Say goodbye to drilling into your Pelican Case! Pelican has released roof rack mounts for their Air, Protector and Vault lines of hardcases.

Pelican makes some of the best loved hardcases used in any industry. They are renown for the protection they provide and their tenacious longevity. It’s no wonder that people like taking them on their road trips and trail outings.


A Pelican 1700 Protector Long Case mounted to a Front Runner Slimline II roof rack using Pelican’s Case Mounts.

We’ve seen fellow vehicle-based adventurists install them by drilling their Pelican cases and directly bolting them to their roof racks. While that certainly is a solution, drilling the cases degrades their weatherproof abilities and voids the Pelican limited lifetime warranty. Plus we imagine having holes in the case makes it less than useful if it was ever to be used off the roof rack.

Pelican’s aren’t exactly cheap so we’re glad that they now offer brackets that are made to mount their hardcases to roof racks without the need to drill into them.


The Pelican Case Mount kit comes with two brackets and hardware.

The Pelican Case Roof Mounts provide a solution for mounting most Pelican long cases onto a variety of aftermarket roof racks and even homemade 80/20 racks. Simply clamp the solid steel bracket over the carrying handles (on the short sides of the case) and secure it to the roof rack. These mounts are easy to use and install, offering a hassle-free solution for securing your Pelican Case to your roof rack.

Note that this is a semi-permanent installation, meaning that once the case is mounted, there’s no quick release for it to come off. If you need to remove the case, you’ll have to remove the lock nuts that keep the brackets in place. 


Easy DIY Installation
Let’s install a Pelican Protector Case 1700 to the OVR LC100’s Front Runner roof rack. The mount kit comes with two brackets and the necessary hardware to mount them to most roof racks. We found that the bolts that were included with the kit didn’t interface with the Front Runner’s T-slots so we used some spare Front Runner hardware we had instead.


1) Preposition your Pelican Case and the bolts on your rack. Make sure the positioning of the case and bolts clear the mounts.


2. Next, test fit the brackets. Make sure the positioning is correct on either end of the case. We found that the rubber-like elastomer pads that come on the brackets made them too tall for our setup. We removed them so that the brackets sat just about flush with the roof rack’s surface.


3. We installed washers and hand tightened lock nuts onto the bolt heads. Slots in the brackets allow for final positioning.


4. We carefully tightened down the nuts, using a crisscross pattern and made sure the case and brackets each sat flat on the roof rack’s slats.


5. We added protective caps on the nuts for added protection and a finished look. The caps do not come with the Pelican kit; these are extras we had from our collection of Front Runner spare parts but caps like these are also available on Amazon or at your local hardware store.



Three Types
There are three styles of mount kits, one for each of Pelican’s Air, Protector/Storm and Vault lines of cases.

 Pelican Case Roof Mount Line-Up  Compatibility 
 LGMT-001A Air Case Roof Mount  1745, 1755
 LGMT-001P Protector/Storm Case Roof Mount  1700, 1720, 1750
 LGMT-001V Vault Case Roof Mount  V700, V800

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