You’ve finally escaped to the outdoors for the weekend after weeks of planning a trip and prepping your rig. You made a full checklist to ensure you don’t forget any important gear. You reach your destination, pop open your roof top tent, start cooking dinner, and finally get to the point where you need to wash up before bed. 

You resort to taking a bird bath crouched under a blue water jug that you tilted over the tailgate of your truck. We’ve all been there. Whether you’re camping overnight on a quick weekend getaway or on a cross country road trip, pressurized water is something we all crave at the end of the day, and the solution is cheaper than you may think.


The Klymit WaterPORT 4.0 Gallon Water Tank offers  that can be used for all different kinds of tasks when overlanding. From long overdue showers to cleaning dirty dishes, or washing off your outdoor gear, this tank is a perfect on-the-go solution that takes up minimal space.


How Do You Pressurize the Tank?
There are a handful of options when it comes to pressurizing your WaterPORT tank. The easiest solution when gearing up for a trip is the utilization of the Fill Valve and a standard garden hose. After attaching the hose to the fill valve with their quick connect, the WaterPORT fill valve system will use the trapped air within the tank and the water flowing from your garden hose to achieve pressurization. According to WaterPORT, the optimal pressure is 40psi.


If you are on the go and do not have access to a pressurized water source, each tank is installed with an additional schraeder valve. This allows you to pressurize the tank via a standard bike pump or onboard compressor. This has become a go-to solution for extended road trips where I find myself refilling the tank with water halfway through the trip. Klymit also sells an optional Pump Cap that allows you to pressurize the tank without any additional tools needed.

Watch the WaterPORT How-To Video Here

Mounting Options For Your Rig
Everyone has their own system for organizing gear on their rig. From drawer systems, to t-slotted roof racks, and built in bed rails, personal preference takes over. Luckily, Klymit offers a vast array of mounting hardware that allows you the flexibility to mount wherever you see fit.


I recently installed KUAT’s IBEX Full-Size Short Bed Rack on my 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500. This bed rack has integrated t-channels that run parallel to the bed on the bottom of the rack, similar to how bed rails function. This was the perfect place to mount the Bed Rail Mount Kit. With the bed rack’s minimal and open design, having access from the bedside was a key factor when choosing where to mount the tank.


After removing the rear driver-side J-hook and sliding three T-Nuts into the bed rail channel to the desired mounting position, I installed the universal mount plate with ease. The tank weighs in at 42 lbs full, and this mount plate is more than strong enough to hold the tank.

This mounting location offers an easy access point from the side of the truck. In addition, the 8’ coiled hose can easily be strapped to the top of my KUAT bed rack creating a shower at an ideal height.


Additional mounting options include a platform rack mount, bed rack mount, crossbar mount, and hitch mounts.


Convenience At Its Best
What if you aren’t a mountain biker with the dire need to wash your bike after a day on the muddy trails in the winter or cooking lavish dishes in the backcountry on a JetBoil Basecamp Camp Stove and needing pressurized water to rinse off your 80-year-old iron skillet that’s been seasoned more times than you can remember? Then why do you need to spend $200+ on a water storage solution?


The answer is quite simple: convenience. We’d all be lying to ourselves if we didn’t crave a shower after a couple days roughing it in the backcountry, and I’m sure whoever is sharing a tent with you would tend to agree, no matter how strong your spray on deodorant is.

If you are looking for a versatile, water storage system that has multiple uses when enjoying the outdoors, the WaterPORT tank might be the perfect solution.

WaterPORT 4.0 Gallon Water Tank
MSRP: $239.99
Included in the kit:
• 4.0 Gallon Day Tank
• High Pressure Spray Nozzle
• 8′ coiled hose
• Fill valve