Just wrapping up its 15th year, the Overland Expo West show has become a staple in the overlanding and adventure segments. The event is a yearly show and for the past several years, has been held in Flagstaff, Arizona.

This year’s event brought in just over 29,000 attendees, according to the organization. Over 400 registered exhibitors showcased their wares and we searched far and wide to bring you some cool, useful, and new things. Let’s look at eight new products from the show. These items can help you camp better, organize yourself more efficiently, and travel in a more capable manner.

Tons of overlanding rigs were on display and approximately 330 session-hours of classes, films, and various activities kept show-goers busy for the weekend. They also noted attendees descended to Fort Tuthill County Park from all but two states and from countries including South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia.

Over 400 registered exhibitors showcased their wares and we searched far and wide to bring you some cool, useful, and new things. Let’s check them out!


Near Zero DEAN Ready-2-Go Backpack


Near Zero was founded in 2020, but really got rolling in 2022. The 2024 Overland Expo West show was their first overlanding show in which they featured their camping wares. The Near Zero DEAN Ready-2-Go Backpack caught our eye as it’s a one-stop bug-out camp bag for anyone who wanted to camp at a moment’s notice.


Packed with 25 different camping essentials, like a two-person tent, down sleeping bag and sleeping pad, pillow, first aid kit, stool, small stove and kit for making meals, and more, this 16-pound 55L backpack has a spot specifically designed for everything. Price: $999.50


TYRI V48 LED Light Bar


Being in the lighting business since 1991, the TYRI brand was introduced in 2002. TYRI makes extreme-duty lighting solutions for mining, military, and industrial applications across the globe. Now TYRI is breaking into the overlanding scene with its first product showing of TYRI spots, floods, and light bars at an Overland Expo-series event.


Expanded from the V12 LED Light Bar series (shown on the Easter Jeep Safari concept vehicles the last two years), the new V48 LED Light Bar is an extension of V12, that has modular linking capabilities that start from the V12 (at 12”), connecting two together creating the V24 (at 24”), three together for the V36 (at 36”) and finally, the new V48 (pictured at 48”).

TYRI’s modular V48 light bar has a unique and slim design, a replaceable lens, and provides a huge amount ofeffective lumen light output. The V48’s housing is made from cast aluminum and has a working range of -40 to 185-degrees Fahrenheit. The V48 light bar can be bracket or surface mounted and the built-in Deutsch connectors ensure a watertight seal. Price for V48 model: $1,300.00


XVENTURE Dirtbox Overland Canopy Camper


A leader in American-made off-road trailers produced from military-proven engineering, XVENTURE Trailers, partnered with Dirtbox Overland to create a one-of-a-kind trailer camper that has your overlanding needs covered. The XVENTURE Dirtbox Overland Canopy Camper debuted at this year’s Overland Expo West show and sat atop an XVENTURE XV-2 trailer. This setup is fully enclosed, offers a lot of modularity and accessorizing ability due to the canopy’s extrusions, spacious sleeping quarters, has internal power and tie-down points for cargo, and more.


A nicely appointed XVENTURE Dirtbox Overland Canopy Camper can be upgraded to have even more features, too. Customers can order the XVENTURE Dirtbox Overland Canopy Camper now and add additional accessories later or order the entire package all at once. Lead times are approximately 3–6 months. The price for a fully dressed XVENTURE Dirtbox Overland Canopy Camper starts at $39,500.00.


Arctic Trucks Lexus GX460 AT35 Conversion


Arctic Trucks was established in Iceland nearly 35 years ago. They’ve since provided over 16,000 customized adventure rigs to customers around the world including commercial companies, governmental entities, and private customers. Their specialty is converting four-wheel-drive vehicles from everyday drivers to expedition rigs ready to tackle Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, the Sahara Desert, and everything in between.

The first release for North America is the Arctic Trucks GX460 AT35 conversion for the 2010-2023 Lexus GX460. It includes 17” Arctic Trucks alloy wheels along with 35-inch tires, custom-tuned shocks and springs paired with a one-inch wheelbase extension, a AT35/AT37 body conversion, and an Arctic Trucks logo package complete with a plaque with build number.


If you choose to upgrade to 37-inch rubber, further body and suspension modifications are needed as well as 4:88 axle regear. Prices for the Lexus GX460 AT35 Conversion start at $19,749.00, which includes about 100 hours of labor per vehicle, and will start the fourth quarter of 2024 via an approved upfitter network in North America.


Toyo Open Country A/T III EV


The new Toyo Open Country A/T III EV tire is an EV-specific all-terrain tire dedicated for all-electric adventure vehicles, such as the Rivian R1T. This new A/T tire was developed to be an off-road and all-weather application for EV trucks and SUVs.

Toyo optimized the Open Country A/T III EV’s tread design and compound to reduce rolling resistance and lengthen tread life. The tire is also said to offer a quieter ride while providing improved off-road traction and stability, as well as better braking control and handling in wet conditions. Toyo combined multiple technologies to optimize its tread pattern and handle the unique rigors EVs set forth against tires, like instant torque, added chassis weight, and range.


A new AeroWing sidewall design helps increase aerodynamics, too. Toyo optimized the Open Country A/T III EV tires are Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake and are available for the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T/R1S, GMC HUMMER EV, Tesla Cybertruck, and the Chevrolet Silverado EV 4WT now, with more makes and models available soon. More applications will follow. Prices will vary depending on size.


Tripod Torch Kit


Made in Arizona and launched via Kickstarter at the end of 2023, the Tripod Torch is heating up the portable firepit market. This cleverly made tripod of flames weighs about six pounds, stands at a height of 17 inches when assembled and packs down in a small 10”x8”x3” pouch when not in use.

The Tripod Torch Kit is made from stainless steel and is easy to assemble (no external tools needed). The kit comes with three legs (each incorporates a wrench to tighten the propane hose), the burner, base, and lock plate mechanism, three heat shields, three stakes, an eight-foot stainless steel braided regulator hose, and a canvas rolltop bag.


Tripod Torch says the heat radiates horizontally, not vertically, plus you can cook on top of it with a small pot, too. This pack-it-up portable fire pit works with regular propane tanks and can work with Coleman propane with an adapter (sold separately). If you lose a piece, it’s a cinch to reorder it online as well. Tripod Torch Kit: $189.99


RAYS 05X Forged Wheels


Released at the end of last year, Ray’s 05X forged one-piece wheels incorporate a new modern spin on a classic five-spoke design. The simple look is “designed to match the substantial body mass of 4×4 vehicles, feature weightless holes at the spoke ends and ribs in the center circle area, adding intricate details to the overall simple design.”


The 05X offers different rim face profiles and rim depths, as well as a few colors, with matte black and bronze mostly carried in stock. Additionally, the 05X wheel comes in a 17-inch size with different offsets and bolt patterns. RAYS 05X forged wheels are designed to withstand the tough usage overlanders and adventure seekers put their vehicles through. Price: approximately $850 a wheel (about $4,250 for a set of five)


Bowerbird Outdoors Bags


Bowerbird Outdoors is a brand-new spin-off from VanneBjørn Creative, a Utah-based full-service soft goods company that helps folks design, develop, and produce a wide range of products using fabric, tread, trims, and pretty much everything in between. Both companies were created by Adrian A. Roadman, an apparel and gear designer who loves textiles and has a focus on ecologically sensitive materials and creating a future in which “beautiful items exist for all without sacrificing ecosystems during production.”


Although VanneBjørn Creative has been in business for five years, Bowerbird Outdoors had its first showing at the Overland Expo West show. They showcased colorful and high-quality zippered bags, pouches, a versatile tool roll, and more. All the work happens in-house, including custom design and sewing—and many of the materials Bowerbird uses are perfectly good leftovers scraps from the parent company—upcycling whenever she can. Prices: vary


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