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Hey, Lighting, Have, You, Heard. No,

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No, no, no, no, no party, no The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer What? The truck Because truck Rods with The truck show. We have the lifted We have the lowered and everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show, The truck show. The truck show. Whoa Whoa.

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It’s The truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman.

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This episode of The Truck Show Podcast Have You Heard is proudly presented by Nissan with the Frontier Titan and Titan Xd Nissan has a truck for every need, along with the legendary Nissan durability. Test Drive, your next truck at a local Nissan dealer today, Or point your browser to Nissan usa dot com where you can use the build and price tool to configure a Nissan truck that fits your lifestyle. And

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It is one of the most positive news stories I’ve heard in a very, very long time. Are you setting me up for something that is funny and sad or Disgusting? No. None of those things. Okay. I just wanted to point out that when I go on a road trip, a Lightning, I love to procure, Lemme guess. Barbecue. A large ooh, large cup with crushed ice and Dr. Pepper and fill it with Dr. Pepper. Sure. When I’m at home, you do the same thing having a cigar in the backyard, Dr. Pepper. Yeah. When, when I’m stuck here in the pot, shed late at night talking for hours with the AC running and my throat becomes dry.

Holman & Lightning (2m 51s):

Like a, like the, the, the desert itself. Turn to our Dr. Pepper fridge over there in the corner. You know what I pull out of that? A Dr. Pepper, Lighting, Lighting. All of these years of my, where are we going with this? My love of Dr. Pepper. Have finally Well, you’re drinking one right now yourself. I have, Yeah. Yep. All of all of this is finally culminated in something that I’d like to take credit for. And that is in 2023, the numbers are out. Dr. Pepper surpassed Pepsi as a number two soda in America. Wow. Are you serious? Yes, I am.

Holman & Lightning (3m 32s):

Coke is still top, which is fine. Yeah, because Coke is okay if you have to. Coke is at 19.2% last year, but Dr. Pepper and Pepsi both had 8.3% with Dr. Pepper technically ahead. After that, Sprite was 8.1% and Diet Coke at 7.8%. Hmm. Dr. Pepper’s been gaining while Pepsi’s been declining and now that Delta has reached as they pass each other in the middle. And Dr. Pepper gets that salute from Pepsi as it passes on the torch to soda domination at a truck stop. Fountain near you. You gotta be pissed if you’re Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. Pat. But listen, I have a question.

Holman & Lightning (4m 12s):

Why do so? My dad loves Pepsi. He, he like, he’s fat. It’s gross. Pepsi’s gross. I don’t like it either. I was just at, in Vegas at the resort that I stayed in for the thing. I was there for work and it was a Pepsi only place. It’s like, Nah, it’s not super Sweet. It’s Gross. It’s not super gross, but it’s just not Coke. It’s not as good as Coke. No, that’s not good. And it’s certainly not as good as Dr. Pepper. No way. Now would you take Pepsi or RC Cola? Probably rc. See, I’m on the fence there. But. I just don’t like Pepsi. I just don’t like, it’s weird and I cannot wrap my head around how my father likes Pepsi. It’s funny, you go to Northern California, it’s like a Pepsi town. don don’t know. Nobody’s a Pepsi Person in my world. It’s don. Don’t know. But yeah. So Let me give you a little Dr. Pepper about You guys. Pepsi or Coke. Where do you stand on that truck Show podcast at gmail dot com.

Holman & Lightning (4m 53s):

I want to, I want to hear, I wanna hear if our, and If you’re Pepsi, Why? Yeah. I wanna hear from what percentage of our audience does it line up nationally or have we also tipped the scales in podcasting world where Dr. Pepper dominates? So it was founded in 1885, of course in Waco, Texas. I’ve been to the museum. It’s very awesome. And it preceded both Coke and Pepsi. And while Coke and Pepsi kind of battled it out, Dr. Pepper was a stronghold in the south, which is where I first had Dr. Pepper was with my great aunt in Louisiana. Is that true on the false river? You never had it here first in No. ’cause it’s been in something California forever. And her and I drank it on a dock while fishing. And I went, this stuff’s amazing. So then let me, where, where do you come down on Mr.

Holman & Lightning (5m 33s):

Pib? Because to me, Mr. It’s a, it’s a, a decent alternative if that’s all that there is. Okay. That’s fine To me. Pepper, Mr. Pib is really close. Pepper, it’s close. Dr. Pepper really close. They’ve, they’ve done a good job. Yeah. Cola is the category for Pepsi and Coke. Dr. Pepper’s actually a spiced cola. It’s in its own category, really. Which, because people ask and there are no prunes in it. I can verify this a hundred percent. While it does have the 23 flavors, one of them is not prune juice. So shut your whore mouths. All your people keep saying That. So why do they, where did that come from? It’s just to, because people know what it is. Oh, It’s whites steal. Yeah. Got it. So anyway, all I’m saying, well, Congratulations on being number two. We’re number Two. We’re number two.

Holman & Lightning (6m 14s):

Yes. Wayne’s Wiener. Schnitzel gonna take over McDonald’s domination. There’s Actually on the, the, the Washington Post has this funny article called Dr. Pepper is now as popular as Pepsi. It’s still shrouded in mystery. So if, if you feel like following up and reading a little bit more on Dr. Pepper, I think, I think that’s pretty cool. So this is The Truck Show Podcast, isn’t it? It is, but when I’m driving, I’m running on Dr. Pepper. Right. Hey, Lighting, Have, You Heard.

4 (6m 40s):

No, no,

Holman & Lightning (6m 41s):

No, no. I received a, a letter over the, in, in the past couple days here. Is this a letter that says pay or quit? No. Or, okay. No, nothing like that. Although I, I am kind of curious what your thoughts are because this was a letter from the California government. Oh no. This is not about having to do, putting in like a speed monitoring systems in our cars to let us know that we’re going 10 miles an hour over. Is it? No, nothing like that. Okay. So I got this, this letter in the mail the other day, offering me $1,000 to allow the state of California to have my Wrangler for a few days so they can run emissions testing on it to see if it was within the parameters of when it left the factory master

5 (7m 31s):

Monitor key engine parameters.

Holman & Lightning (7m 34s):

Now does it, will it surprise you that I received the same letter for my TRX? No, because that letter is, I mean these are both, I think on the emissions thing, one to 10, it was like, I, yours is a one and mine’s a two or something like that. Or yours is a two and mine’s a one. So they wanted to bring mine out to a facility in Riverside, California. And they wanted it for a week. And they would pay me and I think they would even compensate me for a rental car. Yep. And I said, full, full Rental car and Thousand bucks. And I said, no, no. You know what? And I would like the money. Don’t get me wrong, But, I do not want them to know that my vehicle in the 15,000 miles that I’ve had, it has become a gross polluter. I don’t want them to know anything about me.

Holman & Lightning (8m 14s):

It’s not about me. It’s that I don’t want to throw Stellantis under the bus even farther than they already are. You don’t wanna throw yourself under the bus. You don’t think they’re gonna flag that and go, Hey, wait a second. You have bigger tires on here and the engine’s working harder. I Don’t think they’re doing it for that reason. You think so? Absolutely. That changes. That changes the parameters of a stock vehicle. Oh No, no, I’m not Oh, I see what you’re saying. They’re like, but they’re not gonna look at me and say, you, you vi you put Wheel Tires. How do you don don’t know. You don’t know. You realize over the past, what, 10 years they’ve been recording every single ECU that’s come through a smog check. Yes. And so that they can now match it up with anybody having a smog check going forward. ’cause they have a massive database and then go, oops, we know what this used to look like and it doesn’t look like this now.

Holman & Lightning (8m 55s):

Nah, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not jumping in that a thousand bucks. Sure. Sounds nice on paper, but I’m not selling my soul to the devil. Yeah. I’m not gonna hose Well Not for that anymore. I’m not gonna hose my listeners. Yeah, no way. You know what? Sometimes we just need to go have fun and, and leave Government out. So you tore it up or would you do it, do you write ’em a nasty note and say, don’t ever send this to again, would You? Well, so I can get him be put on another list? No, just, we just ignore that we move on with our days. Are any other states doing that or are we the only crazy commie state that’s doing stuff like that For now? Probably I have heard that our boy, oh, we gotta talk to Cory Willis. He’s now blackballed the state of New York. He won’t sell tunes into New York. Hmm. So it was, it was just California.

Holman & Lightning (9m 36s):

Yeah. Then it was California and New Jersey, then it was California and New Jersey. And New York. Hmm. So I don Dunno what’s going on with with that boy, but we gotta catch up with Him. Alright, sounds good. Hey, Lighting, Have, You Heard.

6 (9m 47s):

No, no, no, no. It’s not that it’s me. No, no, no. Me. You’re not doing it properly. NeeNee. That’s it. That’s it. You’ve got it.

Holman & Lightning (9m 55s):

No, Ford just announced the crazy wild looking electric Pikes Peak race truck that is, I guess basically to promote the Lightning and it has the world’s most giant wing on the back of it. And it says that with all the wings, spoilers, diffusers, and all the vents and everything that are on that thing, it’s got 6,000 pounds, three tons of downforce force. Holy mackerel. So I guess they don’t want it to pull birds all and slide off the side of the mountain Now. Well, the thing is though, it’s, remember the air is so thin at the top at 14,100 or whatever it is. All that downforce that it has at the bottom is not what it has The top Well, and this is downforce at 150 miles per hour, but still, it’s just crazy looking wing on the back of it.

Holman & Lightning (10m 40s):

And it doesn’t look anything like a Lightning. It barely looks like a pickup truck. It looks like a pickup truck hauling a wing is it was what it looks like. But it, I’m sure it’ll haul ass as well. It’s pretty cool. I mean, I I, you look at it and you’re like, man, that thing’s pretty amazing. Do we Know what category, what class it’s in? Is it just unlimited? Whatever? Probably. Okay. So if you’re familiar with the Super Van 4.2 in Europe, Ford has a, a similar project with that. It kind of has hints of that for this pickup. But it’s a pickup truck form factor, not a van. And again, this is all electric, right? All Electric. The super van was something around 1400 horsepower. The three motor setup and the pickup, we have to wait for more details.

Holman & Lightning (11m 21s):

The Super Van 4.0 had four motors and they made 1,972 horsepower. Wow. And so of course with an ev you’re impervious to altitude degrading your performance. Right. One of the German car companies now owns the record for Fastest and it, it in it was electric and they had to haul like diesel generators up there. And it was this whole big ordeal that took months to get. But like they set the record with electric car. It’s kind of unfair that the, the electric motors don’t care about air density at the top and they don’t have to. Well, that’s why they’re in a different class, right? Yeah. They, well, but ultimately it’s the, it’s the fastest.

Holman & Lightning (12m 2s):

So like that’s what everybody wanted, right? Yeah. I mean you can break it down like diesel or ev or this or that or whatever. But like ultimately there’s one fastest of Pikes Peak. Yeah. And that is gonna be probably from here forward always held by an electric vehicle. Because like you said, it’s all just up to they can vector each corner. They’ve got all the power in the world. They don’t succumb to any issues with overheating. They don’t have to worry about turbos or any of that stuff. It’s just I don dunno man. It’s like, it feels unfair. Alright. Well anyway, the current LeMans racer, veteran Hill climb driver and hill climb record holder, romaine Dumas will be the driver of this.

Holman & Lightning (12m 43s):

His Pikes piece, international Hill Climb record is seven minutes in 57.148 seconds. The open class record is at eight minutes, 47.682 seconds. So obviously he’s proven himself so he, he knows how to drive the hill. So, yeah. Wow. We’ll, we’ll see when it comes to a typical Ford though, right? Like they are going to slow roll all the details of this thing out over time And they’ve got all the money in the world to do it, right? Yeah. Yeah. And it just, it sucks. I was really excited about going with banks up to Pike Peak. And we went up there and me and Matt Gamble and Eric Rider and we slept out on the, the race course and we hung out with birds all and, and, and, and a few other racers. And I really like, I fell in love with the whole area.

Holman & Lightning (13m 23s):

It’s incredibly beautiful. And, and I couldn’t believe how little oxygen there was up at the top. Well, 14,115 feet is where it ends. And the course itself is 12.42 miles with I believe it’s what, 156 turns? Yeah. Quite a like that few, we went up at the very top and, and just walking around, you start seeing stars. Oh yeah. It’s, it’s super winded. It Is, yeah. It’s, it’s, it just, it’s, it’s an incredible endurance race and, and unfortunately it doesn’t get a lot of media coverage because quite honestly you can’t get cameras up there and there’s no way to stream and go live and all that stuff. And so like, it just, it’s not like a big F1 event or NASCAR just, just Like Baja. It’s kind of a niche thing. It’s too, it’s still too niche. Yeah.

Holman & Lightning (14m 3s):

Still pretty awesome. It Is awesome. But I again, I think it’s still kind of unfair that it’s gonna be won by electrics forever for now. No, you Don’t know that. Yeah. I, I, I I Maybe It’s think So. Yeah. Well, I mean, who knows? Maybe some new technology will come along that you’ll, that you’ll love. I doubt it. Hey, did you say doubt it? I doubt it. Okay. Hey Lighting, did you hear? No, No I haven’t. Some more spy shots of the Ford Maverick. What we believe is a hybrid all Wheel Drive St. Seems to be coming out. The reason we think it’s a hybrid is because it’s got a hybrid badging on the tailgate. Oh. But it’s lowered and, and has the st like wheels and fascia and stuff on it.

Holman & Lightning (14m 46s):

So it’s getting more, more, I wonder If it’s a hybrid. It Says hybrid. Yeah. I like the new nose of it. Way better Now. That’s some the cas. Oh, that is so much better. Oh yeah. Now that some of the camos coming off of it. Look at that. So that it’s really cool. We’ll, we’ll see. It definitely has potential. I’m, I’m digging it. It’s, it’s a pretty rad little truck. So The Maverick is The truck that surprised the world, isn’t it? Sure, Sure. Surprise does. Well, I mean, yeah. I mean I wanted to hate it. I don. I don’t listen. It’s a cheap pickup truck. Nobody offers a cheap pickup truck. Although it’s not, not bad Cheap anymore, but it looks good. Yeah. They did a great job on it. Although I hate the, no, I just don’t like the front end looks. The new redesign that’s coming up can be so much better for people.

Holman & Lightning (15m 26s):

Okay. They’re gonna be like, oh yeah, Ford, Ford fixed it now it looks like it. It’s, well it’s like the Chevy, you know what I mean? Like the when remember when the new the Yeah the 20 HD came out. It was awful. It was blew. Yeah. It looked like somebody’s head was put on upside down. Yeah. And now the new one with the re was was a gorgeous truck. Yeah. The hds, the Chevy HDS especially. Great. Oh, The 24. Phenomenal. Yeah. So good. Hey Lighting, did you hear? No. No. So there’s a Rivian R one certification document that has a few little hints in it. So new battery, new Wheel options, standard heat pump, new interiors, and apparently no more 21 inch wheels.

Holman & Lightning (16m 7s):

So, Ooh, there’s some changes coming. It looks like there’ll be some 22 inch Wheel options. But yeah, so looks like Rivian is gonna have some updates coming for 2025 and to head off or in preparation of that there’s big discounts on 2020 fours. Man, that’s Ford discounting EVs, Tesla discounting, EVs, Rivian discounting, EVs, I’ve, you remember even, even Nissan you got a great deal. Yeah. On your ev. Awesome. It’s just wild how things have turned around. So There’s a savings difference between the R one s, which is the SUV and R one T max battery in the R one s is $4,000 less. That’s 15,100 where it’s 10,000 less on R one T.

Holman & Lightning (16m 51s):

A large battery is 2000 off on the R one s adding $7,100 to the bill, it’s 4,000 off for the pickup. So it’s 5,100. So anyway, we’re already in June. So 25 should start hitting production sometime the next two months. So if you’ve been looking at a Rivian and you don’t really care about having the latest and greatest, I mean that is probably one of the best electric vehicles really out There. Isn’t it weird how Rivian is, is the brand that people aren’t bagging on. Like you’ve got, it’s great. You got Tesla haters, you have Lightning haters. Yeah. You got all but Rivian like kind of under the radar. Right? They did a great job. It’s an American company. I think people just, you know, they respected the way they hit the market and you know, of course they still have a ton of cash burn and all that.

Holman & Lightning (17m 35s):

And I still have questions like, I don’t know, Johnny Lieberman owns a Rivian. Does he Loves it. I didn’t know that. I don’t know that I would buy one just because I’m not so sure. Which One does he own? He’s got The truck, the R one T. No kidding. He absolutely loves it. I like it. They did a great job. There’s a couple things that bug me about it. Like not enough hard buttons in, in the interior. But other than that the build quality is awesome. The way it’s laid out is awesome. The interface is awesome. I’m really, really blown away with the product. So, you know, 2025 is taking everything they’ve learned in this, you know, first few years of production and answering all of those customer complaints. So I’m excited to see if they do, it’s Cool. We need a legit truck review from Johnny Lieberman. We will get him on and I think he’ll do more than a truck review.

Holman & Lightning (18m 15s):

I think he’ll come hang out with us. Fantastic. Hey Lighting, Have, You, Heard.

7 (18m 19s):

No, no, no, no, no, no,

Holman & Lightning (18m 22s):

No, no. don don’t think so. So Jeep just announced or released rather, ’cause it was announced a while ago, the Jeep Wagoner S, which is their new all electric SUV kind of looks like a Grand Cherokee that’s been kind of stretched out a little bit. Really, really nice looking vehicle. But they just announced the pricing for the Wagoner s and initially you’ll only be able to get it in one variant. And that’s a fully loaded as the launch edition. But. I Think that’s the way that most people would want it, right? I mean, you’re gonna buy a strip wagoner who would do That? Yeah. So it’s actually really reasonable when You look at all the competition, especially the level of luxury that it has $72,000 all in 600 horsepower, 617 pound feet of torque and over 300 miles of driving range.

Holman & Lightning (19m 4s):

Wow. It’s really impressive. I know the 72 is a lot, but when You start looking at what other, No it’s, it’s actually not, I’m not the biggest Jeep guy, but that’s a lot of truck for 72. So it loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee four by East Summit Reserve, I believe is like 76. Did you just make that up? No. Summit Reserve. I’ve never heard of that. No, that’s the, that’s the top of line. Okay. And fully loaded. Same thing on the Grand Cherokee. So with incentives and stuff on this one, you’re gonna be competitive with some of the internal combustion and hybrid vehicles that they offer. Mm. I was actually surprised that the price was where it’s at. ’cause that means if this is fully loaded for all the tech it has at 72 grand conceivably you’ll be able to get a Wagoner s maybe in the low sixties, high fifties.

Holman & Lightning (19m 50s):

Interesting. Now all of a sudden with over 300 miles of range and that kind of power you’re going. Okay. Alright. And then they also tease the concept recently of what a Trail Hawk edition would look like. So Wagoneers is more interesting on road and luxury. A trail Hawk version of a Wagoner of Wa Of the Wagoner s of The wagoneers s Of the EV version. And it looks Awesome. It still look like it has a mullet. A mullet. Whatcha talking about? It Looks like a mullet it like a, or more like a skull. The top. The top. It’s got like the way it’s framed Wa Wagoner s not not the wa Wagoner Grand Wagoner. SUV. Oh this is the electric version. Okay. So let, let me Introduce, I just, I can only picture the one in my head. don, don’t know what the s looks like.

Holman & Lightning (20m 31s):

Let me introduce you up on the pod shed TV here. I mean, Cast my eyes skyward over here. That’s cool. Yeah, it is Cool. That looks so futuristic. That was a rendering though, right? That’s not Real. That’s real. That’s the concept that they did the Oh, the concept. Yes. But I mean. So this Is what they wanna show you. What a, taking the Wagoner on road luxury concept. Okay. And turning it into a trail hawk with off-road capability, what that might look like. That’s pretty cool. I love the exposed hex head bolts everywhere. Like not, not hex head bolts. They’re Allens like they recessed. Whoa, look at that. The front end is very cyborg looking. I think it’s cool. I think it’s a nice take on a futuristic look of what the Jeep seven slot grill is.

Holman & Lightning (21m 14s):

Of course on an ev you don’t need a traditional grill on it. And I thought they did a good job of adding the styling without making it look weird. If This were in a news Star Wars spinoff on Disney Plus, you’d think that they designed the body just for the TV show. Yeah. Like legitimately it’s right out of a sci-fi tv show. Like A, like a bee movie or something. Or Yeah, A little bit of a bee movie. Not like, you know, ’cause like the Bee movies, they can’t afford to like build a bespoke vehicle. They just like re-skin existing vehicles. That’s kind of what this looks like. So The Wagoner s has this kind of crazy false roof line that drops and there’s a wing that helps with the arrow. And so that’s not actually the roof line. So when You see it in profile, oh wow.

Holman & Lightning (21m 56s):

It looks kind of like a fast background Cherokee the way a Range Rover sport looks like a fast back Range Rover. But the, the roof profile’s actually a little bit different than that. Which is, which is pretty cool. I am not a, I know your wife has a, a Grand Cherokee. I’m, I’m actually a fan of this. This is really neat. But we’ll see the whole problem is it’s not gonna turn out like this is a No, this is the production version. That’s The production version. That’s the production version. It just, it was a Concept. No, the Trail Hawk was a co was a overlay. Yes. Off-Road overlay of the production. Wagoner s the Wagoner s is not a concept. This is the real car. That’s a good looking car. I can’t believe I’m saying that.

Holman & Lightning (22m 37s):

Wow. And by the way, for you, the Trail Hawk is way cooler though, I gotta say. Well, yeah, of course. ’cause it’s it’s the Jeep the way it should be, but Right. Check this out. Zero to 60 Th did that Just say 3.4 seconds. 3.4 seconds. Holy Nuts. Wow. Yeah. That’s not a concept dude. That’s the real car. Holy mackerel. Huh? $70,000. 70. 70. That’s 200. Think of it as like a new trail hawk, you know, for, for the electric, you know, future, right? Yeah. I mean it’s, you’re looking at, I’d like to see a trail hawk versus this on the drag strip. I think that would be really cool. Mm. But it’s, it’s, it’s rad looking.

Holman & Lightning (23m 18s):

I, it’s hard for me to be like, I hate this stupid thing. I’m like, ah, it’s kind of cool. I, that’s a bargain. Three point. What else goes 3.4 seconds from 70 grand I. don, I’m saying that you guys need to check this out. You literally go to the Jeep Wagoner S just go to jeep jeep dot com. It’s on the, it’s on the homepage. You’re not, you’re, this is not what you’re expecting. I can tell you right now. It’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Wow. Huh? It’s, yeah, not at all. Like the name doesn’t fit the Wagoner. That’s not a wagoner. Like it doesn’t look like that’s, it’s not what’s gonna be in your head? Well This is, this is, yeah, this is a Wagoner s the same way a Range Rover Sport is a Range Rover that’s had the roof chopped in in, right. Yeah. Good.

Holman & Lightning (23m 58s):

That’s a good analogy. Yeah. Good comparison. Okay. Hey, Lighting, Have, You Heard No Ford Expedition. Finally getting a facelift to kinda match the F-150. And Now that is not good looking. Damn. You don’t like it. That is, I I’ve dropped deuces that are better than that. Wow. Well that is awful. I don’t think it’s awful. I don. I I that Is, it’s okay. It’s not good at all. I’m not, I’m not angry about it. I am. That’s making, that’s making me upset. That’s horrible. I think it’s way better than the one they have now. That is absolutely no comparison to the Wagoner. We just saw. No, I’m not talking about Wagoner. I’m Talking about today’s expedition. But I know, I I get that. But like that is just not even so like 2002 call and they want their freaking expedition back.

Holman & Lightning (24m 41s):

Like, what is that? You gotta be kidding me. I’m telling you. That’s Ford. Come on. You’re doing so good. Except for like what’s, come on now. Stop it. Hey Lighting, Have You Heard. No Uhuh. No. And one last piece of news. The new CEO of Jeep has confirmed that the future Wagoner four by e will be the same powertrain as the Ram 1500 Ram charger coming as no surprise to anyone. Nope, not at all. Do we have to end it on Jeep? There’s a lot of Jeep news, There’s a lot of Jeep stuff going on. You got anything that’s Not Jeep? I got one more. We can talk about the no Jeep Gladiator Nighthawk model that’s now landing on dealer lots. Only 2000 units across the US and Canada.

Holman & Lightning (25m 23s):

No, no, no. Gimme some, gimme something else. How about Ford’s? US sales Soar 11.2% in May. Okay, well good on Ford. Yeah. Okay. 11.2 is actually pretty healthy. Or we could talk about the rumor that Nissan stop spending money on new gas engines and is all in on EVs. No, I mean, you know, we love Nissan but is that the news we want? I mean, I know it’s controversial, right? Yeah. A little bit. No, I guess it’s not, I guess it’s expected. No, I mean there, there’s companies out there who will have both. This doesn’t mean that ICE is gone. I mean they just kind of revamped their gas lineups. So maybe it’s just the next generation stuff. Are We gonna hear that the the frontier is gonna be going all ev at some point?

Holman & Lightning (26m 5s):

I mean It, I’m it could be. Yeah. It’s not doing anytime soon. And we still have the brand new Armada that we have to talk about later this year. Oh, coming out with the twin Turbo V six. Tell me more. I I can’t right now, but it’s coming and we’re gonna do some cool stuff with it. So what you’re saying it’s under in Fargo. That’s what I’m saying. So stay tuned. Even though rumor has it that Nissan’s going all in on EVs, it’s, it’s, we got plenty of time to enjoy some products that aren’t even out yet that will have some exceptional internal combustion engines. And yeah, I I’m still loving my aria. So maybe it’s not a bad thing don don’t know. For the right use case. Ev makes a lot of sense For fun. It doesn’t for fun.

Holman & Lightning (26m 45s):

You need big, loud, burly speaking about it big, loud and burly. I put on the valve tranic on the T Rx. It’s Crazy quiet. It’s Weird. So now your neighbors don’t hate you every day. It’s weird. I haven’t taken home yet ’cause I still don’t have my headache rack on. Although it was funny. Eric Rider, who’s, who’s amazing, Gail’s grandson, one of our engineers sends me a text and he goes, Hey, Gail was wondering if someone had glued your tires to the warehouse floor. And I go, what do you mean? He goes, it’s been here for a long time, can we move it? And I go, Yeah, that’s, that’s Gail’s way of saying very politely Out of here now.

Holman & Lightning (27m 27s):

Yeah. He says, can you have it out by Friday? And I said, it’ll be out this morning. So I went over and moved it night. You just move it one space over so that No, It was in, it is been in the warehouse next to locked In the w In south engineering. Like did He have, did he chalk your tires? No, that would’ve been funny. I was gonna put on those, those yellow, what do you call those things that clamp over the Wheel so he couldn’t move it, you know, like, oh, your Parking boots. The parking boot. Exactly. That would’ve been funny. Sorry. You can’t move it, buddy. No, I, I moved it and I put it behind another warehouse and kind of hit it, but ah, man, it sucks. Well, I just want to, yeah, And by the way, yeah, you guys that are out there sending me videos every single day of TXs being broken into and stolen.

Holman & Lightning (28m 10s):

Dude, some guy, two nights ago, I forget what one of our listeners sent me a video of a a TA yellow TRX. Okay. Parked against the garage door, another car next to it. It’s two car wide driveway. Then a raptor is parked behind both cars. So you can’t move the two out. You mean you can’t steal it. You can’t steal it. Did somebody move the raptor outta the way that is To steal the Exactly what happened? The two dudes break into the TRXA push car comes, pushes the, the, the Raptor out of the way and they drive the TRX and just leave the raptor just sitting there sideways. Maybe he would’ve been better off with the Raptor Maybe. Dang, this is brutal. It’s I. don Mike Rice is no help.

Holman & Lightning (28m 52s):

Mike Rice, our buddy at Adventure Off Road, Dr. He’s sending me broken windows like every two days. Like he’s like, oh, another one, another theft recovery. I’m like, Ew, stop it. Ugh. There are guys selling TXs now because they just don’t want the stress of it being broken into again. Ugh. Damn, damn, damn, damn. All right don, don’t wanna end the show on this note. All right, let’s end the show on Congratulations Dr. Pepper for being number two. Just remember, thanks for

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Watching and remember

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