Due to the ’vid, Jay “Lightning” Tilles is absent from the show. As a result, Mike Rice from Adventure Off Road steps in to co-host alongside Holman, who is broadcasting from the Pod Shed. Together, they connect with Jay Tilles and put the well-known AI, ChatGPT, to the test by asking a variety of truck-related questions in order to gauge the intelligence of technology.



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Holman (1s):

So what’s up? Not lightning.

Mike Rice (4s):

Not much. You know, I, I I guess I’m your new co-host.

Holman (7s):

Yeah. Isn’t that great?

Mike Rice (8s):

Yeah. It’s the Holman and Rice Truck Show podcast.

Holman (12s):

Yeah. So we got our, our friend of the show, Mike Rice, who oversees Adventure Off-Road in Huntington Beach. He’s been on the, on the show before, and unfortunately something tragic has happened to Lightning and he’s not with us today.

Mike Rice (24s):

Yeah. I, I, I guess, you know, I read the CDC memo, diesel Oil, Dr. Pepper, and Cocktail Means is not a covid prevention measure.

Holman (32s):

Yeah, it did, did not help in his case. Allegedly, our man Lightning is, is down. So we’re, we’re just going to do our own show today. Yeah. And we will, we’ll have some fun and hopefully people won’t miss Lightning much. But I, I have a feeling he’s gonna want to call in.

Mike Rice (49s):

Yeah. I have a feeling he’s, he’s not gonna be taking this idly.

Holman (53s):

Should we take that call?

Mike Rice (55s):

I think we should take that call.

Holman (56s):

Let’s see, I’ve got, this is what’s really cool is I’ve got the board and I can do, yeah. So what I can do is, is when he calls. So we’ll just do that. And

Mike Rice (1m 7s):

Guess what? You can mute him now too.

Holman (1m 9s):

Well, I can, and then the other cool thing is, is all of the listeners, when he, when he’s on the show, they go, oh, so now the Suckage is gonna be so much better and I’ve, I’ve got, check this out. Yeah, buddy. So I’ve got, I’ve got Yeah. Buddy on here and then at the end of anything that we say that’s funny. So I, I’ve got control of the board. I don’t have, I don’t have lightning here to, to tell me not to touch anything like I normally tell him to, and

Mike Rice (1m 38s):

The inmates have the asylum. So

2 (1m 40s):

That, so that

Holman (1m 44s):

Happened. All right. So we’ve, we’ve got, there’s, there’s so much cool stuff on this. So when we moved in the, the pod shed, we, you know, got all new equipment, got a new board, and I have never gotten to play with it because I’m always on the other side of the table where you

Mike Rice (1m 56s):

Are. Interesting.

Holman (1m 57s):

So I, I

Mike Rice (1m 58s):

Now you’re running the show.

Holman (1m 59s):

Now I’m running the show. Alright, so here’s the deal. Mike Rice, if you guys have ever heard of the Dirt to Whiskey podcast, that’s Mike’s I wanted to bring a little of the dirt to Whiskey influence. So I have a, a bunch of bourbons and whiskeys and rice sitting on the desk right here. You sure do. All right. Go through what we have there and then tell us what we’re gonna, what our first swig is gonna be.

Mike Rice (2m 20s):

You have a, you have a very good selection. Thank you. First off, chicken cock.

Holman (2m 25s):

Chicken cock. Solid. Right. Chicken Cock. This is Island Rooster. So this is the one that’s finished, I think Rum Barrels,

Mike Rice (2m 29s):

Rumbar Ride The Jefferson’s, which is always a

Holman (2m 33s):

Good choice. And that’s, I believe small batch. Yeah. Very small batch is one of my favorites.

Mike Rice (2m 36s):

Very small batch. Also the Woodford Reserve, the Double Oak, which is actually one of my favorites. I pick that bottle up every time I find

Holman (2m 43s):

It. That is a great bottle. It’s almost too smooth. And at the price point it’s hard to beat a double oaked.

Mike Rice (2m 50s):

Yeah. Double oaked. 40 bucks. Super smooth.

Holman (2m 52s):

Yeah, very smooth.

Mike Rice (2m 53s):

Very. Yeah. It’s always in my bar rotation. Okay. The horse soldier, which I’ve had that you graciously gave me a pour of last time I was around kind of a little bit spicy, but still very, very good.

Holman (3m 6s):

And then we’ve got the, the Heavens Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey. So what are we gonna drink first today?

Mike Rice (3m 12s):

I mean, the Heavens door is almost gone, so we might as well start with that bottle. I,

Holman (3m 15s):

I like the way you think. All right. So, so I’ve got the, the bottle of Heaven’s Door and we’re gonna pop the cork.

Mike Rice (3m 21s):


Holman (3m 22s):

Oh, that sounded good. Sounded good. And because I’ve checked with our HR department from Chuck Famous llc, they said that it was okay. And it’s a Sunday, so here

Mike Rice (3m 31s):

We go. There you go.

Holman (3m 36s):

All right. That’s, that’s Mike’s

Mike Rice (3m 38s):

Port. Yeah. Save yourself some, there you go. Yep.

Holman (3m 42s):

All right. So we’re gonna, let’s cheers to Cheers to the truck show.

Mike Rice (3m 47s):

Cheers to the Holman and Rice truck show.

Holman (3m 51s):

Gonna nose it.

Mike Rice (3m 53s):


Holman (3m 53s):

Oh man, we just killed that bottle.

Mike Rice (3m 55s):


Holman (3m 56s):

You know, you might not know this, but Mike Rice and I actually killed a Boss Hog seven once on my porch. I had about an ounce and a half left, and my house is on the way home from his work. I’m like, dude, you gotta come over here. We’re gonna kill this, this whistle. Pick Boss Hog seven. And that was probably one of the best ones, I think, ever.

Mike Rice (4m 14s):

Oh yeah.

Holman (4m 15s):

Oh, that’s nice. Good caramel.

Mike Rice (4m 18s):

You get the good, sweet, sweeter room with

Holman (4m 20s):

It. Yeah. And, and it’s not, it’s not super spicy either. It’s just this is a really nice bottle. I don’t even know what the proof is on this one.

Mike Rice (4m 27s):

I don’t know. I, I ended up picking that bottle up for Nick from Peak. Oh,

Holman (4m 32s):

Nice. Yeah, you were Nick from Peak had is open house yesterday. Right. He, he sure did. The guys from CBI and Prince Zoo and had a whole lot of Tacomas over there.

Mike Rice (4m 40s):

Lots of Tacomas. Lots of Tacomas. Lots of

Holman (4m 43s):

Broncos. So is that news out there now that those guys are working together?

Mike Rice (4m 47s):

I think so,

Holman (4m 47s):


Mike Rice (4m 48s):

So there was a lot of people there that I didn’t recognize. Okay. So I think that they were all the CBI Prince who Yeah. Camp.

Holman (4m 54s):

And they’re now working with Nick at Peak suspension and for sure. So Nick’s big in the Colorado z R two community, getting bigger in Bronco and then also the, the Tacoma guys. And so it was a natural fit for those guys to work together. And so they, was it a new building that they were opening up out here in SoCal,

Mike Rice (5m 10s):

Basically like a satellite location. So Nick, Nick got, Nick got his own facility up and running. Nice. And they’re gonna do Prince CBI stuff out of that place as well. Awesome. Which is nice. They do keep a good amount of stuff in stock. And as you know, like Prince Racks are not exactly easy to get ahold of, or at least historically they haven’t been. But you know, when I was there yesterday, they probably had, you know, 50 racks of various kinds to sitting on the shelf.

Holman (5m 34s):

All right. Before we get into the show, reach around behind you on that table. Reach around. Yep. And there’s a white envelope, so grab that. Lightning is missing out. So this has been sitting in the podcast studio for a little while now. And this is from our friend Mr. Rutherford from Oregon.

Mike Rice (5m 54s):

Oh my

Holman (5m 56s):

Goodness. And, and Travis sent us out, Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy, one of our listeners. He wanted us to try it on the air. Lighting’s not here. And so here’s the thing. I know you guys have been sending me video after video. So there’s three or four Dr. Pepper videos I constantly get. One is Whataburger Dr. Pepper shake. You guys all say that it would elevate Whataburger. Okay, fine. I I haven’t had it. I’m of the mindset that Dr. Pepper’s perfect as is and it sucks with flavor cherry Dr. Pepper sucks the berry, Dr. Pepper sucks. The only Dr. Pepper that’s flavored that is like reasonably okay is the cream soda. The vanilla sucks. So I feel like Dr. So Dr. Pepper

Mike Rice (6m 34s):

And Pepper’s already flavored, why would you change it? Well,

Holman (6m 36s):

That’s what I’m saying. And so when you do like the Jelly Bellies, right? Yeah. They just ta they taste like Dr. Pepper jelly beans. But it’s not the same. It’s not that the, the elixir of of the gods that, that quenches your thirst. Right. And then there’s like, you know, all these people who like to mix flavor. So I think it’s pure and perfect in, it’s in it’s normal form. So when somebody tries to apply Dr. Pepper flavor to something else, I don’t, I don’t know. So we’ve got this Dr. Pepper cotton candy. I’m gonna, I’m gonna open it up here and we’re gonna see,

Mike Rice (7m 4s):

Alright, let’s try this.

Holman (7m 6s):

I mean, it smells like Dr. Pepper cotton candy. It’s exactly what you would expect it to smell like. The, the other videos everybody sends me is the Deran and Corona. So you’ve seen that video, right? Oh yeah. Where they mix Deran and Corona and they say it tastes like Dr. Pepper. The other thing is the new one is one part root beer to two parts Coke. And they say it’s exactly Dr. Pepper. And there’s like a conspiracy theory. And the conspiracy theory is that Dr. Pepper was along before those ones and then somebody split ’em up and to like deconstruct Dr. Pepper. I haven’t tried that, so I’m going to But here, take some Dr. Pepper cotton candy. I want

Mike Rice (7m 39s):

Let, I mean my immediate thoughts. The visual is a pink, pink Panther fiberglass. Yeah,

Holman (7m 49s):

That’s insulation, but darker

Mike Rice (7m 50s):

But dark. Yeah, a little bit. Oh, this is weird. On the wall for like 50 years. Let’s see. It’s

Holman (7m 55s):

Weird. Do you know what it is? You put it in your mouth. It tastes like Dr. It tastes like cotton candy, but the the saliva juices that melt it down tastes like Dr. Pepper, like flat Dr. Pepper. Not good. Dr. Pepper.

Mike Rice (8m 9s):

The first taste, it tastes like cherry air freshener from a car stop from like a truck stop. Yeah.

Holman (8m 15s):

I’ll go with that. And it’s very artificially flavored.

Mike Rice (8m 18s):


Holman (8m 20s):


Mike Rice (8m 21s):

Not for me. Not good.

Holman (8m 22s):

Yeah. Might not be

Mike Rice (8m 23s):

A winner. No,

Holman (8m 24s):

No. All right. Well, we tried it. Tried Travis, thanks for sending that.

Mike Rice (8m 29s):

Now to wash this down with some Yeah. Bourbon. Yeah. With some heaven’s door. Oh yeah. That’s a strange flavor combo right there. Okay.

Holman (8m 37s):

You guys don’t know this either. I’ve done Mike Rice’s podcast and we drank a 60 year old bottle of Wild Turkey. Correct. That had the tax stamp still on it. Yes. That was the worst thing I’ve ever drank.

Mike Rice (8m 49s):

It had been put in the barrel sometime in the 1960s.

Holman (8m 53s):

It literally tasted like what you would imagine turpentine to taste like Dr. Pepper cotton candy and heaven’s doors not the far away. No, it’s not. In fact, I’m getting a little bit of heartburn right now, so Yeah, I can’t, I can’t imagine why. So before we start the show, we gotta take our friends over at Nissan. So if you are in the market for a Nissan truck or a half ton, or a mid-size head on down to your local Nissan dealer where you check out the Nissan Frontier or the Nissan Titan and Titan Xd. And yes, the Titan XD finally left my driveway. They came and they told me I had to give it back after two months. And very disappointed for that truck to go. I, I had a great time with it. Industry’s best warranty, five year, 100,000 miles nissan usa.com. You can go out there and you can build and price the Nissan Frontier or Titan of your dreams.

Holman (9m 36s):

And if you are looking for any sort of awesome product for your truck, whether it’s a gauge or a tuner, throttle, controllers like the pedal monster, cold air intakes and manifolds, exhaust systems, inter coolers, boost tubes, diff covers trans controllers, mechanical gauges. Yeah. They still make those sensors, modules, turbo Systems, accessories, and even apparel. You wanna head over to banks power.com where you can put in your year, make model and find out what they have for your truck. And last but not least, we have to thank our friends over at Full Moon Digital, who have been helping us with our social and keeping Truck famous LLC alive by giving our sponsors good return on investment, which is apparently what you need to do when somebody gives you a lot of money. So if you’re a business who needs help with SEO or social, hit up our friends over@fullmoondigital.com,

2 (10m 19s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what The truck Cause truck Roger the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower net. Everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa.

4 (10m 51s):

It’s the truck show with your hosts

Holman (10m 54s):

Holman and Rice. All right. So what do you say? We get into the show since Lightning, you know, passed away because of Covid. Yeah. That’s unfortunate. Yeah, it is sad, isn’t it? I was very sad. It hit me hard.

Lightning (11m 6s):

Hey guys, is there,

Holman (11m 9s):

Is he? Wait, hold on. Is that

Lightning (11m 10s):


Holman (11m 11s):

Here? Is that the voice? Hey guys, are you in heaven?

Lightning (11m 14s):


Holman (11m 14s):

Kevin’s hotline? What does it look

Lightning (11m 16s):

Like? Wait, here’s the bottom line is we’re not good actors and you’re not a good actor

Holman (11m 21s):

And you’re

Lightning (11m 21s):

Not dead. I’m right here. I’m not dead. No, I have a Oh,

Holman (11m 24s):

I I misunderstood your text. Oh,

Lightning (11m 28s):

I ask

2 (11m 29s):

My, hold

Holman (11m 30s):

On already. I hired a new guy already.

Lightning (11m 32s):

Wait a sec. Is that Mike from Adventure

Holman (11m 34s):

Offroad? Yeah. I had to hire somebody who knew what they were doing and it’s Oh, dare you. I was telling Mike, I said, you know what? I was, we were talking about you and then Yeah. Everybody was really sad that you, that you succumbed to Covid.

Lightning (11m 49s):

Dear God, he has control of the sound effects now.

Holman (11m 52s):

Oh, you have no idea.

Mike Rice (11m 53s):

He’s on all of the buttons.

Holman (11m 55s):

So I, I think what we need to figure out is we need an intro for Lightning. So I, I have to look here and I have to see which, which intro is appropriate for him. Cuz we’re gonna interview him today. So he’s, he’s gonna be our guest, right? He’s never been on the other side of the Truck Show podcast. So hey, hey, lightning.

Lightning (12m 14s):

Yes. I’m here.

6 (12m 16s):

Pull up a stool and share, pull up a stool and share a story. Pull up a stool and share. How about you pull up a stool and share with us.

Holman (12m 29s):

So today on the Truck Show podcast, we have lightning. I mean, I’m sorry. We have Jay Tillis from Banks Power, who has been a gracious sponsor to the Truck Show podcast. Jay, it’s great to have you on the truck show. My understanding is banks makes a ton of products for, for your truck. And all you have to do is go to banks power.com, put in your year, make model, and find out what fits your ride.

Lightning (12m 51s):

That’s absolutely correct. Thanks Sean Holman. You’re welcome. And, and, and, and who’s the other guy in the studio there? I understand you’re also into off-roading.

Mike Rice (13m 0s):

I am.

Holman (13m 6s):

That’s our audience. He’d really like him already. He’s, he’s fitting in. Great.

Lightning (13m 10s):

I’m pretending not to know Mike. Yes, yes. Thanks, Mr. Holman.

Holman (13m 17s):

Oh, by the way, you not being Thanks. You not being in studio. You missed out. We’re drinking bourbon right now. Cheers, Mike. You be cheers. Yep. All right. So we got that. And then Travis Rutherford sent us Dr. Pepper Cotton candy, which we both have decided is horrible. So you missed out on that. It

Mike Rice (13m 33s):

Really is horrible.

Lightning (13m 34s):

Are you going to save some for me?

Holman (13m 35s):

Yeah, no, we’re saving for you. You can have a rest. Yeah. No, it’s, I gotta try it. Yeah, no, no, it’s, it’s going in the Dr. Pepper fridge and waiting for you so it’ll be nice and fresh when you, when you return, if you return.

Lightning (13m 46s):

Okay. Is it worse than the Mountain Dew that Rich Holdaway brought down?

Holman (13m 51s):

It is worse than the Mountain Dew. The Mountain Dew, the fruit cake. Mountain Dew was disgusting. Oh God. Yeah. It was, it was, it was bad. It was fruity and Graham crackery and a drink. So it some, so there’s a rancid ness and a sickly sweetness

Mike Rice (14m 3s):

To it. See, I don’t drink soda, but when I used to drink soda, I was a Mountain Dew man.

Holman (14m 6s):

So I wouldn’t say this about Mountain Dew because I actually Mountain Dews. Okay. Like when I was a kid. And you just want all fine Doctor of the Gods. Nah, that’s Dr. Pepper. And when Rich brought us the fruitcake, the, the best I could describe it is what you would think antifreeze tastes like to a cat. That is about what a dealer Cats.

Mike Rice (14m 28s):

Cats like Annie.

Holman (14m 29s):

I know, that’s what I’m saying.

6 (14m 30s):


Lightning (14m 30s):

Cats? So I don’t get that. But to me was very cough

Holman (14m 34s):

Syrup. It was sickly sweet. Oh. And it had a rancid ness to the graham cracker flavor that came out late in the palate. Yeah. And I, I felt like you could, if that’s all you had and you didn’t know that Dr. Pepper existed, you might like it, but hate yourself for liking it. Kinda like Monster, right?

Mike Rice (14m 50s):

Yeah, I don’t, no, no, no,

Holman (14m 52s):

No. I don’t hate Monster. Monster. I didn’t say hated

Lightning (14m 55s):

It. You the flavor of Monster. Right.

Holman (14m 57s):

All right, well we’re, we’re interviewing you so I don’t know how, what, what do you wanna talk about? You wanna talk about banks or you want to talk about how the show has started? You wanna talk about, oh, you wanna ask Mike about the pod shed?

Lightning (15m 9s):

Yeah. So I do, I I wanted to ask Mike your opinion. So this is the first time, Mike, that you have been to the pod shed. Is it every bit as cool as you? Is it Sean sold it as

Mike Rice (15m 19s):

A hundred percent. It’s 110%. Really? Oh yeah. No, it’s really amazing. I like it.

Holman (15m 25s):

What’s your favorite, like when you walked in, what was your favorite thing when you, when you saw it?

Mike Rice (15m 29s):

The TV on the wall and then the, the lighting along the,

Holman (15m 34s):

The perimeter, the halo,

Mike Rice (15m 35s):

The perimeter lighting. Yep. Yeah.

Holman (15m 36s):

It’s pretty

Lightning (15m 37s):

Solid Now. You do the Dirt to Whiskey podcast, correct?

Mike Rice (15m 40s):


Lightning (15m 41s):

And do you have a studio set up like this? Or is it more or less in your house?

Holman (15m 45s):

He has it in the middle of a bunch of Hot Wheels and cats.

Mike Rice (15m 48s):

Pretty much. Yeah. So if you, if you imagine a table surrounded by a collection of toys, guns, liquor bottles, and memorabilia here, it’s

Holman (16m 2s):

Really close to what it’s like in the here right now. Look, there’s our Hot wheels over

Mike Rice (16m 6s):

There. Different vibe. Liquor here. Liquor here.

Holman (16m 9s):

And there’s a gun in here somewhere.

Mike Rice (16m 10s):

Yeah. This is a really nice though. You guys did a really good job on

Holman (16m 13s):

It. Thanks, man. Yeah, we,

Lightning (16m 15s):

Well, I cannot take any credit for that. That’s, that’s Holman and all of Holman’s friends.

Holman (16m 20s):

Yeah. And so not you.

Lightning (16m 23s):

I I did very little. What is to joke there? Wait, what?

Holman (16m 27s):

No, go ahead. Go

Mike Rice (16m 28s):

Ahead, go ahead.

Lightning (16m 30s):

I was giving you credit. Why are you ripping on me? Why not? I’m saying that you pulled

Holman (16m 33s):

It off. I do. I thank you. It’s, it was, was a, a, a labor of, I normally, I would say love, but it was really a labor of necessity so that we could keep this thing going and, and it caused the neighbor, oh, by the way, the, the, the neighbors next door, their house is now pending an escrow.

Lightning (16m 48s):

Yeah. Oh my God. That was fast. They just put on sale two

Holman (16m 50s):

Weeks ago. I know. And they already got an offer and they’re, so it’s moving right along. Saw the inspector come the other day,

Mike Rice (16m 54s):

The pod shed was the defining factor,

Holman (16m 56s):

The impetus for sale. Isn’t that awesome? That’s awesome. If nothing else, that was totally worth building this thing in my backyard.

Lightning (17m 2s):

In the transition Holman in the transition between them moving out of the new people moving in, we need to have like some crazy rager Yeah.

Holman (17m 10s):

Fireworks coming outta the roof of this thing or something.

Lightning (17m 12s):

Something nuts. Exactly. So over the last couple hours while I was waiting for you guys to get the studio set and me to pretend that I was gonna be a guest, I fell in love with Chad. What do you mean pretending? Which

Holman (17m 26s):

Oh, you are a guest.

Mike Rice (17m 27s):

You are a guest, didn’t you? The

Lightning (17m 28s):

Memo. I, I fell like, have you guys played with the generative pre-trained transformer? You know, what is chat? G p T?

Holman (17m 36s):


Mike Rice (17m 37s):


Holman (17m 38s):

Yes. I think this is what, when it reads back to you, it sounds like this,

8 (17m 42s):

This is chat. G p t ask me a question.

Holman (17m 47s):

So ask chat g p t a question and it’ll answer for you.

Mike Rice (17m 51s):

Oh really? Yeah. What, what do you think of the new Nissan Frontier?

8 (17m 56s):

The Nissan Frontier is awesome. That’s why it is outselling everything. And it has a rear frame that is boxed and rear disc brakes unlike a toyota.com.

Mike Rice (18m 8s):

Yeah. You know, so at Nick’s thing yesterday, there was actually a frontier there that was kind of built up already. Really? A winch rack, rooftop down.

Lightning (18m 16s):

Really what was, all right, Mike, this is where you can’t just say Nick’s thing. You have to describe what Nick’s

Holman (18m 21s):

Thing was. We already talked about Nick’s thing. You just weren’t on the air. Oh,

Lightning (18m 23s):

The, oh, I gotcha. Okay.

Mike Rice (18m 24s):

The, the, the, the peak suspension open house. There was a Nissan Frontier there and it was actually kind of done up, it looked like it had a little bit of a lift on it. Tires and wheels. Cool. Bumper and winch. All

Holman (18m 35s):


Mike Rice (18m 35s):

Back in a rooftop

Holman (18m 36s):

10. I wonder whose stuff that is cuz there’s not a lot. Things are trickling out right now for Frontier. And I keep seeing stuff on the socials where it’s like, Hey, here’s a cool, or, or a Nissan Frontier comes across this, the thread and it’s, it’s cool there. I, I wanna build one. So I’m working with Nissan right now. I’m hoping we can get a project truck for next year that adventure offroad will be involved in. Oh yeah. But we wanna build one up as a weekend warrior with like 30 threes and just go have fun with it. And I think it’d be

Mike Rice (19m 2s):

Really cool. My fir my very first truck was a 95 hard body,

Holman (19m 6s):

A great truck, great truck. Cannot kill those things. I remember my friend Hucking one, and those were torsion bar and super solid, but he hooked it off like a bunch of, whoops. And it just went like butt to the ground, nose the ground, butt to the ground nose like boohoo. And he went way too fast. And it was like bottom out, top out, bottom out, top out. And it just looked like the whole thing should have like, like mirrors flinging off and doors. And the oil pan should be somewhere where like the, you know, the intake or the cylinder hat is, and everybody was like, oh no, he’s ruined his truck. Nothing.

Mike Rice (19m 37s):

It was fine. He doesn’t

Holman (19m 38s):

Care. Absolutely no issues.

Mike Rice (19m 39s):

I actually got rid of that truck for a brand new 2001 Frontier Desert runner.

Holman (19m 45s):

Oh, you had a desert runner.

Mike Rice (19m 46s):

Kidding. Yeah. No, I did. I I had that truck and then that truck ended up someone ran a red light and totaled it. Of

Holman (19m 52s):

Course. That’s my old ranger

Mike Rice (19m 53s):

Was like that. I’ve been getting a lot, I’ve been getting some calls on, on the new frontiers and I’m really curious to see how the market responds

Holman (19m 60s):

Me a favor while you’re doing research on what they need to, to upgrade ’em. Just keep a note because I want to go through and I’ve got a few vendors we’ve talked to, people have supported the show who are willing to support this build. But I wanna see if there’s anything out there that I’m not, you know, I’m not aware of. Gotcha. So keep that going. All right. Back to lightning in his chat. G p t.

Lightning (20m 17s):

Well, so, so it’s funny that you bring up the frontier cuz this is legitimate. Last night I looked up, I said, please review the 2023 Nissan Frontier. And this is what chat g p t says, as an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to review physical products or vehicles, but I can provide you with information about the new 2023 Nissan Frontier. The 23 Nissan Frontier is a mid-size pickup that has undergone a significant redesign for the model year. It features a new, more powerful v6, a refreshed exterior design, and an updated interior with more modern technology under the hood. The 23 frontier is powered by a 3.8 liter V8 engine that produces 310 horsepower and 281 pound feet of torque. This is a significant improvement over the previous model’s engine, which only produce 261 horsepower and 281 pound feet of torque.

Lightning (21m 1s):

The engine is paired with a nine speed automatic transmission, and both two wheel and four wheel drives are available. It goes on to say, on the exterior, the 23 frontier has a boulder and more muscular appearance with a larger grill and more pronounced fender flares and a more sculpted hood. L e d headlights and taillights are standard on all models, and there are several wheel options to choose from. Inside the 2023 Frontier has a redesigned dashboard and center console with an eight inch touchscreen. That’s what said entertainment system. That includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Other

Holman (21m 34s):

Right. This is the most boring review I’ve ever heard.

Lightning (21m 36s):

I’m telling you. No, but it’s ama I know. Here’s the thing. This is the crazy, this is AI reviewing it.

Holman (21m 40s):

I know, I know. But here, here’s the thing about that. It, it’s, why doesn’t that sound like a robot? It’s super boring and it should sound like a robot. All all I know is, it’s okay. This, this reviewer. He, he’s, he’s been left a little bit cold.

Lightning (21m 53s):

Le left you cold. Okay, let me, let me run some other ones by you real quick here. What is the Truck Show podcast?

Holman (21m 58s):

Oh, this is a good one.

Lightning (21m 60s):

The Truck Show podcast. The Truck Show podcast is a podcast that focuses on all things related to trucks, SUVs, and the automotive industry. The podcast is hosted by Sean Holman and Jay Lightning Tillis. And if you

Holman (22m 12s):

Discussions Whoa. Hold on, hold on. Did you just realize that it said the names in the proper order?

Lightning (22m 20s):

Yeah. Well, yeah. Things are changing around here. No news trends and developments in the truck and SUV market, as well as interviews with industry experts, enthusiasts, and personalities. The Churchill Podcast is produced by man and new episodes are released every Monday. So that was pretty damn close.

Holman (22m 40s):

All right. I mean, I, I’m just impressed that it changed the proper order for the proper order of names.

Lightning (22m 45s):

Yep. I also said who, who is Jay Tillis? Jay Tillis is also known as The Lightning. The Lightning. He is a radio and TV host as well as a per a former professional skateboarder.

Holman (23m 0s):

You are a professional skate.

Lightning (23m 1s):

He’s best known, known for his

Holman (23m 2s):

Work. He’s sponsored by Globe, though,

Lightning (23m 4s):

Check this out. He’s best known for his work as a host on the Popular Automotive podcast, the Corolla Show with Adam Corolla. It says Tillis was born. It says Tillis was born on August 11th in Newport Beach, California. Wrong and began a skateboarding career in the 1980s. He went on to become a professional skateboarder and was a member of the power skate team. Wow. I was retiring from skateboarding. He began working radio and eventually landed a job at K O Q F M, a popular Los Angeles based radio station. He hosted a number of shows on the station, including The Lightning and Dr. Drew Show. And

Holman (23m 44s):

That’s all, that’s

Lightning (23m 46s):

All wrong. In addition, in addition to his radio work, he’s made numerous appearances on television shows, including the car show on Speed TV and Jay Leno’s garage. He is known for his expertise in cars and motorcycles and has a large following among automotive enthusiasts. So that is

Holman (24m 4s):

About, dude,

Lightning (24m 4s):


Holman (24m 5s):

Okay. Hold, hold on. I, I think we, we mis introed you. So I’d like to fix that and I’d like to play the proper intro after hearing what chat g p t thinks about you.

2 (24m 15s):

Yo, the drug show. Who, who, who the hell is this a truck show interview you don’t wanna miss? We talk to Chop Johns in the industry. How’d you blow up? How’d you come to me? Who, who this fuck show represent?

Holman (24m 32s):

I I think that’s the proper intro for you. I mean, come on. That’s solid. That’s solid. All right. Did you ask who I

Lightning (24m 41s):

Am? I did and you’re not gonna like it. All

Holman (24m 43s):

Right, go.

Lightning (24m 45s):

Let me just open it up here. Hold on one second.

Holman (24m 47s):

That’s, that’s funny. You, you are a, a mega

Lightning (24m 49s):

Celebrity. It, it basically, so at first it said that you were a bio-engineer. Yeah. And then I asked who is Sean p

Holman (24m 57s):

Holding? Yeah. It’s always Sean P

Lightning (24m 59s):

And, and it said that it didn’t know who you were, and I would, I didn’t give it enough information. So you did not come up on chat. G P T. Here’s one that I think is going to be interesting.

Holman (25m 10s):


Lightning (25m 11s):

I, I wanna see if you, if you will agree with chat G p

Holman (25m 16s):

T if I will agree with chat. G P T.

Lightning (25m 20s):

Yep. Here’s the question. What was the first available step side pickup truck.

Holman (25m 27s):

Ooh. Like step side after they were all step side. Yeah. Right.

Lightning (25m 34s):

That’s what I, that’s what I typed. So here’s the answer,

Holman (25m 37s):

But is is the step side pickup? Hold on. Is the answer. So what are we calling a step side?

Lightning (25m 44s):

I mean, I didn’t give it more information than that, so it is pretty ambiguous. Yeah, I, I was asking a stepside it had, you know, where you could put your foot up on?

Holman (25m 54s):

I’d only say that

Lightning (25m 55s):


Holman (25m 55s):

Wheel Well because the fleet side trucks were actually what came after the Stepside. Correct. Stepside were the standard bed when, so what was the first fleet side? The first fleet side was probably what a Chevy 58 50, somewhere late fifties, 58 Chevy, something like that. What’s the first step side? Well, it depends if, I mean, a model T had a bed, but it wouldn’t have had a step. It would’ve just been like a tray bed with walls around it. All right. I’m interested in what Chad g p t says.

Lightning (26m 19s):

Step side pickup trucks have been around since the early days of automotive history, but the first available stepside pickup truck in the United States is generally considered to be the 1925 Ford Model T runabout. Hey,

Holman (26m 32s):

Look at that. There you go. I Right. Look at that. All right. All right.

Lightning (26m 35s):

I like it. It goes on to say that other automakers quickly followed Ford’s lead and Stepside pickup trucks became popular throughout the thirties and forties. Today, many manufacturers continue to offer steps like pickup trucks as an option for consumers who want a classic rugged look.

Holman (26m 50s):

All right. Pretty interesting. I think that’s interesting.

Lightning (26m 52s):

Alright, and the last one on my list is the Honda Ridge line. Really? A pickup truck.

Holman (26m 59s):

All right. Good question. I like, I like where you’re going with this.

Mike Rice (27m 2s):

Oh boy.

Lightning (27m 3s):

And chat. G P T says, yes, the Honda Ridge line is considered pickup truck. While it may not have their traditional body on frame construction or any other pickup trucks, it is still classified as the pickup truck due to its open cargo bed and towing capability. Hmm. The ridge line also offers all-wheel drive and a range of features and capabilities to make it suitable for a variety of different tasks from hauling cargo to towing trailers. Anyway, hey.

Holman (27m 28s):

Yeah, I,

Lightning (27m 29s):

That’s, which one was,

Holman (27m 30s):

That’s a fun game, right? Very fun. So

Lightning (27m 34s):

I, I, I thought this was when interesting too. You ready? I I, I don’t, I don’t think you’re bored yet, so I’m

Holman (27m 38s):

Gonna go on. Okay. All right.

Lightning (27m 39s):

Why, why are fewer cars today produced with manual transmissions?

Holman (27m 45s):


Lightning (27m 46s):

There are several reasons why fewer cars are produced with manual transmissions, including automatic transmissions have become more efficient. Automatic transmissions are easier to use consumer demand and cost savings overall, while manual transmissions still have their advantages. The trend toward automatic transmissions is driven by advances in technology, changes in consumer preferences and cost consideration. So it kind of covered all the bases

Holman (28m 12s):

There. By the way, that was Mike Rice popping the top to, is that Jefferson’s Very small

Mike Rice (28m 16s):

Batch. Jefferson’s very small batch. All

Holman (28m 18s):

Right. We’re, we’re on to our second drink, Carrie, because Lightning’s not here. You

Mike Rice (28m 22s):

With your cracked

Lightning (28m 22s):

Box? I hope that you guys are getting lit up.

Holman (28m 25s):

We’re trying. We’re trying. These are, these are, these are solidly big pores and,

Lightning (28m 30s):


Mike Rice (28m 31s):


Holman (28m 32s):

Was so Jefferson’s very small batches. They we’re

Mike Rice (28m 36s):

Drinking about, we’re drinking for three. Yeah.

Holman (28m 39s):

Yeah. I wish you were here.

Lightning (28m 41s):

The funny part is that that actually would probably kick the Corona right outta my system.

Holman (28m 46s):

Well, that’s why we’re doing it. That’s

Mike Rice (28m 47s):

Why I’ve never gotten sick. Exactly.

Holman (28m 48s):

Me either. That’s why this room, this room needs to be disinfected. So we’re just going to drink a lot of whiskey.

Lightning (28m 54s):

So then I asked a kind of a, I don’t know, an actual enthusiast question, and I said, what is the most popular automotive aftermarket wheel brand?

Holman (29m 2s):


Lightning (29m 3s):

Mike, you’re an mike, you’re an expert. What, what do you think it came up with in the, in the top three?

Holman (29m 8s):

Well, but here’s the problem is they’re all owned by two companies.

Mike Rice (29m 11s):

Yeah. That’s pretty much That’s

Holman (29m 12s):

True. Did you hear the, the news from last week that Oh, yeah. Fox bought method. Yeah. Yeah. That’s kind of a big deal.

Mike Rice (29m 18s):

Yeah. Lead time for Wheels was 36 weeks. Now

Holman (29m 23s):


Lightning (29m 23s):

Think that was Mike wasn’t that kind of the running thing? Like we were waiting for Method to get snapped up. And Method is part of another company where I think they also own like four or five brands, right? Method is just the biggest one that we know out of that consortium.

Mike Rice (29m 38s):

It was like an equity firm or somebody that I think owned them. Can’t say for certain, but I know they got brought into the Fox group. So,

Holman (29m 47s):

So it gets all those builds now will all have method wheels.

Mike Rice (29m 51s):

I’ll have Method Wheels.

Holman (29m 52s):

Yep. So,

Lightning (29m 53s):

So here’s the answer to the question. What is the most popular automotive aftermarket wheel brand? There is no definitive answer, but it says that as popularity can vary depending on different factors such as location, style, price, range, and personal preferences. However, some of the most well respected brands are the following. B B S.

Holman (30m 13s):


Lightning (30m 14s):

Number two is, number two is H R E.

Holman (30m 16s):

Okay. Makes sense.

Lightning (30m 17s):

Number three, Volk racing. All

Holman (30m 19s):

Right. These are all basically car brands for this

Lightning (30m 21s):

Number. Number four, inky.

Holman (30m 24s):


Lightning (30m 25s):

Number five. Advan. I was surprised to

Holman (30m 27s):

See this is all JDM stuff right here. Sub euro,

Lightning (30m 31s):

Well, hold on a second. Well, I did say car, so I did say,

Holman (30m 34s):

I should say trust. Should have said

Lightning (30m 36s):

Trust. I absolutely should have, number seven is forge line number eight. RO formm number nine. That’s price

Holman (30m 44s):

For line is so far down on that list. I would’ve expected ’em to be top five,

Lightning (30m 47s):

But, yep. So again, eight Ro Aorm, nine, T s W, and number 10, American racing. Now I’m gonna ask the same question. I’m gonna say truck. Let’s see what it says.

Holman (30m 56s):

And there’s another question that you need to a, that you need to ask too when you’re done there.

Lightning (31m 1s):

Okay. Hold on one

Holman (31m 2s):

Second. Actually, there’s two, there’s two more chat G P T questions. Mike and I are gonna drink. So cheers, Mike. Yep. Cheers. This is, this is the Jeffersons a little spice here. This one has a little bit of spice on the top roof of the mouth and a little bit on the top of the pallet, but it goes down really smooth.

Lightning (31m 22s):

Well, I think Mike’s going to like this list right here.

Holman (31m 25s):

Okay. Oh,

Mike Rice (31m 26s):

Let’s see. Similar to, let’s see, let’s see. Let me

Lightning (31m 28s):

See here. Yeah. All right. So what are you gonna say? You’ve gotta know the number one, because I think that I, I knew the number one before this. So similar to the previous question, there’s no definitive answer according to chat G B T, but these are the fuel and respected brands. Fuel is coming in at number one there, really? Number two. Wow. Number two is black. I’m gonna give you a hint. I’m gonna give you, oh, close moto metal.

Holman (31m 55s):

Okay. That, that high

Lightning (31m 58s):

Number three. I

Holman (31m 59s):

Mean, I don’t, I don’t

Lightning (31m 60s):

Agree with. Yeah. Number three is XD series XD by K M C, obviously huge number four. Yep. Number four, pickup truck aftermarket wheel brand, American racing.

Holman (32m 11s):


Lightning (32m 12s):

All right. Number, number five. Method, as we just discussed. Number six, black rhino. Wait,

Holman (32m 18s):

Are you doing a countdown right now?

Lightning (32m 20s):

A little bit number five. I’m already on number seven though. You got seven Number four. No, you’re going the wrong way my friend. You’re on the, you going the wrong way. Oh, number hostile. Number eight was t i s number nine. Gear alloy. Have you heard of gear? I’ve

Mike Rice (32m 39s):

Never heard that.

Holman (32m 40s):

Who’s number one? Number

Lightning (32m 42s):

One, and, no, I’m going the other way. Number 10. Mayhem. I’ve never

Holman (32m 47s):

Heard of.

Mike Rice (32m 48s):

So I guess there’s only eight brands of wheels.

Holman (32m 50s):

Yeah, something like that. Yeah. Yeah. There’s some other wheels that Alright, ask. It’s

Mike Rice (32m 54s):

Funny thing, the top four are all owned by Wheel

Holman (32m 56s):

Pros. Ask it. What’s better? A supercharger or a turbocharger? Ooh.

Lightning (32m 59s):

Ooh. That’s outstanding. Thank you.

Holman (33m 2s):

I’m gonna drink to that. Actually. We’re gonna drink an American drink. Cheers.

Lightning (33m 7s):

Supercharger or turbo? Better. And chat. G P T is thinking, oh, typing already. This is quick. Whether a supercharger or turbo depends on the specific application as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A supercharger is a mechanical device that compresses air and feeds into the engine’s. Combustion chambers providing an immediate boost in power and torque. Superchargers are generally more compact and simpler to install the turbos and they can provide instant throttle response and a near linear power delivery that some drivers prefer. On the other hand, a turbocharger uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine that compresses air and feeds it into the engine’s Combustion chambers.

Lightning (33m 51s):

Turbochargers can provide a significant boost in power and torque, especially at higher engine speeds. And they can be more efficient than superchargers as they use otherwise wasted energy from the engines exhaust. Ultimately, whether supercharger or a turbo is better depends on the driver’s preferences.

Mike Rice (34m 11s):

Turbos the right answer.

Holman (34m 12s):

I mean, I, I think it depends. I dunno, I’ll, I’ll brawl with you on that. I, I think there’s a place for both. All right. Ask it. What’s better? V8 S or EVs?

Mike Rice (34m 21s):


Lightning (34m 22s):

Well, do I want internal combustion or v8 S V8 specific?

Holman (34m 26s):

No. Do V8 s

Lightning (34m 29s):

Better a V eight engine or so?

Holman (34m 35s):

By the way, what? EVs or v8 or V8 or or electric vehicle do it?

Lightning (34m 42s):


Holman (34m 42s):

By the way, how, how, how affected were you by the, your second bout of Covid?

Lightning (34m 47s):

Not much. I just had a cough that wouldn’t go away. My wife got it hit pretty hard. She had 102 temp. Oh. And my kid had it. He had a temp. It went away quickly. We were getting better. I just tested negative. I was at CVS about an hour ago, and I’m officially negative

Holman (35m 4s):

Until you boomerang.

Lightning (35m 5s):

But I still, yeah, until I boomerang. Yeah. Whether a V8 engine or an electric vehicle is better depends on a variety of factors, including the intended use of the vehicle, personal preferences and environmental considerations. And I’m gonna skip the meat of this, but the, the, the, each one of these seems to have like a conclusion paragraph. Okay. So of the four paragraphs, I’ll read the last one. Ultimately, whether a V8 engine or an electric vehicle is better will depend on the individual’s needs and preferences. If the driver prioritizes raw power and performance, a V8 engine may be a better choice. If the driver is more concerned about efficiency,

Holman (35m 42s):

I feel like environmental, nah, this is all bogus thing is and

Lightning (35m 44s):

Do operating costs.

Holman (35m 45s):

Chad, B G P T is is towing the line on this one? Chad, Chad

Mike Rice (35m 49s):


Holman (35m 49s):

Is, yeah, exactly. One last question, please ask it With the meaning of life is woohoo.

Lightning (35m 56s):

What is the meaning of life? If it’s funny, it will give us a money. Five.

Holman (36m 3s):

It’s funny. Let’s find out if it’s funny.

Lightning (36m 5s):

Here we go. Oh, it’s still going. Here we go. It’s computing. It’s neat because it types across the screen in real time here. So

Holman (36m 13s):

Are you on? So how are you doing? The, you have chat G p t app or

Lightning (36m 17s):

What’s your No, you go to, you go to chat.openai.com and you create a login and you just start asking it questions.

Holman (36m 26s):

Weird. All

Lightning (36m 27s):

Right. What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is a question that has puzzled and intrigued humanity for centuries. There is no single definitive answer to this question. And it’s ultimately a matter of personal perspective and belief. In the end, the meaning of life is a question that each person must answer for themselves based on their own personal understanding and perspective.

Holman (36m 52s):

Hmm. I don’t like that answer. I don’t like that answer at all.

Mike Rice (36m 56s):

Big and ambiguous.

Holman (36m 58s):


Lightning (36m 58s):

There’s some, I I, I read you,

Holman (37m 0s):

There’s, there’s some BOGOs in there. Most of

Lightning (37m 2s):

These, a little bit of BOGOs. Each one of these spits out four paragraphs, give or

Holman (37m 7s):

Take. Is that all it

Lightning (37m 8s):

Give or take? I’m and I, and I’m reading you the first and last paragraphs that’ll bore you. But generally it looks like chat. G p t answers the question then gives you some, some facts and then comes back and summarizes at the

Holman (37m 23s):

End. Kinda editorializes it a little bit.

Lightning (37m 25s):

Yeah. So as I’m going down this rabbit hole, my, my brother is big into this playing around cuz he installs oracle systems, big financial systems is pretty plugged in, in kind of the AI world just for, just for kicks. And he turned me onto,

Holman (37m 40s):

I just downloaded it on my thing here. And yeah, there, there must be another shot in Holman cuz it thinks I’m a Canadian journalist and journalism professor who’s worked as a journalist for 20 years at the Victoria Times. Colonist, the Vancouver Sun in the Globe and Mail.

Mike Rice (37m 54s):

How about that, eh?

Holman (37m 57s):

Oh, you know what? We need some ground royal in your Canadian whiskey. Yeah, exactly. It tastes like syrup.

Lightning (38m 3s):

So I, I’m gonna blow everyone’s mind here. I I think that some of our listeners will know about this website, but if you’re like me, this will come as news to you. There’s a website that you’re going to lose four to six hours tonight playing with. And it’s called, there’s an AI for that. There’s an AI for that.com and it’s got about 200 or more ais and they’re all very specific. Do you want this to write you an article about a new Honda Ridgeline? Would you like it to come up with a graphic for a t-shirt?

Lightning (38m 46s):

Would you like it to come up with a business card design? Would you like to chat about Amazon? Would you like to, would you like it to develop search engine optimization keywords for your clothing website? Like it goes, there are hundreds and hundreds and I found one that develops illustrations and I typed in fat woman singing and it, and I and it. And so you can do eight bit, you can do illustration, you can do paintbrush style. And my kid and I were playing with this all night and just coming up with wacky stuff and it’s literally creating art in real time. That just is one of a hundred ais that are out there.

Lightning (39m 28s):

It’s, it’s really wild. There’s an AI for that. You click on one of them and you just tell it what you want it to do or what you’re, you’re your concept is, and it spits it out and it’s super freaking weird.

Holman (39m 40s):

I’ve just asked, will the Tesla cyber truck ever come out? And the answer is yes. Tesla’s currently planning to release the cyber truck. The official launch date has not been announced yet, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has indicated the company’s aiming to begin production in late 2022. However, it’s important to keep in mind the manufacturing timelines can be subject to change. You do a variety of factors, blah, blah, blah, blah. It talks about how to generate excitement and that it’s uncertain about the release date

Mike Rice (40m 3s):

And enough monkeys with enough typewriters in Shakespeare eventually.

Holman (40m 7s):

So, eventually, eventually. All right. So what’s the deal? Are, are you planning on staying on the phone for the entire show or are you gonna let Mike and I drive this boat?

Lightning (40m 16s):

I mean, I feel like it’s got my name on the show. I can hang around. I mean, I’m not dying. I

Holman (40m 21s):

Mean you’re, unless today’s show doesn’t have your name in it. We changed it at the beginning.

Mike Rice (40m 24s):

Yeah. I already put my sticker over. I put my sticker over the thing on the

Holman (40m 28s):

Wall. So Yeah. And, and

Lightning (40m 29s):

Well that’s a, that’s a douchey thing to do.

Holman (40m 31s):

And there’s a picture of

Lightning (40m 32s):

You don’t do that to me. No. There’s

Holman (40m 34s):

A picture of you in the podcast studio hanging on the wall that has a mustache and glasses

Mike Rice (40m 38s):

And three candles. Look by it. Cuz we thought you were doing

Holman (40m 40s):

Yeah, yeah. It was our, our our small shrine to our front lighting. I’m just happy to know you survived. Yeah, well, I mean that’s, that’s, I’m sorry again, I misunderstood the text.

Lightning (40m 50s):

No, let me ask you this. You don’t have smoke detectors. So when you lit the candles, did it, did it leave a burn mark on the ceiling or what happened just

Holman (40m 56s):

On your photo?

Lightning (40m 58s):

Oh, oh, you, you lit You lit my photo on fire.

Holman (41m 2s):

No, not on purpose. You did it itself. Yeah, it was just, there’s not a lot of room in here. Let, let’s be honest, with three dudes in here and a computer going about any, anything is, is subject to bursting into flames.

Lightning (41m 15s):

All right, well I’m gonna, if Mike is gonna take over my part, I’ve got some, some work at me cuz I spent last night working on truck show podcast.com, which by the way is live ladies and

Holman (41m 26s):

Gentlemen. Okay. So that we are, we are gonna bring that up with lightning on the phone. We’re gonna bring this at the end, but we’ll, we’ll bring it up now. Couple things to let everybody know about. Number one, websites live. So truck show podcast.com. Lightning’s been working pretty hard on it. If there are any errors, typos, misstep, misspellings, that would be lightning@truckshowpodcast.com. Let him know it’s got limited functionality right now cause we turned some things off cause we’re not quite ready. But we wanted to give you guys that. So when you go to the website, a newsletter signup box will pop up. Please sign up there. So we have your emails. There’s no newsletter right now, but we wanna start amassing that cause we’re gonna be doing newsletters down the line. And last but not least, we need you guys truck show podcast gmail.com to send us any events that you have, your local event, your national event, whatever it is, any truck event.

Holman (42m 10s):

We’re gonna have a calendar of events on truck show podcast.com and then we’ll be able to talk about ’em on the show. So make sure you guys Heyman engaged.

Lightning (42m 17s):

Yes, sir. Go, go, go to the website right now and click on events

Holman (42m 21s):

Please. Okay, I’m gonna go right now. Truck show podcast com. All right.

Lightning (42m 29s):

Click on the events tab at the

Holman (42m 30s):

Top. All right, I see the events tab here. Yep, I see it. We’ve got March 31st through April 2nd, the Florida truck meet with our friend Jordan Mul Bower. And then we also have on March 31st to April 1st, the Hemmings tailgate. Throwdown. Oh, Florida Truck Meet is in, do you have a location here? Oh,

Lightning (42m 49s):


Holman (42m 49s):

All and then the Hemmings tailgate. Throwdown. March 31st through April 1st. Is that New Orleans Nola Motorsports Park in Louisiana, Eastern Jeep Safari. April 1st through the ninth in Moab, Utah. The Mojave Adventure Fest. 2023 Olaf. That is gonna be at the Mojave De Desert Heritage in Cultural Association. Goffs, California, April 14th through the 16th. You’ve got Slam Fest. You’ve got Seema. Good job. Look, I, I like the, I think this is where you can get, you learn more, you can get tickets. You did a good job on this. Good graphics.

Lightning (43m 21s):

Thank you. Thank you. Well done, sir. It it, it it’s designed for mobile. So if you go on your laptop, it’s, it’s not as attractive as your phone. So I really made it for most of our audience is gonna frequent our site on their well I phone. So I, I also like the best experience.

Holman (43m 36s):

I also like how you put the, the episodes in chronological order so that, that looks good as well. And I see you’ve been working on it’s coming Project trucks a little bit there.

Lightning (43m 43s):

It’s it’s going, yeah. You saw Project I was gonna drop that on you. If you gotta click on, click on the project truck. Open

Holman (43m 49s):

It up. Yeah. And it just says Lightning’s 2022 Ram 1500 tx. No.

Lightning (43m 53s):

Click that. No, click it.

Holman (43m 54s):

Click it. All right. I’m clicking it. And it shows a big photo with Project Partners and a bunch of videos and, and all stuff. Look at that. Get paid for doing,

Lightning (44m 5s):

I mean though. This is, this is, these are, this is called thank yous.

Holman (44m 8s):

Got it, got it. All right. Well that looks good. I like it.

Lightning (44m 10s):

We’re gonna, we’re gonna build one of these for the 3 92. We’re gonna build one of these project pages for Lock Job. Well,

Holman (44m 16s):

What’s interesting is

Lightning (44m 17s):

For your,

Holman (44m 18s):

Yeah, I was gonna say, what’s interesting is you have, you know, a a dozen different project partners and stories and different things about, which is really cool. The F 100 would probably just be one photo.

Lightning (44m 30s):

No, you

Holman (44m 31s):

Should have built that one first because it was the less, the less effort

Lightning (44m 35s):

I had to work out the buds. With this one, there’s quite a bit of content. If you’re following along on the TX build, I think you’ll enjoy this page. So Churchill podcast.com, project trucks tab and homan. You give me the data and I will be plugging it in making a, a cool page.

Holman (44m 51s):

All right, well, you guys heard it here first. We’re live truck show podcast.com. Please sign up for the newsletter, check out the page if you guys have any inf you know, feedback on it. We want to hear it cuz it’s, we’re, it’s, it’s a work in progress. So we’re, we’re, you know, this is one of the things we promised you guys and well we’re, we’re, we’re delivering one, one promise at a time. It, it may take a little longer than, than we wish, but I think everything’s pretty cool in here. So, well, well done. Lightning’s been busy. A getting Covid and b putting up our website. This is awesome. All right, well we just need to fold.

Lightning (45m 22s):

It’s also Yeah, we, you know, I I I guess the most important page is probably the contact page because it’s got everything right there cuz we have all these email addresses. It spells it out right there. And conveniently enough you can just click the phone number or any of the email addresses and it just opens it right up in your phone and shoot us the note or a phone

Holman (45m 42s):

Call. Yep. And now we just need a full moon digital and Derek in the crew to help us with SEO on this, on this page.

Lightning (45m 47s):

Yeah. He’s already working on it. Very

Holman (45m 49s):

Cool. Yep. All right. Well everybody wish lightning luck. We’re glad that you’re negative, Tess. One more time before you return to the studio. Mike Rice and I have it from here. We’re happy that you could be a part of the show today cuz we weren’t sure. Like I said, we thought you were in heaven. Yeah.

Lightning (46m 3s):

Or I gotta say this is, it’s, it’s uncomfortable with you guys going on without me. I just, cuz this is what it’s gonna feel like when

Holman (46m 12s):

I’m sure you’re just gonna

Lightning (46m 13s):

Gonna edit me out of the whole episode anyway, so that won’t work. That, that,

Holman (46m 17s):

That will work.

Lightning (46m 18s):

No, I’m, I’m

Holman (46m 18s):

Excited. Finish your thought. What were you gonna say? When, what?

Lightning (46m 21s):

I was gonna say, this is how it’s I’m gonna feel when I’m not on the show anymore permanently. And Mike has taken over

Holman (46m 27s):

And then you basically thought better of it because you didn’t wanna feel like Nostradamus in the podcast world. For what?

Lightning (46m 33s):

I mean, a little bit. A little bit.

Holman (46m 35s):

It it bothers you that I’m playing with your board, doesn’t

Lightning (46m 37s):

It? That is what she said. Yes. And it’s very comfortable with you having control over the sound effects. I’m not gonna lie.

Holman (46m 45s):

What the is wrong with you? Lightning.

Lightning (46m 49s):

Well, hold on. You can’t bleep yourself out in real time.

Holman (46m 51s):

Yeah, I can

Lightning (46m 53s):

<unk> Oh,

Holman (46m 54s):

Whoops. I almost didn’t do that one until it work.

Lightning (46m 58s):


Holman (46m 58s):

Sure as <unk> does. This

Lightning (47m 0s):

Is the, this is the rat

Holman (47m 1s):

<unk> thing I’ve ever played with in my entire <unk> life. You’re a <unk> lightning. That’s

Lightning (47m 9s):

Awesome. Now I have to bleep out. You’re bad bleeping. Why?

Holman (47m 12s):


Lightning (47m 13s):

You’re not covering up your,

Holman (47m 15s):

You’re hearing latency. So it’s it’s perfect on our end. It’s all good.

Lightning (47m 19s):

Sure it is. It’s all good. Sure it is. All right, well then <unk>.

Holman (47m 26s):

Oh, this is, this is awesome. Oh, oh, let’s,

Lightning (47m 30s):

What else? You guys enjoy the show? I’m, I’m hanging up on you.

Holman (47m 33s):

You’re done. Why? You’re done.

Lightning (47m 35s):

Well you were cutting me out. What are you doing? Am I stick, am I on the show or not? I’m not Versus the Holman, the Lightning Show. No, and now it’s the, now it’s the Mike Rice and the Holman show. We’re

Holman (47m 44s):


Mike Rice (47m 44s):

Listen, I don’t get a lead. I haven’t been here long enough. She’s

Holman (47m 47s):

Just sitting in a chair drinking. Listen, I told Mike, I go, there’s cotton, candy and whiskey. Are you coming or not?

Mike Rice (47m 52s):

The cotton candy was a bummer. But the whiskey’s good.

Holman (47m 54s):


Lightning (47m 55s):

By the way, that sounds like a crazy fun house for perverts in school children.

Holman (48m 2s):

I mean, there I gave you a, I gave you one of those

Lightning (48m 6s):

Cotton candy and whiskey. Yeah. Now, now we need a white van with no windows, with shag carpeting. And we can troll grade schools in.

Holman (48m 20s):

All right. Well we, we got the rest of the show from here. I’ll have this to you in an hour or so and it’ll be magnificently clean except for all the editing you have to do.

Lightning (48m 30s):

All right, well, don’t

Mike Rice (48m 32s):

Suck. Glad glad. We’ll talk you later. Glad you’re doing well.

Lightning (48m 34s):

Yeah, we’re,

Holman (48m 35s):

Yeah, I guess I’m too.

Lightning (48m 35s):

I’ll be back to work tomorrow. Jesus.

Holman (48m 39s):

All right, bye.

Lightning (48m 40s):

Lightning later. Yeah. Bye.

Holman (48m 42s):

And he’s gone. I mean, that was pretty good, right? Yeah, it was fun. He’s mad that we’re taking over the rest of the show. Big time. Mad Heto. He’s got a massive fomo.

Mike Rice (48m 51s):

He’s sitting there. His hands are probably shaking.

Holman (48m 53s):

Yeah, no,

Mike Rice (48m 54s):

He’s gonna drive. He’s, like I said, he’s gonna edit me out of the whole show. He’s

Holman (48m 56s):

Only 15 minutes away. He is gonna drive and we’re gonna look through the, the window here and his face is gonna be pressed up against it and he’ll be like, please let me be on the show. Oh dude, we let you on the show. Yep. I didn’t give you covid, so you have to be out for a while.

Mike Rice (49m 9s):

Sorry. Oh man. All

Holman (49m 11s):

Right, well what do you wanna do next? I, I guess we can do, oh we haven’t, we haven’t done news in a while. So let’s, let’s do a little news.

9 (49m 20s):

What’s new in trucks? What’s in trucks? What’s new in

4 (49m 30s):

Lowered and everything in between? What’s happening in the world of trucks?

Lightning (49m 35s):


Holman (49m 36s):

Oh, I forgot to tell you that. You’re supposed to grunt at that last part. Oh, ah, that’s good enough. You know it’s good enough for government work. Alright, I’m gonna say Mike Rice, did you hear? And you just have to say no. No, because I don’t have lightning’s 47 knows that he uses, so, Hey Mike Rice, did you hear? No. Apparently according to the internet, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, the plant is pausing productions due to hi inventory. So apparently General Motors is gonna idle the Fort Wayne Indiana truck plant for two weeks at the end of March. Oh wow. So what’s kind of crazy is, you know, the last several years have been, as you know, a supply chain nightmare.

Mike Rice (50m 13s):

Oh, absolute nightmare.

Holman (50m 14s):

And I guess now with money being expensive and supply chain catching up and all that stuff, they’re actually going to pause manufacturing at a major pickup truck plant, which is probably not great.

Mike Rice (50m 25s):

That’s interesting. I wonder if we’re gonna end up seeing five, five grand, 10 grand back on the hoods of trucks at

Holman (50m 30s):

Some point. So what’s funny is right now says GM statement January 31st said that they wanted to maintain inventory levels consistent with demand, which, you know, you working at a dealership, you understand 50 to 60 days is pretty standard. Correct. And back last year, they had gotten under 30 days. Oh

Mike Rice (50m 48s):

Yeah. It

Holman (50m 48s):

Was bad. And now that it’s starting to stretch out, it said that the, according to the Detroit News, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 inventory was over a hundred days at the end of January. Oof. Yeah. So GM already said, and I believe another company mentioned that money’s coming back on the hoods. So rebates, incentives, things like that, it’ll be interesting. How do you, how do you write price after you got greedy?

Mike Rice (51m 11s):

It’s hard to say, you know, from, from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, they were more than happy taking people’s orders for trucks. They’re not being any inventory. Yeah. But now interest rates are 7%, 8%. Yeah. You

Holman (51m 25s):

Know, they wanna get that guy today when he walks in the dealership ready to go. Right.

Mike Rice (51m 28s):

But, you know, like I saw, I think it was Ram was like 1.9%, you know, so there’s some, there are factory incentives that seem to be coming back, which is great, but you know, you have your pick of the litter of the lot now there’s all sorts of stuff.

Holman (51m 42s):

Unless there’s a stop sale.

Mike Rice (51m 43s):

Unless there’s a stop sale, which is probably news section.

Holman (51m 48s):

Yeah. We’ll, we’ll get to that one in a second. So, so anyway, yeah, I think, I think a hundred days of inventory is crazy. And I think you’ll absolutely see Dale deals, but what I’m worried about is how about all the people that bought full tilt six months ago? I mean, their residuals are gonna crash, right? Oh

Mike Rice (52m 4s):

Yeah. The people that paid over, way over sticker five, 10 grand over sticker for, but you know, you have to have a truck. You gotta buy a truck.

Holman (52m 11s):

Yeah. I mean, sometimes you, you don’t have the luxury of, of being able to

Mike Rice (52m 15s):

Wait. So, but it’s that whole thing, their five grand over sticker, it’s probably a 2.9% versus sticker at 7%.

Holman (52m 23s):

So, well, all right, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll take, I’ll take that. It turns out also that as long as we’re going through this, you may have heard this, I’ll just ask you say no anyway. Hey, Mike Rice, did you hear?

Mike Rice (52m 33s):

No, I

Holman (52m 34s):

Haven’t. Ram is now recalling 306,000 heavy duty trucks in the US for electrical issue. Wow. That apparently could cause a fire. And they’re asking owners to park their trucks outside. And this covers the 21 to 23 Ram twenty five hundred and thirty five hundreds that have the Cummins to of a diesel. And this, so we’ve talked at great length of the show about the, the heater grid. Oh yeah. That, you know, recall that’s going on. This is the new heater grid, because now it’s saying the relays even on the fixed parts, apparently could be faulty and could overheat causing a fire.

Mike Rice (53m 7s):

That’s a BMW trick recall on the recall. Is

Holman (53m 10s):

It really? Yeah. And, and if you’ve listened to the show before, you know, Mike has experienced such a company, so Ram’s advising owners to park their trucks outside until he can address the problem. So if you guys have a 21 through 23 Ram 2500, 3500, that pesky grid heater is, is still going crazy. This recall expands two earlier smaller campaigns, which the last one was late 2021. And Ram will begin notifying affected owners in March. So 306,000 1 65 of you are gonna have to keep an eye on your, on your inbox and get that recall notice and get, get that bad boy fixed. Hey Mike, did you

Mike Rice (53m 50s):

Hear? No, I haven’t.

Holman (53m 51s):

Speaking of recalls, Lordstown, the ev truck manufacturer is recalling almost every truck it made last

Mike Rice (53m 57s):

Year, which is like three.

Holman (53m 58s):

Yeah, it can’t be that many, right? It said it was gonna suspend production of the insurance endurance trucks for an undetermined time to, to fix the issue. So it’s

Mike Rice (54m 9s):

No issue. What are they, what is

Holman (54m 11s):

The issue? Well, apparently it is gonna recall all 19 of them.

Mike Rice (54m 13s):

Oh, that’s why I wasn’t far

Holman (54m 15s):

Off. No, you weren’t. As I read further down in the, in the story, it, it’s a quality control issue. Doesn’t say how long that the factory would be shuttered. And this is the company that took over the, the GM Lordstown factory that was outside of Youngstown, Ohio. And it’s been kind of a, a big headache for them, I believe Foxconn, the Chinese tech giant that, that builds iPhones bought into the plant, giving the them some, some breathing room there. It says Lordstown announced to deliver 31 trucks in 2022 after beginning deliveries in November. But it doesn’t say how many are in customer hands. And it says 19 of the trucks were in, in company hands.

Holman (54m 56s):

So anyway, I can’t imagine a lot of you have Lordstown trucks, so it, it probably probably isn’t a big deal to you, but if you do, yeah, whatever. Hey, hey Mike, did you hear?

Mike Rice (55m 7s):

No, I haven’t.

Holman (55m 9s):

Allegedly the Ram 1500 Rev electric pickup truck is, is sold out. So obviously the, the inner webs seem to be disappointed that it looked a lot like a DT and regular RAM and, and not like the concept, but that didn’t seem to matter to orders. And so the Truck Insider membership program that they pitched on their website has reached maximum capacity and reservations are sold out for now, just a week into the production versions reveal. So if you missed your opportunity there, it looks like you are gonna have to wait on the sidelines until they open some more up. And I mean, it’s not really a surprise when, when we saw Silverado, ev, Hummer, EV Lightning, Rivian Lightning, they all sold out.

Holman (55m 52s):

There’s a lot of early adopters.

Mike Rice (55m 53s):

The DTS a great platform though. It is. And guess what, they all beat the cyber truck to market.

Holman (55m 59s):

These are all trucks you can get that don’t have Tesla in, in front of them. Alright. Hey Mike Rice, did you hear?

Mike Rice (56m 6s):

No, I didn’t.

Holman (56m 8s):

At least a hundred new F-150 lighting pickups had a battery issue. I think you saw one of them. Something happened at a charging thing. It was on the internet at a, at a charging stop. So it looks like motor authority confirmed that the new F-150 lightnings are being held in transit under a stop ship order and that there’s a stop yield order that’s currently in effect and it stems from the battery but doesn’t say what, what the issue is. It’s been reported on at least a hundred pickups. And obviously Ford has access to the vehicles through their, over the air connection, but it can potentially involve even more trucks. So if you have the issue, you’ll be alerted by Ford and it’ll be covered.

Holman (56m 48s):

And the Detroit Free Press said, you know, according to Ford, quote unquote, we monitor vehicle data to help ensure vehicles are performing as expected in the field. We’ve identified that in some vehicles or high voltage batteries not performing as intended, which could result in performance degradation. Anyway. Another recall, apparently if you bought a new vehicle in the last couple years, you are going to be bringing it back.

Mike Rice (57m 8s):

That’s everybody.

Holman (57m 9s):

Yeah. Seems about right. All right. Hey Mike Rice, did you hear?

Mike Rice (57m 13s):

No, I didn’t.

Holman (57m 14s):

Holman. Oh, you did not hear this. That VWs to build its own factory for the Scout Electric brand.

Mike Rice (57m 19s):

I’m looking forward to that.

Holman (57m 20s):

It’s kind of interesting, right? They decided not to partner with a third party builder to assemble the scouts. So that’s kind of news. We’ve talked about the scouts and the VW tie up, but it looks like they might have some sort of tie in with, with Audi possibly

Mike Rice (57m 34s):

Makes sense.

Holman (57m 35s):

So says that they are, they’re moving forward and the, it looks like using the same underpinnings you could get a ruggedized Audi. I’m sure it’s the same way that, you know, the Lamborghini URIs and the QA and all those all share that same platform on that side.

Mike Rice (57m 54s):

Yeah, that’s probably what it’ll be. There’ll be a lot of, you know, Volkswagen’s always been good with the platform sharing.

Holman (57m 60s):

Yeah. They’re really good at being exceptional cars right up until the day your warranty warrants

Mike Rice (58m 4s):

Out, even before your warranty

Holman (58m 6s):

Runs out. Everybody Audi makes a beautiful car with beautiful interior and I have to laugh. People go, haven’t look at an Audi, I’m like, just lease it. Yeah, you don’t want it after the lease period. Yeah, they’re really expensive to fix.

Mike Rice (58m 17s):

Very expensive to fix. Same thing with the Volkswagens. Everybody’s like, oh, you know, I, it hasn’t given me any hard, any, any problems. And it’s like, well mine’s nine years old and has 26,000 miles on it and I don’t drive it because when I do, it’ll break.

Holman (58m 30s):

Yeah. And you can’t afford the, the bridge to the next, you know, the next break. All right, let’s see here. What else do I, oh, here’s a good one. Hey Mike Rice, did you hear?

Mike Rice (58m 39s):

No, I

Holman (58m 40s):

Didn’t. Apparently you’ll be able to tune a base model Colorado four cylinder to z r two level torque. So your, your standard work truck can get up to 430 pound feet of, of torque. So that’s pretty cool. Wow, that’s a lot for a little pickup

Mike Rice (58m 57s):

Truck. That’s a lot.

Holman (58m 58s):

Obviously we’ve talked about on the show there’s a bunch of different states of tunes. So the standard work truck is 237 horse. The L two R mid-level is 2 59. The mid-range variance with the, I guess the next step up is the L three B. Those are three 10 horsepower, three 90 pound feet of torque. And then of course the trail boss work truck lts zero two, they get four 30. But for an additional 395 bucks to the dealer, you can tune the middle variant L three B up to produce the extra 40 pound feet of torque. So the three 10 horsepower figure is the same for all L three B equipped trucks. And that engine on the work trucks say almost a $1,200 work upgrade on the work truck.

Holman (59m 40s):

So you can get the, get a basic truck with zero two levels of power for an extra 1,580 bucks. Which is probably

Mike Rice (59m 47s):

Who, who wouldn’t take that dude?

Holman (59m 48s):

Right. So here’s what I’m thinking. Again, you work at a dealership, you know that service is king. And as manufacturers transition to vehicles that are arguably less service intensive, although an argument can be made, cuz I’ve seen a lot of dead EVs on your lot

Mike Rice (1h 0m 5s):

Less. No

Holman (1h 0m 6s):

Comment. Yeah, right. Less service intensive. They’re figuring out ways to get you back to the dealer to spend money. And I think this is kind of Chevy’s foray into you come spend that aftermarket money with us and we’ll keep it under warranty and, and all that, right?

Mike Rice (1h 0m 19s):

Yeah. Jeep’s kind of the king at that at the moment. I think I Jeep performance parts on the line of stuff. Oh yeah.

Holman (1h 0m 26s):

So what, what’s your thought on those products?

Mike Rice (1h 0m 29s):

They’re actually really good products. I think they, they’ve done a really good job with the aftermarket making quality products. You know, the bumper, the line of bumpers, the suspensions, rock rails, the wheels. They do a really good job and it’s, you know, they’re trying to get that money back, back in the dealership network. And the nice thing is, is you know, they can’t really void your warranty if they sell it to you. Right?

Holman (1h 0m 53s):

I mean, right. I mean that that’s, that’s the hope right? Is, is that you’re gonna get something that’s fully engineered to OE levels and 430 pound feet of torque from a little four cylinder 2.7. Now I was reading an article the other day and I wanna try and get the chief engineer from General Motors on on the podcast because they were talking about all the diesel tricks they used to make that gas motor to make it live. Yeah. And there’s some really interesting engineering going on there and I’d love to have a deep dive on that. Down, down the, down the way. So, all right. I guess that’s it for news, but I, I think we want to go in, we’ll check in on some emails here.

2 (1h 1m 27s):

You email? Yeah, I email Do it. We email. That’s right. Everybody email type it up. You email proofread. I email send it. We email, click it.

Holman (1h 1m 44s):

All right. I got one here from Greg Shuts shoots. He says Holman and Lightning be Holman and Rice on this episode. What happened with the new episode with Scott Birdsall? I tried twice and it cut out mid-interview with Scott. Hopefully it’s not an issue on my end. I listened with Apple podcast regularly. Yeah, so we had a upload issue. Usually you guys are great about telling us about it. We catch it pretty quick, but sometimes it can take up to 12 hours or so after we fix it to get fixed on all the different feeds. So that should be all fixed by now. So we appreciate that. All right, Mike, your, your dealer’s choice over there on your email.

Mike Rice (1h 2m 18s):

I got an email here from Jeremy McDaniel. Hey guys, catching up on episodes and I’m on 2 59 and I apologize if this hasn’t been answered 12 times already. He’s saying Jay, his favorite, one of his favorite tool sets is the grab and go one case style set. Okay.

Holman (1h 2m 35s):

So Lighting had asked for a very specific tool set that nobody makes exactly what he wanted. And so our, our listeners are kind of giving us some ideas

Mike Rice (1h 2m 43s):

Here. Well it sounds like Milwaukee’s pretty close cuz Jeremy says I’ll break this down because there truly isn’t just one good all in one socket solution in my opinion. After searching I landed on a Milwaukee socket set impact rated, which you need to decide if you need impact rated, which I like to carry impact re you know, rated sockets.

Holman (1h 3m 3s):

I do too because you can’t kill ’em even if you’re not using an impact on ’em. Correct. You don’t booger up the, you know where it goes onto the, the ratchet And you can also put a lot of torque on it. Like if you’re out in the desert and somebody blew it with an INTA impact gun and you need to get like a 20 foot pipe to undo those wheel nets, you can do it. Yeah.

Mike Rice (1h 3m 20s):

So apparently this set is half inch drive sockets only laser labeled 19 to 36 for bigger needs and then a smaller case with the standard with a set of standard and metric in three eights he says. But the set I typically grab is the craftsman go through socket set, it goes three and a half to 19. I use this set all the time. I know it does not cover the size spread you specified, but I never need to decide on deeper shallow. And if it has a majority of sizes, you typically need on the daily go through has you covered in most instances. So no need to have deep or shallow pictures are below. I use these as an electrician and automotive uses.

Mike Rice (1h 4m 1s):

This is my 2 cents later on guys and blah blah blah. Holman drop.

Holman (1h 4m 7s):

Oh I don’t have that right now. It’s, I’ll do it live lighting has this drop of me going and so I don’t have it so I have to do it live. So that’s

Mike Rice (1h 4m 16s):

What it’s hopefully I didn’t butcher that email.

Holman (1h 4m 17s):

No, no, you’re good, you’re good. I got this one from Jordan. Scott says gentlemen and nods, first and foremost the ant farm. I fully support the pod shed but if the studio has to have another name, it doesn’t go the ant farm or another listener suggestion of the parts department. Sorry, I forget who was like a light bulb going off any of those three. Why not set up an Instagram pole because I’m a dictator and I don’t wanna do that. It is the pod shed. It’s just what it is. Second, huge, huge, huge shoutout to progressive insurance. That’s not a shoutout you would normally get. I don’t pay for more than I have to in total loss, but Flo took damn good care of me and I cannot recommend their services more highly. I got triple what I thought I was gonna get from an old ranger because of that.

Holman (1h 4m 59s):

We moved on to the third item of the email. The drops were on point when you read my last email and it was the perfect amount of levity to cap off. It was looking to be a bleak future in S I T U. I have a vintage Vega roadie to rip around on so it wasn’t completely wheel list. But regardless I’m back on four wheels. I found a 2008 Ranger xlt. It’s got the best powertrain. The Ranger was ever equipped with a single over cam four liter. I had that in my oh 2002 ranger. I love that proper five speed. I had that four 8.8 with 3 73 open. I believe I had four tens in mine cause it was FX four, 141,000 miles metallic ray two door extended cab cloth, 50 50 buckets and jump seats with a four pin trailer connector.

Holman (1h 5m 38s):

It was definitely a work truck and has the patina to show for it. But it’s been very well maintained and runs like a dream. I’ve already got a cheap pioneer stereo in it. Couldn’t live without any CarPlay and I’ve already had the speakers from the old truck. The head you knew is dying and not worth saving. I’ve got plans and supplies to deep clean the interior tint with eBay precut specials and sound dead in the cab with Komet. You should try our friends over at sound skins. He, oh he goes on I, I guess I, I botched that he says sound skins was beyond my wallet’s reach doing this on my own on purpose and I’m probably too deaf to notice the difference. Anyway, anyway. Expect an article with advice or do-it-yourself or is looking to do the same to their new to them vehicles on, you know where place, once Uncle Sam gives me my money back, I’m gonna celebrate my birthday early at Summit and go intake foolish exhaust JBA makes a carb approved Shorty headers and b6.

Holman (1h 6m 22s):

That’s the Bill Stein 4,600 s. Other than that I’m getting into an O BS Ford or 3 0 2 Power second Gen Explorer. I don’t think I’d be happier with another daily driver. I’m a weirdo and a nerd, so please allow me to introduce Bill the Pony. That’s the Lord of the Rings reference for those out there with better things to do than live in fantasy worlds. I plan on telling a lot more stories about my old workhorse and you can bet I’ll keep bothering you too with them. Thanks guys. It really means a lot being included. I know I’m not the only listener who appreciates how great you guys are to the fans. 5,000 stars. You choose the drops. I only have a few here so I I guess we’re just gonna have to go back to to Yeah buddy. But I, you know what, I think I’m gonna go game show.

Holman (1h 7m 2s):

I I love that one. And he says I’ve been too busy taking pictures, but you both know what rangers look like and that’s Jordan Scott who works at my old place of employment.

Mike Rice (1h 7m 11s):

Well I have, I have an email here again from Philip Fos, I think he’s emailed you before.

Holman (1h 7m 16s):

Yeah. So he e emailed us about his 90 Toyota pickup truck with the two-wheel drive spindles. I think we read that on the, the last episode.

Mike Rice (1h 7m 23s):

Yeah. So he, he emailed back and his email says he appreciates you guys. I heard my email on the show, which, there you go. All right. With me wanting to lower my lifted Toyota pickup you shortly after mentioned a back to the Future style Toyota, which I yelled at my radio because my Z R two is a tribute to that truck.

Holman (1h 7m 44s):

Oh I may, I may have botched that looking at knowing that he has a zero two tribute and I may not have called that out. So Philip, I apologize. I know you have a zero two, that’s a back to fu future tribute. It’s a rad truck. Yeah,

Mike Rice (1h 7m 56s):

He included some pictures of it here. It looks pretty nice. A v snorkel on it. Looks like it’s some KMC beadlocks, possibly KC Lights. Nice looking truck. Right

Holman (1h 8m 5s):

On. Yeah. All right, got one last one here from Chad. Like he says Boss hos in Lightning Bug. Okay, I’ll go with that. I realized I missed, missed an episode and went back to December 26th. Lightning Bug asked for recommendations on a socket set. I’d recommend these from Milwaukee and he sent some links. There isn’t any extra fluff in these sets that you don’t need. But what’s really cool is the case they come in because it can be attached to a pack out floor plate that you can mount just about anywhere. So two things on that. This is another listener saying Milwaukee has a set Lightning could use and also our friend Brit over at American Adventure Lab, he has a, a floor plate that you can get and mount to various stuff. Oh that sounds awesome. Lock the red boxes too.

Holman (1h 8m 46s):

It says in addition to the system it works great because you can buy other boxes, storage and tool sets that can link up to the same set. So it all locks in place and stays put. The best part is the set does not rattle when running dirt roads in the trucks cuz each piece is securely in place. The set I sent via link is currently quarter inch and 38 drive set, but Milwaukee’s releasing a half inch drive set in the same size case very soon. I don’t work on vehicles daily, but I am an engineer in the automotive technology field. I promise they will take a beating and then turn around and ask for more. Hopefully this is helpful. I’ve owned Snap on Macco, proto and Cornwell and this is the set that’s by far my favorite. Good luck. In your search we need a tool talk section. Oh, I should write that down. That’s a good idea. So I’m gonna write that down tool talk cuz we’re, we are talking about some more segments, a tool talk section.

Holman (1h 9m 27s):

In fact we have Wera tools I think coming on in the next few episodes. So Chad really appreciate you giving us the, the lowdown on that stuff. And going back to the bread at American Adventure Lab, I was just there last week in, in St. George, Utah. And we did a ton of stuff on the Jeep, so hopefully in the next episode we could talk about it. But I gotta talk about the crazy weather. So it’s, it’s been, we’ve super

Mike Rice (1h 9m 52s):


Holman (1h 9m 53s):

Weather. Yeah, we got hit by a wild storm here in SoCal and I think you saw my pictures on, on the internet or on my socials where it’s coming back through Vegas and California Highway Patrol had the I 15 closed at state line and by the time I got there, they were only living passenger cars through, so going through Mesquite, Arizona on my way home, 75 mile an hour crosswinds my Jeep was getting pummeled by rocks, by sand, just, just absolutely sandblasted. The, the tumbleweeds were were just exploding over my hood. And I was literally driving with the steering wheel at like almost a 90 degree angle the other way. It was, I’ve never, I’ve driven that, you know, dozens upon dozens of times through all sorts of weather.

Holman (1h 10m 35s):

Never experienced that. So

Mike Rice (1h 10m 36s):

Did you have to detour and head south and then like into Arizona and then cut over on

Holman (1h 10m 40s):

The tent? No, so I stayed the 15 the whole way. Okay. It was just crazy. And then, you know, back behind state line on prim, you can cut east and then take that road by the dry lakebed. Yep. And then get into California. I was fully prepared to go off-roading and because at that point there’s no weather, it was just, the wind was crazy. And dude, I’ll have to tell you, I get through st I get to state line and the CHP has it blocked right when you get off the off ramp. Cause they had the, the off the freeway closed and they were vetting people. So if you had a trailer or you were a truck, you go to the parking section. If you were a single car, they were letting you continue on, which is, which was nuts. So as I climbed out out of, out of prim and got into elevation, the sandstorm turned into a full whiteout blizzard.

Holman (1h 11m 20s):

Wow. And there were five vehicles together. It dropped all the way down to 24 degrees, which is pretty cold for that part of California. And dude, it was wild. I, I couldn’t see the lanes and some guys moved outta my way and kind let me lead the pack. I’ll tell you the 3 92 was absolutely stunning and surefooted in that weather. It was so good. Didn’t even slip once.

Mike Rice (1h 11m 39s):

Did you have your 7,000 series lights

Holman (1h 11m 41s):

On? I, I had covers on those, but I had my Baja designed 20 inch light bar the amber on, so I had the Ambers on and it helped be able to see in that snow for sure. And you know, I was using, you know, at that point I think the freeway is three lanes wide and I was using the markers on the side to stay in the middle because it was so crazy. Yeah. And the freeway would gently turn, you’d be like, oh, there’s the edge and it’s

Mike Rice (1h 12m 2s):

Just a ribbon of white.

Holman (1h 12m 2s):

Yeah. People were just following me in, in the wake of the 3 92, I was doing like 35, 40 miles an hour. I had a sustained 50 mile an hour headwind where usually if I’m going, you know, 55 miles an hour, it’s usually doing about 21, 22 miles per gallon. At 55 actually at 50 miles per hour is doing six. Wow. Because it was just, the wind was, was crazy. Just sounded like I was in a wind tunnel. The, the good news and the sad news is I thought when I got out it was gonna be trashed. I thought the whole Jeep was gonna be trashed. I was like actually sad driving it. I was like, oh man, as you guys know, I put the expel ppf on. We did the thick self-healing stuff, not a scratch on the paint.

Holman (1h 12m 43s):

There’s a couple little dings where a couple good rocks got me paint underneath is pristine. No damage to the Jeep whatsoever. Except my windshield was so sandblasted I’m gonna have to get a new windshield.

Mike Rice (1h 12m 51s):

That’s amazing. But

Holman (1h 12m 52s):

The paint’s fine. The PPF did its job. So if you’re thinking about doing that, I, I was literally sandblasted for 20 or 30 minutes of full on 70 mile an hour. Gus

Mike Rice (1h 13m 3s):

You should put a picture of that up for everyone to see that. Like when I saw the picture of the windshield Yeah. I was like there’s no way that the front of the jeep Yeah. Sustained any, it like, didn’t sustain

Holman (1h 13m 11s):

Anything and you saw it. It’s perfect.

Mike Rice (1h 13m 13s):

Yeah. It nothing, yeah, the windshield looks like it got hit with a sandblaster, but everything else looks, looks

Holman (1h 13m 18s):

Good. So, I mean it looks like I’m driving through like a diamond tiara or something when I’m driving cuz of all the, all the pitting.

Mike Rice (1h 13m 23s):

But it looks like the windshield’s wet and you turn your wipers on and there’s, it’s just pits.

Holman (1h 13m 27s):

Dude. It, it was crazy. So I I I think the big thing for me is I was just having that type of extreme weather and have the 3 92 get through that no problem. Obviously all-wheel drive, the mileage sucked in the wind. I gotta say that. But the totally expelled ppf, that stuff saved the day because if, if it wasn’t for the ppf, I, I don’t, I don’t know what would’ve

Mike Rice (1h 13m 49s):

Happened. Oh, you’d be making an insurance claim and your whole Jeep had be getting painted.

Holman (1h 13m 52s):

Yeah, so my, my agent actually reached out cause he was a friend of mine on Facebook. So all this stuff, he goes, oh, just give us a call a hundred dollars deductible in your policy. We’ll we’ll get it fixed for you. And it’s like, sweet. So there, I know we had a shout out to Progressive. There’s my shout out to State Farms, so very good. They, they’re like, we’ll put you in touch with our glass guy, we’ll get that fixed for you. So I was like, okay, now you gotta call AV and get a windshield banner.

Mike Rice (1h 14m 11s):

That’s true. You

Holman (1h 14m 13s):

Do. Huh? I gotta move my fast track over and you know, all that stuff. So anyway, so, so is the way it goes sometimes when you drive cross country and, and you know, e explore this beautiful country, when you are in the middle of a massive storm, did

Mike Rice (1h 14m 27s):

You get bumps and bruises?

Holman (1h 14m 28s):

Yep. So how do you think your two-door JK would’ve done

Mike Rice (1h 14m 32s):

Just fine?

Holman (1h 14m 34s):

How fast would you have been able to go?

Mike Rice (1h 14m 36s):

Probably the same. All right. It’s so pl with that long arm on it. Yeah. It’s so planted on the ground. It, you know, it’s got two inch springs on it and 30 sevens and a long arm. It, it, it will not move. But anything else, like, I’ve driven it before that in crosswinds, little squirrely. Oh God. Yeah. Like, I just want to pull over and stop.

Holman (1h 14m 53s):

Well, I, I had to, I’ll be honest, I, it took me about should be five and a half hours to get home from St. George. I ended up taking me like nine and a half, 10 hours and I just pulled over and slept for an hour. Yeah. At a time. A couple times. Cause it was just so bad. Just couldn’t see when I woke up, I had like three inches of snow in the desert on top of the Jeep. That’s that’s so crazy. So happy to be home, that’s for sure.

Mike Rice (1h 15m 12s):

I bet.

Holman (1h 15m 13s):

All right. Well I, for 1:00 AM am happy to be home and that’s the, that’s the show. So Mike Rice, thanks for filling in for Lightning. I think he’s itching to get back in here.

Mike Rice (1h 15m 23s):

I’m sure he is. Thanks for having me. You know, he has a big little shoes to fill, so I I hopefully I didn’t butcher it Too bad. The

7 (1h 15m 32s):

Truck show. Whoa.

Holman (1h 15m 34s):

I mean, not not too bad. I think you did good. You’re welcome back. Anytime. Come hang out. We’ll just drink whiskey into a podcast.

Mike Rice (1h 15m 40s):

Sounds like a plan. Almost like I have a podcast. Like

Holman (1h 15m 42s):

Exactly. I’m, I’m really enjoying the Jeffersons. I’m good to, I see that you finish yours. I’m gonna finish mine now. Oh yeah,

Mike Rice (1h 15m 52s):


Holman (1h 15m 53s):

That’s, that’s really good. All right. If you want to connect with us, check it out. Truck show podcast.com. The website is up and you can email us truck show podcast gmail.com. Give us your calendar of events, we’ll get those put up and we’ll talk about ’em on the show. If you got a local truck show and you want people to know about it, that’s our service to you. We wanna make sure that truck enthusiasts get to connect throughout the country. He’s at LBC Lightning. I’m at Sean P. Holman and we are at Truck Show Podcast. And Mike, if people wanna find you, what’s your, what’s your social handle?

Mike Rice (1h 16m 22s):

Long Beach, Mike, on Instagram,

Holman (1h 16m 24s):

There you go. Long Beach, Mike at Long Beach, Mike. Alright, we need your five star hotlines people. Come on, leave us some messages. We miss hearing from you. 6 57, 2 0 5, 61 0 5. We miss you so much. We’d like to hear your voices. And again, thank you to Nissan, our presenting sponsor who’s been with us for going on five years now, which is incredible. And if you had a new Titan, if you bought that when this show started, you’re still under warranty for like two more months. So, or maybe a month, I guess about a month. So head on down to your local Nissan dealer. Check out the Frontier, the Titan, the Titan Xd, the Titans have the industry’s best warranty. Again, five year, 100,000 miles.

Holman (1h 17m 4s):

And you can build inPrice@nissanusa.com. And also special thanks to banks. Banks Power has all sorts of stuff that you need for your, your truck. You might not even know what you need. Just go to banks power.com, enter your year, make and model, and you can find out all the, all the goodies they have. And you can put that on your birthday, your Christmas, your Father’s Day list, whatever. But you’re gonna want an I’D dash, a pedal monster Derringer, you’re gonna want a Ram air diff cover.

Mike Rice (1h 17m 27s):

That’s stuff Snow joke. I have, I have basically all that on my truck. On your Cummins? Yeah, on my Cummins.

Holman (1h 17m 32s):

And you’ve sold a bunch of those over. I

Mike Rice (1h 17m 34s):

Sold a bunch of it. Yeah. It’s great

Holman (1h 17m 35s):

Stuff. I had somebody today asking, they’re like, Hey, is that, is that rear diff cover? Like is that really legit? Oh yeah. I’m like, yeah, yeah. If you understand,

Mike Rice (1h 17m 42s):

It’s beyond legit.

Holman (1h 17m 43s):

Yeah, yeah. Go to YouTube and you can see videos that banks power

Mike Rice (1h 17m 45s):

The rabbit hole. Oh yeah,

Holman (1h 17m 46s):

Yeah. So get suck down Gail. Actually, you know, there’s some flat back covers that are out there. He shows his work and he shows his work through a plexiglass and he shows why they shape their cover the way they do. Yep. How there’s an actual dead spot of airflow. So even if you have fins, there’s nothing going over it. So they actually duct air over. It’s, it’s an amazing product. So if you tow or haul and you want keep those diff temps safe, you’ll definitely wanna check out the Ram Air diff cover and also the ears on it that scoop the air, they’re designed to break off. So if you’re an off-road and you hit a rock, it’s not gonna pull your cover off. It’s just gonna break the ears off. And the bank stuff has a lifetime warranty. So yeah,

Mike Rice (1h 18m 20s):

It’s a must, must have for anybody that tows or does

Holman (1h 18m 23s):

Off-Road. Absolutely. And then also our friends over at Full Moon Digital. If you’re a company that needs help with SEO social, you’ll want to talk to Derek and the crew over at Full Moon Digital Head over to full moon digital.com. They’ve been helping us out quite a bit to keep the Truck Show podcast in front of you. Hopefully you guys have been seeing lots of ads and, and lots of things promoting the show. And if you guys will, again head to truck show podcast.com, you can check out what we’re doing. The shop will be up soon. Our first batch of t-shirts should be, should be pretty soon. We’re gonna offer Truck show podcast t-shirts and hats. I think to start maybe hoodies, once we start that we’ll start rolling in some of the fun stuff that we have planned for, for the podcast. So, dude, again, couldn’t thank you more.

Holman (1h 19m 5s):

I, I told Lightning, thanks for having me on. He’s like, what are we gonna do? And I’m like, have a guest toast. And he’s like, okay. Who? I’m like, we have Mike. He goes, oh, call Mike.

Mike Rice (1h 19m 13s):

So I’m honored to sit in the chair, so thank you very much.

Holman (1h 19m 16s):

All right, well everybody, we miss you. We love you. We mean it. And we’ll see you next episode. Alright,

10 (1h 19m 23s):

You guys love you mean it. Bye.

11 (1h 19m 27s):

The Truck Show podcast is a production of Truck famous L L c. This podcast was created by Sean Homan and Jay Tillis with production Elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.

12 (1h 19m 53s):

Mike, please fill in for lightning more often with you. The show is 50% better. Today’s show was almost listenable.

11 (1h 20m 3s):

Suck it Alice.