack

Jerry (14m 3s):

Dealers. Yep. Yeah. I’m like, I think they, I think the Walking Dead extras are like hanging out.

Holman (14m 7s):

This is way better than the old, old studio, right?

Jerry (14m 10s):

Yeah. This is actually my old stomping grounds. Like if you just go down Edwards to the hill. Yep. I lived right at the bottom of that hill back in the wetlands. Yep. And I had friends in this neighborhood and

Holman (14m 20s):

My wife used, so my parents where I grew up is spring down Slater. Oh, okay, cool. So I was right, right down there. One track north of basically all the wetland houses.

Jerry (14m 26s):

Yeah. My wife used to teach across Hele there at Spring View. Yep.

Holman (14m 29s):

There you

Lightning (14m 29s):

Go. So small world in Huntington. I

Holman (14m 31s):

Know this is a little microcosm of automotive if you don’t know, I mean there’s so many companies that are along this little stretch in hb. There’s a gazillion little automotive places.

Lightning (14m 40s):

Oh, so this is not me being California pompous. This is now

Holman (14m 43s):

You This is No, no, this is me being HB pompous. I see. Yeah. You’re from the L bbc. We don’t care. Oh, you’re on the other side of the orange curtain.

Lightning (14m 48s):

My man Jerry was in the L B C earlier today at the quarantine cruise. Is that right?

Jerry (14m 52s):

Yeah. Yeah. I went to the first stop. I stayed in the Orange County side at SoCo.

Lightning (14m 58s):

Oh, oh, oh wait, you didn’t go to LB X over

Jerry (14m 59s):

There? No, we went to church this morning. You poer? Yeah, I know, I know. I brought one of my, I just bought a new vintage ride. I took that there. My son picked up a Bronco. I got a 95 Porsche nine 11 that like total

Lightning (15m 13s):

I saw that at, at Super

Holman (15m 14s):

Car Jerry. Yeah,

Jerry (15m 15s):

Yeah, yeah. And it’s funny cuz I’m always scouring Craigslist and I’m like, oh this is too good to be true but I’m gonna call on it. Yeah. And it was part of an estate sale and there you go. 28,000 miles on a 95 Porsche last. Excuse me.

Lightning (15m 30s):

Yeah, exactly. And it was beat up from the feet up or not.

Jerry (15m 32s):

No, it’s beautiful. Black on black.

Holman (15m 34s):

So that would be 9 93, right? Correct. So 9 93 is the last of the air cooled nine elevens. And to me that’s the best out of all of ’em because you had just enough modern touches to it and comfort. But it was still everything. It’s the same size as the original nine 11. Like basically the body shell stayed the same all those years had a more powerful engine, was still air cooled. And it’s still, it’s classically Porsche when you to the 9 96 s, everything kind of got bigger and, and you’ve got a later generation Porsche. You got a what? A GT two.

Jerry (16m 1s):

It’s a 9 92 GT three, GT three. It’s the newest GT

Lightning (16m 4s):

Three. And that was got all the accuc

9 (16m 6s):

Marema that you will need

Holman (16m 7s):

A crema. So my point on that is the Porsche purists kind of stop at the 9 93, although I think most of ’em have come around. You’ve got both now, which is awesome cuz you’ve got the old school represented and you’ve got the literally the state of the art. And man the new Porsches are freaking unbelievable.

Jerry (16m 26s):

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, way too much for the street, honestly. I mean you, I get asked all the time, which one do you like better? And I’m like, well I had a 9 64. Those are badass. And then this 9 93 is really perfect. Like if you’re gonna buy one, that’s the one you spend the money, just buy a nine 90.

Holman (16m 38s):

But they’re so expensive now. Like people know in 96, I mean you’re looking at 20 plus years old now. I mean that’s it’s classic car territory. And those are the cars we grew up with. I mean I was, that’s why he

Lightning (16m 50s):

Took it to the quarantine cruise. It’s classic cars.

Jerry (16m 53s):


Holman (16m 53s):

Yeah. But I’m, I’m just saying that finding those things now is, before it was like, oh it’s, you know, we all want the new water cooled bigger, more comfortable horses now everybody’s like oh 9 93. Like the, it’s, it’s like the Land Cruiser 80 series. Like the last of 60 series or even 60 series. Yeah.

Jerry (17m 10s):

It’s like really like same era. And what’s wild is when you look at production numbers, even modern day, like right now, Porsche globally sells 250,000 vehicles.

Holman (17m 21s):

Man Port sells 800,000 F-series bikes

Jerry (17m 23s):

For example. Yeah. Like a million F-series trucks in a year. Toyota sells, you know, way more Camrys than Porsche sells around the whole world, right?

Holman (17m 31s):

Yeah. The entire manufacturing.

Jerry (17m 33s):

Yeah. And so, you know the, there’s just something about nineties cars kind of coming back as good. Yeah. Where like eighties cars were kind of,

Holman (17m 44s):

So it’s funny, it’s like an era, right? Yeah. Funny you say that. So like the, the really late seventies, 78, 79 and then most of the eighties up to till maybe 87, 88, I think there’s some 88 80 nines that get a pass. But I think because of smog pumps, smog regulation, they weren’t super powerful. Well

Jerry (18m 2s):

Let’s be real. It’s the government effed it up.

Holman (18m 4s):

Oh. Oh for sure. That’s just what it’s, so people have kind of leapfrogged the eighties and now all the nineties, especially the JDM stuff like super turbos

Jerry (18m 12s):

Are I used to work on those.

Holman (18m 13s):

Those things are off the charts in terms of money now. Oh,

Jerry (18m 16s):

They’re like a hundred grand at least. Yeah. When I worked at Rod Miller Motorsport, like 93, 94, that era, RX sevens, super turbos all tracks. Celica, turbos,

Holman (18m 27s):

I integr type R you get the civic sis. I mean all that stuff is starting to get really expensive and there’s just something And then of of course the mini truck scene from that era too. Right. So you get the Toyota trucks, the hard bodies

Jerry (18m 39s):

Toyota trucks are coming back hard. Yeah. Like I would love to find an extra cab four cylinder stick shift, like a 90 to 95

Holman (18m 47s):


Jerry (18m 48s):

Then do it. Right. 95 stock rims, tires, some shocks. That’s it. No

Lightning (18m 52s):


Holman (18m 53s):

Teddy bear Renos

Jerry (18m 54s):

Does. Yeah. Only if they’re teddy bear. Oh my

Lightning (18m 56s):

God. We were talking about, you know Scott Birdsall, he owns Old Smokey, the Cummins powered 19 what? What year is his f1?

Holman (19m 4s):


Lightning (19m 4s):

49. 49, right? 49. He wa he’s got the, the high peak Pikes Peak record for FA Quickest Diesel up the hill. Oh wow. And then last year he took his LAMA prototype car, which is an EcoDiesel powered Yeah. Three liter. Yeah. Three liter out of like a Ram or a Jeep. Wow. And this year he’s going back with that same Lama prototype. Supercharged twin, turbo EcoDiesel.

Holman (19m 26s):

But he’s doing a land speed record’s. Why I brought it up a super supercab Toyota with the two Jay-Z in it. Oh, very cool. Yeah. So that thing that thing’s super ratted. And

Jerry (19m 35s):

Will it have a to cover?

Holman (19m 36s):

I don’t know. He’s got a rendering on. It’ll be interesting to see. See

Lightning (19m 39s):

I don’t think he’s doing a to on it.

Holman (19m 40s):

Yeah. I mean that thing’s probably gonna get gutted and tubed and all that. I don’t know what class he’s in, so I’m not sure. But

Jerry (19m 44s):

That’s back to that debate

Lightning (19m 45s):

On the, it’s kind of

Jerry (19m 46s):

A what gets better gas

Holman (19m 47s):

Mileage to cover. Cover or tailgate down Down. Yeah. Yeah.

Lightning (19m 51s):

Probably a tunnel. Oh, tailgate down. We know doesn’t,

Jerry (19m 53s):

But I think he’s

Lightning (19m 54s):

Tailgate down. That was the biggest BOGOs city

Jerry (19m 55s):

Ever. I think so. So this’ll be the test, right? Yeah. Because he’ll be like, oh I went five miles an hour faster this way. Yeah. And then, you know, then

Holman (20m 3s):

You know for sure,

Jerry (20m 3s):


Lightning (20m 4s):

I mean someone knows somewhere Toyota or someone put that in a wind tunnel and they know. But like the whole tailgate down thing, I just, I

Holman (20m 11s):

But they sold, sold, sold a lot of tailgate nets. Think of the dude, the dude who came up the tailgate net. It’s a flow through tailgate. That dude’s rich today. Or he did like a lot of lines of coke or something back in the nineties. What’s

Lightning (20m 22s):

The brand? I It’s got the, the horns on

Holman (20m 26s):

The back. No, it was gator net or something, wasn’t it?

Jerry (20m 27s):

Yeah. That was one of

Holman (20m 28s):

’em. Yeah. At least that’s what I remember being around here.

Jerry (20m 31s):

I remember back in the day, right, we had Dixie Pack offroad and

Lightning (20m 35s):


Jerry (20m 35s):

Oh wow. People would get the, the lights and their little like, what is it, the bed stiffeners. Oh yeah, yeah. Like they would have it all decked

Holman (20m 43s):

Out. If you’re gonna drip your truck, you gotta stiffen up the bed so they don’t collapse outward

Jerry (20m 47s):

On you. Yeah. So you’re drilling holes

Holman (20m 49s):


Lightning (20m 49s):

Out. Well cause the, the tailgate oftentimes would just come open. Yeah.

Holman (20m 53s):

You’d hit a bump and the tailgate would just

Lightning (20m 54s):

Flop. Right. Kinda like the new Ram trucks because there’s a recall on this. This right now the tailgate just comes out.

Holman (21m 1s):

Has yours

Lightning (21m 1s):

Done that cargo? No, but I have the recall. Oh, nice. Yep. Sitting on my desk at home. I gotta take it

Holman (21m 5s):

In recall notice. Recall notice you haven’t, you haven’t done it yet. No, I have not. Yeah,

Lightning (21m 10s):


Holman (21m 10s):

Take it in. So we just had a listener send us an email a couple days ago and he has a, I think he, it was a Toyota extra cab, probably like late eighties. And he’s like, thanks to the show I’m redoing it. And he had, I wanna say it was something like a two inch spindle lift or something. He’s gonna lower it. He goes, I’ve never had a lowered car but I’ve already, he’s got a Chevy Z two with a bunch of AAV stuff for Overland. He goes, I already have my off-road vehicle. I wanna slam the Toyota now and kind of relive the mini. I was like, right on dude. That’s awesome. So

Lightning (21m 37s):

Jerry, you would get one to just leave it stock? Or would you like

Jerry (21m 40s):

Four wheel drive? Yeah, like extra cab four cylinder, four wheel drive

Holman (21m 44s):

Back to the future truck.

Jerry (21m 45s):

No, next generation. Okay. Because that was the eighties. This like 89. Oh

Holman (21m 48s):

Yeah. Yeah. Cause you went the round.

Lightning (21m 50s):

Yeah. Way better.

Jerry (21m 51s):

Way better. So my first truck was an 89. I call it the gardener truck, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s like the standard cab like, like all the mini trucks.

Holman (21m 57s):

You remember the mini trucks that are one tons. The Toyota one tons.

Jerry (21m 59s):

Yeah. The longed.

Holman (22m 0s):

I had one of those at Norm re’s Honda as a parts driver. Nice. And it had, he had a two re in it with, I think it was 500,000 miles. And that thing sounded like a diesel but it started up every day. Yeah. They

Jerry (22m 12s):

Drove it all time. Timing change. Yep. It’s easy. But yeah, the four cylinder, you and I’d want it kind of manual, like roll up windows, push door locks have to be extra cab. But you get the manual shift into four high, four load manual gearbox like a five.

Holman (22m 26s):

And Toyotas are always cool because you sat on the floor and your feet were out in front of you like this. Cause you’re super low and you’re almost race car. Yeah. It’s like a lifted sports car. And I always thought it was weird wheeling those cuz you’re like the position, you’re not like upright in a couch. You’re like just you’re laid out in it.

Jerry (22m 40s):

Yeah. It’s just like a land cruiser, like that era. And so it’s like 89 to the first half of 95. And then 95 and a half was the Tacoma launch, which changed. Right. So

Holman (22m 50s):

Although you, you don’t want the, or maybe it was the, the No it was the last version of the rounded Toyota trucks that didn’t have a name. I think it was 94 95 had the third brake light on the cab. Remember they just added that little, it looked like a big zip sitting on the top of that. That truck was so good and it’s like, oh now it’s got the third brake light on top.

Jerry (23m 8s):

Yeah. They added that little plastic thing above the center of the

Lightning (23m 11s):

Yeah. Now would you go get the alpine of the era, the 76 18 or whatever it was back in 95. So it matched the truck

Jerry (23m 19s):

A hundred percent. Yeah. And what’s cool about the four wheel drive truck is they came up the double din. Yeah.

Holman (23m 24s):


Jerry (23m 24s):

The little pocket under the stereo. So back in the day, like put your wallet

Holman (23m 28s):

Or your CDs.

Jerry (23m 28s):

Yeah, well I had the extra cab two wheel drive truck and I had it all full of wolfers and stereo and stuff. That was kind of my first in the automotive industry was, I’ll make a long story, very short. So my first truck

Lightning (23m 41s):

Is, we like long stories by the way. No,

Holman (23m 42s):

I was gonna say that’s funny cuz we do the same thing but the opposite.

Lightning (23m 45s):

We make short stories. Short stories long. Yes. Okay.

Jerry (23m 48s):

So I got this 89 Toyota pickup truck. Total surprise. You know, I guess it’s only child privilege, right? So my parents, I thought I was getting my dad’s, what was it, a Oldsmobile Cutler, Sierra bro. 1985 and steering wheel with your finger. Yeah. Like so easy. And I’m like, hey, I could put, it’s got rails. I could put surf racks on the roof. I’m good. Like I didn’t even really care. Right. I’m like, eh, cool, whatever. I’d like a truck, but whatever. Well my birthday’s in January for Christmas. I got a stocking and then the stocking was a key to a Toyota key. And I’m like, oh what’s this? We got you a new truck. And I’m like, no way. That’s where we

Lightning (24m 25s):

Use the bell by the way. Yeah, that’s

Jerry (24m 27s):

The bell. And so it was pretty dope. I was like, I was not what color white,

Lightning (24m 31s):

By the way.

Jerry (24m 32s):

Blue vinyl

Lightning (24m 32s):

Seed. You have carried that tradition to your kids who have gotten some pretty cool first cars.

Jerry (24m 36s):

Yeah, but I did it a little differently. Right. So with my son it was like, whatever you save, I’m gonna match. And so he, he wanted a manual, which was great. So he got a manual, high mileage, Tacoma loved it, flipped it, got another one flipped. Ooh. So he’s

Lightning (24m 51s):

Got my, no you mean like flipped it for sale? Not actually flipped it in the desert. No,

Jerry (24m 54s):

No not rolling. Okay.

Lightning (24m 55s):


Jerry (24m 56s):

It. The sale thing anyway.

Lightning (24m 58s):

Because you would’ve been pretty flipping. Hey, flipped it over and Joshua Tree and then he got

Jerry (25m 2s):

Him another one and yeah. Jumped it 10. Yeah. Right. So I got this new truck, no stereo, no air conditioning, nothing. Right? It was just strip like vinyl floor, vinyl seat, roll up windows. Then for my birthday it was like, Hey, you know we’re gonna buy you a stereo. And so they gave me like a, whatever it was, 300 bucks or five, whatever it was, which was a ton of money back then. Sure. So I go to Henry’s Auto Sound on beach.

Lightning (25m 26s):

Oh my god. I love Henry’s. Yes. Right.

Jerry (25m 30s):

I knew one of the guys that worked there because the roller rink was a really popular thing. And that guy hung out there and he’s like, oh, come in, we’ll take care of you and get you a little bit of a deal. So I go in and I could either get the tape deck, pull out,

Lightning (25m 41s):

See it with

Jerry (25m 41s):

You. Yeah. Two pioneer speakers in the door installed.

Lightning (25m 45s):

Six by nines?

Jerry (25m 46s):

No like no, six and

Lightning (25m 47s):

Half rounds. Six and half round. Oh

Jerry (25m 48s):

Because I had wing windows so they could fit the six. Oh there you go. If you didn’t have wing windows, you

Lightning (25m 52s):

Then, then you could put anything. If you put a step out, like an inch and a half, you know, riser all the way around

Jerry (25m 57s):

It. This is pre step

Lightning (25m 58s):

Out. Okay.

Jerry (25m 59s):

So the, the guys like would use, you know, MDF or particle. Oh yeah. Build like anyways. Or I could do CD player but I had to install it myself. And I’m like, I really like techy stuff. So like I’m like I can’t go tape and I need cd. It’s better. Right? Yeah. It’s, so I bought the CD player and they drew a little schematic like this color wire goes there and double check these wires with the battery, a nine volt battery and it’ll pop the speakers and you can kind of hear it. Sure. So I figured it out. I, I literally used a sta I took the stencil and stencil it where I’m drilling the thing and I double checked behind and I used a steak knife to cut the door

Lightning (26m 40s):


Jerry (26m 41s):

Okay. Which is really compressed.

Holman (26m 42s):

Like Yeah. It’s just like particle board, cardboard particle

Jerry (26m 45s):

Board. Right. It worked, it took me a while, almost sliced off a finger. But hey, got speakers in the doors, it worked. And I got the stereo in there. Same thing. I had to cut the plastic so it was a singled in thing. So I’m going back to my doubled. Doubled in.

Lightning (26m 58s):


Jerry (26m 59s):

So I had that truck and then my friend’s older brother, he had a, like an 83 Toyota four by and they put like four eight inch roofers behind the backseat. I’m like, oh well I want roofers now. So, you know, I had a job, I actually worked at breakfast in the park down the street. Oh yeah. Flipping page still there and stuff. Yeah. And so, you know, I made a little bit of money back then, so I saved up and bought a Sano 50 50 amp from Henry’s. Cuz they love those for some reason they love those

Lightning (27m 27s):

God Sano sucked balls. But that was not that amp. The amp, yeah that amp was cool. There was some,

Holman (27m 33s):

You gotta have one signature product that gets you, you know, that you put your effort into so that your name is good and then they’ll buy all the rest of the crap that you make.

Jerry (27m 40s):

So anyways, I, I get this in the truck, get some roofers now I’m five four and a 1 0 5 on my driver’s license. And I lied. So I was tiny. The truck worked great. Then all of a sudden I grew and I’m six, almost six three now. So I’m driving this truck where I built a box behind the seat where like it was like the front of it and the sides. And then it was kind of fiberglass to the back of the cab and there was no wood on the back. But that’s like what you did on a little slant.

Lightning (28m 9s):

Did you glass it yourself?

Jerry (28m 10s):

I did dude. So I had a neighbor. Yeah I had a neighbor. Glasswork surf. Surf world like Huntington. Well

Holman (28m 15s):

I was gonna say it was probably had to be a surfboard guy then had the materials and stuff.

Jerry (28m 18s):

Right. And then we got the Pink Panther home insulation and stuff in there. And then yeah, I had two eights and a little Sano. 50 50. If

Holman (28m 25s):

Only you knew where that truck was today. It’d be interesting. See, would you buy lasted? Could the test of time,

Jerry (28m 29s):

You know, it’d be interesting to see what that truck would look like today. Yeah, I bet you it’s so, it’s it’s gone. Yeah. It has to be gone. Those none of those

Lightning (28m 36s):

Things. And and if it’s not

Holman (28m 37s):

Gone, it’s in Mexico, it’s, it would be. So most of ’em have gotten stolen and they take ’em down to Mexico cuz the US trucks are, you know, easy to acquire. Yeah. And then get rid of.

Jerry (28m 46s):

So I had that for a minute. Then I got an extra cab truck. So I’m like, now I’m working now

Holman (28m 52s):

I’ve got room for your legs.

Jerry (28m 53s):

I got, well let’s be real. I had room for

Lightning (28m 56s):

Roofers. Yep, exactly right. Cab.

Holman (28m 59s):

So, so every time he hit the clutch, his knee would bang the dash. Oh

Jerry (29m 2s):

Do. It was so bad. It was so bad. So I get the extra cab and kicker was a brand that just kind of came on the scene. One of my friends Bobby, he had kicker and we used to go all the way. I want to say it’s like San Pedro, it’s like PCH in Torrance, like that area where Fmf used to be back in the day. And it was called Crazy Stereo. And they sold kicker. So we’d drive all the

Holman (29m 26s):

Way there. Different than crazy Gideon in the

Lightning (29m 28s):

Downtown. Not crazy

Holman (29m 29s):


Jerry (29m 31s):

So I got the extra cab. This is all dialed in and it’s not the greatest thing, but it’s something I did myself. Well I blew a fuse. And so I’m leaving my friend’s house who lived in Huntington Harbor right there. I’m turning left and I’m going down pch heading back to Huntington and I’m Oh stereo shop. So I pull in like, Hey, can I buy a fuse? I blew one out. So the owner is a Korean dude comes down and he’s looking and he goes, who put this in? And I go, I did it. And he calls Mario over Mario’s their head installer and they’re like, Hey, we’re looking for a guy. Are you interested in a job? Now I’m in high school, I’m a junior in high school. And I’m like, ding d you could ring the bell. Yes. I want to work at a stereo shop. Yeah. I, I dropped everything cuz I’m like, now I, I get paid to work on

Lightning (30m 12s):

Car show. Yeah. That makes two

Jerry (30m 13s):

Of us. And it’s just like anyone passionate in the automotive world. Like you get the opportunity to make a dollar doing what? You go do it. You just go do it.

Holman (30m 19s):

Or like we tell people, if you get an opportunity to work for free and learn and tell, tell the guy who owns the shop, I’ll work for free for a couple months and if I’m worthwhile, like let’s talk about it. Like go learn, go do it. Get your name and your foot in the door. Show ’em you’re passionate. Cuz that’s how you get in

Jerry (30m 32s):

A hundred percent. And unfortunately now when you do that, the kid who works for you goes, oh well I didn’t get paid my hours. And then the government makes you have penalties and all things of bull crap. So that’s, it’s a sad thing at our government, like the whole internship. Right. Totally. Which is why we’ve never done

Holman (30m 48s):

It Gig economy here. I mean everything. I mean even even me being a independent person now with my own company having to do everything the right way so I can submit a 10 99. So I get sucked into the W2 stuff if I’m like, I I don’t want a w2. Yeah. I work for myself. I want to do a service for you. And then you paid me for the service. Yeah. And there’s a whole thing in California about how you can do that. Not do and it’s mess.

Lightning (31m 9s):

Yeah. I, I was an intern for over a year at Koc at their radio station and back then interns were unpaid. Now interned by law you have to be paid. So there are very few internships. And internships are the ones that Arville, which is why

Holman (31m 23s):

Come by. Chuck Famous LLC has zero interns. Right? Yeah. Maybe my daughter pay him. Yeah. Maybe my oldest she’ll she’ll work for free in the family business.

Lightning (31m 32s):

So you are talking to Mario. Mario is impressed or someone’s impressed.

Jerry (31m 36s):

I just the fact that I guess I can do it right. So I get to work under Mario. Dudes from Compton just, he’s got his like, I forget what year Thunderbird, it was like a 90 Thunderbird. He had two twelves in the trunk. Sounds so clean. And it was a Ryan Amps. So he had two of the 2 25 HCC amps. And this is the total cheater omage amps. Right. So they’re 25 watts of channel red amps that you can just

Holman (32m 2s):

25 by

Jerry (32m 3s):

Four? No, 25 by two by two. Okay. One of ’em for all the mids and hides one of

Lightning (32m 7s):

’em for the, you can cheat ’em down to like an O and half can’t you? Half

Jerry (32m 10s):

Of ’em half. Holy crap. So then they’re putting out like six. Yeah. Crazy wattage. So it’s just like this whole thing, like how they work. So

Holman (32m 16s):

And that’s where you use math kids? Yeah.

Jerry (32m 18s):

So basically like homes. Yeah. So you get one speakers, four ums and then when you put two speakers, then you have two ums and two more. Right? Yes. Or you get the way you wire ’em up in series or parallel, just kind of how the whole thing works. Yeah. So really learned a lot working for that guy. And we used to go to Compton and we were probably a couple of the only white kids there and just the, the whole culture embraced everybody. It didn’t

Lightning (32m 43s):

Matter. Yeah. If you were in a car audio, you were in a car audio. Yeah. You were just, they wanted

Holman (32m 47s):


Lightning (32m 48s):

They had. Yeah.

Jerry (32m 48s):

Yeah. And there’s like the dudes with the hydraulics and the, and Mario Dayton’s on that 90 Thunderbird by the way. Like he really had like chrome dayton’s. Yeah. Like it was a thing. And us Roland Ds. Yeah. No I was watching him like use the lead hammer to put the spinner on. The spinner on. Yeah. The knockoff. And he fully whacked the valve stem and pissed

Holman (33m 8s):


Lightning (33m 8s):

Me. It was awesome.

Jerry (33m 9s):

Never seen anyone get that mad

Holman (33m 11s):

Before. Yeah.

Jerry (33m 12s):

But yeah, really good, good time in my life. It was a lot of fun.

Lightning (33m 14s):

How long were you there?

Jerry (33m 16s):

I was there until I used my business sense. So the Korean owner, so we were a GTE mobile communications dealer, which meant we sold

Lightning (33m 24s):

Cell phones. Oh and you had pagers too during the page Net cruise.

Jerry (33m 26s):

Yeah. So I had a pager in school. People would be like, why do you have a page

Holman (33m 29s):

Dealer 0 0 85. Yep.

Jerry (33m 32s):

Yeah. And it was crazy because, so he is Korean owner so he had his Korean newspaper. I came in and this is where I kind of like learned how to market stuff. I was always flipping things but his ad looked like a swap meet. I’m like no, we gotta clean this up. Use the alpine Lambo and don’t put any prices in the ad.

Holman (33m 51s):

The Alpine Lambo. Yes. It was white if I remember right.

Lightning (33m 54s):

So you know the car Fidelity? It was on the side of the 55 freeway. Yeah, I remember that.

Jerry (33m 60s):


Lightning (33m 60s):

Worked there. Oh no way. I was there. So I worked at Car Fidelity for Ken and Stan. They owned 16 locations. Oh wow. And this is in 89 90. Yes. This is the same. So during that same era. During that same era. Cuz I was doing the stuff in my parents’ garage and they’re like, enough of this. Yeah. And it was all cash. I’m like, all right, I need to be legit. There’s stuff I don’t know. And I closed up the shop in my parents’ garage and got a job.

Holman (34m 21s):

You mean your mom kicked you out?

Lightning (34m 22s):

They literally kicked me out. I had peg board of all the metric kits. I could install anything in anything with all my single to dual D and all the wiring harness adapters and whatnot. Awesome. And so I bailed there and, and I got a job first. It was at the orange location. They had a brand new orange location, which it was, it didn’t get much business. They needed help at the one with the Lamborghini on the side of the building in Newport Beach. So I went there and I was there for over a year.

Jerry (34m 43s):

That that era, like there’s just those high end shops that were there. Right. And everyone would me remember Camelot. Did you ever go there?

Lightning (34m 51s):

Of course in Anaheim.

Jerry (34m 52s):

That was like a

Lightning (34m 53s):

Spot. Yeah. You kidding me? I used to, I was the kid that dropped the oil on the ground. So we could do burnouts. Nice. We would drop anything we can That was slick. Yep. As you’re turning left off Kramer. Yeah, you would, is it Kramer or No, the the orange DOP you’re turning left into where you’re going to Camelot and we would dump all the oil as we made a left really slowly. So when other cars were going in or out, they could just light ’em up. Ah, smoke. Nice. And the cops let it happen. For years

Jerry (35m 18s):

It was there for a while. We would meet off of like by Knottsberry Farm, met Carl’s Jr. And then we’d go to the other Carl’s dude that

Lightning (35m 25s):

Carl’s was hopping, wasn’t it that Carl’s and the Carl’s Right. By Camelot. And then they

Holman (35m 29s):

Were crazy. And then Fuddruckers came in to try and capture all that car culture and was there right across the street. I don’t remember that. Yeah, the Fuddruckers right up just north of Knottsberry. Farm Farm on Beach. Those

Lightning (35m 38s):

Were great cruise spots.

Jerry (35m 39s):

Yeah. Yeah. It was so much fun back then. And anyway, so back to that stereo shop. Recycler was such a big thing and I’m like, nope. No half-page garage sale app.

Holman (35m 49s):

For those of you listening, the recycler was a one penny newsprint selling thing that you could get. There’s a recycler, there’s the Autotrader. There was a few of

Lightning (35m 58s):

The, I I always paid a dollar 25 for it. How much did you pay?

Jerry (36m 0s):

It was

Holman (36m 1s):

About that much. There was one that I, I don’t

Lightning (36m 3s):

Remember. You’re talking about the PennySaver.

Holman (36m 5s):

Well maybe that And then there’s those PennySaver Autotrader.

Jerry (36m 8s):

Yeah. So the recycler was Craigslist as a newspaper. Exactly.

Holman (36m 11s):

Best way to put it. And Craigslist today still looks like a newspaper. Like it was modeled after the

Jerry (36m 16s):

Recycler. You had all the, you know, started in the front with your home stuff

Holman (36m 20s):

And you worked your way through the different sections.

Jerry (36m 22s):

Yeah. The automotive in the

Lightning (36m 23s):

Back. I feel like in a lot of states, like Arizona, they have the, what’s it called? The white paper. The white. I always, when I’m in Havasu, it’s very similar to what we had here. And they’re always, cause they’re all gone. Craigslist ate ’em all. But dude, that was the Bible. Every week you get the recycler and you’d look for whether it was a, you’re looking for a, a KX 1 25 dirt bike, or you’re

Jerry (36m 41s):

Looking for bike, dirt, bikes,

Lightning (36m 43s):

Whatever it was. Oh my God. And

Holman (36m 44s):

Only 50% of the stuff in it was stolen.

Jerry (36m 46s):

And it was free. Like you could put your ad in for free once a week and you’d have to call and put in

Holman (36m 51s):

And have it renewed.

Jerry (36m 52s):

Yeah. Yeah. So I had ’em do this whole full page ad and that was there. And then it’s like the Lambo and what we do, stereos alarms, cell phones and pagers. Phone rang off the hook. LA what was it? PAC Bell and LA Cellular. Yep. Since we’re a GTE mobile communications, we kind of went through them and got both. Yeah.

Holman (37m 14s):

Pac Bell became singular, which became at and t. Okay. So I have the same phone number from back when it was Pacbell. Oh

Lightning (37m 20s):

Wow. Well, which one became Verizon?

Holman (37m 22s):

No, Verizon was separate. They were separate. Yeah. Verizon was its own company. Okay. But it was, it was Pacbell. Where was like the first, well they had analog cellular, but they were like the first to go to digital cellular and then they rebranded or got bought out and then it was singular and then at t bought up all singular and then it became at and t, which it still is today. But yeah, I mean back then Pack. I remember buying my first pager from Tommy Lasorda pagers on Beach Boulevard and Golden West at the 4 0 5.

Jerry (37m 47s):

Oh, that’s hilarious.

Lightning (37m 49s):

What, so you’re hawking pagers now. And I wanna get back to your story about the recycler, but what was it with pagers that everybody who rolled them was so cheeseball, Hey bro, you want a pager, you want a pen? Pro pro, I got pagers. Like what? Why? Why did that culture like grab the pagers

Jerry (38m 6s):

So hard? I think, I think immigrants are hungry. Right. They see why America’s so great and they capture onto something. Right. And it’s tech. It was tech at the time. Like most people, and I mean by most is in like everyone, you know, in 1990 or 1 91 did not have a cell phone.

Holman (38m 25s):

Didn’t exist. I mean, they’re giant Motorola bricks or they were tied to your car. They didn’t leave the

Jerry (38m 30s):

Car. Yeah. It was the Okie 21 that you can pull the thing and carry, have

Holman (38m 33s):

A case with you briefcase

Jerry (38m 34s):

Or you had the brick Motorola. Right.

Holman (38m 36s):

10 points for Okie. I’ve heard Okie reference in

Jerry (38m 39s):

Forever. Yeah. And that, but that was the stuff, right? Yeah. But it was like a buck 10 a minute. The hot hours and 70 cents a minute after. So the pager was so great because that’s how you find your friend. Yeah. And page ’em. And then they’d be like calling you, oh,

Holman (38m 54s):

I’m here from a payphone somewhere. And you know, hopefully you were at home where they could find you, but you obviously it got, so I had a friend and after high school he got some sort of an inheritance. It was like his, I think it was, it matured or whatever. And so he hit 18, so he got a bunch of money. So he moved out to Arizona and bought a pager store there. So I basically got this crazy lifetime pager subscription. But it was the, the data pager that had like three lines of text. And I remember like when Princess Diana died, I remember my pager going off and that’s one of the first news stories I read was reading through my pager that, and I had people could call a call center, leave you a text message, that call center would type it and then send it to your pager.

Jerry (39m 36s):

Well anyways, just to fast forward through it, the owner’s Korean, he’s reading his Korean newspaper and we had this great relationship. Like I could make fun of him, he’d make fun of me. And he, he liked it because, oh well let me fast forward again. So I’m the install guy. I’m doing like, you know, alarms, Viper alarms are hot and you know, the stereos and like Hondas, all the easy stuff. And I’m upstairs one day asking him a question, but I’m watching him interact with a customer that’s like, well I want to do this and that, whatever. And he is like, oh, I could do this with these. And I’m like, oh, hold on. So yeah, we sell these roofers and these two amps and he goes, yeah, yeah, I want to do that. Like James wasn’t really getting the high end, he’s just getting the like staring the

Holman (40m 14s):

Walking guy. Yeah. Heading

Jerry (40m 16s):

To, yeah. So head

Holman (40m 17s):

Unit and two

Jerry (40m 18s):

Speakers. Yeah. And so I was, I’m like, what KA was off road, I was hysteria. I’m like, no, you’re gonna get amps in a pre-amp and we’re gonna do this. Right. And that’s, he saw that and I went from like a $500 sale to like a $4,000 sale. So I immediately got put into sales. It was like, okay, you could do that. And James was stoked because he’s a Korean dude. His English was broken, he didn’t really get that end of it. Well anyways, over time he is like reading his Korean newspaper. And now I cleaned up the ad. So I did that. That’s why I’m there doing the ads magazine. And I’m like, lemme see that magazine. And I’m looking at it and he goes, you can’t read that. I go, no, I know I can’t. I’m not Korean like you.

Jerry (40m 58s):

I can’t read this. Anyone didn’t like born there. Anyway, so I’m looking at it, I’m like, dude, you’re an idiot. And he goes, what, what did I do now? And I’m like, tell me what’s wrong with that magazine. He’s still looking at me like a deer in headlights. I’m like, there’s not one ad not only for stereos but for cell phones and this is the LA Korean newspaper. He looked at me like, you’re right, I’m an idiot. So he immediately put an ad in there and the phone rang off the hook. Oh I bet. Like, but no English, just Korean. I’m like, oh hold, you know, hold on a second. And James would take all the calls immediately. He sold that shop to LA Sound. Oh yeah.

Jerry (41m 38s):

They built like the Hermosa and the Malibu, all those different amps. So they bought it. I had the opportunity to go to LA and work with him, which would’ve been the forefront of cell phones and stuff. So in the hindsight I’m like, Hmm, what would’ve I been doing in that world? You

Lightning (41m 51s):

Would’ve, it could’ve been a tech giant,

Jerry (41m 53s):

Who knows. But anyways, all good

Holman (41m 55s):

Stuff. I don’t know. You’re leaving your, you’re living your best life. I think you’re doing okay right

Jerry (41m 58s):

Now. I I found I, I just followed my passion. Yeah.

Lightning (42m 1s):

So, so at some point you’re transitioning from car audio to suspension and, and you had been toying with off-road stuff this whole time? Yeah,

Jerry (42m 11s):

So I had the stereo, I had the extra cab truck and I’m doing that. And then my friends in school have the Downey off-road catalog. You know, I didn’t want a mini truck. I didn’t want lowered, I wanted off-road tires. I wanted the four wheel drive truck that I couldn’t afford.

Holman (42m 27s):

And I was gonna say the Downey catalog was like the Toyota Bible for going off-road.

Jerry (42m 31s):

Everything. Yeah, you could V six Buick swap all

Lightning (42m 34s):

Sorts of stuff, whatever. I’ve never heard of that. So

Jerry (42m 36s):

Downey off road,

Holman (42m 36s):

Downey off road, off

Jerry (42m 37s):

Rose, probably like a half inch thick catalog.

Lightning (42m 40s):

Where were they based?

Holman (42m 41s):


Lightning (42m 42s):

Downey, Downey, California. Yeah, San

Jerry (42m 43s):

Santa Fe

Lightning (42m 44s):

Springs. It could have been someone’s last name. I

Jerry (42m 46s):

Telegraph. They’re on Telegraph Road. Yeah. Okay. I know that cuz like I would read it and go Yeah. Many times. Yeah. So they had the catalog, they had the upper arms, the dual shot kits, the strut frames. It was all kind of like, they would make it rad and then they would just cheapen it up. It was kind of one of those like, now what do you do? Like, I want it better than that. And so Jason and I were like going to the races, so

Holman (43m 13s):

So Jason Campbell? Yeah. Jason, you’re the other half at

Jerry (43m 15s):

Cam. The cam in Camber, right?

Lightning (43m 17s):

Yeah. And, and you have to stop and tell us how do you know you grew up with Jason or what’s the

Jerry (43m 21s):

Story? Yeah, we went to junior high and high school together. Okay. Yeah. Dwyer downtown Huntington Beach and then Huntington Beach High School. And

Holman (43m 26s):


Jerry (43m 27s):


Lightning (43m 28s):

And what was his background?

Jerry (43m 30s):

Kind of the same, like his dad worked in the oil fields, did welding. Jason had tools in the garage. His dad actually passed away when he was younger, but he had all these tools in his garage. And so, you know, he was able to do his thing. And I, I was trying to shape surfboards and I had to make these metal racks to shape the surfboard on. And so I bought a chops on a stick welder, a miller stick welder. And that’s kind of how I learned to sort a weld. Like no one really taught me. And then I went to OCC and then took the welding class and actually learned how to weld, which then you learn like still wasn’t great at it, but I learned how to put the metal together properly.

Holman (44m 9s):

Didn’t look penetration and heat,

Jerry (44m 11s):

All that good stuff. So how you do it the right way and the voltage and all that stuff. So then, yeah, so we did that and Jason was a good fabricator. Worked at a place called BMP in Costa Mesa, which was like Bob’s mobile performance or something. I called it from hot rods to curtain rods cuz the

Holman (44m 26s):

Dude didn’t do anything to make a buck.

Jerry (44m 29s):

But yeah, they did like Mike Nesses. Pontiacs. Yeah. And did some cool hot rod stuff.

Holman (44m 34s):

Yeah. Yeah. Mean that’s some pretty big stuff.

Jerry (44m 36s):

Yeah. And they had like Brady Helm back in the day had Fabtech build them a Toyota race truck and then it wound up at BM P and got more legit from there. And then a few other the the Loran seven S guys. Yeah. And stock mini guys back in the day. So Jason was a good fabricator and he’s kinda learning how to build things. He’s way better at that part. And I actually approached Bob and I said, Hey, like let me partner in this business and let’s start making products and do it. And his exact words are, oh, there’s no money in off-road. And I’m like looking at Rancho and yeah, fab tech and Auto Fab and all these guys. Like

Lightning (45m 9s):

It’s interesting to me though that you’re looking at it through this a lens that I think many people don’t. So you’re going like, I wanna buy this stuff for me. But then you immediately go, Hmm, wait a minute, there’s a market, there’s more of me out there.

Jerry (45m 21s):

Well it’s that, but it’s also like I’m looking at what a real race truck has and like you can see the difference of the quality of fabrication and the beefiness of it and the shocks they’re using. And then you look at the Downy catalog or the FABTECH thing or whatever, and it’s all white shocks.

Holman (45m 38s):

You have like two two Gabriels as a dual shot kit. Yeah. There’s no performance Or like, you know, I remember some companies be like, Ooh, 70 30, like James Dove had the 70 30 shocks, you know, back in the day and, but they still weren’t. And you look at like, I remember that era, like the McPherson Chevrolet S 10 race truck that had the very first bill Stein 8,100 race shocks that were yellow and it was two or three of ’em on the rear cage per side. And you’re looking at these cylinders with like braided hose coming out of

Jerry (46m 6s):

’em. You’re, I think they were actually 61 hundreds back

Holman (46m 8s):

Then. Maybe it might have been 60. Cause it was

Jerry (46m 9s):

The 60 series. 60

Holman (46m 11s):

Millimeter. 60 millimeter. Yeah. But that was like the first time I remember at like OC auto show. Yes. McPherson, which was a big dealer. Definitely. They had it on display in the Chevy booth and it was like the first time I ever had a chance to see like a race truck up close. Yeah,

Jerry (46m 24s):

Yeah, yeah. And it’s a big difference. So for me it was like Downey had two arms. They milled out the ball joints, they got more travel and then they got away from that and they did these like flame cut steel bent, welded together, like just garbage.

Holman (46m 39s):

Like the geometry was close-ish, but the part itself wasn’t as strong. It didn’t

Jerry (46m 44s):

Look as good. Yeah. The geometry was good, but they just cheapened it up and like, I think it was made overseas

Lightning (46m 49s):

Cheap. But again, this is, you’re looking at it for you or you’re looking like, oh can I resell these?

Jerry (46m 55s):

I wanna have the legit product. And no one sold it. You couldn’t go buy it.

Holman (47m 0s):

You had to go to a fab shop to get it and then it was astronomical. And you’re thinking if I can mass produce something near that. Yeah. If I, people are gonna pay for the quality. Yeah,

Jerry (47m 8s):

We’ll build it. Yeah. And then it’ll be available. Yeah. And so we used to do all TIG welded radius arms and Toyota upper arms. We made long travel kits. We did so on the Toyota trucks, the first Heim joint strep frame and that went out to the race beat everyone. And then I remember David Fabtech, then he came out with a Heim joint strep frame and kind of our long travel kit was all shaped killer. We weren’t a business yet. And then he came out with the Ivan Dan kit. Yeah. And it was just two by three square tubing. Cut little rod off of it. It worked. It was cool. Yeah. I actually had one of those kits and it got the job done, but it wasn’t like what we wound up building. Yeah. And from there, like Forge just took off.

Jerry (47m 49s):

Like everything I-beam, I-beam

Holman (47m 51s):

Is where it’s, well that’s where John at Auto Fab basically he became the I-Beam guy. Right.

Jerry (47m 55s):

He was the I-Beam guy. Yeah. And we actually had the conversation with someone and

Holman (47m 58s):

Remember all the two-wheel drive beam? So there’s two an I-Beam, we kind of used both. But the traction beam was the one that had the, that was for a four-wheel drive. Four by four. Yeah. And I-Beam was for two-wheel drive, but if you remember the IBM said Do not bend or heat or whatever was, was cast into the part because all the off-road shops, but those are

Jerry (48m 14s):

The But those are the cast beams. Yeah. That had ball joints in an alignment cam. Yep. Where the prior generation were fixed ball joints.

Holman (48m 22s):

So you’d have to bend them, you’d have to bend to alignment. Yeah.

Jerry (48m 25s):

And so they did that and we would buy all the bent beams from auto fb. So like Fabtech and Can would buy all the pre bent beams cuz Auto Fab had a jig. And then we would build the radius arms and the coil buckets. And same thing, we had a dual shock bucket, but then we went to the single 2.5 inch Yeah.

Holman (48m 43s):

Shock. And at that time 2.5 was a big ass shock. That’s, I mean that’s like what a King Kong like four shock would be to today’s world. Right. Two and a half was, I mean and they were, what were people racing on 30 threes back then?

Jerry (48m 55s):

Yeah, all the Toyotas were pretty much like 30 threes, 30 twos and 30 threes. 30 fives were kind of like unheard of Trophy trucks had 30 sevens. Yeah. Class A trucks ran 30 fives. Like it was a big change. What

Lightning (49m 8s):

Were the shocks? What were the, what was the diameter? The piston back then? Two

Jerry (49m 11s):

And a half.

Lightning (49m 11s):

Two and a half was, no, no, but like, like before the two and a half, two inch it was just,

Jerry (49m 16s):

Okay. Yeah. So you’d see buggies that have like five or six shocks on the back of ’em. Yeah. And then they quickly went to like a couple, like a two and a half and then it became a coil over and then there was Custer Shocks and that was a three-inch, which was Custer company and Long Beach built the like Walker Evans race shocks. Then they got called Custer Shocks, then Sway Away bought Custer and Brent and Lance King started King, but they were the engineers and the guys of Custer. Oh. So they basically didn’t have the Custer job. I don’t know the whole story behind that one. But then they went out and started King when Sway Away had such a big headstart.

Holman (49m 51s):

Again, when you talk about California pompousness, that’s because the whole, the the literally the world of off-road racing and those types of fab parts started right here. Oh yeah. In the nineties. This, this was the epicenter of in really the entire off-road industry. Today was the epicenter was right in southern California in Orange County. Do you

Lightning (50m 9s):

Attribute that to so many of the guys who were in that they were in construction and in that era the real estate market in southern California was going bonkers. So there was money, right. Well I mean and so the guys that were, even today like some of the biggest off-road race teams are rooted in real estate. Right.

Jerry (50m 26s):

Construction, whatever. It was funny, my best friend had his 50th birthday party last night and that feels really weird to say 50. Right? Like that’s just

Holman (50m 33s):

Yeah, please don’t.

Jerry (50m 35s):

But Mike Leslie’s a good friend of him and he owned the Jeep off-road racing the Donovan team back in the day. Yep. And he was there and we’re talking, he is like, you know, everyone says the first four-wheel drive trophy truck was in 2001. And he goes, I built the first four-wheel drive trophy truck in the late eighties and it had a straight axle. Yeah. And it won. So,

Holman (50m 53s):

And and Donovan, which was another dealer in what Placenta? Huge in off-road racing. Huge those guys. Those guys dominated whenever you would see an ad or a race that had a Jeep off-road truck, it was always Donovan. Yeah. Like it, it was such a weird name. Yeah.

Jerry (51m 6s):

Class three, class six, all of it. Trophy truck. Kurt LeDuc raced for him. Yeah. And so Mike Mike’s been racing still, but in the UTV side of things now, but it’s kind of interesting. So he has these videos and I remember being at the fireworks race when they did this 20 lap race on Friday. And it was the most amazing thing I ever saw. This is where? In Barstow. Okay. So the fireworks two 50, which was a score race and that was back in 1994.

Holman (51m 32s):

Was that how, when did KC and Best in the Desert start? It was somewhere around there, right? Like 92, 93

Jerry (51m 38s):

Or something like that. But only motorcycles and then it, it became trucks. So yeah, my first year with Best in the desert was 2007. Yeah. And that was kind of when it was starting to gain popularity and it was this whole thing of all you can’t spectate, you know, best in the desert sucks. And you go there and you’re like, wow, this is the best

Holman (51m 53s):

Place ever. Yeah. And we used to do that. I remember we were watching a Best in the Desert race. It was probably, oh which race? It might have been, was it Barstow two 50 or something like that? It was out at like outlet center or somewhere out there. And I had just, that would be

Jerry (52m 7s):

The fireworks

Holman (52m 8s):

Two 50 maybe it was the fireworks two 50. Yeah. So I was out there and this was like within the first few years of like Stock Minis and seven s. Yep. And I remember I had just gotten minute to me Ranger four by four and I was parked on the side of the, the race course and guys are going by all night. Me and a bunch of buddies are camped up there and we’re sitting in our truck beds and a ranger comes up over the rise, loses the front wheel, the wheel bounces right through our group of trucks, hits nothing. And now the Ranger with no front wheel, no steering is now just grinding to a halt aimed right at my brand new to me truck and stopped like three feet short. And I’m like, oh wow. I’m like, it just came here to watch.

Jerry (52m 48s):

Those are the days.

Holman (52m 49s):

Yeah, right. Just go out to the desert and hang out with your buddies and watch racers

Jerry (52m 53s):

Go by. Definitely. Yeah. I mean it was just so much fun. And then, you know, that kind of went away and score went all Baja and Best in the desert, took the Nevada Desert and Parker and we had Lo for a while then that went to MDR and then now we have more. So I mean you still go out there. I I, I think Moore puts on such an amazing series where they do these like shorter lap, multiple lap races. So it’s kind of fun to spectate. You don’t have all these remote pits so it makes it a lot easier. And it’s more about the racing. And I love that cuz when you know the course and you’re doing like, you know, know eight laps or something, like you really see people moving like it’s, they know the course.

Holman (53m 29s):


Jerry (53m 30s):

It’s fun. And then the, you know, the terrain exposes rocks and it creates challenges. So you gotta read the terrain.

Holman (53m 35s):

Yeah. Every, every lap changes because of Yes. You know, people, you know, things get chewed up or big rocks that were there before it got moved and now they’re in a place you weren’t expecting ’em to be. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah.

Jerry (53m 44s):

And it, it makes it a lot of fun and you could drive from one spot to the other as you’re spectating and it just makes it fun

Holman (53m 49s):

That way you can catch your buddy a couple times, you know, going through, which is always fun. So we

Lightning (53m 53s):

Gotta go back at what point does can become a business and you’re actually selling things where you’re putting them in cardboard boxes and you’re shipping them around the world.

Jerry (54m 1s):

Yeah. So in 97 we started Camber as the official business and you know, immediately like I went into the off-road magazine and I go, oh there’s Duff Co. He’s selling Toyota stuff. Like hey we’re making these Toyota arms, here’s your custom. And you know, I came in and supplied him arms and couple other people bought little ads in the back of off-road magazines. Little Square said like, you know, suspension systems and named it send $2 for a catalog and a sticker. And the catalog was like a little threefold thing and it just kind of showed and people would call like, well I wanna do this or that and we just ship ’em a kit. It was like all over the phone. And then we had a website that I built an HTML site and I had the whole FTP thing and I made my life easy.

Jerry (54m 46s):

I bought the Sony Maka M 91, which took a floppy disc in the side. Okay. So I can shoot photos and videos and I had all that on the website. No one had a website. Yeah. Like auto fab’s website was like you got a landing page.

Holman (54m 57s):

It was basically just a landing page with that. You had like, I don’t call it infinite scroll, but I mean it just felt like it was scrolled through like a online version of a catalog. Yeah. It was a picture that was like lorez and then like a bunch of words and the

Jerry (55m 8s):

Price. Yeah. So I had an HTML site with a top header, a left header and then the main page and then just kind of created like little text images that you, you know, hyperlink and have the, the link that you can hit. And it just said Toyota, you go to Toyota page and then there’s like little squares within info and, and that was the true, you know, social media before social media. It was like that. And then we would have galleries of builds. So we just kept putting all this information out there. No other company had it. And then there was extreme off-road dot com, which was Klaus that started race desert. So I helped Klaus and Paul start Race Desert with our Sony Maverick cameras taking pictures and like little MPEG videos that were all choppy with the camera and, but we had content up there.

Jerry (55m 52s):

Sure. And it was just part of the infancy of it. And the only thing I told Klaus, I’m like Yeah, you know, just this photo gallery brought brought by C and then I was able to post like, you know, builds were doing and whatnot. And this went from the message board that was like one page. Yeah. And you had to scroll through

Lightning (56m 6s):

It. So for those of you that don’t know Race Desert, it’s D E Z E R T. Yeah. Right. Became that desert. Yeah. And this was like the early bible for all things.

Holman (56m 15s):

Yeah, it was, it was Southern Pirate, four by four, four Pirate, four by four was a thing. It was the thing for the desert community. It was the first time people in really like Arizona and Texas and other places that had sort of deserty off-road terrain actually had a chance to see what Baja and SoCal looked like. I mean you’d hear stories, you’d see something in a magazine. But to your point that the MPEG videos and things like that, that was the first time you actually saw what suspension looked like moving over the Whoops for a

Jerry (56m 39s):

Lot of people. Yeah. And there’s a video you’ll see at Laughlin when Jason Baldwin’s hucking that road and landing on the back bumper and you hear Paul’s going Yeah. Like just screaming. And that’s such an iconic scene because this is late nineties watching a trophy truck jump over the road. Yeah. But you’re seeing it online like, you know, a few hours after it happened. And it’s cool, it’s kind of like what we have now with social media. So now there’s just so much noise in every direction and the good stuff goes viral. Right. But yeah, race Desert was all desert racing and then Pirate four by four was all the rock crawling gp. You know, I kind of look at it as like, one was off-Road magazine and

Holman (57m 14s):

Was four-wheeler

Jerry (57m 16s):


Lightning (57m 16s):

Four-wheeler off road and where, where did can fit in? What was your

Jerry (57m 19s):

Lane? Oh we were all more pre-runner performance suspension. And I remember, you know, trying to get, oh by the way that’s, that’s the Palm and the the fist like, you know Yeah. Boom. I got a moment here. Yeah. Calling Peterson four off road. I forget who the editor was but yeah, let’s do an article, let me help you with this. Cuz they would talk about desert racing and just butcher it And I’m like, no, that’s not what it is but let’s do this. And we would always get the

Holman (57m 44s):

Wonder if it was Cole back then, or Cole Cornell maybe, or

Jerry (57m 46s):

I don’t remember but it was bad. It was like, dude, you’re like the Legit magazine and you’re like, what? Like you’re straight axle 19 88 4 by Chevy still. Like come on, get with the Times. And then we had Off-Road Magazine,

Holman (57m 58s):

Off Road was more the deserty scene and

Jerry (58m 0s):

Yeah, Rick Chanley was there at the time and he got it sort of, man

Holman (58m 3s):

There’s a name I haven’t heard in a million years.

Jerry (58m 5s):

Yeah. Such a cool dude. And yeah, we had him and then you know, as the years went on we had like Kevin Bloomer.

Holman (58m 12s):

Yeah. Bloomer was there. Finnegan was there.

Jerry (58m 14s):

Yeah, Finnegan was like on trucking or something. Right.

Holman (58m 16s):

He was on trucking and when I went to trucking I replaced, it might have been Jeremy Cook or one of those guys when I started Jeremy Cook,

Jerry (58m 22s):

He grew up here in Huntington Beach too. Yeah,

Holman (58m 24s):

He’s a LBC guy now. Okay. Yeah, he worked with him for a long time and then Finnegan went from I think trucking and he might’ve been working on Off-Road. So before the TV stuff and the video stuff, he was off-road and then became the editor of Off-Road Magazine before he moved to I guess doing road killings. Oh I guess Hot Rod with Fry Burger. Yeah. And then they started doing the YouTube deal, which ended up being roadkill. But yeah, I mean I remember we used to, you know, Finnegan and I worked at the same time and when I was at trucking and he was at Off Road, we worked in the Anaheim office and there’s like one of those little Greek hamburger deals on the corner. Yeah. You know, greasy Burger with a, you know, the, the shake or the, the Soda cup that had like, you know, the, the Greek writing on the side that you get it like so cow was like every corner had one of those charbroil burger

Jerry (59m 10s):

Places. Well like Steve’s Char.

Holman (59m 11s):

Exactly. That’s Greek family. That’s, that was

Jerry (59m 13s):

Our, what was

Holman (59m 14s):


Lightning (59m 14s):

And they have numbers too cuz there’s so many of us. Like it’s Tom

Holman (59m 16s):

Number two. Yeah,

Jerry (59m 17s):

Exactly. I think that’s like Steve’s number. It’s

Holman (59m 19s):

Number two. Yeah. Just reminds me of the old magazine magazine days when we were all starting out as magazine people in the late nineties and the early two thousands.

Jerry (59m 26s):

And, and I really, like, I was talking to someone about this this morning, I dunno if you go to quarantine cruise, but there’s, you know, Matt Black Unicorn on Instagram. But anyways he’s got this bitch in 55 6, I don’t know what year it is, but like shiny black matte black mixed like killer car S swapped, whatever. But he worked for Hurley so we’re talking like surfing and there was mystique, right. Because the only spot you get seen surfing is either in a DVD or a VHS tape. Yeah. Or the magazine. Well now everyone’s got Instagram, so now you’re like top surfer in the world who could be like number eight in the world. Like unless he’s on his social page, like showing stuff like he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t matter. Yeah. Right.

Jerry (1h 0m 5s):

And you know, you take another guy like a Jamie O’Brien and he’s on the north shore of OA just having fun like surfing on soft tops and he’s got a million followers. He’s making the money now, right? Yeah. Because he is like his own magazine. So we used to tell the magazines like, man you got, you know, 15 off-road magazines now and Canberra doesn’t have a budget to put 15, $10,000 full page ads out there. Yeah. So why aren’t, why aren’t you condensing these instead they just keep adding more and more and more. No

Holman (1h 0m 32s):

It’s cuz they kept buying companies that had their own and they didn’t get rid of any of ’em. And yeah, I mean I could go back through my last 20 years and show you, okay, well this should have happened here and this should have happened and this should have happened. But what

Lightning (1h 0m 42s):

Was the first big order that can had where you sat back in your chair and said, Jason, I think we made it. Or was there not a, a moment like that?

Jerry (1h 0m 52s):

I would say that came like way later. Okay. We got some massive UAE order that was like, it was going on for like two, three years of quoting. And finally the guy came in the office one day and I’m like literally like whatever, when he walks in and he goes, Hey, I gotta talk about another thing. And I’m like, it’s been going on for a couple years. Like they bought some samples. They were like, you know, should we do a raptor or Tundras poop

Holman (1h 1m 14s):

Or get off the pot, dude. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 1m 15s):

But I say uae United Arab Emirates. Yes,

Jerry (1h 1m 17s):

Correct. Okay. And so I was like, you know the Dubai, when you think of that kind of area, and he goes, all right, they’re ready to go. What kind of deposit do you need? And I’m like, well we need at least half and we’re talking like a massive order

Lightning (1h 1m 31s):

Because this is going to be billed to order basically. Right.

Jerry (1h 1m 33s):

Yeah. So we’re gonna do all the parts for 425 Toyota Tundra trucks. So you’re

Lightning (1h 1m 38s):

Talking, holy crap, is this military?

Jerry (1h 1m 39s):

It’s like defense, there’s, so it’s like their border patrol. Right. Okay. All right. So imagine like 425 long travel kits, the coil overs, the front bypass shocks, the rear air bumps, the rear bypass shocks. We made this under the bed shock relocation kit, all the di springs, all the wheels, which is twenty one hundred and twenty five Beadlock wheels. It’s a huge order. And it was like he slides a 2 million check across the table like is, you know that enough for a deposit? I’m like, well yeah, it’s plenty for a deposit, but we need half. And that’s not close to half of what this order is. Yeah. But it’s it’s a good start. We’ll get move in.

Jerry (1h 2m 19s):

And so I just kind of played it like, okay, we’ve done all this work for a few years quoting this no matter what time

Holman (1h 2m 25s):


Jerry (1h 2m 25s):

Get paid. Yeah. We’re gonna build all the can stuff first Yep. Because then we make money. Yep. And then all the shocks and wheels and all that stuff. Yeah.

Holman (1h 2m 32s):

All the third party vendor stuff,

Jerry (1h 2m 33s):

We’ll come later. Yeah. And so I’m like, even if

Lightning (1h 2m 36s):

As soon hopefully they can supply

Jerry (1h 2m 38s):

Yeah. And and that’s not on me because I’m telling them like, you know, they need this much time. Yeah. So if you don’t get me the more money, then you don’t get your shocks. You can figure that out on your own. Here’s your SPACs. Right? Yep. Because the margin’s slim on the parts. Yeah.

Holman (1h 2m 51s):

Plus shipping.

Jerry (1h 2m 53s):

And they handle that so like even better. So he has a company, the guy dealt with has a company here in Orange County and he, he does like all this crazy business. Like they take shipping containers and make ’em shooting ranges.

Holman (1h 3m 5s):


Jerry (1h 3m 5s):

And then they do

Holman (1h 3m 6s):

That. That might be the next thing to add in my backyard. And then we look out the window here and I’m thinking, I got space.

Jerry (1h 3m 11s):

You have enough room for it? Yeah. About 20 yards.

Holman (1h 3m 13s):

Oh I have 20 yards for sure. Yeah. Yeah. All right,

Jerry (1h 3m 15s):

We’ll make that happen. Well I mean you could take out the whole backyard and go 50 yards, but no, it was pretty wild. So that was like the big moment, right. And that was like, okay, now we held onto this profit and we were gonna make moves and this was like, I don’t know, 16 or 17 or whatever year it was. And we just always kind of saved in business from there. Like I got to reinvest and we had more inventory, hired some more people and just kind of held onto that profit and just kind of grew the business. So we went from doing one amount per year to doubling it to then doubling that every year. And that was kind of a defining moment on like real business and able to inventory.

Jerry (1h 3m 59s):

So we weren’t losing that, Hey, do you have it in stock? No, I could have it in a week and then lose the sale to now like yeah, we have it right now, we’ll ship it out. So that was a big one.

Lightning (1h 4m 8s):

There are a lot of companies that build to order that don’t realize that how much business they’re losing by not having stuff on the product on the shelves.

Jerry (1h 4m 15s):

Yeah. And, and I mean even Camber, like how we’re organizing things right now, but I mean it’s just like, so the big news Yeah. Get into this.

Lightning (1h 4m 25s):

Are you now, are you MagnaFlow’s Jerry from

Jerry (1h 4m 29s):

Keer? Yeah. Yeah. You know the news is public, it’s out there, but C was acquired by MagnaFlow at the end of last

Holman (1h 4m 36s):

Year, which obviously the family at MagnaFlow is making exhaust products for internal combustion engines. And so they were looking for ways to diversify their portfolio of brands so that they would have, you know, they would insulate themselves from any changes that may be or could be coming into, you know, aftermarket exhaust and things like that. And

Jerry (1h 4m 54s):

Yeah, so suspension’s a big one and, and when you look at the off-road trucks suspension world, there’s some companies out there that do some massive numbers. And so it’s just knowing like what level to make and then what can we push with that. So I think it’s gonna be, you know, when you look at SUV and you look at the military stuff we’ve done in the past for the US mil, we’ve done special ops on like land cruise or high lux proto. And then we help, you know, other countries with their stuff and then the distributorship outta here. So like a lot of customers that are out there in like Saudi Arabia and Dubai and South America, Australia, there’s a lot of product being sucked up. And we have the resources so we can design the product for the right vehicles.

Jerry (1h 5m 37s):

So like Land Cruiser 300 comes out, they don’t have that in the United States, but we already have full kits and long travel kits for those. And I’m talking like game changing quality stuff that we have for that that we’re redoing Tacoma and Tundra now. And then getting into, you know, the F-150 and like we’ve heavily neglected Silverado cuz it’s just been so busy with Yeah. What we have and we only have some, we have three buildings, but we’re blowing out the doors like we have no more room. So now we’re looking for a way bigger building to outfit that. And we get a lot of questions like, oh, so what does this mean? Like, is MagnaFlow gonna make your product? No, that’s not how that’s gonna work. What people don’t understand about flows, MagnaFlow is a performance exhaust company, but they’re also like OE Exhaust Yeah.

Jerry (1h 6m 21s):

And catalytic converters. And they

Lightning (1h 6m 23s):

Have a huge catalytic

Holman (1h 6m 25s):

Converter business and and honestly a great marketing company.

Jerry (1h 6m 27s):

Oh, it’s amazing marketing company. Like that’s,

Holman (1h 6m 29s):

I mean their, their name is is massive in the automotive aftermarket.

Jerry (1h 6m 33s):

Yeah. And there’s no one in exhaust touching them. Like the quality, the engineering, when you really see what goes behind what they do. Yeah. But we’re gaining all that. So they have that part of it. They have Oceanside,

Holman (1h 6m 45s):

They’ve got room for some, some manufacturing. Right. I mean they’re expanding and then building some sort of a, you know, new machines and some new floor space so that you guys will have those as resources Correct. For overflow and things like that. But

Lightning (1h 6m 56s):

So the obvious question that everyone’s saying, it’s like, all right, look, we’re going electrified. Right. We’re not gonna need catalytic converters and exhaust systems in the future is c their future? Because cars and trucks will always need suspension. They won’t always need it’s exhaust

Jerry (1h 7m 11s):

Tapestry when you do the research on combustion engine and all that. Like combustion engines aren’t going away. No. Right. There’s a heavy push right now for ev, but let’s just really look at, but

Lightning (1h 7m 21s):

That’s, that’s, they’re not going. They are but they’re going to slow. The percentages will go down and if, if a MagnaFlow or any exhaust company is expecting to increase sales every year, that’s not gonna work anymore. Well the sales will flatten and, and so you, your sales are going up, you’ve got great hockey stick growth, you know, flatten and then boom through the clouds and they’re looking at that.

Jerry (1h 7m 44s):

Correct. Suspension’s definitely gonna, like crick’s gonna go up for sure. Like the numbers we do versus the numbers some of these big suspension companies do. Like we have a lot of room

Holman (1h 7m 52s):

To go up. Yeah. You guys have a a the opportunity I think for a, for a quality part, especially if you can mass produce in larger numbers to bring your costs down and still provide that quality part and engineering that you guys do.

Jerry (1h 8m 4s):

But I don’t even think it’s about the cost, right. Because like you can’t buy a Raptor or a Raptor r a Bronco or Bronco or a tx. Like you can’t buy any of those and it’s not about the money, right? It’s about the, the demand. So people want quality and we know how to mix that value with quality. Like it’s not about cheap or what can I do for less. It’s about how can I mix up these really high quality parts?

Holman (1h 8m 28s):

Well you can make

Jerry (1h 8m 28s):

What they really

Holman (1h 8m 29s):

Want. You can make a component that is as tough of a, as a race component but more durable than a race component for a street truck that’s engineered but also designed to be pretty and is anodized and looks nice on your, on your car.

Jerry (1h 8m 41s):

And that’s what we did with the bill at aluminum rail.

Holman (1h 8m 43s):

That’s exactly what I was going for.

Jerry (1h 8m 45s):

We did that back in like 98, 99 on seven.

Holman (1h 8m 48s):

So now it’s eye candy and it’s functional and it’s tougher than stock. Correct. All those things. Right. Like you guys have done a good job of finding that intersection between engineering and design and I would say desirability and cost where you’re kind of in that place, that sweet spot where you, again, you have that great looking product that’s, that that feels race because you guys have proven the durability on, on the race course. Correct. But looks good enough to be a piece of jewelry on your car, no different than getting an anti set of wheels or brake cas or whatever where it’s kind of a wow factor. Correct. And you’re giving them the function that goes behind it where it’s not just something that is, you know, great, great engineering but looks horrible in my truck. Right. You have that sweet spot at Cam.

Jerry (1h 9m 28s):

Well I look at it like this is like, we’re the Louis Vuitton of off-road. We’re not the cheapest. There’s Michael Kors, there’s, I don’t know what other brand handbags or wives could buy,

Lightning (1h 9m 39s):

But you know, James’s been buying

Holman (1h 9m 41s):

Stuff not coach because my wife will not, will not,

Lightning (1h 9m 44s):

She won’t rock a coach. Well

Jerry (1h 9m 46s):

That’s what I’m saying, coach

Lightning (1h 9m 47s):

Does she do Burberry? Does she do, what’s the dove or the, the the bird? The fat bird. What’s That’s not the fat bird. The fat

Holman (1h 9m 55s):

Bird. Sure. That one

Jerry (1h 9m 56s):

I don’t know. But the point is you go to South Coast Plaza Mall in Orange County, it’s Orange County,

Lightning (1h 10m 0s):

That’s where the rich kids hang out.

Jerry (1h 10m 1s):

Well Louis Vuitton has a line out the door. Yep. Chanel has a line out the door and I’m not talking like a little line. Yeah, no. Like Gucci has a line out the door. So if I’m gonna be a suspension company, I don’t want to be the Michael CORs or the coach that has no line out the door security guy at the door because no one’s buying it. They’re buying, they’re selling way more bags. Cuz you go online, you go to Macy’s everywhere, like they’re selling tons. It’s

Holman (1h 10m 23s):

Not desirable if you can get it easily

Jerry (1h 10m 24s):

Too. So I’d rather be less volume high-end legit and then just check

Holman (1h 10m 29s):

Off. Is Magna gonna allow that? Are they, are you guys aligned with thought?

Jerry (1h 10m 33s):

That’s what they are in the exhaust world. So like there’s cheaper exhaust companies. Yeah.

Holman (1h 10m 37s):

Right. And to and to Jay’s point, I mean asking if Camber’s the future, I think it’s part of the future, but it’s part of the future. They’re looking at other acquisitions. Well what

Lightning (1h 10m 43s):

Was their, okay, so hold on. So over the last five years I’m like, Hey, we got a new bank’s exhaust for your truck. And he’s like, we can’t, I’m a magna flow guy. I’m like, okay. And every time he gets a new truck I pitch and it’s like, nope. Still a MagnaFlow guy. Yep. Now

Holman (1h 10m 54s):

He’s really mag.

Lightning (1h 10m 55s):

Now he’s really a mag. What is their sales pitch to you though? So you’re, how does this all go down? I don’t know if you don’t tell us the money, but tell us how the dynamics, did they take you out to breakfast? Were you at a race? Did

Jerry (1h 11m 7s):

You go

Lightning (1h 11m 7s):

To an Angels

Jerry (1h 11m 7s):

Game? No, we had, you know, for the last five years people interested in buying Camber and most companies when they buy a company, they go, okay, well what is your number? How does, what’s the ebitda? This thing we’ll give you multiples of X. Yeah. And so it’s like, well that’s cool if I’m a yogurt shop on the corner. Yeah. And I’m not a brand

10 (1h 11m 26s):

Or if I even wanna sell, but I love

Jerry (1h 11m 27s):

What I do. Correct. And so, you know, we’ve had a few and those guys you can see in modern times about other suspension companies and you’re already seeing those brands on sale. Like they’re looking at it wrong. Yeah. And then we are between a couple good companies, there’s another really good company and six months of dealing with them. And I’m like, look guys, like I don’t care what you think the number is, but I don’t want to just take a check and walk away. I want to be here and grow and make this more radical.

Lightning (1h 11m 55s):

But we need, it’s, it’s after all it’s your name. Yeah. This is not like a one performance, this has got your name in it. It

Jerry (1h 12m 1s):

It does. But, and your dna. But it’s more of the like we can’t get it any bigger now that rent’s $2 a square foot and you need insurance and benefits and your employees need to be taken care of. But if I can sell it, get paid well and these guys are gonna pump it with what it needs to build radical off-road parts and we’re all happy, then this is gonna be great and fun. And that’s kind of what Magna flow’s about. And if you look at what they do, who their ambassadors are, the products they make, what they give back at SEMA to everybody. Sure. They put on a show. It’s not about just making money. They love what they do. And when you look at the, the Poons, that’s the family. Yeah.

Jerry (1h 12m 41s):

Jerry Poone, like how he started the company, he came from Canada with nothing. Literally his family. And that was it. And started a business. Nick Poone, they, you know, they, they started in catalytic converters and it was like, you know, recycling. And back then the materials weren’t the same as what they are now, but their hands got dirty. They lived, I couldn’t even imagine what they looked like leaving their shop in the beginning. Yeah. Like they worked really hard to, to get where they are today. And they are like Jerry Poons, like he already made his money. He’s like, this is exciting. I feel like I’m young again. Yeah, you

10 (1h 13m 15s):


Jerry (1h 13m 16s):

Yeah. And it was so, so cool to see this guy, like he walked into our machine shop and he’s like, yo, you could just see him. And then Danone was like, oh the two Jerry’s are dangerous because we like machinery. Yeah. Like we want state-of-the-art C 400

10 (1h 13m 33s):

Axis C and C machine.

Jerry (1h 13m 35s):

Seriously. And that’s, that’s like where they’re at. Like they’re two benders. They’re not just two benders. Yeah. They’re like the Benders. Yeah. And everything they do is just radical like that. So they have this massive, like they, they don’t wanna make things over in China that they like refuse to do it, but they’ve been making some stuff in Mexico like right across the border. It’s the future for Americas like, we’ll probably wind up owning Mexico one day would be my guess. But they have a 475,000 square foot facility that they’re doing in Mexico. Right. Wow. So that’s where I bet you like OE and catalytic converter happens. Well they have 400,000 plus square feet in Oceanside, California. And that’s where I, I can see some of Hamburg’s manufacturing going like multiple machines we’re making bill at arms, all that kind of stuff.

Jerry (1h 14m 18s):

And this is just speculation but it would make sense. And then C in Orange County is gonna be the, you

Lightning (1h 14m 25s):

Know, design center something.

Jerry (1h 14m 27s):

Exactly. So just imagine like what we feel like when we walk into Bass Pro shops for the first time and you’re like, whoa, like

Lightning (1h 14m 34s):

Disneyland of, of outdoors

Holman (1h 14m 36s):

Or, or it’ll be like, you know, OE manufacturing factory’s gonna be in the Midwest somewhere, but they have design centers in the cool place usually Southern California. Yeah. Imagine

Jerry (1h 14m 45s):

Like when you come to Canberra now, like we don’t have like 10 lifts along the wall. Like my vision is that, so

Holman (1h 14m 51s):

Are you gonna leave your location cuz you do have three buildings stacked really close to each other. Yes. Where the narrow driveway and you have to know where you are if you’re a customer to go find you. Are you guys trying to find something that’s more customer facing? Because right now you guys have a great location and a great spot, but it’s great as a manufacturer in the background, it’s not great as a customer first type of experience.

Jerry (1h 15m 13s):

Ideally we’re gonna have like the, like there will not be something like what we’re gonna do in the United States. Awesome. Or

Holman (1h 15m 21s):

The world. Are you gonna try and stay in HB or

Jerry (1h 15m 23s):

The, the goals hb My radius is 4 0 5 55 area. Okay. So maybe Santana over there

Holman (1h 15m 29s):

Plus Mesa Santana, Northern of Newport. That,

Jerry (1h 15m 32s):

Yeah, so I mean the problem space, like everything in Huntington Beach, we used to have bigger buildings so now it’s all this high density housing crap. They’re like getting rid of

Holman (1h 15m 40s):

Well they’re building a lot of stuff where Boeing used to be. Yeah. Yeah. I mean there’s a lot of really interesting stuff. Amazon’s distribution centers up there. Yeah. Although I heard the herbs are moving from their spot. They found a new spot because the owner of the building, I guess

Jerry (1h 15m 51s):

Is that building cuz they sold it. If that was on the market today, that would, that

Holman (1h 15m 55s):

Would be perfect for

Jerry (1h 15m 55s):

That would be what they would buy. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 15m 56s):

Yeah, yeah. So have the Palos said, Jerry we need you on board for X number of years to guide the company. You and Jason of course. Or did they say this is the sales sticker on as long as you want and do you have a non-compete because you could sell and go start another one?

Jerry (1h 16m 11s):

Yeah, I mean it’s basically all of the above, right? Like right now it’s like I, I’ve shifted from you know, worrying about HR and all these other things to like now I’m on path with the passion again. Yeah. So like now it’s, I have a laptop, like you guys have MacBook Pros, I got MacBook Pro now I work off a laptop and I have teams and we have meetings and, but it’s just way more strategy, which is what I love. It reminds me of like setting up like all the pit strategy to go down to a

Lightning (1h 16m 41s):

Baja race. So you’re not as concerned now with where are we gonna get band clamps. You’re like, oh my god, seriously, how are we outta band clamps again who’s not doing projections? So that’s now you’re elevated above

Jerry (1h 16m 51s):

That. Yeah. I’m not like talking to the welding gas guy negotiating

Holman (1h 16m 54s):

Gas price gas

Jerry (1h 16m 55s):

Rates. I’m not dealing with

Holman (1h 16m 56s):

Jimmy said something stupid in the shop that a customer overheard and you’re like, oh Jimmy, get

Jerry (1h 17m 1s):

Back in here. Here. So I mean we have a good crew of people and why

Lightning (1h 17m 4s):

Is it always Jimmy? I don’t, he’s just a dick let go of that Jimmy guy.

Jerry (1h 17m 7s):

Yeah. Don’t Jerry rig that.

Holman (1h 17m 9s):


Jerry (1h 17m 10s):

No such, it’s just really good and you know, it’s just strategizing, going to more events, getting to do like real marketing with budget, you know, they get it. They have, they have the

Holman (1h 17m 19s):

Budget. I mean you guys have obviously had a successful business but you put a lot of money back in the business and when you go out to shows and stuff, a lot of times it’s, it’s sort of like the ones that you want to be at for whatever reason. Whether it’s, you know, off-road expo and you guys bring the big trailer and you have a big booth or dabbling in Overland Expo West where you don’t have a trailer, you just have a couple trucks and some, you know, stands with some product and you’re kind of feeling out. Do you guys understand like the dirty little secret of high end suspension is the slow stuff can’t go fast, but the fast stuff can still go slow and give you a much better ride. Now you’re working your way into other niches within the off-road community that you maybe haven’t had a chance to explore before?

Jerry (1h 17m 56s):

Well we’ve done, yeah, we’ve been everywhere. We just haven’t had a booth at sema. Yeah. Which we will have now. Awesome. But we’ve been at Overland West, I don’t know, three or four different years we’ve been at Off-Road Expo and Sands Sport Show, all that stuff. Now we’re not gonna just do Overland West Flagstaff, we’re gonna do also Pacific Northwest. Yeah. And then we’ll have a booth. So like we’ll have 20 by 40 and the MagnaFlow be right next to us 20 by 40. So we’re like combined now

Lightning (1h 18m 18s):

What is your number one, what is Cam’s number one product and has that changed over the last couple years and why?

Jerry (1h 18m 25s):

There’s really not a number one product. I mean we do a lot of suspension. We do a lot of, you know, these rears and billet hubs. We just, our number one off-road products is we build really high end off-road suspension. We don’t really have a lot of people doing the way we do

Lightning (1h 18m 40s):

It. Well I guess I’m asking, is it, is it Raptor? Is it, is it Tacoma?

Holman (1h 18m 44s):

What, what platforms your, so

Jerry (1h 18m 46s):

Your bread, what Tacomas, Tundras Raptors. Silverados are the popular. Right. And then your forerunners and fjs and all that kind of mix into it. Right now it’s really tough because it’s really hard to get shocks. Yeah, right. So like

Holman (1h 18m 59s):

Shocks are way out. Yeah. And and and and and they have been for like a year

Lightning (1h 19m 2s):

And a half. And I wanna touch on King. So you’re a big king house as well,

Jerry (1h 19m 5s):

Right? No, we’re a big fox. We’re Fox all Fox. But what you see,

Lightning (1h 19m 8s):

Well didn’t you do, didn’t you do King, king Fox?

Holman (1h 19m 10s):

He’s done every, he’s done everything. We sell

Lightning (1h 19m 12s):


Jerry (1h 19m 12s):

All. Yeah. Okay. So we, we started off with trying to be direct with Fox Day one and we weren’t cool enough at the time. And so then we called Bill Steen and Larry Ecker came by when we were like first unit, nothing really in the building yet. And he’s like, here’s your band.

Holman (1h 19m 26s):

I remember Larry’s retirement party. That dude is awesome. I love Larry man. He’s great. He’s great dude. He

Jerry (1h 19m 30s):

Was great. Yeah. And so we were Stein from the beginning, raced on Stein up to like oh six and then oh seven comes along and we got Blackhawks on the ranger edge. We raced in best in the deserts our first professional year. We tried to be with Fox then and still for the second time. No you can’t be direct, you gotta go buy it from either Penn Hall or Mackenzie’s or something. But keep in mind we’re buying the big stuff, not the 2.0 stuff. Yeah. Even in 2007 it’s like that’s our argument. So we’re still with Bill Stein doing that and then it comes, now we’re, we’re cool because we’re gonna race a trophy truck. And that’s when Fox like said Okay, you can be direct with us.

Jerry (1h 20m 10s):

And we started putting shocks on trophy trucks and building those and we raced our own things. So we were Fox ever since then. It was like our main thing at the time it’s supply. Like who are you partnering with? Yeah. What’s kind of the cool brand? What’s building the quality, who’s pushing?

Holman (1h 20m 24s):

And the cool brand’s changed over time. Obviously Bill Stein’s sway away Fox King. Correct. I mean there’s an ebb and flow now. There’s some that have been consistently good in quality throughout. There’s others that have had been really high quality, got bought and dropped. Yes. There’s other that had kind of come up into their own and then there’s some that came up, hit it hard and couldn’t keep up and then fell off. Correct. The, I mean it’s, and that

Jerry (1h 20m 44s):

Was their sway away, right? Yeah. Right. So we were with them for a long time and then that’s when we switched to racing on those

Lightning (1h 20m 49s):

Front. Some of the

Holman (1h 20m 50s):

Bests you guys were doing torsion bars stuff you could get Sway way torsion bars and the Sway way shocks all

Lightning (1h 20m 54s):

Your kids had those on my first dually and they were no, before the Dooly it was in, back in oh three had ’em, best shocks I had had up to that point. They were great shocks and then all of a sudden the company just falls apart.

Jerry (1h 21m 7s):

Yeah. I mean they just, they got too excited about like, let’s make a five inch coil over. Like why? Like no one’s buying those. Oh well Baldwin Racing’s gonna run ’em

Holman (1h 21m 14s):

Well yeah, for one truck. One

Jerry (1h 21m 16s):

Truck. Yeah. Like here we like need like a hundred sets of F-150 Chevy and Toyota 2.5 Coilovers. Well we used to approach Fox and they’re like, oh we’ll never make shocks that go on a street truck.

Holman (1h 21m 27s):

Well low and

Jerry (1h 21m 28s):

Behold, low and behold, yeah we finally got our way and now they’re like a billion dollar plus year company. Right? Yeah. And then they come,

Holman (1h 21m 34s):

Well then you’ve got all the, you know, QA one s, you’ve got elca, you’ve got Rad Flow, you’ve got kind of these, I don’t know, sort of on the, on the fringes of Off-Road but also in their own, in their own right. Have their own niches. Correct.

Jerry (1h 21m 47s):

And I, I think like Alpha makes good stuff. Yeah. All of that aside, we’ve just taken a stance now with the MagnaFlow side and something that I’ve wanted to do for a number of years. Like okay, we could be sponsored by One Shock brand but we sell a ton of these other ones but we, we never talk about

Holman (1h 22m 2s):

’em. Yeah. And you can’t get the ones that you might be sponsored by. Correct. Is another problem.

Jerry (1h 22m 6s):

That’s big problem. So it’s hard because we need shocks for the Raptor R. We need shocks for our new tundra. We need, yeah. So last year CMO is a big eye opener where, you know, Ramsey’s a King calls and goes, Hey you know we’re putting a Tundra in our booth and we need your bill at arms and blah blah. I’m like, yeah, no problem. So I go to CMA and there’s this tundra with Can Arms with King down the side of it all on King Shocks in their main booth. That does Wonders for Camber. Yeah. And then you go to the Fox booth and it’s like they’re pimping all their own brands and it’s like, well

Holman (1h 22m 39s):

This is, yeah. Cause they bought BDS and jks and all these other brands.

Jerry (1h 22m 42s):

Yeah. And, and we love the product, we love the people, we sell the product. It’s just so hard to get the product and it’s like I have to stay afloat.

Holman (1h 22m 49s):

Well and of course they’re supplying their own in-house brands first before they’re supplying guys like you

Jerry (1h 22m 54s):

Who are It definitely appears that way. Yeah. You get a king of the Hammers and it’s like their whole booth is full of LA stuff. Yeah. It used to be the Camber mixed with some of the other brands they work with and that’s what made Fox so great. Yeah. And it is a good product, you know, and it’s just hard because you’re like, you know, how can you not have the Bronco shocks? Right. Or how can you not have the Raptor R like you’ve had the blueprints for this forever. Yeah.

Holman (1h 23m 15s):

Or a smooth Body 2.0 not even talking about a big shock with a giant reservoir and adjustment.

Jerry (1h 23m 21s):

Yeah. But all business needs that two like, Hey, I just got an f150. Yeah. Somebody wants, you don’t wanna lift it. Yeah. I can’t get Fox for a year. Yeah. So we’re selling King, we’re talking to ELCA now. So for me, I’m just taking a different stance where we’re gonna be more Switzerland on the shock brands. Yeah. They’re all good shocks and same thing. Are

Holman (1h 23m 40s):

They? Yeah. I mean I think shock, shock technology outside Multimatic is pretty much the same. It really comes down to your wear seals and your dust seals, things like that. How often they need to be maintained, how often they wear and then the person tuning them,

Jerry (1h 23m 54s):

You know? Yeah. I mean I think that’s the biggest part of it. And so I, I feel like King and Fox are these top brands right now. And then you got your Alka who makes really high quality. What’s

Holman (1h 24m 3s):

The other one? Falcon? Well Falcon is cheap. A brand of TerraFlex and Yeah, that’s a, that’s a Jeep thing. Of course. You know Bill Stein and

Jerry (1h 24m 11s):

Yeah. Bill Stein makes great stuff. Yep. So it just kind of comes back to like, we need shocks to put in our kits. Yep. And we’re not in the shock business. Right. That’s not like that’s a whole nother undertaking that that’s not even, and

Holman (1h 24m 22s):

I’m sure you’ve considered it.

Jerry (1h 24m 23s):

No, it’s not really on the radar really. No, I mean

Holman (1h 24m 26s):

You gotta, that’s a whole completely other business. Like you can’t really do a a shock division. You have to have a completely other business to supply shocks

Jerry (1h 24m 33s):

Design. You can see other brands, right. Let’s not, I’m not naming brands, but they make shocks, they make suspension components and it’s anodized and has a can and it does his thing, but it’s not the same level. Yeah. Like there’s internal parts you don’t see. Yeah. And if you rip the shock apart and you really look closely,

Holman (1h 24m 53s):

You can, you can see the

Jerry (1h 24m 54s):

Difference. There’s a huge difference. Yeah. And I’m talking like plastic dividers in a reservoir versus aluminum. The type of seal viton versus regular oing. Right. Like

Holman (1h 25m 3s):

Or even like on your TX shocks, you know, bill Stein has a seal that as it wears, tightens up to keep dust and stuff and dirt out of it. Which is why you don’t have to rebuild those shocks every 30,000

Jerry (1h 25m 14s):

Miles. And that’s the quality of like, you know, there’s the shaft guide, right? So it’s a du bushing. Right. So it’s the material that the shaft rides on in support. It’s the thickness of those products. So like the cheaper shocks get thinner on the seal cap and thinner on the piston and thinner on the, so there’s a lot of stick and a lot of bad stuff. And when you look at the quality shocks, and this is when you look at like Fox and King and Bilstein, they all have really good wear bands around the piston and the type of seals and pre-meals and wiper seals that they use. Yeah.

Holman (1h 25m 45s):

It’s not the function that sets ’em apart necessarily. It’s the components that make the shock function and the durability L longevity

Jerry (1h 25m 50s):

Outta it. And then the function smokes the other guys. Right. So there’s, there’s brands out there that make upper arms and they make shocks and all that stuff. And then you never hear a lot of good, it’s like, oh buy this, you know, they’re big in the overland world and then people buy it and they’re like just kind of ride stiff and it’s because it doesn’t have the back end of it. Right. Yeah. And for us, we just need to be supplied products. So for us it’s like, you know, we’re taking more of a stance with like, you know, Fox King Stein and a little bit of ELCA is gonna come in the door and that’ll be what we’re doing. And then once Fox or King or one of those guys supplies is better and then that’ll be the main brand. Yeah. It’s just been, Fox has been our main brand for a long time because they make really good stuff. But at the same time, you know when you look at a Raptor and they got away from the external bypass shocks that we’re screaming that we want Right.

Jerry (1h 26m 34s):

They’re like, well one of our dealers is complaining about the noise. And I’m like, well we want them to work. Yeah. Like I don’t care about the noise. My customer wants ’em to work. Yeah.

Holman (1h 26m 43s):

The internal bypass for me, I’ve never been a huge fan. Part of it for me is on internal bypass shock, it’s not a monotube anymore cuz it’s a sleeve within a sleeve. So you lose that heat dissipation through there.

Jerry (1h 26m 53s):

Well it’s, it’s more of the, the piston size,

Holman (1h 26m 55s):

Well the piston size way smaller than the body size, which isn’t the case on a monotube. And so Fox changed the world on shock marketing by doing all about body size because their piston is so much smaller because the internal bypass has that sleeve. Yeah. And then the other thing is internal bypass, you sort of tune for a zone and if you look at an internal bypass on a shock dino, it’s pretty much ramps at a linear angle. So you tune for where you want it to be and then everywhere else it sort of is what it is. Whereas another shock you, a traditional shock, you can kind of tune it to have different zones where it does something a little bit better where the trucker doesn’t look at a straight line.

Jerry (1h 27m 27s):

Yeah. But when you do internal bypass correctly, cuz we’ve built them,

Holman (1h 27m 30s):

You’ve raced on ’em and stuff. Yeah.

Jerry (1h 27m 31s):

Believe me, they’re really good and they have their place. Yeah. But when you can just stick in an external bypass. So my whole thing on the rear of a truck is, okay I, I got it every day for street, there’s nothing in the bed I could

Holman (1h 27m 42s):

Open. Yeah. You want adjustability. Yeah. For the user cuz there’s not that internal bypass. Yeah. It just is what it is. And perfect example is most shocks from the factory don’t have enough rebound control. Correct. Because they are made to have to still work with load in the bed, slows it down.

Jerry (1h 27m 55s):

That’s the biggest problem with

Holman (1h 27m 56s):

Tacoma for sure.

Jerry (1h 27m 58s):

It’s saying Raptor, TRX Raptor, all these high-end trucks that come from the factory, like I go use off road,

Holman (1h 28m 3s):

They’re never enough rebound for me. And what happens is they’re bouncy and they pogo are you slamming the jounces and it sends the rear up? Correct. Which upsets the front and a lot of times cuz the front weight stays the same, usually all these trucks are really dialed from the factory on the front. And for me, I, I would rather have a smooth body dialed for the front and a bypass for the rear because then I can adjust for weight and I don’t have to, you know, you could tell a difference going over, whoops. Or out in the desert when your rebound is, is can slow that axle down and your, your vehicle can conform to the, whoops, you’re not getting air under your rear axle because it’s not slamming back and forth. And that’s where, to me, an external bypass winds is the rear of a pickup truck.

Jerry (1h 28m 41s):

And, and it comes back down to design. So, you know, we’re out there doing the, we call it over landing now. We call it pre landing cuz we’re doing, you know, bedtime.

Holman (1h 28m 49s):

I call it gover landing. There

Jerry (1h 28m 51s):

You go.

Holman (1h 28m 51s):

I love it. Go

Jerry (1h 28m 52s):

Fast. Yeah. So, you know, you put 400 pounds in the bed of the truck, you don’t realize like you’re cooler in sleeping gear and you’re buddy with you and all, all the stuff, but you got 400 pounds back there, it’s going to bottom out easier.

Holman (1h 29m 5s):


Jerry (1h 29m 6s):

And it’s more weight that’s strapped out when you bottom ’em out. Now it’s trying to go

Holman (1h 29m 10s):

The other direct

Jerry (1h 29m 10s):

Go the other direction. So you need to crank in some rebound crank in some compression. You’re good to go.

Holman (1h 29m 16s):

But you can’t do that on internal bypass.

Jerry (1h 29m 17s):

You’re, you’re stuck. So now you’re just bouncing all over the place. Can you explain that to Fox? Like, look, my customers we’re high end, we need this. And it’s like, well, you know, we’re getting feedback of the noise it makes and it’s

Holman (1h 29m 28s):

Like, but whatever, it’s, you know, and the noise is basically just a clicking as the pistons going through the relief ports, which isn’t that after, I mean it’s not that loud. You get used to it. It’s not a big deal. But

Jerry (1h 29m 38s):

What really comes down to like, it’s just money dollars and cents for

Holman (1h 29m 42s):

That. And by the way, internal bypass click too, they’re just

Jerry (1h 29m 44s):

Quieter. Well it depends on how they’re designed, but yeah, it’s, you’re, you’re

Lightning (1h 29m 48s):

Right. If you go to Fox though and say I’m gonna buy 5,000 sets they’re gonna build,

Jerry (1h 29m 52s):

Then they’ll do it. Yeah. But I mean, let’s be real. Like I, you know, I’d be shocked if they made 250 sets for a Raptor. I bet you like say 500 sets

Lightning (1h 30m 2s):


Holman (1h 30m 3s):

Well because the Raptor owner’s been told by Ford that they already have a premium shock on it. Yeah. So they’re not necessarily, it’s gonna be that niche performance guy who knows what the Raptor is. Yeah. And is looking at it as a foundational platform. Who wants the better shock? But for the average consumer, it’s

Jerry (1h 30m 17s):

The Louis Vuitton customer. Yeah,

Holman (1h 30m 18s):

Yeah. For the average consumer that’s not gonna go out to the desert or might just go with his buddies every once in a while, he’s not gonna need a bigger shock or even think about it and, you know, live valve’s. Okay. It’s, it’s got, you know, adjustability on the compression stroke. And so for what that dude’s doing and when he is gonna feel really good and he’s probably driving 30 miles an hour, 40 miles an hour. But for Jerry’s customer he might be driving 65, 70 miles an hour. It’s

Jerry (1h 30m 40s):

Not, it’s not even that. It’s like live valve and all this other valving they’re doing is, all they’re doing is controlling the flow of the oil from the, from the reservoir quality to the reservoir. Yeah. Which is a big no-no. Like that’s not how we do it in off-road racing. Wow. Is it different? Well they’re just choking down the reservoir. So like all that flow we’ve been talking about, it’s now just choked down. So it’s gonna create gravitational, all kinds of other issues. Yeah. It’s great for the guy that’s going down a dirt trail that basically like he can like press a button and it stiffens it up and he’s not bottoming out as easy. It does have its place. Yeah. But it’s gonna build a lot of heat. It’s not the valving through the piston as much as it is, you know, that shock body’s full of oil and that shaft goes into the shock and displaces that much oil and

Holman (1h 31m 23s):

That oil has to go somewhere and

Jerry (1h 31m 24s):

That’s why

Holman (1h 31m 25s):

The reservoir and it’s pushing into the reservoir. But if, if you can choke it down, it resists slower. Sure. Yes. Whereas like on your TX shocks it’s different because it uses two compression and rebound circuit controlled by spool valves and it’s not, it’s choking it through the flow of the shock. Not through the orifice orifice going to the reservoir or like multimatic, same thing with their spool valve shocks. Now with the multimatic, they’re, you know, there’s some really novel stuff going in there. And for me, I really like that shock because especially on stock application where you only have like a four or five inch travel shock, they can displace a lot of energy in that really short stroke. So a Z R two, you know, or a a, whether it’s a Silverado or a Chevy Colorado at the wheels, it’s like, you know, eight to 10 inches of travel versus, you know, a raptor which is 12 or 13 or a tx.

Holman (1h 32m 15s):

But in that short stroke there’s shocks can do a lot and it’s just, it’s again, it goes down to the different design

Jerry (1h 32m 20s):

And Well, and it’s also the different shock developing. Like most people when they’re in their raptor or TX going down the road and they’re bottoming out, that’s more of a slow speed, not a high speed. So think about high speed hitting a, like

Holman (1h 32m 31s):

Gout or something like that.

Jerry (1h 32m 32s):

No. That, that would be the slow speed, but the high speed’s more like hitting a curb or a parking stop real quick snap. Right. And it’s like, so when you choke down the reservoir, now it’s, oh, kid’s not moving, it hurts. Right. Versus that like, you know, hitting the wall breathing. Yeah. The, the row of whoops. Or like entering your driveway, be more slow speed.

Holman (1h 32m 50s):

If you’re hitting your Jos, you’re over driving the chassis and where what you want is you want to be in that zone where the piston isn’t getting to the end stop on either side and is is going right in between the two sides without hitting either end. That’s when it’s breathing. That’s, that’s where your vehicle’s designed to be. Well

Jerry (1h 33m 7s):

It’s like my Raptor r I was out at King of the Hammers and so you just

Holman (1h 33m 10s):

Picked up a raptor R So Jay kind of alluded

Jerry (1h 33m 12s):

To that another segue. Yep. So I’m in the Raptor R and you know, when you enter king of the hammers, there’s the road everyone’s on and then just to the right it’s whooped out and they’re not really big, but they’re whoops. I can’t even get the raptor unless I’m like going fast. I can’t get the raptor to stay. It’s just bouncing. No, it’s so bad. Whatever mode it’s in. And the TX does the same thing and it’s just a simple thing. Like you just need some more rebound control. But Ford’s engineering that thing to be like 99% Yeah. Highway. Yeah. I’m a true off road guy. So,

Holman (1h 33m 43s):

And I was surprised to find out that the Raptor r has the exact same suspension as the 37 inch non Raptor r It’s, it’s the same stuff. So they didn’t even upgrade the suspension, even though way more capability, way more power.

Jerry (1h 33m 55s):

It’s direct of an inch bigger or something that

Holman (1h 33m 57s):

Yeah, I mean it’s,

Jerry (1h 33m 58s):

And they’re black. Like, so there’s this, I’m gonna do a video like cuz I get like, oh, you know, what do you what tell us about the rap I’m gonna do what I don’t like about the raptor. And that’s, they put all black shocks on it. So, so they’re hot. Well they don’t, well not the heat, but they just don’t look cool like you look on

Lightning (1h 34m 12s):

Because they just fade into the rest of the truck.

Jerry (1h 34m 14s):

Right. OE suspension. Right. The key like the Raptor r it’s got a red r at the end of it on everything wrapped off the key doesn’t, the steering wheel doesn’t the bro,

Holman (1h 34m 25s):

So the branding consistency isn’t throughout. Yeah.

Jerry (1h 34m 27s):

It’s like, like talk to us a little bit when you come out with these premium vehicles

Lightning (1h 34m 31s):

They want, so you want it to look high hand, you want to throw the key up on the bar Right. When you’re with your buddy, it’s just a little thing. Yeah. You want it to look like a, a Bentley key or a Lambo key. Those things look legit. Yeah.

Holman (1h 34m 42s):

The key, just like your plastic Chinese anodized key cover.

Lightning (1h 34m 45s):

I don’t don’t have it on me right now cause I drove the bands, but like, so he makes fun of this little, this little cover that I put on my key. But it’s this chrome, it’s actually the almost the same color as the Dr. Pepper can. It’s very similar and it’s got the same reflectivity. Okay.

Holman (1h 34m 58s):

It’s anodized plastic

Lightning (1h 34m 59s):

And it’s, it’s anodized plastic. And I thought this is a little cheesy, but I didn’t want to beat up the key and I got it and I, I have had dozens of compliments on the key cuz they think it looks cool because they think the key cuz it looks like a Ferrari key. Yeah. If Ferrari had a, is that on

Jerry (1h 35m 15s):

Amazon? So I need to go to

Lightning (1h 35m 16s):

Amazon. I’ll send

Jerry (1h 35m 17s):

You a link. Dude, I need to get a cool Raptor

Lightning (1h 35m 18s):

Key on Amazon. Dude, I’m telling you, China, it looks like

Holman (1h 35m 21s):

You get from four but it’s all black. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 35m 23s):

Yeah. He thinks it’s lame, but I, I get compliments.

Jerry (1h 35m 26s):

Well, so check it out. So I had a silver Gen three raptor.

Holman (1h 35m 28s):


Jerry (1h 35m 30s):

I come home in my raptor arm, my neighbor’s like, oh you removed the stickers. I’m like, no, this is the raptor are

Holman (1h 35m 36s):


Jerry (1h 35m 37s):

Like they don’t, they don’t really get it. Yeah. So I’m looking at like on top of the hood, the plastic’s taller. Right. So when you’re in it, my head, I tested this Yeah. To look over the,

Holman (1h 35m 46s):

It cuts off some of your view a

Jerry (1h 35m 48s):

Hundred percent. I have to touch the top of my head to the headliner to be able to see everything over the hood. The

Holman (1h 35m 53s):

Colorado zero two, it’s one of my biggest things. And the Toyota Tier RD pro Tacoma, they all have this hood that rises in the middle for no reason for styling. And I’m like, no, make it rise on the side if you wanna give it shaped. Correct. The middle is what I’m looking at to read the trail ahead of me. Correct. And I hate that.

Jerry (1h 36m 7s):

And so we’re, we’re getting gnarly stuff. When you’re in ba so when you’re like racing a, a race truck down in Baja, like you’re going up and over mountains all kinds of stuff and visibility’s very, and

Holman (1h 36m 16s):

There’s no reason for that cuz the engine is way down in the chassis. Correct. It’s not like you have a supercharger, something that made the engine deck Tall. Tall

Jerry (1h 36m 22s):

Or whatever. Correct. Anyways, they have this plastic thing on the sides, the Raptor R logo. So they put on the really small, on the sides it says Raptor with the red R Yeah. You get red tow hooks, you get a little red R in the nose, you get a logo on the Mac. But then, you know, you look at a Toyota T Rd Pro and they have those TD Pro Yeah. T rd Pro badges on the

Holman (1h 36m 40s):

Floors. Well it’s like TD Pro because it’s like every, like the passenger seat in front of you on the dash is like T rd pro, like it is so giant. Yeah. You know what you’re in,

Jerry (1h 36m 50s):

In, but outside on the side. Yeah. You know, that’s a

Holman (1h 36m 52s):

Pro. And the, even even on the TD Pro, on the new Tundra, it even has like a, you know, multi-cam camouflage, like those shapes like molded into the fender flares. So even the fender flare when you look at it, is a little bit different than everything else. Yeah. Like it’s those little tiny touches like, you know, it’s a pro and you see it.

Jerry (1h 37m 13s):

But when you park, when when you’re driving down the road and you’re in a raptor, are the, the doors at the bottom when they like kind of square up a little. It should have a Raptor R logo right there. Yeah.

Holman (1h 37m 24s):


Jerry (1h 37m 24s):

It just

Lightning (1h 37m 25s):

Should, I mean, you, you’ve talked about the, the Louis Vuittons and the Pradas and Gucci’s and such and those brands are expert at branding. At branding. Yeah. And they put their logos everywhere and sometimes it’s bold and sometimes it’s subtle, but it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere. And and you’re right, Ford could take a a few cues from that.

Jerry (1h 37m 43s):

I I would think so. And then the other thing is the, the Bronco Raptor of carbon fiber has this killer trim in the steering wheel. Like the steering wheel’s literally perfect. You get in in a raptor r and keep in mind they start at $109,000.

Holman (1h 37m 59s):

Yeah. They’re not

Jerry (1h 37m 60s):

Cheap. The carbon fi. So my Gen three Raptor carbon looks like absolute crap. Yeah. Like it’s got little silver strands in it. Yeah. This raptor, the carbon fiber looks legit. It’s all mad. It’s real carbon fiber. It’s the real deal. And then they have this piano black molding everywhere inside, which is kind of cool, but it’s gonna get scratched. Yep. But I’m like, where’s the carbon fiber on the steering wheel? Where’s the little red on that logo? But they put the, it’s in the headrest. The seats are killer. They’re all like alcantara. Yeah. You know, like a

Holman (1h 38m 27s):

Porsche. It’s got the ri caros in it. Right?

Jerry (1h 38m 29s):

Yeah. So it’s got these Ricardo seats and then the, the little armrest in the middle that says Raptor arm. Which I wouldn’t have done that because it’s just

Holman (1h 38m 35s):

Because your arms there,

Jerry (1h 38m 36s):

It’s gonna get dirty. I feel it on my arm and the T-shirt. Yep. But it’s, it’s a feature that’s there. But I’d rather not have that embroidery there and have the steering wheel have the little

Holman (1h 38m 45s):

R Well think about it, the steering wheel is the thing. One thing you touch,

Jerry (1h 38m 48s):

That’s your first,

Holman (1h 38m 48s):

Every time you drive a car,

Lightning (1h 38m 50s):

So TX steering wheel or the, or the Raptor R it’s gotta be because the TX has got everything you’ve just mentioned.

Jerry (1h 38m 56s):

Yeah. The, the T So when I drove a tx, I was like kind of like, you know, I’m not a big Ram fan, I just haven’t been. I know. And then I get in the, the TX and

Lightning (1h 39m 5s):

I, and by the way, this is my first STIs slash Chrysler product ever in my life.

Holman (1h 39m 9s):

Okay. He’s always been Chevy

Lightning (1h 39m 11s):

Guy. And I have told, but I have been outspoken against, I am not a Chrysler slash FCA slash STIs fan. It wasn’t until we drove around quite a bit in Holman’s long-term loaner that I’m like, all right, this might be the turning point for me. I was not a fan. I didn’t like the quality, I didn’t like the fit finish and none of it. And the TX was like, Hmm.

Jerry (1h 39m 33s):

It’s a, it’s a cool truck. So I, I drove on back from Vegas and you know, I stepped on it, I took it off road. You know, I kind of put it through its paces and my first impression’s like okay, the steering wheel’s pretty dope. Like I like that

Holman (1h 39m 45s):

It feels more cockpit to me than the Raptor. Yeah. The Raptor and the F150 is a very like, like flat face to the dash, very

Jerry (1h 39m 53s):


Holman (1h 39m 53s):

The TX just feels like it’s more like a glove. Like it just feels like it’s around you more. It

Jerry (1h 39m 57s):

Feels a little sportier.

Holman (1h 39m 58s):


Jerry (1h 39m 59s):

Little sportier. Yeah. And I feel like the

Holman (1h 40m 0s):

Visibility seems a little sportier out of the ram too. Yeah.

Jerry (1h 40m 3s):

I mean visibility was a very similar, I feel like all these trucks nowadays are just so big. Yeah. And like you said, like everything is like way down lower. Yeah. And they don’t need to be that big, but it’s just kind of how they make ’em. Yeah.

Holman (1h 40m 14s):

I do like the JCOs on the front of the TX though. Having the hydraulic bump stops inside the shocks. Okay. Those things are awesome. Yeah. I mean they tell you it’s amazing how much force,

Jerry (1h 40m 22s):

I mean I drove it off road and I was like, I mean, but keep in mind like we build suspension and make these

Holman (1h 40m 27s):

Things. Yeah. You’re coming from different lens.

Jerry (1h 40m 28s):

Yeah. Total different lens. And to me it’s like what’s there can be heavily improved upon, but I’m sure the manufacturers have like the reasoning. Yeah. And it’s comfort. So when you drive the raptor down the road or the TX down the road and you’re on the freeway and it’s real hoppy, like it’s super comfortable. And so I feel like the Ford is, it’s like the modern day seven series or the modern day S five 50 Mercedes. Just so comfortable. But the power man, I mean it’s like between the TX and the Raptor, they’re both very similar like that. Yeah. But it’s 700 horsepower at the supercharger and the noise it makes. Yeah. Which by the way, MagnaFlow has my raptor and they’re doing an exhaust on it right now. We’re gonna go down to Anza Borrego on Tuesday. I

Holman (1h 41m 8s):

Was supposed to be on that trip with you guys.

Jerry (1h 41m 9s):

Are you

Holman (1h 41m 10s):

Going? Well we, while we was supposed to we’re know Rich called me up cuz we were gonna put exhaust on the 3 92. Okay. But I’m gonna be outta town and just the dates just didn’t work

Jerry (1h 41m 19s):

Out. So what’s more important than off-roading bro?

Holman (1h 41m 21s):

Offroading other off-roading. Okay.

Lightning (1h 41m 24s):

Oh you are going off-roading.

Holman (1h 41m 25s):

I’m going to Utah. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 41m 26s):

No that’s your Moab trip.

Holman (1h 41m 27s):

Yeah. No, no, no. This is Moab. I’m gonna go see Bri American ventureLab cuz we’re have, we’ve had a date for like two or three months to do the, all the interior, the onboard air, the onboard battery system, the, the cargo, all that stuff.

Jerry (1h 41m 40s):

So, got it. The exhaust noises are beautiful. It’s back to that V8 and it’s not even just a normal v8, it’s just a big pissed off V8

Lightning (1h 41m 47s):

And how much supercharger wine are you getting?

Jerry (1h 41m 51s):

You hear it, it’s not crazy but you do hear it. Which I think in some sense is kind of cool

Lightning (1h 41m 56s):

There. There’re guys like, I’m, of course I’m on all the, the TX groups on Facebook and I’m actually on a couple raptor groups. There’s all these dudes making tubular four inch air boxees. So it’s, it comes straight out of the, the supercharger inlet right into a steel airbox. Which none of this is good for performance, but it resonates like a mofo. And you could just get so much wine. The guy’s like truck’s got plenty of power for me. I don’t really care about two, three horsepower for an intake. I just want noise. And they just put it on. Wow. I think JM B is one of the go companies and there’s a few of these, they’re just making these all steel. Like gale banks would pull what little hair he has out of his head, like looking at these intakes.

Lightning (1h 42m 40s):

Yeah. But guys, you’re buying ’em left and right because they want the noise. It’s, it’s like

Jerry (1h 42m 44s):

The gen two, gen three raptor guys that are like wastegate. Yeah. Well how do you make a Honda Civic noise? And that’s where the Raptor are. I mean man, it’s just bitching.

Holman (1h 43m 4s):

How, how different is it? Because I had our long-term raptor before I didn’t and I, it won four-wheeler pickup truck of the year. But driving it every day, that’s kind of underwhelmed. Cause my previous vehicle for a year was the TRX and it just, it drones a lot. It felt down on power obviously. Where it’s amazing we’re 450 horsepower doesn’t feel

Jerry (1h 43m 24s):

Good enough. Well you’re on your way to Mammoth. I remember I’m on my way to Mammoth and I’m passing someone and I’m like, wow, that’s not so great. Like it should be better than that. We’re this Raptor Rs like, it just wants to keep it, it’ll yeah

Holman (1h 43m 35s):

Just keep pulling. And I think that there’s, you know, Ford has some extra like, and they’ve always been this way body on frame jiggles that make it through the calve. So there’s some secondary motions that kind of over a, a heve or something or a broken pavement you can feel through the structure. And I think part of it’s cuz the aluminum is so much lighter weight, it just, just doesn’t control some of those vibrations as well. And so that was kind of that stuff and I just, I was, eh, so, and I haven’t driven an app a Raptor R yet and I’m, I’m curious cause I think it would solve a lot of the things I didn’t like about the

Jerry (1h 44m 4s):

Oh it’s, it’s triple over.

Holman (1h 44m 6s):

It’s what it should be.

Jerry (1h 44m 8s):

I would agree. I would say a Ford could make,

Holman (1h 44m 12s):


Jerry (1h 44m 12s):

Could be 25,000 Raptor, I don’t know how many regular raptors they sell, but just say it’s 25,000, maybe it’s 50,000. They’d sell ’em all for a hundred grand.

Holman (1h 44m 20s):

Yeah. What they should do is take that engine or just the coyote detune it, no supercharger and make that the engine instead of the v6. I think it would be, to me the, the V6 just sounds so bad.

Jerry (1h 44m 32s):

I think that Godzilla engine should comes to it

Holman (1h 44m 34s):

Should seven three. It’s actually way more compact than the five liter. Is it really in terms of width? Yeah, because it’s a overhead

Jerry (1h 44m 40s):

Valve. But yeah, I think if that engine went in, there’s this guy, it’d be amazing Juicy Motorsport.

Holman (1h 44m 44s):

Yeah. We saw ’em at SEMA to see. Yeah, we interviewed

Jerry (1h 44m 46s):

Those guys. All the cameras, everything. They

Holman (1h 44m 48s):

In the HPTs booth, right? Yeah.

Jerry (1h 44m 49s):

Yep, yep. Yeah that truck’s badass. But I mean I can only imagine just how freaking cool.

Holman (1h 44m 53s):

No, I bet it’s awesome. Yeah. And it’s all to work. You don’t have to worry about your supercharger, you know, whatever. It’s all big displacement stuff. Yeah. The stuff you love for racing supercharger’s fine. But big displacement out on the desert. That’s one of the reasons I went from a supercharge V6 wrangler to a 3 92. Yes. Because I don’t have to worry about any kind of spooling up or anything. It’s just big fat linear power all the time. A hundred percent. It’s

Jerry (1h 45m 13s):

Just stupid. Yeah. On the way back from k O h I kind of was reminiscing my childhood, my friend’s grandma used to live off Bear Valley in Central. So you head up central towards big Bear and then you get to the end, you turn left and it goes into these dirt roads and we wound up on these cool dirt trails. It just kind of go everywhere. It’s cool. And the biggest thing with the raptor is you just put it in the off-road mode. So it’s in four high and it feels trophy truck. Like you wanna know what the power off-road feels. It’s very close. Similar.

Holman (1h 45m 40s):

I mean even a spec truck is like, what, six 50 or something like that.

Jerry (1h 45m 43s):

Like the 5 25 LS three. Yeah. You know, but, and I mean they have good power and, and everything like the trophy truck or the, the 6,100 truck down low, they’re very similar. Yeah. Because you can only go so much until the tires just smoke the ground. Sure. The biggest difference between the two is just the legs. It has later in life. So from 80 to 120 is, or hundred off the chart is off the chart where the spec trucks like, you know, like the 80 to 110 is

Holman (1h 46m 10s):

Yeah. I get to ride with, with Ryan Aero on some test and tunes in both the spec truck and then his trophy truck. Yeah. And it was just freaking, I mean,

Jerry (1h 46m 19s):

Side by side like that used amazing. Yeah. It’s that zero to sixties, very similar in both of

Holman (1h 46m 23s):

’em. But the top end of that is, was mind blowing. Like when, you know, we were taking, you know, from racing offroad there’s, you know, a a 90 degree intersection Yeah. And trophy trucks have, you know, three feet of travel. Yeah. And Ryan basically cuts the triangle, you know, just full throttle sideways, over a two foot berm where the intersection is. So he is not on the road. He goes, cuts that corner and you’re looking out as the passenger and you could, you could touch the ground. There’s so much body roll and all four tires still on the ground just soaking it up and you just go. The first time he did that I was like, well, I, I was uncomfortable for a second and then

Lightning (1h 46m 60s):

You thought my spine is gonna come out my ass.

Holman (1h 47m 2s):

But then you realize that, that the truck is actually planted. It’s the body that’s moving. It’s

Jerry (1h 47m 7s):

Crazy. And we turn like we don’t use the brakes and slow down,

Holman (1h 47m 11s):

We turn, use the throttle and pitch the rear round, let reset foot

Jerry (1h 47m 14s):

Off the gas. It’s let’s the backend come out from under and

Holman (1h 47m 17s):

Stab it through side

Jerry (1h 47m 19s):

And you hit the berm on the other side when you’re back on the gas. That’s

Holman (1h 47m 22s):

What you

Jerry (1h 47m 22s):

See. Amazing looting everywhere. Oh

Holman (1h 47m 23s):

Dude. It was so much fun. That was a rabbit.

Jerry (1h 47m 25s):

Yeah. And so that’s, that’s the hardest part. Like people are like, oh, aren’t you racing sports cars? I’m like, because I’ll never know how to Yeah. Like I have so many bad

Holman (1h 47m 32s):

Habits. Oh yeah. It’s like the difference between street motorcycles and, and dirt bikes. Same thing. You know, you have to recalibrate your engine and

Jerry (1h 47m 38s):

Like, but but you’re not going to No. Like an off-road guy. Like if you grow up offroading Yeah.

Holman (1h 47m 43s):

If you’re about to wipe out on a dirt bike, you stab it and get ahead of it on a street bike, that’s not what you want to do. Yeah, right. Those types of little things.

Jerry (1h 47m 49s):

Yeah. And it’s the, it’s like the road big stuff. Yeah. But it, no, it’s like you, you could learn it but it’s, it’s that whole precision versus like being sloppy off roads. Very sloppy but calculated. Yeah. Lot, lot of room for air. The window’s bigger. Yeah. And, but that’s how you turn and drive them versus like the road stuff is like, it’s wild. Yeah. It’s wild. It’s so precision. Right.

Holman (1h 48m 7s):

The first time I was ever in a trophy truck and I was just like, my breath was taken away from a minute. I mean we were, we went through the whoops at 117 on the gps and I’m thinking this is double the highway speed over three and four foot. Whoops. Yeah. And you’re just, it’s,

Jerry (1h 48m 23s):

But you can’t go slower because the truck will, the

Holman (1h 48m 25s):

Truck will slam it. You have to have that through so that you can carry the tops. The tabletops. Yeah. The oh it was amazing. And

Jerry (1h 48m 31s):

That’s, but that feeling like when I get in the raptors, sorry guys. TX you’ll

Lightning (1h 48m 36s):

Tighten the pants thinking

Holman (1h 48m 37s):

About it refrigerate.

Jerry (1h 48m 38s):

Yeah. And that’s the feeling, you know, when when I get in the TXs and the raptors, oh we where you’re like, this thing can totally work better over this stuff. Yeah. And they just don’t, you just

Holman (1h 48m 48s):

Spoiled. Yeah. Because you know, most guys will never know what that next level is. Like this is the next level for

Lightning (1h 48m 52s):

A lot of people. So Holman and I have talked about that with, with some of the, you know, with the Raptor and with the tx and you got companies that rip that stuff out, the stock stuff and we’re like damn. Like that’s better than 99.9% of the people will ever need. Definitely. And you’re still ripping it out.

Jerry (1h 49m 7s):

And we go on our overland trips down to Baja and Utah and all these places and we had guys that just have like the c spring preload with the upper arm and they get all the accessories for camping and they’re going still works trips. It still works great. Yeah. I mean you gotta think of like what the OE have given us is awesome. Yeah. But they’ve also given us a really cool platform to start with that because there was some design engineering into the platform where it’s like, okay, now you could modify this. Right. Where there are other brands out there and there’s like zero ability to really modify what they give you. And that’s why like, you know, why don’t you make parts for Truck X, Y, Z? I’m like, well, because I can’t really Yeah. Do anything with, with that.

Jerry (1h 49m 47s):

Cuz the steering racks out of a little teeny car. Sure. Or the ball joints are too small and the spindle’s too small. Yeah. So like we can make parts make it better, but then it’s gonna fall apart. Yeah. And so that’s where like, you know, the Tacomas tundras and Chevy Silverados and Fords are so popular because they’ve made them beefy enough to be able to be modified. And then the raptors on top of that are on like another level. And that’s

Holman (1h 50m 12s):

Been really good. It’s a good time to be a truck guy. Yeah, it is. So what’s, I mean, we talked about a little bit, what’s next for, for you

Jerry (1h 50m 19s):

Really just planning right now? Like, you know, hit hitting the list of all the stuff we’re gonna do. We have a lot of really cool tricks up our sleeve right now. I mean, I just,

Holman (1h 50m 27s):

Are you fighting that you had ideas but didn’t have the resource to execute? A hundred percent. Now you’re going back to that notepad going now’s the time. Yes.

Lightning (1h 50m 34s):

We had the answer ready before you asked the question.

Jerry (1h 50m 36s):

Yeah. I mean it’s it’s, there’s a lot of excitement, right? Yes dude. And then now it’s not like, Hey, you know, we have this for the Tacoma. Yeah. Hey, we have this for the rap. No, we’re gonna have this for everything. And I’m talking like mic drop. Yeah. I’m talking like, dude,

Holman (1h 50m 49s):

I’m waiting for it. I’m excited. This long drop. I’ve, I’ve known Maverick, I’ve known you before I was ever a magazine guy. I probably have known you over 25 years. I mean, coming into the shop as a Huntington Beach kid going, oh, I, okay, I’ll come back and have money. Right? Yeah. Have a sticker. So to, to watch your success and then be friends with you and, and now see to, you’ve gotten the business to a point where it was acquired by somebody, but they still want you and Jason around. And I’m excited for what’s next and I, I appreciate you coming out and hanging out with us

Jerry (1h 51m 16s):

Today. Yeah, no, thank you for having me again. I mean, I, I love you guys and love everything you guys are doing. Any anyone who’s like growing like the truck culture and like living it. Like, I just really appreciate cuz that’s where my passion’s at. Yeah. And that’s, that’s honestly the most exciting part is like, I feel like I’m one of those employees at Disney in the sixties and the imagineering department. Yeah. Where like, you get it, you, you go, Hey, we we’re gonna do auto topia.

Holman (1h 51m 43s):


Jerry (1h 51m 43s):

Maybe so happy. You know, like I get, I have

Holman (1h 51m 46s):

That cars and hydrocarbons. Let’s let’s start this culture.

Jerry (1h 51m 49s):

Yes. Right.

Holman (1h 51m 49s):

We need the utopia for today to get this next generation of kids excited.

Jerry (1h 51m 53s):

Right. Oh totally. Yeah. And it’s, it’s so fun because we get to, we get to build what we wanna build and, and you know, the Poone family, I mean, they’re so fired up. Yeah. Like they’re so excited to see this happen and there’s some ideas that we’re, we’re bringing to light. Like, hey, you know, we’ve been kind of holding off on this one for a few years. Check it out. And they’re just giddy over it because they see it, they see the potential. And when you think about how many trucks are on the road and what we know how to do. And it’s funny cuz there’s a lot of suspension companies out there. They’ve been in business a long time. Yeah. Yeah. And they just don’t get it. Yeah. And, and they’re not going to because

Holman (1h 52m 26s):

They’re, they’re selling to the highest common denominator and making their money. They’re not necessarily catering to the enthusiasts or the performance person. Right.

Lightning (1h 52m 34s):

I’m excited for you. Sorry to interrupt. I’m excited for you to be able to get the word out further because your marketing has been limited to your budget. You personally, you’re really good at marketing, but magna flow’s marketing is much bigger. They’ve got a blow torch, right? Yes. And I’m on these groups all the time and I see guys buying upper control arms from company A, company B, whatever, and they think it’s the <unk> and I have to go, I’ll literally butt into a conversation that I’m not a part of. Right. It’s these guys, they’re gotta ram 2,500, whatever

Holman (1h 53m 4s):

You do that. I’ve never all time, I’ve never never seen that. Oh yeah. Oh, okay.

Lightning (1h 53m 9s):

And I’m like, have you considered this? And I was like, oh, I already bought him. I’m like, oh my. He’s

Holman (1h 53m 14s):

Like, why then just walk away. Yeah. And I have to Don’t poop on the dude’s sale.

Jerry (1h 53m 17s):

I have to, there’s some bad stuff

Holman (1h 53m 19s):

Out there.

Lightning (1h 53m 19s):

There some bad. There is some really booger welded stuff that these guys are putting on hundred and $10,000 trucks.

Jerry (1h 53m 25s):

Yeah. That one gets me is like, oh my God, there’s a company that’s known for their alignment solutions. Mm. And a lot of Toyota guys, because like I know where they’re shopping, they’re like not direct with can or they, you know, whatever it is. They’re like, oh, these arms are badass. Like these are, which put on your offer and there’s video after video after video where the ball joints like literally pulling the ball’s pulling out of the body. Cause they’re making China. Yeah. And they have an adjustable ball joint. So they’re told like, oh, you know, you got lush caster, you fit bigger tires. It doesn’t rub on the firewall. I’m like, sorry to break the news, but you need more caster so it can handle correctly. And the difference of tire fitting. You’re talking a half an inch.

Jerry (1h 54m 5s):

Yeah. Like when you rack back that spindle, we’re gonna do a whole video on this. Like, you know, the, the myth of that.

Lightning (1h 54m 11s):

Please do, please do. But

Jerry (1h 54m 12s):

Like these guys are putting zero casters. So imagine like lifting a jeep or any straight axle Yeah. Three inches. Yep. And you don’t change the lower arms.

Holman (1h 54m 21s):

Right. Which the arms are at a giant angle. Yeah. You’re

Jerry (1h 54m 23s):

All over the road.

Holman (1h 54m 24s):

Yeah. You’re casters all over, all over the steering’s too quick and really flighty and well

Jerry (1h 54m 28s):

Yeah. You a lane change, you let go and you’re in the curb versus it straightening back out. Well we, we will allow for more caster or maintain the stock,

Holman (1h 54m 36s):

Which you arguably want more castor and off-roading because you want more control.

Jerry (1h 54m 40s):

Well, because you’re on ice, you’re on the dirt. Yeah. So when you try to, the

Holman (1h 54m 43s):

Surface is Yeah. And the surface isn’t even, it’s not this perfectly smooth pavement. Correct. The crown may be on the right side to the left.

Jerry (1h 54m 50s):

Yeah. So for all you guys out there, what castor is, is imagine your bicycle if the forks went straight up and down Yeah. Versus the rake that they have. Yeah. So the more rake you have, the better it’s gonna handle. Yeah. And the less rake you have, the worse it’s gonna handle. Like it’s gonna be darty. Yep. And so in your truck, when you’re in the dirt, you want more of that rake, a little negative camber. And it’s gonna handle so much better. And we get this all the time. Like, oh, you know, I bought these arms and you know, just

Holman (1h 55m 15s):

Say no more. I know your problem.

Jerry (1h 55m 17s):

It handles like crap. And I’m like, oh, well you need these, you know? Well I got 30 fives on my Tacoma. I’m like, well 30 fives will never fit on your Tacoma. No. If you’re actually off-roading. Nope.

Holman (1h 55m 26s):

Not, not unless you love a sazo. Yeah. And you’re still probably gonna hit the, the firewall

Jerry (1h 55m 31s):

Everything hit everything. Yeah. The the hood’s like in a unlatch.

Lightning (1h 55m 35s):

You and when you started this endeavor, you didn’t realize that you were going to be an educator.

Jerry (1h 55m 40s):

We actually were educating from day one and it was very difficult because people just don’t know. And everyone has to know the answer. I mean, you’d probably deal with that at banks. Right? Like every day, all day long,

Lightning (1h 55m 49s):

Every day. I

Holman (1h 55m 50s):

Deal with that with lightning every day.

Lightning (1h 55m 52s):

How dare you. It’s true. Unfortunately. Ring the bell.

Holman (1h 55m 56s):

I love that the guest is here to tell me when it’s all right to ring the bell. It’s great. Yes. What the hell’s wrong with you? Sometimes I feel bad because I’m like lightning,

Lightning (1h 56m 4s):

Lightning, lightning light. Lightning lightning. That’s, that’s Holman.

Holman (1h 56m 6s):

Yep. Well, it’s because he’ll say something I go, it’s not how he goes. What do you mean? Or, or I’ll tell him, Hey that don’t put that in the show. And he goes, why? I go. Cause that’s not how that he goes. What? So every once in a while we’ll have that lightning moment. Yeah.

Jerry (1h 56m 20s):

Love it.

Lightning (1h 56m 22s):

Yep. You can hear it sucking

Holman (1h 56m 26s):

Well dude. Appreciate it. Thank you for coming. If they, if people wanna follow you, obviously at c your personal.

Jerry (1h 56m 34s):

Yeah. It’s at c racings, all the social c dot com’s. A website. Jerry’s Aiden’s the social for me.

Holman (1h 56m 40s):

And at supercar Jerry too.

Jerry (1h 56m 42s):

That’s like a fun Yeah. Sports car page.

Holman (1h 56m 44s):

No, it’s fun. I, I follow it. And then you still have it at Jeeps only too, right?

Jerry (1h 56m 48s):

Yep. Jeeps underscore only Jeep page.

Holman (1h 56m 50s):

We’ll follow our friend Jerry. And the

Lightning (1h 56m 53s):

Future is bright for our, our young padawan over

Holman (1h 56m 55s):

Here. Are you talking about me? I’m the youngest in the

Lightning (1h 56m 57s):

Room. Well, no, he looks younger, sadly.

Holman (1h 57m 0s):

Oh man. Yeah, he’s he’s fit and Yep.

Lightning (1h 57m 2s):

Doesn’t have the gray beard nor the

Holman (1h 57m 4s):

Pop belly. Well he hasn’t gray, he hasn’t grown his beard out. So I have, we don’t know, I

Jerry (1h 57m 9s):

Had one, is it

Holman (1h 57m 9s):

Gray? Gray?

Jerry (1h 57m 10s):

There’s like a couple little,

Lightning (1h 57m 12s):

I got excited,

Jerry (1h 57m 13s):

Like, I’m like, I finally got a couple of them coming in. I’m like, oh, okay, cool.

Holman (1h 57m 16s):

Silver fox.

Jerry (1h 57m 18s):


Holman (1h 57m 18s):

Does your wife like younger Jerry or or mature Jerry? I

Jerry (1h 57m 22s):

Don’t, sometimes I wonder.

Lightning (1h 57m 24s):

No, Jerry, I just do what she says.

Jerry (1h 57m 26s):

I just do what she says. No, no, she’s great. Yeah. We’re both growing old together.

Lightning (1h 57m 31s):

Dude, you, you dropped a bomb on your driveway for her like couple weeks ago. That ride.

Jerry (1h 57m 37s):

Oh, the Christmas gift? Yes. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Lightning (1h 57m 40s):

He bought her a, was it Cayenne? Twin Turbo,

Jerry (1h 57m 43s):

Yeah. The gts. Yeah.

Holman (1h 57m 46s):

Portor. I hope you have a Porsche guy cuz that, that’s lightning ringing my bell. Yeah. That, that guy must love you right now.

Jerry (1h 57m 52s):

It’s pretty neat. It’s pretty neat. She’s

Holman (1h 57m 54s):

Like, I just, I married you when you were some surfer who was in some shot making truck parts.

Jerry (1h 57m 59s):

Well she doesn’t even, she’s like, why did I get a G? Like I don’t care. Like, oh, Zack and Jerry. This, this what I get Z and jury, like the sounds of the engine. Like it’s, I did a, a video on my YouTube page. It’s like cold start. Which one’s better? Like the, the Raptor R and Porsche? Yeah. I don’t, did I do all three yet? I think I did, but yeah, so it’s like the, the Porsche gts, the Caen GTS starting or the GT three. I’m like, oh, the GTS is like, it’s a twin turbo v8. It’s basically the Lamborghini UUs but in a Porsche body. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, it’s just rad inland. Like I drive it like we left church today and like I put it in the sport mode like going down

Lightning (1h 58m 35s):

The road also bra.

Jerry (1h 58m 37s):

Dude, I’m in my, not my boat, but I’m on a boat like cruising through the channel. I

Holman (1h 58m 42s):


Lightning (1h 58m 43s):


Jerry (1h 58m 43s):

Just so bitching. It’s

Holman (1h 58m 45s):

So cool. Love it. All right, well when, when you get the exhaust on the Raptor r we, we gotta hear it. Oh

Lightning (1h 58m 50s):

Yes. All right. Yeah. All right. All about it.

Jerry (1h 58m 52s):

I’ll bring it by your house and all. Well tell your neighbor sorry

Holman (1h 58m 54s):

When I leave. Oh, perfect. I’ve got a guy two doors down who’s got the loudest Hummer that you’ve ever heard.

Jerry (1h 58m 59s):

I thinking of the Smoky tire

Holman (1h 59m 1s):

Burnout. Oh, that’s fine. And then I’ve got the 3 92, which is awesome for Coldstar. And they were used to the TX here. He, he came with his Borla equipped tx. And I had a neighbor who lives two streets down.

Lightning (1h 59m 13s):

It was about midnight when I left, by the way.

Holman (1h 59m 14s):

She texted me by lightning.

Jerry (1h 59m 18s):


Lightning (1h 59m 18s):

Love it. All right. Congrats on the successes always

Jerry (1h 59m 20s):

Jerry. Yeah. Thank you guys.

Lightning (1h 59m 24s):

All right, well that was cool. How do you feel about some five star hotline? Let’s

Holman (1h 59m 28s):

Do it.

13 (1h 59m 30s):

Oh, come on. And part of the show called the five Star Hotline. 6 5 7 2 0 5 6 1 0 5. It’s the five star hotline hotline.

3 (1h 59m 47s):

Hey, this is Brian. I’ve called a few times before but never left my name. So there’s the name. You guys are trying to figure out T-shirts and hats. Here is the most perfect t-shirt for you guys. This is Lightning speaking. Cause he always thinks that nobody can tell the difference in your voices.

Holman (2h 0m 10s):


3 (2h 0m 11s):

T-shirt. This is lightning speaking. You guys have a great day.

Holman (2h 0m 15s):

That’s good.

Lightning (2h 0m 16s):

That’s, I like how he insulted me and yet I think it’s funny. Yeah.

Holman (2h 0m 19s):

Okay, good. Good work listener. Yeah.

Lightning (2h 0m 21s):

Perfect. Thanks. Brian. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 6 5 7 2 0 5. 61 0 5 is the five star hotline.

3 (2h 0m 30s):

Hey guys, it’s Colby calling again just listening to this recent power stroke episode. And then in the news you brought up the whole like legalities of these high end stuff that they’re not allowed to sell afterwards and or they’ll lose their warranty. And I just like, I find that to be such bull crap. Like the, the manufacturers are allowing these dealerships to charge 40, 50, $60,000 over msrp and that’s fine. But heaven forbid some dude wants to sell his truck after he has it for a little while and he can’t, like I just find that completely crazy that the, the dealers are making more money but the, the little guy can’t like crazy.

3 (2h 1m 16s):

Anyway, keep up the good work guys. And your, your hotline still says brand new and you’re

Holman (2h 1m 23s):


3 (2h 1m 23s):

Anymore. Anyway,

Holman (2h 1m 25s):

Funny he should say that because I realized that my voicemail and my personal phone is, I probably did at the same time I did that

Lightning (2h 1m 31s):

Still says motor

Holman (2h 1m 32s):

Trend. Oh I don’t know. It’s still doesn’t say anything about any of the businesses or I have all these people calling me and it’s just like, Hey Sean, leave a message.

Lightning (2h 1m 39s):

No, you need to change those. Like, hey, it’s Sean Holman from Truck

Holman (2h 1m 42s):

Famous. Yeah. And truck famous used for adventure. O v R Mag. Like just go on down the list. I need to make a trifold business card that has all the ventures that I’m currently in. That’s gonna be,

Lightning (2h 1m 53s):

So Colby was talking about car automotive manufacturers that are clamping down on people flipping vehicles. Right,

Holman (2h 2m 1s):

Right. I think the most famous one was over John Cena and Ford over the Ford gt. So that, you know, you read all about that in the news. I think John Cena actually ended up winning that also. So I don’t know how tight these restrictions are. Anyway, he’s referring to a story where a guy bought a new, it was Cadillac Escalade or something like that, a V series and then refinance it. And so GM saw it as an ownership change and they voided this warranty cuz it went against this contract. He said, no, no, no, I still own it. I just refinance it so my payments would be less mind boggling.

Lightning (2h 2m 32s):

Yeah. They took issue with that.

Holman (2h 2m 34s):

So I don’t know if the status is on that. I, I’d be interested to

Lightning (2h 2m 36s):

Find out. We do need, I have trolled for it. I haven’t seen any status update.

Holman (2h 2m 39s):

I don’t know. I get it. But if you bought it, eh, you know. Yeah.

3 (2h 2m 45s):

Lightning and whole dog Colby again here.

Lightning (2h 2m 48s):

Bulldog, I don’t know.

3 (2h 2m 50s):

Question for you soon. If you guys have an answer for me. So I am a game warden, one of the Western states and my agency uses Chevrolet pickups and GMC pickups and they all have this gas lit or gas capless gas cap. Right. Like the little flapper valve. And we have been having nothing but problems with these cuz the amount of dirt roads that I’m on, the, the flapper will get a little bit of dust in there and then it will stick open. And then next thing you know, you’re, you know, one dirt road later you’re sucking gallons of dirt into your, your, your gas tank, which ends up getting pumped through your whole system.

3 (2h 3m 30s):

And we’ve had trucks like I I have a 17 Silverado and yeah, we had to replace fuel lines and fuel pump and injectors and all that jazz after it sucked in a whole bunch of dirt. And like the dealers just keep telling us to put on these locking gas caps, which have no seal in them. There’s no way that it’s still keeping the dirt out of there. Anyway. Is there any option that you know of Sean or lighting that would do anything to prevent this dirt? I mean there’s, there’s guys in my department that are sticking corks into their, just so they don’t

Holman (2h 4m 5s):

Seems rudimentary

3 (2h 4m 7s):

Anyway. Huh? Any ideas? I do. Thanks guys. Keep us the good work.

Holman (2h 4m 10s):

Yeah. As a matter of fact, if you go onto, as most of us have probably

Lightning (2h 4m 16s):

Done, oh, I know what you’re, you’re gonna sell something right now for Amazon when we should have this on truck show and we should make an a freaking bonus off this or whatever they do.

Holman (2h 4m 26s):

What? We should be an affiliate or

Lightning (2h 4m 27s):

Something Affiliate. Yes. We’re not and I need to get my ass in gear. Put that on our site. Got it. And launch

Holman (2h 4m 32s):

The site. You let me give the answer. Go ahead. All right. So if you actually type in generic General Motors, capless fuel system fuel cap, it will come up, it’s $15 and it’s a 3D printed from tpu. It’s basically a screw on cap or a cap that is made for these capless systems to essentially keep all the, the gunk out. Like I said, it’s, it’s about 15 bucks and it’s 3D printed fits most GM capless systems and it actually has 95 4 and a half star ratings on it. So it seems legit. And there’s all sorts of pictures of people with GM vehicles, Silverados and CTVs and all, all other sorts of things that have this fuel cap over the capital

Lightning (2h 5m 17s):

System. Mine, my truck, my TX little

Holman (2h 5m 19s):

Flapper. Yep.

Lightning (2h 5m 21s):

Bugs me.

Holman (2h 5m 21s):

But I mean that’s, that’s how they all are going to it. And I have, I don’t like ’em, but we’ve tested ’em, you know, thousands of miles in the dirt and I’ve never had an issue, obviously a game warden vehicles probably be a little worse than the testing I did the magazine. But some of the reviews on here are like super product perfect fit 2022 Camaro lt, one effective solution for a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Gas cap Chevy, don’t know about dirt and they’re air in Nebraska from Dr. Otology perfect fit. So it looks like this is the answer to your question. And at 15 bucks it seems pretty affordable and Amazon has a 15% coupon on it currently.

Holman (2h 6m 1s):

So I would say check that out and I think you’re, you’re good to

Lightning (2h 6m 4s):

Go. They even have magnetic versions I see

Holman (2h 6m 6s):

Here. Yeah. And there’s one from doorman who doorman makes a whole lot of different parts. They also have a capless fuel net cover compatible that one’s 12 bucks. So, but it doesn’t have as nearly the number of reviews as this other one. So there are options on Amazon and for all of you with a capitalist fuel system wondering why they did that, it’s because if you ever noticed, if somebody doesn’t put their cap back on or you don’t screw it on, you get an OBD two check engine light because they don’t want the emissions venting. And so as for the manufacturers to cut down on their emissions, they have to prove that they have a way to eliminate that problem. So the way they did that was with no fuel cap. Obviously it may keep things from leaking out, it doesn’t keep things from going in in, yeah.

Holman (2h 6m 48s):

And while you may have a fuel filter and all that, it can still cause other contamination issues. But it solves a big problem with the EPA for them and federalizing their vehicles. That’s why they exist. Get the cap. No more problems. Should be good to go.

Lightning (2h 6m 59s):

So what you’re searching for on Amazon again is generic General Motors capitalist fuel system fuel cap mouthful. I don’t see one for the ram, but hopefully they’ll come out with one soon. But at least you GM guys are taken care of now. Hold

Holman (2h 7m 15s):

What? Are you laughing? Did you just have Dr. Pepper in your nose? No,

Lightning (2h 7m 18s):

I was gonna say, what was that? No, I was gonna say now home of this lightning speaking,

Holman (2h 7m 22s):

What’s wrong with you?

Lightning (2h 7m 23s):

No, cuz the guy busted me for and I thought it’d be funny anyway.

Holman (2h 7m 25s):

Listen people, so we don’t sound alike at all. Not at all. No, but I don’t know why you always say that. But

Lightning (2h 7m 31s):

That, but listen, how do they know the name for the person? They know the, the voices are different. How do they know who’s speaking? What if you’re, what if you’re lightning? What if I’m homan?

Holman (2h 7m 41s):

That would be a bizarre world.

Lightning (2h 7m 42s):

I I agree with you. That’s why I say this. Lightning speaking.

Holman (2h 7m 45s):

So I should take your Mercedes home to your house tonight.

Lightning (2h 7m 47s):

I mean, my wife would appreciate that. She’s tired of my ass. Be

Holman (2h 7m 50s):

Weird. All right, here’s, here’s here’s the deal. We were gonna do news, we’ll get to it next episode cuz our interview with Jerry was awesomely long. Yeah, yeah.

Lightning (2h 7m 60s):

No, it was like that’s awesomely long. Yeah, I

Holman (2h 8m 2s):

Like that. Okay. I think there’s a lot of good stuff in there. So we, what we are gonna do though is thank you guys because on Apple we’re at 1013 reviews. Woo. So, and you guys have left a bunch of reviews for us, so we haven’t done these in a while, so I figured let’s do those before we end the show.

14 (2h 8m 19s):

Five star five stars. Five stars.

15 (2h 8m 22s):

Five stars.

16 (2h 8m 24s):

Five. Five. Five. Five

17 (2h 8m 27s):

Stars. Five stars.

Holman (2h 8m 29s):

Right back at you brother. Yeah.

14 (2h 8m 31s):

Yeah. Oh, nailed it. Nailed it. Nailed that.

Lightning (2h 8m 38s):

Oh my God. Yes. Wow. Can you do two for two? Five?

14 (2h 8m 41s):

Five stars? Stars.

15 (2h 8m 43s):

Five stars.

16 (2h 8m 45s):

Five. Five. Five. Five

17 (2h 8m 48s):

Stars. Five stars.

Holman (2h 8m 50s):

Right back at you brother. Brother.

14 (2h 8m 52s):

Fast. I was on

Holman (2h 8m 53s):

Time. I was on time, but I was a little fast. Woo. Oh man. The adrenaline’s pumping after that. Yeah,

Lightning (2h 8m 58s):

That was good. Wonder,

Holman (2h 8m 59s):

Did you guys do that in your cars? Do you try and like do that with us? I’m just curious. Tructure podcast. I don’t gmail com

Lightning (2h 9m 5s):

I don’t think they would admit

Holman (2h 9m 6s):

It. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. I wanna, I wanna know, like, do you guys sing along with the j the jingles still? Do you, do you try and guess these silly little games that we have? No. Yeah. Lighting, shrugging your

Lightning (2h 9m 16s):

Shoulders. I, I don’t know. I know I

Holman (2h 9m 18s):

Don’t have any. It appears to be unimpressed by this line of questioning. Any clue? All right. Hey, we got this one here from at OJ, C A Z A R E s, OJ Cazares. It says the best. Such a great show and

14 (2h 9m 32s):

Five stars.

Holman (2h 9m 34s):

Congratulations. You have earned five stars. Thank you. Got another one here from BRS 24 20 seventh says five star review. Thanks so much for all the great truck content, very informative and entertaining. Audio quality is excellent. Well, not anymore. We’re working on it guys. Start my week every Monday with podcast and

14 (2h 9m 53s):

Five stars review. Five stars.

Holman (2h 9m 58s):

Get this one from rl from the Gem State says favorite podcast, lightning and Holman. And this is a long one. All I can say is thank you. Been listening since episode three or four, roughly got a new work iPhone and had to leave another five stars right back at you. Review. I wish you both so much luck on the new beginnings. Talk about exciting. I understand the challenges of a small business and I think you two will kill it with this round in your experience. And sage wisdom that comes with age, at least some age. A searchable catalog of products and brands that have been on the show in the past will be super helpful. And this is one of the things that we’re working on. Bring back the Bill Stein and Toyo guy. I can listen to them. Get in the weeds all day. Gail is a national treasure. Here’s another one that I can listen to all day long. I’ll put Wholeman enlightening in the category two.

Holman (2h 10m 39s):

I have one thought around the toso. I kind of doubt you’re gonna get a representative from a manufacturer of whatever to speak on the subjects strictly from a liability standpoint. But why not get a handful of people with tons of experience with the subject, like maybe a Smith system safety trainer or some truck drivers that have done lots of it. I’ve towed everything from farm wagons, hauling hay cattle trailers to cargo haulers to gooseneck flatbeds, to dual trailer milk trucks on in a previous job. I still hold an unrestricted CDL with all endorsements except for hazmat and passenger bus. It would be some work for you guys to figure out who would be good enough to put on the podcast. But I think that would maybe be the most educational way to go get four of five individuals with a wide range of experience from large to small.

Holman (2h 11m 22s):

Most of the basics and concepts are the same. It all revolves around being safe and starting and finishing the day with the shiny side up how everything is loaded. Road conditions and knowing your equipment are the biggest keys to success and towing. Good luck to you both. I’m excited to experience the next season of what Truck Famous can bring. And again, that was from RL and I think he just did our toso for us.

Lightning (2h 11m 41s):

I hold on a second. And he also says five stars. No. Whoa, whoa. Wait. Stop, stop, stop. Yeah,

Holman (2h 11m 45s):

That was a review. That

Lightning (2h 11m 47s):

Was a review. What? Yeah. Okay. Well then I, I gotta give him T

18 (2h 11m 51s):

K y I owe you. Thank you. Thank you.

Holman (2h 11m 58s):

All right. Got this one from Jeremy E. Kennedy says, yeah buddy. He says keep

Lightning (2h 12m 4s):

Up the good work. We can’t just roll right through it. Yeah, buddy

Holman (2h 12m 9s):

Says, keep up the good work. These guys have produced a great podcast for a long time. You’re telling us tons of inside the truck and SUV market, always booking excellent guests, excited to see what they’ll do in their new season. Stoked to support all of your new endeavors. Well, thank you Jeremy.

Lightning (2h 12m 23s):

Pfizer review Fivestar

Holman (2h 12m 27s):

Got this one from, looks like RG ad says pod.

Lightning (2h 12m 30s):

Wait, is this a five star review? A five. Five stars. Five stars. Stars. Can can you do it? Five. Five stars. Five stars.

Holman (2h 12m 42s):

Right back at you, brother.

Lightning (2h 12m 43s):


Holman (2h 12m 44s):

That’s pretty

Lightning (2h 12m 44s):

Close. Wow. Two outta three. Pretty close. I would consider that a. Okay. That was good. All

Holman (2h 12m 48s):

Right. This one says Pot shed. Longtime listener. Finally got an iPhone to rate you guys five stars. And you left us five star review. Nice. All right. How

Lightning (2h 12m 57s):

Congratulations. Don’t talk over has got five stars.

Holman (2h 12m 60s):

All right, how about this one? From G to four, it’s always a treat to hear Gail Banks on the Truck Show podcast. Gail is one of those people who uses his words to paint a glorious visual piece of art. Bravo. And we got

Lightning (2h 13m 13s):

Five stars. Those a real high fives for you guys are

Holman (2h 13m 16s):

Real highs. These are not from Jay Simon says board. All right, got one more left here. We’ve got this one from Nacho Fen. Guys, I don’t know how you name it. Nacho.

Lightning (2h 13m 29s):


Holman (2h 13m 29s):

Fen. Na na. Oh heaven. Notch of heaven I think is what it is. Notch of heaven. Notch of heaven. Heaven, yeah. Says I love the Truck Show podcast. High Lightning in Holman. I really enjoy the podcast with all your quirky jingles. How dare you. These are very serious jingles, of course. And of course the gal with her parameters. I like your insights and I hope you guys have much success going out into the scary world on your own. Hey Lightning, have you heard I gave you guys a five star Review again, wishing you much success on your new endeavors. Matt Lee out of Neo Show, Missouri, and he says, PS I’m so jealous of Holman 3 92. I have a gladiator in which they would produce a 3 92 version, or even a four by E, but I love my truck even with the minivan engine.

Holman (2h 14m 14s):

And that’s our friend Matt Lee, listener of the Truck Show podcast leaving us five stars. So guys, thank you so much for clicking on the Apple Podcast app. So the majority of our downloads come from you guys. Definitely help us out by, by giving us five star reviews on the Apple platform and we love you all for it.

Lightning (2h 14m 34s):

You can also do it at Spotify, but we prefer you to keep to Apple Truck Show podcast is where you get ahold of us.

6 (2h 14m 42s):

The truck show. The truck show the truck showroom,

Holman (2h 14m 48s):

And he’s at lbc Lightam at Shawkey Holman. Or we are at Truck Show Podcast on the socials. You can also reach us truck show podcast as lightning just said, or R five star hotline 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5.

Lightning (2h 15m 4s):


Holman (2h 15m 4s):

Almost forgot. I almost forgot,

Lightning (2h 15m 6s):

But I did 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5 at Truck Show Podcast on Instagram, there’s a call button. Just click that

Holman (2h 15m 13s):

And you can reach us also individually. Holman truck show

Lightning (2h 15m 19s):

I don’t get many of those cause I think it’s a little confusing.

Holman (2h 15m 20s):

Have you? No, I’ve been getting people

Lightning (2h 15m 21s):

I once

Holman (2h 15m 22s):

Or two, but no, I’ve been getting a fair amount. People who just have a specific question that’s not necessarily show fodder,

Lightning (2h 15m 28s):

Is it lame if I post something every day? Meaning let, let me, let me set the stage here cuz I’ll go and post something on at LBC Lightning once or twice a week.

Holman (2h 15m 41s):


Lightning (2h 15m 42s):

And it’s usually fairly random. We’ve had this conversation before about random content. If I just say I’m gonna post something every single day, is that weak

Holman (2h 15m 50s):

Sauce? No. I try and post every day, but it doesn’t always, doesn’t always work

Lightning (2h 15m 55s):

Because it’s like, would it, is it bad? Would it be lame if it’s a selfie? Should I just do what I’m working on at banks? Yes. Because I spend all of my day there. So I get there at seven and I leave at eight o’clock at night.

Holman (2h 16m 8s):

Yeah. And you don’t have time. So

Lightning (2h 16m 9s):

I don’t really do anything outside of banks during the day. And when I get home, it’s nighttime. I can’t show you the stuff I’m bolting on in my truck.

Holman (2h 16m 17s):

Did you see the one I posted back on? Oh geez. January 30th of one of our listeners that DM me. No, he sends me a thing and says, this guy needs a toso. I write back. No doubt. He writes back. You responded right away. You pooping. Can I respond? Highly likely, yes. The fact that our podcast listeners know that when I’m talking to them I’m probably pooping is hilarious. That’s

Lightning (2h 16m 40s):

Disgusting enough.

Holman (2h 16m 40s):

That’s funny. That’s funny. No, come on. No,

Lightning (2h 16m 43s):


Holman (2h 16m 43s):

On. No, our

19 (2h 16m 44s):

Truck. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Although it’s kind of so bad that it’s good. See,

Holman (2h 16m 52s):

Anyway. A hundred percent. That’s what I’m saying. Alright, well we gotta think. Nissan been with us almost five years and it’s pretty incredible that if you bought a truck when this show started, you would still,

Lightning (2h 17m 2s):

You still have a

Holman (2h 17m 3s):

Warranty? Have a warranty. Head over to your local Nissan dealer or nissan where you could build in price. Check out the frontier, the Nissan Titan or the Nissan Titan Xd. Of course, the Titans come with the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Lightning (2h 17m 15s):

And here’s the thing, most of us are not happy with our throttle response on our truck.

Holman (2h 17m 20s):

That’s funny. I was gonna say co-host.

Lightning (2h 17m 23s):

There’s that. Yes. Well, except they don’t have a co-host. Most of them. Most of

Holman (2h 17m 27s):

’em. Just you. It’s just me. You We’ll get Nevermind. Yeah. Strike that from the record. Moving on with Banks Pedal Monster. No,

Lightning (2h 17m 32s):

The record is permanent.

Holman (2h 17m 33s):

Oh boy. Sorry. That’s embarrassing.

Lightning (2h 17m 35s):

So if you’re looking to, to get some pep in the step of your, your pickup truck, whether it’s it’s gas, diesel, turbo, or naturally aspirated, the Pedal monster will absolutely make your truck more fun to drive and banks make some for cars too. Head over to banks and check out the patented pedal monster Throttle controller. And one of the reasons it’s the most popular throttle controller in the market is Full Moon Digital. They assist banks in their search engine optimization, their Facebook campaigns, Google campaigns, TikTok campaigns, Snapchat campaigns and more. When you’re looking to beef up your online presence, full Moon Digital is the answer. Turns

Holman (2h 18m 14s):

Out they also helped the truck show Podcast

Lightning (2h 18m 15s):

Day do indeed.

20 (2h 18m 17s):

Alright, you guys love you. Bye.

Lightning (2h 18m 21s):

The Truck Show Podcast is a production of Truck famous Lll C. This podcast was created by Sean Homan and Jay Tillis with production elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple Podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.

21 (2h 18m 48s):

Two squatted truck owners drive into a lumberyard. One of the men walks into the office and says, we need some four by twos, the clerk replies. You mean two by fours, don’t you? The guy scratches his head and says, I’ll go check and goes back to the truck to consult with his buddy. He returns and says, yeah, I meant two by four. Alright, how long do you need them? The guy pauses for a minute and says, I’d better go check. After a while, he returns to the office and says, A long time we’re gonna build a house.

End of Transcription