Designed by renowned Polish custom knife maker Marcin Slysz, the SpydieChef is an extremely refined folding knife that takes the user-friendly ergonomics and balance of a world-class chef’s knife and translates them into an all-purpose, everyday-carry folder.


SpydieChef is made of corrosion steel and Titanium handles.

A proud member of Spyderco’s Salt Series of ultra-corrosion-resistant knives, the SpydieChef features a gracefully curved, full-flat-ground blade crafted from LC200N. This state-of-the-art nitrogen-based alloy is extremely corrosion resistant and is used by NASA for the ball bearings in spacecraft.

To reduce weight, optimize balance, and simplify cleaning, the SpydieChef features an open-backed handle built with two precision-machined solid titanium scales. The reverse-side scale houses a stout Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism that locks the blade securely open when in use. To ensure convenient, ambidextrous carry and immediate access, the handle features a reversible deep-pocket wire clip oriented for tip-up carry. For additional security when working around water, it also includes a lined lanyard hole for easy attachment of safety lines and lanyards.


The robust Reeve Integral Lock mechanism prevents unexpected closures.

An impressive synthesis of custom-quality craftsmanship and advanced corrosion-resistant materials, the SpydieChef offers extreme cutting performance in even the harshest environments.

SpydieChef Titanium: MSRP $404.00


LC200N Steel, originally made by a European company, was designed for use by NASA, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Chemical industries due to its corrosion resistance.


LOCK TYPE:  Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) 
CARRY:  Reversible Tip-Up Deep-Pocket Wire Clip
CLOSED LENGTH: 4.46 in / 113 mm
OVERALL LENGTH: 7.78 in / 198 mm
BLADE LENGTH: 3.32 in / 84 mm
EDGE LENGTH: 3.31 in / 84 mm
BLADE THICKNESS: 0.118 in / 3.0 mm
WEIGHT: 3.8 oz  /  108 g
ORIGIN: Taiwan

About Spyderco:

Established by Sal and Gail Glesser in 1976, Spyderco debuted its inaugural product, the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker, which remains a staple offering to this day. By 1978, they had established their headquarters in Golden, Colorado, and by 1981, they unveiled their pioneering folding knife featuring the iconic round hole for effortless one-handed opening. Since those early days, Spyderco has burgeoned into a multinational enterprise with distribution and production facilities spanning the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and China.

About Salt Series Knives:

The Salt Series knives epitomize marine-grade blades, delivering steadfast high performance in environments susceptible to corrosion. Constructed with H1 and LC200N blade steel, these knives boast unparalleled corrosion resistance.