Portable power has become an essential part of camping, overlanding as well as in-the-home use in case of power outages. But does it have to come at a hefty cost? ServoMaster says no, robust portable power can be affordable.

We recently took the ServoMaster Portable Power Station on a camping trip, and we were thoroughly impressed with this budget minded portable power option. Priced well below the $400 mark after its $100 factory discount is applied, this power station proved to be a compact, versatile, powerful – and affordable charging solution for all our electronic devices. 


The ServoMaster includes USB and USC-C fast charging ports as well as a host of others features.

During our camping trip, we used the ServoMaster to charge our phones, laptop, handheld Midland GMRS radios, and even used it to power a Dometic CFX3 portable cooler. The power station’s 1008Wh large capacity and 2000W surge pure sine wave AC output provided ample power for all our needs, even for high draw devices such as the fridge.

Featuring as many as 11 outlets, including Type-C, USB-A fast charge, DC, AC, and even a wireless charger, the station ensured we could power anything we needed it to. After some extensive use, we found that it easily matched comparable products from brands such as Jackery and BioLite but at a more attractive price point. 

At about 13-inches long, 10-inches wide and 7.5-inches tall, the station is compact and weights a almost 24.5 pounds which is pretty light considering the charging ability it brings. Its integrated carry handle is sturdy and built into its body. It can be controlled via a Bluetooth app and also includes a LED light that has 3 brightness settings. 


Place your wireless chargeable smart phone on top for quick and easy charging.

One of the standout features was the 800W super-fast charging capability. We were able to charge the power station using an AC wall outlet at home before we embarked on our trip in about 1.5 hours, making it incredibly convenient for quick recharges between adventures. Additionally, the ability to charge via solar panels or a car outlet during off-grid trips adds to its versatility. 


Multiple outlets can be accessed from all over the ServoMaster.

With a built-in 99% efficiency smart MPPT controller, it supports up to 200W of solar input. This means that when charging with solar and AC together, the solar charging always maintains priority, maximizing the use of clean energy power. 

We did just that, after we had set up camp, we plugged our 100W Zamp Solar panel into the ServoMaster and let it top off the power station. Charging via this method obviously wasn’t as fast as the wall outlet at home, but it allowed us to passively recoup some used up power nonetheless.


Top off the power station at home or on the go in the car or via solar panel or blanket.

Thinking beyond our camping trip and a multitude of other outdoor and overland uses, this ServoMaster would be a great backup power supply for emergencies as well. We wouldn’t hesitate in using it to power up the fridge at home to keep food and medicines from going bad during a power outage. The power station’s use of safe and reliable LiFePO batteries with a rated 2000+ cycle life promises to add to its durability and longevity.


Overall, the ServoMaster Portable Power Station proved to be an excellent companion for our camping trip. With its compact size, versatile charging options, and impressive power output, it’s a great option for anyone looking for an auxiliary power supply for camping and overlanding trips – and for use in an emergency. And with the current $100 off coupon on Amazon.com, priced at only $369, it’s an absolute bargain.



MSRP: $469 ($369 with instant coupon applied)
URL: amazon.com


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