In this episode of The Truck Show Podcast, Holman and Lightning talks to Emme Hall, an automotive journalist and adventurer, who is back to share her adventures in preparing her Mazda Miata, affectionately named “Buddy,” for the grueling Mint 400 desert off-road race. Meanwhile, Ford has patented a self-repossessing truck, and we’ll also explore the outcome of calibrating the speedometer on a Ram TRX.



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Recording (0s):

What it feels like to own a truck in California. Window tint. They put you in jail right away. No front license plate. Right to jail. Cold air intake. Right to jail right away. Bigger tires and wheels. Jail suspension. Also jail. American flag sticker. Believe it or not. Jail right

Lightning (22s):

Away. Yeah, it sucks. Here in California. I gotta say Mr. Holman, that’s not

Holman (26s):

Accurate. Mm. California’s been pretty phenomenal. We had just had the massive cold snap and the mountains were snow all the way to the horizon. Today. I

Lightning (34s):

Was supposed to go, as you’re hearing this now, just a couple of days ago, I was supposed to go to Big Bear and take my kid snowboarding. Can’t do it. Nope. Cannot do it. Because all the roads were snowed in. Yep.

Holman (44s):

You could not get up the mountain

Lightning (46s):

Negative. And they ran outta food and ran outta fuel in Big Bear, California. Well,

Holman (49s):

There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened since you almost died of Covid. By the way, welcome back.

Lightning (53s):

Thanks to Mike from Adventure Offroad for filling in. I, I appreciate him. I didn’t appreciate you sitting over here though. Messing up my board,

Holman (1m 3s):

My board and No, I didn’t mess it up. I added stuff to it. No,

Lightning (1m 6s):

No. I subtracted.

Holman (1m 7s):

No, it’s all good.

Lightning (1m 9s):


Holman (1m 9s):

So I didn’t tell you. I, I, the storms out here have been crazy. And I went out to see Brit over at American Venture Lab

Lightning (1m 16s):

In Utah.

Holman (1m 16s):

Right. In Utah to, to have a bunch of stuff done to the, to the 3 92. And on my way home it was the worst windstorm and then snowstorm I have ever seen in the desert. There were gusts of 70 to 75 miles an hour. And on my way through a hurricane, it was You

Lightning (1m 35s):

Went through a hurricane?

Holman (1m 35s):

Yeah, I went through a hurricane. It was so bad. It was sandblasting the Jeep. Ooh, I need a new windshield. My windshield’s all peppered. I was having tumbleweeds sand and rocks blown against the side of the Jeep and there were like six inch sand rifs across the freeway. Well, once I got to California, when I went up the pass, there was a blizzard on the California side of 15 and it was a complete white out. But I did, the reason I wanted to bring this up is when I got home and cleaned off the Jeep, I was deathly afraid of how bad everything was gonna be. Not a scratch on the expel, the windshield is completely sandblasted and the paint and the spells perfect.

Lightning (2m 13s):

So it works as advertised

Holman (2m 15s):

So far. I mean, I’ve been really impressed with it.

Lightning (2m 17s):

Now you had the seven mil expel everywhere except

Holman (2m 20s):

Four, isn’t it? 10 mil? Well I thought

Lightning (2m 22s):

You had the seven but 10 mil in certain spots. Well,

Holman (2m 24s):

I added an extra layer on the fenders anyway. I’ve had the, the thicker fusion plus that has the ceramic in it. And it’s also interesting. So I recently took some clients out to the desert and did a pre-run with them on a trip that I’m gonna be leading. And their truck was super dirty and in all the photos, mine has a light coat of dust cuz dust doesn’t even stick to it. And they’re like, how is your Jeep so clean? And I’m like, it’s magic. Magic. Yeah.

Lightning (2m 48s):

Now I gotta know how much is the windshield gonna cost you? Cause I know you’re not gonna just let it be

Holman (2m 52s):

Pitted $100.

Lightning (2m 55s):

Why? Oh, insurance State Farm.

Holman (2m 57s):

That’s right. My agent actually we’re friends.

Lightning (2m 59s):

I forgot, said that in the last episode. Yeah.

Holman (2m 60s):

We’re friends on Facebook and he hit me up and said, Hey, hundred hundred bucks. Wow. We’ll get it all fixed. So anyway, I’ll get that fixed. But I just blown away by how amazing the, the Expel did, because I thought for sure, I’m like, man, this, this is gonna ruin my whole Jeep. And there’s no, I couldn’t pull over. I was exposed between stops. There’s nowhere to go. There were rocks in and tumblewee everything hitting the side of my Jeep at, you know, 50 plus miles an hour. It was like somebody was standing there with a cannon for half an hour blowing things against the Jeep.

Lightning (3m 29s):

Oh, sucks. That is just the worst. There’s nothing you could do about it. You’re just taking it. All

Holman (3m 34s):

Right, so last week you were upset.

Lightning (3m 38s):

What are you doing over there?

Holman (3m 39s):

Because you wanted to taste the Dr. Pepper cotton candy. So Dr.

Lightning (3m 42s):

Pepper cotton candy. All right. So

Holman (3m 44s):

We’re gonna hand that to you and then you’re gonna tell us what you think of it.

Lightning (3m 48s):

Oh, it’s kind of, but it’s hard inside. Like it’s not soft, I expect

Holman (3m 52s):

Go deeper. Okay.

Lightning (3m 52s):

That’s what she said.

Holman (3m 53s):

I mean, we tried to keep it

Lightning (3m 57s):

From Well, it’s breaking off in my hands as if, okay, here we go. Huh. My Pete. Very sweet for, that’s for damn sure. Well, your assessment of this was off like you didn’t like it. Yeah, but I gotta say this is, this is pretty good.

Holman (4m 15s):

Well, you can keep the rest of the bag then

Lightning (4m 17s):

I’m gonna bring this home to my kids.

Holman (4m 18s):

The best part about that bag is there’s an American flag on the back that says, made in usa Lemme

Lightning (4m 21s):

Have another piece here. I love how cotton handy just melts right on your tongue. This is cool. You know what? I don’t hate this.

Holman (4m 27s):

Okay. After your

Lightning (4m 28s):

Description in the last episode, I thought it was just gonna be, maybe

Holman (4m 31s):

The taste buds are off because of the whiskey. I don’t know.

Lightning (4m 33s):

That’s Yeah, I can see that. All right. They’re sweet with the sweet taste of Dr. Pepper. Yeah. I’m taking this cotton candy home. Who sent this to us again?

Holman (4m 40s):

That was Travis Rutherford. Thank

Lightning (4m 42s):

You Travis. Appreciate

Holman (4m 43s):

It. All right. A few things have changed here in the podcast studio since you were here last. There’s more changes coming. But if you look up there, what do you see above the door?

Lightning (4m 52s):

Oh, I see they’re not antlers. Steer horns.

Holman (4m 55s):

Yes. Those are three foot wide. I would’ve gotten longer, but they would hit the roof. Are those real? Those are real. Oh, are those from Texas? No kidding. Yeah. So we have, that’s our, that’s our little nod to our Texas friends there. I feel

Lightning (5m 5s):

Like those are like a good luck symbol thing. And then,

Holman (5m 8s):

You know, one of our Instagram followers and friends who has been following for a long time, Marshall Montana. He sent us a present. I don’t know what it is.

Lightning (5m 16s):

Marshall’s got a good sense of humor. So this could be okay. Could, could go one of two ways. All

Holman (5m 20s):

Right. So I’m gonna open this box here. I, this just arrived today. Okay.

Lightning (5m 25s):

It looks like from our listeners, by the way, truck show If you, you what? Hell,

Holman (5m 32s):

Dude. That’s a 3D printed cyber truck.

Lightning (5m 34s):

I was gonna say truck show podcast If you want our address to send something that’s not race or a bomb, that’s a rad. Wait a minute. Can I, let me hold that.

Holman (5m 43s):

This, I’m sure this is for you, so I’m just gonna hold it for a few more minutes.

Lightning (5m 47s):

That’s amazing. It,

Holman (5m 48s):

It’s, it’s like almost a foot long here. You play with it.

Lightning (5m 52s):

This is a legit 3D printed cyber truck. This is going on My Marshall. It’s going on my desk at work. No,

Holman (5m 58s):

It’s not. It’s going on the kitchen show.

Lightning (5m 60s):

No, this is really,

Holman (6m 0s):

No, you don’t get to keep that As for the

Lightning (6m 2s):

Show. I don’t,

Holman (6m 3s):

Oh, there’s something else 3D printed in this one here.

Lightning (6m 5s):

Okay. What is this?

Holman (6m 7s):

A 3D printed wiener king.

Lightning (6m 9s):


Holman (6m 10s):

That Oh, it’s

Lightning (6m 11s):

The head of a penis That’s with

Holman (6m 13s):

A crown on it. Why?

Lightning (6m 14s):

Why, why? That’s

Holman (6m 15s):

And why are you fondling it like that?

Lightning (6m 16s):

It’s gross. And I don’t want this. And it’s a 3D printed wiener with a, with a crown, which is hilarious. I don’t, he’s got feet.

Holman (6m 23s):

But here, here’s what’s funny. I

Lightning (6m 25s):

Don’t care. It,

Holman (6m 26s):

It was sent to us without any editorialization. There’s fact, there’s it is. It’s,

Lightning (6m 30s):

Well, who’s the wiener king?

Holman (6m 32s):

Is it me? Well, I’m assuming he’s giving you the cyber, by the way, this

Lightning (6m 35s):

Giving this freaking

Holman (6m 36s):

Huge. Well, it’s huge. And it’s very detailed. Yeah,

Lightning (6m 39s):

That is. It’s got eyes and the nose

Holman (6m 40s):

And the crowd don’t

Lightning (6m 42s):

Feet in that. I don’t get it.

Holman (6m 43s):

It almost looks like to from Mario Brothers. Oh,

Lightning (6m 47s):

Yeah. Kind of does. But

Holman (6m 48s):

Not mushroom

Lightning (6m 50s):

No more. I’m not Okay. Holding this. Okay. Can

Holman (6m 53s):

We just put that on the gift shelf?

Lightning (6m 54s):

I’m gonna hand this to you. Okay.

Holman (6m 56s):

Oh man. That’s awesome. All right. We’ll have to take pictures of that and post it on, on social and thanks.

Lightning (7m 1s):

Tha thanks Question.

Holman (7m 3s):

He’s like, Hey, I’ve been talking to Jay and he said, hit you up for an address cuz I wanna send you guys some presents. And I’m like, okay, any more details? He said, nah, just I’ll go out tomorrow. I said, okay. So then the box came down. I’m like, oh, alright, let’s see what it is. And now we know we

Lightning (7m 19s):

Have a cyber truck and a wiener king. Yeah,

Holman (7m 23s):

I mean, that, that seems, that seems super awkward. Yeah.

Lightning (7m 25s):

Well, I I, I like it. Thank you very much. It is the Churchill podcast. I am Lightning and he’s Holman. On this episode, we’re checking in with the Mint four hundreds Emmy Hall.

Holman (7m 35s):

I don’t know if it’s the Mint, four hundreds Emmy Hall, as much as it’s Emmy Hall telling us about prepping for the Mint 400.

Lightning (7m 42s):

I think she’s gonna do it. She’s gotta

Holman (7m 43s):

Love No, she’s gonna do it intuitiveness. What I want to, I want to, I wanna see if she, she’s got a ways to go in the timeframe that we have. That’s all I’m saying.

Lightning (7m 51s):

All right. Well, I can, I don’t know about that. I’m

Holman (7m 53s):

Not, and, and I, and I’m not, I’m not going to bet against her. I will. Well, cause she’s being a desert. Am Miata. Yeah. Our beloved Emha. We haven’t we haven’t talked to her in a while. So now

Lightning (8m 4s):

Wait a minute. So Miata is not really a truck. How do we rationalize this? Good

Holman (8m 9s):

Emmy? Yes.

Lightning (8m 10s):

So we, we cover anything She does,

Holman (8m 12s):

I think so. Got

Lightning (8m 13s):

Emmy Hall. So if you don’t know Emmy Hall, she’s, she’s a journalist. She works for Hemmings right now. She’s got a long history working with Holman on different off-road projects for

Holman (8m 21s):

For some reason she loves us. She loves

Lightning (8m 22s):

Us, which is great. And she’s got a great sense of humor and a potty mouth. So we love all those things. And I wanna show you a photo Holman that almost got me into a crash on the way to work this morning. What’s that? In my, I I’m, I’m taking a photograph. What? You, you described the photo. That’s me. Yeah. Take a photo of my rear view mirror, what’s in the rear view mirror Frontier.

Holman (8m 44s):


Lightning (8m 44s):

A brand new, beautiful white frontier. And I wanted to be the first person with the first one of our listeners to take a photo of a frontier from their car. A little dangerous,

Holman (8m 55s):

But I want you to do it. If you send us a photo of a frontier taken from your truck, I will send you personally a truck show podcast sticker. All you gotta do is email to us. You can send it to, home at a truck show or truck show podcast You got a plethora of emails to choose from. If you see a frontier, take a photo and email to us and I’ll send a sticker to you. All right, I like that. So if you wanna buy your own frontier and then you take it a picture from your old truck, of your new truck, oh, that works too. That’s creative. Yeah. But you gotta do that. You gotta head on down your local Nissan dealership and buy one or you go to nissan where you can build and price. Of course, if you want to pick up a half Tenn truck got the Titan.

Holman (9m 37s):

The Titan next to you with the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty. But lightning, I have a question for you. What will you send them if they go to banks I don’t know. I guess it depends what they want. Are they looking for a Ramey rear D cover or a Ramey or cold air intake? Are they looking for a monster Ram for their Ram 6.7? Are they looking for a Derringer tuner for their, their EcoDiesel or for their duramax or, I don’t know. There’s a lot to choose So I guess if they don’t know what they need, they can just put in their year make model and find out all the parts available for their truck. If they want a superior engineered performance product for their half ton threequarter or one ton truck, the answer is yes. All right. And we have to thank our friends over at Full Moon Digital.

Holman (10m 18s):

So if you’ve got a business and you’re looking for help with SEO or looking for help with your social, go to full moon They’ve been helping the Truck show podcast. Get our message out and they can help you too.

3 (10m 30s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer what? The truck cause truck. Roger, the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower than everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show the truck showroom.

4 (11m 1s):

It’s the truck show with your host Lightning and Holman. I

Holman (11m 6s):

Heard you try to ruin the intro. Yeah, but I I thought it myself down. I know, but it’s just funny cuz you’re like, I hate when you do that. Then you did it. But then as soon as you started doing it, you’re like, oh, bad move. And then, and I just pulled my, pulled my either commit to it or not. Oh, oh God. Yeah. See my voice cracks. That sound awful. I I shouldn’t do it. You should commit to that. The way you committed to Covid for a week. I didn’t really commit to it. I got off light. Like I had, all I had was a dry cough. My wife had 102 10. My kid had no, what you had was sneezing a cough in the whole thing. What you had was fomo. I had a little bit of, you’re like, oh, it’s what time are you guys recording? I’m gonna go get my test right now and run down. And I’m like, no, just, sorry. You’re out. You’re bench.

Holman (11m 46s):

Can I, can I be honest? I got the symptoms on a Tuesday, but I didn’t know I had the symptoms. I just had a cough. I went and got tested on a

Lightning (11m 53s):

Thursday, Thursday night after work. I, I tested positive with a PCR test Right then. I, so immediately I can’t go to work on Friday. Right. So then Saturday I chill. It’s kind of nice. Cancel my plans. Sunday. I test negative. I could go back to work Monday. I got one fricking day off.

Holman (12m 8s):

That’s your fault for testing one day early. You should have tested on Monday.

Lightning (12m 11s):

I should have tested on Monday. No’s you should. I walked in the door at work on Monday morning and they’re like, you’re already back. Like how you had covid, how are you already back? And I’m like, I good immunity. I don’t know a lot of preservatives. I eat bad food. Like I, I

Holman (12m 23s):

Don’t know. Listen, I you you wanted to come back here? And I said no. I’m like, no, you’re out. I’m not. It’s gonna be in a, a, a stuffy 10 by 12 room with you and, and wait for whatever, you know, bad test to say you’re, you’re, you’re good to go. And

Lightning (12m 38s):

I got some rest and I’m sharper than ever ready to go.

Holman (12m 40s):

Yeah, well I can tell definitely 5% better than any other lightning area.

Lightning (12m 45s):

So can we tell, can we talk Mint 400 and racing it in a tiny little itty bitty Miata?

Holman (12m 49s):

Well if we’re gonna do that, we have to call our friend Emmy Hall.

Lightning (12m 59s):

Hello. Hello.

Emme Hall (13m 1s):


Holman (13m 1s):

Happening is

Lightning (13m 3s):

This, I can install my own l e d lights in my car. Emmy Hall.

Holman (13m 9s):

We haven’t talked to you in a while. It is, this is our first conversation with you from the new headquarters of the podcast. I

Emme Hall (13m 15s):

Know, I’m so excited to see the like the he shed. But I’m not gonna get out there for a while cuz I’m real busy.

Holman (13m 22s):

Well next time you you’re down here and you’re not real busy, you have to come to the He shed

Lightning (13m 26s):

We’re not calling at the He shed.

Holman (13m 28s):

We added,

Lightning (13m 29s):

We’re not calling this the goddamn he shed.

Holman (13m 31s):

We added Steer horns to it today. I

Lightning (13m 34s):

Was gonna call those antlers. I’m glad you called them. Steer horns. Yeah. They’re not Antlers. Not antlers.

Holman (13m 37s):

No. They’re about three feet wide. Listen dude, dude. Otherwise they’ll hit our steer.

Lightning (13m 40s):

Do you hear me? We’re not calling it the he shed

Holman (13m 42s):

That is, she called it the, oh, okay. This is how this works. This is how this works. Yeah. Yeah. I say Pod shed. You say No, I say he sheds you Saydo. And they go back to Pod shed. You go, that doesn’t sound bad. Doesn’t sound bad. That’s the progression.

Lightning (13m 54s):

All right, hold on. We have to play an intro. Amy, don’t move.

Intro Recording (13m 57s):

Pull up a stool and share, pull up a stool and share a up a stool and share.

Lightning (14m 7s):

Pull up a stool and share with us. Now the lights thing Holman, I was watching her Instagram stories and she was doing, or reels, I don’t know, one of those feeds. And she was installing her like six or eight inch lights and she’s like, I can do this. I know I can do it. Oh look, I, I’ve got an Allen key and I can wire this and I’m doing it. She

Holman (14m 26s):

Was so proud

Lightning (14m 27s):


Holman (14m 28s):

Smoke test.

Lightning (14m 29s):

She was so proud of herself putting lights on. Little buddy.

Holman (14m 32s):

Well, and why would little buddy need lights?

Emme Hall (14m 36s):

Little buddy needs lights because buddy Buddy is gonna go race the Mint 400.

Lightning (14m 44s):

No way. No way. No way to God. No, no, no.

Holman (14m 49s):

Wait, who’s your co driver?

Emme Hall (14m 52s):

So I have a MacGyver co-driver, which funnily enough have not met him yet. He is a friend of a friend. I was gonna have a, someone from Mazda, like one of the Miata engineers ride with me cause hilarious that car breaks. He’s gonna be able to do it. But he is like, oh no, we have to do shock tuning on the blah blah blah or whatever. And I’m like, oh my God, are you kidding me?

Holman (15m 13s):

Yeah. Are you kidding me? That was him letting you down easy.

Emme Hall (15m 17s):

Well, and then he was like, I don’t know if I can actually like sit in that car for that long. I’m like, come on, you’ll

Holman (15m 23s):

Be fine. But you’re like, I have long travel suspension on it now,

Emme Hall (15m 27s):

But I don’t.

Holman (15m 28s):

Oh no. But last time I talked to you, suspension was coming. What happened? No,

Emme Hall (15m 33s):

No. Well listen, listen. Oh God. There’s so much. There’s so much.

Holman (15m 36s):

I haven’t talked to you in like three months.

Emme Hall (15m 39s):

So, okay, so here’s how the min 400 went down. Okay. Okay. So maybe like six months ago or so, I saw on Instagram, Dylan and I dunno how you say his last name. It’s like full, but it’s like p f o. It’s a weird spelling of his last name. He is the one, he actually has a lifted mito with the long travel suspension. Right. So you guys should talk to him because Yeah, cuz he’s, he’s your, he’s your guy. But I saw on Instagram, he’s like, I’m gonna be the first me to race the mid 400. And I was like, like hell you

Holman (16m 10s):


Emme Hall (16m 11s):

So that’s what started this whole stupid thing. And at first I was like, well, I mean I guess there’s no class for him so I guess I’ll just run him in Sportsman because Sportsman is basically like any four cylinder vehicle. Right. I’m like, oh, that’s gonna suck. Cuz I think with Sportsman is at least two laps if not three, you know, they don’t do the whole 400 miles. But I was like, that’s gonna be real hard on that car. But then some other, some gambler folks came in Okay. That wanted to do it as well. So now, and then the Mint gave us an actual gambler class, so don’t have to run it in sportsmen, which is awesome. And the gambler class only has to do one lap, which is even better.

Emme Hall (16m 52s):

It’s 94 miles and that’s plenty. That is plenty. Yeah. Of l Vegas desert. And last time I checked there were four of us registered. So there is someone in like an old Mercedes, which might actually be a diesel. Oh,

Holman (17m 8s):

I’ve seen that guy. He’s been all over the internet. Yeah.

Emme Hall (17m 12s):

Yeah. The brown one. And then Scott Small is in a Subaru Jie, which is pretty sweet. And then you guys are gonna love this Chuck Brazier, who is like really big on the hoop de cross scene and everything. He is, they have an old Nissan hard body that they gave it from and everything.

Holman (17m 31s):

I love it. Yeah. That’s cool.

Emme Hall (17m 33s):

Yeah, I think, I think yeah, he might be the one to beat because at least he actually has a truck.

Holman (17m 38s):

Right, right. You

Emme Hall (17m 39s):

Know, all the rest of us are just idiots.

Holman (17m 40s):

Well, your yours is even worse because you took a sports car that already doesn’t have a roof and then you’re gonna take it off road and just bend it in the middle. Have you done

Lightning (17m 49s):

The Mint 400 before? Forgive me, I, I don’t know. Like have you done it in any vehicle? No, I

Emme Hall (17m 53s):

Have. I have, I have. It’s been, it’s been quite some time. And we didn’t finish, but I have done the mint. So would

Holman (17m 60s):

That be funny that you were in a real race car before or were you in a, a Beatle before? What were you in? I was in a

Emme Hall (18m 5s):

1600. Yeah. I was in a 1600 car before.

Holman (18m 7s):

Yeah. Okay. So I said Bailey, you were in an actual race car before. What if you end up going further or finishing in your Miata, that

Emme Hall (18m 14s):

Would be hilarious. It

Holman (18m 14s):

Would be hilarious. Oh, by the way, we have new truck show podcast slap stickers for you that we need to send you. Oh, yeah. Or, or next time I’m out it I’ll drop ’em off at your house.

Lightning (18m 22s):

Actual stickers this time.

Holman (18m 23s):

Yeah. That you can slap on. Love

Emme Hall (18m 25s):

It. I love

Lightning (18m 25s):

It. Hey, so, so, okay, this is lightning. I

Holman (18m 29s):

Why do you say that?

Lightning (18m 30s):

I don’t know why I, I think this gonna annoys you. So, so I went in a two, I went in the mid 400 for one lap in a 2008 Ram 2,500. He’s two

Holman (18m 41s):

Inches shorter to this day. And

Lightning (18m 42s):

I’m, and it beat the snot out of me. And that had decent suspension. He tells me he can imagine that little buddy is gonna just break your spine.

Holman (18m 49s):

This thing. He tells me I’m going to go co drive for these guys. I’m like, oh, that’ll be fun. I go, what are you in a Ram 3,500 or street

Lightning (18m 58s):


Holman (18m 58s):

Whatever. And I’m like, well what kind of suspension? He’s like, yeah, I don’t know. And I’m like, Ooh. Oh, that’s,

Emme Hall (19m 4s):

That’s a bad idea.

Holman (19m 4s):

That’s a bad idea. And then that

Emme Hall (19m 6s):

Truck’s too big for that. It’s too big.

Lightning (19m 8s):

And the dude got air, like he gets air and we, we landed and the the very first jump Yeah. When they drop the, the green flag and we go and we get air and we land. I go, this is ain’t gonna go well for me. Yeah. Like it hurt. Yeah. But as we went on, as the day went on, I was okay and I, dude, I got some compliments. I was a pretty good co-driver, you know, calling out the curve and all that stuff. I would do it again if it weren’t so brutal on my ass.

Holman (19m 32s):

Well it’s the vehicle cause it’s not all vehicles are like that, so

Lightning (19m 35s):

Maybe not, but I, that’s why I’m asking like Emmy, how is it gonna be with that, with the Miata, with Buddy? I mean,

Emme Hall (19m 40s):

It’s gonna suck for sure. I,

Lightning (19m 42s):


Emme Hall (19m 42s):

Conservative. I’m conservatively estimating a 20 mile an hour average, which puts me at right around five hours of finishing. You know, so I should be in, if we’re off the line at eight. Yeah. And we’ll, we’ll start at the back. So we might actually get lapped by some of the faster cars. So I’m in, I’m racing on Friday the 10th, which I can’t even believe that. That’s almost a week away. And the car is like in pieces in my dri in my garage. So we go off the line last and we are with the slow cars, but there’s still like the fastest of the slow cars, you know, which I think are gonna be the 1600 cars they might lap us at towards the end of our lap.

Holman (20m 24s):

Can you do me a favor? You are racing on my birthday. I need you to bring a win home for us. Okay.

Emme Hall (20m 31s):

Oh my God. That’s motivation enough you guys.

Holman (20m 33s):

Thank you. And it’s and it’s pressure. Not much.

Lightning (20m 36s):

Not much. She doesn’t care about you that much.

Holman (20m 38s):

She doesn’t. No,

Emme Hall (20m 39s):

I don’t because I’m jff you guys. I’m jff. I’m just <unk> finish. Like, that’s all I wanna do for this. I’ve had some dumb ideas. This is by far the dumbest ideas and it’s all Dylan’s fault. And you know what, Dylan isn’t even showing up at the Mint. He,

Holman (20m 55s):

You need better friends. Nathan

Emme Hall (20m 56s):

Promise on Instagram, he like called out that he was gonna be the first one to do it and now he’s not coming. And I’m like, I hate you so much. Yeah. And

Holman (21m 5s):

You’re all in.

Emme Hall (21m 6s):

I’m all in.

Holman (21m 7s):

I hope now you’re wearing a three quarter helmet and not a full face so that people can see your face eating dust while you’re rolling buddy with no top.

Lightning (21m 16s):

I feel like she is one of the dirtiest women that I see on Instagram all the time. Easy. No, I mean in a good wave. Dirt, actual dirt, not dirt. Also easy. Not adult content. Dirt. I mean like dirt, dirt, sand and dirt and mud. No,

Holman (21m 28s):

Keep talking lighting. So

Emme Hall (21m 29s):

Here’s the thing, here’s the thing is like, I have spent all of this time essentially just, just all of my money has gone into making sure that buddy passes tech. I have done zero improvements except for a supercharger.

Holman (21m 43s):

I mean, that’s a pretty big deal.

Emme Hall (21m 45s):

It’s a pretty big, yeah. So I’m, I’m now at you guys hang onto your hats. 135 horsepower at the wheels.

Holman (21m 53s):

Hey can I, can I recommend something for you?

Emme Hall (21m 55s):

Yes. Recommend,

Holman (21m 56s):

Make sure you have a really good air filter and probably a pre-filter so that you don’t get grit inside your blower.

Emme Hall (22m 3s):

Yeah. Okay.

Lightning (22m 3s):

Is that a euphemism by the

Holman (22m 4s):

Way? It is not a euphemism. It is her my advice to her to not blow up her engine.

Emme Hall (22m 10s):

Yeah. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna blow up any,

Lightning (22m 13s):

Can you tell us what is involved at at Tech? Because I, there are a lot of people that have never been offroad or by an off Yeah. To an off-road race.

Emme Hall (22m 20s):

Yeah. So the big thing is it, it’s all safety, right? It’s all safety gear. So I had to get a cage, I had to get real race seats because you have to be able to have five point harnesses. So race seats and harnesses. Now what was really nice is where Caro came in and they were like, Hey, we would love for you to run these seats. And I’m like, I would love to take your fancy Ricardo

Holman (22m 43s):

Seats. You know why? Because there’s no roof and you can see the Ricardo’s in it. Every other race car that has their seats can’t, seeo can’t. Exactly.

Emme Hall (22m 51s):

I know. And but they’re giant, you guys, they’re so big in that little car.

Holman (22m 58s):

It’s, I’m imagining it now. So are they the ones that are wide at the shoulder too? Oh yeah. Nothing says free parts. Like my seats are touching. Yep.

Lightning (23m 10s):

Yeah, but listen, they, oh my God. They are safer though though because they’re larger, aren’t they? Are they not safer? Cuz they

Holman (23m 14s):

Would imagine covering over

Lightning (23m 16s):


Holman (23m 16s):

Parts. I would imagine they’re safer cuz they’re not OEM road seats.

Emme Hall (23m 20s):

Yeah. Yeah. And they’re, and they’re much more supportive. They like, they really hug my butt. And so you’re not, you’re just not moving around as much. And then the, the wide shoulder part really helps. And then of course you can get the five point harnesses in because you need to have that. So that’s a big thing. The cage is a big thing and I bought a Spectic cage, but the way the spectic cages work it, there’s just not enough room for off-road. So even that had to be customed a little bit to basically like raise the whole cage up like three inches so that we would actually have room for helmets and stuff because it does have a roof. Now I have a little like seal roof that goes on with Zeus, Zeus nuts because you, safety-wise, you have to technically you have to have a roof.

Emme Hall (24m 9s):

So that’s,

Lightning (24m 10s):

So what, is it just a piece of aluminum like or is it just a thing?

Emme Hall (24m 13s):

Yeah, essentially. Okay. Essentially. Yeah. Yeah. So that was a big safety thing. I had to do an amber light, a dust light in the back and I already had dust lights, but they weren’t the right size, so I had to get a bigger dust light even though I had to.

Holman (24m 29s):

That’s they keep a buddy from being pancaked and you underneath somebody’s skid plate. So that’s a good, that’s a good move for sure. Yeah,

Emme Hall (24m 35s):

Exactly. Well we also have to run a blue light because we’re slow cars. So the back now and for those rigid came in and they gave me the, the lights for the front, even though, God, I swear to God, if I’m out at night, I will kill myself. But then most importantly won’t two lights in the back, were in the blue in the back. No,

Holman (24m 52s):

Somebody else will run you over. It’ll probably be a utv. Since a UTV is much bigger than buddy, she’s

Lightning (24m 56s):

Not gonna kill herself. Someone else will do the job

Holman (24m 57s):

For her. Exactly. I got you won’t even see it coming. I gotta

Lightning (24m 59s):

So you’re not going on trophy truck today, right? So we are going on the same day as the trophy trucks, which we weren’t originally supposed to do, but we got lapped by trophy trucks and that was so scary. Yeah, terrifying. It was terrifying. You’re going and they leave you in dust. And so we’re doing as fast as this truck could do at like 90 miles an hour pinned the, which

Holman (25m 21s):

By the way, in a solid axle ram on 30 sevens is a lot pinned.

Lightning (25m 24s):

I know. I’m

Emme Hall (25m 25s):

Like, there’s no way It was 90 miles an hour, but okay,

Lightning (25m 27s):

So we’re, so we’re whatever it’s No, it was clo I think it was close to 90 ish in a high

Holman (25m 32s):

79. Got it.

Lightning (25m 33s):

Whatever. And they go by us on both sides. We’re now in dust and we’re going across the dry lake bed to the left. There are those huge power lines that are eight stories tall. They’re massive. Yeah. And we know that they’re about a hundred yards to our left and we cannot see. It’s a complete white out, dust out, whatever you wanna call it. We’re blind. All I have is the G P GPS in and I’m calling it and I’m like, go straight veer. Right. A little bit veer right. A little like two degrees to the right. And if we had veered left, we could have hit one of those power lines at whatever we’re doing 79 miles an hour, thank God the dust just blew off to the side. And we had blue skies again, but for about a minute we were like just blind.

Lightning (26m 14s):

Absolutely blind. Yeah. It was wild. Yeah. I mean, and going by you at 130 miles an hour.

Emme Hall (26m 21s):

I mean, racing is not for sissies. It’s scary. It is scary. And in those instances, you just have to like, try to stay on the line as much as you can. You know? So I hear you. I’ve, I’ve had to navigate just through G gps when we took off and we ended up at night and we didn’t have any lights. And that was really scary. And I just had my face in the GPS and I was just telling the driver, okay, you’re on the line, you’re on the line line, you’re on the line. But we didn’t know it was coming up.

Holman (26m 45s):

Yep. Yeah. Calling out double dangers in the dust and the Yeah. Driving through the light tunnel at night. Oh yeah. Well that should be really awesome in a Miata.

Emme Hall (26m 54s):

Yeah. Yeah. But the, the good thing is that I don’t have to worry about that because I’m not gonna have trophy trucks,

Holman (26m 59s):

Which is good, right? Yep. But you are gonna have everything else that is way more appropriate out there than what you’re driving. Yeah, for sure.

Lightning (27m 7s):

So for sure. This is coming up in just a couple of weeks. If our listeners

Emme Hall (27m 12s):


Holman (27m 13s):

Next week,

Lightning (27m 13s):

Oh my God, it’s right

Holman (27m 15s):

When they hear this, they’re going to be this the week of her race. Oh my God. So this is where we ask our listeners to pray, pray

Lightning (27m 21s):

Well, and, and

Holman (27m 22s):

Fall light a prayer light a prayer candle for Emmy prayer candle,

Emme Hall (27m 25s):

Dude. Ok. So I got the car back from the fabricator. I don’t, I don’t know, like two days ago I had completely cleared my schedule. I’ve spent two full days in the garage, just like getting the seatbelts installed, getting those lights wired up. I had to do secondary door latches. And, and they are probably supposed to be on the inside, but there’s literally no room to put a secondary door latch on the inside. There’s no room. And then there’s things like, I have to have a five pound fire extinguisher on the outside of the car. There is no outside of the car. Like everything

Holman (27m 59s):

In that. Can’t you just like inside? Can’t you just like hose clamp it to the roll bar or something?

Emme Hall (28m 4s):

I did, I did. I hose clamped it to the rollbar. But the rules say it has to be protected in case of a rollover. Well the roll bar, the, the cage is so close that when you put a giant five pound fire signature, it sticks out below beyond the body. And I can’t put it towards the middle because that’s where the spare tire goes. She’s

Lightning (28m 22s):

Gonna look like an overlander.

Holman (28m 23s):

This is racing inappropriateness at its finest.

Emme Hall (28m 26s):

And I can’t put the spare tire in the trunk. Like I normally had those two spares in the trunk. Can’t put it in the trunk because what’s there? Oh, the fuel cell. Oh, because the MIT fuel cell.

Holman (28m 36s):

So let me get this right. You are going Land Rover series one and putting one right on the hood? No. Oh God.

Emme Hall (28m 44s):

I wish I could, I can’t, I can’t do

Holman (28m 46s):

That. Too bad. You don’t have a step side pickup bed you can put in front of your rear fender.

Emme Hall (28m 50s):

You guys, this is Terri, it’s, you don’t

Holman (28m 52s):

Need a passenger, just do it by yourself and take out the Ricardo and put in a, a spare on the passenger.

Lightning (28m 57s):

No, she should not go by herself. That’s Sketch. They

Emme Hall (29m 0s):

Can do that.

Holman (29m 1s):

She could totally go by herself. I would worry about you. I don’t worry about Emmy. I’m telling,

Lightning (29m 5s):

I know she could do it, but it’s, well, I

Holman (29m 6s):

Mean, like, this is Holman speaking and I’m gonna tell you right now, I have, I have no qualms with, with Emmy’s heartiness in adverse conditions.

Emme Hall (29m 16s):

Well, I mean not, yeah, thank you Holman. I appreciate it. But the thing is, is like, what I’m worried, here’s what I’m worried about breaking, like assuming that you, Phil actually gets plumbed in.

Holman (29m 30s):

You’re not, you have a week plumbed in tomorrow. You have a week, you have seven and a quarter days to do this.

Emme Hall (29m 38s):

I understand all of this, all of this. Listen, I had four, I had three fabricators flake on me. Oh. And then, oh, was the fourth one that finally came. I was supposed to take him in before king of the hammers. I was supposed to take him to the fabricator the end of January and then I was gonna get him back like mid-February and I was gonna have like four weeks to make all this stuff happen. And even then, like I should have started in the fall and I didn’t. And that is my fault. And I knew better and I, I was an idiot. So now I’m paying the price

Holman (30m 14s):


Emme Hall (30m 15s):

Paying for past Emmy’s transgressions. So

Lightning (30m 19s):

Who is your title sponsor? Churchill podcast?

Emme Hall (30m 22s):

No. Oh, I’ll, I’ll tell you that. I, a lot of companies are super excited about the Miata doing this. And that’s, that’s really awesome. And it’s great to have their face. Well, would

Holman (30m 32s):

You say excited or curious?

Emme Hall (30m 36s):

I’d say excitedly curious.

Holman (30m 41s):

It’s like, it’s like a train wreck. I can’t, but are you keep,

Lightning (30m 45s):

Are you, you’re spending money, is there any coming in or is it just all going out?

Emme Hall (30m 50s):

Well, I mean, I, ugh, so I am, I’m right. I, I am writing about this for Haggerty Motorsports. So we’re doing, yeah, we’re doing a pre-build, like a pre-race story, which is almost finished. And I wanna turn that in tonight after I talk to you guys. And then we’ll do a race report and they’re sending out a photographer. So that should be pretty cool. So, so this means

Holman (31m 11s):

You have to follow through, you have to go racing now. Yeah. I know you have money. I know. Like, like you have to do it. Yeah,

Emme Hall (31m 18s):

I have money. I have the whole couple hundred dollars. I’m getting paid for agony Motorsport.

Lightning (31m 24s):


Holman (31m 25s):

Come on. You’re, you’re worth at least four. They’re they’re, they’re horse trading here. They’re like, oh, I’ll give you 200 and we’ll, you know, and you can get the free, keep the free parts

Emme Hall (31m 32s):

Now. I mean like, some great people came in, you know, like I’m stoked to have those Ricardo’s and the rigid lights are a hundred percent better than the halogens that I had on there. And then Rugged radios gave me an intercom. They’re not especially excited at the janky way I installed it, but I’m also like it installed and it’s working and I don’t have time to make it look pretty. What’d

Lightning (31m 56s):

You do with the electrical system? How, how’s the electrical system running? The rigids in your, your radio system and everything else? I mean, I, the that Miata, that little alternator’s gonna smoke.

Emme Hall (32m 6s):

You’ll be quiet ladies.

Lightning (32m 8s):

Sorry. I meant it’s gonna do great. That’s what I meant to say. I hope,

Holman (32m 12s):

I hope you, it’s hardy. I hope you haunt him in his dreams. Things

Lightning (32m 15s):

Got like a 40 amp output.

Holman (32m 18s):


Emme Hall (32m 19s):

I know. It’s, and that battery in that car is so small. You guys, it’s so small. You need

Lightning (32m 24s):

Our buddies in braille or any gravity or something to get it like a, a really strong, you know, small.

Emme Hall (32m 29s):

I like it.

Holman (32m 29s):

Yeah. Or, or just get a, a G M battery. Hopefully it’s not just a lead acid where it’ll vibrate itself to death or all the, all the fluid will come out of it off road.

Lightning (32m 40s):

No, you

Holman (32m 41s):

Have a gel battery, right? Or aj, you got something better than just a lead acid, right?

Lightning (32m 45s):

Diehard. I have

Emme Hall (32m 46s):


Holman (32m 48s):

Oh boy.

Emme Hall (32m 48s):

It’s whatever I bought at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts a year ago. No,

Lightning (32m 52s):

No, no, no, no, no.

Emme Hall (32m 54s):

I know. I need to get like,

7 (32m 57s):

Oh no, if Optima

Emme Hall (32m 59s):

Is there. Oh

7 (32m 60s):

No. Although it’s kind of so bad that it’s good in a way. No,

Holman (33m 4s):

It’s not, it’s not good.

Emme Hall (33m 8s):

You guys, I’m telling all the only thing I’ve been able to do is try to get this car topa. Everything after that is America’s like, I hope it works. Yeah. I mean, honestly, like I have, well I did, one performance upgrade I made is BFG came in and they gave me some K two s. Nice.

Holman (33m 27s):

Which is that is, that’s, that’s a big deal.

Emme Hall (33m 29s):

They’re that’s a big deal. It’s a super big deal. They’re way heavier, way heavier than the generals that were on there. But I’m also not as worried about getting a flat because those, the K two s are really good, but they’re a little bit bigger. And so I’ve been like trying to sledgehammer those inner fenders. And I hate to say this you guys, but I need a man. Cause I can’t, I’m not strong

Holman (33m 53s):

Enough. Well, you shouldn’t hate to say that. Listen, I’m unemployed. Call me, I’ll come over and I’ll bring a saws off. Oh my

Emme Hall (33m 59s):

God. Come over and smash these fend for me. I’m literally like with a six pound ledge, just like 45 minutes and nothing happens. I’m not, I’m not strong. I know.

Holman (34m 9s):

Poor. It’s terrible. It’s

Emme Hall (34m 11s):

Terrible. But great. Listen, I’ve learned a lot. I, I, next week I’m gonna be drinking many beers and I will, I will feel good. But right now,

Lightning (34m 21s):

Before or after

Holman (34m 23s):

Dur. During, during, yeah,

Lightning (34m 24s):

During. I don’t think they allow that.

Holman (34m 26s):

Well, not while she’s driving. After it blows up and the battery fails and the doors don’t open. I was gonna

Lightning (34m 31s):

Say that the CO2 s won’t spin when the alternator’s on fire. You know what I’m saying? She’s

Holman (34m 35s):

Just find herself a Joshua tree, lean up against it and be like, well I earned this beer. She’s

Lightning (34m 41s):

Surrounded by men and they’re gonna be like, Hey baby, let’s, let’s hang because your car’s on fire.

Holman (34m 48s):

No, they’re not gonna say, do you need a ride home? What’s good thing I

Emme Hall (34m 50s):

Have good thing I have a giant five pound fire extinguisher and then I also have to have a two and a half pound one inside. I’m like, everything is Where do you,

Holman (34m 58s):

Where do your legs go

Emme Hall (34m 60s):

Exactly? I don’t know.

Holman (35m 1s):

There’s no room.

Lightning (35m 2s):

She’s got, she’s gonna cover that car in like white frosting. It’s gonna look like a, I don’t like an ornament, like on a Christmas tree. Wow. It’s been flocked. She,

Holman (35m 11s):

She’s gonna flock her car ahead of time and just tell him that it’s been fire retarded. Yeah, that’s exactly right. Why should, what’s this? Oh, I couldn’t, I didn’t have room for the two and a half pound. I just pre flocked it just like Christmas. I I think that’s legit. I think you could go through tech like that. Like

Lightning (35m 28s):

Pre-fire retarded. Yeah.

Emme Hall (35m 29s):

No, that’ll be, that’ll be great. That’ll be great. Well, and the thing that like a five pound fire extinguisher is so heavy. I’m like, I can’t just like put it on the, on the deck lid. Like on the trunk.

Holman (35m 41s):

Yeah. But it’s also false advertising. It’s actually not five pounds. It’s way heavier. Yeah,

Lightning (35m 47s):

Well, you know,

Emme Hall (35m 48s):

Way heavier than five pounds.

Lightning (35m 49s):

What else sucks? Is that it? If if it breaks loose, that’s a projectile. Like that’s a missile. Yeah, I it becomes loose. Like you won’t, you wouldn’t not the, the trunk lid coming up and it smacking you in the head and like that’s disastrous. Yeah.

Emme Hall (36m 3s):

Hmm. Bad

Lightning (36m 3s):

Idea. I don’t know what you do with that thing. Hmm.

Holman (36m 6s):

I dunno. Either not your problems all. That’s

Lightning (36m 8s):

Not my problem. No,

Emme Hall (36m 9s):

That is our problem for future Emmy. Once I get, like, once I get to the mint and I have some of those gambler people around me, they’re, they’re pretty ingenious, you know, cuz they’re used to making <unk> boxes run. So I’m hoping that I will have some help before tech to get all of that, to get some of that stuff done. But I wanna do everything that I can possibly do. So tomorrow I’m gonna go get some welding done and hopefully I’ll be able to like, well just a little bit. Cause I gotta get the spare spare tire carrier on there.

Lightning (36m 44s):

Emmy is the race. Do you know if it’s televised and or streamed and or can we follow it along, follow you along on your socials?

Holman (36m 52s):

Or at least until the dot on the screen stops until

Lightning (36m 54s):

It disappears,

Emme Hall (36m 56s):

I’ll be like, oh. Yep. So I am, my number is G one 40. G

Lightning (37m 1s):

One 40. Okay. Any significance there?

Emme Hall (37m 5s):

Well, one 40 is my rebel rally number that I’ve, and since I’ve won that twice, I’m like, well that’s a good, that’s a good Oman. And it should, there should be streaming information on the min four

Holman (37m 16s):

There you go.

Emme Hall (37m 16s):

Yeah. So, and they’ll have, we’ll they’ll have, they should also have live tracking. That tracking usually updates like every two minutes or so. It’ll be real slow,

Lightning (37m 26s):

You guys. So every, does everyone get like a little emoji, like an icon? Is hers the flame? Like the little flame emoji? The,

Holman (37m 33s):

That’s your friend Lightning right there, by the way. I

Lightning (37m 36s):

Love her. She’s a smiley face. Is that she’s got no,

Emme Hall (37m 39s):


Holman (37m 40s):

I don’t think she’s a smiley face right now.

Lightning (37m 43s):

Which one is yours? The squash?

Emme Hall (37m 45s):

No, the peach.

Lightning (37m 46s):

Oh, the peach. Oh that’s cool. Nah. Okay. I like that. Yeah. Does everyone look all right? Moving

Holman (37m 52s):

Right along

Lightning (37m 52s):

Here? Look, look, look, look for the moving around the, the screen.

Holman (37m 58s):

I dunno how much it’ll be moving, but, well, I, I, I wish you and buddy the best of luck. We’re curious to, to follow up with, with how you do. And we’ve missed you. It’s been a long time. I

Emme Hall (38m 10s):

Know. Yeah. It ha it’s been a super long time, but I, I don’t know when I’m gonna be back in LA for a decent amount of time cuz I do have a lot of really great travel coming up. So

Holman (38m 22s):

Will I see you at e j s?

Emme Hall (38m 24s):

Oh yeah. You’ll see me there. All right. Are you going with Jeep or are you going on your own?

Holman (38m 28s):

I’m going on my own and I don’t know what my full schedule is yet. I’m waiting cuz I might be doing something that makes me money.

Lightning (38m 35s):

What would that be? Ooh,

Emme Hall (38m 36s):

I like,

Holman (38m 37s):


Lightning (38m 38s):

Driving, consulting, writing.

Holman (38m 39s):

No, I’m just, yeah. All of it. Okay. All of it. Yeah. So I don’t, I I’ll be there. The beginning of the week’s kind of you working

Lightning (38m 45s):

For O V R

Holman (38m 47s):

Maybe? Well, I already worked for O

Lightning (38m 48s):

V R. No, I’m saying are you working for O V R that weekend? Yeah.

Holman (38m 51s):

Yeah. I’ll be doing stuff for for O V R there. Yeah. Okay. Of course. Hmm.

Emme Hall (38m 54s):

Well that’s cool. Yeah.

Lightning (38m 56s):

So Emmy, after you win the trophy Yeah. At the mid 400, what’s the next project?

Emme Hall (39m 2s):

So I’ll, I’ll be doing part of the, I’ll be staying for part of the cleanup. I can’t stay the whole time for with tread lightly, which is on the 12th, but I can only stay for like part of the morning because on the 13th I leave for Dubai to go drive the defender one 30 in the dunes.

Lightning (39m 20s):

Dang humble brag,

Holman (39m 22s):

Which is really long by the way. Like if I wanted to take an extended wheel based minivan off road, I would just do that. Yeah.

Emme Hall (39m 30s):

I’m real interested to see. And, and it’s super heavy and it’s only like 375 horsepower and it’s like 6,000 pounds. Yeah. So

Holman (39m 38s):

I’m very interested. I’ve seen you driving the dunes in foreign countries. No, I

Emme Hall (39m 43s):

Mean, like, it’s okay. I’m, I’m, I’m fine with it, but except for

Lightning (39m 46s):

That one. Can I,

Holman (39m 46s):

For that bull that you got stuck in the bottom of and a Nissan patrol,

Emme Hall (39m 51s):

That was a computer error.

Lightning (39m 54s):

Computer error.

Holman (39m 55s):

I was in the vehicle.

Lightning (39m 58s):

Emmy Emmy for someone that is not in, you forgot

Holman (39m 60s):

About that, didn’t you?

Lightning (40m 1s):

For someone that’s not a journalist, are you going over there because it’s a rad trip and you get to go to Dubai? Or do you, are you actually interested in the

Holman (40m 9s):

Trust? Just answer Yes.

Lightning (40m 11s):

Or is it because you’re being paid to go there? Like what, what’s the story?

Emme Hall (40m 14s):

Well, no, I’m not being paid. I’m not being paid to go there. I am, I am given, I am, I am being given access through Land Rover and then I am, I’m writing the story up for motor authority.

Lightning (40m 26s):

Okay. Legit. Yeah.

Holman (40m 28s):


Lightning (40m 29s):

Are you gonna go up to that big skyscraper where they’ve got the, the the pool on like the gazillion floor? I

Emme Hall (40m 35s):

Have time. Yeah. Yeah. If I have time, I really want to, I booked myself two extra days. Nice. So hopefully I should have time. Yeah.

Lightning (40m 44s):

All right. Where are we following? What’s, what’s Emmy’s social So we can follow along with the mid 400

Emme Hall (40m 48s):

I am ya Emmy on the Instagrams. And that’s where I do most of my posting.

Holman (40m 53s):

Which by the way, she didn’t used to be Ya Emmy until ya buddy became a thing on this podcast. Just saying. Yeah,

Emme Hall (40m 59s):

Exactly. You guys have informed so many of my choices.

Lightning (41m 2s):

So it’s E M M E. Yeah. Emmy. Yeah.

Holman (41m 6s):

I would offer you a diet Dr. Pepper. But our Dr. Pepper fridge had instructions that said none of that crap could ever go in it, ever. So, I’m sorry.

Emme Hall (41m 14s):

Yeah. Well sorry about your fat belly by drinking all that Dr.

Holman (41m 18s):

Pepper. Ooh touche. Sorry about your future death from that diet

Emme Hall (41m 23s):

I have. All I have is cancer.

Holman (41m 27s):

All right. Well love our

Lightning (41m 29s):

Good luck this weekend at the mid 400

Holman (41m 33s):

And, and avoiding missiles that look like red fire extinguishers. When you hold up the trophy, you’re standing there on the podium, number one, number one, number one, you flip the flip up the trophy just like, just like on the bottom of the trophy. It’s got a truck show podcast. Stick on. Listen. No, no, no. Even better. Just like Will Ferrell think baby Jesus? Yeah. Thank the truck show podcast. Tsp. That’s right. Tsp. She didn’t even say she was like, tsp. What up? Just, just finish and be safe. That’s all I’m saying. Just do that. We don’t care about the rest of it Doesn’t matter. Yeah,

Emme Hall (42m 3s):

Kinda jf f you guys just <unk>

Holman (42m 5s):

<unk> finish. Exactly. You got this. We, we believe in you. We, we miss you. We gotta have you back on the show and in the studio at some point. So, so be safe out there and have fun. Yay.

Emme Hall (42m 15s):

Oh my God, you guys, thanks for calling me. I appreciate

Holman (42m 18s):

It. You’re welcome. Now we, now we need you to, we need a fresh Yeah buddy. So we need you to do that right now for

Emme Hall (42m 24s):

Ready? Yep. Yeah buddy.

Holman (42m 28s):

That’s pretty good. Right now at the, for the like the last half dozen shows I play this. Alright,

Emme Hall (42m 34s):

You guys love you minute. Bye.

Holman (42m 36s):

So I, I play that, but I need something different. I need to toggle back and forth alternate. So I need some kicker to get us out of each show.

Emme Hall (42m 45s):

Well, okay, so I do, I do add a little thing to that where I say love you minute bye.

Holman (42m 54s):

No. Is that not enough? No, no. I’m, I’m lucky. No, no. I think it needs to be. Okay.

Emme Hall (42m 59s):

I got one. I got one. It’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down.

Holman (43m 8s):

All right Emmy, we love you big hearts kisses.

Emme Hall (43m 11s):

Alright, love you. Minute bye.

Holman (43m 13s):

Okay, good luck out there.

Emme Hall (43m 14s):

Alright, love you minute bye. Love

Holman (43m 16s):

You minute bye. Bye. All homan you up for some news? Sure. There’s a lot of news to share. All so dumb.

Recording (43m 28s):

What’s new in trucks? We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need

Intro Recording (43m 36s):

To lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world of trucks.

Holman (43m 43s):

Oh yeah. I didn’t expect that, but I liked it. Yeah, it worked out well. That was interesting. You, you just totally pegged the meter over here. Yeah, just clipped the snot out of it. Nothing I could do though. No, just gotta leave it. Interesting. Yeah. Hey lighting, did you hear? No,

Recording (43m 56s):

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.

Holman (43m 59s):

Negative. I don’t think I’ve heard according to the Instagram page, or excuse me, Facebook page, car magazine, South Africa. Apparently a salesperson driving a brand new ranger Raptor was showing off and was driving it a bit enthusiastically on dirt and grass and showing it off and apparently rolled it. Oh no. Brand new. So apparently that was a, well today’s exchange rate, a $60,500 Oopsie. Ouch. So yeah, and I guess the owner wasn’t with them at the time.

Holman (44m 41s):

Apparently he may have made a phone call to tell them he was coming to pick it up and wasn’t informed about what happened.

11 (44m 48s):

What you talking about Woods?

Holman (44m 50s):

Yeah. Hey Lightning, did you hear?

11 (44m 54s):


Lightning (44m 55s):


Holman (44m 56s):

The F-150 lightning production is resuming on March 13th. So it was paused for a little bit. And so those of you who are waiting for your F-150 Lightning, the pause was not very long. So apparently the plan March 13th relaunch will allow the supplier of the batteries SK to build new battery packs, have ’em delivered to the plant. So anyway, they’re gonna be applying the learnings that they’ve had and you’ll get a better F-150 lightning out of it. Okay.

Lightning (45m 26s):

More than four News Holman. Have you heard

Holman (45m 28s):

I’ll still be using the same old lightning in the studio. There was, although we also had a lightning production pause here.

Lightning (45m 35s):

Yeah, you did. Was it nice?

Holman (45m 37s):

Yeah, no, I’m just, I’m just not the pause, just it it worked out. It was all right. Yeah. Okay.

Lightning (45m 46s):

Yeah. Home. And have you heard?

Holman (45m 48s):

Yeah, I actually did.

Lightning (45m 49s):

Okay. So Ford applied for a new patent that allows the automaker to repossess cars remotely. Yep. That

Holman (45m 56s):

This is all what’s happening. Whoa. No, no, no, no. Not only repossess them remotely, the car will drive away and repossess itself. So

Lightning (46m 4s):

After a period of days or weeks, the process may evolve to include audio that makes an unpleasant sound with a tone, a pitch or cadence beat or volume to get the owner to contact the lender about arranging payment. Then the GAR may disable features such as window or seat controls, GPS or radio dials to cause discomfort, says the patent. And then it goes on to say at some point it will drive itself back to the

Holman (46m 31s):

Dealership. I mean, did you see the, the story that talked about that if it wasn’t worth repossessing it would drive itself to the junkyard? No, I

Lightning (46m 39s):

Didn’t see

Holman (46m 40s):

That. Yeah, that was another thing that was on a different zone.

Lightning (46m 41s):

That’s funny. So, so Ford says they don’t plan to use it. Yeah, bs. But they patented anyway. Just

Holman (46m 47s):

Like BMW said, they don’t plan to charge for heated seats on a monthly basis for something your car already has. And they are in some countries they are not here. No, they ain’t gonna fly here. No. Sad. Hey Lightning, did you hear?

11 (47m 3s):

No, no,

Lightning (47m 5s):

No. Nope.

Holman (47m 6s):

Hennessy’s launching a new package for the mammoth TX pickup called the Carbon Edition as carbon fiber enhancements that will cost a cool $11,950.

Lightning (47m 24s):


Holman (47m 24s):

The kit includes all sorts of carbon fiber pieces and components that the Texas-based tuner says Art lighter, stronger, and more tolerant than the existing plastic factory parts. It’ll be available for the mammoth 900 TX and the mammoth 1000 and the kit, which fits the 21 to 23 mammoth models. It’ll include several exterior pieces that enhance the truck’s visual appearance and pickups of the package will also get carbon fiber, upper and lower grills, hood, hood, scoop intake, hood vents. Other upgrades will include fender vents and engine cover lighting surrounds and all the components. They have an exposed carbon weave with a satin finish. Are they adding any more power to It is just still the thousand horsepower.

Holman (48m 7s):

It’s actually 1,012. I don’t know why you say a thousand in quotes, because I think people we have, it’s a thousand to the wheels and it’s not, we had a, this whole discussion last time we talked about, you’re like, well they don’t really make a thousand. I’m like, it’s 1,012 I, but I don’t even think they’re making 1,012. I don’t know. I call bs. How do you know? You just, you’re just saying, I just, I’m calling bs. What’s wrong with you?

11 (48m 30s):

I know that sometimes I act all crazy when I’m bummed out. So just let me know if I’m freaking out too hard and I’ll stop.

Holman (48m 37s):

So do you think that the mammoth 900 at 900 horsepower, they’re not doing that either. The thing is, when I went to the website Yeah. And I’m looking at 900, I’m looking at a thousand. But their actual Dino Sheets said figures that were much, much lower. And I’m like, is it just a name? Are they just calling it a thousand or did they go and to upgrade injectors and change pulleys? And they’re doing, this is now on E 85. Like what are, they didn’t didn’t say any of that stuff. They just called it a thousand. It literally says right here, 1,012 thousand 12. That doesn’t sound arbitrary to me. 1,012 to the wheels. Nobody’s quoting to the wheels. Your, your TX doesn’t make 7 0 2 to the wheels. I, I know that. But how are they getting the, did they take the engine out and put it on an engine?

Holman (49m 18s):

I, how are they getting that number? Why don’t you call Hennessy and ask him? I say, we did, we’ve had him on the show. Let’s call him again and then you can call him a big fat liar that I’m not, I’m not gonna call him a liar to his face. I’m just gonna ask him the real questions. Oh God. You know what I’m saying? All right, moving right along. Hey, lightning, did you hear?

12 (49m 32s):

You don’t wanna be that guy. Nobody wants to be that guy. No,

Holman (49m 36s):

No. I didn’t hear, I don’t think the 2024 GMC Sierra hds and Chevy Silverado hds are, I guess in production right now. So you could expect to see those at your dealer sometime this summer? I hope so, because then I can relaunch my video that General Motors made me take down, because we were showing too much of that engine. Why didn’t you put it back up? Because they asked us not to. Is anybody watching you now? Yes. Are you getting that close? Yes. Hmm. I mean, I would just put it up and see what happens. I, there’s, there’s some internal things going on that prevents me from doing so. But I hope to, because had, I ha it was up for, I put it up on a Friday and took it down on a Monday and at the, the request of General Motors.

Holman (50m 21s):

All right. Well, the L five P second gen is up from 445 horsepower. 910 pound feet of torque all the way to 4 79 75.

Lightning (50m 32s):

They changed. Impressive. They changed the pistons. They changed the turbo. The turbine and compressor wheels are different.

Holman (50m 38s):

Are you allowed to, to talk about this?

Lightning (50m 40s):

Yeah, I think so. I don’t have the video to show you to prove it, but I’m telling you that those are different. The head are, the heads are slightly different. The, the piston shape is different. Okay. There’s a lot there. More going on. What

Holman (50m 52s):

Else can you talk about and not talk about? I’m

Lightning (50m 54s):

Trying to recall from the video. There’s, there’s quite a bit different. Oh, the fuel. We

Holman (50m 57s):

Should play the video on this

Lightning (50m 58s):

Podcast. The fuel rails. Get it out there. The fuel rails are sturdier. They, they’re more robust. They have thicker walls. They are mounted differently. The valve springs were slightly different. I can’t remember if the valves were different. I think they were as well. There’s quite a bit different on the 24 engine. That’s the bottom line.

Holman (51m 18s):

All right. Speaking of quite a bit different, have you heard?

Lightning (51m 22s):

No. Nope.

Holman (51m 23s):

All right. This was kind of a lie. It wasn’t quite a bit different. So the new Super duty that’s coming out has bed steps ahead of the rear wheel and rear corner bumper steps.

Lightning (51m 35s):

So just like the GM trucks

Holman (51m 37s):

Identical. So what do you think about Ford copying that? Is that, do you think that’s copying or do you think that’s just par for the course in, in the industry now?

Lightning (51m 45s):

I think they were copying, but I think they had to because they are incredibly handy. I don’t know if that would influence a, a GM sale, but I mean, I, I use my rear corner retractable step on my TX almost every single day. I’m not even joking, like almost every single day.

Holman (52m 4s):

I, I use the one all the time on the long

Lightning (52m 6s):

Term work. And if I had one in front when I had my, but I’m

Holman (52m 9s):

Specifically asking about Ford. Ford is always talks about being an innovator and they always talk about, I

Lightning (52m 14s):

I think they were cornered. I I think they had to, to be relevant in the marketplace. So

Holman (52m 19s):

There’s standard across all 2023 superduty line from XL to limited all the way to up to four F four 50 with the bed and all bed length. So if you are playing Super Duty spotter, all, all you have to do is look for the steps to know if it’s a, if it’s a new one. So just, just interesting forward, you know, often doesn’t like to be seen as copying other people. They like to lead the way. And this is, it’s hard to say that this isn’t an exact rip off of General Motor’s idea.

Lightning (52m 48s):

So it’s got a plastic step, right. It’s got a plastic war. It’s surround around the top and then the step is the same thing. Okay.

Holman (52m 54s):

The same thing. Okay. It’s funny how we’re, we’re going full circle because it’s essentially adding capability that was in an old step side back to a fleet side bed. Yes. Right. I mean, that’s what it’s doing. Yeah, yeah. You know, in order to, to get into it. And the superD dude already has a, a lower bed reach in and all that kind of stuff because it’s so high off the ground. But yeah, it just, I don’t know. I, it looks, I guess it looks okay. I think they did an okay job of integrating it on. Lemme take

Lightning (53m 19s):

A look. It looks just like the Silverado and the gmc. Yep, sure. Does

Holman (53m 25s):

Hair lighting? Did you hear?

Lightning (53m 27s):

Nope, I don’t think so. So check

Holman (53m 28s):

This out. According to MotorTrend Earth Cruiser is working on a sleek, lightweight slide in camper for electric trucks. And the rendering has a, a rivian in it and they’ve got over landing on the radar. So Bend, Oregon’s Earth cruiser, overland vehicles, they’re the four by four adventure rig manufacturer. They’re known for their suzu, NPR earth cruisers. And then they’ve got their Terranova Expedition camper. We’ve had them on the show at SEMA before. Right. So the division of Earth Cruiser that’s responsible for Slidings is now working on, on something a little bit different. So Lance, we just have ’em back on. Cause I’d be curious to talk to him about what are the challenges with the EV trucks because you have to look at payload and a rivian is not exactly a full size pickup truck.

Holman (54m 11s):

And you know, we know it’s capable off road from, you know, the time that I’ve spent in it, but the bed in the way it integrates to the body is kind of, you know, sleek. So it’s not a, a traditional bed. It’s all one piece. How do you make a sliding camper work? I don’t know.

Lightning (54m 26s):

I don’t know. But you, if you wanna go camping, you can just go down to your local park down the street. And that’s as far as you’re gonna go.

Holman (54m 31s):

No, he says camp out in

Lightning (54m 33s):

Your local community park.

Holman (54m 35s):

He says that the earth crews are sliding, ev campers are specifically designed for electric trucks because of range and sometimes lack thereof. And hauling like something like a sliding camper is such a deal breaker for EVs that their composite campers will be lightweight and aerodynamic, but they’re also gonna be designed to integrate to the electric vehicle’s software and work with the vehicle’s, energy production, optimization, storage, all that stuff. Does that, does that mean that it’ll provide extra range or is it going to have solar that’s going to charge batteries that will help extend, like

Lightning (55m 8s):

There’s not enough solar you can put on that thing to charge that truck? No, I agree.

Holman (55m 11s):

I just think it’s interesting that, that at least they’re experimenting in that space. It’ll be interesting to see what actually comes from it, but it’s a, it’s an interesting idea. That might be a little early, I’m thinking. I

Lightning (55m 21s):

Would agree.

Holman (55m 22s):

Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (55m 27s):

Nope, I didn’t.

Holman (55m 28s):

2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R owners have been seeing leaks under their brand new trucks. Ooh.

Lightning (55m 36s):

Should we call it Jerry at Berg

Holman (55m 37s):

And see if his is leaking in? Yes. So apparently he wouldn’t

Lightning (55m 40s):

Admit it.

Holman (55m 41s):

According to Caleb Jacobs over at the drive, he’s been doing a little research into at the Raptor connection on Instagram and they found nine Raptor r owners that have had puddles of oil underneath their brand new trucks. Ouch. And a few pictures of them on flatbeds. Yeah, just like everything else that’s manufactured, there’s always gonna be some percentage of issues. It sounds like spokesperson from Ford told them that they’re aware of a limited number of F-150 Raptor RS nine customers that, that we’re aware of with potential to leak oil from the front crank shaft seal caused by a supplier manufacturing defect. And that means, I’m guessing the whole engine has to come out.

Lightning (56m 22s):

Oh, crank shaft. Man, that’s, I don’t know.

Holman (56m 25s):

So anyway, Ford’s working on the solution for the affected customers, but says that the new 5.2 liter predator V8 engines that are rolling off the assembly line right now have a proper seal on it. So if you have a Ford Raptor R you should probably just

Lightning (56m 41s):

Look for oil. Take it in. Yeah.

Holman (56m 43s):

No, I don’t know if you have to take it in, but just make sure that, you know, you, if you see drops of oil, it’s probably not because the guy at the dealer didn’t tighten the gasket or the oil drain plug very well. Might

Lightning (56m 54s):

Be worse. Do you think that I should take the TX in and have that recall looked at in case my tailgate drops open and I lose whatever cargo I have in there?

Holman (57m 4s):

Why would your tailgate drop open?

Lightning (57m 6s):

Because that’s the, that’s the recall

Holman (57m 8s):

And all the speed bumps that you go over.

Lightning (57m 10s):

No, I mean just, just

Holman (57m 11s):

Cuz there’s a recall doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen to you. Have you had any issues and

Lightning (57m 15s):

No, and that’s why I haven’t gone, wouldn’t

Holman (57m 16s):

Worry about it. Take it in for the next service. Okay. Get a oil change. Go. Hey, also take care of the recall.

Lightning (57m 21s):

I’m getting close. I’m getting out about, I’m about to crack 7,000 miles on the thing already.

Holman (57m 26s):

I’m, I’m pretty close to you. You are? Oh yeah. Where are you at? 5,800. How

Lightning (57m 30s):

Did you catch up so quickly?

Holman (57m 31s):

I, I went to Utah and back. Oh,

Lightning (57m 32s):

That went and

Holman (57m 33s):

I went to Arizona and back. Yeah,

Lightning (57m 34s):

That would, and I’ve

Holman (57m 35s):

Got Easter Jeep Safari coming up that’ll be driving out to you. I’ve got Overland Expo out in in May out in Arizona. I’ll be going, it’ll be my Jeep will be an AVS booth there. Okay. And then I also have the center force annual run also in Arizona. So I’m gonna be packing miles on that thing pretty fast. Yeah,

Lightning (57m 53s):

That’s good. And

Holman (57m 54s):

An end, just the normal daily dad commute stuff. It’s, yeah, I’m rolling. Rolling the miles on that bad boy. And it hurts.

Lightning (58m 2s):

It does kind of hurt

Holman (58m 3s):

Time. I go

Lightning (58m 4s):

I do not The gas station. Yeah, it hurts

Holman (58m 6s):

Bad. Although my guest I don’t tank is way, way less painful than yours. Although the mileage is probably about the same. So we’re probably paying the same. I’m

Lightning (58m 13s):

Doing 12 two,

Holman (58m 15s):

I will tell you because I actually

Lightning (58m 16s):

12.2 miles per gallon of super unlimited.

Holman (58m 20s):

I’ll tell you what, I’m out right now cause

Lightning (58m 22s):

I, and I’m filling up,

Holman (58m 22s):

Check my stuff over.

Lightning (58m 24s):

I’m filling about one and a half times per week.

Holman (58m 27s):

One and a half times the two. Yep. About weekly or so, and I’ve been really trying to keep down. My best right now is 15.8.

Lightning (58m 35s):


Holman (58m 36s):

My worst is 10.4. Okay. My average is 13.1 all hand calculated.

Lightning (58m 41s):

That’s better than what I’m doing now. I listen, I am not hound hand calculating it. I’m relying on, I’m guessing it’s just looking at AFR and doing some, some calculations. Well, I

Holman (58m 52s):

Guarantee you if you hand calculate, you’re gonna find out you’re about 15% lower than what it indicates.

Lightning (58m 58s):

I don’t want to And

Holman (58m 60s):

Is your speedometer calibrated because you put bigger tires on it? No. No. Oh, you’re way off. You can’t even go off yours.

Lightning (59m 5s):

Yeah, you’re

Holman (59m 6s):

Right. Yeah, you’re you. Sorry, you’re, you think I’ve been

Lightning (59m 9s):

In the 10 range?

Holman (59m 10s):

Your data? Oh, a hundred percent. Your data is no good.

Lightning (59m 13s):

Yeah, I believe, I believe

Holman (59m 14s):

You. I I’m calibrated my speedo’s dead on. Like I, when I go by a radar thing on the side of the road, it’s exactly on the dash what it says on that. Who? Calab.

Lightning (59m 21s):

Oh, a v

Holman (59m 22s):

Calibrate it. It’s part of the package. Yep.

Lightning (59m 24s):

Damnit. Yeah. See, I I I can calibrate it. So check this out. If you go to 37 s on the tx Yeah. It turns off your proximity sensor in your park sense, which I do not wanna do. I rely on it. Everyone who does it goes in and they use the taser and they put in 30 sevens and they hear they and their park senses turns off. Why boom off for whatever reason they decided that 30 sevens put you up too tall and the park senses angles are wrong.

Holman (59m 52s):

I have 30 sevens on mine and everything works. Adaptive cruise control works and all those park sense stuff works.

Lightning (59m 57s):

No, no, I’m telling you that this is not, I’m not guessing, I’m telling you that every guy who has

Holman (1h 0m 1s):

No, no, no. And I grade and

Lightning (1h 0m 2s):

I’m telling 30

Holman (1h 0m 3s):

Stupid because on my Jeep I have it lifted and I have 37 s and everything works on it. Fine.

Lightning (1h 0m 9s):

I I think that is the angle at which the park sense sensors are mounted in the bumpers and when it’s too tall, the angle is off for however STIs. So you’re, so you’re calculated those angles. Hold on, hold on,

Holman (1h 0m 24s):

Hold on. So are you saying the car turns them off or they just become useless? No, that’s two different things. The car

Lightning (1h 0m 29s):

Turns them off in the day. It will tell you park sense deactivated.

Holman (1h 0m 33s):

What is Josie say?

Lightning (1h 0m 35s):

Josie says, if you want to correct your Speedo on your dashboard Yeah. You will deactivate park Sense.

Holman (1h 0m 41s):

Mm. That sounds bogus to me.

Lightning (1h 0m 43s):

No, it’s not.

Holman (1h 0m 44s):

No, I I’m saying it sounds bogus. That

Lightning (1h 0m 46s):

Bogus meaning I’m, I’m full of it.

Holman (1h 0m 47s):

No, I’m just saying that it’s bogus because I don’t understand how you can’t make your, your parking sensor still work with a plus one tire size. It’s not like you went up to forties, you put a jeep on,

Lightning (1h 0m 58s):

I don’t

Holman (1h 0m 59s):

Know, 30 eights and forties and stuff still works. I don’t,

Lightning (1h 1m 1s):

Don’t say it, I don’t know. But Joe said that in his comment, which I, I can’t find right now on my phone, but Joe at Z Automotive, he was not able to adjust it. And he went on to say that even with the, the available tools other than the taser, they could not reenable Park sense either. Absolutely. So this is something that’s like someone

Holman (1h 1m 26s):

What reason not to put 30 sevens on your tx?

Lightning (1h 1m 28s):

Well, I just left it so I’m, I’m whatever. I’m just your speed off.

Holman (1h 1m 32s):

My speed off.

Lightning (1h 1m 32s):

But dude, my speed is only up by three miles an hour. So I’ve already done the gps. It’s like 3.2. It’s like whatever.

Holman (1h 1m 39s):

Okay, now bogus. All right. Hey Lightning. Did you hear,

Lightning (1h 1m 44s):

I mean now, now, nope.

Holman (1h 1m 45s):

Sounds like the discounts are back for new truck buyers

Lightning (1h 1m 49s):

Already. Isn’t that crazy? We just, everything was inflated $50,000 and now it’s like, here

Holman (1h 1m 55s):

Take it. Not only that, but there were countless trucks sitting in parking lots waiting for chips and stuff. So the Chevy Silverado discount reaches $4,250 in 2020 in March of 2023. Meanwhile, it looks like the GMC Sierra discount goes up to $4,500. So money’s expensive right now within with inflation and interest rates and all that. But if you were in the market for a truck and you’re looking to pay cash, it might start to be getting to a place where it might make sense for you.

Lightning (1h 2m 26s):

Are all of those thousands of Ford F two 50

Holman (1h 2m 30s):

S I have

Lightning (1h 2m 30s):

No idea that were sitting in those.

Holman (1h 2m 31s):

I know you asked this every time

Lightning (1h 2m 32s):

Ball fields and

Holman (1h 2m 33s):

I don’t live in Detroit, so

Lightning (1h 2m 34s):

I know, I know. I just, I would like to hear a report on that. Are they moving ’em out? Are the field finally empty? I’m

Holman (1h 2m 39s):

Sure don’t know. I’m sure the, the inner webs can tell you, Hey lighting, did you hear? No.

Lightning (1h 2m 43s):

No, I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 2m 44s):

So the very first 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV addition one VIN one recently sold,

Lightning (1h 2m 52s):

Can I guess?

Holman (1h 2m 53s):

No, no, we already talked about it. Oh. Recently sold a Barrett Jackson to support tread lightly and it sold for $500,000.

Lightning (1h 2m 58s):

Yes. Right. Okay.

Holman (1h 3m 0s):

However, it appears it might be up for sale again already

Lightning (1h 3m 7s):


Holman (1h 3m 8s):

Yeah. So a, according to a couple of the reports on the internet, it sounds like the company that bought it wants to give it to a proper enthusiast and they, it might be available for purchase. They said they’re, they bought it because they wanted to support the charity, but they don’t really, you know, need the vehicle or want the vehicle. So maybe going back up either private party sale and I guess there’s a way to reach ’em, there’s a post on humber but there’s also Barrett Jackson offered to have it either at Palm Beach or Las Vegas, which is April or June auctions if they wanted to put it back out there.

Lightning (1h 3m 44s):

Do you think it can go any higher?

Holman (1h 3m 46s):

No. No. I think it, they’ll take a loss

Lightning (1h 3m 48s):

On it, right? Oh yeah, for sure.

Holman (1h 3m 49s):

Okay. But again, he, he, the person in the posting, I don’t know the whole story had mentioned that it’s, they, they cared more about donating to the good cause than they cared about the vehicle. So. Well that’s cool. Just kind of interesting. I like

Lightning (1h 4m 1s):

The honesty and

Holman (1h 4m 2s):

Yeah, it might get the second bite at that Apple. So, hey Lightning, did you hear

Lightning (1h 4m 10s):

Now the

Holman (1h 4m 11s):

20 23, 3 Chevy Colorado, if you economy numbers are out and they’re, they’re looking pretty good.

Lightning (1h 4m 17s):

Let me guess City. No, I’ll start with highway, highway 23 City 19.

Holman (1h 4m 33s):

So that would be the L two R L three B

Lightning (1h 4m 36s):

Was that I was,

Holman (1h 4m 37s):

You were right on the money. Whoa, whoa. 2023 Chevy Colorado. That’s four-wheel drive. So 19 23, 21 combined or two-wheel drive, 2025 and 22 combined. Now if you go back to the 2022 Chevy Colorados, so the best one would’ve been the turbo diesel 2.82 wheel drive at 20 and 30 miles per gallon. So it’s not quite gonna give you diesel fuel economy numbers, which we wouldn’t expect it to, but the old V6 got 17 and 24. So it’s about a mile per gallon better than the highway and then better in the city. So, but for all the torque that that thing puts out, I mean, I’d be fine with that. Hell, I’d be fine with 15 miles per gallon. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 5m 17s):

So would I.

Holman (1h 5m 18s):

Ah, but damn it, VH is so damn you think

Lightning (1h 5m 20s):

I’m really at 10?

Holman (1h 5m 21s):

So this happened the other day. I opened my garage door, I was walking out, I, you know, I always autostar so that the Jeep warms up before I get into it and as the door’s coming up it does the sequence or, and some neighbors were right behind and they jumped when it started and I had to apologize.

Lightning (1h 5m 41s):


Holman (1h 5m 42s):

That true? Yeah. And that’s not the first time that’s happened. So I was dropping Abby off my little one, my five-year-old at preschool and a guy and his kid was walking behind it and the kid jumped and then there’s the lady that dropped that Cracker Barrel somewhere crossing the country from Michigan. And I don’t, I don’t look, I don’t think about it. I just start it, start it and then you look up and you’re like, oh my God, there’s a human right behind it.

Lightning (1h 6m 4s):

No, why can’t you start it in the quiet mode?

Holman (1h 6m 7s):

It, there is no quiet mode to start. Oh,

Lightning (1h 6m 10s):

It just opens cuz it doesn’t want the back pressure it

Holman (1h 6m 11s):

Goes. And then if you’re in quiet modes and if you’re in loud modes room. Yeah. So it doesn’t matter either way, the sound cannons are, are aimed right at you.

Lightning (1h 6m 26s):

Did I tell you all the work and all the time I spent in investigating a valve system and I got Eric at work, both Eric’s and Matt and Nolan, everyone working on a valve system to quiet down the boiler attack only in certain circumstances, which on, on startup. Right. And we discovered that there is a way to do it. I bought some of the parts. It’s just gonna take us two days

Holman (1h 6m 55s):

To do it. You could have just had the stock exhaust and been fine with it. No,

Lightning (1h 6m 59s):

Absolutely not. I love the truck when it, when I wanted to be mean. It sounds bitching and, oh wait, did I tell you when I went by? It was on a Saturday and Kim Gail’s assistant was, it was right before Christmas and she

Holman (1h 7m 12s):

Was walking behind it. And you dropped her to the ground too?

Lightning (1h 7m 14s):

No, she was, she was getting some Christmas ornaments to walk in on a Saturday to put them on the tree. Okay. And I pulled out of the parking lot. Oh. She asked me to go to the other building and pick something up for her. I’m like, no problem. Sure. I get in and I went down to the end of the block to do U-turn, which is only, I dunno whether it’s 500 yards, turn around. And as she’s walking just about 15 feet from the door walking into our building, I laid into it and she, she actually came off the ground

Holman (1h 7m 41s):

And did the ornaments hit the ground in her place?

Lightning (1h 7m 43s):

I don’t know. Cause I was too far away at that point. She, I looked back and her feet had left the ground. It was worth every penny I paid for that truck right there. It was awesome. I apologized to her.

Holman (1h 7m 55s):

Was she loud? As, as you rightly should.

Lightning (1h 7m 57s):

She thought it was funny. She’s like, well I had no idea that that thing was that loud.

Holman (1h 7m 60s):

Well seriously, she’s working for Gale. It’s not like it’s the first time she Oh no, she’s

Lightning (1h 8m 3s):

Used to loud heard it loud trucks. Yeah,

Holman (1h 8m 5s):

For sure. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 8m 8s):


Holman (1h 8m 9s):

It looks like the Tesla cyber truck was shown. This one right here. Tesla’s investor day.

Lightning (1h 8m 14s):

This this little guy

Holman (1h 8m 15s):

Right here. And they allowed guests to take photos and videos. So not

Lightning (1h 8m 18s):

This one right

Holman (1h 8m 18s):

Here. There’s some on the internet. Yes. The one from Marshall. Yes. That has a penis crown in the bed, which is

Lightning (1h 8m 25s):

Weird. Penis king.

Holman (1h 8m 26s):

I it is. That’s that’s a i, anyway,

Lightning (1h 8m 30s):

He downloaded that file. I

Holman (1h 8m 32s):

Know he did. And he printed it and then he printed it $20 in in 3D dust to, to make it.

Lightning (1h 8m 37s):

Why Marshall? What was the theory behind that?

Holman (1h 8m 39s):

But the funny thing is it does fit in the bed of the, of the cyber truck. But it’s, let me put it this way, if you had a cyber truck and your payload was 500 pounds, that is a thousand pounds. That is, yeah.

Lightning (1h 8m 55s):

It’s so ginormous. It’s

Holman (1h 8m 57s):

Very big. Alright. And anyway, people were able to take pictures and so there were a lot of, you know, comments on the internet. People saying the cyber truck looks order of magnitude better in person, which I guess is good for people like you who have a deposit. People were talking about comments about it looking robust and can’t wait to get into the beast. And the steering wheel is like the yolk except it has the top and bottom to it. So it’s like a rounded square steering wheel. Okay. So it’s not the, not the weird yolk that seems to be rolling back. That’s a horrible idea for a streetcar. It’s just dumb. The yolk. Oh, it’s

Lightning (1h 9m 32s):

Horrible. I passed a woman two days ago in a snort model X with the, with the yolk. And I thought well that’s, that’s pretty ballsy.

Holman (1h 9m 39s):

Yeah. So they talk about how the giant and windshield wiper sticks out and it just, it looks lame. And all the cameras that are on the cyber truck, including the front bumper, because this one has the hardware 4.0 autopilot sensor suite on it, which you would expect it to have whatever the latest and greatest is. The interior, like I said, has the flattened steering wheel bucket, front seats, rear bench, these that fold up to free up more space like a typical truck. But there is a rear screen for rear passengers on the center tunnel. So that’s kind of interesting. Hmm. Don’t know if the center console people were saying it looked bigger, it might double as a jump seat. So that’s a possibility. Yeah. So anyway, oh, and the people were talking about the suspension, it’s got air suspension in one of the people who was talking about it said it’s the biggest cylinders he’s ever seen including the Dodge Ram.

Holman (1h 10m 29s):

So it’s, they’re massive. And I remember when I saw the saber truck as a concept way back when, when I changed the material on it, it, they talked about it having some ridiculous amount, like 14 inches of travel or suspension and super high-end shocks. At least that’s what Elon told me at the time. And being seen.

Lightning (1h 10m 46s):

And it’s all air. Huh? It’s not all air. Well I’m saying there’s shocks, but what I’m saying is 14 inches of travel on air though, right? Yeah.

Holman (1h 10m 55s):

So hey lighting, did you hear?

13 (1h 10m 57s):

No God, please No,

Lightning (1h 10m 59s):

No, no.

Holman (1h 11m 1s):

That’s the end of news.

Lightning (1h 11m 3s):

Yes. Yep. I heard.

Holman (1h 11m 4s):

All right. There you go. What do you say? We take a trip down to our local parts department.

Lightning (1h 11m 9s):

Welcome to the parts department, screw nu

Recording (1h 11m 13s):

Filter oil, grilled tools, wheels, tires, brakes, lights, ears, bells. And your wife warns you not too spend and then you wanna come back.

Holman (1h 11m 31s):

So light and I were talking about Truck show podcast 2.0 and we’re gonna change up this segment so it’s not an interview but it’s actually like a new product section where we pick out three to five products, a show and we talk about some cool new stuff that’s out there.

Lightning (1h 11m 46s):

That’s awesome. Except for, I didn’t know we were doing it on this episode, so I’m ill prepared. Although Holman has a few new products. Alright, I I I’ve got a lot of products I wanna talk about, but I guess not on this one.

Holman (1h 11m 56s):

Well you could, you, you can you come up with something?

Lightning (1h 11m 59s):

Not, not right at this second. No, that’s until I, until you sold it and I hit the jingle. I didn’t know we were doing this.

Holman (1h 12m 4s):

How about this when I printed out for you? Whoa. Whoa.

Lightning (1h 12m 6s):

You almost speak box of cheese

Holman (1h 12m 7s):

Because I was sure you would fail in this task so I brought something for you.

Lightning (1h 12m 13s):

Okey-dokey. I like this one. Sure.

Holman (1h 12m 15s):

All right, how about the vortex supercharger 2021 Ford F-150 tki.

Lightning (1h 12m 23s):

Okay, tell me more. So

Holman (1h 12m 25s):

Vortex Superchargers has the 2021 Ford F-150 tuner kit for the five liter. It’s their using their centrifugal supercharger kit. This is the V3 SI trim supercharger, which is self lubricated with a 3.4 inch drive pulley billet aluminum and steel supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idler drive belt and all high high-grade hardware. Air inlet assembly, mandrel bent 3.5 inch aluminum tubing, high-flow rotomolded duct, which makes the OEM airbox some aftermarket cold air intake assemblies, silicone sleeves, all the stuff that you need. And can you guess running eight to 10 PSI using California 91 octane fuel.

Holman (1h 13m 5s):

What the power output is?

Lightning (1h 13m 8s):

I’m gonna guess

Holman (1h 13m 10s):

4 4 45. 4 45. Is that your final answer? Yes. 606 horsepower.

Lightning (1h 13m 17s):

Oh my god.

Holman (1h 13m 18s):

And 596 pound feet of torque. Okay, this is not a carb compliant California legal kit but you can use it in other parts of the free world. And there is an optional max flow race, blowoff valve upgrade assembly available, which is pretty cool. So anyway, go to vortex and you can check out the kit that will give your five liter all sorts of woo.

Lightning (1h 13m 39s):

So they’re still doing the centrifugal supercharger? Correct.

Holman (1h 13m 41s):

Their whole

Lightning (1h 13m 41s):

Business. Gotcha. Yeah, I should have guessed much higher. Cause I had one at my truck and it was about a hundred and I think it was like, I think it added about 105 horsepower. Which

Holman (1h 13m 49s):

Truck? The white

Lightning (1h 13m 50s):

Chevy. That was my white Chevy. Remember that? My three six liter. Yeah, six liter. Boy. Did that thing drink gas? I was, I think I was getting eight miles of gallon. That

Holman (1h 13m 59s):

Was a 2,500 gas motor trucks.

Lightning (1h 14m 1s):

Yep. On pre cab four by

Holman (1h 14m 2s):

4 38

Lightning (1h 14m 3s):

With a vortex supercharger,

Holman (1h 14m 5s):

Andy Basani exhaust. That’s

Lightning (1h 14m 6s):

Right. I remember you remember that. Well, don’t remember man. It had some ugly ass wheels too at the time. I thought they were cool but boy in hindsight, woo. They were fu they were just awful. So as you guys know egr, they cut their teeth on injection molded and vacuum form plastic. So fender flares, vent windows, things like that. So EGR is coming out with a new super guard, hood guard in channel window visors, premium rugged style fender flares. And they are all in stock and ready to ship to outfit your Ford

Holman (1h 14m 38s):

Maverick. So I wanna see what the fender flares look like because there’s a lot of people that are starting to take those things and put a little bigger wheel and tire on it right

Lightning (1h 14m 44s):

Here and they look. That’s kind of cool. Really good. Yeah, if you

Holman (1h 14m 46s):

Took a Maverick FX four and put some bigger meats on it, I think that would be pretty cool. I

Lightning (1h 14m 50s):

Had the EGR fender flares on the rock crusher on the dually. They were far and away the best ones out there. And you had two options at the time. I think they probably have options coming out. I don’t know if they’re doing it for the Maverick, but I had where you could see the pocket, the, the bolts or you could do the smooth finish. And I did the smooth finish cause I wrapped the whole truck. But good stuff, good quality.

Holman (1h 15m 9s):

I got another one here. There’s a company that I really like. It’s a small company called Desert Desert. And they do these seat jacket kits for Tacomas and Jeeps and all sorts of trucks where they can raise the front of your manual seat up so that you get more leg support. And those are super nice for longer trips. Oh, that’s smart. Yeah. But what they also do is they make a, what they call a multi mount panel. So it’s a panel that mounts to the front of your seat brackets and then you can put flashlights or a knife or you know, it’s not quite, it’s not shaped like a Molly, but you can put like quick fists on there, flashlights, just all sorts of stuff. So anyway, desert and they actually have some applications for the Nissan Frontier, both seat jackers for the Nissan Frontier front seats and the multi mountain panel.

Holman (1h 15m 52s):

So there’s all sorts of stuff. You can find stuff for Dodge, Ford, gmc, Chevy Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, sprinter, vans, Nissan, Ram Subaru and Toyota. So desert

Lightning (1h 16m 3s):

And our buddies over at IOC just dropped a new lift kit for the 19 to 21 Toyota Tundra TD Pro. Lemme scroll down here. The lift kit will basically lift your front end up 1.8 inches and the rear an inch. And it looks like the kit comes with two springs lift blocks for the rear and all the necessary hardware. And of course they can pair that with a, a Fox shock system. So if you’ve got a, a new Toyota and you’re looking to put slightly larger tires on it, they got a lift kit that just dropped for that 19 to 21 Toyota Tundra.

Holman (1h 16m 38s):

I’m assuming that’s a

Lightning (1h 16m 41s): E I B A C H.

Holman (1h 16m 43s):

Yep. All right. And last one here. Warren has their a line of ascent bumpers and this is their made in America bumper line. And they’ve got a lot of new applications for full-size trucks. And so one of the ones that just dropped is the 2021 Ford F-150. And so the new lower profile scent front bumper fits the F-150 perfectly with minimal overhang and also accommodate all warm mid frame witches. So that includes the VR evo, the Zion, and the Zion Platinum up to a 12,000 pound capacity. And these bumpers are all pole tested to ensure performance with your worn winch. And they actually look pretty good too. So the best part of these bumpers are compatible with OE parking sensors. So lightning, if you’re looking for a truck that’s compatible with bumpers, parking

Lightning (1h 17m 23s):

Sensors, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yep.

Holman (1h 17m 25s):

Corner steps with non-slip foot. Well for easy bed access, integrated light port, so you can mount auxiliary floodlights or spotlights. And they’ve got a durable black texture powder coat over 11 gauge steel that has withstood rigorous salt spray testing for up to two times the corrosion protection. So if you’re looking for more information, head over to

Lightning (1h 17m 44s):

And last on the parts list. Have you seen the new banks beanies?

Holman (1h 17m 49s):

I have. They look like they, they’re freaking

Lightning (1h 17m 50s):

Awesome. Yeah, they’re awesome. And I forgot to bring you one. There’s one on my desk. Thanks. I will bring you one. Appreciate that Because you don’t have a whole lot of hair in your head and you need some something to keep that nogging warm. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, they came out great. Why

Holman (1h 18m 3s):

Didn’t you just make ’em the rolling coal beatings? You can get ’em in charcoal and you can tell all those kids out there that that’s your rolling coal.

Lightning (1h 18m 10s):

See, because banks doesn’t roll coal roll coal Negative.

Holman (1h 18m 13s):

That would, that would be funny

Lightning (1h 18m 16s):


Holman (1h 18m 16s):

All right, well welcome back to the Truck Show podcast. Good to have you back in studio.

Lightning (1h 18m 20s):

No, it’s not.

Holman (1h 18m 21s):

It’s all right. Yeah. If you’re one

Lightning (1h 18m 23s):

Of our friends in the aftermarket and you’ve got new products dropping, hit us with an email, send us your press release truck show podcast We’re looking forward to seeing it.

3 (1h 18m 34s):

The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa, whoa.

Holman (1h 18m 40s):

And don’t forget to head over to truck show That’s right. The website is live and any of you guys out there who have an event coming up, something local, something national, whatever it is, hit us up at truck show podcast or of course, allman truck show or And we will add it to our calendar of events. And then I think the first episode of each month will go over what’s happening and we wanna help you guys promote your shows and, and give back to you. And of course you can reach us on social at Truck Show podcast at LBC Lighting or at Shawnee Holman. Give us follow, hit us up first some dms. And if you slide into lightings, you might give you a discount on certain power product.

Lightning (1h 19m 22s):

I can hook up Brother Up. Hey, by the way. Yeah. One of our listeners has already gone to Churchill and clicked on the project trucks page. Saw my listing, said complimented me, said, Hey, I really like your choice in hre wheels. I have a tx, where can I get a set? And I hooked a brother up with hre wheels. That was a good feeling. And the great part is he doesn’t live by me, so we’re not gonna look like Bobsy twins.

Holman (1h 19m 51s):

It’s awesome. When you go to truck show to the project truck section, the only truck listed is lightings because

Lightning (1h 19m 57s):

I said all tested, I’ll make sure I get the format right. It looks okay. It’s, it’s fun, it’s good, it works serviceable. But Mr. Holman, across from me on the desk here is did not give me any information about the 3 92. So I need your, all the

Holman (1h 20m 12s):

Parts. I told you, you can just go right to at Adventure Jeep Adv Jeep. All right there. I, everything’s listed the whole build.

Lightning (1h 20m 21s):

Just make me a build sheet

Holman (1h 20m 23s):

Because I have all that free time right now. You gotta, you’ve

Lightning (1h 20m 25s):

Got 15 minutes, you know everything on top of your head. Ugh. Come on. Just make me a build sheet so I can copy and paste. I don’t have to rewrite it all. And sift to your, your Instagram, that’s lame hooker brother up with some knowledge. Not

Holman (1h 20m 37s):

Lame. If you drop

Lightning (1h 20m 38s):

A knowledge bomb on me, go through

Holman (1h 20m 40s):

Instagram and post. All right. Hey, listen, we haven’t heard from enough of you lately. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Hit us up on the five star hotline. And don’t forget, leave us a five star review on Apple.

Lightning (1h 20m 51s):

And as you heard at the beginning of the show, I’m sending a truck show podcast sticker to anyone that sends me or Holman a picture of a frontier as taken from your truck,

Holman (1h 21m 3s):


Lightning (1h 21m 4s):

Well, please don’t fake it. Just legit.

Holman (1h 21m 6s):

No, no, no. Allegedly you’re gonna send them something. No,

Lightning (1h 21m 8s):

I really will. Okay, I will. I’m gonna spend the 35 cents per stamp or whatever it is to send a sticker. All right.

Holman (1h 21m 14s):

I like it.

Lightning (1h 21m 14s):

That’s all you gotta do. Send, take a picture of a frontier driving by ya from your truck and, and send it to lightning truck show And I will bonus if it’s modified stickers, what

Holman (1h 21m 27s):

Bonus if it’s modified. Okay. I wanna see Rad Frontiers send us Awesome frontiers. Well listen because we’re working on something. So I want to, I want, I need all Well, you need inspiration. I need inspiration. I gotcha.

Lightning (1h 21m 37s):

Yeah. Okay.

Holman (1h 21m 37s):

Yep. All. If you’re looking for a new truck, head on over to nissan or down to your local Nissan dealer. We can check out the Frontier, the Titan, or the Titan Xd. And of course the Titans. Have the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty. Get yourself a reliable, rugged, and durable Nissan truck. Would you support the Truck Show podcast?

Lightning (1h 21m 55s):

And if you’ve got a little tiny, just a micro P shooter straw coming outta the back of your diesel pickup truck, you need to get rid of it and get yourself a five inch banks monster exhaust one with a patented sidekick tip that offers you negative back pressure, it’ll help performance. And it looks a whole lot cooler than that rusted piece of steel coming out of the ass end of your truck. I’m just saying banks

Holman (1h 22m 23s):

What about the rusted piece of steel coming outta the ass end of the show?

Lightning (1h 22m 27s):

Well, there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m gonna leave soon.

Holman (1h 22m 30s):

Okay. To go home or to the show in general? I’m

Lightning (1h 22m 33s):

Just gonna leave. Yeah, we’ll just, just start Pod Shed.

Holman (1h 22m 36s):

Okay. All right. If you guys need help with your business’, SEO or social, you want to go to full moon These are the guys that are helping the Truck Show Podcast out with getting our show out there, and they can help you out as well. So call Derek and tell ’em Lighting and Holman Sentia.

Lightning (1h 22m 54s):

He’ll say Who The Truck Show podcast is a production of Truck famous L L c. This podcast was created by Sean Homan and Jay Tillis with Production Elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple Podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.

Emme Hall (1h 23m 21s):

This is Emmy Hall and you’ve been listening to The Truck Show podcast. And yep, it still suck.

End of Transcription