We love seeing miniaturized versions of our favorite off-road vehicles, and this time it’s the Toyota FJ Cruiser that gets the shrunken-down treatment. It’s not only small; it’s loaded with realistic details, visual and mechanical, as well.


This officially licensed, detailed scale replica isn’t just about looks. It’s a reinforced off-road mini-beast, boasting realistic details that range from its assertive widened wheel brows to the heavy-duty front bumper.

The RC truck’s durable hard-shell body, adorned with a classic yellow and white paint scheme, conceals a fully detailed interior, center console, seats, and a functional scale roof rack. FMS showcases an authentic commitment to recreating the spirit of the full-scale FJ Cruiser.


Detailing takes center stage with LED lighting functions that go beyond the basics. Functioning lights illuminate the Cruiser’s path in the form of headlights, turn signals and reverse lights.

Beneath its realistic exterior lies a trail-proven off-road chassis that is designed for versatility on and off the trail. Aluminum chassis rails form a capable platform, while a multi-link geometry with panhard bar chassis design facilitates plenty of axle articulation to ensure that no terrain remains unconquered.

Powering this scaled-down off-road crawler is a high-torque electric motor and gearbox combination that channels power to ultra-grippy beadlock tires via nylon driveshafts.


The FJ Cruiser’s wheel compatibility is noteworthy, offering a seamless match with tires of the same scale for those who wish to modify it. Speaking of which, it is not uncommon to see this FJ in highly modified forms, upgraded by their owners with both factory and aftermarket parts and accessories. Perhaps you’ll build one to resemble your own FJ Cruiser if that’s what you drive.


This miniature FJ Cruiser comes already built and with almost everything you need to run it straight out of the box, including a radio controller, rechargeable battery and USB charger. All you need to provide are four AAA batteries for the controller. 

For enthusiasts who demand realism, functionality and a touch of adventure, the FMS Toyota FJ Cruiser RTR is a standout 1/18-scale RC offering. It’s not just about remote-control driving around the backyard or the campsite. It’s about embracing the spirit of exploration and bringing the excitement of off-roading with you anywhere, in any scale.


FMS Model
Toyota FJ Cruiser RTR
Scale: 1/18
URL: fmshobby.com


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